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Chapter 83: Past Sin

Chapter 83: Past Sin - Part 1

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Past Sin

Everyone was thrown into a state of confusion and they quickly supported Reverend DaoXuan into the Crystal Hall. But right now inside the Crystal Hall, the place had already fell into disrepair, the original grand and proud architecture had collapsed by half, broken stones and woods were everywhere.

Tian BuYi and the rest waited while the younger disciples hastily cleared an area, dragged a chair from the side and let Reverend DaoXuan sat on it. The surrounding elder leaders, whatever magical elixir or special medicine that they had, they could not wait to take it all out and let DaoXuan had it all.

After a while, DaoXuan's body moved, gave a long moan and slowly woke up.

Tian BuYi and the rest saw that Reverend DaoXuan's complexion was so pale to the point where there was really no color and especially the wound in his abdomen, the blood which had clotted, without knowing when, had expanded several sizes bigger and almost dyed the entire lower front of his robe black. Everyone could not help but had worried expressions.

Reverend DaoXuan obviously had severely injured his vitality, after gaining conscious, he could not even speak. Tian BuYi quickly gave him three of his painstaking-refined big yellow pill to him. After a while, the medication took effect and Reverend DaoXuan began to look slightly better.

By then, the senior disciples had also gathered over, Lin JingYu, Zhang Xiao Fan, Lu XueQi and the rest had also rushed over. When they saw that Sect Head Reverend's injuries were so severe, their faces turned pale.

After a while, Song Daren, QiHao and the rest also rushed back.

Reverend DaoXuan recovered more of his strength, opened his eyes and saw that Tian BuYi and the rest were all looking at him with concerned and worried expressions, he forced a smile and said, "I can still hold on, don't worry."

Tian BuYi and the rest only then felt relieved, among them, someone recalled seeing the legendary ancient sword Zhu Xian but noticed that it was not in Reverend DaoXuan's hands nor was it seen anywhere. And outside Crystal Hall, the spiritual beast Water Unicorn also did not return back to Jade Pool and instead lay there. The ancient sword Zhu Xian was also not seen anywhere near it.

Reverend DaoXuan unhurriedly looked around his surroundings, his countenance slightly changed when he noticed that the Qing Yun Sect disciples standing around him, almost more than half were not there, he exclaimed, "Just now after I left, here, here how was the casualties?"

Standing nearest to him, Tian BuYi, hesitated for a while and spoke quietly, "Sect Head senior brother, you better take care of your ..."

DaoXuan cut him off, "Quickly say it!"

Tian BuYi paused a while, turned around to look at the surroundings, as if he needed to confirm again and then quietly informed DaoXuan on the casualties.

In this battle, Qing Yun Sect truly suffered heavy casualties. Under the Evil Faction besiege, among the twenty-five elders, fourteen were killed, four or five were heavily injured and for the seven branches leaders, other than Sect Head Reverend DaoXuan and the traitor Long Shou Valley Taoist Cang Song, Morning Sun Valley leader Shang ZhengLiang and Sunset Valley leader Taoist Tian Yun were killed, leaving Tian BuYi and Return of the Wind Valley leader Zeng ShuChang, they were too, exhausted mentally and covered with wounds. Only Small Bamboo Valley Shui Yue Master, because she had to escort Tian Yin Temple PuHong and the rest, was quite unharmed.

Reverend DaoXuan's body wavered, nearly unable to hold up again. The strength that Qing Yun Sect had been proud of in the past, in this battle, seemed to be nearly exhausted.

Tian BuYi, with grief and indignation on his face, spoke quietly, "Sect Head senior brother, such terrible blood debt, we must seek revenge, just that now your health is more important, you absolutely must not be too grieved."

DaoXuan heaved a sigh, closed his eyes and said, "I, DaoXuan, have let down Qing Yun Sect generations of forefathers!"

His voice bleak with an unspoken pain, the crowd which heard it was silent for a moment.

