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Chapter 82: the Ancient Sword

 Chapter 82: Zhu Xian the Ancient Sword - Part 1

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New Chapter, Zhu Xian the Ancient Sword

That brilliant light shining from Illusory Moon Cave, became more and more dazzling and accompanying it, a faint low strange whistling.

The withered elderly standing in front of Founders Ancestral Hall, stared spellbound at that glorious dazzling brightness, until Lin JingYu who could not contain his astonishment, turned to ask him, "Elderly senior, is that our Qing Yun Sect's most valuable treasure -- Zhu Xian the Ancient Sword?"

The elder silently nodded, suddenly looked away and appeared as if he did not wish to be concerned with anything, whispered, "Once Zhu Xian is out, in addition on this Qing Yun Hill and with DaoXuan's attained skills, there is absolutely no one on earth who can defeat him. Go ba!" saying which, his body had already half submerged into the shadows of the Founders Ancestral Hall.

Lin JingYu suddenly felt a sense of reluctance, called out, "Senior!"

That elderly paused, seemed to have thought of something and suddenly said, "If someday you would want to, seek for DaoXuan privately and tell him that that servant in Founders Ancestral Hall have been bored for hundred over years and now will like you to visit regularly to chat, and see if he will agree?"

Lin JingYu was stunned for a moment, puzzledly asked, "What?"

But that elderly did not reply and vanished into the darkness.

Lin JingYu was dumbfounded for a while and after which, he turned around to look, just within this short time, that column of light seemed to become even more brighter and almost hard to look at. Also at the same time, he was worried about Zhang Xiao Fan and immediately ran out.

After running a few paces he arrived shortly at the place he was previously at. Lin JingYu looked towards the scene and immediately sucked in a breath of cold air. At that split road, 2 people were still standing there, Zhang Xiao Fan was still there but the other person was instead, Small Bamboo Valley Lu XueQi. But what made him took a deep breath was, the surrounding area around the empty ground, stains of blood were everywhere, even on the nearby trees' leaves, were all sprayed with blood, as if it was in hell.

And that black-attired man who was confronting Zhang Xiao Fan awhile ago, not knowing since when had been dead on the ground, the corpse was pale and withered, as if all of his body fresh blood had been sucked out dry.

A bad premonition floated up into Lin JingYu's heart, he immediately ran towards Zhang Xiao Fan, shouting loudly, "Xiao Fan, are you alright?"

From the moment that Lin JingYu appeared until now, Zhang Xiao Fan never turned to look at him, and instead continued to stand facing Lu XueQi but these two persons whose relationship had always been delicate, Lu XueQi suddenly instead drew out her TianYa celestial sword and focused all of her attention on Zhang Xiao Fan.

Lin JingYu had always regarded Zhang Xiao Fan as his own brother, now that Lu XueQi seemed to have the intention to harm Zhang Xiao Fan, he angrily shouted, "Lu Senior sister, what are you doing?"

And using his body to shield Zhang Xiao Fan, he stood in front of him and faced Lu XueQi.

Lu XueQi's expression was originally looking complicated, with a mix of anger, surprise and unwillingness and her eyes conveyed her distress. And when Lin JingYu suddenly stood between them, she was taken aback and hoarsely said, "You..."

A bloody hand, also at the same time, touched on Lin JingYu's shoulder, soaking a patch of red on his white robe. The fresh blood from that hand gave off a bloody scent and invaded Lin JingYu's nose.

Lin JingYu was shocked, whipped his body around and exclaimed, "Xiao Fan, are you alright?"

Appearing in front of him, was a gaze with faint dark red light, glittered with a few traces of pain. Zhang Xiao Fan's expression was wooden, his lips quivered and finally that red light weakened and he spoke softly, "I am alright."

Only then Lin JingYu breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Hm, Sect Head Reverend can be coming out soon, we should get ready to escort him back to the fight!"

Zhang Xiao Fan nodded, remained silent and only tightened his grip around the firestick.

