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Chapter 66: The Past

 Chapter 2 The Past A

The atmasphere had turned heavy. Tian Bolis slowly straightened his body, his face was unstable, unable to know what he is thinking.

Enu quiet for a moment, then said: "Tian Shishu, I have been hesitated for quite a while, but it is not good to conceal it from you......"

Tian Bolis took a deep breath, nodded: "Xiao Shizhi, I know what you mean, thank you."

Enu nodded, then thought of something, said: "Tian Shishu, I think that although Zhang Shidi knows Master Vim and his daughter, he doesn't seem fall into the evil, yet. However, the Felkins are cunning, Zhang Shidi is also young, it will be dangerous most likely."

Tian Bolis snorted, his face was cold as frost, said: "That animal, let's wait and see how I punish him!"

Enu glanced at him, said: "Tian Shishu, I have a word, but don't know should I say it......"

Tian Bolis said: "Say it."

Enu said: "Yes, Tian Shishu, the reason why I talked to you privately about Zhang Shidi is that I hope you can solve this issue well before it gets serious. Vasp Caelo Shishu is in charge of punishment, his temper is also unyielding, if he find out, I am afraid Zhang Shidi--He is your disciple, and you must have spent much effort on him over the past years, if this becomes a huge issue, you and Vasp Caelo Shishu will not take any step back. So--" Then he lowered his voice, said: "If Zhang Shidi did not commit anything seriously wrong, just scold at him privately."

Tian Bolis lifted his head, looked at him deeply, said: "Xiao Shizhi, you really have great leadership, no wonder why Head Shixiong value you so. It seems the postition of the Head of the Faction is none other than you."

Enu slightly lowered his head, said: "Tian Shishu you over praised me."

At this moment, Tian Bolis' face had already returned normal, smiled lightly: "Alright! You should rest early! We Bamboo Peak will remember your kindness."

Intentionally or not, his tone got heavier when he spoke the word "Bamboo Peak".

Enu was a little confused, smiled: "Shishu is too polite."

Tian Bolis nodded, rose up and left.

Tian Bolis stood alone at a quiet place in the forest, hands behind his back.

It was deep in night, the stars were shining and the moon was hanging in the sky. The bright moon light shined pass the thick forest leaves, sprayed on him. From the darkness, his eyebrows were frowned tightly, seemed like he was pondering something.

At this moment, footstep sounded behind him.

Tian Bolis turned around and looked, startled, said: "You?"

It was his wife Surin. In this desolated night, silent forest, she walked quietly, it was like all attention have been drawn to her.

It was like, after many years, the time did not wipe away her beauty.

Surin went next to Tian Bolis, smiled: "You told Daren to call Xiaofan to here, but Xianfan is absent, I told him to go to Vajra's Herald of Vigor, he should be return soon."

Tian Bolis nodded, took a look at her, about to speak, but then stopped.

Surin said lightly: "Since when you saw Enu, your were frowning, what happened?"

Tian Bolis let out a long sigh, face relaxed a little, said: "I know I can't conceal it from you." Then he told her about what Enu said about Shaw Danon.

Surin quietly listen to him until he finished, pondered for a moment, then she said: "Let's not talk about does Xiaofan knows Master Vim and his daughter, even if they know each other, using this to say Xiaofan have fallen into the Felkin, or he is even a spy in Jadeon sent by the Felkin, I will never believe it."

Tian Bolis snorted: "I know this already. Heh, I adopted six disciples before, from oldest for sixth, none caused so many troubles, giving me such headach!"

Surin glanced at him, smiled: "But from oldest to sixth, none gave you such honor at Seven Peaks Tournament!"

Tian Bolis paused, but still not admitting defeat, he rolled his eyes, said: "That is called honor? Being hit by thunder like a burned rock."

Surin laughed: "Oh my! Tian Shixiong, I heard that three hundreds years ago when you participated in the Seven Peaks Tournament, you were also only in the top four!"