Just that, on top of the ruins beside them, a piece of wood suddenly dropped down with thump and a head stretched out from the corner of the ruins. Everyone was shocked and looking carefully, they were all stunned. The person was that Wang Uncle who had been mad for many years. Without knowing when he had ran into this Crystal Hall, and where he had hid during the earth-shaking big battle, right now he crawled out just like that. He was covered with dust which turned his hair grey and his face brown but his expression showed that he was not really afraid and grinning foolishly.

Zhang Xiao Fan and Lin JingYu who were standing beside, walked over at the same time. After all, they did not just have a simple relationship with Wang Uncle. Lin JingYu pulled him over and checked him, other than a few scratches on his body, he was unharmed. This spot of fortune was indeed better than the numerous Qing Yun disciples who had skills a hundred times higher than him.

Both of them breathed long sighs of relief and looked at each other, their eyes both conveyed a meaning of such fortune. Zhang Xiao Fan's mood by now had slightly returned to normal, as if that wave of fierce evil current, with the departure of Taoist Cang Song and especially that close-quarter fight with the Evil Faction black-attired man at the back of the hill, had gradually cooled down.

Thinking about this, he seemed to have thought of something, and involuntarily he turned to look at the other side. Lu XueQi who had just witnessed his unusual savage appearance, right now her expression was as still as water, standing there quietly, not sure what was she thinking about?

The Evil Faction crowd risked their lives to create an escape route of blood, broke out of Reverend DaoXuan's stimulated Zhu Xian Sword Formation and escaped down TongTian Peak.

At the foot of Qing Yun Hill, Ghost King was the first to calm down, repeatedly shouted and stopped the flustered crowd. The four great leaders did their headcounts on their people and after a while Ghost King, God of Poison, YuYang Zi and SanMiao Fairy came together and looked at each other without words.

Qing Yun Sect suffered heavy losses, the Evil Faction did not have it better.

Ever since the great defeat that the Evil Faction suffered hundred years ago, these few years without exception, the Evil Faction disciples exerted themselves to make Evil Faction prosperous. Even to this day, the combined strength of the Evil Faction four great branches had already exceeded any of the Good Faction three great sects. Unexpectedly at the battle today, disregarding Reverend DaoXuan's act of activating Zhu Xian Sword Formation in the later part, the initial part in Crystal Hall, there were already several who perished together with Qing Yun Sect elders and afterwards there were even a dozen or more who died under Zhu Xian Sword Formation. All four of the great sects lost many of their disciples and suffered heavy losses.

Right now Taoist Cang Song, because of his special status, had also came to stand with them.

YuYang Zi's character was haughty and angried on the casualties suffered by his sect, coldly stared at him, turned and walked away, not giving him any face at all.

Taoist Cang Song's expression slightly changed but on the contrary, it was Ghost King who shrewd and deep with at least good self-cultivation, actually laughed and said, "Taoist Cang Song, your Qing Yun Sect might is indeed unfathomable. This Zhu Xian Sword Formation has even the ability that ghost and Gods will not be able to foresee, awesome, awesome!"

Taoist Cang Song shook his head and told Ghost King, "Ghost King sect leader, I'm afraid you still don't know, just now that Zhu Xian Sword Formation, it only display half of its might."

"What?" SanMiao Fairy standing beside exclaimed, Taoist Cang Song took a look at her and suddenly his mind was swept away. He saw only that beautiful girl's frostlike skin, at that great battle before, he only saw her vicious attacks with expressionless face but right now looking at her, he suddenly discovered that under that frost expression, there was even more traces of feminine charms, seducing one's soul, and for a moment he stood staring at her.

"Ke ke!"

God of Poison standing beside, coughed twice. Taoist Cang Song after all had practised for many years, immediately he came to his senses and realized that this SanMiao Fairy as HeHuan Sect's leader, would have bewitching skills without revealing any traces. She absolutely must not be compared to ordinary gorgeous women.