Lu XueQi, who was watching him from the side, only slowly sheathed TianYa after a long while without speaking a single word. Lin JingYu looked at her puzzledly and was about to ask what had actually happened but at this moment, from the direction of the Illusory Moon Cave, the faint whistle which had been reverberating, suddenly intensified and increased its pitch, moving the Heavens and Earth. That brilliant light became even more magnificent.

Within the light halo, a figure slowly rose up. Reverend DaoXuan bathed in the light rays, his right hand, from the palm to the shoulder, was surrounded by a mass of bright white hot light and no one could see exactly what he was holding.

And just awhile ago, his body which had received heavy injuries till the extent he was unable to make flight, now seemed not to be disabled. It seemed like once this Zhu Xian Ancient Sword was out, even his body's essence was fully recharged.

Reverend DaoXuan's long dark green robe, fluttered within the light beam, even his complexion, reflected paler by that white light in his hand. He did not even notice Lin JingYu, Zhang Xiao Fan and the rest below him and took off directly towards Crystal Hall.

Lin JingYu and the rest were bedazzled, this Zhu Xian Ancient Sword had not even been wielded, its might was already so overwhelming, if it was used, how powerful would it be?

After staring for a long time, the three of them came back to their senses and sprinted towards the front of the hill.

After they had left a while, a slender figure unhurriedly walked out from deep inside the forest, gazing at that gradually distancing Zhang Xiao Fan's back figure, a face full of complicated feelings, without saying a single word.

It was BiYao.

From the time that Reverend DaoXuan left until now, in the front part of Qing Yun Hill, the Good and Evil Faction big battle, with Crystal Hall as their base, had already turned devastating.

Recalling back hundred of years ago, also at the foot of Qing Yun Hill, at that time the Good Faction's three great sects; Qing Yun Hill, Tian Yin Temple, FenXiang Valley at the same time fought against Evil Faction and had won in one fell swoop. But this day, there was no one from FenXiang Valley and Tian Yin Temple's skilled masters including their in-charge Holy Monk PuHong, was instead injured by one of the Evil Faction disciples who had impersonated FenXiang Valley disciples and now other than PuKong, FaXiang and a few, almost the rest were Qing Yun Sect themselves holding up on their own.

But then, Qing Yun Sect, passed down as a two-thousand years old famous great sect, finally revealed its deep heritage today. Tian BuYi, Shang ZhengLiang, Zeng ShuChang etc as the head branches, they needed not be mentioned but in the rest of the 7 branches, there were several white-haired elders attacking together and on top of that with Tian Yin Temple PuKong, FaXiang, although the skilled experts from Evil Faction did their utmost to attack and also had the upper hand but still were unable to defeat them.

In this battle, almost several, considered as at present, top notch cultivated experts, were fighting here. In spite of the fact that Crystal Hall, which had been reinforced and built with celestial cultivated powers, eventually too was unable to withstand the countless flying everywhere, running unhindered collisions from the magical weapons and its enormous roof finally collapsed with a loud crash, a cloud of dust filling the air.

The crowd was shocked and one after another took to the air, continued their fight from the ground to the air and as the fighting space expanded, it instead became even better for them to flex their skills.

But looking at the sky full of flashing lights, lights from several battling groups also lighting up the sky, sharp rays glittered and at times looking like meteor whizzing passed! The summit of Qing Yun mountain, looked as if it was submerged in numerous resplendent magical weapons' rays.

The Evil Faction members' numerous kinds of strange and odd magical weapons were all brought out and used but instead on Good Faction side, although most of the elders were using celestial swords but in these elders' hands, whom had practised Tai Chi Xuan Qing Way until Shang Qing Realm, those streams of fine light weaved endlessly and transforming at will, if not for the fact that there were too many Evil Faction experts, they might not be at disadvantage.

