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Chapter 74: YouJi

Chapter 74: YouJi - Part 1

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Aunt Negar=Aunt You (her name is YouJi)

With this dream, a thousand years seemed to go pass.

He was walking alone in the dark, until he saw that village, a familiar place full of bright sunshine. He sprinted over, those familiar faces smiling and looking at him, laughing and joking.

The fresh air seemed to sweeten his heart, and allowed him to roll around freely and unrestrained on the grass patch beside the village, laughing to his heart content.

Surrounding him, a number of children appeared suddenly and leaped over. That JingYu, who was always candid, laughed loudly and said, "Do you yield or not, yield or not?"

Yield or not.....

He muttered to himself, as though repeating the words said during that time.

Heaven and Earth suddenly became dark, dark clouds hung overhead, so low that it appeared that the sky had fallen. All of people surrounding him suddenly vanished, the warm village afar also suddenly disappeared. Darkness descended onto the Earth, only a faint ray of light, shone upon that frightened and helpless child...

He suddenly cried out, "I yielded, I yielded...."

He turned around and sat up, his back was soaked in sweat and unable to stop panting.

"Xiao Fan, what happened?" A familiar voice beside him, sounded like the person was shocked, grabbed hold of Zhang Xiao Fan's shoulders and asked urgently.

While panting, Zhang Xiao Fan looked beside him. Lin JingYu sat in front of the bed, his face was anxious and slightly haggard, staring at himself. Zhang Xiao Fan was stunned for a while, and looked around. This was a very small inn room with simple furnishings. There was only an ordinary table, chairs and a big bed. He himself was lying on the bed now, covered with a quilt.

He lowered his head, steadied himself and said, "Nothing, I had a nightmare."

Lin JingYu looked at him, the corner of his lips twitched, and slowly loosen both of his hands.

Zhang Xiao Fan was silent for a while, and said, "Where are we?"

Lin JingYu hesitated for a while and said, "We had already left LiuBo Hill, currently we have arrived at ChangHe City located along East Ocean. This is a small inn in ChangHe City."

Zhang Xiao Fan remained silent.

The room suddenly became very quiet, after a long time, Lin JingYu suddenly said, "Xiao Fan, don't you have anything to tell me?"

Zhang Xiao Fan's shoulder seemed to shake for a while. He looked up at him, this childhood companion, right now was looking deeply at himself, but that kind of gaze instead looked so distant.

He lowered his head again, slowly said, "Nothing, JingYu."

Lin JingYu frowned, was about to say something but eventually held back.

Another period of silence, Zhang Xiao Fan spoke, "How did we come back?"

Lin JingYu sighed and said, "That day on LiuBo Hill, after you had fainted, everyone looked at you...your appearance, they looked at each other in blank dismay. Finally my teacher, Uncle teacher Tian and a few others discussed for a while and decided to bring you back first. There seemed to be some confusion within the Evil Faction sect too, and their attention seemed to be all on that strange beast so they did not try to further obstruct us, therefore we managed to return to this ChangHe City successfully."

Zhang Xiao Fan was silent for a while and said, "How long was I like this?"

Lin JingYu said, "Already three days."

Zhang Xiao Fan was silent again. Lin JingYu looked at him, felt a surge of agitation and couldn't help but burst out, "Xiao Fan, what actually happened to you? How did you have ..."

"JingYu!" Zhang Xiao Fan suddenly shouted out loud, interrupted Lin JingYu's question.

Lin JingYu froze and looked at him.

Zhang Xiao Fan's voice had also became slightly hoarse, without looking at Lin JingYu's expression, he only hung his head and spoke in a low voice, "Don't ask, don't ask anymore, all right?"

Lin JingYu gritted his teeth, stood up, looked at Zhang Xiao Fan for a long time and finally turned around and walked out. But just as he was nearing the door, he suddenly turned around, faced Zhang Xiao Fan and said, "Xiao Fan, don't worry, regardless you are ... whatever reasons, I believe you, I will definitely beg teacher to say a word for you!"

Zhang Xiao Fan sat on the bed, motionless, as if he had not heard the words. Lin JingYu looked at him again, turned around resolutely and walked out. Outside the door, it appeared that there were people standing there, Lin JingYu spoke a few words to them quietly, and then the sound of his footsteps gradually faded away.

Chapter 74: YouJi - Part 2

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Just a few points, in Mooy's translations, Dark Drake Cave was used for the fox spirits fight. But I went back to check, there were 2 caves mentioned instead of one, so Dark Drake Cave was used for 2 different caves.