He dared not looked at SanMiao Fairy longer than he should and only said, "Although I have never seen the full display of Zhu Xian Sword Formation but Qing Yun Sect ancient records had ever recorded that when Qing Ye founder was at his peak, with Evil Faction....em, with Holy Sect fight, he used Zhu Xian Sword Formation. Other than the enormous seven-colored main sword lying horizontally in the vaults of heaven, the other six-colored energy swords, each neatly positioned in according to the location of the six valley peaks and their perimeter extremely wide, surrounding the entire Qing Yun seven giant peaks and the swords that rained down were even more powerful. Not the ones that we barely could block off today!"

Ghost King remained silent for a while, heaved a long sigh and said, "This Qing Ye founder of yours, is really terrific!"

God of Poison frowned and said, "So it can also be said, Zhu Xian Sword Formation's might is so great, we are not able to break it even in this lifetime?"

Ghost King shook his head, a smile instead showed up on his face and said, "I don't think so."

God of Poison and the rest together turned to look at him, and said, "Why, Ghost King fellow brother, do you have any opinion?"

Ghost King indifferently said, "Looking at the battle today, on one hand although DaoXuan could control the Zhu Xian Ancient Sword and activated Zhu Xian Sword Formation but it was obvious that he was doing it with an effort and Zhu Xian Sword Formation's power was reduced. Second, this Zhu Xian Sword Formation power is so great, it will consume a huge amount of vitality essence and spiritual powers, how can it be taken lightly? I'm certain DaoXuan right now, his old wounds will have a relapse and even if he is not dead, he is only half dead!"

"That's right!" This echo was instead not shouted by God of Poison and the rest but by YuYang Zi who had walked back, hearing those words he could not help but to speak out.

God of Poison glanced at Ghost King, his countenance suddenly changed and said, "Ghost King fellow brother, can it be that you are thinking..."

Ghost King interrupted and said, "That's right, I am thinking of going back to Qing Yun! At this very moment, this is Qing Yun Sect's, ever since from Qing Ye era, once in a thousand years, weakest moment. If we do not take this opportunity to get rid of our hearts' worry then when can we? Beside, Qing Yun Sect will never expect that after we escaped from the death trap, we will dare to attack back, with this unexpectation, it will be a total victory!"

The surrounding Evil Faction people, suddenly became speechless and their expressions changed. Even God of Poison, this refuse-to-die fool who had been through countless of life scenarios, was also stunned by Ghost King's words.

Ghost King looked around and excitedly said, "Today is the excellent opportunity to wipe off our Holy Sect hundred years of galling shame, everyone has swore a solemn oath in front of Wisdom Queen and Wisdom King with me, why not put in all of our best effort and fight?"

The Evil Faction people all looked at each other. These people obviously were not cowardly and weak but just a few moments ago, they had just escaped with their lives from Qing Yun Hill and now in an instant they had to go up and fight again. This courage and resourcefulness from Ghost King or should it be said as simply disregarding life and death, was really hard for people to accept.

After a long while, unexpectedly nobody spoke up.

Ghost King's expression gradually turned ugly, finally he shook his head, sighed and said, "Such a good opportunity, you!" after saying, he heaved a long sigh, looking extremely discouraged and slowly walked back to his own sect people.

Qing Long, YouJi and the rest came up to meet him, Qing Long was about to say something but Ghost King laughed slightly bitterly and spoke in a low voice, "Not qualified to discuss strategic planning with, not qualified to discuss strategic planning with! "

Saying which, he sighed and said, "Forget it, we talk about it next time. We will stop here today, let's go back....em, where is BiYao?"

Once the words were out, Qing Long and YouJi both trembled. YouJi had her face covered with black veil, her expression could not be seen but hearing her voice, it was obvious she was shocked. She exclaimed, "When we were at the Crystal Hall, we were fighting with Qing Yun Sect and BiYao told us both that she would go first to find you, don't tell me..."

