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Chapter 73: Impasse

Chapter 73: Impasse - Part 1

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A wave of vibrations immediately passed through the screen of red light. Ghost King, who was in the air, and the rest of the Evil Faction black attired men, including the trapped rare beast, Kui Niu, almost at the same time turned back to look.

Red light flashed, Tian LingEr was startled but saw that only the red lights surrounding that dark red awl shuddered and flickered, but the awl itself, instead was under the protection of the red light, and it did not even move a tiny bit.

Within a short while, everyone gathered their senses and the Evil Faction black attired men, one after another, charged over. Tian LingEr turned pale and slightly gasped for breath. While she was panicking, a flash of light suddenly appeared in front of her, a wave of both hands, the amber vermillion silk, all of a sudden bore into the ground.

In the mid-air, Ghost King's expression changed right away. He stamped his feet in anger and said, "Little servant girl do not value her life, actually dare to mess up my plans!"

A flash of his figure and another flash, with unfathomable speed and ferocious strength, he pounced down but also at the same time, from afar, sharp whistling sounds were heard one after another. Within a split second, numerous lights lighted up. The Good Faction disciples and the Evil Faction main forces had actually arrived at the place, the battles stopped and started, the most intensive ones were Taoist Cang Song with Bai DuZhi, Tian BuYi with Elder Duanmu. But at the same time, SuRu was fighting as one against two, obstructing the injured Blood Sucking Demon and the highly skilled young guy from the Forsaken Abyss that day, Lin Feng.

As for the others, such as the monks from Tian Yin Temple and disciples from FenXiang Valley, including Herald of Vigor master and disciple, had all arrived here.

With so many people arriving at this place, and suddenly noticing that there was such an enormous sheet of light wall on this beach, and a grotesque huge strange beast was also trapped in it, for a while, their hands slowed down. Bai DuZhi and Elder Duanmu leaped away at the same time, abandoning Taoist Cang Song and Tian BuYi.

Taoist Cang Song and Tian BuYi at that moment too, were unable to focus on the battle and allowed them to get away. Especially Tian BuYi, looking far ahead, he saw that his own daughter was heavily surrounded by the Evil Faction disciples, and could not help but turned pale. He was about to prepare himself to dive over there.

Bai DuZhi and Elder Duanmu stood together, at first they looked towards Qing Long's battle and saw that Qing Long, as one against three, was still battling with ease and skill, their face expression became different, huffed, and looked up at the sky. Currently they saw that Ghost King had dashed down but that ancient cauldron was still slowly turning in the air, projecting red light in all four directions.

Bai DuZhi suddenly frowned, and said in a low voice, " [Hidden Dragon Cauldron] ! "

Elder Duanmu, who was beside, got a shock and quickly looked up into the sky, immediately he was also stunned for a while.

Both of them were among the Evil Faction's most senior disciples, their experiences and knowledge were incomparable to the average Evil Faction disciples. Viewing that ancient cauldron far away, it's outlook primitive and crude, both rings on the cauldron's sides were engraved with a relief sculpture of a dragon head, with the inclusion of the mysterious spell formation in front of them, it looked extremely like the Evil Faction's legend, [Entrap Dragon WatchTower].

And for the mysterious Entrap Dragon WatchTower spell formation, all along, only with the Hidden Dragon Cauldron, then the sorcery could be performed. With the Hidden Dragon Cauldron spiritual power as the go-between, only then Heaven and Earth's austere energy would be triggered. Even how high the skills were, once trapped in it, it was impossible to escape.

Speaking of which, if it was not for this kind of exceptional rare treasure, Ghost King and the rest who wanted to trap Kui Niu this type of ancient rare beast, it would be impossible to accomplish.

Coming back to the scene, at this time, the rest of them who were fighting, had almost already temporarily stopped their fights, their attentions were all already drawn over here.

Ghost King, who was rapidly charging down from the sky, and Tian BuYi, concerned about his beloved daughter, although he was physically still far but still he drove his sword and dashed over. And nearby, Zhang Xiao Fan, because he was one of the earliest to follow, at the moment, he was the nearest person to Tian LingEr. But beside him, several black attired men had also already charged over.

It was an explosive situation, and the crucial point, was on Tian LingEr.