Although Tian BuYi and the rest were still able to hold back the Evil Faction, those ordinary Qing Yun disciples at the foot of the hill were in imminent danger. This time that the Evil Faction attacked in huge forces, they had already made through preparations, especially Ghost King who had made specific arrangements and knew for sure that because Zhang Xiao Fan possessed a rare treasure and knew Tian Yin Temple unorthodoxly learnt True Way, Qing Yun Sect's skilled masters would surely gathered at Crystal Hall. Therefore, when they decided to attack Qing Yun, using Taoist Cang Song's information, had their experts infiltrated in and launched the attack in surprise. And as expected, it achieved great success, the Qing Yun disciples were all disoriented and numerous were dead or injured.

Just that Ghost King never expected one thing, that was Qing Yun Sect's spiritual beast guardian, the Water Unicorn.

The Water Unicorn, ever since a thousand years ago after Qing Ye founder master had passed on, had always roamed carefree at Jade Pool and never really shown its might. Even for that Good and Evil Faction battle a hundred years ago at the foot of Qing Yun Hill, it did not went down to participate so this generation of Qing Yun Sect, including Taoist Cang Song, never knew how powerful the Water Unicorn could be?

But after being woken up by the battle between Evil Faction and Qing Yun disciples, the Water Unicorn as the resident spiritual beast of the mountain, naturally showed its rage. This sudden event almost changed the balance of the battle.

Chapter 82: Zhu Xian the Ancient Sword - part 2

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End of Chapter:

The Water Unicorn stood in the Jade Pool with its turbulent waves, the entire pool spinned and swirled around this great beast. A water column, with the width of several men forming a circle, conjured up beside the Water Unicorn. Within the column, countless trapped resentful souls that had been swallowed up by the Water Unicorn could be seen in it. Controlled by the spiritual beast's power, it split in in four directions and attacked the Evil Faction disciples.

Initially the Evil Faction disciples did not regard this strange beast as a threat and started to besiege it. Unexpectedly the water column burst upon contact. The Water Unicorn's might was really queer and unparalleled, in an instant seven or eight were crushed by that water column, another seven or eight were trapped and killed by the resentful spirits in the water. The Evil Faction disciples were frightened out of their wits and escaped in all directions. The Qing Yun disciples instead, felt their morale lifted.

After a while, the four great Evil Faction leaders, who were still in the Crystal Hall, were alerted to the situation. They first sent several experts down but in the end even SanMiao Fairy and God of Poison also followed down one after another. Only then the situation was stabilized and the Water Unicorn was gradually being contained.

SanMiao Fairy and God of Poison were both the first grade leaders of the four great branches, their status were by no means insignificant and naturally their skills far exceeded the other highly skilled experts. After they both came down, SanMiao Fairy used a soft strange silk which was almost indiscernible to the naked eye and danced dainty as if she was weaving an invisible web. The Water Unicorn directed the water columns to attack several times, with ferocious and unmatched might, but instead was blocked off by this delicate and almost invisible web, reduced into nothing.

As for God of Poison, after watching the intense fight between the Water Unicorn and SanMiao Fairy for a while, nodded his head and took out a half chi dagger with clear light circulating around it. Clutching it in his right hand, his left hand holding a jade bottle and he pulled out the stopper. Wondered what was the thing that was inside?

After a while, it seemed like the God of Poison had hasten the chant as that small dagger suddenly shone brilliantly, swallowing and spitting sharp rays out. The God of Poison gently waved and immediately, like cutting a tofu, sliced through a water column that was nearest to him. After which he swiftly raised his left hand and a blue-looking like powder was seen in the air which landed onto the place where the water column had rise.

The Water Unicorn seemed to sense something amiss, turned back and roared. A loud sound was heard from the pool and an even more enormous water column sprang up from the same place,targeted towards the God of Poison. The God of Poison did not even flinched once and after a while as expected, the Water Unicorn suddenly howled loudly. The water column that was attacking God of Poison, dispersed with a loud bang and landed back at the pool. The surrounding pool of water had already turned into a deep dark blue color.