Tian Bolis was embarrassed by the old stuff that his wife took out, he said: "Isn't that because--That night before the contest I sneaked out with you to Peak of Widows' 'Rainbow Bridge' to watch stars and moon together, did not sleep for the entire night. I had no energy during the contest, how could I stand as Vanti Shixiong's opponent?"

"Boo!" Surin scolded, but her face blushed, very tender, like it was back to that night: "Vanti Shixiong is gifted by heaven, extremely intelligent, in the disciples among our generation, none can be compared to him in cultivation beside for Doyel Shen Head Shixiong. What are you? You already made your master very happy when you got into the top four, you still want to defeat Vanti Shixiong?"

Tian Bolis laughed, his mood got better, said: "Of'course Vanti Shixiong is much better than me. But you chose me instead of him, that means I have something that is better than him."

Surin rolled her eyes on him, said: "I was blinded by ghost, that is why I followed you."

Tian Bolis did not get mad, but looking at his wife, his eyes were filled with laughter. Then, he reached out and held Surin's soft, boneless like hand.

Surin glared at him, whispered: "How old are you now, still doing such disgusting thing? When Xiaofan came, what will it be like if he see it!"

Tian Bolis laughed but did not speak. Surin lowered her head, but did not took her hand back.

The color of the night was soft as water, there was no one around. The cool wind passed back, shaking the branches in the night.

It was very quiet inside the forest.

After a moment, Surin suddenly said: "Actually, I think that Shaw Danon is pretty similar to you back then." Then she raised her head, said to Tian Bolis: "Do you feel it?"

Tian Bolis startled, said: "How can it be?"

Surin smiled: "What is this face? Back then you were dumb looking, everyone think you can't be compared to your ambitious shixiongs. But in the end in Bamboo Peak, the highest achievement, highest cultivation turns out to be you. Then, your master passed you the Head of Bamboo Peak."

Tian Bolis snorted, said: "This is called restrained talent, not dumb."

Surin laughed, shook her head, said: "You! Age got older, skin also got thicker, really can't deal with you." Paused, then she said: "But about Xiaofan, I don't believe you can't see it. The performance of him during the past years is not as intelligent as Baye and Anan, but he is not dumb. I think he is above average. However, it was you treated him coldly, caused him to be low self-esteem, and making him seem like dull and coward."

Then, she thought of something, pondered for a moment, finally said: "But what I can't understand is that, the most basic level one Pure Essence incantation, how come he used three times more time than a normal person?"

Tian Bolis shook his head, let out the breath from his chest, said lightly: "Don't think too much now, when seventh comes, I will ask him, what did he do? What did he do that we don't know?"

Surin glanced at him, said: "You make a fierious face when he is here, otherwise before he can speak, he is already scared by your look."

Chapter 2 The Past B

Tian Bolis snorted: "Don't know why, a gust of anger will come out from my heart when I see him."

Surin smiled: "You actually want your disciple with the most future to be better, not only in cultivation, but also in dealing daily affair, you want him to be like Kevern, Enu, successful at both ways, in future--" Then she sighed and stopped.

Tian Bolis remained quiet for a moment, then said: "What is it?"

Surin looked at him, hesitated, then finally said: "Buyi, your temper, over so many years, you haven't become like Vanti Shixiong, so--"

Tian Bolis pondered for a moment, slowly nodded: "I understand what you mean, no need to say it."

Surin looked at him for a while, then laughed: "If Xiaofan know his master who always despise him has high expectation on him, I wonder how happy he will be like?"

Tian Bolis snorted, face filled with disdain, turned away, said: "With his dumb looking, I can have high expectation on him? Don't dream about it!"

Surin stood behind him, smiled at him. She could still feel the palm that is holding her hand, warm and large, it was like it haven't change over the past three hundreds years.

Quietly, she also held his hand tightly.

Shaw Danon and Xavion left the place where Onara and his master Herald of Vigor lived. As they were returning, he could still hear Onara's thick laughter resounding against his ears. The night became deeper, except for the night guard disciples, everyone slowly returned to their sleeping place.

