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Chapter 67: Vampire Devil

Chapter 3 Vampire Devil A

The old man with a hideous face was an old devil of Felkin that had been hidden for many years, known as "Founder of Vampire". The Righteous, and many Felkin also, called him "Vampire Devil", and the main reason was the evil art he practiced "Art of Vampire" require draining human blood into the body to assist cultivation, very awkward and horrifing.

Although this hideous art is powerful, it has backfire effect on the cultivator. Anyone who practice the Art of Vampire will result in a terrifing face, unacceptable to the world. Even in the Felkin, there were many people not happy about it.

But this art can not to be taken lightly, a hundred years ago when he made his first appearance, he had caused a reign of terror, giving the Righteous a large headach. Later when the Felkin lost the upper hand, the Righteous began adding pressure. And to avoid the hunting from the powerful Righteous, the Vampire Devil also left the Central Plain with the Felkin, so therefore there was no more news of him.

This time the Felkin was restored again, Vampire Devil, who was originally part of the major four Felkin sects "Venom", was also invited. Before he parted, his only disciple Jiang Lao San, went to assist Cynical Dialectian and Liu Gao. To his surprise, his disciple was killed in Cave of Fangs.

Vampire Devil was extremely furious after learning his disciple's death. Because the Art of Vampire has a very bad reputation, and the process of cultivating is dangerous, one mistake may causes backfire by the art and bursts the blood vessel. So even among the Felkin, there is rarely anyone who is willing to practice to art. Jiang Lao San was a disciple he found years ago, and his attribute match the master's strange temper. Because of that, Vampire Devil really likes him. And now his disciple died without figured out the reason, how can he not be furious?

Recently, there was a big movement within the Felkin. With the Vim cut out an opening path into this desolated land Billow Hill of the East Sea, other three major sects also sent out reinforcement. Vampire Devil was among them. He arrived the Billows Hill just today. Coincidentally, he ran into Cynical Dialectian as well as other Bloodforger.

Nian Boss, Liu Gao, and many others were all cunning. Seeing Vampire Devil's face was clouded, and based upon their knowledge of this old man's strange, ruthless temper, they realized he must be still burned with hatred for his disciple's death, every one of them slipped away immediately.

As for Cynical Dialectian, discrible in a nicer way it would be striaght forward, more negative way would be slow react. He stepped forth and greeted Vampire Devil, saying: "Ah! Senior, haven't met for many years, is your body still well-"

Without needing it to be finished, Vampire Devil already felt this Cynical really death, mocking for not dying after caused my disciple's death? Under the anger, he grabbed Cynical Dialectian up in the air. Finally Cynical Dialectian realized something was not right and began begging for mercy.

The Vampire Devil was also not speaking any rubbish to him: "Now we will head to the Jadeon and search for the bastard who killed my disciple. If we find him, lucky for you. If not, I will first drink your blood to dry as a sacrifice for my disciple."

Cynical Dialectian's face turned dead pale immediately, but no one could hear his complain.

Shaw Danon met Cynical Dialectian several times since he arrived at Billows Hill. But Cynical Dialectian was always fighting someone or escaping in the sky, he never noticed Shaw Danon. Even the time when they were in the cave, Shaw Danon was hiding in the dark corner. And when he came out, Cynical Dialectian already rushed out among other people, busying with the Righteous disciple.

Cynical Dialectian thought in his mind, who knows if that bastard had came to Billows Hill. If he did not come, himself will be dead innocently under the rage of the the Vampire Devil. He kept begging for mercy, but Vampire Devil's heart was hard as stone, ignored him and secretly flew to the Righteous' living place.

Then at this moment in the dark woods, he suddenly saw Shaw Danon's figure, Cynical Dialectian was very glad, much more happier than if he see his mom and dad, he immediately cried out: "That's him, can't be wrong, I can still recongize him even if he turns into ashes!"

Vampire Devil snorted, then tossed Cynical Dialectian away like some kind of trash. Shaw Danon heard a muffled bang, followed by a painful cry. Did he landed on the ground, or hit on a tree?

Vampire Devil examined Shaw Danon carefully with his eyes, did not make a move right after, but frowned. Although he was agressive, he was not out of his mind. That day when he saw Jiang Lao San's corpse that was carried by the bloodforger, aside from anger and sadness, he also discovered something strange. The way of Jiang Lao San's flesh dried death was so similar to his Art of Vampire. Are there people practice this "art" other than Jiang Lao San and himself?

