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Chapter 79: Screen Wall

Chapter 79: Screen Wall - Part 1

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Screen Wall [Translator's note: It is or may not, part of an idiom, which means Trouble from within]

In the hall, Reverend DaoXuan had not returned, but among the crowd, whisperings could be heard faintly.

When Shui Yue Master and disciples, the three of them, walked back in again, they saw that the crowd had separated into two groups at the sides, and Zhang Xiao Fan was still kneeling alone on the floor. Lu XueQi seemed to hesitate for a moment, but after Shui Yue swept her stern glare over to her, she silently walked where Shui Yue was and stood behind her.

After a short while, Reverend DaoXuan unhurriedly walked in from the back quarters, and went to his seat. The hall immediately quietened down.

Reverend DaoXuan did not immediately speak to Zhang XiaoFan, and instead with an apologetic expression, spoke to PuHong Holy Monk who was beside, "PuHong Senior brother, my disciple under my sect was disrespectful, making an embarrassment in front of Senior brother."

PuHong smiled slightly, pressed his palms together and said, "DaoXuan Senior brother what words are these!"

At this moment, Taoist Cang Song walked over, he was holding Zhang Xiao Fan's that firestick in his hand, placed it at the tea table beside Reverend DaoXuan, DaoXuan frowned slightly, looked at him, his eyes seemed to carry a slight suspicion.

Taoist Cang Song spoke lowly, "Senior brother, just now when you were away, the situation was a bit chaotic, this object is of a big importance, just in case, I kept it away, and am now putting it back here."

DaoXuan nodded and said, "Junior brother is considerate."

After which Taoist Cang Song retreated back. Reverend DaoXuan's attention, again returned back to Zhang XiaoFan. The crowd at once became nervous, knowing that whatever was coming, might be deciding this youth's destiny.

"Zhang Xiao Fan, I ask you for the last time, do you have anything to say?"

Beads of perspiration appeared on Zhang Xiao Fan's forehead, the situation in front of him had already reached the climax. Just that he had been in Qing Yun for many years, and knew well the taboo of spying on other sects' secret way of passing their true way in the Good Faction, if he really said the truth out, he did not know what would be his outcome. But PuZhi Monk, who had passed on for many years, he was afraid not only his reputation would be damaged, even his holy bones burial site, might have to be move out from TianYin Temple's "Pure Land Rebirth Tower".

And furthermore, PuChi Monk was one of the Four Great Holy Monks of TianYin Temple, whether or not the crowd would believe him, is even more of a problem?

There he was battling with himself, for a moment he thought of PuChi's voice and face, the next moment he thought of his sect's deep grace and kindness, but to ask him to betray PuChi, it was like forcing him to die, in that short moment, it was clear that he was unable to come to a conclusion.

But, all of the people in the great hall, would not be giving him any more time.

DaoXuan saw that Zhang Xiao Fan's expression showed conflicts after listening to his words. Although sweat appeared on his forehead but he still in the end, did not speak a single word. And thinking back on how his disciples had pleaded for him just now, in the depths of his heart, suddenly an unknown fire which had been asleep for many years, raged and burned up.

It was like a hundred years ago, that white figure, was also kneeling like this in Crystal Hall, in front of the three Qing Buddha statues, in front of all the various teachers and elders, even when everyone in the same sect pleaded bitterly for him, still that arrogant, that considered himself unexcelled in the world, disdainfully looking at the world.

Sitting at the rear, Shui Yue, looking at Reverend DaoXuan's expression from afar, her body trembled, a trace of sadness flashed over in her eyes, she slowly lowered her head.


A loud sound, everyone was shocked!

Reverend DaoXuan seemed to have lost his patience, abruptly stood up, pointed his finger at Zhang Xiao Fan and bellowed, "Evil creature! Years ago I took pity on you because of your circumstances then and took you into Qing Yun Sect. Unexpectedly it seems like I had nurtured a tiger to invite calamity!"

Zhang Xiao Fan's body trembled, he raised his head and opened his mouth, as if he wanted to say something.

But Reverend DaoXuan's face was as cold as ice, he frostily said, "If today we do not destroy you this evil creature, how can my Qing Yun Sect give an explanation to all of the Good Faction? All right, let me grant you this..."

