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Chapter 81: Founders Ancestral Hall

Chapter 81: Founders Ancestral Hall - Part 1

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Founders Ancestral Hall

There were two important places at the back of Qing Yun Hill, one of it was Qing Yun's most revered sacred 'Illusory Moon Cave'. A thousand years ago, the ingenious founder, Qing Ye, locked himself in right there and achieved enlightenment, and from then Qing Yun Sect dominated over the world, leading the heroes.

And after Qing Ye founder, Illusory Moon Cave became Qing Yun Sect's most sacred ground, over the past thousand years, only the Sect Head was allowed to enter.

And the other place, was Founders Ancestral Hall.

As per its name, the Founders Ancestral Hall was naturally a place to enshrine Qing Yun Sect's successive generations of forefathers, from the initiator of Qing Yun Sect, Qing YunZi, until Qing Ye founder, and again until the successive generations of forefathers, all had a memorial tablet in that room. Incense was burned continuously everyday. And on each important occasions, Qing Yun Sect would always, led by their Sect Head, solemnly offer their prayers to their ancestors there, it was also considered one of the important places in Qing Yun Sect.

But, other than the occasions for commemorating their ancestors, the place was usually cold and lifeless. When Lin JingYu drew the four Evil Faction disciples away to this place, what he saw was a huge empty ground, a majestic grand temple with four upturned eaves towered aloft on it, with glazed roof tile, antique sign and red columns. As if within this tranquility, it was telling its past history.

Whiffs of translucent smoke, from the dense and slightly dim temple, floated out from time to time. Looking in from the outside, blobs of candlelight were seen, an altar lamp wavering slightly, hanging in the mid-air. However, other than a elderly, wearing dull plain-coloured clothes, silently sweeping in front of the temple, not a single person was seen.

Just then, sounds of hurried footsteps were heard, that elderly slowly raised his head and looked over.

Lin JingYu felt a pang of regret, he only first thought of drawing the Evil Faction men away from Illusory Moon Cave, instead he misled them to Founders Ancestral Hall. Here, enshrined the generations of forefathers, if this place was to be destroyed by the Evil Faction men, even if he were to die ten thousand times, he would not be able to absolve himself from the blame!

Once he had this thought, Lin JingYu immediately stopped in his track, lifting the Dragon Slayer sword horizontally in front of his body, he turned to face the incoming fake ShangGuan Ce and the rest of them.

Just then, a bird suddenly flew out from the forest a distance away, followed by a tumult of noises.

Lin JingYu was startled, noticing that the noises came from where Zhang Xiao Fan was, he couldn't help but felt worried. But because he knew he would be facing a deadly enemy soon, he forced his state of mind to calm down, focused his concentration and prepared his defence. In his mind, he decided that even if he was to lose his life this day, he would not allow those Evil Faction thieves to even put a foot into the Founders Ancestral Hall.

The Dragon Slayer Sword seemed to have its own spiritual energy, bluish green light radiated, contrasting with its owner's face, reflecting unswerving determination.

That elderly who was sweeping in front of Founders Ancestral Hall, saw the Dragon Slayer Sword in Lin JingYu's hand, his body suddenly shook.

On the other side, the four Evil Faction men looked at each other and laughed out, these men's positions in Evil Faction were obviously not low, one look and they knew that this place was one of Qing Yun Sect's important location, seemed like this time they would definitely be duly rewarded.

The fake ShangGuan Ce laughed conceitedly and said, "Kid, I can see that your aptitude is not bad, now that Qing Yun Sect has nowhere to go, why don't you join our sect, I will guarantee that you will progress rapidly in the future!"

"Pei!" Lin JingYu felt a surge of disgust, snorted and did not even bothered.

The fake ShangGuan Ce, instead, did not felt angry, [Hehe] he coldly laughed and said, "Good, since you are looking for death, I will fulfill your wish!" After saying, he signalled with his eyes, the rest of the three black attired men immediately attacked.

