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Chapter 65: Worries

 Chapter 1 Worries A

Shaw Danon stared at that middle-aged man, who is the greatest enemy of the Righteous. His mind was in chaos. For the past days, he often have a little doubt on his belief, and it was all came from the conversation in the tea stall under Kongsang Mountain that day.

And now, he met the person again. His feeling was very complicated, almost caused him to forget his current situation.

Although he had forgotten, others did not.

Xiao Zhou wiped away the blood from his mouth, managed to stand up, and whispered to Shaw Danon and Hidi: "This person's cultivation is too high. We can not face him directly. I will hold him, you two run!"

Then, he waved his hand. The "Nava Sword" that was inserted into the rock received the summon. It broke away from the stone ande returned to his hand.

Master Vim took a look at Xiao Zhou, nodded with a thin smile, and said: "Base on your cultivation, it appears you are the top of the Jadeon disciples. Can't expect there is a talented person like you in Jadeon other than Shaw Danon. Not bad, not bad!"

Shaw Danon was surprised, but found his shijie Hidi and Xiao Zhou peered at him. His face flushed, don't know what to say for this moment.

Xiao Zhou took a deep breath, and took a step forward. The Nava Sword in his hand brightened. However, Master Vim made no move, he only stood there and smiled at them. Xiao Zhou knew this person is the toughest enemy he had met in his entire life. But there were shidi and shimei behind him. He could not run away from the battle. He could only hope he can hold him, allow his faction members to escape.

Unexpectedly, when he tried to channel his energy, the blood in his chest rose. He couldn't hold it anymore, and spew out a mouthful of blood.

Shaw Danon and Hidi were surprised. They quickly supported him. Xiao Zhou face was pale. He knew the hit that Master Vim did to him had shocked his inter-organ, meridian was injuried, therefore he could no longer cast any spells. He was frightened. One is that he knew he is in a hopeless situation, two is that he was worrying about the high cultivation of Master Vim that was shocking, the harm that he may do to the Righteous is hard to predetermine.

Master Vim glanced at him, said: "You force yourself to continue fighting, is it that you want to hold me for a while and allow the other two to escape?"

Xiao Zhou snorted and did not answer. Hidi stood up and blocked before him, said angerly: "Evil heretic, don't think you can be complacent just because your cultivation is high, I am not fear you!"

Shawn Danon was surprised. Master Vim could injury Xiao Zhou severely with one move. Anyone could see his cultivation is extremely high. Three of them add together may not be his opponent. Seeing Hidi's fearless looking, he was a bit worried and grabbed her, signalled Hidi not to be rush.

Before Hidi react, this action was already in Master Vim and Bilu's eyes. Bilu's face darkened, snorted, glanced at Hidi then Shaw Danon. She spoke: "Shaw Danon, is this she your shijie Hidi you kept talking about?"

Hidi and Xiao Zhou were both surprised. Xiao Zhou frowned, said: "Zhang Shidi, you know this pair of father and daughter?"

Shaw Danon was quiet for a while, then said: "Yes."

At this moment, Hidi suddenly cried out: "Ah! I recongize her. You are the devil who sneak into our place that night, then was chased you to an island. You were saying you are looking for a person name Xiaofan......"

Then she stopped, her eyes glared at Shaw Danon.

Shaw Danon's heart was terrible. This situation is what he have been fear of. Now it really appeared, he did not know how to deal with it.

Master Vim was standing there, watching Shaw Danon's complicated look. He still smiled and said: "Mister Zhang, after the talk below the Kongsang Mountain, how are you these days?"

Shaw Danon's mind was distracted, and ignored what he said. Xiao Zhou frowned, he was puzzled. Seeing the favor that Master Vim and Bilu have toward Zhang Shidi, their relationship is probably not simply. But Jadeon's rule is very strict, getting into any relationship with the Felkin is furthermore forbiddened. But he did not know what are their relationship, if it violated the rule, then it will be far from good.

But this is not the time for interrogation. The three of them were in a hopeless situation. Xiao Zhou managed to forcus his mind, and turned to Master Vim, about to speak. However, when Master Vim saw him, he spoke first: "You forced yourself to channel the vigor and injected the spirit into Nava Sword. Are you trying to use your remaining strength to hold me and allow your faction members to escape?"