The crowd paled, Tian BuYi abruptly stood up, those in the crowd, Lu XueQi, Tian LingEr, Lin JingYu etc had all turned deathly pale, even TianYin Temple PuHong Holy Monk, who was sitting beside, also seemed like he could not bear to, spoke quietly to DaoXuan, "DaoXuan Senior brother, maybe this should be considered again..."

DaoXuan [heng] a sound, coldly replied,"This evil creature had Evil Faction evil object, and also violated our Good Faction big taboo, his sins are too grave, " while speaking, he picked up the firestick on top of the tea table, "Today I will let you die under your Evil Faction evil object..."

In Zhang Xiao Fan's head, a sound of [Weng] was heard, his mind was like a blank sheet of paper, all colors seemed to disappeared in front of his eyes, he only vacantly saw DaoXuan raised his arm, Teacher Tian BuYi's face was ashen, and looked like he was about to say something, and the Qing Yun disciples around them, were in a complete mess.

In the great hall, it seemed like someone's blood would soon flow for 5 steps [Translator's note: an idiom meaning blood will be spilled].


Suddenly, a loud shout, startled the whole hall, not one in the crowd did not turn pale. In the confusion, it turned out to be that DaoXuan's body was shaking violently, he hollered, threw out the firestick, like his hand had been scalded.

That firestick streak across the air like a shadow, dropped on to the floor, [Dang dang dang] rebounded a few times, and actually rolled till in front of Zhang Xiao Fan.

Also at this moment, everyone saw that on top of the firestick, a shadow flew up, and in a short while, paused in the mid air, making [Zhi zhi] sounds.

That was, as big as a palm, a strange centipede, magnificent coloured, with seven splits in its tail. Right now it vibrated and flew up, shaking its head and wagging its tail, looking extremely arrogant.

Zhang Xiao Fan was confounded, his whole body seemed to suddenly tremble slightly, his gaze was transfixed on to that strange animal in the mid air, that thing deeply branded into his memory: "Seven tailed centipede!"

In that instant, time seemed to flow back on a surge of raging current, brought him back to many years ago that black night, that PuChi and mysterious black-attired man's duel, and at the same time losing everything he had in that sanguinary night!

His whole body shook, the smell of blood, wafted out from the depths of his heart, boundless, and encircled him all around. He stretched out his hand, and grabbed the firestick tightly in his hand in one go!

But at this moment, nobody noticed Zhang Xiao Fan's strange look at all, everyone's attention and gazes, were all on Reverend DaoXuan.

Qing Yun Sect various senior leaders, their knowledge and experience, were incomparable to ordinary people. In a flash, they surrounded Reverend DaoXuan, especially distancing themselves away from that seven tailed centipede. Until then, when everyone looked over to see Reverend DaoXuan, all had without exception, turned pale.

Reverend DaoXuan's right hand was shaking, there was a wound in his middle finger, obviously wounded by that seven tailed centipede, and in that short time, the blood that was dripping out was already black. And even more alarming, from the wound in the finger, a ghastly black air, could be seen rapidly attacking up.

Seven tailed centipede was known as the world's most poisonous poison, and even like Reverend DaoXuan, a master who had superior attainments, was too trapped by it.

Reverend DaoXuan in a short while, felt faint with blurred vision and his chest felt suffocated, but his attainments was high beyond imagination, far surpassing that PuChi Monk at that time, immediately he forced his state of mind to focus, his left hand pointing like a knife, tapped several places in succession on his already numbed left hand, drawing a talisman in the air and straight away suppressed that stream of black air from attacking up.

Right now Taoist Cang Song rushed up to him, supported his body tightly, once he saw Reverend DaoXuan's wound, turned and roared at Zhang Xiao Fan, "Zhang Xiao Fan, you this evil creature, you actually dared to stab Head Sect in the back!"

The crowd was appalled, Zhang Xiao Fan hoarsely said, "No, not me..."

Reverend DaoXuan, who was clustered around by the crowd, looked better at this moment, but that seven tailed centipede was so venomous, even on his face, black air could be seen indistinctly, weak but it did not disperse. But even so, he was still fully conscious, after breathing deeply, he said, "Quickly capture this evil creature, interrogate him thoroughly."

Taoist Cang Song turned his head and said, "Senior brother don't worry, with me here."