Lin JingYu gritted his teeth, the Dragon Slayer Sword's bluish green light heaved and rippled, staying horizontally in front of his body. The magical weapons that the three black attired men used, one was a yellow flying sword, another was a heavy powerful long beard and the last was the most odd and horrible, a sword made of several human white bones, its Yin energy extremely dense.

Lin JingYu, one against three, gritted his teeth and fought bitterly, the Dragon Slayer Sword's green light swept vertically and horizontally, defending its original position, surprisingly it held its ground but it was still at a disadvantage.

Lin JingYu entered Qing Yun Sect in his youth, his aptitude was excellent, Taoist Cang Song extremely favoured him, not only he took great care to coach him, he even imparted the famous Dragon Slayer Sword to him. Not sure if it was because on this youth, he saw the image of that person he had once revered, on him.

And Lin JingYu too, did not let Taoist Cang Song's painstaking efforts down, in a short span of a few years, based on his own exceptional aptitude, together with that deeply ingrained belief and hope to seek revenge for his parents, his Taoist skills excelled leaps and bounds, after several years he was already an outstanding talent in the young generation of disciples.

Just that even though how hard he worked, his skillset was still limited by time and impossible to improve that dramatically. Right now facing the three black attired Evil Faction disciples, that long beard weapon smashing unceasingly directly in front of him, the flying sword slyly attacking from the side; and even more worrisome was that white bone sword, its Yin energy cold and dense, under that Evil Faction man's manipulation, it would suddenly materialize and vanish. Each time he blocked it, the Yin energy would assail him and he couldn't help but to take in a breath of the cold air, causing his body to shiver involuntarily.

They fought like this for several rounds, even though Lin JingYu defended with all of his strength, the Dragon Slayer Sword's bluish green light rays were gradually being suppressed down by the three black attired men. It seemed like his defeat was inevitable and eventually he succumbed and took a step back.

The fake ShangGuan Ce, who was standing behind, gave a cold laugh.

Once he stepped back, he could not stop retreating, that boosted the three black attired men's morale and their three magical weapons attacked at the same time. Lin JingYu sweat profusely, he kept being pushed back and was unable to stand still as he wished to.

Suddenly, that mysterious white bone sword disappeared. Lin JingYu who, one moment was blocking the incoming long beard's attack and another to parry the flying sword which was assailing from the side, suddenly felt pain in his lower legs and collapsed. That white bone sword, without knowing when, had bore into the ground and moved stealthily to slash out a huge wound on his right leg, fresh blood unceasingly dripping down.

Lin JingYu howled loudly, the Dragon Slayer Sword chopped down from mid-air, this celestial divine weapon hit upon the white bone sword, a slight [Pipa] sound was heard, at once the white bone sword's owner fell out and an hairline crack could be seen appearing faintly on that sword.

The Evil Faction man, who was using the white bone sword, felt a moment of heart pain, quickly took back the white bone sword to look at it carefully. But at this moment, the other two weapons had also arrived, piercingly cold wind sounds could be heard, Lin JingYu, trapped in a deathtrap, used his last burst of strength, steered the Dragon Slayer Sword horizontally to the top of his head.

[Rumble] A loud sound, strange lights were seen flicking crazily, sparks flying in all directions, nobody knew where the burst of energy came from and the Dragon Slayer Sword forcibly blocked off those two magical weapons but Lin JingYu saw only darkness.In this moment of lights and sparks, he was distracted and that fake ShangGuan Ce, who was standing at a distance just then, suddenly appeared in front of him, grinning hideously.

Lin JingYu's face blanched in terror but before he had the time to react, he felt a pain close to his heart, a stream of extremely sharp energy drilled in, in a flash, pierced through all of his body shields.