Ghost King's countenance greatly changed, he urgently said, "I did not see her ever since I went up."

Qing Long exclaimed out, "Don't tell me she is still at Qing Yun Hill?"

On Ghost King's forehead, beads of sweats instantly appeared. He immediately decided and said resolutely, "Yao er is my own flesh and blood, I will absolutely not abandon her and leave. I will go up to Qing Yun Hill now."

Qing Long urgently said, "Leader, you absolutely must not, this, this, this really is..."

Chapter 83: Past Sin - Part 2

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End of Chapter

Ghost King's eyes flashed, in an instant thousands of thoughts went through his mind. He suddenly turned around and said loudly to God of Poison and the rest of the Evil Faction members, "Everyone, I have already made up my mind. In order to wipe off our Holy Sect's hundred years of humiliation, I, Ghost King, will rather have my body smashed to pieces and my bones ground to powder and not let down Wisdom Queen and Wisdom King. Right now in Qing Yun Sect, most are either dead or injured and furthermore Sect Head DaoXuan old thief is severely injured and near to his death, he definitely will not be able to activate the Zhu Xian Sword Formation. I, Ghost King, will now charge up, if I can succeed, it will be the blessing of Wisdom Queen and Wisdom King; if I am outnumbered, then let me die at Qing Yun Peak, someday in the nether world, when I pay my respect to Wisdom Queen and Wisdom King, I have nothing to be ashamed of!"

Saying which, Ghost King, without another look at the crowd, took the lead and soared up, and sure enough took off towards the direction of Qing Yun Hill. Qing Long and YouJi looked at each other and immediately followed closely behind. Following which, Ghost King Sect disciples even more without a word, followed after, leaving the dumbstruck God of Poison and the rest of the Evil Faction main crowd and troops, standing there looking as dumb as a wooden chicken.

After a long while, God of Poison and the rest regained their senses but they had not even spoke, clamour noises started to build up from the Evil Faction members behind them. God of Poison and the rest groaned inwardly in their hearts, turned their heads around and saw that across the different branches disciples, most already had indignation shown on their faces.

On Qing Yun TongTian Peak, at this moment it was shrouded under a heavy mood, a group people crowded around DaoXuan, quietly consoling something.

Lin JingYu and Zhang Xiao Fan stood aside and helped Wang ErShu to rearrange his attire and dusted off the dirt on his clothes. Wang ErShu seemed to have some recognition on the both of them and he stood there motionless and allowed them to do what they want, his eyes only looked at the Water Unicorn who was outside, hehe grinning foolishly.

Zhang Xiao Fan looked at him, his heart felt pained and could not help but to think back the past and gave a long sigh. Lin JingYu heard it, his his feelings were stirred too and he felt the same, he stretched his hand and patted Zhang Xiao Fan's shoulder.

Both of them looked at each other, both could see the grief in each other's eyes, for a moment they did not speak.

Right then, PuHong Master and the rest who had been sent to safety by Shui Yue Master, were also fetched back by Shui Yue. Looking at PuHong Master's complexion, he looked much better as compared to his pale face earlier on. Seemed like although Zhou Yin's Part from people Awl was powerful but comparing to PuHong Master's Great Braham Wisdom, it was much inferior.

During that period of time, PuHong Master had already progressively forced the strange vigour penetrating Part from people Awl out of his body by a big half. But even though it was so, PuHong Master still looked very weak, someone standing beside quickly pulled a chair over, with the support of FaXiang and PuKong, PuHong Master sat beside Reverend DaoXuan.

PuHong Master took a few gasp of breath and looked around at his surroundings. However when he only saw the rivers of blood, dead people and the battered hall, he gave a long sigh and put his palms together saying, "Amitabha!"

Reverend DaoXuan looked at PuHong Master and nodded his head slightly, gave a bitter laugh and said, "How are your wounds Master?"

