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Chapter 72: Kui Niu

 Chapter 72: Kui Niu - Part 1

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Kui Niu

Abyss Snake=ancient demon

Abyssal Viper=Black Water Mystical Viper

Like all of a sudden, drizzle of rain fell from the gloomy sky, and from the depths of the distant sea, gusts of violent strong winds, like a wild animal breaking through it's cage, howled towards that isolated small island in the middle of the boundless sea.

The wind laden with rain, surged over like (literary) hiding the sky and covering the earth, in a blink of an eye, those people were caught in the storm.

Zhang Xiao Fan followed the rest, and stopped too. He raised his hands and barely managed to shield against the lashing wind and rain, those raindrops with the size of a soybean, hit onto his face, and already he started to feel some pain.

Ahead, the sea with large waves battering in the storm, in the night, it also looked like a huge beast who woke up from a deep sleep, it started to roar!

In front of Zhang Xiao Fan and the rest, was a long beach, and at the end of the beach, lay the fairly savage sea. In the endless dark night, the waves with increasing height, kept coming waves after waves, and crashed heavily onto the smooth beach. Each time it crashed, the earth seemed to shake with it too.

Wave, and again another wave!

Resembling some ferocious gigantic beast, stepping onto the raging giant waves, slowly making it's way over to them!

Silence all around, except for the incessantly sombre thunderclaps in the dark clouds.

Everyone's expression changed. That was the might of heaven and earth!

Tian LingEr asked Song Daren in a shocked voice, "Big Senior brother, what shall we do? What is this thing?"

Song Daren also felt frightened, he had never seen such scene before, a worried frown crossed his face and he agonized on what to do next. But for Zhang Xiao Fan, who was standing at the back, although he was also shocked but because previously at Forsaken Abyss's Heartless Sea, he had witnessed the return of the ancient demon Black Water Mystical Viper, and instead was calmer. But when he recalled that day, the might of the Black Water Mystical Viper, was not what a mere human could handle, he felt a chill in his heart.

At the same time, he felt his heart suddenly moved. Unconsciously, he turned and looked at Lu XueQi, and saw that beautiful girl silently standing beside him, the wind and rain soaked her clothes and hair, which clung onto her fair and white face. She only stared at the dark far-off places of the sea ahead of her, staring blankly.

"Yi?", suddenly, Du BiShu, who was standing in front, yelped and pointed somewhere in front and urgently said, "All of you look in front, there seemed to be someone!"

Everyone was surprised and looked over. And really, several ten zhang (a unit of length) of the beach ahead, several people emerged suddenly from the darkness. Each and every one of them wore black and in the darkness of the night, it was hard to notice them if one did not pay attention. Presumably Du BiShu had always been sharp-eyed, unexpectedly they were being discovered by him.

But even though they were discovered, with the heavy downpour and night darkness, they simply could not see what those people were doing. They could only faintly saw that those people scattered themselves and were busy on the beach.

Tian LingEr frowned tightly, turned around and asked,"Did all of you watch closely? Who are these people?

Du BiShu and Song Daren both shaked their heads at the same time, Lu XueQi, who was at the back, suddenly said, "These are the Evil Faction people!"

Tian LingEr was taken aback for a moment, and immediately understood. At the moment, the Good Faction members on LiuBo Hill were all fighting with the Evil Faction, where would it be possible to have those ten over people doing the strange things on the beach?

At the thought of this, she became more worried and could not help but turned to look behind. However, the Evil Faction disciples who were in the fight just now, not one of them had walked out of the forest.

Chapter 72: Kui Niu - Part 2

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Peak of Widow=TongTian Peak

Mister Spirit=Venerated Spirit

Water Kirin=Water Unicorn

"What shall we do? Senior big brother?"

Everyone looked at Song Daren, Song Daren hesitated for a while, in the end he still decided that they should avoid the Evil Faction for now and said, "The circumstances are not favourable to us, we should leave first and decide later."

Saying that, he notified everyone, and was about to turn sideways, to go further and make a detour from the beach. However, they had only moved a few steps when they heard a long cry that sounded like a dragon, rumbling from the depths of the sea.

In a short while, the sound of wind, rain and thunder from the heaven and earth, the vault of heaven, sounded loudly together. A flash of lightning which ripped apart the vast sky, streaked across the horizon, followed by an explosive sound of thunder from above. From the sea, a rolling wave as high as a small hill, suddenly as if being torn apart, separated!

