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Chapter 61: Storm

Chapter 7 Storm A

The in the dark color of the night, moon and stars can not be seen. There was no light in the night sky.

Shaw Danon had been kneeled at the entrance of the cave for almost six hours. The disciples from other factions were most asleep already. Even the last light, the last fire inside the cave of the Bamboo Peak putted out among thousands of reluctance.

Inside the cave, Tian Bolis said something, then Hidi immediately cried out: "Dad!"

No sound, nothing follow it. Shaw Danon did not know what happened. But soon, Xavion came out.

Shaw Danon lifted his head, looked at his Da Shixiong. Though Xavion could not bear to say it, but he still said: "Xiao Shidi, master said you are bothering him if you kneel here, and told you to kneel farther."

Shaw Danon's heart sunk. His face suddenly felt something cold and freezing. In this pitch-dark night, rain fell.

He did not speak, quietly rose up and walked to farther away, to the border of the thick woods, kneeled down under an ancient tree.

Xavion looked at him for a moment, the figure of this Xiao Shidi's had became blurry in the night rain. He sighed softly, shook his head and returned.

"Boom", a thunder came from the sky. The white lighting bareing its teeth and showing its claws across the sky. Moment later, large drops of rain came down like small stones, hit on the rocks making popping sound. Then, heavy rain pouring down.

Just in a blank of an eye the world had turned blurry. Shaw Danon's entire body had got all wet. The clothes sticked to his body, with an undescrible coldness. He raised his head. In the originally pitch-dark night, plus the heavy rain, he could not see details of the cave.

Between heaven and earth, it seemed like leaving only he to be here suffering.

He lowered his head, not moving.

This heavy rain was like the punishment the heaven gives him. It was non-stop. The rain did not get weaker. The lighting and thunder howling wildly!

The water dripped off from his wet hair, slipped on his cheek. Shaw Danon's eyes almost could not open. But at this moment, in this raining time when there is no one here, he suddenly saw a figure appeared before him, a pair of feet stepped in front of him.

He managed to lift his head. Lighting flashed across the sky, thunder banged, with the weak light, Shaw Danon saw a poignantly beautiful lady stood before him.

Shaw Danon was stunned.

Anan was also wet all over. As the light of the lighting passed away, her figure also turned into a blurry dark shape in the darkness. But Shaw Danon could feel it clearly that she is standing in front of him.

The night of raging storm, this gentle figure softly crouched down in front of him.

The rain became more rapid, the wind became more fierce!

In the deep of the forest, it was like there are devils howling.

An icy cold hand, with slightly shaking, went across Shaw Danon's hair. With a dreamy voice, in this stormy night, she said: "Don't be scared, it will be over soon!"


"I will stay here with you!"


"Boom" A thunder was like shattered the sky, shattered the soul. Within the fierce lighting, within the howl of the wind, the time when freezing rain dance like devils, that gentle face, that pair of gentle eyes, like the sweetest figure in a dream, is staying next to him.

She whispered to herself in the rain, to Shaw Danon, but also to her heart, softly, softly said: "You saved me and protected me without caring your own life. I will do the same for you.

"The pain in your heart, the heaven knows it and I know it. I can not help you to reduce your pain, but I can bear it together with you. Wish there will be finally a day, you can be with the person you love, happily together......"

The voice became softer and softer, and gone. The storm became more fierce. That figure is so weak, like an injured small grass in the wind, wavering. Shaw Danon was absentminded, it was like dream and illusion.

The dark night was heavy, the sky was speechless!

The storm had raged for long time, then it slightly weakened. Shaw Danon was freezing all over. The chill invaded his body. His arms and legs were already frozen. If this continue, he will be severely ill. But no matter what, he did not want to rise up and avoid the rain.

In this freezing coldness, a faint warmth came from his right arm, spread slowly in his body and balanced out much of the coldness in his body. It seemed coming from the Inferno Mirror that tied on his right arm.

Shaw Danon suddenly remembered the ghostly lady. He thought that was Anan, but right now, he could not find her figure, did she left, or she never appeared before.

Thinking of that, he smiled bitterly, shook his head and the water splashed everywhere. But then, he clearly heard a voice: "Silly boy!"

Shaw Danon turned around and almost called "Lu Shijie". But then, a girl slowly came out from the deep woods, with an umbrella in her hand sheltering against the storm, she looked at him with smile. It was a person he could never expect he will meet here -- Felkin girl Bilu.

Chapter 7 Storm B

In the night screen, although the rain got a little weaker, it was still heavy. He could not see it clearly from afar. First Shaw Danon thought his eyes were playing trick, but it was really Bilu. She walked to him with a smile on her face.

