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Chapter 63: Felkin

 Chapter 9 Felkin A


A soft cry, Shaw Danon woke up from dream. He gasped quietly in the darkness, his entire body was wet with sweat.

Over these days, starting from the time when he heard Fazzan talked about Puzhi, Shaw Danon began to have the nightmare dream that he had when he was young; the scene of the village massacre that had carved into his heart has rose on him, swallowed him.

The fire stick was still laying by his side. On the body of the stick, there was a familiar coolness, everything was same as the past.

However, after that, Shaw Danon could feel, the strange esper that tied on his right arm was distributing warm energy into his body, that is opposite of the fire stick.

He suddenly choked. In the darkness, the place where no one could see, he quietly curled up.

Who know, a person bearing too many secrets, can be so tiring?

In the darkness, other people were peacefully sleeping. There were disciples outside of the cave as night watch, so everyone were reassured. Listening to their calm and familiar sound of breathing, Shaw Danon was startled.

At far, there was a small, and even in the dream, it still contains her unique gentle sound. The darkness blocked the eyesight, but Shaw Danon felt he can see clearly, that beautiful girl was smiling, in this tranquil night, sweetly dreaming.

But, who is it in her dream?

He reached out his hand, softly holding the fire stick, placed it in front of his chest, tightly cuddled it. It was like only the fire stick can be with him, never abandon him.

Faintly, he remembered the pair of peacefully died fox spirits.

If it was me, do I have the courage to die together with the loved one?

He thought quietly in the darkness.

The sun rose from the east, the wind blew from the sea. This day, the clouds were thin, a good sunny weather.

The people under the house of Bamboo Peak left their cave, then flight to the depth of the Billows Hill with their espers, hoping they can find the Felkin heretics.

Hidi was leading in the front with her "Phoenix Soul" sparking red light. Xavion and He Dazhi followed closely behind. Amandla and Shaw Danon flight at the rear.

In their house, save for Xavion who was still using sword "Ten Tigers", others were using silk, or blush, or even the strange and funny dices and fire stick, very noticeable among the Jadeon disciples that were using swords.

But this place is not Mount Jadeon after all, at Billows Hill, not to mention the Felkin, even among the Righteous, several people from other factions were using all kinds of esper.

But when some nosey people judged other people's espers when they are bored, an "expert" pointed out, among the the espers at Billows, the strangest esper is the gambling dice belong to one of the disciples in Jadeon house of Bamboo Peak, while the most rustic esper is the fire stick that also belong to one of the disciples in Jadeon house of Bamboo Peak. Clearly the leadership of Jadeon has brought many unique followers, not to be underestimated.

If Tian Bolis hear such comment, what will he think about it?

The Righteous disciples flew around in groups. Along with the wind of the Billows Hill, the colorful light shinging, very pretty.

Shaw Danon took a glance around him, seeing the people of Righteous spread out in fan shape. Near him to the right, donzes yards away, there were a group of girls in plain clothes, they were the female disciples of Bamboo Height. Anan was also among them. With her clothes and hair fluttering in the wind, matching her cold and beautiful face, she was like a celestial.

Shaw Danon's heart was moved, he quickly turned his head away. On the other side, another dozens yards away, there were disciples of Dragon Head Peak, about six or seven people. Kevern and Baye were among them. Baye was also looking at him. He smiled and waved his hand.

Shaw Danon smiled in reply.

There was a group of people following the Dragon Head Peak disciples, seemed like they were the disciples of Sun Rise Peak.

Then at this moment, Hidi in the front suddenly issued a clear whistle. Shaw Danon looked forward and saw Hidi held her incantation mark while the Phoenix Soul flashed with red light. "Zoom", carrying her pretty figure, it rised into the sky, much faster than before.

Xavion was surprised. He knew this xiao shimei was energetic. The opportunity to come outside is rare, unlike the Mount Jadeon which has many restriction. Everytime when she came out, she often flew around freely. Surin was worrying about this and have talked to her daughter about this couple times already. Before they departed this morning, Surin also reminded Xavion to watch her.

But Hidi grew up under everyone's love. Xavion's word can't get into her ears, how can he watch her. Out of choice, Xavion could only increase his speed to catch up.