When they were about to arrive at the cave where Bamboo Peak lived, Xavion had a little worry in his heart, turned to Shaw Danon, said: "Xiaofan, do you remember what I told you?"

Shaw Danon said: "Yes, Da Shixiong."

Xavion nodded: "I don't know why Master is looking for you, but his eyebrows have been frowning since he came back visiting Enu, I am afraid it is something unpeasant."

Shaw Danon remain quiet. His heart was unrested, perhaps Enu told his master about Master Vim and Bilu. If it was really like that, he did not know how to answer his master if asked.

Xavion saw Shaw Danon wasn't speaking, he thought he was scared, so he patted his shoulder, said: "Xiaofan, don't need to worry. Although Master is always strict, he truely loves us." Then he paused, lowered his voice: "But don't get impetous, if you go against Master, we can't plead you!"

Shaw Danon's heart was warmed. He gritted his teeth, looked at Xavion, and said quietly: "Xavion, I am really sorry about how I treated at the past few days, for-forgive me!"

Xavion laughed, then patted his head, said: "What are you saying this for? Hurry, don't let Master wait for too long. Today really is weird, the bright moon was hanging in the sky a moment ago, now the clouds have came. East Sea is different than our Central Plain after all."

Shaw Danon lifted his head and looked at the sky and saw it was darkened. The bright moon that was there a moment ago now covered by black clouds, weakened its brightness significantly, annoying to people.

While they were talking, they had returned to the cave. Xavion and Shaw Danon stopped their pace. They could hear the laughter that came out from Hidi and Amandla.

Shaw Danon was silent for a moment, then said to Xavion: "Da Shixiong, I will not go in then, and shall directly go into the forest to find Master."

Xavion took a glance at him, nodded: "That's fine, hurry! But now the forest is dark, you need to be careful while walking in the forest, understand?"

Shaw Danon showed a smile, nodded, then headed into the forest.

Xavion looked at his figure, suddenly felt the Xiao Shidi appeared to be a bit lonely. He sighed, shook his head, then went into the cave.

Once he stepped into the forest, darkness surrounded him aggressively.

Shaw Danon paused for a moment, his heart was moved. After a moment, his eyes adapted the surrounding of the woods. The remnants of moonlight shined pass the thick leave, landed on the ground, leaving a bit of light.

Everything in the forest was quiet. No bird cries of the morning, no breathing of the beast, even the song of insects was also disappeared in tonight. Only the enormous tree that stood everywhere like a warrior in the darkness!

There were only the whistle of the wind!

The wind came from the far away sea blew pass the trees, creating rustle sound.

In this ghostly forest, a young man walked alone.

Shaw Danon's mind floated away in this ghostly forest, dead silent night. He suddenly recalled many, many things of the past: at dusk, when he was still a child, he cuddled in his mother's arms, facing the night color, there was a faint fear in his large eyes.

But then, without feeling it happened, the time that had passed was already this far away.

He closed his eyes, took a deep breath, shook his head, then quickened his pace and continued forward.

However, he did not notice on the path where he was walking, a pair of bright, red eyes rose quietly from the darkness, burning with the flame of hatred.

Like a pair of angry eyes from a person!

Tian Bolis frowned, a bit unpatient, said: "What is wrong with him, still not here after long time?"

Surin glanced at him, said: "How can he be that fast? Daren ran to find him, then he need to return from Herald of Valor. Even with running, it will takes some time. You can't make him to fly around just for a tiny matter?"

Tian Bolis snorted, raised his head and looked at the sky, said: "Strange, why the sky changes so fast at East Sea?"

Surin looked around, also frowned: "Yeah! It was just shiny a moment ago! Now it got covered by dark clouds." But she didn't keep this in her mind, and asked something else: "Buyi, there is still a thing that I don't understand since the beginning."

Tian Bolis looked at her, said: "What?"