The cave that Zhang Xiao Fan went into, title of Mooy's Chapter 8 Dark Drake Cave, is Black Stone Cave.

The cave mentioned in Chapter 73 was referring to Fire Dragon Cave, where the two foxes were thrown into the lava.

Dark Drake Cave=Fire Dragon Cave [Part 6 Chapter 1 Death of the Devil B]

*In Chapter 74, Dark Drake Cave=Black Stone Cave [Chapter 8 Dark Drake Cave]

Li Su=Li Xun (FenXiang Valley disciple who also went to the Black Stone Cave)

Inside the room, it was really quiet.

Unaware of how much time had passed, Zhang Xiao Fan slowly lifted his head, lifted his quilt, and noticed that he was still wearing the same clothes as on LiuBo Hill, presumably nobody had changed it for him. He subconsciously reached and felt for the head of the bed, but suddenly his hand stopped in mid-air.

It was empty there.

The firestick which accompanied him for all these years, disappeared.

He sat there in a daze, lips slightly quivering.

Suddenly, he bolted out from the bed, headed straight for the room's door and jerked open the door.

The two people standing outside the door, turned back in astonishment, it was Song Daren and Du BiShu.

Looking at Zhang Xiao Fan, both of their expression seemed a bit strange, only after a long while, Du BiShu gave a dry laugh and said, "Junior, Junior brother, you have woken up?"

A ray of sunlight, from the sky behind them, shone down and shone upon Zhang Xiao Fan's face. Zhang Xiao Fan suddenly felt faint, and his body swayed.

Song Daren's face expression changed, without thinking, he wanted to step forward and support but the minute his hands stretched out, it withdrawn suddenly.

Zhang Xiao Fan was stunned, looking at him, the big senior brother who had always doted on him since young, his face was as white as paper.

Song Daren's corner of his mouth twitched, eventually he still slowly said, "Little Junior brother, you are still wounded, it will be better if you stay in your room to heal, don't wander out and walk."

Zhang Xiao Fan slowly withdraw his body back, was about to turn around, but as if he couldn't help it and suddenly said, "Big Senior brother, my firestick?"

Song Daren and Du BiShu's expressions changed, after a while, Song Daren then said cooly, "Little Junior brother, your magical weapon has been kept by Teacher temporarily, you, you don't have to worry."

Zhang Xiao Fan did not speak further, turned around and lightly closed the door.

In another corner of the inn, inside a secluded room, Taoist Cang Song and Tian BuYi with Xiao YiCai, the three of them, sat there.

On the table that was in-between the three of them, a green-black firestick was quietly lying there.

Suddenly, a hand stretched over, and took the firestick. It was Taoist Cang Song. He placed that firestick in front of him, touching it lightly with his hand. When his hand touched the Sinister Orb at the extreme end, there was a glint of lustre sparkling faintly in his eyes, after a long while, he said, "So this is the Sinister Orb?"

Tian BuYi gave a cold snort.

Xiao YiCai looked at Tian BuYi, and looked at Taoist Cang Song, and said, "Both Uncle Teachers, what shall we do now, will like to seek your advice?"

Taoist Cang Song glanced at Xiao YiCai and said indifferently, "Xiao Nephew, you have always been resourceful and decisive, why not you give your ideas?"

Xiao YiCai shook his head and said, "This matter is too serious, I too do not know what to say!"

Cang Song Taoist looked at Tian BuYi's livid expression and said, "Currently the most complex issue is, those fellow practitioners from Tian Yin Temple. They kept coming after us to ask how did Zhang Xiao Fan practised the Great Brahman Wisdom true way, their attitudes were agitated and fierce. If not for their in-charge, Fa Xiang, who is still sensible and tried his best to contain it, I'm afraid they would have long ago demanded us to hand over him!"

Tian BuYi coldly said, "They want to take our people? They still have to wait until we find out the truth. Beside, it is our sect's disciple who got into trouble, it is not their business to meddle."

Taoist Cang Song frowned, and wanted to say something but Xiao YiCai already spoken, "Speaking of this, Tian Uncle Teacher, this morning I met FenXiang Valley's Li Senior brother, he too, he too asked us for him!"

Taoist Cang Song was stunned, Tian BuYi rolled his eyes and said angrily, "What has it to do with FenXiang Valley again?"