Zhang Xiao Fan saw that the black attired men were almost approaching, and felt very anxious. He leapt with his strength and flew near to Tian LingEr's back. When he was in the air, the firestick was already brimming with with green light and it swept a sheet of green light wall in front of the black attired men.

Chapter 73: Impasse - Part 2

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Dark Drake Cave=Fire Dragon Cave

Odd cries were heard one after another from those black attired men, in an instant, several magical weapons went over to attack. Zhang Xiao Fan's body trembled greatly from the impact but eventually he managed to block off the attacks.

Also at this imminent danger moment, Tian LingEr gave a shout of joy, the amber vermillion silk bore out from the ground, carrying with it, a metal awl head.

Suddenly, the red lights violent swayed, the entire Entrap Dragon WatchTower spell formation electrical rays flickered madly and was in disarray. Especially the screen in front of Tian LingEr, within a short while, a hole about as tall as a human, tore open abruptly.

Within the red light screen, the strange beast Kui Niu gave a long cry. Shaking the surrounding grounds with its cry, its single leg exerted force, and started to charge over here.

Tian LingEr's face was full of joy and was about to call back the magical weapon amber vermillion silk when suddenly, she heard Zhang Xiao Fan cried out behind her, "Senior sister, watch out!"

She was startled and look up immediately. That enormous strange beast had already charged in front of her, a loud sound rumbled, that gigantic body slammed heavily against the light screen.

By this time, the Entrap Dragon WatchTower spell formation was already in a mess. With the additional massive force, the human-size hole immediately split open. In an instant it had became several times bigger and almost allowed Kui Niu to escape. And at the same time, the red lights quivered tremendously, projecting waves in all four directions, unexpectedly it threw Ghost King, who was charging down, to the side.

Right now, Kui Niu opened its enormous pair of eyes, shooting ominous glare everywhere, and without any regards that it was Tian LingEr who disrupted this strange spell formation, with a roar [An ao], swinging its huge head, it tried to bite Tian LingEr.

Tian LingEr turned extremely pale with fright. She saw a huge predator mouth heading towards herself, the smell of raw fish overwhelming her. Momentarily she was dazed with shock and was unable to move.

At the moment, it seemed Kui Niu was about to break out of the entrapment, after witnessing its strength and might from being able to cause the death of several people when it was trapped in the Entrap Dragon WatchTower, all of the black attired men subconsciously moved back at the same time. Only Zhang Xiao Fan, although terrified, but still gritted his teeth and charged over. Green light flashing from the firestick, it hit towards Kui Niu's head.

From far, Qing Long shook off Song Daren's Ten Tigers celestial sword, unintentionally glanced towards Zhang Xiao Fan's direction and happened to see that firestick heading towards Kiu Niu. Suddenly his body shook and he almost lost his focus. He involuntarily burst out, "This...".

On scene, Kiu Niu was indeed an ancient rare beast. It felt the magical weapon coming, swung its huge head and actually used its head to take on the firestick. A sound of [bang] , the firestick flew back and Zhang Xiao Fan's body shook greatly. He only felt a surge of huge energy, almost like blotting out the sky and covering the earth [translater's note: an idiom meaning earth-shattering or overwhelming], gushing over, and was forced back a few steps.

With Zhang Xiao Fan's attack, Tian LingEr already recovered her senses. Her face still pale, she was about to retreat. Unexpectedly tonight, that Kiu Niu was made a fool by these humans, even though it was not known how many several thousand years it had lived but presumably it had never met such situation, and was extremely angry now. It did not care the identity of the human in front of it, it only wanted to kill in order to vent its anger first.

Tian LingEr was seen to be only retreating half a step, slowly summoning amber vermillion silk and was planning to fly off but that horrible bloody mouth again tried to bite down on her.

Far off, the crowd cried out in surprise, SuRu looking pale and QiHao rushed out at the same time. Foremost was Tian BuYi, who was already flying like the speed of light, but the distance was too far. Separated by a distance of several zhang more, it was difficult to render help.

But Tian LingEr after all, was not those average disciples, and would not die helplessly. In a moment of desperation, both hands continued to gesture. The amber vermillion silk, like a red dragon flying in the sky, holding up at the top of her head and hoping to hold up this enormous beast in order to create a gap for her to escape. And standing nearest to her, Zhang Xiao Fan, again leaped over.

