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Chapter 70: The Past

 Chapter 70: The Past - Part 1

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By this time, the late night forest has been lightened up almost like daylight from the numerous magical weapons' lights. From the deep of the forest until the most intensive battled open-air area, it seemed like piercingly cold sharp lights were flying everywhere. Under the colorful rays of lights, fresh red blood was unceasingly splattered onto slightly trembling trees.

Coagulated into blood pearls, dripping silently.

Lu XueQi landed with a clear whistling sound. In a moment, the night turned azure like the sky, a halo as clear as water appeared from her TianYa divine sword and shot out in all directions. Like a beautiful girl's glance brushing past this mundane world.

Countless lush leaves turning outwards, making a rustling sound.

The surrounding black attired Evil Faction disciples were making odd cries incessantly. Although there were ones who tried their best to resist but eventually were knocked down too. Ever since making it alive from the Forsaken Abyss till now, her skills actually seemed to have progressed a lot.

Zhang Xiao Fan observed from afar and sucked in a breath of cold air, surprised and also respectful. Surrounding him, Song Daren, Du BiShu etc were gradually buckling under the strain. Although there were not many Evil Faction disciples who were attacking the Bamboo Valley disciples but those were much skilled than the rest. Their clothes also carried a human skull symbol but not known if that was Ghost King Clan's symbol.

Tian LingEr stood in front of Zhang Xiao Fan, her face was pale and little beads of perspiration also appeared on her forehead. Her actions of controlling the amber vermilion silk appeared slightly flustered.

Although among the Bamboo Valley disciples, except for Zhang XiaoFan, Tian LingEr was the youngest but her aptitude far exceeded the few senior brothers. Comparing skills, except for Song Daren, she was next. Not sure was it that she was a girl or due to other reason, the Evil Faction disciples mainly kept attacking her. Now, even Zhang Xiao Fan also felt that Tian LingEr was feeling the strain.

The night wind quietly blew past the forest that has become a battlefield. In the depth of the darkness, countless eyes seemed to be also spying on them.

The shouts around them were getting urgent; Zhang Xiao Fan frowned and looked outside. Only in a short period of time, the situation changed again. The Evil Faction disciples retaliated and Lu XueQi, Fa Xiang, QiHao etc who were previously fighting like splitting a bamboo, were now surrounded and battling with masters. Although not at a disadvantage now but they were already unable to get away.

However for those somehow less skilled Good Faction disciples in the surroundings, more and more Evil Faction disciples were gathering around. Shrieks were heard and the situation has started to lean towards the Evil Faction again.

Zhang Xiao Fan gritted his teeth and took out his firestick. He was unwilling to continue to rest and wanted to at least give a helping hand to his seniors and Tian LingEr. However, he has just started to move when he heard Tian LingEr cried out. He stifled, as if tripped by something, in a moment there were three or four strange magical weapons' lights charging over.

Song Daren and the rest were shocked but were unable to give aid in time. Zhang Xiao Fan did not stop to think and rushed over but it seemed that he was also a step too late.

Chapter 70: The Past - Part 2

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At that critical moment, Tian LingEr's face was as white as paper. Both of her hands did not stop wielding, "Shua Shua Shua" the amber vermilion silk danced in front of her to defend but it was also too late. In an instant, there were 2 magical weapons, one black and one white, charging with the speed of light towards her.

Zhang Xiao Fan's heart almost jumped out. He opened his mouth but was unable to make any sound. At that moment, there was a flash of white, a figure blocked in front of Tian LingEr, using both hands and immediately strike back at both weapons. In the far darkness, shouts of anger and cries of fear were heard right away.

Everybody sighed in relief and looked at the figure. It was Master's wife, SuRu. SuRu quickly turned her head back and did a quick scan on Tian LingEr and said, "LingEr, are you alright?"

Tian LingEr was still in shocked, nodded and said, "Yes Mother, I am alright"

SuRu frowned, at this time the Evil Faction disciples were closing in again. SuRu quickly said, "All of you quickly go, we cannot stay here! All of you leave this island once you all have escape, we will rendezvous at East China Chang He City."

Song Daren, Tian LingEr and the rest were shocked but they did not dare to speak upon looking at SuRu's solemn face. Tian LingEr muttered a reply and the Bamboo Valley disciples started to walk towards the back.

At the moment, the situation was a mess and the battle was unusually intense. SuRu dodged to the left and swayed to the right, and went up to help whenever she saw the Good Faction disciples were in danger, thus allowing them to withdraw from the battle.