Xiao Zhou was shocked. His face was dead as ashes. He did not expect Master Vim can be that sharp minded. With his cultivation, plus his awareness, Xiao Zhou and his friends will not survive.

But Master Vim smiled: "You don't need to feel hopeless, I have no intention to make it difficult for you."

"What?" Xiao Zhou and Hidi were confused. Shaw Danon also looked at him with surprise.

Master Vim looked at Bilu, then at Shaw Danon, he smiled: "Mister Zhang, that day in Kongsang Mountain's Forsaken Abyss, you showed true love to Yao'Er and experienced life and death together......"

The color of Shaw Danon's face already changed. Xiao Zhou and Hidi were also looking at him with weird eyes. He was rushed and said: "You-you are lying......"

At this moment, Shaw Danon felt the eyes of Bilu. But in her pair of bright eyes, it was hidden with sadness. He suddenly recalled the stormy night with the heaven and earth raging, and only she alone stayed with him. His heart softened and unable to continue.

Master Vim continued: "That day you unlocked Yao'Er, solved the knot between us. We owe you a gratitude." He smiled: "Today it will let three of you go as a respect to you. But when you return to Jadeon, you will be punished by those unreasoning old fools, why don't you join my Holy Faction. I will value you, and you can also be together with Yao'Er, isn't that-"

"Shut up!" It was a shout from Shaw Danon. He couldn't bear it anymore. He pointed at Master Vim and shouted: "Come kill me! Even if I am to die, I will never join your Felkin!"

Hidi was relieved, she clapped: "Nice one, Xiaofan."

But Xiao Zhou was only glanced at Shaw Danon lightly. His eyebrows were still locked.

Master Vim shook his head, smiled: "Anyway, just let you decide. Long time ahead of us, you can consider it slowly!"

Finished, he took Bilu and flew out of the cave.

Chapter 1 Worries B

Bilu turned her head and looked at Shaw Danon before she left. Seeing her eyes, Shaw Danon's angry heart filled hazy confusion.

Xiao Zhou took noticed of Shaw Danon's reaction. His eyebrows frowned tighter.

Master Vim and his daughter soon vanished in the darkness of the cave. A moment later, the noise at outside rose suddenly. It seemed the Righteous have been assaulted.

After that, the wind whistled with air piercing sound, seemed like many people were flying into the sky.

Master Vasp Caelo's powerful voice shook the surround, said: "Who are you, sir. With the cultivation this high, why don't you dare to come down and fight this Taoist?"

This is obviously saying to Master Vim. But with the wind howling and no bodying answering, Master Vim and Bilu were already long gone.

The cave was also quiet. Hidi noticed Xiao Zhou's face was pale, she asked concernly: "Zhou Shixiong, are you alright! Um, which house are you from?"

Shaw Danon saw Xiao Zhou was about to fall, he also came and supported him. Xiao Zhou glanced at him. Shaw Danon had an uncomfortable feeling and lowered his head.

Xiao Zhou sighed lightly, and smiled to them: "You don't need to call me Zhou Shixiong. That is the fake name that I used for mixing into the Felkin. My surname is not Zhou."

Hidi: "Ah, then you are......"

Xiao Zhou smiled, but then eyebrows jumped, it seemed because of his wound. He immediately returned normal. He smiled: "I am disciple under the Jadeon house of Peak of Widows, Master Doyal Shen. Surname Xiao (Note 1), name Yicai."

"What, you are Enu, Xiao Shixiong?"

Xiao Zhou, who is also Enu, nodded with a smile.

Shaw Danon and Hidi looked at each others. They have been hearing this name for a long time.


The night was dark. Countless of bright stars were sparkling above the Billows Hill, shining the world.

In a well hidden place, Master Vim came out slowly. Bilu was standing lonely on the hill, staring at the east of Billows.

That place is where the Righteous stays.

Master Vim sighed, and went behind her, said: "Yao'Er, the night is cold, you need to be careful of your health."

Bilu turned around quietly, forced a smile: "Yes, thank you, dad."

Master Vim asked: "You are thinking of that boy name Shaw Danon?"

Bilu blushed, but did not say anything.

