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Chapter 69: Qing Long

Chapter 69: Qing Long (addition 1)

Tian BuYi = Xiao Fan's teacher (*Tian Bolis in Mooy's translation)

SuRu = TianBuYi's wife (*Surin)

Tian LingEr = TianBuYi's daughter (*Hidi)

Xiao Fan = TianBuYi's disciple (*Shaw Danon)

XiaoYiCai = Head of Qing Yun Sect (TongTian Peak)'s disciple

Li Xun = FenXiang (the actual meaning of the Chinese words are burn incense) Valley's disciple

QiHao = (Long Shou Valley) Taoist Cang Song's disciple, also Tian LingEr's lover (*Kevern)

Fa Xiang = Tian Yin Temple's disciple

"Pong" there was a loud sound and everyone was shocked and looked to the direction of the sound. It was Shi-To's Shatterer staff that had flown up to the sky, and landed only now.

There was a moment of silence, on the Good Faction side, many were frowning, guarding with attention.

This time round, the Evil Faction revived with great strength contrary to expectations. Besides looking at this situation, there are still many and more profound power hidden and not shown.

On the Evil Faction side, each harbour evil intentions. Elder Duanmu is slightly better as he does not belong to any sect and is only siding with Blood Sucking Demon because he gets along only with him. But to Ghost King, Bai DuZi and Blood Sucking Demon are both Thousand Poison clan's important people, and at this moment silently looking at each other, is already a severe warning to him.

Only Ghost King and Qing Long are standing there looking calm. It seemed like Qing Long was saying something quietly to Ghost King, Ghost King smiled and shaked his head, appearing not to mind but glanced at the direction of Xiao Fan.

The night is deepening, with the sea breeze whistling, far away in the vast boundless sea, the strange short periods of long and mournful cry in the late night appears to be nearing, slowly becoming distinct.

Tian BuYi and Taoist Cang Song looked at each other, both sensed that each other had the intention to retreat. SuRu, who was standing at the side, coughed slightly and spoke softly to Taoist Cang Song,"Cang Song brother, the evil power is strong now, why don't we temporarily retreat and make plans again after discussion with Head of Sect, what do you think?"

Cang Song pondered a while before nodding his head decidedly, "junior sister is right" and glanced at Tian BuYi, Tian BuYi slowly nodded his head. Cang Song just about to speak when he seemed to have thought of something, looked to the left, frown and spoke in a low voice, "where is XiaoYiCai? Why didn't we see him at all?"

QiHao, who was standing beside him, heard and stepped up and said,"Teacher, Xiao brother said he was not feeling well when we were coming out, so he did not follow". Taoist Cang Song's face darkened and snorted but as he could not make thoughtless remarks in front of his disciple, he could only turn his face and was about to speak to the other branch disciples like Fai Xiang, Li Xun etc when suddenly there was a miserable cry from behind the crowd.

The crowd stirred and there was a moment of confusion but they could only see that there were several young Good Faction disciples severely injured and staggering in from the darkness, with blood on their body. They hissed loudly, "There are Evil Faction people behind!".

In the darkness, from the ancient forest, there seemed to be numerous wailing cries. Tian BuYi etc turned pale, ever since Ghost King and his men appeared, everyone was focusing their attention on these old monsters. They did not expect that the Evil Faction would secretly outflank their retreat route, preventing them from escaping.

But at this moment, there were flashes of light in the forest, numerous magical weapons appeared, the Good Faction, one after another took up their magical weapon to defend but because they were unprepared and the number of Evil Faction disciples were more than expected, they were at a disadvantage.

Taoist Cang Song's complexion was somber, he shouted loudly and soared into the sky. However, without waiting to see his actions, Bai DuZi and Elder Duanmu threw themselves forward.

Bai DuZi smiled and looked fiercely while crying out, "Dog Taoist, give me your life!"