Xiao YiCai spoke in a low voice, "Tian Uncle Teacher, please don't be angry, actually I also feel that FenXiang Valley was being unreasonable. Li Xun Li Senior brother said, he had entered the evil foxes den's Black Stone Cave together with Zhang Junior brother to investigate and find one of their FenXiang Valley magical weapon. In the end, Zhang Junior brother reached first, and when the rest of them arrived, the evil fox was already dead but the magical weapon was gone without a trace, and Zhang Junior brother instead said he had never seen that magical weapon. At that time, they felt strange. It seemed now most probably Zhang Junior brother stole..."

[Pong], a loud sound, it was Tian BuYi, who in a fit of fury, slapped the table with a heavy palm. [Ka ka] a few sounds were heard, the table swayed for a while and collapsed. The table legs had already been split by this blow.

Xiao YiCai looked slightly awkward, Taoist Cang Song frowned, gave a snort of contempt and said, "FenXiang Valley these people obviously do not carry a good intention, this matter does not have any concrete evidence, we do not have to bother about them."

Xiao YiCai nodded and continued, "Actually regarding FenXiang Valley, we can evade it for a while and it will be alright. But this time, Zhang Junior brother in front of, a lot of our fellow Faction had already one after another requested for our Qing Yin sect to step out and give an explanation, to explain why eight hundred years ago Evil Faction's evil item, will be with our Qing Yin sect disciple?"

Tian BuYi clenched his hands, light sounds of pi pa could be heard from it, his expression was livid with rage. He scolded in a low voice, "This little bastard!"

Taoist Cang Song slowly said, "Tian Junior brother, you don't have to be so angry, nobody expect this too. Just that this time the matter is too serious, and it involved Tian Yin Temple and the Evil Faction sect, this is not a small matter, I think we better hasten back and seek advice from our sect leader before making the final decision!"

Tian BuYi let out a deep breath, but after all he had practised for many years, immediately he suppressed the rage in his heart, nodded his head and said, "Agreed. We shall set off now." After saying, his gaze turned to fall upon the firestick in Taoist Cang Song's hand.

Unexpectedly Taoist Cang Song smiled lightly, and instead placed the firestick into his bosom.

Tian BuYi's expression changed, Xiao YiCao who was beside also frowned, and said, "Cang Song Uncle Teacher, the magical weapon..."

Taoist Cang Song waved his hand at him, turned and said to Tian BuYi, "Tian Junior brother, your branch's disciple created such a big matter, which already caused us Qing Yun sect to lose face in front of all the Good Faction sects, and even offended Tian Yin Temple, I'm afraid you as the teacher have to bear some responsibility?"

Tian BuYi snorted, his nostrils flared and coldly said, "So what then?"

Taoist Cang Song indifferently said, "I am still in charge of the discipline in Qing Yun sect, this evidence will be placed with me, I guess Tian Junior brother won't have any objections right?"

Tian BuYi stared at Cang Song Taoist for a long while, suddenly stamped his feet and walked out furiously.

Chapter 74: YouJi - Part 3

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Tonni=Xiao Huan

Tanis Ka=Zhou YiXian (Xian in his name also means celestial being)

On the streets of ChangHe City, it was bustling with activity and people travelled to and fro as per normal day.

Zhou YiXian and Xiao Huan, the two of them stood at a corner at the start of the street, looked at a small inn with a board inscribed with the words, East Ocean Inn, in front of them, frowning together.

Xiao Huan licked the candied haws in her hand, giving out a satisfying [pen pen] sound, and casually said to Zhou YiXian, "Grandpa, are you sure the people from Qing Yun sect are staying here?"

Zhou YiXian nodded his head and said, "Don't talk nonsense, did you not see that those people coming in and out of the door are all real cultivators of Tao?" After speaking, he muttered to himself, "These people, after they left for LiuBo Hill, they stayed away for so long, not sure that this time they are back, what was the outcome?"

Xiao Huan gave him an angry stare and said, "I really can't figure you out, let's say you are from Qing Yin sect! You yourself do not dare to go forward and claim your connection: let's say you are not! But why are you that concerned?"

Zhou YiXian stifled, angrily said, "Your Grandpa, I, although disdain acknowledging these Qing Yin sect juniors, that is because I have already looked past the worldly affairs, rather to be someone with scanty means, roaming freely all over the world, for the good of the common people, to do some..."

Xiao Huan turned around and walked away.

Zhou YiXian's remaining boastful words, were forcefully swallowed into his stomach, he snorted, gave a last look at the East Ocean Inn, turned around and walked away too.