Just like that, the God of Poison, using one hand to cut and the other hand to scatter poison, extinguished almost half of the water column raised by the Water Unicorn in just a short while. And SanMiao Fairy stood on the other side expressionlessly, using HeHuan Sect's secret technique 'Lingering Silk' to tightly trapped the water column sent by the Water Unicorn.

Right now whoever that was able to see, would right away knew that under the besieged attacks from these two big Evil Faction experts, the Water Unicorn had lost without question.

From high above, YuYang Zi and Ghost King stood side by side and looked down, after they saw that the situation had calmed down, Yu YangZi looking conceited, said, "With the two leaders combining their strength, no matter how powerful this beast will be, it will not matter!"

Ghost King smiled slightly and then looked up into the sky, observing that with their people besieging, even though Qing Yun Sect was still stubbornly resisting but one could not fight against the heavy odds and already it had became a strenuous effort. Smiling satisfactory, he said, "YuYang fellow brother, with the accomplishment made today, your reputation in the Holy Sect in the upcoming future will be matchless to none."

YuYang Zi turned and took a look at him, his mood extremely elated, gave a Ha Ha big laugh.

Ghost King sneered in his heart but his smile still remained on his face, said, "As so, to prevent unforeseen trouble from long delay, why don't we combine efforts and make all these Qing Yun fellows..."

YuYang Zi, in a high-spirited and vigorous mood, replied, "Good, I will attack together with you!"

Ghost King nodded and smiled, said, "Fellow brother first!"

YuYang Zi He He laughed, leaped up and spreaded his arms, a silver light flashed passed and a strange mirror with white and black sides appeared in his hand.

Ghost King, behind him, suddenly turned solemn, deep down in his eyes a cold glint flashed, his body moved, as if he was about to do something but at this moment, a deep strange cry was heard from the distance horizon.

Suddenly, the entire Qing Yun mountain range, the huge peaks that had reached into the sky and towered for thousands years, seemed to vibrate slightly!

Suddenly, the celestial magical swords in everyone's hand had also started to turn warm and hummed softly towards that magnificent grand light.

TongTian Peak, reaching through the clouds into the sky, and the sky which had always been clear and bright, gradually, darken.

Only that beam of dazzling light in the horizon, like an unrestrained electric voltage that had thrown off its shackles, soared above the nine heavens and flew over.

Exploded in an instant!

The unparalleled magnificent glory shone upon the earth and the human figure immersed in the deep of that glory, held the sword towards the sky.

Everyone held their breath, staring at the sky dumbfoundedly and at this celestial moment, the Water Unicorn in the Jade Pool howled wildly but did not attack God of Poison and SanMiao Fairy again. On the contrary, all of the water columns combined together with a loud bang and became an unimaginable enormous water curtain, propping the Water Unicorn straight up to the sky, flying into the light!

In the Heaven above, a celestial beast's shout reverberated unceasingly.

Standing beside Ghost King and YuYang Zi and silently watching the battle scene, Taoist Cang Song, had turned pale after that beam of light appeared and now that he saw the Water Unicorn flying up to the sky after a loud bang, his body wavered and he hoarsely cried, "Zhu Xian!"

Ghost King and YuYang Zi turned pale at the same time, Ghost King exclaimed, "Didn't you say that only those that had practised Tai Chi Xuan Qing Way until Tai Qing Realm level then will be able to control Zhu Xian the ancient sword, then will be able to use 'Zhu Xian Sword Formation'?"

Taoist Cang Song laughed bitterly and said, "That's right but I never imagine DaoXuan he...."

Right now, everyone had stopped fighting and Tian BuYi and the rest had came back to the ground. Everyone in Qing Yun Sect was visibly moved.

This legendary ancient sword, once in Qing Yun Sect Qing Ye founder's hand, intimidated the world and unexpectedly today at Qing Yun Sect's most dangerous moment, again appeared in the Sect Head Reverend DaoXuan's hand.