The foaming waves splashed and sprayed. In the raging storm, from the dark depths, almost like stepping on claps of thunder, a massive figure impressively leaped out from the depths of the sea, and after almost blending into the night, landed down heavily.

The whole of LiuBo Hill, at the same time also quaked!

Zhang Xiao Fan and the rest of them held their breath, it was an extremely huge strange beast, it's head was slightly bigger than Qing Yun Hill TongTian Peak's Venerated Spirit Water Unicorn, the whole body shape resembled a cow, with dark green body, but there was no horn on it's head.

But most unfathomable was, below the strange beast's huge body, there was only one thick sturdy leg, right in the middle of it's stomach. Looking at the beast, it seemed to be a type of monodrama that was popular among the common people, under that fierce tough exterior, there was actually a slight comical feel and cuteness.

Right then, those black attire men on the beach immediately retreated soundlessly into the darkness. But on the beach, every several zhang away, a strange object was stuck into the sand, faint red light glowed out. And just in front of the strange beast, it formed a large circle, in the dark of the night, even though separated by the wind and rain, it was still striking.

Over at Qing Yun sect side, everyone looked at each other, wondering what the Evil Faction people were up to? Looking at it, it seemed they were targeting the strange huge beast, but the trap looked too obvious, in the night, anyone would have seen that red circle of light. The only thing that they did not know was what actually was this strange beast?

As expected, after that strange beast emerged from the dark sea, it seemed to feel something, and kept standing in the turbulent waves. It did not come ashore and only used it's large head to repeatedly stretch out and smell the air.

Du BiShu suddenly startled and exclaimed, "Oh no, this fellow may have bad eyesight!"

Everybody also reacted, right now that few red light spots were really obvious, but the beast only looked and did not notice the things in front of it, could it be because it had been living in the deep sea without using it's eyes, therefore it's eyesight had deteriorated?

Unknowingly, Qing Yin sect disciples instead, started to worry for the strange beast.

After a short period of time where they held their breath, lightning flashed and thunder boomed, whipping wind and heavy rain, there was no signs of it diminishing. But that strange beast seemed not to detect anything, nonchalantly shaking it's head. And without seeing it using any force, suddenly there was another clap of thunder, that huge body launched up into the sky and leaped forward.

That unparalleled sturdy leg, landed onto LiuBo Hill's beach, in the middle of those spots of red light, it left a deep footprint.

In the night, within the darkness, almost at the same time, a mysterious chant of incantation started.

The chant were like moans of the netherworld, low and distant, wafted through the night storm. Also at the same time, accompanying that mysterious incantation, the light spots which were emitting weak red light, suddenly lighted up at the same time. And the black attired men who had disappeared just now, also at the same time, returned to the mysterious objects which were stuck into the ground.

The strange beast, suddenly raised it's head, after a short while, gave a tremendous shout!

"An ao....."

The deafening sound almost became a physical sound wave, the wind and rain, because of the roar that sounded like a thunder which had landed on earth, flew out sideways, projected out!

But at this time, all the black attired men placed their hand upon the mysterious objects on the beach.

In an instant, those objects on the ground threw out brilliant lights, crystal clear red light, the red light every several zhang away, suddenly shot out sideways, in a short while, became one and formed an enormous circle of red light.

Chapter 72: Kui Niu - Part 3

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Without waiting for anyone's response, that red light circle, magnificently rise up again. Countless of red lights, at the same time, shot out and formed a spectacular wall of red light, trapping that strange beast in it. At the same time, the lights shot up directly towards the sky and finally converged in the higher altitude.

It was as if the night had lifted off it's veil, the darkness too slowly receded. A figure appeared in the air, slowly emerging.

Ghost King, standing proudly on top of a red ancient cauldron, which was floating in the high altitude. His expression was serious, both hands holding the inscription in front of him, reciting that mysterious incantation in a low voice.

And all of the red light, flowed continuously to converge in that ancient cauldron floating underneath his feet.

"An ao......"

Again, another bellow filled with fury. That strange beast surrounded by the red light circle, leaped up angrily and slammed against the light wall directly.

Ghost King, who was in the air, grimaced, and the voice that was reciting the incantation immediately quicken.

And the Qing Yun sect members who were standing afar, right now were also dumbstruck. They had forgotten that that moment was actually their best chance to escape, and instead watched on without even blinking.

In the sky, almost like above Ghost King's head, a clap of thunder suddenly exploded, that strange beast had slammed onto the light wall with all of it's might!


