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Chapter 71: Ambush

Chapter 71: Ambush - Part 1

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I have changed a few characters names:

Cynical Dialectian=Wild Dog Taoist

Nian Boss=Nian Leader

Lin Fang=Lin Feng

I have also made a correction to Book 3, Chapter 70: The Past - Part 1 to change Dead Spirit Deep Pool to Forsaken Abyss.

The five of them, were all from Qing Yun Sect, so while using their magical weapons to fly at full speed, the speed was naturally unbelievably fast. Within a short time, all of them, using their magical weapon's subtle lights, could already faintly viewed the boundaries of the forest, and even further away, the sea that was disappearing into the darkness of the night

A breeze blowing from the sea, accompanied by the intermittent long whistling, reverberated in the late night.

Everyone was delighted, their moods brightened and were intending to speed up and fly out of that dark forest. Suddenly, at that moment, a dark red stream of light shot out silently from the darkness, in a flash, hit He DaZhi who was in the middle of the group.

He DaZhi groaned, his body swayed, and fell from mid-air. Song Daren and the rest were shocked, but had already flew some distance in that span of seconds, quickly turned back. Zhang Xiao Fan, Tian LingEr who were following behind, also quickly flew towards He DaZhi.

Among them, Zhu BiShu was nearest to He DaZhi, his reaction was also the fastest. Immediately he abruptly stopped his body physique and landed beside He DaZhi. He scanned the surrounding areas while urgently asking, "Fourth brother, are you alright?"

He DaZhi's forehead was already covered with cold sweat within that short while, hoarsely said, "Be careful, that person's demonic skills were quite powerful..."

He had not even completed the sentence, in the darkness, another stream of dark red light shot over. Du BiShu frowned, thrown himself sideways in front of He DaZhi, both of his hands moved to grab hold of his magical weapon, that three mysterious and strange dices immediately flew out, to receive that red light.

In the darkness, a sound "Yi" was heard from someone. That exclamation seemed to carry a feeling of odd surprise but it was directed at the outlook of the magical weapon. Whether Du BiShu's skills were high or low, that stream of light did not hesitate and continue to attack.

In that split second, both objects collided. Du BiShu's body shook from the impact and when that light hit onto his dices, a feeling of dense evil energy spread onto his own weapon, and at the same time, using his weapon as a medium, he indistinctly felt that it was inclining to attack him.

Du BiShu was shocked. He had never seen that level of evil heretic skill before. While he was still lost on his next move, Song Daren, Ling TianEr and the rest had already arrived. Zhang Xiao Fan followed behind, and frowned. He felt that that red light was somehow familiar, seemed like Evil Faction Blood Forger Hall, Nian Leader's [Red Devil Eye] encountered at Forsaken Abyss.

As expected, following a few long laughter, a number of people walked out from the darkness. It was really the group of people from Blood Forger Hall, headed by Nian Leader. Nian Leader stood at upfront, a big red eye on his face, looking extremely horrible. However, it was already slowly starting to return to normal. And behind him, that beautiful lady and Liu Gao, Wild Dog Taoist were also there, only the young Lin Feng was not seen.

Zhang Xiao Fan had met these people many times, he recognized them at one glance, especially that Wild Dog Taoist. It was him who brought the Blood Sucking Demon over tonight and caused Zhang Xiao Fan to suffer so much hardship. But looking at him at that moment, Wild Dog's face was full of green and purple patches and riddled with scars. It was most probably because he was carelessly flung by Blood Sucking Demon Demon a while ago but unfortunately he crashed into that thick wooded forest which made him disoriented, and a swollen face.

These people from Blood Forger Hall were weak and powerless. While the Evil Faction's main sects battled intensely against the Good Faction, they were, however, assigned to that far away forest boundary, to wait for fishes that slipped through the net. Obviously, the Evil Faction looked down on them.

Nian Leader and the rest were angry but did not dare to speak out. They had been sulking but unexpectedly there were actually people who escaped out from the forest. It was a really good opportunity for them to gain favour, they only had to capture these people and in the days to come, Blood Forger Hall's status in Evil Faction, would naturally leveled up.

Wild Dog Taoist was, at first, extremely depressed tonight, when he turned and looked, he suddenly discovered that Qing Yun lad was actually also among the five people, and at that moment the lad was also looking back at him, his face expression appeared to have a smile but yet not a smile, presumably laughing at him.