Lin JingYu cried out. His entire body flew out, fresh blood spewing from his mouth, he could not even hold on to his Dragon Slayer Sword, the sword spinned in mid-air and finally a sound of [Shua], pierced into the ground, just right before the elderly sweeper.

Bluish green light circulated around and gradually dimmed down.

Lin JingYu had always been stubborn, he lowered his head to look at his wound and saw instead a mass of blood and flesh, the actual wound was only the size of a fingertip. But right then a sharp stream of energy rushed straight into his internal body, like a thin needle without any restraint ravaging around, causing extreme agony on his vital channels. However, he wanted to push himself up to fight the enemy again, unexpectedly his legs gave way and he was unable to stand up!

He panted heavily, the group of fake ShangGuan Ce and the rest instead laughed loudly, looking extremely haughty.

"Kid, how is it? I have only used about 50 percent of my power and I can reduce you to this state, you better quickly surrender!"

Lin JingYu's face muscles twitched, showing his agony but the adversity that was right in front of him made him extremely worried. Once his thoughts landed on the Ancestral Founder Hall behind him, without knowing himself where did the energy came from, he slowly struggled to stand up.

The Evil Faction and the rest did not stop him and continued to watch him like one was watching the fun from a monkey show.

That pain from his heart seemed like it was going to rush up into his head, Lin JingYu had not even stood properly when he felt another wave of dizziness, he turned his head around and panted noisily, staggered across to the Dragon Slayer Sword in front of the elderly sweeper, while panting he said, "Elderly, it is dangerous here, you should quickly, quickly, quickly go..."

That elderly appeared to be someone who had been maintaining the Founder Ancestral Hall daily, his face withered, the wrinkles on his face were like knife slashes. But strangely, when Lin JingYu was fighting with the Evil Faction, he was quietly standing and watching at the side, he did not run away and did not speak either.

Right now he looked at Lin JingYu's chest and suddenly indifferently said, "Part from people Awl'! [Translator's note: The name is really weird but I can't find any suitable translation for it] You are Evil Faction Chang Shen Hall's assassin Zhou Yin right?"

That four Evil Faction men's smiles stifled, the fake ShangGuan Ce's countenance suddenly became cold and said, "I did not expect there are still experts here. You are right, I am Zhou Yin, who are you sire?"

That withered elderly instead, did not reply him and muttered to himself, "Part from people Awl is a rare treasure of the Evil Faction, its might extremely strong, but in you, this kind of low being, hands, it instead become a weapon for attacking others on the sly, it really insulted this rare piece of treasure!"

Zhou Yin was enraged but for now, he could not figure out this mysterious elderly's identity, although he looked faltering but the degree of his bolstering was startling, he could not help but felt unsettled, he angrily said, "Who exactly are you sire?"

That elderly sighed and said, "Who am I? Hehe even I myself have forgotten who I am..." After speaking, he looked extremely sorrowful, his tone extremely bleak, then he turned his head over, facing Lin JingYu who was staring blankly, "Child."

Lin JingYu was startled, quickly replied, "Yes, Se, Senior."

That elderly appraised him and seemed to let out a faint smile, said, "Which branch are you from?"

Without knowing why, Lin JingYu felt an unspoken degree of respect for this elderly, lowered his voice and replied, "Disciple is under Taoist Cang Song Long Shou Valley branch..."

Speaking halfway, he suddenly thought of Taoist Cang Song, who had betrayed Qing Yun, at once an indescribable feeling rushed up to his heart, his heart ached and he was unable to continue.

That elderly nodded his head, spoke softly, "It's Cang Song ah! He indeed has foresight in picking disciple, hehe."

While speaking, he totteringly stretched his hand out, grabbed the Dragon Slayer Sword that was pierced into the ground in front of him.

Chapter 81: Founders Ancestral Hall - Part 2

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End of Chapter

Lin JingYu looked at his slow-moving action and suddenly felt tensed, deep inside him, it seemed as if he was anticipating something and unconsciously held his breath.