Shaw Danon, He Dazhi and others also drove their espers and followed closely behind. In a blank of an eye, they were distant away from the people of Dragon Head Peak and Bamboo Height.

Shaw Danon increased his speed and caught up to Hidi. He peered at her from one yard away. Hidi's face was filled with smile and excitement. She was in red clothes, matching her Phoenix Soul, it was very pretty.

Among the howl of the wind, there was a joyful laughter from Hidi. Shaw Danon's heart was heated as he heard it.

"Xiao Shidi!" Suddenly the voice of Xavion issued.

Shaw Danon quickly turned his head around, asked: "What's the matter, Da Shixiong?"

Xavion was driving his giant sword, smiling: "Xiao Shidi, can't imagine your cultivation improved so fast, reaching this degree in such a short time."

Shaw Danon was grateful: "Da Shixiong, it is because of your teaching."

Xavion shook his head, smiled: "I am not worthy to take this credit. Look at what just happened, you flew much faster than me, fourth, and sixth."

Shaw Danon now discovered, he had increased his speed to catch up to Hidi and did not notice he had flown past the three shixiongs. But Xavion and He Dazhi were calm, if they are really going to fly, they are not going to be worse than him.

Shaw Danon blushed, said: "Da Shixiong, I......"

He was only half finish, Hidi had turned her head. Filled with smile, looking at Shaw Danon, happily shouted: "Xiao Fan, flying like this is comfortable right? Look, how high the sky is, how blue it is?"

Shaw Danon turned his head to toward her, took a deep breath, and smiled.

The sky was clear blue, allowing one to relax. But, how can this able to compare to a smile of a beloved girl?

Chapter 9 Felkin B

Hidi flew against the wind, her hair flew. Above them there was clear blue sky, below them there was green mountain, at far there was a boundless deep blue ocean. Seeing it from far, the sky and ocean became one.

This painting like landscape was very beautiful. Hidi was in a good mood. She smiled then moved closer to him. Seeing Hidi suddenly flew near him, Shaw Danon looked at her, said: "Shijie, what it is?"

Hidi smiled: "Xiao Fan, do you still remember the time when we caught Ashh?"

Shaw Danon was a little confused: "Yes, what it is?"

Hidi reached out her hand, grabbed his arm, smiled: "Let's go!"

Shaw Danon was puzzled, then Hidi's esper suddenly sunk, charged downward. Shaw Danon hurriedly decended his esper and followed her. Behind them, Xavion and others were quite far away and did not hear their conversation. They were unawared and with the speed of the espers, they went pass them.

The three of them immediately halted. Turned around, they saw the xiao shimei and xiao shidi flew into the mountain forest below them. They shook their heads and smiled bitterly, then quickly followed them. The order from the masters is to search for the Felkin remainers, searching in the forest is just the same. However, the distant between them and Shaw Danon and Hidi has increased.

Shaw Danon followed Hidi closely. Soon they reached the forest, Hidi laughed, turned her head said: "Xiao Fan, hurry!"

After that, Phoenix Soul spun around like a snake under her pretty figure. Flashed with red light and flew into the forest. Shaw Danon's blood boiled as he was watching the red figure before him. Throwing away other thought, he flew straight downward.

The forest on this hill is very much the same as others on Billows, ancient woods are everywhere, towering straight to the sky. On the ground, there are also a lot of bushes and brambles, difficult to a place to land.

Once the two of them entered the forest, the surrounding turned quiet immediately. There is no more screaming of the wind next to their ears. Fresh smile of the woods hit against their faces. With smile on her face, Hidi stood on Phoenix Soul, traveled swiftly among countless of woods in this ancient forest.

Shaw Danon watched the back of the beautiful red figure that flew swiftly between the thick leaves, accomanied by the sharp whistle of the wind, she was like the most beautiful fairy in the world, danced the most beautiful posture in this wonderland, ancient forest, the world filled with the joyful cheer of the leaves.

That figure, like lighting, like light, very close to the trunk of the giant tree. It seemed extremely dangerous, but with the gentle grace, it softly slide pass, without being touched.

That figure, like imagination, like dream, also like the youth time, the cheerful laughter spread across the green mountain and water.