PuHong Master shook his head and said, "This old monk still won't die yet but instead Reverend DaoXuan should take good care of yourself!"

Reverend DaoXuan shook his head and sighed, looked far away and suddenly his glance landed on Zhang Xiao Fan who was standing outside. He seemed to think of something, turned and said to Tian BuYi, "Tian junior brother, ask that disciple of yours, Zhang Xiao Fan, to come over."

Tian BuYi's expression changed but he did not dare to disobey and could only turned and said, "Lao Qi, you come over, Reverend DaoXuan have something to say to you."

For a moment the crowd was shocked, especially the Big Bamboo disciples. Zhang Xiao Fan was even more shocked but it was hard to disobey a teacher's command so he had to brace himself and walked over.

After a while, everyone cleared an area and Zhang Xiao Fan, by himself, stood in front of Reverend DaoXuan and spoke in a low voice, "Sect Head."

Reverend DaoXuan looked at him for a long while and quietly said, "Until now, you are still not willing to divulge your secrets?"

Zhang Xiao Fan trembled and felt that in an instant, everyone's stares had concentrated onto himself, there were concerned stares, disdain stares but instead even more stares of doubts!

Reverend DaoXuan sighed again, unhurriedly said, "Zhang Xiao Fan, ever since you joined our Qing Yun Sect, have Qing Yun Sect ever mistreated you?"

Zhang Xiao Fan immediately shook his head, said, "Reverend DaoXuan, no, there is no such matter. Teacher and Teacher's wife treat me very well..." when he spoke the words, Tian BuYi's body obviously shook for a moment, his face showing an extremely complex expression.

"But, " Zhang Xiao Fan's face contorted in extreme agony, two different kinds of thoughts battering each other endlessly inside his head and said, "But, disciple really have my difficulties, I, I cannot..."


Suddenly a loud roar, like a thunder, shocked the entire place and shocked everyone. Zhang Xiao Fan unconsciously stepped back and when he took a look at the person, he was immediately frightened.

Giving such a loud roar, this person was not from Qing Yun Sect but instead was one of the four great Holy Monks of Tian Yin Temple, PuKong. PuKong, among Tian Yin Temple four great Holy Monks, was the most junior but his character was the most intense. During his youth in subduing demons and evil spirits, just by his Buddhism rare treasure "Buddha Golden Alms" in his hand, countless of evils were killed by it. Later on as he got older and as his ability to comprehend the meaning of Buddhism gradually increased, he then started to live in seclusion within Tian Yin Temple.

Today Qing Yun blood battle, PuKong threw off his prohibitions against taking life and used his mysterious Buddhism attained skills to fight the bloody battle with the Evil Faction. Right now on his monk robe, with blood stains everywhere, he did not look like a Buddhist holy monk at all and instead he totally looked like an evil spirit from Hell, no wonder Zhang Xiao Fan and the rest had a scare.

Initially Tian Yin Temple Sect's expedition to Qing Yun Hill had the punitive intention. The "Great Braham Wisdom" which was never passed down to outsiders, was actually learnt by a little junior disciple of Qing Yun Hill, how could this be? And currently PuKong saw Zhang Xiao Fan heming and hawing in his speech, he was extremely incensed. On top of it, today he had broke his prohibition, he felt an indescribable feeling of distraught and could not help but made the Buddhism lion roar out!

Zhang Xiao Fan, after being shouted by his deafening thunder-like voice, froze for a while and still had not regained his sense. Standing together with Lin JingYu at the back, all the while grinning foolishly at the Water Unicorn, Wang ErShu, was startled instead and turned his head to look over.

A devil looking-like monk, with his body covered with blood, furiously staring at Zhang Xiao Fan and looking like an evil spirit that wanted to eat someone up!

In the Crystal Hall, in an instant it turned silent.


Suddenly, a heart-wrenching miserable cry was heard, the scream coming from this battered Crystal Hall.