The thunder rumbled and boomed, reverberated in the sky. In an instant, that impressive huge wall of red light shook like a leaf, thousands of tiny electrical currents that looked like lighting, raced up and down the light wall, producing a piercing sound. Even the black attired men, standing below the strange beast and separated by the light wall, could not stop shaking.

Ghost King's face, in the mid air, seemed to pale immediately!

But eventually, after the violent shaking, this red screen did not crack. On the other hand, it slowly calmed down and that ancient cauldron under the Ghost King's feet, instead became more dazzling!

"An ao.....An ao....An ao......"

The infuriated huge beast almost went berserk, at the same time the claps of thunder were exploding incessantly in the sky, this strange beast's body started to be suffused with green light. Again and again it slammed against that enormous light wall that was trapping it.

Between the earth and the sky, the wind and rain howled, almost as if in the nine heavens, the Thunder God was bellowing with rage too!

That successive peals of thunder, each time it seemed to quake LiuBo Hill, and shook the entire sea!

But even with this impressive Heaven and Earth's might, that sheet of red light wall including the ancient cauldron in the sky, with no clue on its origin, unexpectedly was unwavering and instead gradually suppressed that strange beast's might.

Time slipped by quietly, the poundings from the strange beast, had also became weaker and weaker, but looking at the Evil Faction side, it appeared that they did not have it easy too. Ghost King, who was standing on top of the ancient cauldron in the sky, was better off and only looked pale. Obviously, in order to cast spells to trap such an ancient beast, even though he had help from that unusual ancient cauldron, it was still not easy at all.

And those several black attired men, more than half were already lying on the ground, they were actually killed by the vibrations from the two enormous forces. Those remaining seemed disoriented, only a few of the disciples with high attainments were still able to secure the surroundings around the red screen.

The storm, also started to diminish, and seemed to forebode something.

Eventually, after that strange beast's last pounding was futile, it breathed heavily and cried out softly once, and stood at where it was, no longer moving.

The Qing Yun sect members collected their thoughts and looked at each other, unable to speak for the moment.

After what seemed like half a day, Du BiShu spoke to Song Daren, "Big Senior brother, what, what should we do?"

Zhang Xiao Fan also looked at Song Daren, earlier that electrifying contest, aroused him. However, without knowing why, he felt pity for that strange beast instead. Deep inside, he had a desire to lend a helping hand to it.

Actually to say, among those Qing Yun sect members, it could not be said that the same thought did not appear in their minds. They were enemies with the Evil Faction for thousands of years, and witnessed the great pains that the Evil Faction took to catch this beast, very likely it had a significant value.

But Song Daren as the eldest senior brother, remained silent for a while and eventually still shook his head and said, "Lets not stir up any trouble, quickly go!"

Everyone looked at each other, nobody said a word. All of them knew that this was not the time to complicate the issue, thus everyone followed Song Daren, who was already walking ahead.

Chapter 72: Kui Niu - Part 4

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- translated by Honpaka as Ring of Empyrean Light but I will like to make it more direct, so I am using Ring of Universe Clear Light.

Under Note, these are the terms I assumed:

- Classics of Vast Eastern Wastelands

- brightness like the sun and moon

- strong like young cattle. I searched online and it also meant another term . So I am not sure which is it.

Note: have amended to 'its appearance is akin to a young calf'.

Zhang Xiao Fan, who was at the rear, walked a few steps and suddenly realized that Lu XueQi did not follow up. He got a shock and turned back but saw that Lu XueQi was standing where she was before, without making any step. He curiously asked, "Lu Senior sister, what happen to you?"

Lu XueQi gazed ahead at that strange beast who was trapped behind the wall of red light, the beast bowed his head down, as if it had already resigned to its fate, listlessly standing there. The sky full of gloomy clouds at this time, also looked like it was going to disperse. The power and might, which caused the Heaven and Earth's winds and clouds to change countenance, displayed when it just emerged from the sea, to think it would not be seen anymore.

As if, a sorrowful child who had came to the end of the road, disheartenedly standing there!

Somehow despairing, somewhat lonely.....

[Qiang Lang!]

Rays of blue light, like a meteor suddenly appearing in the night, illuminated the surrounding darkness.

TianYa celestial sword resolutely unsheathed, the clear blue light flashed, reflected on its master's unrivaled beauty face, carrying a hint of indifference and silent gaze.

Lu XueQi unhurriedly turned her head over, looked at Zhang Xiao Fan, her expression was as cool as ice water, calmly said, "This rare beast seemed to have an important value, you should all should quickly go! I will go and be back soon!"