Chapter 79: Screen Wall - Part 2

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End of Chapter

Reverend DaoXuan panted deeply but he was at least half relieved, nodded his head, turned to look at him and was saying, "Then...."

All of a sudden he stopped speaking, Taoist Cang Song's face in front of him, suddenly from an anxious appearance, turned into an extremely malevolent expression. Also almost at the same time, Reverend DaoXuan felt a coldness in his abdomen, instantly a severe pain followed, his body trembled violently, originally his entire body's vitality essence which was directed to suppress the venom, suddenly dispersed.


Reverend DaoXuan howled loudly, his left hand cut straight down, Taoist Cang Song's left hand immediately went up to meet, both palms collided, Taoist Cang Song's body shook greatly and flew out, landed in front of Crystal Hall's entrance. After a short while, a trail of blood flowed down from the corner of his mouth, but all these while, he was still coldly smiling.

Above his right hand, horizontally holding a short sword, glittering crystal like water, one look and you would know it was not an ordinary item. And right now, on the sword, numerous blood trails, fresh red blood, from the tip of the sword, drip by drip slowly flowed down, dripping onto the green tiles in the great hall.

The crowd that was in chaos just, in an instant, quieten down, like a deathly silence.

Reverend DaoXuan's dark green Taoist robe abdomen area, had instantly already turned into a dark color, his entire face expression had also turned extremely pale, however, the shocked expression on his face now, far surpassed the pain in his body.

"You, what are you doing?" His hoarse voice, directed to Taoist Cang Song who was standing outside the great hall entrance, speaking out everyone's thoughts. Right now, even Long Shou Valley disciple, QiHao, Lin JingYu etc, also could not seemed to believe their own eyes, every one of them with jaws opened, looking at that person who once held the most authority on Qing Yun Hill.

"Me?" Taoist Cang Song seemed to change into another person suddenly, laughed savagely loudly, "I am assassinating you! Don't tell me you can't tell?" Speaking which, he signaled using his hands, the seven tailed centipede which was in mid air, immediately flew towards him, and vanished into his arm sleeve.

QiHao could not bear it any longer, his voice contained confusion and and fright, loudly said, "Teacher, you, are you mad?"

Taoist Cang Song took a look at him, after which his gaze also fell upon Lin JingYu who had the same expression, and also many more Long Shou Valley disciples, even the other Qing Yun Sect branches disciples, all used the same expression of looking at a mad man and disbelief to look at him.

"Ha ha ha, mad? Yes! I have become mad a long time ago!" Taoist Cang Song looked up at the sky and laughed loudly, his behaviour also seemed to carry a bit of madness, "As early as one hundred years ago, also at this Crystal Hall, when I saw Wan Jian Yi, Wan Senior brother's fate, I have already turned mad!"

"Teacher!" Long Shou Valley QiHao and Lin JingYu's voices by now were already tearful, but behind them, Qing Yun Sect various elder leaders surrounding Reverend DaoXuan, their bodies instead suddenly stiffen!

Wan Jian Yi, as if this name carried nightmare, carrying a thick shadow, pressing onto Qing Yun Sect's atmosphere.

The corner of Reverend DaoXuan's eye twitched, in these hundred years, the name that nobody dared to mention in front of him, it seemed to agitate him strongly too. Xiao YiCai supported his body, but out of a sudden felt that Reverend DaoXuan's injured body suddenly shook violently, even through that layer of clothes, he could felt that, the flame that burned suddenly in his reverend teacher's body, was actually this scorching!

Taoist Cang Song stood there with a madman demeanour, it was as if the resentment that was buried over all these years was finally released, in this short period of time, no one actually stepped forward to catch this assailant who had injured Qing Yun Sect most revered Sect Head.

He pointed at Reverend DaoXuan, and also pointed behind the crowd, that three Qing Buddha statues in the shadows, loudly said, "You, You all, " he pointed towards Tian BuYi, ShuiYue, Zeng ShuChang, Shang ZhengLiang etc Qing Yun branch heads, "All of you upon your own consciences say, this sect head position, who should be the one sitting on it? Was it Wan Senior brother, or him?"

Nobody answered, the younger disciples were lost on what to do, but Tian BuYi etc were all ashen, saying nothing.