That pair of withered and aged palms, not knowing how many seasons of snowstorm it had weathered. When he again touched the hard and cold sword hilt, and then, he held it tight!

In Founders Ancestral Hall, a faint bell tolled suddenly.

[Qiang lang.....]

Unexpectedly, the Dragon Slayer Sword which had remained dim, abruptly shone with green light, the brilliant rays shone like the blazing sun in the horizon, dazzling and glaring! That elderly unhurriedly drew the Dragon Slayer Sword out, with every inch it was out, the Dragon Slayer Sword seemed to vibrate with agitation, dragons singing unceasingly. The sound that shook till the souls of everyone, reverberated among the nine heavens.

The elderly stood up straight, placed the Dragon Slayer Sword, which was glowing with magnificent greenish blue rays, in front of him, gently caressing it. That callus aged hand, was as gentle as if it was caressing its own beloved daughter.

The Dragon Slayer Sword continued to whistle, even standing a distance away, Lin JingYu and the Evil Faction crowd, sensed that the Dragon Slayer Sword seemed to be alive with a soul of its own.

Lin JingYu stared blankly at that Dragon Slayer Sword, which he almost could not recognize, radiating unparalleled resplendent glow in that elderly's hand. And that withered elderly's appearance, after grabbing that sword hilt, also seemed to change, the unseen grandeur surged and spilled over, looking as if the legendary ancient sword deity had appeared.

"Child, watch carefully, Dragon Slayer Sword is not to be used like that!" The elderly, standing in the surging and turbulent jade-green light waves, indifferently said.

He had just finished his words, when jade-green light burst forth in a split second, the entire ground was shrouded in that green light in an instant, the light covering the sky and earth. With a sharp whistling sound, the Dragon Slayer Sword, like a flash of electricity, shot out from the elderly's hand.

After witnessing the elderly's imposing manner, the Evil Faction group was already prepared, immediately a sound of command was heard, they steered their magical weapons up to attack at the same time, only Zhou Yin stood at the back, frowning but did not make any attack.

The three of them seemed to use the same methods of attack on which they used on Lin JingYu, the long beard attacking directly, the flying sword flew up, the white bone sword attacking stealthily. Unexpectedly that elderly did not even bother about the yellow flying sword and white bone sword, the Dragon Slayer Sword turned into a enormous light beacon, charged over with the force of toppling the mountain and overturning the seas. The Evil Faction disciple, who was controlling the long beard weapon, turned pale and quickly steered the long beard to ward off the blows but to hear only a loud and clear sound, the Dragon Slayer Sword, like cutting an ice snow, had sliced the long beard into half, and without any moment of hesitation, chopped down from his head.


Under Lin JingYu's dumbstruck stare, under everyone's fearful stares, that Evil Faction person, from his head till toes, was sliced into half, blood sprayed everywhere like rain. And almost without stopping, in the blood-stained sky, the green rays, almost demon-looking, rolled back and charged towards the other two persons.

The flying sword and white bone sword, which were originally attacking the elderly, right now were frightened out of their wits and how would they have the courage to attack, immediately turned back to flee, at the same time recalled their weapons. However, the Dragon Slayer Sword's powerful rays covered the sky, in an instant reached and right before everyone's eyes, collided with them.

Almost without any cries of surprise, the green rays swallowed up the other two Evil Faction disciples, sounds of shattering suddenly exploded, who knew what had exactly happened to the two persons?

Lin JingYu was dripping cold sweat, his consciousness seemed to have been robbed!

Standing at the furthest away, Zhou Yin's countenance changed greatly, he knew that the elderly was actually a fearful master and he was no match for him, immediately he turned and flew off.

Unexpectedly, the green rays were like the roar of a mountain and howling of the sea, mixed with dark red blood color, flashed past like electric rays, charged after.

