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Chapter 64: Master Vim

Chapter 10 Master Vim A

Put the surprise Shaw Danon had when he saw Bilu aside, the lousy Felkins immediately quiet down when Bilu spoke. Even the fearless Cynical Dialectian did not make any sound at this moment.

All the sudden, no one dare to speak to her. But after a moment, someone coughed, then said slowly: "Miss Bilu, I have a few words, don't know should I say it?"

Shaw Danon looked at that direction and saw the person who just spoke was the unfamiliar young man that stood behidn Nian Boss. Nian Boss and others were surprised, seemed they did not expect that young man would spoke.

Nian Boss frowned tightly, said quietly to that young man: "Xiao Zhou, is there a place for you to speak in here?"

Bilu took a glance at that young man, did not recongize him, and asked Nian Boss: "Who is he?"

Nian Boss immediately made a smiling face: "He is a new recruit of our Bloodforger. Surname is Zhou, name is Cai."

Bilu snorted: "Doesn't matter, allow him to speak."

That Xiao Zhou young man showed no sign of frightened. He came out from the crowd, said calmly: "Miss Bilu, everyone here knows, you are 'Master Vim''s beloved daughter, so everyone respect you. Master Vim summoned us to here to find Mindrot Menance, we are bounden to come here. But-" He paused, a kind smile appeared on his face, but his tone became cold: "But the Mindrot Menance is not yet to be found, while the Righteous' number is increasing, even two out of the seven heads of Jadeon have came, we are not their opponent. At this situation, Vim still let us work blindly without expanlation, I am fear some of our friends may ask, are the Vim planning to use the Righteous to eliminate us?"

Everyone rose into discussion. Several people who were behind Bilu stood up, it is appeared they were the Vim disciples. Except for the Vim, the Felkin had no intention to criticize this young man after the surprise, but turned to Bilu with alert. The sound of discussion was rosing up.

Shaw Danon couldn't help but felt worry for Bilu, at the same time he thought about what the young man said. They were all Felkin, but there were many factions, perhaps the Vim-

As he was thinking, Bilu said coldly: "Who are you, dare to sow discord here!"

Xiao Zhou smiled, facing this powerful, beautiful girl, he still had no sign of fear, said lightly: "I am only a unknown child, joined the holy faction out of admiration. Compare to Miss Bilu, it is the difference of sky and earth. But now the Righteous are waiting for a chance to kill us, while Vim is one of the four major factions, at this situation they are our leader. But if they leave us at this dangerous spot without concern, isn't it really unjustifiable?"

Even Shaw Danon could feel it. Although this Xiao Zhou spoke in a kind tone, each words are aimming at the Vim, meaning to stir up the tension is obvious, but his intention was remain in question. Seeing the surprised look of Nian Boss, it seemed he is not under the Bloodforgers' control.

Other Felkins were even more agitated, their voice was getting louder, and their faces showed hostility to the Vims. Bilu frowned, then took a step backward, turned her head and quickly talked to the person behind her.

Shaw Danon looked at that direction. But the light of the torch was not so bright. A large man was next to Bilu, and behind the large man, it seemed there was a middle-aged man standing. However, the place he was standing was dark and covered by the large man, Shaw Danon could not see his face.

Bilu talked to that person, then turned her head and took a step forward, coldly glanced at the crowd.

Her beautiful face was as cold as ice and frost. Under the golden light of the burning torch, she had a sorrow and lonely beauty.

The talking quickly died down, everybody's eyes fixed on her.

"Everyone," Her voice resounded in the cave: "Vim is like everyone, we are all disciple of the holy faction, warship Nether Mother and Heaven Vidyaraja, no matter how strong we Vim are, we will never commit such act that against our faction. So please rest assure."

After this being announced, most of the Felkins were relaxed. Nian Boss let out a long breath, then quickly step forth and pulled Xiao Zhou, whispered: "Have you said enough already?"