He opened his arms with a grin. The fire stick was shining with green light, carrying him, chasing her, flying across this ancient and silent forest.

Just like, this moment, will stay like this, and never end......


The sky had became gloomy. The clouds got thicker.

Shaw Danon took back his eyes, thinking that the ocean is very different than the Central Plain, it was clear sunny day a moment ago, now it had turned cloudy.

He and Hidi had flew in the thick forest for long time, but still couldn't find the people of Felkin. Finally they arrived at a small mountain ridge. Hidi spotted a small stream below them, additionally they had flew for the entire morning, so she and Shaw Danon landed and now they were washing their faces with the stream water.

The stream meander through the ancient forest. The water was shallow and clear. There are many round cobblestones in the water, very pretty under the glow of the clear wave of water. On the sides of the stream there was sand and rocks, farther away was thick forest. Looking at it from here, the forest seemed endless.

"Xiao Fan." Hidi suddenly called. Shaw Danon turned to her, discovered that Hidi had found a very pretty stone in the water while she was washing her face. She showed it to Shaw Danon joyfully said: "Is this stone pretty?"

Shaw Danon took a glance at the stone. The stone was only about the size of a thumb, with three colors strips revolved neatly around it like ribbons, really is pretty. He smiled, lifted his head and looked at Hidi, was about to answer, but he couldn't say anything.

That familiar, beautiful, smiling face was looking at him. The water still had not wiped away from her face after the wash. A crystal drop of water slipped down from her white face with gentleness, and yearned not to leave from her soft lips. And finally with a touching gracefulness, softly fell off.

And at that pair of bright eyes, several water drops also formed on her long eye lashes, just like tears, and also similar to the white pear flower after rain, stunning and touching.

Hidi scolded: "Weren't I asking you?"

Shaw Danon awoke: "What?"

Hidi showed the stone in front of his eyes, said: "Pretty?"

Shaw Danon took a deep breath, quietly, but it was like the voice came from his deepest soul, said: "Very pretty!"

Hidi nodded with a smile, and took out a silk cloth, cleaned the water off from the face then carefully rubbed the stone, putted it into her clothes. After that, she turned to Shaw Danon with the most beautiful smile in his eyes, said: "When we return, I will give this stone to Brother Qi, he is going to be very glad!"

The sky of Billows Hill seemed darkened even more at this moment.

Shaw Danon stood there, frozen and static, his head was lowered.

Hidi walked for a few steps. then discovered there was no sound behind her. She turned around and saw Shaw Danon was still standing there, not moving, she said with a little astonishment: "Xiao Fan, hurry!"

Shaw Danon slowly lifted his head. His face slowly, slowly showed a smile, but strangely, his lips were trembling, said softly: "Shijie, we are going too fast, why don't we wait for Da Shixiong and others!"

Hidi snorted, said unconcernedly: "Don't bother with them, let's follow this stream! Going to the upstream directly, see if there are any Felkin theives, and-" She covered her mouth and laughed: "And see if there are more beautiful stones."

What is it, that is like the feeling of a body burning?

What is it, that has the impulsion like heaven howl?

So the nether flame of demon burning in the heart, burning down every single soul and spirit inside the body.

He lowered his head, with his voice became choked, he said quietly: "Okay."


Phoenix Soul tied around her waist, became every more beautiful combined with her red figure. The two of them had walked for half an hour along this small stream.

On the way, Hidi was relaxed, looking at everywhere, while Shaw Danon quietly followed behind her.

This stream did not seem to be large, the length was not short. Walked for a long time, they still haven't find the head of the stream. In front of them it was another small mountain, the stream was coming from that mountain.

Walking for the entire day, Hidi was a little tired. She said to Shaw Danon: "Xiao Fan, it is not early. We will check the mountain stream, if still no discovery, we will return."

Shaw Danon nodded quietly.

Hidi took a look at this xiao shidi, she was a little puzzled, but she did not mind it and continued walking.

The two of them soon reached the turn of the stream. They were surprised. Behind the stone wall, it was an extremely large cave, reached the height of ten yards. The stream was came from this cave. Because the stone wall had blocked their view, not to mention flying in the air, they could not see the cave if they were just a little farther away. The cave was very secret.

