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Chapter 68: Flame Spirit

 Chapter 4 Flame Spirit A

Vampire Devil snorted, but he showed no fear, a fierce look appeared on his face: "Back then it was because you Righteous dominated with large numbers, do I really fear of you?"

After that, his hands shook. The red glowing skull pieced through the air, circling him rapidly. His eyes were becoming red.

Tian Bolis took a deep breath, prepared carefully. Hundred years ago, he was already a talented person in Jadeon. When he was hunting down the remainers of the Felkins, he was the part of the main force, and did fought with Vampire Devil. He knew this person can not be taken lightly, and the Art of Vampire was no small matter.

At this moment, the dark clouds gathered together again. The scar that caused by Tian Bolis heaven shaking strike disappeared. The color of the night darkened again.

Faintly, there was sound of wave from the ocean mixed with screamingof the wind, and becoming more aggressive. As if it was hiding in the depth of the sea, a long cry softly drifting in the color of the night, under the sky.

Shaw Danon slowly regain his consciousness. He felt an unconfortable feeling on his chest. Suddenly he heard a "huh" from someone, then a white hand reached out and softly massaged his chest.

After a moment, the energy that was trapped in his chest cleared out smoothly. He felt much better.

Shaw Danon raised his head and saw his shi niang Surin, who is holding him, smiling quietly.

Shaw Danon blushed, mumbled: "Thank you, shi niang."

Surin said gently: "Are you alright?"

Shaw Danon nodded: "Right now, it is the tireness, nothing else."

Surin nodded with a smile, then suddenly chuckled: "That's good, now watch your master fight for you!"

Shaw Danon was surprised, then followed Surin's eyes, he was stunned.

Under the dark sky, among the overcasted black clouds, a blazing, brilliant ball of light brightened half of the sky, it was like embed a frame on the edge of the dark clouds.

Tian Bolis was like ancient God of Fire, standing on the clouds, turning the flame of his "Flame Spirit" into a fire dragon, tearing the dark clouds, charged into the sky.

As for the Vampire Devil, there was no sign of him. However, next to the clouds on the sky, there was an enormous skull, screaming wildly. The wind and clouds changed, the ghostly blood light rose into the sky, faught with the fire dragon.

The sky fulled of dark clouds were boiling, roaring. Watching from the ground, the two people were like deities of nine skies, fightly each other angrily.

Shaw Danon's heart was moved, completely admiring his master. The roar of the dragon shocked the earth; it swam in the clouds with heaven shaking might, quite smiliar to the time when he was in Dark Drake Cave, three-tails fox spirit used Inferno Mirror to summon the fire dragon, but this time it was much more powerful.

Reminded of that, his body suddenly shook. A wave of heat rose from the Inferno Mirror on his right arm like it was excited by something. The heat spread across his entire body.

Surin felt it, turned to him, asked concernly: "Xiaofan, your body suddenly becomes this hot, are you having fever after the injury?"

Shaw Danon was surprised, did not expect his shi niang is so sensitive. He did not know how to reply, only murmuring: "Not-nothing......"

Surin frowned, and was about to ask, she sensed something and turned around. Sound of footsteps issued from the forest, after a moment, no less than a hundred people came out. Skysong's Fazzan, Fashan, Incense Valley's Li Su, Yanon were also among them. The one who was walking in the front is Master Vasp Caelo.

Surin rose up, smiled: "Vasp Caelo Shixiong, you are here."

Vasp Caelo nodded, said lightly: "Tian Shidi is showing off here, shocking the heaven. We are not blind nor deaf, so we come and have a look."

Surin frowned, felt the sarcasm in his words. Before she said anything, the Bamboo Peak disciples already saw Shaw Danon, sitting on the ground languishly with blood all of him.

Hidi screamed and ran forth. Xavion, Amandla, and He Dazhi were also worried and followed behind her. But quickly after, a white figure flashed, rushed forward even faster than them. It was Baye.

Baye dashed to Shaw Danon's side, crouched down, grabbed his shoulders, with his face a bit paled, asked: "Xiaofan, are you alright?"

Shaw Danon could feel the worry in his eyes, his heart was warmed. He nodded and smiled: "I am fine, nothing wrong."

Baye took a look at him, then glanced on the wound on his chest, finally relieved and let out a long breath, said: "Who hurted you?"

Shaw Danon pointed up, said: "That devil, I heard my master called him, something like 'Vampire Devil'?"

Baye's body was shocked, it appeared he knew that devil. He surprised: "That old guy also reappeared?"

At this moment Hidi and others arrived next to Shaw Danon, intrrogating him with questions. Shaw Danon felt Hidi's concerning eyes, instead he lowered his head, answering his shi xiongs' questions quietly, saying he is already recovered.