She was still in her green dress, her hand was still holding a green umbrella. But the storm was too strong, several places got wet on the edge of her ethereal dress. She arrived before him, her figure became clear. The places where it got wet softly sticked to her skin.

Shaw Danon lowered his head, not looking at her.

Bilu startled, crouched down before him, looked at him and smiled: "You are really weird. In this heavy rain, you choose this place to kneel, is this a practice in your Jadeon cultivation?"

Shaw Danon was annoyed and glared her, but Bilu's face was unexpectedly gentle in the night, he was startled.

"Boom!" The thunder striked from the dark clouds. Then at this moment, a large light flashed across the sky, cut it in half, then faded away. Following by this lighting and thunder, the rain was getting heavier again.

Bilu frowned, she leaned forward. Shaw Danon discovered the rain that hit on him became less. He was suddenly released from the heavy pressure, able to relax.

He raised his head and found it was Bilu shifted half of the umbrella, sheltered the rain for him. But the rain was heavy, half of the Bilu's body has allowed a slip for the rain became wet while she took consider of Shaw Danon.

Shaw Danon's heart felt warm, he pushed the umbrella back, said quietly: "You were severely sick in Blooddrop Cave, be aware of catching cold."

Bilu seemed startled, she looked at Shaw Danon.

Shaw Danon was bewildered by her strange look, said: "What?"

Bilu curled her lips smiled, seemed very delightful, said: "So you kid still know how to worry about my health?"

Shaw Danon blushed, but luckily in his night storm it was hard to see. He said shyly: "I am afraid you will blame on me if you get sick."

Bilu leaned on him. Now they were side by side closely. The difference is that Shaw Danon was kneeling on the ground, and Bilu was crouching next to him. At the same time, Bilu shifted the umbrella again, sheltered against the storm above their heads.

Shaw Danon felt there was a faint, gentle fragrance next to him in the storm. He turned and Bilu was also looking at him. Their eyes met and startled. After a while, Shaw Danon moved his eyes away. His heart was beginning to beat rapidly.

The talkative Bilu was also quiet at this moment, crouching next to Shaw Danon, staying with him. Only when he was not noticing, she shifted the umbrella more to Shaw Danon, sheltered more rain for him.

"Ah!" Shaw Danon was silence and fixed with feeling, suddenly remembered something, and cried out. He immediately turned to Bilu, with anxiety on his face, he said hurriedly: "How can y-you come here?"

Bilu was not surprised by his reaction, she smiled, her voice was faint, in the sound of storm, she said with dreary sadness: "I come here to see you!"

Shaw Danon lowered his voice, but in his anxious voice there was gratefulness: "They are all our Righteous cultivators around here, not to mention the seniors of Skysong Temple and Incense Valley. Just any elders from Jadeon can cause you die without a place to bury. Why don't you hurried and leave?"

Bilu was indifferent, only watching Shaw Danon's anxious look with smile on her face, then she suddenly sighed: "You stinking brat, you has some conscience!"

Shaw Danon couldn't say anything.

Bilu whispered: "Aren't you Righteous? Aren't you unable to coexist with the Evil? Why don't you call people to catch me?"

Shaw Danon was already anxious, now he was like being poured by cold water. His heart was shocked, he was sweating all over. In outsider's eyes he is not like Baye and his shijie Hidi who have outstanding potential and highly intelligent, but he is not an idiot. But these years in Bamboo Peak, no one ever valued him, so he was a bit low self-esteem.

But listen to Bilu's teasing, Shaw Danon immediately realized his situation is very improper. Not to mention he is now punished by his master, but his allies discovered him being with a Felkin girl so closely, he probably can't explain himself even if he has entire body covered with mouths.

Thinking of the consequence, a "hum" rang in Shaw Danon's mind, he did not want to continue this. His mind was in mess and was about to call for his allies, but the corner of his eyes caught that Bilu's shoulder was leaning against him. The storm was strong, but she sheltered most of the umbrella above his head while half of her body became all wet.

That dress sticked closely to her skin was reflected in his eyes. Even on her snow-white cheeks, there were rain drops formed into pearls and slipped down.

Shaw Danon could never let out this call.

"Why do y-you bother suffer like this?" Shaw Danon lowered his head, said quietly: "I can see that your father must be an important person, you must be a pampered mistress. Why bother to suffer, take such a risk for this little Jadeon disciple?"

The storm whistled, the heaven was cold, in the night rain, it was like only this place remained in the world, leaving only two of them.

Bilu felt a bit cold and leaned closer to Shaw Danon. This action was so intimate and familiar, like when they were at the edge of death that day in Blooddrop Cave.