Her skills were considerably high and far exceeded the general Evil Faction disciples. Only her fluttering figure was seen in the dim light of the night, graceful and never revealed any traces of urgency.

As long as there was a break, she raised her head and looked up. She could see only heavy dark clouds in the sky but a disarray of brilliant flashes was also seen. Battling in the mid-air would be Taoist Cang Song and Tian BuYi fighting with Evil Faction Bai DuZi and Elder Duanmu.

Her heart was rather worried but looking at Tian BuYi, who just had a fight with Blood Sucking Demon, and currently still not at a disadvantage with Elder Duanmu, she was then relieved.

Most of the Good Faction disciples had separately left after SuRu did a few attacks to rescue them. Those left in the battlefield were mainly a few higher skilled disciples like Lu XueQi etc. But over at the Evil Faction side, it seemed like many had also left to pursue so even though the Good Faction side was still at a disadvantage, there were no immediate danger at the moment.

However, SuRu felt more anxious. Because ahead of her, from the beginning till the end:Ghost King and Qing Long, the two most mysterious figures from the Evil Faction, ... had always been standing there, smiling and watching from the sidelines.

Over at Evil Faction side, Ghost King and Qing Long were standing side by side and looking on while Good Faction disciples were unceasingly running away. Qing Long commented indifferently, "You are going to let these people go?"

Ghost King smiled and said, "These juniors are not important. Beside, this time we come to LiuBo hill, is not really to fight till our deaths with the Good Faction people!"

Qing Long nodded, raised his head and looked at mid-air saying, "These two were among the five-member team from Qing Yun Sect that brazenly encroached into our Wildlands and savaged us badly?"

Ghost King said, "You are right. Taoist Cang Song, Tian BuYi and Shang ZhengLiang, Ceng ShuChang, plus one more, Wan Jian Yi, it's those five people"

Qing Long softly heaved a sigh and said, "A hundred years time passed by in a great haste. At that time, these people were only young ones resolute to kill and now unexpectedly are also leading and taking charge"

Ghost King smiled lightly and said, "Long brother, you were not present at that time due to some affairs. If not, with the four of you holy envoys, during Qing Yun hill battle, even though our holy sect may not be able to pull out a victory but at least we would not be defeated that tragically!"

Chapter 70: The Past - Part 3

Qing Long shaked his head and said, "Impossible. The three main Good Faction sects were at their prime hundred years ago and those old fools were coming out of their retirement one after another. Even if you included us, we would not be able to defend as well. But, hehe, it is laughable that at the Holy Hall in Wildlands, thousands of our holy sect members flee at the mere sight of them...."

Ghost King was silenced for a moment and slowly said, "Right. I was not at Holy Hall at that time because I had to take care of the our predecessor Ghost King but I also heard that it was very embarrassing. It was a pity that our highly skilled disciples were sent out to Qing Yun big battle and had countless casualties, if not..."

Qing Long suddenly interrupted, "That time I was at Holy Hall"

Ghost King's body shook in surprise and said, "What? Long brother, you were at the Holy Hall at that time?"

Qing Long (also can be translated as Green Dragon) laughed bitterly and said, "That's right. Actually not only that, except for that big slacker Black Warrior, White Tiger and Scarlet Bird were also at Holy Hall"

Ghost King's face expression changed. He forced a smile and said, "Then how is it that Long brother you were unable to recognise these two people just now?"

Qing Long laughed bitterly again and said, "It could be said as an embarrassing matter. The attack by these five did not stop at Wildlands, they even invaded into our Holy Temple. The act shocked and terrified the whole Wildlands. Although both Wan Du (Thousand Poison) Clan and Chang Shen (Longevity) Hall were in charge of guarding the Holy Temple, and despite the fact we were never on good terms with these two factions, nevertheless the three of us - White Tiger, Scarlet Bird and myself - decided to lend a hand together with other branches' highly skilled fighters, in defending the Holy Hall"

Ghost King took a look towards mid-air and said, "Why? Their skills were already that powerful a hundred years ago?"

Qing Long shaked his head and said, "Actually it was not so. After the crisis was over, I thought over it carefully. Actually it was because after our great loss at Qing Yun hill, many of our highly skilled fighters were either dead or injured and there was a widespread panic. When these five people barged in and attacked, we thought for a moment that the Good Faction forces had already arrived and we lost our will to fight. But we did not imagine that there were only five people"

He paused a while and continued, "Among these five people, I had only met Wan Jian Yi which was why I did not recognise the other four. When they attacked Holy Hall, five of them went separate ways instead and each came in from different direction. At that time, we were unprepared and in a state of agitated confusion. Once we heard cries of attack coming from all directions, we just lost our minds. If we were to receive the attacks calmly and waited until the situation settled down, we would have won without question. A pity, 'Ai'! Too bad they had someone like Wan Jian Yi..."