As the battle in the sky was getting exciting, Baye stood next to Shaw Danon, watched the above for a moment, then suddenly said: "Xiaofan, your master does not seem to be anything during normal days, can't imagin his cultivation is this high!"

Anger rose within Hidi upon hearing this. Since the time she lost to Baye right at her home's doorstep, she never like this kid. She snorted, said: "How can a kid from Dragon Head Peak like you able to see the deep level of my dad's cultivation?"

Baye frowned and turned around. But Hidi's eyes were glaring at him, not stepping back. It startled him, after that he suddenly smiled: "Tian Shimei, you are right."

Hidi was stunned, for she did not expect the arrogance young boy's attitude become this nice. Althoug Baye was smiling, he was looking at a different direction. She followed Baye's eyes and found he was smiling at Kevern who is standing next to Master Vasp Caelo.

With Hidi's quick wit, she immediately knew Baye felt inproper to argue with her in front of his respected Kevern. Although her heart was not embarrassed, it was still sweeted when her eyes met with Kevern's.

Surin frowned; she heard what those youngester said. The speakers were careless, but the listener was paying attention. After a while, she turned her glance on Master Vasp Caelo. Master Vasp Caelo was raising his head, watching Tian Bolis emotionlessly, but his eyes were shining, what was it that thinking in his mind?

At this moment, in the howling of the fierce wind, the flame shot in all direction, the blood light pierced into the sky, at the decesive moment of the battle, Master Vasp Caelo suddenly said coldly: "Did not expect Vampire Devil would be so reckless to provoke here. Kevern!"

Kevern was next to him. He step forth, said: "Master, what is the command?"

Master Vasp Caelo took a glance at the sky, said: "Your Tian Shibo's victory is already certained, that old devil won't be able to last long. You bring other men to lay up a trap, we can't let this devil to escape again this time."

Kevern answered, then waved his hand, called Baye back. Then, he turned to gather other major faction disciples such as Fazzan and Li Su, discussed their plan.

Surin walked next to Master Vasp Caelo slowly, smiled: "Vasp Caelo Shixiong, how can you see Buyi is about to win?"

Master Vasp Caelo looked at Surin, a smile appeared on his emotionless face, said: "Su Shimei, are you making fun of me, who is a useless shixiong?"

Surin shook her head, smiled: "Give me ten guts and I still will not dare to make fun of you. I am sincerity asking for knowledge here!"

Master Vasp Caelo smiled, said: "Su Shimei, you are always wise, a far better potential than me, a useless shixiong, why be so modest. Although Vampire Devil's cultivation is not low, additionally having 'Blood Skull' with him, the blood light seemed sky breaking, matchlessly aggressive, I can see that even the momentum is fierce, the blood red light on the esper, three inches to the right, was unstable. The red skull seemed to be damaged at there. In normal situation it doesn't mean anything, with this devil's cultivation, just need to bring it back and repair it, then everything will be fine. But now in front of Tian Shidi, it is his greatest flaw."

Then, he paused, an icy coldness flashed in his eyes, but his voice remained calm, said: "Tian Shidi on the other hand, steadily using Jadeon incantation to drive Flame Spirit sword, conjured the 'True Dragon of Red Fire'. Although the Blood Skull's red light shined brightly, it shrinks back everytime it contracted with True Dragon of Red Fire. And Tian Shidi was determined to attack the Blood Skull's three inches to the right with every single one of his strike. Vampire Devil may seemed bold, but was already stranded, lose for certain. From Su Shimei's perspective, am I wrong?"

Surin smiled: "Shixiong is wise. I only know it after you said it."

Master Vasp Caelo smiled lightly, turned around and gazed at the sky, suddenly lowered his voice, but in a calm tone, said slowly: "Su Shimei."

Surin said: "What, Vasp Caelo Shixiong?"

Master Vasp Caelo's eyes were still on the two people that were fighting in the sky, his voice was clear, said: "Since Tian Shidi broke through into Pure Essence's 'ShangQing Realm' a hundred years ago, his cultivation must be advancing rapidly over the past several years!"

Surin was shocked, but her face did not show, she smiled: "Vasp Caelo Shixiong you are overpraising. Buyi is no where as talented as Headmaster Shixiong and you--"

Master Vasp Caelo slowly shook his head, showed a smile on the corner of his lips, said: "Hundred years ago we Righteous crushed the Felkin, I, and Tian Shidi, Peak of Wind's Ceng Shidi, Sun Rise Peak's Shang Shidi, and the main house's Vanti--"

Chapter 4 Flame Spirit B

Surin suddenly called quietly: "Vasp Caelo Shixiong."