Xiao Huan continued talking while walking, "You still have the cheek to say that, originally we also wanted to go to LiuBo Hill to take a look, in the end after asking around in East Ocean side for several days, we couldn't even find a boatman to take us there."

Zhou YiXian felt greatly embarrassed, gave a dry laugh and said, "That is because these boatmen are not knowledgeable, how can they even not know where is LiuBo Hill, all are good-for-nothing!"

Speaking at the same time, he thought if these matters were always brought up, inevitably he would lose all of his old face in front of his granddaughter. He then changed the topic and casually said, "I wonder if that fellow called Zhang Xiao Fan, this time will he die at LiuBo Hill?"

Xiao Huan gave him a stare and said, "Don't talk nonsense, that day I read his palm, although this person has a unique horoscope, with a sign of chaos devil, but the expectancy of a life has no connection with one's fortune, he is not a person with short life."

Zhou YiXian [hehe] gave a laugh, and said to Xiao Huan, "Speaking of which, I became more and more curious to know, that day outside Black Stone Cave in that [Lunar Ancient Well], what did he actually see?"

Xiao Huan giggled and said, "Until now you still remember?"

Zhou YiXian nodded and said, "That's right, you should know that someone with chaos devil sign is one in a million, I am now more and more curious about that fellow!"

Xiao Huan nodded her head in succession, laughed and said, "Actually me too..."

Both of them laughed and talked, for a moment they forgot to pay attention ahead, out of a sudden they discovered a figure appeared in front of them, both of them almost collided with it. They had a fright and quickly control their bodies, with difficulty they managed to stabilized themselves. Zhou YiXian flew up in a rage and said, "What are you all doing...".

Unexpectedly he had not even completed his sentence half way, his voice immediately became mute. Xiao Huan was surprised, and looked up at the same time, immediately she was also shocked. Two people were standing before them, standing ahead was a delicate and beautiful young lady, attired in light green clothing, it was actually the person who made them suffered quite a lot of hardship, BiYao, and behind BiYao, there was another girl, but she was dressed in black, her face was also veiled in black veil, her facial features could not be clearly seen.

Zhou YiXian laughed dryly twice and said, "I was wrong, I was wrong..." while saying, he looked at Xiao Huan and gestured with his eyes. Xiao Huan, although young but was quick witted beyond her age, she understood immediately. Both of them was about to turn around and flee, unexpectedly their bodies felt light, they were each being lifted up by one lady, following which their vision swayed, a few streets figures tossed and turned, when they regained their conscious, they were already at a deserted mean alley.

Zhou YiXian's forehead was sweating, he knew that the lady in front of him was far more skilled than him, this time he did not know what hardship he had to go through, he could only give a bitter face and said, "This lady, I, that day it was all my fault. Ah! I give you back all of your silver! Please be magnanimous milady, let us go!"

BiYao frowned, ever since she came back from LiuBo Hill, looking at her face at the moment, she appeared rather wan and sallow. She gave Zhou YiXian a stare and said, "Who wants your silver, I will ask you a few questions, you honestly reply me."

Zhou YiXian immediately said, "Miss please ask, I will reply all according to the facts. Not sure if you wanted to ask regarding your fortune or longevity, if not about marriage? All these are Zhou YiXian, Great Zhou Immortal's specialty skills, come come come, let me divine for you..."Chapter 74: YouJi - Part 4

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Doyal Shen=DaoXuan (Qing Yun Sect Head)

The more he talked, the more eloquent he became, unexpectedly beside him, he felt Xiao Huan constantly pulling his shirt. He turned back in surprise and asked, "What happened?"

Xiao Huan was sweating, gave him a stare, and smiled obsequiously at BiYao and said, "This, um, beautiful big sister, what is it that you want to ask us?"

BiYao was silent for a while, said, "Just now what were you all looking at in front of East Ocean Inn?"

Zhou YiXian and Xiao Huan looked at each other and said, "Not, nothing, we just happened to pass by and saw a lot of cultivators there, so we stopped to look."

BiYao indifferently said, "So, it means Qing Yun sect, all of their members are staying there?"

Zhou YiXian nodded his head and said, "Seems to be"

BiYao was silent again, after a long while, she said, "Then did you all...did you all see that Qing Yun sect young disciple who once saved both of you?"

Zhou YiXian was stunned momentarily but came to understand what she meant, said, "Miss you mean that youth called Zhang Xiao Fan?"

BiYao did not expect that they actually knew Zhang Xiao Fan's name, nodded her head, said, "Why? You all saw him?" At the same time, her face expression showed her concern.