Hidi frowned, said to Shaw Danon: "Do we need to go in there and check?"

Shaw Danon took a glance at the cave. Except for some light at the cave entrance, it was pitch dark inside, his heart was uneasy.

These days, especially after he left the mountain, he went into two caves. One was Cave of Fangs at Kangsong Mountain, another one was Dark Drake Cave outside the Laguna Collective, both did not give him good impression. Now seeing this cave, it was natural for him to hate it. Addition he was in a very bad mood, he said: "Shijie, I think it does not seem to be anyone living in here, why don't we return?"

Hidi nodded, said: "Okay! That's what I thought also, let's-"

When she was half finished, wind piercing sound suddenly came from above their heads. Just a moment, there were a lot of people flying to their direction.

Shaw Danon and Hidi immediately raised their heads, then their faces quickly turned pale. Base on the dressing of the people in the sky, they were the Felkin. As for the numbers, they were no less than couple dozens.

The two were terrified. Hidi knew there were many powerful people in the Felkin. If they escape through flying, it will be hard for them to get away. In this dangerous situation, they can only take a risky path. She pulled Shaw Danon's hand and went into the dark cave.

Darkness swallowed their figures.

Chapter 9 Felkin C

Soon after, the Felkin heretics landed near the mountain stream. After that, one of them lightened up the torch. Everyone entered the cave.

Shaw Danon and Hidi who were hiding near the entrance could only went deeper into the cave. Both of their hearts were hanging in mid-air. The difference of strength between the two sides was too wide, if they are discovered, they have no power to offer resistance.

Fortunately the Felkin were in high number, and did not expect there could be anyone from the Righteous to be inside the cave, their footsteps and chatting have covered the two's sound of movement.

The empy ground in the center of the cave has brightened up.

Shaw Danon and Hidi stopped, hid in deeper place where the light could not reach, and held their breath.

Shaw Danon took a peer and saw the Felkin formed a semi-circle, each of them found themselves a large rock to sit on. Some rough people just sat on the ground.

The Felkin followers were very different than the Righteous. There were many with strange appearance. Cynical Dialectian who Shaw Danon has a very strong impression was also sitting among them. Next to him were Nian Boss, Liu Gao, Lin Feng and the unknown name woman.

Other than that, there was a unfamiliar young man standing behind them, Shaw Danon never saw him before.

Hidi suddenly whispered next to his ear: "Xiao Fan, look at the Felkin, seem like they have a lot of factions?"

Shaw Danon's ear itched, but did not think much about it. He nodded and took a look. Just like Hidi said, the Felkin roughly formed a semi-circle and faced the same direction, but they were sitting in groups. The difference of factions was very clear.

At this moment, a deep voice said: "Everyone, please quiet for a moment."

The Felkin quiet down, seemed like the owner of this voice has high authority.

Shaw Danon was a bit far away, could not distingish who's voice is it. He reached out his neck, and looked at the scene. Then he felt movement next to him, Hidi was also poping her head out.

The torch quiet burning on the stone wall. Suddenly a dark skin tall man rose up, facing to that direction, said loudly: "Herald, this time 'Vim' gathered us at this desolated island, saying there is a rare beast 'Mindrot Menance' that appear every three-thousands years. But searching for it for so many days, there is no single cow hair, yet draw those annoying Righteous to here, bothering us. May I ask what should we do?"

Shaw Danon startled, asked Hidi quietly: "What is Mindro Menance?"

Hidi thought for a moment, then shook her head: "I don't know either."

The two looked at the open ground again. With a person started it, many people began to agree. Cynical Dialectian's cultivation was not high, but his temper was the worest, and had the loudest voice.

"Correct, 'Master Vim', he senior highness, of' course no need to worry about such small matter. But asking us to suffer here without reason, why is that. At least need to give me an expanlation?"

Nian Boss noticed he was being rude and about to pull him to quiet him.

At this moment, when everyone was discussing, suddenly there was a sweet but yet cold woman voice: "Do you really want to know the reason?"

When this voice issued, Shaw Danon was shocked, and his body reached out a little. Under the shining of the torch, the place where the Felkins were facing, a girl in green dress slowly rose up.

It was Bilu.