Master Vasp Caelo was shocked, appeared to have remembered something. He nodded, then continued: "......We hunted those Felkin devil deep into the Wildlands. At that time, Tian Shidi already broke through into ShangQing Realm. Vanti Shi--That man told us, Tian Shidi seemed dull, but intelligent in the inside, especially his unwavering attitude, a very rare quality. In path of cultivation, he will have an immeasurable furture."

Then, he smiled, said: "Su Shimei, that man, you know him. What he said, what he thought, you probably won't have question about it!"

Surin smiled lightly, did not say anything, only turned around, looked at the sky.

Vampire Devil stood in mid-air, very vicious appearance, but his heart was getting more and more scared. A hundred years ago, he faught against Tian Bolis already. At that time, that man's cultivation was not low, but with his Art of Vampire, he was certain of victory.

A hundred years after, when they faught again, that man's cultivation advanced unexpectedly fast. The fire dragon from Flame Spirit sword always crushed on the "Nether Blood Light" that was supported by his Art of Vampire. Not only the dragon was not in the lower-hand, it was getting more and more suppressing.

The most head hurting things was not only that. When he was fighting Shaw Danon, he was careless because he saw he was only a young Jadeon, and got one of his life ghost from the "Spirit Control" array destroyed.

Couldn't blame Vampire Devil for not really understanding not happened. His Blood Skull was artifact of ghost, if it meets any legendary divine weapons, like Anan's "Aeolian Firmus", of' course there will be some counteracting, with his experience, he would be careful.

But Shaw Danon's fire stick esper was just too awkward. It had no sign of energy of a divine weapon. Because the vicious energy was too strong, it was more like an evil esper like Vampire Devil's, so he didn't put that into his heart.

The fire stick in Shaw Danon's hand, the Sinister Orb can only absorb blood from living thing, helpless when against the ghosts. An other half, however, was the "Dead Wand", a legendary evil artifact that refined with nether spirits over thousands years, the oldest of all artifacts of ghost. During the fight it was excited by Shaw Danon's blood, when it inserted into the body of the life ghost, it instantly cleansed the life ghost into nothingness, much more simplier than any divined weapons.

If it was usually, Vampire Devil would only be a little bit surprised, since Shaw Danon's cultivation was far worse than him after all. When Vampire Devil used this most powerful skill, Shaw Danon fell quickly. But now facing Tian Bolis who cultivation was not lower than him, instead slightly stronger, this small hiddened weakness was showed.

Spirits Control and Art of Vampire were both relied upon Blood Skull. One of the life ghosts was destroyed, the Blood Skull also received a minor damage. At this moment however, it became Vampire Devil's greatest danger.

Tian Bolis held the position of the Head of Bamboo Peak for nearly a hundred years, not only cultivation was far superior than Shaw Danon, knowledge and experience were also better than him hundred times. After a few rounds, he noticed a spot on the Blood Skull was unstable, therefore he used all his strength to attack there. At the beginning, it was nothing. But once time prolonged, Vampire Devil was very exhausted.

The dragon roared in the sky, dancing with its claws. The large skull that conjured by Vampire Devil was getting dimmer. The blazing flame, on the other hand, almost dyed the entire sky into dark red.

Vampire Devil regretted for being too arrogant. He thought with his hundreds years of hard cultivation, except for the several tops in Righteous, none he should be feared. This time he came, he did asked secretly to ensure knowing that the several people he feared did not come, and his heart was rested. Unexpectedly, Tian Bolis' cultivation have been advanced rapidly over hundred years.

As he was worrying, he took a glance below unintentionally, then it was an other surprise. On the ground, many figures were moving, at least dozens of them. Base on their clothing, they were most likely to be the Righteous. There were several who he familiar with, especially Master Vasp Caelo in the front, he was one of the Jadeon who hunted him.

Vampire Devil's heart was really frozen, he immediately looked for a retreat.

At the moment his mind was distracted, the fire dragon suddenly screamed, loud like thundred. Vampire Devil was surprised and lifted his head, what he saw terrified him. The fire dragon suddenly brightened with flame in mid-air, but for a while it did not attack, instead, it shrinked and returned to Tian Bolis' hand like a whale sucking in water. It returned to Flame Spirit sword. As for the fire light, it did not weaken, still shined the entire sky.

Tian Bolis' face was cold and solemn. Flame Spirit lay in front of his chest, left hand held the incantation, took seven steps of the position of the seven stars, then stabbed toward the sky with Flame Spirit sword, mumbled: "Rage of Nine Skies, turns to Divined Thunder. Might of Heaven, arrive at this sword!"

On the ground, especially the Jadeon, it was a wave of excitement. The Bamboo Peak disciples were all extremely excited. Even Master Vasp Caelo became a little pale.