Chapter 71: Ambush - Part 2

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This time, Wild dog's anger was no trivial matter. Because Blood Sucking Demon's skill attainments were too high and with his his savage and cruel characteristic, even with ten guts, Wild Dog also would not have the courage to seek revenge. But at that moment he saw Zhang Xiao Fan, his immediate thought was that if not for that brat, he would not have suffered that kind of misery. Instantly, his anger rushed to his head, he cried Wa Wa twice, brandished his magical weapon, a long sharp fang, and attacked Zhang Xiao Fan.

Since the sneak attack was successful, Nian Leader was feeling arrogant himself and was about to say a few words like: [All of you better smarten up and you would suffer less.] those kind of arrogant sarcastic words. Unexpectedly, he had not even uttered the words when Wild Dog had already charged out. The words were on the verge of being said out, his mouth was half-opened and was about to speak, yet he had to forcibly swallow back those words. In that moment of agitation, he felt a pain in his chest and had to cough twice. He was extremely vexed!

Song Daren quickly flew to He DaZhi's side, landed and did a check. He discovered that due to the sudden attack and his junior brother was unable to defend in time, that evil heterodox energy had already penetrated his body. It seemed like he would not be able to fight for a short period of time, but luckily there was no danger to his life.

While he was worrying over that, suddenly he heard two strange shouts behind him, and saw a sorcerer, whose face resembled a dog, charging over. Junior Zhang Xiao Fan wielded his magical weapon and received the blows, Ping Ping Pang Pang, an aggressive fight started.

From far, Nian Leader angrily glared at Wild Dog, but soon after, he started to frown. He recognised the one fighting with Wild Dog now, was the Qing Yun lad who had that strange firestick-like magical weapon. That day at Forsaken Abyss, his very own Red Devil Eye actually could do nothing to that person, and nearly suffered some damage from him, therefore he had a very deep impression.

By then, Wild Dog Taoist and Zhang Xiao Fan had already fought for some time, the two figures flashed between the trees in the forest, and almost became two streams of light flitting by. But in Wild Dog Taoist's heart, he was instead becoming more and more alarmed. Since their last encounter several months ago, Zhang Xiao Fan's skill level actually progressed much more than that day at Forsaken Abyss, and especially that strangely-looking firestick in his hand, it had a ugly outlook but with glittering green light, flashing here and there in front of him.

Chapter 71: Ambush - Part 3

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Libruis=Tian Shu (Or Book of Heaven. It was quite hard to find an appropriate word so I decided to just literally translate it.)


Fawin Wisdom=Great Brahman Wisdom ()

Each time his fang magical weapon attacked, it was immediately defeated by that fire-stick, and as time passed by, that green black ordinary pearl at the head of the fire-stick, slowly began to radiate a noxious suction force, targeting him.

Wild Dog Taoist's heart turned cold. He could not help but recalled that day that unlucky Jiang Lao San, was sucked dry by this lad without any rhyme or reason and died. He silently lamented that how was it possible that nowadays those little bastards from Good Faction, the magical weapons in their hands were actually tenfold more evil that your own Wild Dog grandfather!

Nian Leader frowned tightly. Since many of the Holy Sect members were here tonight, he expected that it would be not long before someone made their way over, and if they saw that Blood Forger Sect currently could not even handle a few Qing Yun juniors, then in the future they would be too ashamed to face anyone. Immediately he turned and signalled to both beautiful lady and Liu Gao.

Both of them understood, they moved immediately and headed to the scene. But almost at the same time, Song Daren and Ling TianEr also went up to receive them.

The circumstances tonight were actually unfavourable to the Good Faction, initially everyone thought the gathering at this desolated land involved only the small group of Evil Faction remaining members, unexpectedly not only a huge number of people turned out, even those old evil heads living in seclusion for a hundred years also came.

Song Daren felt anxious. It seemed they were again entangled with the Evil Faction and he intended to go all out to dispose these evil demons in order to get away, unexpectedly when he had just made his move, sideways a stream of dark red light struck towards him. Song Daren quickly used his celestial sword to receive it, his heart filled with trepidation.

The evil toxic energy from the Red Devil Eye passed through the "Ten Tigers" celestial sword in an instant and continued to advance. Song Daren's level of Taoism attainment was deep, naturally he was able to withstand it, but at the same time, he felt that this sorcerer's skills were in fact not low, and might even surpassed himself.