Taoist Cang Song paused in mid-air as he did not dare to belittle these old monsters and had to turn around to receive their attacks. At the same time, there was a flash of red light below him, it was Tian BuYi, who had taken on Elder Duanmu's attack.

SuRu stood on the ground, frowning deeply with signs of worrying on her pretty face. It was obviously to the Good Faction's disadvantage and there were still 2 enigmatic Ghost King and Qing Long, who have not showed their might. Also the number of Evil Faction disciple hiding were still unknown, the situation was worrying.

Currently the situation is in a chaos, in the late night shadows, the Evil Faction are everywhere, anytime and anywhere magical weapons are flying out to take lives. The Good Faction fell into a bitter battle, muffled groans and miserable cries were heard.

Zhang Xiao Fan hold on to the fire stick but did not attack. Because Bamboo Peak's Song Daren, Tian LingEr etc were worried about his injuries and form a circle around him so he was not hurt in the moment. But due to the grave situation, he was as nervous too.

Chapter 69: Qing Long (addition 2-end of chapter)

Thanks sainuu, geraldsaw and LuDongBin! Please let me know if there are any corrections to be made.

Lin JingYu = Long Shou Valley disciple, Xiao Fan childhood friend

Fa Shan = Tian Yin Temple's disciple

YanHong = FenXiang Valley disciple

As the flashes of light from the Evil Faction became more aggressive, the Good Faction were slowly being cut down. The main issue was that in the night darkness, it was impossible to see the Evil Faction disciples who were hiding. They really suffered a major loss.

Zhang Xiao Fan was still at his original position and saw that his surrounding seniors and Ling TianEr's stress were mounting, he felt anxious. He felt that even though his body was tired but still fine, he went up to join the battle.

At this moment, suddenly a soft whistling sound was heard, like celestial wind chimes resounding through the nine heavens, pleasing music to the ear. A splendid blue light suddenly rise up, Lu XueQi rise with the sword but that TianYa divine sword shone resplendently and it actually lighted up the areas around it.

Darkness, appears not to be able to touch her!

But she hurl towards the darkness. "Hu", a sharp whistling sound that shook the heaven, this beautiful girl, turned into a blue electric light, shot towards the darkness of the ancient forest.

A few moments later, only blue light radiating was seen, cries of alarm from the darkness were heard, the pressure from the crowd were lifted monetarily.

Also at the same time, waves of Buddhism chants were heard, Fa Xiang placed his palms together and rose. Tips of his fingertips were shinning with golden lights from the dignified and solemn "reincarnations pearls" and he was slowly turning. All of a sudden, he opened his eyes and the reincarnation pearls also flew to the other side of the darkness. A few moments later, a dazzling gold light raged in the darkness, just like daylight, numerous Evil Faction disciples cried and flew out.

This immediately change the situation, like QiHao, Lin JingYu, LiXun, YanHong and even FaShan, ShiTo etc all of the outstanding younger generation of Good Faction, they were only being caught unprepared beforehand and now started to attack one after another. And the Evil Faction, who were slyly attacking from the surrounding, appeared not to have skilled masters,and not many could defend that well. The situation started to turn towards the Good Faction.

Standing far way, Ghost King and Qing long, who were taking it in, frowned. Qing Long shaked his head slightly, sighed and said, "the Good Faction young disciples' aptitude, everyone without exception, one in a million, compared to our juniors, they are much stronger"

Ghost King nodded and looked somewhere far away. He suddenly said, "The girl that attacked first, her magical weapon, did you see it clearly?"

Qing Long said indifferently,"is TianYa right?"

Ghost King turned his head and looked at him, Qing Long smiled, slowly and seemingly spoke in a soft and low voice,"TianYa divine sword, TianYa divine sword!"

Ghost King stood with his hands clasped behind, slowly said,"and that monk from TianYin Temple, he had reincarnation pearls in his hands, the white attired young guy from QingYun sect, his dark green like water celestial sword, should be "ZhanLong (Dragon Slayer) sword". The Good Faction these few years really took pains to cultivate their young"