Ghost King frowned and said, "What about this person?"

Qing Long briefly closed his eyes and was silent for a moment. He heaved a long sigh, shaked his head and said, "That person was a man of rare talent and outstanding ability. One that I rarely seen in my whole life. After the event, we discussed among ourselves and felt that even though the skills of the other four were good but compared to Wan Jian Yi, there was so much difference. It can be said that if they did not have him, these Qing Yun Sect guys absolutely would not be able to invade into our Wildlands, not to say our Holy Hall"

Looking at Qing Long's expression, there was a look of was as if he was reliving the memories, "That time, the four of them attacked from the sides, front and rear but we only concentrated our forces at Holy Hall main door. While we were hesitating and panic-stricken, Wan Jian Yi wielded his sword and carried on the attack alone"

Ghost King frowned and said, "Only him?"

Qing Long sighed and said, "Yes, only him alone. I still remembered his clothes were as white as snow, his sword were jade green like water....Ah! That's right, it was that Dragon Slayer Sword! I almost could not recognise it after not seeing it for a hundred years"

Ghost King was shocked. He looked at the direction of Qing Long's left finger but it was pointing at the one who was still fighting in the battlefield, the jade green like autumn waters colored sword in Lin JingYu's hand, the Dragon Slayer Sword.

"So that Dragon Slayer Sword was the one held by Wan Jian Yi orginally?"

Qing Long nodded and said, "That's right, it was in his hand. At that time, I loudly questioned him but he only laughed incessantly and charged into the crowd. He was attacking like an unhindered and irresistible force. "Zeze, Zeze*" Ai! He was really a hero!"

Note: *Tongue clicking sound

Chapter 70: The Past - Part 4

Thanks Sainuu and LuDongBin. I made a correction to my prev post "..Wan DuZi, who was in charge of Chang Sheng Hall but because our priority was to defend Holy Hall, we stood guard together with other branches' high skilled fighters"


"Wan Du (Thousand Poison) Clan and Chang Shen (Longevity) Hall whom was in charge of guarding Holy Temple but because our priority was to defend Holy Hall, we stood guard together with other branches' high skilled fighters"

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Ghost King looked on admiringly and nodded his head saying, "That person was really unbelievable and extremely audacious. What happened next?"

Qing Long said, "We were all taken aback and angry but were worried that beside him, there might be other Good Faction skilled fighters attacking in any moment. We were even more alarmed when the battle roars behind the Holy Temple were getting nearer. In a state of panic, he managed to enter the Main Hall where we worshiped our Wisdom Queen and Wisdom King.

Ghost King's usually expressionless face suddenly turned pale. He asked hoarsely, "What?"

Qing Long laughed bitterly and said, "Even you have such a reaction. You could have imagined how infuriated we felt at that time. We did not care whether there were still any highly skilled fighters coming in, all of us were like madman and rushed towards him. Whatever magical weapons we had, we used. In a short while, his white dress was stained with blood. However, he did not even turn back and continued to charge into the Holy Temple. He swiftly flew up onto the altar where we placed our offerings for our Wisdom King and Queen idols. In-between the two idols, he physically engraved three big words into the white wall, [Wan Jian Yi]!

Ghost King was speechless.

Qing Long suddenly said, "You know that Scarlet Bird had always veiled her face, right?"

Ghost King was surprised and said, "Yes, what happened?"

Qing Long said, "Among us, she was the only female but was also the most devoted one towards our two sacred idols. On that day, she was the first to attack without any hesitation. She sneaked an attack in the split seconds that Wan Jian Yi took to carve the wordings and slashed her sword. And that slash actually chopped off Wan Jian Yi's left arm"

Ghost King was again shocked.

Qing Long heaved a sigh and said, "It gave you a shock too right! We were stunned too. It was because when Wan Jian Yi charged in, his mighty aura was overpowering. We never imagined that he would take on all of us alone and even how mighty he would be, he would eventually be spent, like an arrow at the end of its flight. But his countenance did not change and only his face looked pale even though his left arm was chopped off and blood was spurting like a fountain. Instead, he turned and went to Scarlet Bird, stretched out his hand and lifted off her veil. He looked at her, laughed and said, "A stunning beauty as expected!". Saying which, he rode and steered his Dragon Slayer Sword and fought his way out again..."