And not sure if it was because the amber vermillon silk's red light looked similar to that Entrap Dragon WatchTower's red light, the rage in Kui Niu's eyes was even more intense. [An ao, an ao....] it roared loudly and as if the weight of Mount Tai bearing down, it bit down.

As soon as contact was made, a battle of strength ensued. The amber vermillion silk was pushed down by Kui Niu's huge mouth, Tian LingEr's face became pale with fright, both of her knees weaken, and was forced to sit down by the massive force. Dust flew everywhere and at that moment, from the corner of her eye, she saw Zhang Xiao Fan had already arrived in front of her. She urgently said, "Xiao Fan, quickly leave!".

How would Zhang Xiao Fan not know that this strange beast was too tyrannical to fight with and there was only death for those who go against it. Unexpectedly at this moment when the Heaven and Earth changed countenance, the sudden change of winds and clouds, in front of that ferocious enormous beast, the figure of that frail girl, instead anxiously calling out to him.

Quickly leave...

The wind, blown onto his face,

as if deep inside his heart, something was surging and stirring!

That familiar figure and face since young, was just in front of you. The time spend over the past years, engraved in his heart, at that moment surged and rolled ceaselessly.

What was it that made you desperately in love, what is it that made you felt anguished?

When you thought of that heartbroken human skeleton in the Blooddrop Cave?

When you thought of the fox spirits in the Fire Dragon Cave leaping together into the lava?

He breathed deeply, panted heavily.

Heaven, Earth and the world, peaceful.

Holding the firestick tightly, gritting his teeth, that youth's figure, charged over.

Chapter 73: Impasse - Part 3

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Just like that he charged over. Without having any regards, he charged over. Charging in-between the enormous beast and Tian LingEr, he spreaded out both of his hands and roared loudly, like a soldier meeting his death, like a grieved hero. Becoming one with the firestick, it seemed as if eight hundred years of time appeared again!

For whom do you break your heart?

For whom do you go insane?

While Kui Niu bellowed with rage, he was also hollering, the firestick burned with a magnificent light that was never seen before, as if it was using its life as the firewood for the flame, burning furiously!


From the horizon, a sudden clap of thunder, shook the firmament!

Zhang Xiao Fan's both knees weaken, dark red blood flowed out from the seven apertures of his head, quietly slid down and dripped onto the firestick.

The shocked Tian LingEr suddenly felt her body was being lifted, and flew backwards. Tian BuYi had arrived and pulled her out. Even though he turned back immediately, he was shocked to see that Zhang Xiao Fan was already pressed down under Kui Niu's body.

Kui Niu bellowed towards the sky, the entire huge body shot up into the air. The enormous single foot aimed directly onto Zhang Xiao Fan, the immense strength of this might, everyone at the scene without exception were all shocked, even Tian BuYi's face turned pale.

Zhang Xiao Fan was panting heavily, the bones in his body felt like it was breaking in pieces. He slowly raised his head, the scene that filled his eyes were all the darkness that was pressing down on him from the sky!


Do not know, whose hand had lost control and dropped the weapon?

And again who, crying out in despair within the darkness?

A stream of golden, solemn ray of light, quietly set off, followed by a stream of green ray of light.

The firestick that was held in the youth's hand, numerous tiny red fine line that looked like blood vessels, suddenly shone together. Under the shadow, the fresh blood flowed as if it was burning up life!

Golden and green light rays interweaved and suddenly burst forth from the firestick, reflected onto his face, gently in front of him. Above that green Sinister Orb on top of the firestick, a Buddhist symbol appeared.


Soon after that, as if coexisting with this symbol, underneath , another Taiji image glimmering with green light faintly appeared.

Everyone, was stunned!

Except for Kui Niu!

That furious huge beast, already stepping down with unstoppable force, that youth who was unable to escape, that youth who was facing death, stretched out his both hands and blocked the attack from above.

Time, seemed to stop for the moment.

Heaven and Earth rustled, heavy dark clouds gathered again.

Cold wind, blew over gently.

Fallen leaves, falling one after another.

A figure suddenly appeared in mid-air, and pounced down urgently, with speed like lightning. It was indeed Ghost King. He was seen charging to the ground in a blink of an eye, snatched up the red coloured awl that was forced out by Tian LingEr, and immediately stuck it onto the beach. At the same time, his right hand immediately stretched out, slashed his left wrist, and fresh blood at once spurted out and splashed onto the awl.