At that moment, Tian LingEr had already started fighting with that beautiful lady. Du BiShu looked on from the side for a while, and already could tell that that big eye sorcerer's demonic skills were powerful and big senior brother was having some difficulty, so he rushed up and join Song Daren to fight as two against one. Nian Leader never moved from his spot, the red stream of light filled with evil deadly energy continued to shoot out from his Red Devil Eye, even when it was two against one, he was still not at a disadvantage.

And at a distance away, Liu Gao instead went to assist Wild Dog, and attacked Zhang Xiao Fan together.

But Zhang Xiao Fan, after all, was not that Nian Leader, who had trained for many years. After a short while, he immediately felt the pressure. Wild Dog now had a strong ally and it boosted his morale. He laughed loudly and said: [Stinky brat, today you are in my hands, watch how Wild Dog Grandpa take care of you!]

Zhang Xiao Fan was unable to speak out the difficulties in his heart and only felt the pressure was mounting. But he could only grit his teeth and hang on, hoping both his senior brothers and sister could quickly defeat the other sorcerers so that they could come over and help him. Actually, ever since he comprehended some parts of Tian Shu from the Black Stone Cave, his attainments had already progressed to the next level without his own awareness. It was just that firstly, the time he took to comprehend was too short, and he did not practice enough; Secondly, he was also unable to use the Buddhism's [Great Brahman Wisdom] in front of everyone; Lastly, most importantly, tonight he was beaten by the Blood Sucking Demon. Although his injuries were not serious, but because at the moment, he was fighting intensively, as time goes by, his body was beginning not to heed his will.

And looking at the fight beside, Tian LingEr were almost equal to that beautiful lady. Both flew high and evaded low, their appearances were also equally beautiful and with their graceful figures, it was actually nice to watch. However, to come over and help, it would be hard to do so for a short period of time; and over at Song Daren, Du BiShu, at the moment, both were being tied down tightly by Nian Leader and were unable to get away. Although they saw that their junior brother's situation was increasingly becoming dangerous but with round after round of unceasingly stream of dark red light attacking, even if it was urgent they were also unable to get away, and instead because of the distraction, both were almost hit by the red light.

Zhang Xiao Fan was forced to move back by both Wild Dog and Liu Gao, beads of perspiration appeared on his forehead, his breathing became laboured, even some of his steps were also disordered. He DaZhi lie on the ground, his heart became anxious. He knew that if there were still no help given, in a period of three minutes, he was afraid his junior brother would be killed by these two sorcerers.

Chapter 71: Ambush - Part 4

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The Bamboo Valley Sect disciples had always been close. Towards this honest junior brother, Zhang Xiao Fan, they always had been fond of him. Right now, He DaZhi gritted his teeth, forced himself to stand up, took out his magical weapon and intended to give a helping hand to his junior brother. But he had not even summon the commands, the evil energy inside his body began to flow in reverse. His head spinned and saw stars, and [Po Tong] fell over again.

Zhang Xiao Fan heard the sound, turned around from the intensive battle, and immediately was shocked. He cried out, "Fourth Brother!"

Unexpectedly, at that moment when he was distracted, Wild Dog and Liu Gao's weapons attacked at the same time. Zhang Xiao Fan could not react in time and barely managed to raise his fire-stick in front of him to defend. [Hong] a loud sound, Wild Dog and Liu Gao's bodies shook violently but Zhang Xiao Fan's body flew out from the impact and hit the ground hard.

Wild Dog gave a loud laugh, flew up together with Liu Gao, his fang and Liu Gao's weapon raised up and struck down, about to take Zhang Xiao Fan's life. At a distant, Tian LingEr, Song Daren and the rest cried out involuntarily, but was unable to come to his rescue in time, and could only watched helplessly as Zhang Xiao Fan was about to die there. He DaZhi had already turned his head over, he could not bear to watch anymore.

Suddenly, a flash of blue light shot past in the forest, an aperture as blue as water waves, quickly rippled over, illuminating the whole place in an instant.

He DaZhi was overjoyed, he involuntarily called out: "Lu....."

He had not completed his sentence, and saw that figure broke through the sky, like an arrow shot from a bow. Lu XueQi rode on her sword, her face as cold as frost, but in her pair of bright eyes, rays of blue light from the TianYa Sword in front of her reflected in it, as if it was emitting blazing flares, burning unceasingly.