Her voice, with a bit drifting: "No, I do not suffer. You don't know, the true suffering of the world is in one's heart......"

Her voice began to fade, the words could not be heard. Shaw Danon unexpectedly discovered she had quietly lay her head on his shoulder.

Chapter 7 Storm C

The sound of wind and rain whistled by, but Shaw Danon could only feel his brain was empty.

But the fragrance next to him was so real in this cold storm, surrounded him.

Morning, the clouds dispersed and the sun came out, rain stopped and the wind died down.

Tian Bolis came out from the cave alone, from afar he could see his young disciple was still kneeling on the edge of the thick woods, not moving.

He frowned and walked to him. Shaw Danon heard the sound and lifted his head, saw it was his master Tian Bolis, he called out quietly: "Master."

Tian Bolis saw his clothes were all wet, water dropped down from his hair, face was pale, his seemed suffered from the heavy rain last night.

Thinking of that he frowned. Sound of the people became to rise from the caves behind him, the disciples of each factions had awoke. Tian Bolis snorted, then walked into the forest. When he went pass Shaw Danon, he said lightly: "Follow me!"

Shaw Danon quickly answered, then rose up, but he feet fell down when he rose to half way. His feet were numb and sore, probably caused by kneeling for the entire night.

Tian Bolis walked in the front, he paused, seemed hesitated, but still did not look back, and continued.

Shaw Danon gritted his teeth and massaged his legs. Luckily he is not a pampered person, the result of the Bamboo Peak bamboo cutting training has responsed, just a moment, his blood circulation returned a bit fluent, able to walk.

Shaw Danon stood up and found Tian Bolis' figure has almost disappeared in the woods, he immediately ran to catch up. Not long later, when the Righteous disciples came out from the cave, their two figures were already gone.

In the forest of the Billows Hill, there are all very tall ancient trees. The trees that were only require encircled by one person, here needed two or three people, and those large trees were very common here. Perhaps it is because this place is remote, used to be no one here.

Shaw Danon followed Tian Bolis, slowly walking. The morning light shined pass the trees, showered on the bushes.

In the woods after the rain, everything was washed, everywhere were green. Some nameless flowers bloomed in this lonely place, exuded with faint fragrance.

Tian Bolis walked in the front, silent without word. He was squat, Shaw Danon was already half a head taller than him. But in Shaw Danon's eyes, this person's figure was as large as the god of the mountain. Moreover, the thing about Bilu was pressuring him like a small hill, causing his into chaos, what should he do?

Just when Shaw Danon's mind was frustrated, thinking should he tells his master about Bilu, Tian Bolis suddenly stopped and turned around. Shaw Danon's heart jumped, also stopped walking.

This place is deep in the forest, there was no one around. The woods were silent, beside the singing of the birds, there was no other sound.

Tian Bolis took a look at him, expressionlessly said: "You were showered in the rain last night, is your body okey?"

Shaw Danon shook his head, said quietly: "Disciple deserve it, it doesn't matter."

Tian Bolis snorted: "You say it easy, but does your heart hates me?"

Shaw Danon was surprised, his pale face became even more white, he said hurriedly: "Master, I-I never will have such thought. I deserve all of these, will never blame it on master."

Tian Bolis looked at the disciple who he had neglect the most in the past years, seeing his undiscrible anxiety but he could feel it, his mouth moved, sighed, and his expression became more moderate.

"Okey! There is no one here, do you have anything to speak to me?"

Shaw Danon's heart was tightened, he thought can it be master already know about Bilu. The relationship between Shaw Danon and Bilu now is subtle. Last night Bilu came, he was afraid if this is discovered by the elders, can it be......

When he was thinking off the line, Tian Bolis was a bit impatient, seeing he did not reply, he said: "I am asking you, why did you suddenly do this to your Da Shixiong yesterday?"

Shaw Danon was startled for a moment, then relieved to find his master did not mean about Bilu.

But then he couldn't speak again. He con not say he lost his mind because he saw Hidi was with Kevern? Moreover, even he does not know about the sudden evil energy that took control of his emotion?

Tian Bolis waited for the day and Shaw Danon still could not say anything, he suddenly made a cold laugh: "You were resentful because you saw the intimate action of Ling'Er and Kevern?"

Shaw Danon was shocked, a loud bang in his brain, he was stunned on the ground.

His secret one-sided love on Hidi is one of his greatest secret, he had never told this to anyone. Now it was being said out coldly by his most respected master, this was even more soul shocking then the earth shocking thunder last night.

At this instant, he couldn't make any movement, even without the ability to deny. He only looked at Tian Bolis with his mouth dropped, couldn't say a word.