Master Vim kindly patted his daughter's shoulder, took two steps forward, said: "Today when I saw him, I discovered that his cultivation have been improved after going into Dark Drake Cave with you."

Bilu startled, then said gladly: "Really?"

Master Vim nodded: "I guess it is because he has some understanding after reading the first volume of 'Libruis'." Then he paused and smiled: "By the way, the Libruis Volume One Summary that you gave me from Blooddrop Cave, it benefited me a lot in cultivation after reading it."

Bilu said happily: "Really?"

Master Vim nodded: "Correct. Libruis has a total of four volumes. Legend said there is the fifth one, but no one have read it. Since ancient time, our Holy Faction has four volumes. Unfortunately, most were lost. We Vim can have the glory of today, it is thank to the previous Master Vim three hundreds years ago of obtaining the Libruis Second Volume."

He paused for a moment, then said: "But the writing of the Second Volume is mysterious and difficult even though it contains deep cultivation. It is because the crucial part of the incantation is following right after the Summary of the First Volume. That is why for several hundred years, we Vim can only share the world with Lupin, Longevity, and Venom. But from now on, heh heh......"

Bilu smiled: "Then I have to congrat dad."

Vim smiled and nodded: "You have render us a great help. Sent you to Kongsang Mountain's Bloodforger is originally a training, but also see if there is any artifact left behind by senior Elder Blackheart. However I did not expect you will bring back the Libruis. This is much better than any espers."

Bilu smiled, but her face soon darkened.

Master Vim watch his daughter for a while, then laughed all the sudden.

Bilu blushed, scolded: "Dad......"

Master Vim smiled and shook his head: "Why are you worrying."

Bilu bit her teeth, said: "Dad, you saw it today, too. How Shaw Danon, th-that bastard, to his shijie, I am on-only afraid......"

Master Vim said: "Afraid what, afraid that he has no feeling for you?"

Bilu lowered her head.

Master Vim said lightly: "My thought is different than yours."

Bilu was surprised, said: "Dad, what did you say?"

Master Vim said: "Base on what I have seen today, Shaw Danon really care about his shijie. But at the critical moment in the fight between you and Xiao Zhou, he couldn't control himself and came out shouted without considering his own safety. Just with that, and also experiencing life and death together with you during his journey, maybe himself not even know, your place in his heart is no less than his shijie."

Chapter 1 Worries C

Bilu blushed again. It was even more charming under the color of the night. There was a happiness in her eyes that unable to conceal.

Master Vim stroked through her hair, the love on his face was undoubtable, then he said: "However, don't get happy so early. First of all, the different of factions is the rift that he can not overcome; moreover, the elders in Jadeon will not allow him to have any feeling toward you. So today before I left, I proposely make the relation between you two to be a bit ambiguous. I see that Xiao Zhou's position in Jadeon is quite high. With him to bring the word back, the Jadeon must suspect Shaw Danon. Therefore, his chance of seeking refuge on us is higher."

Finished, he seemed he was very proud of what he done and laughed.

Bilu also smiled, but soon taken back and quietly lowered her head.

Master Vim frowned: "What is it?"

Bilu hesitated, then said softly: "I, I am worry that Xiaofan will need to suffer again!"

Master Vim snorted: "If it is not sharpened, how do you know the sword is sharp! If he can't withstand such little suffering, not to mention that I will be worry to hand you over to him, even if he join my faction, I won't be value him!"

Bilu nodded slowly, but somehow, she was still a little worried. She looked toward the east, but only saw the sea of woods under the sky that blocked her view.

The sudden appearance of Enu raised a disturbance within the Jadeon. Master Vasp Caelo and Tian Bolis were both surprised and delightened. From Enu, they found out the Felkins were searching for a celestial beast called "Mindrot Menance", and also surprised to find out archlord of one of the four great Felkin factions, Master Vim, was also here.

Master Vasp Caelo nodded slowly, said dignifiedly: "So that person is the new Master Vim of the Felkin, really is cultivated highly."

Tian Bolis frowned, said: "Yicai, how did you get into the Felkin?"