Wild Dog and Liu Gao were greatly shocked, the blue light that was just seen a distant away, was now in front of them in an blink of an eye. And looking at it, it seemed to have the ability to split the sky and break a mountain, an eternal unparalleled grandeur. Comparing both matters, their own lives were naturally more important. Almost at the same time, both of them took back their weapons, and struck back together at the TianYa sword.

[Rumble], sands flew and stones rolled, the trees in the forest nearby violently swayed, leaves fell one after another. Wild Dog and Liu Gao flew backwards, landed straight behind Nian Leader.

Lu XueQi's figure slowly emerged from the sky full of falling leaves, stood beside Zhang Xiao Fan. It could be because of that violent impact just now, her face looked especially pale.

Zhang Xiao Fan turned to look at her, but in the dim light of the night, her appearance was still breathtakingly beautiful, like a proud lily that bloomed in the deepest darkness. And in that ice-cold elegant expression, he instead indistinctly saw, was a trace of faint gentleness.

"Thank you." Zhang Xia Fan suppressed the sudden feeling of a jump in his heart and said in a low voice.

Lu XueQi shaked her head, quietly said, "When I encountered danger in that Forsaken Abyss, you too saved me like this, why bother to say these words?"

Zhang Xiao Fan was stunned, for a moment he did not know what to say and silently nodded, Lu XueQi looked at him, and suddenly smiled lightly.

That was a smile in the sky full of falling leaves! Zhang XiaoFan saw it clearly, it was as if under the starlight, the frost melted only in front of him.

Zhang Xiao Fan suddenly swung his head, he dare not look at Lu XueQi again, he grabbed his fire-stick and ran towards his big senior brother who was dueling with Nian Leader. Lu XueQi stood behind him, watched his back figure, and was silent for a moment. She followed after him and went up to receive the attacks from Wild Dog and Liu Gao, who were coming to obstruct them.

With the addition of Lu XueQi, the situation immediately changed, her level of attainments was already high, and it progressed to another level after she escaped danger in Forsaken Abyss, besides she also had the divine weapon, TianYa, even as Liu Gao and Wild Dog attacked as two against one at the moment, both were actually still at a disadvantage.

And for Nian Leader, once he saw Zhang Xiao Fan joining the fight, his heart jumped a beat. He was not afraid of this lad's skills but was extremely fearful of the strange stick in his hands. As expected, when Zhang Xiao Fan came, he steered his fire-stick to block a few shots of red light, the expression in his face did not even change. The Red Devil Eye's evil deadly energy that Song Daren and etc were exceptionally wary of, seemed to be completely useless on him.

With that, Song Daren and Du BiShu were able to free their hands, the celestial sword and dices immediately went forward to give their greetings on Nian Leader's body, Nian Leader cried out indignantly repeatedly, but even how much he tried to hasten the efforts of the Red Devil Eye, Zhang Xiao Fan only felt a bit of strain while blocking the red energy light but was absolutely not affected in anyway by the deadly energy.

In a short while, Nian Leader was already pulling on the lapels and exposing the elbows (in short: unable to handle the situation), in the chaos he looked to the side, and saw that Liu Gao, Wild Dog, including that beautiful lady, also looked as if they were not able to gain an upper hand, he had no alternatives but to shout loudly, "Go!".

While he shouted, the Red Devil Eye suddenly behaved as if it had exploded, [Suo Suo Suo] seven or eight streams of red lights shot out simultaneously, Zhang Xiao Fan only managed to block five lights, but the rest of the lights already block off Song Daren and Du BiShu. Nian Leader took advantage of this window, turned around and escape. And those further away Blood Forger Hall members, had also started to retreat.

Lu XueQi snorted, disregard Song Daren's yell of "Do not pursue the beaten enemy", the TianYa celestial sword streaked across the sky, and pursued straight ahead, Zhang Xiao Fan was taken aback, and quickly followed.

The blue light of TianYa was like electricity, it caught up instantly. Trailing at the end was Wild Dog, who only felt the cold air behind him whooshing, even the fine hairs at his back were standing up, unwillingly he gave a odd cry of "Help!"Chapter 71: Ambush - Part 5

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Nian Leader and the rest were shocked and quickly turned back but at that time, behind the Blood Forger Hall members, from within the depths of the the dark forest, suddenly a ray of white light flashed by, and a white flower drifted out from it.

Zhang Xiao Fan was standing behind, he stopped in his track, loss for words.

That strange white flower flashed and flashed again in the air, in a split second white light swept past the whole area, and seemed to conjure countless of white flower petals, turning into a rain of flowers, like a tranquil sea of flowers, it charged towards the blue light of Lu XueQi's sword.