In the great hall, only Taoist Cang Song's mad-like voice reverberated, "Why, you all are not speaking? Is it because you have a guilty conscience? Ha ha ha, yes! Yes! In fact who do not know exactly what should be done? But right now, who is the one sitting at this position?"

ShuiYue's face was pale, looked at Cang Song who had became a totally different person from his usual self, unhurriedly said, "Cang Song Senior brother, the things had already been over for a hundred over years, why do you still persist on it like this?"

"Pei!" Taoist Cang Song right now totally disregarded his own status, viciously [pei] out a sound, a look of disdain on his face, sneered and replied, "Hundred over years? Yes! I have bear it for a hundred over years, until today then I had the opportunity to uphold the injustice for Wan Senior brother. That time in Qing Yun Sect, the barbarian ways, you, you, you!"

His finger pointed one by one, even pointed Tian BuYi, Zeng ShuChang, Shang ZhengLiang, sneered and said, "For these hundred years, all of you must have been comfortable sitting on the branch head position, do you still remember that time Wan Senior brother disregard everything to save our lives? Do you still remember who had selflessly shared with us on how to practice the heart of Tao in those times, allowing us to greatly improve in our Tao attainment? And also you!"

He suddenly pointed at ShuiYue, coldly said, "Just now you actually said I am persistent? Hehe, hehe, who did not know at that time you had unrequited love for Wan Senior brother secretly, and later on he saved you loved you, didn't expect that day you actually watched him die, and instead today you still ridicule me!"

ShuiYue's face turned all white!

"And also you, Tian BuYi!" as if he was trying to vent all of his anger in his heart, Taoist Cang Song cackled and pointed at Tian BuYi, loudly said, "You say it yourself, how Wan Senior brother treated you, and how did you repay him?"

Tian BuYi's face was ashen, both hands tightly balled up into fists, his wife SuRu, who was standing beside, her face was equally pale, but the two of them, never spoke a single word, allowing Taoist Cang Song to cackle loudly and accuse him.

"You at that time was just an ordinary wooden disciple under Big Bamboo Valley, even your teacher and senior brothers also looked down on you. But after Wan Senior brother met you, he had the foresight to notice that you had great potentials, devoted his attention to groom you, he not only told you his own methods of attainment, even did his utmost to recommend you into the Wildlands five-member journey, only from then on you were able to make it to Qing Yun's influential figures, only then you are able to sit on this position today. What I have said, is it right?"

Tian BuYi breathed deeply, his expression mingled with a few degrees of agony, after a long while he unhurriedly said, "I have a great debt of gratitude towards Wan Senior brother, even if my body is smashed to pieces and my bones are grounded to powder, I still am unable to repay!"

Once those words were out, not only Big Bamboo Valley disciples, even the other branches including Tian Yin Temple, FenXiang Valley people, who were all alarmed at the internal commotion in Qing Yun, their expressions also changed. Obviously even Tian BuYi acknowledged like this, it could be seen that the Wan Senior brother mentioned by Taoist Cang Song, indeed had much secrets.

Taoist Cang Song [Hehe] sneered, said, "Good, good, good, you finally also admitted, luckily you still have a bit of conscience, and how did you repay him, say it!"

Tian BuYi slowly lowered his head, clenched his teeth, even his body seemed to be trembling slightly.

Taoist Cang Song cackled and said, "Alright, you don't want to say it, I say it for you. You this shameless person, to think Wan Senior brother valued you this much, that day after returning to Qing Yun Hill, you obviously knew Wan Senior brother liked Little Bamboo Valley SuRu, Su Junior sister, instead you stole his love away, was there such a thing?"

Tian BuYi abruptly raised his head, but once he met Taoist Cang Song 's almost crazy stare, that scorching flame also seemed to burn, but without knowing why, somewhere he felt that, there seemed to be a white figure standing behind Taoist Cang Song, suddenly he was unable to speak and slowly lowered his head down again.

He never spoke, SuRu who was beside him suddenly stepped out, loudly said, "Cang Song Senior brother, if you have grievances, direct it to me! That time Wan Senior brother was indeed interested in me, but from the beginning till the end, I only had respect and admiration for him. His great kindness to us both husband and wife, was as weighty as a mountain, but to be together with BuYi, was my own intention, it cannot be said as snatching me away. And also at that time, Wan Senior brother, in front of us, had personally wished us both happiness."