Everyone was stunned, Zhang Xiao Fan opened his mouth slightly, said, "You..."

He had not completed his sentence, that beautiful figure, turned into this night's resplendent radiance of a shooting star, pierced through the surrounding darkness, charged straight towards that enormous wall of red light.

Qing Yun sect members all turned pale with fright, Zhang Xiao Fan and Tian LingEr, Du BiShu almost at the same time, turned around and shouted towards Song Daren, "Big Senior bro...."

Song Daren's forehead was dripping with sweat, if he decided to leave, he would not be able to convince everyone and he himself, would feel bad too, but to stay, it would most likely be disastrous, these few junior brothers and sister were young and ignorant, he had to think for their lives. For a moment, his mind was in a mess.

But Lu XueQi, the speed of her driving the sword was unbelievably fast, in an instant she already charged near to where the Evil Faction's circle of light on the beach was, and the Evil Faction disciples also already realized something was amiss, immediately shouts rise from all directions.

Ghost King was still floating in the sky, his face was slowly regaining composure. Right then, he looked down and frowned, in a low voice he muttered one sentence, "TianYa celestial sword?"

The Evil Faction black attired men were all in a fluster from Lu XueQi's sudden attack, and Ghost King, who was in the midair, also seemed not to be able to descend in time. Even the beast, who was trapped in the screen of light, also suddenly opened its eyes which had been closed all the while.

Out of a sudden, halfway across, a clear light crossed over and abruptly blocked Lu XueQi. TianYa celestial sword emitted a sharp sound and forced this ball of clear light back a little, but Lu XueQi's own figure, was also immediately impeded from reaching that red light screen which was still several zhangs away.

Qing Long, still chic in a suit of white attire, but as if like a ghost, suddenly appeared in front of Lu XueQi. And at the same time, the right hand that wore the Ring of Universe Clear Light, again disappeared into his sleeve.

"This lady...." Qing Long smiled and seemed not to treat Lu XueQi as an enemy at all, said, "This Kui Niu (Note 1) was what we took a huge effort to trap it, also it did not cause any hindrance to your honourable sect, why must we start a dispute again?"

Lu XueQi took a deep breath, she knew that the person in front of her, his level of attainment were immeasurable and she might not be his match. But when she looked around, and her sight landed on that beast, and the beast was also looking squarely at her, its eyes bright and piercing, and was still howling softly. Who was to really know what it was thinking at this moment?

"Evildoer!" she exclaimed suddenly. Without any regards, the brilliant blue light of TianYa celestial sword, struck towards Qing Long.

Qing Long was startled. Facing this celestial weapon, TianYa, no matter how high his skills were, he did not dare to underestimate. He only frowned and concentrated all his attention for battle.

In the battlefield, the blue and clear lights immediately tussled together, but Qing Long after all was still higher skilled than Lu XueQi, and the Ring of Universe Clear Light did not appear to lose out to TianYa. After a short while, it gained advantage right away and the clear light gradually suppressed the blue light.

Zhang Xiao Fan saw it clearly, and was anxious in his heart. He turned around, Song Daren clenched his teeth and quickly said, "Little junior sister, you and junior brother immediately bring Fourth brother away, Du BiShu and I will go and assist. Once we have the chance to escape, we will come immediately."

Tian LingEr anxiously said, "Big senior brother, I..."

Song Daren glared at her and angrily said, "I don't have time to waste my breath with you, quickly go!" saying which, he called over Du BiShu and immediately rushed towards the fight, leaving Zhang Xiao Fan and Tian LingEr standing there.

Actually, if to go according to Song Daren's intention, originally he indeed did not want to meddle in this affair, but Lu XueQi was from his own sect after all, he could not leave her alone. But right now, the situation was fraught with danger, the other side in addition, had Ghost King and Qing Long, these two great evil. Left with no choice, he had to take his junior brother and sister into consideration first, checked out things on his own, and escaped if an opportunity arises.

Tian LingEr after being scolded by Song Daren, instead was dazed for a while. Ever since from young, Song Daren doted on her and never scolded her, not even a word. Today, he actually scolded her a sentence, she was still unable to react from it.

But nevertheless, she was, after all, an outstanding disciple from Qing Yun sect, also since young, she was eager to do well in everything and was also pampered. She frowned and thought deeply for a while, turned to Zhang Xiao Fan and said, "Xiao Fan, you stay here and look after Fourth brother, I will go and help!"

Zhang Xiao Fan was greatly surprised, and had not even spoke when He DaZhi, who was injured and lying by the side, suddenly struggled and exclaimed, "Little junior sister, it is dangerous over there, you cannot go over!"