In the mid-air, the Water Unicorn flew until it was below DaoXuan's body, roared softly and dipped its beast head slightly, as if it was also showing an unspoken fear and respect towards this ancient sword.

DaoXuan was immersed totally in the light and slowly landed onto the spiritual beast Water Unicorn's crown.

Breathe, deeply!

Grasping the sword, towards the sky!

In the vault of heaven, in the flood of light rays, suddenly an echo of a strange incantation chant was heard, as if the celestial gods and buddhas were singing softly, as if the evil demons in the nine nether world were grinning hideously. An unknown fear drowned everyone at Qing Yun peak.

Suddenly, around the back of TongTian Peak, towards the direction of the Illusory Moon Cave direction, a stream of purple energy started billowing. It directly illuminated the Water Unicorn and DaoXuan who was on his head. After a while, from the far distances everywhere, six strange resplendent lights flew out from the unknown locations in the other Qing Yun Hill's 6six mountain peaks. Classified as: Yellow, blue-green, red, green, orange and blue six colors shrouded together and the last seventh strange light, converged into the already dazzling ancient sword, Zhu Xian, in DaoXuan's hand.

Heaven and Earth changed color, loud crack of thunder!

A loud thunder sound exploded in mid-air and a fierce gale blew, not a single person did not change expression. The sand and stones on TongTian Peak were blew away, dust flying everywhere and the seven strange lights continued to shine. On top of the resplendent dazzling ancient sword Zhu Xian, a radiating sword shape made of seven colors energy formed. It kept increasing in size and at the same time from this main sword, it constantly cloned out different energy colored swords. More and more and in an instant, covered the sky and turned the entire TongTian Peak into a moving multi-colored scene, the view was beyond spectacular.

Taoist Cang Song trembled slightly and in a low voice he moaned, "Zhu Xian Sword Formation, Zhu Xian Sword Formation..."

By then the God of Poison and SanMiao Fairy had flew back, Taoist Cang Song, with his pale face, said, "This formation was created by Qing Yun Sect creator, Qing YunZi, and enhanced using hundred of years of blood and sweat by that Qing Ye founder. Using Zhu Xian the Ancient Sword to stimulate it, you cannot imagine the might of it. We, we better retreat?"

Ghost King's expression changed but YuYang Zi had already turn angry and said, "Nonsense, even how powerful is he, he is still one man and one sword, so what?"

Taoist Cang Song laughed bitterly and shook his head, urgently turned his head to talk to God of Poison, "Sect Leader, this Zhu Xian Sword Formation is activated using a mysterious incantation and it was originally already extremely powerful. In the beginning era when our Qing Yun Sect formed, we depended on this formation protection to just barely survive. Later on when Qing Ye founder entered our sect, with his gifted in-born talent, he combined Qing Yun Hill seven mountain peaks' thousand years of unorthodox and complex spiritual energy and on top of it, used since ancient time the first rare Zhu Xian's supreme sword spirit and cast it as the medium until it has an exceptional power to open up the Heaven and break the Earth, we absolutely must not use force to overcome it!"

God of Poison turned pale but to let go the ducks which were almost at hand just basing on this never-seen-before Zhu Xiang Sword Formation, no matter what, he could not make this decision immediately.

Needless to say, YuYang Zi standing by the side, had an expression of loath, only Ghost King stomped his feet and decided there and then, "This formation's strength is too powerful, we cannot use force to win, let's go!"

YuYang Zi, God of Poison and SanMiao Fairy were all shocked and were about to debate but

at this moment of hesitation, that dazzling Zhu Xian Sword Formation in the mid-air had already started to change.

That multi-colored energy sword on top of the ancient sword Zhu Xian, obviously it was now the main sword of this formation. Right now it had turned into an astronomical size, lying in the middle of the vaults of heaven, even the enormous beast, Water Unicorn, seemed incomparable to it. As for the single-colored energy swords that filled up the sky, they were packed tightly and densely, as if like clouds, sparking fear to those that saw it.