Zhou Yin's skills were indeed higher than the rest, all of a sudden his hands shook and a concealed black air flashed by, the green rays, which had filled up the sky, actually paused in front of him.

And the next moment, Zhou Yin suddenly turned pale, hoarsely exclaimed, "It's you! You are Wan...."

He had not finished his words when the immeasurable green rays suppressed that struggling black air and struck down from the head, chopped onto Zhou Yin's chest.

Zhou Yin cried out once miserably, his entire being flung out far away, by the looks of it, he would not be able to survive.

In a short while, the four Evil Faction people who were strutting around just now, were all dead.

The immeasurable green jade rays, like a big whale sucking up water, were sucked back into the Dragon Slayer Sword, and flew back to the elderly's hand.

Lin JingYu opened his mouth slightly but couldn't speak a word.

That elderly shook his head slightly, seemed to be sighing to himself on something, after which he looked deeply at the Dragon Slayer Sword in his hand and tossed it to Lin JingYu.

Lin JingYu subconsciously caught it and heard that elderly turned back to walk into Founders Ancestral Hall, while muttering in his breath, "Dragon Slayer Sword, casted by collecting tens of thousands of green crystals from the extremely harsh Southern border, destroyed countless of the wicked and evil. When using this sword, you must march forward courageously, using attack as the main style, even if your skills are not enough, you too must have the determination to kill the whole lot of the formidable enemy, if not you will not be able to unleash the divine energy, you must remember!"

Lin JingYu was stunned but seeing that the elderly was about to enter the Founders Ancestral Hall, he suddenly woke up to reality, and urgently said, "Senior, today the Evil Faction attacked Qing Yun in forces, I earnestly request that you must give...."

That elderly's body suddenly paused but he did not turn over, only indifferently said, "In Qing Yun Sect highly skilled experts are numerous, Head Sect DaoXuan Reverend is even more the world's extraordinary rare talented master, with him, what is there to fear?"

Lin JingYu stepped forward, sorrowfully said, "But, but Sect Head Reverend has already been grievously hurt!"

That elderly was obviously shocked, abruptly turned his head over and said, "Who was it that could have hurt DaoXuan?"

Lin JingYu suddenly became silent, of course he knew who the culprit was, but to say out Taoist Cang Song at this moment, without knowing why, he felt a wave of sadness, as if he was to say it out, it seemed like he would be severing something with that person, and for that moment he did not speak a single word!

That elderly continued on to ask, "What about DaoXuan! How is he now?"

Lin JingYu said, "Sect Head Reverend sustained serious injury, but without knowing what was it for, he entered into Illusory Moon Cave."

"Illusory Moon Cave!" That elderly's expression at once calmed down, after a long while while facing Lin JingYu but at the same time, seemed to be facing himself, sighed slightly and said, "Qing Yun Sect is a thousand years enormous sect, what do you fear?"

After speaking, the elderly once more unhurriedly turned back. Lin JingYu turned pale and exclaimed, "Elderly senior, will you watch Qing Yun in danger and yet not save it?"

That elderly smiled forlornly and said, "Young man, Qing Yun Sect was established and handed down for almost two thousand years long, the internal strength within, how can you know! You just don't have to worry."

Lin JingYu did not understand and was about to plead earnestly again when suddenly the Dragon Slayer Sword which had been staying quietly in his hand all this while, turned extremely warm, as if it had been stimulated, and the green rays again, shone out.

Lin JingYu stared at the Dragon Slayer Sword in his hand, seemed to sense something and turned his head to look towards the direction of the Illusory Moon Cave. In-between the valleys, a stream of grand light burst towards the sky, and the Dragon Slayer Sword in his hand, also seemed to be softly calling out in that direction.

"It has emerged, finally coming out into the world!"

Without knowing when that elderly had also turned to look towards that direction, his face was full of conflicting and confusing expression, whispered, "Child, your luck is good, very soon you will be able to see that legendary ancient sword 'Zhu Xian'!"