Of'course he didn't know that in Shaw Danon's hand, on the fire stick, it was the "Sinister Orb" decended from Felkin's Elder Blackheart. But with his several hundreds of cultivation experience, he was determined that the "murderer", even if he was not using the Art of Vampire, he was using a similar magic that is similar to Art of Vampire. Additionally, that person cultivation power was no less than him. Now he was facing Shaw Danon, examining him carefully first, trying to seek an odd thing about him.

But he looked at every places of him, he frowned, but still couldn't make out anything. From head to feet, then from feet to head, this brat is still a common Jadeon disciple, without any unique place, not to mention he did not has any blood thirsty energy of the Art of Vampire.

Shaw Danon stood there, felt a creep for being watched by a ghostly old man. He did not know who he is, but seeing he was with Cynical Dialectian, must be a Felkin. And base on their conversation, it seemed they came for him.

The red glowing skull began spinning slowly again. Vampire Devil's voice came out coldly behind the red light: "Jadeon's brat, is it you who killed my disciple Jiang Lao San?"

Shaw Danon startled, asked: "Who is Jiang Lao San?"

Vampire Devil speechless and was furious, if it was usually, he would already send a magic and drain his dry first. But thinking of this Jadeon disciple can possibly having a certainly level of Art of Vampire cultivation, he must figures this out.

He forced to suppress down his anger, but his voice was already like ghost howling: "The one you killed with Art of Vampire in Kongsang Mountain's Cave of Fang!"

Shaw Danon was shocked. Hearing the word vampire again, he recalled the terrifying scene that floated in his mind. His heart tightened, his hand subconsiously reached to his fire stick.

The the fire stick peacefully lying at his waist, like a sleeping demon.

Vampire Devil saw he was quiet, which was very disrespectful to him at the extreme, ten times more "arrogant" than Righteous who hunted him.

His temper was always aggressive. If not because he had question in his mind, how could he hold it for this long. This anger triggered him, he roared: "Jadeon's brat, return my disciple to me!"

Shaw Danon was surprised and took a step back. Ghost cried and chill wind screamed, he could even feel the creep on the back of his neck. The hair of his entire body raised.

The red skull suddenly opened its jaw in mid-air. Instantly, five beam of black lights came out and landed before Shaw Danon. After a moment later, they slowly rose up.

Shaw Danon gathered himself and prepared. Although knowing the Felkin heretic before him was awkward and evil, he still shivered when he saw what was before him. The five figures that were rosing up were five monsters with unique shape, but terrifying nevertheless. The large jaws, sharp fangs, and the stink, dirty breath against his nose.

Just a short period of time, the five monsters already grew to giants that were one and a half taller than Shaw Danon himself. Behind them, Vampire Devil's hands held into a strange mark, often tap, hit and shake the red skull. The monsters answered; they were controlled by this old devil.

At this moment, it was like because of the red light that let out from the skull, even Vampire Devil's eyes seemed a little red. He gave a cold laughter, then ten fingers tightened on the red skull.

As if it reacted to his action, the five gigantic monsters' eyes brightened in red, letting out a vicious glance, at the same time they all howled to the sky.


Shaw Danon's body was shocked, his mind was almost captured by it. The figures shined around him, the ghostly cry pierced through his ears, stabbed straight into his brain, causing unbearable pain.

The five monstered howled, then pounced on him. Among the screaming of the fierce wind, Shaw Danon used all his strength to dodge it with a slight gap. But before he can calm himself, the five monsters inserted their claws into the ground among the howling.

Shaw Danon was in mid-air. With the fire stick held in his hand, his heart is more rested. It was like the fire stick also felt something, it beginning to get brightened with green light.

Without giving him a moment to think, the claws that were inserted into the earth by the five monsters pulled the entire piece of earth out. But more terrifying was under the ground, countless of nether spirits in all size came out, flying toward to Shaw Danon, completely surrounded him in a blink of an eye.

Chapter 3 Vampire Devil B

Vampire Devil smiled coldly, but then frowned. Because he was aware that this young man may beared with special ability, so he did not use his most capable skill Art of Vampire, instead he used a magic he cultivated during recent year--"Spirit Control". Using his own soul to cultivate into five "life ghosts" which are used as pulling force to capture all the wraiths within ten miles. After than, crafted them with magic and turned to to fierce, blood thirsty nether spirits, and ordered them to attack Shaw Danon.

This Jadeon disciple's cultivation was not low, he showed no sign of practiced Art of Vampire. Did he just missed it? Or was it because Cynical was trying to stay alive and found a random scapegoat for him?

As Vampire Devil was thinking, he suddenly felt something and his body shook. He lifted his head and found at the place where countless of white nether spirits were surrounding Shaw Danon so tightly that he could not be seen, among the heavy white light, there was a beam of green light, shined through countless of nether spirit.

A tearing noise, clear and loud.