This queer scene was rarely seen in eternity but instead there was nothing to make one excited, only impressions of harsh and coldness.

Reverend DaoXuan on top of the Water Unicorn, his body wavered slightly. At the same time he chanted the incantation, waved the ancient sword Zhu Xian in his right hand and his left hand finger made an incantation spell hand resembling a sword, pointed below and slashed down!


Above the ancient sword Zhu Xian, the lights flickered once and after a while, the numerous energy swords floating in the mid-air charged down with an extremely rapid force, towards the Evil Faction group of people.

The swords fell like rain, the harsh Heaven and Earth!

Countless of Evil Faction disciples raised their weapons to defend but the energy swords were like unbeatable and stabbed down without mercy. The moment your strength weaken, you would be beaten severely into the earth, fresh blood sprayed everywhere.

On TongTian Peak, wails like ghost and howls like wolves were heard immediately, horrible shrieks unceasingly, numerous broken limbs and pieces of flesh splattered, blood and fleshes intersected each other in the air, the air were full of blood stench and rains full of blood, as if it was in hell. Looking at such scene, even Qing Yun Sect and Tian Yin Temple disciples' expressions changed slightly, Tian Yin Temple FaXiang bend his head down slightly and chanted softly.

Evil Faction's four great leaders' expression changed greatly, in a blink of an eye the people around them, because of this unbelievable strange formation, almost everyone got injured. They look helplessly at this Zhu Xian Sword Formation which deployed swords out like rainfall and that multi-colored main sword in the sky continued to clone even more single-colored energy swords. The area occupied by the swords kept increasing, almost enveloping the entire TongTian Peak!

Ghost King waved to block off an energy sword that had rained down, only to feel a great shock to his body. The lethal spiritual energy contained in this energy sword seemed to be immense and it seemed to be what Taoist Cang Song had said, with Qing Yun Hill seven mountains peaks' Heaven and Earth spiritual energy, it was really not what a human strength could fight. And furthermore, this was just one single-colored sword, if it was an attack from that fearful seven-colored main sword, everyone might be killed without a burial site.

Among the four great leaders, Ghost King had always been full of stratagems, now that danger was close at hand, Ghost King being quick-witted, suddenly noticed that Reverend DaoXuan's body kept wavering in the mid air, evidently showing the strain it took on him, and quickly shouted, "Everyone, DaoXuan that old thief is badly hurt and lack the strength to fully control this formation, let us combine our strength immediately to attack one area!"

At first the Evil Faction people were in a chaos, almost all depended on their own ability to defend against this lives-consuming sword rain raining down from mid air. Unexpectedly hearing the cry from Ghost King, they did not even have to consider, with Ghost King as the lead, almost all of the Evil Faction highly skilled experts on TongTian Peak flew up and charged towards the less densely packed single-coloured swords area on the eastern side.

On the way up, horrible shrieks continued, the energy swords were taking lives like evil demons grinning hideously in the mid air, sweeping up stalks of horrible and bright-colored beautiful blood flower in the vaults of heaven. Qing Yun Sect and Tian Yin Temple disciples were all staring blankly and had forgotten to stop the Evil Faction people. But even if they thought of it they could not rush to use force as in this shower of swords, if they move thoughtlessly, they might be the first to be hurt.

Finally, after throwing down nearly a hundred bodies, several Evil Faction experts dashed out from the east side including the four great leaders and Taoist Cang Song. Although everyone of them was wounded but they eventually still escaped.

The sky full of sword rain, finally slowly weaken, slowly stopped.

Numerous scattered blood flowers, landed slowly and turned into a startling bloody scene, shrouding TongTian Peak into a sea of red.

The energy swords in the sky gradually disappeared, Reverend DaoXuan, following the Water Unicorn landed unhurriedly. Tian BuYi and the rest at that moment then realized and immediately went up to greet him but just when they received Reverend DaoXuan, without waiting for them to say a word, Reverend DaoXuan's body tilted and fell into Tian BuYi's bosom, losing conscious.