Xiao Zhou smiled to him, then said loudly: "If that is so, we are more rested. But Miss Bilu, please explain about Mindrot Menance. If we really can't find Mindrot Menance, then better allow us leave soon. Otherwise even the Vim has no intention to harm us, we will die in the hand of the Righteous."

Bilu and other Vims glared at him. But Xiao Zhou was still smiling, did not know he was in great trouble. Other Felkins also shouted:


"Exactly, Miss Bilu please give us an explaination!"


When the noise got quieted by a little, Bilu removed her eyes from Xiao Zhou. She knew this isn't the time for arguing. She said: "Everyone, even if he did not mention it, we Vim will still give you guys an explaination. Actually this time we came to Billow Hills is for--"


The entire cave was suddenly shaking. Shaw Danon and Hidi staggered. The Felkins were very surprised, some of thems shouted.

"What was that?"


Chapter 10 Master Vim B

But soon, they got their answer. The wind howled at the cave entrance. A powerful voice went into the cave like thunder roaring against their ears: "Felkin theives, hurry come out and receive your death!"

Everyone were terrified. Shaw Danon and Hidi exchanged a glance, they were glad that it was Head of Dragon Head Peak, Master Vasp Caelo's voice.

Shaw Danon's heart was filled with admiration. There was a great distance from the entrance to here, but Master Vasp Caelo's voice was very clear and wall shaking. This level of cultivation was far superior than his.

The Felkins looked at each other, soon someone screamed out: "This place is so well hidden, how can they find it?"

Then Xiao Zhou yelled: "Miss Bilu, this is a critical situation. We were here because the Vim gathered our allies to Billows Hills. Now we meet such great danger, what should we do?"

The people also said: "Correct, Miss Bilu say something!"

Bilu took a deep breath, while the sound of piercing wind issued wave after wave at the outside of the cave. It appeared the people from Righteous were coming here after they heard the news. The color of Bilu's face darkened. She took a step forward, said: "Everyone, I do not know how the Righteous knows we are here. I, as Master Vim's only daughter, also traped here in this dangerous situation. Is anyone still suspect us?"

Most people quiet down. Then the tall man next to Bilu step forth, said in a deep voice: "Everyone, there is a great treat before us, why don't we work together as one and resist the enemy? With our strength combined, we may not lose to those hypocrite outside!"

Everyone nodded. Actually at this moment, there was no other choice. Although the cave is large, it is a dead end, no other exit. The Felkins got ready and encouraged themselve, then rushed out at once.

Soon, the sound of espers crushing and people cursing filled outside. The originally crowded cave only left with Bilu from Vim and the mysterious man who stood in the shadow.

Shaw Danon was glad but at the same time worried for Bilu. He knew she is a heretic from Felkin, they can never be walked on the same path. However, they experienced life and death together for several times during the journey. He had develope a different feeling for this obstinate girl.

Bilu frowned tightly. When she was about to turn her head and talk to the man in the shadow, her eyes caught that there was still another person standing alone here and did not confront the enemy. It was Xiao Zhou. Reason why he was left behind was unknown.

Xiao Zhou had fanned the people to go against the Vim, surely Bilu would not have any good impression on him. Her face immediately darkened, smiled coldly: "You are not helping your allies but stay here, what are you planning?"

Xiao Zhou's face was still remaining calm, could not see the sign of fear when facing the threat of Righteous. He smiled: "I am just here to see, are the Vim really going to advance with the worthless pawn like us, or letting us to be the ashes under the cannon?"

Bilu's face froze, was about to argue, the man in the shadow suddenly said: "You are not under our holy faction, who are you?"

Bilu was surprised. Xiao Zhou was also shocked. His eyes glanced at the shadow, his eyes shot out alert, and said in a deep tone: "Who is this person, how can you say thing like this? I am a disciple of the Bloodforger. Is it because I spoke out against you, you guys are going to slander me?"