But Tian LingEr once made up her mind, how could it be that she would listen to him. Unless Tian BuYi was there at that moment, he could still keep her in check. He DaZhi's words, instead was unheeded by her.

He DaZhi at once saw that Tian LingEr did not even pay attention to his words, turned and quickly spoke to Zhang Xiao Fan, "Little junior brother, quickly hold on to her!"

Zhang Xiao Fan roused with a start, hurriedly ran over and pulled on Tian LingEr's sleeve, saying, "Senior sister, you don't go over, you stay here, I will go help…"

The word [out] had not even been said out, Tian LingEr, who was feeling impatient, with a fling, she shook off Zhang Xiao Fan. Zhang Xiao Fan, in a moment of desperation, wanted to hold onto Tian LingEr again. Unexpectedly at this moment, Tian LingEr flung her hand and soared up at the same time, a very small circular item suddenly dropped from her sleeve.

A beautiful and glossy stone, silently slided down in the dim light of the night.

Indistinctly, there seemed to be a girl smiling lightly and saying, "Later when we get back, I will give this stone to Qi big brother, he will surely like it!"

He was suddenly dumbfounded, the hand that had rise into the mid air, stopped where it was just like that, motionless.

Until He DaZhi who was behind, shouted loudly urgently, "Little junior brother, why didn't you hold onto her!"

Zhang Xiao Fan's body shook, he abruptly came to his senses, cold sweat broke out all over his body, and hastily looked over. Tian LingEr was already driving the amber vermilion silk, flying towards the scene. At that moment, he did not even consider and hastily drove his firestick to give chase.

Tian LingEr flew midway into the sky, and saw that Song Daren and Du BiShu, who were ahead, had already joined Lu XueQi and Qing Ling's battle. But Qing Long, as one against three, was not even being disadvantage at the slightest, instead he looked calm and unhurried, battling with skill and ease.

Although Tian LingEr was impatient by nature but she was naturally gifted and clever. She could tell at once that Qing Long's was too highly skilled, plus his magical weapon was too powerful, even if she joined in, she herself might not win over him. Looking around, she immediately had other ideas. She did not fly towards Lu XueQi and the rest, instead shifted her direction, and quietly flew towards the other side of that enormous red screen.

Zhang Xiao Fan, who was following behind, turned pale with fright, but he saw that the Evil Faction members' attention were all concentrating on the battle of Qing Long as one against three, even the one who was highest above them and presiding over the spell, Ghost King, his gaze was also following Lu XueQi's TianYa celestial sword and kept changing. For the moment, unexpectedly he also neglected to pay attention to where Tian LingEr went to.

In an instant Tian LingEr was near the other side of the light screen, the black attired men who were supposed to guard the area, were already laying disordered on the ground. Evidently they were quaked to death during the earlier intense fight by the trapped Kui Niu.

Tian LingEr scanned the area quickly, and suddenly noticed that all of the red lights were projected from some strange dark red iron awl-looking items implanted in the sands, which continuously projected the lights up and converged into that ancient cauldron in the mid air, under the Ghost King's feet.

Clearly, the spell formation that was made up by these items, together with that ancient cauldron in the mid air, was the crux of what was trapping Kui Niu. Tian LingEr did not think twice, a stroke of her fair finger, the amber vermillion silk immediately flew out, sweeping directly at those things implanted in the sands

[Bong!] A loud sound sounded, the amber vermillion silk had struck onto one of the awl that was shrouded by the screen of red light.

Note 1: [Classics of Mountains and Seas. Classics of Vast Eastern Wastelands (translater's note: in Baidu, Classics of Vast Eastern Wastelands is stated as the tenth volume of the Classics of Mountains and Seas]

Eastern Sea Kui Niu: In the Eastern Sea, seven thousand miles into the sea, there is LiuBo Hill. On it there is a beast, strong like ox, dark green body with no horns, one-legged, there will be surely wind and rain when it enters or leave the water, it's brightness like the sun and moon, it's voice like thunder, it's name is called Kui.

Again Note: [Divine and Evil The strange. Spiritual beast chapter] Kui Niu: Ancient times rare beast, its appearance is akin to a young calf, three-legged with no horns, roar like thunder. Resides for a long time in deep sea, only appeared/born after three thousand years, during birth/appearance there will be wind and rain, thunder and lightning, also known in the world as the Thunder God's mount. Here it is written using Classics of Mountains and Seas version.