Taoist Cang Song scoffed and said, "Wan Senior brother's character was an extremely proud one, after being betrayed by the two of you, how could he be like the common people, continued to pester around you? He had always rather he was the one hurt, and not let others see."

Speaking till here, he seemed unwilling to continue, he looked towards the hurt and panting Reverend DaoXuan, his eyes full of ceaseless hatred, said, "Wan Senior brother was like a brother, a father to me, single handedly cultivated me, even in the Wildlands he disregarded his live to save me, my life, had long given up to him! I only regretted that hundred years ago, even after I tried my best, I was still unable to save him, from then onwards, I tell myself, no matter what, I must seek revenge for him!"

His words, until the last few sentences, he shouted himself hoarse, as if to his own heart, and as if also to that pair of eyes in the underworld.

Su YiCai paled, but even more to his surprise, was the body that he was supporting, suddenly pushed him away.

Qing Yun Head Sect Reverend, supreme leader of the world's Good Faction for a hundred years, Reverend DaoXuan's wound was still bleeding and that black air seemed to thicken, by his own strength suddenly, he walked out slowly, step by step.

His grandeur, in a split second overwhelmed everyone, that dark green robe swirled and flew without the wind presence, both of his hands could be seen indistinctly, deeply clenched into fists, even the nails were embedded into his flesh.

He looked at the party in front of him, straightened his body, facing Taoist Cang Song, and even more as if he was facing that invisible white figure, spoke loudly and smiled, "Good good good, didn't expect that the court case at that time, actually made you this perturbed. You can come over and try, see if I, this senior brother, whether I am indeed fit to be this Sect Head!"

He looked over at Cang Song from the side of his eye, suddenly both hands unclenched and his palm stretched out, from his right hand's wound, drops of black blood squirted and flowed out and the black air on his face, also gradually weakened. Just that he looked even more pale but his voice instead became piercing, with a look of disdain, "You think you are fit to?"

Taoist Cang Song suddenly gave a big laugh, said, "Yes, you are great, during those times in Qing Yun Sect, it had always been Wan Senior brother and you being the two peerless twins, I am not your match but someone will take care of you."

Reverend DaoXuan's expression was solemn, coldly asked, "Who is it?"

In the great hall, the crowd held their breath, Qing Yun Sect disciples looked at each other, and looking at the internal conflict from the sidelines, Tian Yin Temple, FenXiang Valley people etc, all looked awkward too.

Taoist Cang Song did not cease laughing, and at this moment, suddenly from a distant place outside Crystal Hall, a deep voice was heard, "DaoXuan old friend, a hundred years not seen, your demeanour is still the same as the past, congratulations!"

The voice was like thunder, rumbling over, in a short while, killing shouts were heard everywhere outside of TongTian Peak, chaos ensued in front of the mountain, in the midst of the commotion, someone actually shouted loudly from afar, "Sorcerers from Evil Faction are attacking up the mountain!"


Qing Yun Sect members, all without exception, turned pale, Reverend DaoXuan instead sucked in a breath of cool air, pointing at Taoist Cang Song, almost could not believe himself and said, "You, you actually dare to betray your sect, collude with Evil Faction!"

Taoist Cang Song cackled and said, "That's right, I colluded with the Evil Faction, so what! From what I see, Qing Yun Sect hide dirt and conceal corruption, not even comparable to Evil Faction! For the sake of seeking revenge for Wan Senior brother, even if I have to go to hell I also do not care, what's more colluding with Evil Faction?"

SuRu's face was white, softly said, "Madness, madness, he is really mad!"

Tian BuYi heard it, his face was grim, he knew that for the past few years, Taoist Cang Song's power and authority was extremely powerful in Qing Yun, even the daily defence matters were also handled by him. And today Evil Faction attacked in force, it was until they almost reached Crystal Hall then they were discovered, the situation was really extremely bad.

He, in a blink of an eye, in the commotion instead, saw that his junior disciple Zhang Xiao Fan holding his firestick, still standing there. Taking advantage that nobody was paying attention, he pulled him to stand behind himself, but he noticed immediately, that there was something wrong with his own junior disciple.

Zhang Xiao Fan both eyes were faintly reddish and staring unwavering at Taoist Cang Song's figure, his mouth seemed to be mumbling something, "It's him, it's him, it must be him..."