The night of the Billow Hill got darker. Even the weakest moonlight can no longer be seen.

In this silent and lonely color of the night, there was a long whistle.

The tide at the far away sea got more aggressive.

There was a icy coldness passed through the heart.....

The fire stick suddenly glared. The originally black stick was like an awakened demon, opened its eyes. Instantly, a cold and vicious sense came out from Shaw Danon. The countless nether spirits were terrified, flew around in panic.

Vampire Devil's eyebrows frowned tightly, his face got solemn, and mumbled quietly to himself: "Very heavy vicious energy......"

The five enormous life ghosts howled together. Their figures flashed and lifted into the air, landed around Shaw Danon, surrounding him in the center. At the same time, their claws teared across the air, causing sharp sound.

The nether spirits that were in panic because of the mysterous vicious energy that came off from the fire stick, were suddenly froze in mid-air. Shaw Danon could see many of the painful look of those shapeshifted face had returned to fierce looking.


The screaming of the ghost pierced through the air. Countless of nether spirits pounced toward at the only flesh body.

Shaw Danon took in a cold breath. Around him it was nothing but the ghostly white figures, rushing toward him, giving him no break. Few seconds later, the ghosts pressed him down to the ground like a thick cloud. Shaw Danon gritted his teeth, trying to hold out, but soon later he staggered, a sharp pain pierced into his legs, almost caused him to fall.

Shaw Danon was surprised, looked down and saw a pair of hands had reached out from the earth underneath, grabbed his legs tightly. The sharp claws almost sticked into his vein. Surrounding him, the five life ghosts that were there have only four of them remain.

The nether spirits cheered in the sky, swarming around him. The greedy jaws were before his eyes.

Shaw Danon was pale, even his muscles were a bit twisted. Bearing the pain, his right hand formed an incantation mark and sliced arcoss the air before him. The fire stick rose and drew a wall of mystic green light, one after an other.

The first several nether spirits could not halt quick enough and crushed on the black stick, then evaporate into smoke without a scream.

At the same time, Shaw Danon's body shocked again. He took a peer and the claws had pierced through his skin like a sharp knife. Fresh blood bled, fell on black claws.

The fresh, sweet smell of blood! Spread out immediately in the air.

Shaw Danon startled.

The nether spirits in the crowded air were also startled.

The light on the fire stick shook softly. It was like excited by the smell of its own blood.

A moment later, countless of nether spirits charged downward at the sweet body of fresh. Even with the cruel wind screaming, that person roared proudly. The fire stick dropped and caught by Shaw Danon, without caring the nether spirits above him. His eyes glared, with a bit of red light flashing.

A stab!

Stabbed downward!

Passed through the claws, also passed through his own blood!

The red blood quietly sinked into the black stick. The red vein on the stick suddenly brightened.

"Poof!", there was a muffled noise came from the deep ground. The nether spirits from the above were all paused, terrified. It was like the legendary demon who forge spirits was before them.

In the darkness, only the fire stick was shining.

At far, the red skull that was in Vampire Devil's hand suddenly made a quiet rattle. Then, on the right hand side, a piece fell off.

Vampire Devil's color changed greatly; he lifted his head with surprise on his face. That boy has defeated one of his life ghosts from his Spirit Control's array. On the scene, the four life ghosts clearly were not enough to control sa many spirits without one of their companions, some nether spirits began to flee.

The earth around Shaw Danon suddenly sank half a foot deep. The claws that grabbed his legs slowly released, melt into blood and absorbed by the earth.

But before giving him a moment to relieve, he heard the nether spirits were screaming in the sky. He was surprised and about to resist. However, the nether spirits were fleeing instead. The white lights dazzled, the ghost cry screamed, the nether spirits fluttered, a red light flashed--

Red light?

Passing through coutless of white nether spirits, a red light shot toward him as fast as lighting; the sparkling skull was already arrived before him in a blink of an eye. Shaw Danon was about to make a jump, but it pulled the wound on his legs. His body staggered and was unable to dodge.

The red skull opened its jaw, baited toward him like an evil spirit. In fright, Shaw Danon summoned his fire stick to block in front of him. But at that instant, a withered hand reached out from the jaw, soon became three feet long. The five fingers formed into claws, grabbed heavily on his chest.

Shaw Danon's body was greatly shocked. The withered skin of that ghostly hand suddenly full with blood, while himself was dizzy in his head, felt that all the blood in his body were surging toward the injury on his chest.

It was of' course Vampire Devil's speciality Art of Vampire. See Shaw Danon is in his control, he couldn't help but laughed, shouted, and lifted Shaw Danon's body into mid-air: "Brat, give me my disciple's life!"