The lowered dark clouds was like boiling water, the wind howled between sky and earth. A moment later, noise of blasting thunder came from the deep of the dark clouds, then exploded near the two people.

At that instant, the world was shaking!

The entire Billows Hill was also shaking. Even the calm ocean water surrounded the island was now unbelievably boiling.

An ancient lighting flashed in the sky, pierced through the dark clouds, teared up the sky. Like a proud, mightly deity entered the realm of mortal, landed on the tip of the burning sword.

At that instant, the men in the sky could no longer be seen. That glaring and brilliant radiance covered this piece of sky and earth.

Wind, blew pass.

Fluttered, everyone's clothes--

The world suddenly became a deadly quiet!

Suddenly, thunder roared again! In the exploding bang, the world changed its color. An enormous pillar of light shot out, pierced through all black clouds, brighter than summer-day sun, striked at Vampire Devil determinedly, unstoppably.

A moment later, Vampire Devil was completely covered by the radiance. Even the red light of his Blood Skull had completely disappeared instantly.

A figure was falling from the clouds.

Tian Bolis held Flame Spirit tightly, breathing heavily, face was a bit paled, but he stood on the clouds like a god.

After the shocking silence, an uproar bursted in the Righteous' crowd, many were filled with admiration. Every Bamboo Peak disciples were proud. Shaw Danon was stunned, completely filled with admiration. He forced his eyes to leave Tian Bolis and saw everyone were smiling, Hidi was laughing.

Other than happiness, Shaw Danon thought of something and looked at the Bamboo Height disciples. Anan was standing there quietly, staring at Tian Bolis' figure, lost in thought.

The same skill "Thunderblade", but in Tian Bolis' hand, the power was not just ten times stronger than Anan.

Vampire Devil's face was red as blood. His body fell without any control. Master Vasp Caelo snorted, then gave Kevern an eye signal. Kevern understood, waved his hand, then quickly six or seven disciples came out from the Righteous crowd with their espers out, and dashed toward to where Vampire Devil is about to land.

Vampire Devil's body shook, waving his hands in mid-air, like trying to resist. But quickly, red light flashed on his face, then spewed out mouth-full of blood. His face immediately turned ash grey.

Everyone laughed, they knew Vampire Devil was powerless to offer resistance and about to see Kevern captures him alive. Suddenly Surin shouted: "Careful!"

Kevern, Baye and others were surprised. Suddenly their eyes were confused, purple light and black gas flashed, several great force striked out from the darkness. The two people who flew in the front, a Jadeon disciple and a Skysong monk, were badly beatened with blood coming from their mouth, and fell backward.

Kevern and others were surprised and forced their body to hold, but the great force was already arriving before them, falling on them overwhelmingly, like mountains and oceans. Kevern called loudly: "Retreat!"

Chapter 4 Flame Spirit C

At the same time, he gritted his teeth, the Frozen Ice sword in his hand flashed over and over again, instantly formed seven layers of ice wall, trying to create covers for his allies. But without giving them much time, the great force hit on the ice wall and broke through them like papers, rushed upon them.

Kevern was standing right in front of it, at this moment he almost stopped breathing. A green light appeared, it was Baye, who saw Kevern in a dangerous situation, recklessly summoned Dragon Slayer and charged forth.

Kevern shouted: "Lin Shidi, run!"

But the speed of the overwhelming strength, it was already before them in a blink of an eye. The two people were like a small boat in a large storm, couldn't do anything but wait for death. Suddenly someone shouted from behind:


Wind blew, the strange force met their opponents. Sound of fighting rang for a while. The sound of wind howled, then suddenly stopped. Kevern and Baye's collars were grabbed by someone, then thrown several yards backward, saved their life at least.

The two putted themselves back together and saw the person who saved Kevern was Master Vasp Caelo, the person who pulled Baye back was Surin. And standing with them were from other factions, elders such as "Herald of Vigor", also including Tian Bolis who came down from the clouds.

At far, the purle light and black gas caught Vampire Devil. Several people appeared, while countless of footsteps issued from the forest behind them. The darkness was filled heavily with shadows, could not see how many people were hiding in there. But base on those who appeared, they were most likely Felkin.

Shaw Danon was surprised and rose up, looked at the Felkin standing in the front. The one who caught Vampire Devil was Master Vim. There were three men next to him, a bald-head old man, a vicious looking but tiny midge, the last one was a white face scholar, cool and different, with a smile hanging on his face, cound not see a sign of evil.

Among the Righteous, Master Vasp Caelo exchanged a glance with Tian Bolis, the corner of his eye was twisting. He snorted, said coldly: "Good! Good! Now you old men finally appear."