Lu XueQi's TianYa celestial sword did not make any attempt to avoid and charged up straight. In an instant, the two extraordinary weapons with peculiar lights collided together.

Time, for that moment, seemed to suspend for one minute.

Suddenly, an invisible but strong wave of energy exploded from that collision, with the two magical weapons as the core, it exploded out in all directions. Fallen leaves fell like rain but instead were blown up towards the sky, and those people on the ground, a few actually moved back a few steps.

After a long time, the howling of the wind began to slowly quiet down. Lu XueQi flew back and stood beside Zhang Xiao Fan. Zhang Xiao Fan looked at her, she appeared to look even paler, and it seemed like there was not even any color on her face.

Lu XueQi seemed to feel Zhang Xiao Fan's concern, turned to look at him and nodded slightly, implying that she was alright. Zhang Xiao Fan turned his head away and looked ahead.

In the darkness, that strange white flower slowly spinned in mid-air, and after a short while, it started to descend. There was no sound but out of a sudden, a hand as white as snow, stretched out from the darkness and gently took that [Heartbroken Rare Flower].

Zhang Xiao Fan suddenly felt his heart jumped again.

BiYao quietly, very quietly, walked out from the darkness, the expressions on Nian Leader and the rest appeared to be respectful but BiYao did not even glance at them. A pair of eyes, only concentrated on Zhang Xiao Fan, and then shifted onto the person next to him, Lu XueQi, carefully assessing.

Lu XueQi's gaze did not have any intention to avoid, and also stared at the girl standing opposite her, whose elegance surpassed many others.

Nobody spoke a word, the atmosphere from the intense fight earlier on, quieten down all of a sudden, and also seemed to carry some awkwardness.

Zhang Xiao Fan looked at BiYao, and looked at Lu XueQi again, and felt that his mouth had turned dry. Unexpectedly at that moment, footsteps sound was heard, it was Tian LingEr who had walked over to him. She looked strangely at Lu XueQi and BiYao, who was staring at each other, and asked Zhang Xiao Fan, "Xiao Fan, what happened to them?"

Zhang Xiao Fan was startled but actually, he did not quite understand too. Deep down, he felt strange and embarrassed, and was caught unaware by Tian LingEr's question. He stammered and replied that he did not know why.

But just that Tian LingEr this question, BiYao and Lu XueQi both suddenly turned and looked at her, that two pairs of calm, quiet eyes, brushed over Tian LingEr's face.

Tian LingEr was startled and unconsciously moved back a few steps, but she and Lu XueQi, after all, were from the same sect, therefore she went to ask Lu XueQi, "Lu Senior Sister, what happened?"

Lu XueQi was silent for a while, looked away and said quietly, "Nothing."

At the same time, BiYao, who was standing in front, also looked away.

Zhang Xiao Fan stared blankly and shook himself suddenly, silently reprimanded himself for being absurd, now that everyone here was being exposed to danger which lurked everywhere, he himself instead was staring blankly, he should really be damned. Immediately he spoke to both Tian LingEr and Lu XueQi in a low voice, "Let's quickly go! There are really too many Evil Faction disciples on the island."

A cold snort sounded, with a hint of anger. It was, however, made by BiYao, who was standing in front.

Zhang Xiao Fan did not dare to look at her, turned and went back. Lu XueQi glanced at BiYao again, following which she and Tian LingEr also went back together, Song Daren and the rest waited for them to come back, helped the injured He DaZhi up, said, "Let's quickly go."

Saying which he turned and prepared to head towards the direction of the sea. Behind them, Wild Dog was leaping with eagerness but was pulled down by Nian Leader, he said, "Miss BiYao is here, do not act recklessly, we will all listen to Miss's commands."

BiYao heard it, but remained indifferent and only watched the Qing Yun Sect members gradually retreated while being on the guard against them.

And her figure, remained motionless.

Far away, from the direction of the sea that Zhang Xiao Fan and the rest retreated towards, a long and mournful cry sounded suddenly, and this time, the sound of the cry was far from the cries heard earlier tonight, like dragons singing, it resounded through the nine heavens, and shook the surrounding lands.

Also faint thunder sounds were rumbling, but that cry, seemed to come from the depths of the sea.

BiYao stood where she was, lifted her head and felt coolness on her face. A drop of water, landed on her face.

The wind started to blow, it had begun to rain.