Wang ErShu had no color on his face, his whole face was as white as a sheet and his whole body was trembling, he shakily pointed at PuKong, shrieking, "Ghost! Ghost! Ghost! Ghost ah..."

The voice was so sad and shrill, although it was broad daylight now but in the great hall, everyone felt a chill in the air at the same time.

Even PuKong who was just in a rage, was instead shocked by Wang ErShu, became panic and with an unexplainable haste to try and defend himself, saying, "What, what did you say, why am I a ghost?"

But Wang ErShu behaved as if he was possessed, his whole body trembled violently, Lin JingYu who was beside, tried his best to calm him down but it did not seem to work. Wang ErShu then slowly shrank back and did not dare to look at PuKong again, his eyes closed tightly, obviously he was extremely terrified and he could not stop repeating, "Ghost! Ghost! it was he who killed somebody----don't kill me, don't kill me, me, me, ah! ahahahahahah...."

Suddenly, a haze silently enveloped the whole place, Zhang Xiao Fan and Lin JingYu both froze at the same time, especially Zhang Xiao Fan, somewhere deep inside his eyes, again a red light seemed to indistinctly emerge.

Stared at by everyone, PuKong, utterly discomfited, angrily said, "I do not know this person at all, what are all of you looking at?"

Lin JingYu slowly relaxed the hand that had been grabbing Wang ErShu, walked to Zhang Xiao Fan, without even looking at him, one would know that Zhang Xiao Fan was now exactly like him, using every ounce of strength to control himself but that heavy panting had already revealed the agitation in their hearts!

"Why, did, he, say, it, was, you?" Lin JingYu, every single word, slowly asked. His expression looked as scary as Zhang Xiao Fan but the difference was although his eyes were full of hatred but at the same time it still carried a sense of clear-headed.

PuKong furiously replied, "How will I know? He is only a mad man!"

Zhang Xiao Fan and Lin JingYu both changed countenance at the same time, most of the Qing Yun disciples casted sidelong glances and frowned their brows. But just at this moment, a Buddha name was heard, sitting behind PuKong, PuHong Master suddenly spoke, his voice carried grief and he quietly said, "Amitabha, the evil sin was sown, thus the evil fruit was bore. It's a sin, it's a sin!"

Once the words were spoken, instantly there absolute silence in the entire place, PuKong's body was like wood, after a long while he then slowly turned to face PuHong Master, in a rough voice he asked, "Senior brother, what did you say?"

PuHong Master's face was white, not knowing if it was due to his body's injuries or because he was guilty, his eyes were both closed and after a long while, he spoke in a low voice, "FaXiang."

Ever since Wang ErShu suddenly acted up, FaXiang had looked terrible and pale, his body shook and he said, "Disciple is here."

PuHong Master unhurriedly said, "Don't need to hide anymore, reveal to them ba! That year junior brother did wrong, today we must not again frame this Zhang patron."

A loud crash went off in Zhang Xiao Fan's head, indistinctly a voice was screaming and seemed to be grabbing and pulling at his heart.

FaXiang slowly walked up, looked at the countless dumbfounded faces and at Lin JingYu and Zhang Xiao Fan, finally he stopped at Zhang Xiao Fan.

"That year, the one that killed all of the Grasstemple villagers at the foot of Qing Yun Hill, it was indeed done by one of our Tian Yin Temple's disciples!"


Instantly, numerous appalled, shocked, refused to believe, angry voices seemed to burst out, exploded inside Qing Yun Hill Crystal Hall, even Reverend DaoXuan, Tian BuYi these type of cultivated and enlightened masters, also could not help but to change countenance and Lin JingYu, had even drew out his Dragon Slayer Sword, rippling jade light.

Only Zhang Xiao Fan's heart, suddenly started to sink for a very long period of time, so deep, so heavy, and after that, what surfaced was the ever familiar cold feeling, that heavily blood-scented vicious current, enveloped him!