Surin said: "If Xiaofan really knows Master Vim and his daughter like Enu have said, no matter what reason, he should tell Vasp Caelo Shixiong. He knows this clearly. But he spoke to you privately and concealed it from Vasp Caelo Shixiong, and he was not very close to our Bamboo Peak, I feel this is not right."

Tian Bolis was quiet for a moment, then said lightly: "This person's mind is not simple."

Chapter 2 The Past C

Surin's eyebrows frowned a little, said: "How?"

Tian Bolis did not answer right away, instead he pondered for a moment, said: "From what I know, Head Shixiong have been focusing on cultivation for the past years and began to ignore faction matter. Most daily matter was taken care by Vasp Caelo and several elders." Then he paused, laughed coldly: "Now people are discussing privately that Vasp Caelo is already the Headmaster who live at Dragon Head Peak."

Surin was shocked, with a little worry, she pulled Tian Bolis' sleeve, whispered: "You must not say this outside."

Tian Bolis nodded: "I know, rest assure!"

Then he pondered for a moment, continued: "You know this too, we Jadeon for two thousands years, especially since Master Jade Leaf established Jadeon Seven Houses, the position of Headmaster was always succeed by the Peak of Widows disciple. But now-"

Surin smiled, continued for him: "But now, Vasp Caelo Shixiong was repected in the facton, and also strong in cultivation, reputation is only second to Dayel Shen Shixiong. Enu succeed as Headmaster seems unarguable, but now it becomes questionable."

Tian Bolis said lightly: "And for two hundreds years, Vasp Caelo was always in charge of Jadeon punishment enforcement, will not take anything other than his own will. Except for Doyel Shen Shixiong, he already looking down at everyone. Xiao Shizhi's worry is normal."

Surin lowered her head, then said after a while: "Buyi, this battle for the Headmaster will affacts quite wide, don't get too into it."

Tian Bolis shook his head: "How can I not know, but I am a head of a house, how can I avoid it. Today Enu gave me a gratitude, mostly is hoping I can give him support at future conflict. We can only take a step, watch a step."

Surin sighed, nodded: "We can only do that."

"Wooooo" A chill wind blew past from the deep of the forest.

Shaw Danon could feel the chill on his neck, lifted his head and saw the sky was full of figures of the trees, dancing like devils. He frowned, the forest was much ghostly tonight, very different than before. And then he thought, he haven't seen anything unlucky for the past days in here, so they will appear if the sky get a bit dark?

Thinking of that, he laughed in his heart, then continued.

Suddenly, crying of the ghost bursted behind him. Shaw Danon was surprised, immediately turned around, then his face got pale even more. In the darkness, a skull slowly glowed in dark red light, spinning in the air.

In the crying the of ghost, the red skull stopped, it was facing Shaw Danon. Shaw Danon could see the ghostly fire inside of its eyesockets. He couldn't help but shivered.

A moment later, behind that ghostly object, two figure slowly rose up. With the red light of the skull, Shaw Danon could see one of them was a tall and skinny old man, horrible, dry face, almost only skin and bones, not very different than the red skull. His pair of eyes glared at Shaw Danon, burning in fury.

An other person was in a very embarrassing situation, although he was quite big, he was hung in mid-air by the old man like a little chicken, face filled with helplessness.

Shaw Danon was surprised, let out a "huh?".

This person was very familiar, it was Cynical Dialectian who he met in Cave of Fangs at Kongsang Mountain, and also ran into several times at Billows Hill. His collar was held by the bony old man, crying. Quickly he noticed Shaw Danon, then it was like he saw a savior, immediately pointed at Shaw Danon, cried out: "Ah! It's him, it's him!"

Shaw Danon was surprised, not knowing what Cynical Dialectian meant. The old man glared at him, issued a sharp, hoarse voice at Cynical Dialectia: "This is the brat from Jadeon?"

Cynical nodded, said quickly: "Right, right, it's him, Senior Vampire. It's the bastard who killed your only heir, vampire Jiang Lao San!"