Zhou YiXian and Xiao Huan both shook their heads at the same time.

BiYao immediately looked disappointed, she looked as if she wanted to say more but suddenly she seemed to lose all interest, waved her hand and said, "Both of you leave!"

The words were like heavenly music to Zhou YiXian and Xiao Huan, immediately they thanked her and quicken their steps to walk out of the small alley. Unexpectedly they had only walked a few steps, behind them BiYao suddenly said, "Wait....."

Zhou YiXian's heart went [thump] .....

BiYao slowly said, "Just now on the main street, you were all talking about a Lunar Ancient Well outside Black Stone Cave, what does that mean?"

After hearing that, Zhou YiXian then was able to put down the stone in his heart, he quickly told her about Lunar Ancient Well parable, and lastly said, ", that is all. Legend said that on a full moon night, one only has to gaze into the Lunar Ancient Well and he will be able to see the person he loves most!"

BiYao's face expression changed, did not speak anymore, and appeared to be in a daze, Zhou YiXian was still thinking whether this ever changing young girl still had any weird questions, suddenly he was pulled by Xiao Huan, and saw her kept using her eyes to signal to him, he then regained his wits, both of them slowly walked towards outside. However, BiYao and that mysterious black attired girl beside her, did not stop them.

After like half a day, inside the deserted alley, only BiYao and that mysterious black veiled girl remained.

"Aunt You, who do you think he saw?" She had only just spoken the words, BiYao suddenly gave a bitter laugh, in her laughter there were some degree of sourness. "Do we still need to say, it must be his LingEr senior sister, if not, it will be that rare beauty, the one from Qing Yun sect who wield the TianYa celestial sword, what am I?"

The mysterious lady who was addressed as "Aunt You" by BiYao, said indifferently, "Don't be like this, these men, sometimes they do not know exactly their own heart!"

BiYao closed her eyes, opened after a long while, carrying with it a faint plea, and spoke to the black attired lady, "Aunt You, I want to go and see him."

The black attired lady immediately shaked her head, said, "No"

BiYao begged pitifully, "Aunt You, his condition now, is really rather be dead than alive. I, I, I really cannot let go of this thought in my heart!"

The black attired lady gave a soft sigh, said, "Your father also knew you will be impulsive, that is why he ordered me to look after you. Now that most of the highly skilled Qing Yun members are inside the inn, if we go in rashly like this, we will surely be unable to avoid trouble." Speaking until here, her voice became more tender, softly said, "Yao'er, there are still chances, we will surely see him again."

BiYao stood there in a daze, spoke after a long interval, "But, but he had committed a big taboo in the Good Faction, will they just, just kill him like that....."

The black attired lady frowned, shook her head said, "BiYao, come to your senses, usually you are not this muddled. Zhang Xiao Fan currently, other than because he has the Sinister Orb and is suspected to be in league with our Holy Sect, the most important is, he actually practised Tian Yin Temple's Great Brahman Wisdom, this is then the dire matter, if they are unable to get to the truth, firstly Tian Yin Temple will not let Qing Yun sect go off easily. I predict Qing Yun sect will have to bring Zhang Xiao Fan back to Qing Yun Hill, and let DaoXuan personally interrogate and make the decision himself, so as to give Tian Yin Temple a proper explanation, therefore he will be safe for now!"

BiYao subconsciously bit her pale lower lip, after a long while, there was still no reaction from her.

The black attired lady watched it all, and also seemed to feel some heart pain, she gently smoothed her hair and spoke in a reassuring low voice, "It will be alright, don't worry, didn't your father also said it before, he will not sit by and do nothing."

BiYao nodded, suddenly she lifted her head, grabbed the black attired lady's hand and urgently said, "Aunt You, I knew since long ago, you do not fight anymore, but I beg you, for my sake, please also help him!"

The black attired lady was silent for a while, gently shifted her gaze away, looked towards the outside of the small alley.

BiYao cried out again, "Aunt You!"

The black attired lady seemed to give a soft sigh and said, "Alright! If your father decide to save him, I will help you once."

BiYao's face lit up with pleasure.

The black attired lady smiled, but nobody could see the smile that was hidden within the black veil, just like nobody could see deep inside her heart, the waves of ripples that were ruffled.

In that dark and harsh night, when the youth who disregarded his life charged towards that huge ferocious beast, she in the dark, was captivated.

From the vague memories, many years ago, that figure in white, clothing as white as snow.

Even the expressions on their faces, had some degree of similarities.