Ghost King shaked his head and said, "He was still able to fight his way out even like that?"

Qing Long sighed and said, "Firstly, he was much too dauntless. His blood was all over the Holy Temple and despite losing his arm, his sword aura force seemed to surpass what we felt previously. Secondly, his other four Qing Yun Sect teammates started a fire in the Holy Temple. Thick black smoke billowed everywhere. We were worried that there might be more Good Faction enemies and we were also anxious to put out the fire. Unexpectedly in that panic state of mind, we let him escaped"

Ghost King heaved a long sigh and said, "Couldn't imagine that within the Good Faction, there was still such a hero!"

Qing Long lightly said, "It was a pity even though he was a hero without a doubt, unparalleled in this world but he did not have a good ending. After we confirmed that there were actually only 5 member team from Qing Yun Sect that attacked us on that day, we were really incensed. But I could also see that despite the fact that those guys from Thousand Poison Clan and Longevity Hall were cursing fiercely but in their heart, all were in awe of Wan Jian Yi. Especially that junior sister of mine, Scarlet Bird....Ai!"

He seemed to have thought of something and did not continue his statement. Instead, he changed the topic and said, "At that time, we all felt that among the Qing Yun Sect, he would definitely be the one to take over as the chief head of the sect. However, not long after the incident, we heard that it was his senior brother, Dao Xuan, who took over. And from that time onwards, we never heard anything more about this man with astonishing talents. It was only today then I know that he had actually passed away."

He heaved a sigh after he finished, showing great regret over the matter.

Ghost King gave a smile and said, "That's right. It was a pity that I could not have a showdown with this hero, it was really a regret of a lifetime"

Qing Long looked up, glance at mid-air and suddenly gave a sarcastic laugh and said, "Elder Duanmu and Bai DuZi these fellows escaped into Wildlands after losing at Qing Yin Hill. Eventually, they met Wan Jian Yi five-member team before reaching Holy Temple and fled after getting a beating. They did not even dare to return to Holy Temple. Now they dared to boldly ask for Wan Jian Yi. They were really shameless!"

Ghost King smiled lightly and said, "They were only Thousand Poison Clan that old freak's lackeys. Long brother, why do you bother to get angry over them!"

Qing Long stretched his hand, lightly flicked his white dress and lightly said, "It was an unimaginable big insult when Wan Jian Yi encroached our Holy Temple. I painstakingly practised for a hundred years and also took great risk to find the Universe Pure Light Ring, only to prepare for that very one day where I could fight with him again. When I heard that he had passed away today, I only felt disappointment and regret. But I never expected these people to say shameless words like digging out his body from his grave. I felt ashamed to be associated with them!"

Ghost King shaked his head and smiled gently. He looked up to watch the battles but could only see that the flashes of lights in the mid air were getting intense and he almost could not make out those four people silhouette. And the dark clouds in the sky were as if being lighted up even more from the magical weapons' lights.

Chapter 70: The Past - End

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End of Chapter..

Silence across the firmament, only in the distance vast sea, that series of long whistling sounds, gradually becoming mournful.

Ghost King suddenly frowned, turned and said to Qing Long, "Did you feel that, something strange was going on tonight?"

Qing Long looked up, remained silent for a moment, his countenance suddenly changed and said, "You mean..."

Ghost King nodded, said, "The legend stated that every time the strange beast was born, Heaven and Earth would surely change, accompanied with big storms. Therefore, in the ancient scroll, [Divine and Evil The strange], it was recorded that Thunder God mounted that beast"

Qing Long's expression gradually turned solemn. He frowned and said, "Why was it such a untimely coincidence, tonight would be the night?"

Ghost King pondered for a while and said, "It had been a few days since I arrived at this LiuBo Hill, but during the past few days at dusk, there had not been any such strange whistling sounds like tonight, I was only afraid if the Kui Niu* was really coming out tonight, it seemed like we would have to do some early preparation"

Qing Long slowly nodded his head, said, "That's right. After all, Kui Niu matter would be more important, let us leave this place to Thousand Poison Clan people. Heihei , once we subdued Kui Niu, with another three supernatural beasts, our..."

Ghost King suddenly gave a cough, Qing Long was startled and immediately laughed in spite of himself while shaking his head and said, "The hundred years of bitter training, turned one into an idiot, keke, ZongZhu please don't mind!"

Ghost King faintly smiled, turned and left, without another glance at the people fighting intensely in the battlefield.