Enu smiled: "That day I followed master's order to sneak into Kongsang Mountain to investigate the Felkin, and found the remainers of the Felkin's sect Bloodforger were having activity. But after many investigation, the remainers of the Bloodforger are not great enemies. They mentioned about their Holy Faction, it seemed the Felkin is about to make a big move. To seek the answer, I called myself Xiao Zhou. And because it was also the time they are recruitting, they saw me quite talented, I was easily got into the Felkin."

There, with a little apology, he said to Tian Bolis: "But Tian Shishu, that day when Zhang Shidi and Bamboo Height's Anan Lu Shimei fell into Forsaken Abyss, I was assigned to the group against Skysong's Fazzan Shixiong. I was unable to help, I am really sorry. But fortunately Zhang Shidi have a strong life, he is safe. My heart can be relieved."

Tian Bolis smiled: "Doesn't matter, it can't blame on you. You don't need to be worried."

Master Vasp Caelo snorted.

Tian Bolis ignored him.

Master Vasp Caelo said to Enu: "But Yicai Shizhi, this move is too dangerous. You know those Felkin theives are all dangerous and cunning. If something happens to you, we don't know what to report to Head Shixiong."

Tian Bolis also nodded: "Exactly, before we left, Head Shixiong was quite worrying about you since he lost track of you for several months. He asked us privately that we need to pay attention to your track!"

Enu's face darkened a little, shook his head, said: "Alas! It is my fault to cause master to worry."

Master Vasp Caelo smiled: "Don't think too much, this time you made a great achievement. After we clean up the Felkin's remainers, when we return, Head Shixiong will not punish you, or maybe he will even reward you?"

Enu blushed: "Vasp Caelo Shishu, you are kidding."

Tian Bolis said lightly: "This is no kidding. You have provided us a big help. But Yicai, don't do thing that dangerous again. Head Shixiong very value you. After he ascend, the position of the Faction Head is most likely pass on to you. You are burdened with important duty, so don't be reckless again."

Enu said solemnly: "Yes, thank you for the teaching from Vasp Caelo Shishu and Tian Shishu."

Master Vasp Caelo nodded: "Then that is it! I see that you are tired, you should rest early! Fortunately your wound did not harm your root of your meridian, otherwise it will be troubling."

Seeing Master Vasp Caelo and Tian Bolis got up, Enu was also about to get up. Tian Bolis stopped him and shook his head: "You are injuried and should rest. This is just common manner, and since we are not in Mount Jadeon, just ignore it!"

It was not proper for Enu to defy him, also his body really is tired, he leaned back to the stone wall again, said: "Thank you shishu, then forgive me not escorting you."

Master Vasp Caelo waved his hand, and walked to the outside with Tian Bolis. When they reached the entrance, Enu suddenly called: "Tian Shishu."

Tian Bolis startled, then turned around, asked: "What is it?"

Enu leaned on the wall, smiled: "Look how forgetfully I am. Last year when I went to Bamboo Peak to visit shishu, Surin Shushi mentioned that she want to get a 'Large Shell Pearl' from the south east sea coast. I found one when I came to the East Sea. Do you want to have a look?"

Tian Bolis pondered for a moment, then looked at Enu, he smiled: "If you didn't remind me, I would have already forgotten. It is lucky you remember, otherwise when I return to Bamboo Peak, I will be annoyed to death by your Su Shishu."

Then, he went back to Enu. Master Vasp Caelo paused for a moment, but of'course he won't ask about the pearl, so he left.

Only Tian Bolis and Enu were remain in the cave.

Tian Bolis was smiling, however, the smile disappeared when he sat in front of Enu. He peered behind, then said lightly: "Your Su Shishu's personality is always calm in the outside and unpatient in the inside. She would already come to East Sea to find that Large Shell Pearl a hundred years ago. There is no one here now, what it is that you need to say?"

Enu nodded, said to Tian Bolis: "Tian Shishu have good insight. I keep shishu here is to talk about Shaw Danon Zhang Shidi who is under your house."

Tian Bolis frowned, slightly surprised, he asked: "What about him?"

Enu coughed, and lowered his voice. Tian Bolis leaned forward, listening.

The cave was silent, only the whispering voice softly sounding.

Note 1: The word Xiao here is as a surname, in first tone, different than young which is , in third tone.