Shaw Danon was grabbed by him, the blood of his body were going inverse, very painful. His consciousness was fading, and he could only use the last bit of his strenght to resist, hit that ghostly hand with the fire stick, but it was powerless like a feather.

The Vampire Devil ignored it. He snorted and thought: This young man is nothing, his cultivation is also average, but the esper is very weird. After finish draining his blood, the fire stick should be taken back and have a good look at it.

At this moment, the fire stick landed on the hand that was grabbing Shaw Danon's chest.

The mystic green orb sliced passed the skin that was drinking the blood savagely.

Was the blood beneth the skin summoning something?

The Vampire Devil suddenly screamed, let go of Shaw Danon and leap backward, looked at his arm. The healthy skin due to blood sucking withered almost at that same instant, worse than it was before.

And in front of him, Shaw Danon was tottoring, but the fire stick in hand, especially the orb on the top, was glowing strangely, shining on the blood vein, sparkling in red.

Vampire Devil made a cold laugh: "I was wondering about how Jiang Lao San died, so the secret is here. Heh heh, there can be such treasure in this world. Brat, hand it over to me along with your life!"

After that he rose into the air, hand formed into claws, this time he aimmed right at Shaw Danon's head. Pityful that Shaw Danon was strengthless all over his body, with no power to resist, about to see himself dead under Vampire Devil's hand.


A shout that filled with anger. A blazing wave of heat pierced through the air, like a tremendous wave, engulfed the entire forest. All trees within ten yards had withered. A brilliant light of fire came down from the sky, teared the dark clouds into pieces.

Vampire Devil was terrified. The person that was arriving had an innormally high cultivation. Where can he find the focus to harm Shaw Danon, his hands retrieved swiftly. Among the screaming, the red skull shined brightly, raised a blood red wall of light before him.


Like the sound of thunder hitting the ground, the fire light landed on the blood wall. The crushing heat wave turned into a shaking, red celestial sword. The enormous power pushed Shaw Danon several yards backward. The strength did not weaken, still pressing on him like mountain and sea.

Vampire Devil's face paled, shouted, and changed the incantation mark of his ten fingers. A pair of bloody beams shot out from the eye sockets of the red skull, passed through the blood wall and hit on the red sword.

In the bang, the red sword flew backword while Vampire Devil shocked, steadied himself after backing up several steps.

"'Flame Spirit'!" Creepy chill rose in Vampire Devil's eyes, his face was cold as frost.

The blazing heat flashed then vanished, Tian Bolis appeared from where the fire was. A figure flashed behind him, it was Surin, holding Shaw Danon who is about to fall. Shaw Danon's heart was warmed as he saw his master and shi niang arrived.

Surin was worried, whispered to him: "Xiao Fan, are you alright?"

Chapter 3 Vampire Devil C

Shaw Danon forced a smile: "I am fine, shi niang-"

His word was only half finished, suddenly golden stars flashed before his eyes, then it was darkness. He fainted.

Surin's brows frowned tightly. Tian Bolis ignored Vampire Devil to check Shaw Danon first.

After a while, Surin finished checking. She reached into her sleeve and took out a bottle, poured out a yellow pill and let Shaw Danon took it, after that she nodded at Tian Bolis, said quietly: "He won't die." Paused, looked at Vampire Devil from far away, eyes filled with resentment: "It was the Art of Vampire!"

Anger flashed on Tian Bolis face, turned around and met his eyes with Vampire Devil's.

"Vampire Devil, you are already a several hundreds years old figure, and you used such cruel method on a junior, what are you?"

"Posh!" Vampire Devil said aggressively: "So your disciple's life is a life, my disciple's life is not a life?"

Tian Bolis said coldly: "What does that has to do with your stupid disciple?"

Vampire Devil's eyes froze, said: "He killed my disciple in Kongsang Mountain's Cave of Fangs, so I am here to kill him, how about this then?"

"Nice!" Tian Bolis suddenly shouted: "Nice killing!"

Vampire Devil startled.

Tian Bolis coldly laughed: "I used to despise this disciple, but today he appeared to be better than I had imagined, for he know how to rid of harm for the sake of the people!"

The anger was not minor for Vampire Devil, he said furiously: "Good, good, you *****-borned, hundred years ago you hunted me when I was in difficult situation. Today, allow me to taste the blade of your Flame Spirit again!"

Tian Bolis took a deep breath, right hand sliced across the air. As if the Flame Spirit answering to its master's will, it, too, shaking in excitment.

"Hundred years ago I allowed you to barely escape with a bit of luck, today let me see how well you have trained your Art of Vampire that bold enough to harm my disciple?"