Shaw Danon and Hidi were also surprised. They did not expect it will turn out like this. But there was another question in Shaw Danon's mind. The man in the shadow, his voice was familiar, but he could not remember where he heard it.

The man who stood in the shadow said lightly: "The Bloodforger was the leader of our holy faction eight hundreds years ago without doubt. But now they were already weakened. With your potential and cultivation, Nian Boss is far behind you, how can he adopt you as disciple? If he really has this ability, the Bloodforger will already come back again."

Xiao Zhou snorted: "You haven't seen me fight, how do you know my level of cultivation?"

That person seemed smiled: "To know your level of cultivation, is there a need to see you fight? When the old Taoist Vasp Cealo used 'Pure Essence' to channel his voice into the rocks, shocking the vein of the mountain. His intention was to terrify us. The one that were less cultivated will have their souls shocked, and unable to stay steady, Nian Boss was also one of them. But you stood there like nothing happened, this level of cultivation was obvious, how hard is that to see through it?"

The color of Xiao Zhou's face changed. He looked at the man in the shadow for a while, then said: "Can't imagine Felkin really is hiding skilled people inside. Who are you, sir?"

Bilu shouted, flew in mid-air, said angrily: "Die!"

All in a suddenly, white light flashed with soft fragance in the dark cave. The white flowers danced in front of Bilu like flying snow. However, even with the brightness of the flowers, it could not shine at the man in the shadow. They still could not see his face.

Xiao Zhou did not react slowly. He took a step back and grabbed at the empty air. After a long "clang~~~~", he pulled out a glaring celestial sword. The most eye catching part was the seven brilliant stars that carved on the bright sword.

"Huh?" The man in the shadow mumbled: "'Nava Sword'!" (Note 1)

When he was speaking, Bilu and Xiao Zhou were already battling in mid-air. With the flower and sword flying across, the large cave seemed shrank.

Shaw Danon could guess the man named Xiao Zhou was probably from Righteous, he was a bit worry for him. But when he was watching the fight, his eyes always peered at Bilu. His heart was in contradiction. He only wished the fight could result as a drew quickly and allow Bilu to escape.

Hidi suddenly whispered: "That man Xiao Zhou is probably a disciple from Jadeon."

Shaw Danon was surprised, said: "What, you know him?"

Hidi shook her head, took a glance at the fight, then said: "I heard mother mentioned about it before, Nava Sword is a famous divined sword in the main house Peak of Widows. Dayol Shen Shibo used it before. Later I heard it was given to-"

Before she finished, Bilu shouted. Heartending Flower spread out and filled the entire cave with shining white flowers. And like sharpened wall of light, it crushed at Xiao Zhou.

Shaw Danon had seen Bilu casted this magic before. He knew the power of it. He couldn't help but felt worry for Xiao Zhou.

Xiao Zhou frowned, and dashed a yard backward. His right hand held the incantation mark while his left hand held his right wrist. It was like holding thousand tons of energy, but also like tracing wild grass. The fingers created air piercing sound, and drew a Taichi just in a blink of an eye.

When Shaw Danon and Hidi saw it. There was no more question. Xiao Zhou is a Jadeon disciple. The magic he used was Jadeon's Pure Essence!

Chapter 10 Master Vim C

Instantly, the Nava Sword charged upward and shined brightly. It stood on the center of the Taichi. After a second, Nava Sword shot out while the Taichi's aura circled around it, increased its momentum.

Then, the two espers crushed on each others in mid-air.


The flare that caused by the crush of the two espers spread in the cave. The stone cave could not withstand the power hit, some rocks began to fall down.

Shaw Danon and Hidi could also feel the shaking of the surrounding. They almost fell on the ground. His heart was filled with admiration for Xiao Zhou's cultivation on Pure Essence, this level of cultivation is stronger than those Jadeon disciples he had met.