Qing Long glanced at a distance, but from afar, he saw that the Good Faction disciples were leaving one after another, gradually fading into the forest, figures disappearing. Involuntarily his thoughts were again vaguely stirred up, he heaved a sigh, and turned to follow Ghost King.

Silent darkness, but countless ferocious eyes seemed to be watching menacingly, like a tiger eyeing its prey. When the crowd ran, a wail of misery was heard from somewhere, from far it drifted out, reverberated in the depths of the forest and accompanied the mysteriously long whistling sound in the distant vast sea.

That night, seemed especially forlorn!

Zhang Xiao Fan and Ling TianEr, Song Daren, He DaZhi and Du BiShu, a total of five people, drove their magical weapons and hastily flew forward into the forest.

Actually, with their current skill levels, directing their weapons to drive up in the sky would naturally be much faster, but just as they broke through the Evil Faction disciples' encirclement and were about to take off, they noticed some distance away, a few juniors followed suit and flew up. Suddenly a few ominous lights shined through the dense forest below their feet, and literally beat them down.

Those wails of misery, it seemed they would not be able to make it alive.

Everyone's countenance changed. The lush foliage forest before them, in addition the late night, and the numerous Evil Faction disciples surrounding them, if they were to be discovered while flying out, they would practically became live targets.

Song Daren as the eldest disciple, had seen more compared to the rest of his junior sister and brothers, made the decision on the spot and decided to fly rapidly in-between the forest. Although the forest was dark and hard to spot the Evil faction disciples, but the other party would not be able to take a good look at oneself too. As long as they kept going east, once out of the forest, they would leave the Evil Faction encirclement and be much safer.

Once the decision was made, the five of them flew off with all of their might towards east.

Song Daren took the lead, Zhang Xiao Fan was the last. Everyone had their concentration on driving their weapons, flying back and forth in the middle of the forest.

At that moment, although Zhang Xiao Fan's chest was still throbbing with pain, but the wound sustained from the fight with Blood Sucking Demon was not as serious as he had thought. And from the firestick that was tied to his right arm, it radiated warm Yang energy to him from time to time, circulating slowly in his body, and seemed to have special control over Blood Sucking Demon's strange blood-sucking art skill.

But although that firestick stealthily controlled the evil power from the blood-sucking art skill, but at that moment when Zhang Xiao Fan was using his firestick to fly forward, a strange cold feeling passed on from the firestick and yet had some conflict with the Inferno Mirror. In his body, the two strange energy currents repelled once they encountered each other. However, since the Inferno Mirror was not energized by Zhang Xiao Fan's spiritual energy, very soon it was oppressed by the cold energy from the firestick.

Zhang Xiao Fan was concentrating all his energy on following his seniors brothers' and sister's flight paths, and naturally would not noticed these minor changes in his body. He only kept looking up while he was flying, but saw that dark clouds beyond the horizon, churning like boiling water, waves of light rays, lighting up the nine heavens directly, turned half of the horizon red.

Over there, obviously would be the battleground between his teacher, Tian BuYi, and ShiBo**, Taoist Cang Song, with the Evil Faction demons, he wondered if the elders would be alright?

Thinking about that, Zhang Xiao Fan immediately shaked his head, musing that since his teacher's skills were that powerful, naturally he would not have any mishap and he was probably worrying too much. After laughing at himself for having too much concerns, he bestirred himself, increased his speed so that he could follow well behind his Senior brothers and sister.

The darkness in front of them was like a boundless net, with long and unseen boundaries. The five of them gradually became far from the noisy fights, immersing into the darkness, even the surroundings were also gradually quieting down.

In the night, there seemed to be only darkness in front of them, the approaching sea surface, that mysterious mournful long whistling sound, distinctly became clearer, distinctly became nearer.

Notes: *: Kui Niu - An old name for a wild ox or yak (ref: . It was also described in Baike as an legendary animal that sounded like thunder, one legged and it's image was seen on bronze during Shang and Western Zhou Dynasty

It appears that Kui Niu and most of the other divine animals or demonic beasts that follows in later chapters are drawn mainly from the , (Shan Hai Jing), Classics of Mountains and SeasKui Niu and most of the other divine animals or demonic beasts that follows in later chapters are drawn mainly from the , (Shan Hai Jing), Classics of Mountains and Seas (ref:

Images of the beasts can be found here, including the Kui Niu, http://www.humanpopulationacademy.or...-shan-hai-jing,

**A term for older brother/respectful form of address for a senior, which in this case would mean Zhang Xiao Fan's teacher's senior bro