In a flash, red rays flashed, on top of the dark red mysterious awl, red light shot out in four directions. In an instant, before Kui Niu landed, the lights merged with the surrounding light screen in front of Zhang Xiao Fan, the Entrap Dragon WatchTower spell formation again restarted.

Chapter 73: Impasse - Part 4

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End of Chapter

Flame spirit sword=Scarlet flame celestial sword

In the mid-air, the Hidden Dragon Cauldron shone with brilliant lights, lighting up half of the horizon.


Amidst the deafening sound, Kui Niu had slammed against the red light screen. Ghost King's body shook and was forced back several steps. But Kui Niu, also received a shock from the red light screen, and immediately charged furiously again. But amid the ceaseless deafening sounds, it had finally became too exhausted to escape.

Ghost King heaved a sigh of relief and slowly released the tension from his body. He turned over and saw that the youth was still maintaining the same position, preparing to ward off the attack. The firestick's glow, gradually disappeared but looking at his face, with fresh blood dripping, carried a trace of desolation.

Ghost King stared at him, Zhang Xiao Fan opened his mouth slightly and also looked at him. The entire place had turned silent.

"Great Brahman Wisdom! This is the Great Brahman Wisdom!"

Suddenly, from a distance behind, the monks from Tian Yin Temple slowly emerged from the crowd, including Fa Shan, the monks were all appalled beyond words. Pointing at Zhang Xiao Fan and questioning loudly, "How did you practise our Tian Yin Temple's Great Brahman Wisdom true way?"

Only that Fa Xiang, stood silently behind the agitated crowd and stared at Zhang Xiao Fan without uttering a word, a glint seemed to appear in his eyes.

Zhang Xiao Fan slowly, slowly turned over. It seemed that each movement, caused him a great amount of energy, until, he faced everyone.

Tian BuYi was livid with rage, he stood there motionless, the hand that was clutching Scarlet Flame celestial sword was bulging with veins. All of the Qing Yun sect disciples, looked as if they were seeing a monster for the first time, stared in consternation at this person, this youth who was covered with cuts and bruises.

From the back, a sound like Ghost King's deep sigh was heard.

Tian LingEr's face was terribly pale, she walked forward a few steps and suddenly stopped. The short distance between Zhang Xiao Fan and her, suddenly became so distant and impassable!

"Xiao Fan....." She whispered, her voice seemed to convey that even she herself would not believe again, "These masters, said what was correct?"

Zhang Xiao Fan's lips, started to tremble. Almost as if his deepest fear, from the depths of his heart, bit by bit, surfaced. He looked past Tian LingEr, looked at his teacher, looked at his fellow sect disciples standing afar, everyone's expression, were all so distant.

He suddenly felt like screaming, but when he opened his mouth, not a word came out!

The night wind, blew and lifted his shirt, flapping gently.

"That's right, it is the Sinister Orb, it can't be wrong!"

Suddenly, as if it was a never-ending nightmare, another exclamation, again cried out. Qing Long stood at the side, his expression was in fact shocked.

As soon as these words were said, everyone at the scene, regardless whether it was the Evil Faction or Good Faction, each and everyone's expressions changed.

"That circular pearl looking object on top of the magical weapon in his hands, with blood streaks surrounding it. And earlier on against Kui Niu, it demonstrated the ability to devour. It must be Elder BlackHeart's Sinister Orb from eight hundred years ago!"

The crowd was in an uproar, everyone's was astounded. Only Zhang Xiao Fan, unable to hear anything anymore, not a single word anymore, he only felt that everyone around him, were all making raucous noises, numerous people shouted and questioned him, but he could not hear anything!

He slowly turned his body. Ghost King, unknowingly had already disappeared behind him. In front of him, only that strange beast Kui Niu who was trapped in the Entrap Dragon WatchTower spell formation, was turning round and round disorientedly, but eventually it still resigned to its fate. It stood motionless and cried towards the sky with a sound of despair!

That sound, reverberated in the empty night sky, was particularly miserable.

Zhang Xiao Fan slowly lifted his head, and faced towards the sky.

Ah that bleak night light! Dark and endless, it seemed to make one breathless.

He suddenly laughed, laughed despairingly, laughing in silence, his body swayed and fell straight, heavily onto the ground.

In front of him, everything was in darkness, as if that endless dark night sky, stretched over and pressed on to him!

And then, he fainted.