Bilu's wall of white light dispelled. Her face was a bit pale, appeared to be in disadvantage. Shaw Danon knew her for a while. His heart felt terrible, and he knew Bilu will not stop so easily. Just as he thought, anger flashed on Bilu's face. She retreived Heartending Flower, while her hand reached to her waist, holding a pretty, golden bell.

Xiao Zhou frowned, facing it cautiously. The girl who stood before him was young, but her cultivation was far out of his expectation. He used most of his strength, but it could only hurt her a little. Base on what she is doing, it seemed like she had a even more powerful esper. And what he fear the most was the man that stood in silently in shadow, whom power was unpredictatable.

The clear bell rang in this cave that filled with killing, very inconsistent with the picture. Bilu lift into the air. Both hands waved softly. The golden bell slowly flew before her, sounding melodiously.

Shaw Danon looked at the beautiful girl who stood in mid-air. Her arms were soft as if there were no bones. The golden bell spinned slowly between her hands.

"Ding, ding, ding"....

Xiao Zhou was surprised that he was spellbound by the ringing and forgot he was at the edge of life and death. If not becase of his many years of cultivation, his would already lost his mind. This small bell has the ability to attract one's soul.

At that moment of hesitation, an anger rose in his mind. He was surprised and would not listen to it any longer. He shouted: "Die devil!"

His shout shook the walls, covered the ringing of the bell, while Nava Sword shot out like lighting!

Bilu's paled face appeared to be a bit tired, but she did not retreat when she saw the Nava Sword was coming. Her right fingers flicked. The "Lupin Bell" sent forth and crushed with the Nava Sword.

Xiao Zhou's body was shocked. It was like the music of demon was sent from the Nava Sword and pierced through his ears.

Shaw Danon and Hidi were surprised, and about to assist. But Xiao Zhou's face suddenly calmed. He shouted. The Nava Sword brightened again and counter attack. Bilu was extremely pale on the other hand. Her eyes were a bit dull, seemed lost her mind and lacked the ability to resist. She was about to be killed by Nava Sword.

Shaw Danon's mind became empty. Without much consideration, he came out, cried: "No-"

Before his word ended, a shadow passed by, after that a purple energy flashed then disappeared.

Xiao Zhou was being hit back. He fell on the ground, fresh blood immediately came out from his mouth. The Nava Sword flew back and stabbed into the solid rock.

Shaw Danon and Hidi were terrified. They dashed to Xiao Zhou. Hidi was about to raise up the Phoenix Soul. However, despite his injury, Xiao Zhou grabbed them, said in a husky voice: "Don't-don't, Zhang Shidi, Tian Shimei, that person's cultivation is too high. You are not his opponent!"

Shaw Danon startled. Hidi already couldn't help but asked: "How do you know our names?"

Xiao Zhou paused, and looked to the front. The two also felt something, they turned and faced Bilu.

A middle-aged man stood in mid-air with his back facing Shaw Danon and others. He helped Bilu to come down, said kindly: "Yao'Er, this Lupin Bell is a divined artifact left by Lady Jinling. Your cultivation is not enough yet, very easy to get back fire by it. From now on, don't use it lightly!"

Bilu's face returned to normal at this point, she said quietly: "Yes, dad."

Shaw Danon and others were startled. Xiao Zhou seemed got better. He glared at that person's back, said in a low voice: "So you are the archlord of one of the four great Felkin factions-Master Vim?"

That middle-aged man turned around and smiled. They could finally see his face clearly. With his thin eye brows, square face, and scholarly eyes, he looked very different than those fierce and rough Felkin. But Shaw Danon was even more surprised, he said blankly: "You?"

The Master Vim with a middle-aged scholar looking, is the person who told him the secret of the fire stick, below the Kongsang Mountain in a tea stall--Wan Renwang

Note 1: A Taoist sword that was used by Zhuge Liang during Battle of Chibi. Also a name for a well known sword, "Sword of Dragon Spring", during Zhou Dynasty.