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Chapter 60: Vicious Energy

 Chapter 6 Vicious Energy A

The one who confront with Cynical Dialectian was a monk of Skysong Temple, highly cultivated. Using a shining gold wooden fish esper, like it came to life, and chased Cynical Dialectian. Cynical Dialectian was extremely embarrassed. The grey beast fang in his hand no longer shining, probably being broken by his opponent.

The beating of the wooden fish sounded, the gold wooden fish swinging its tail in the air, chasing Cynical Dialectian. Cynical Dialectian was breathing heavily, fleeing embarrassingly, very funny. The people from the Righteous were laughing, Hidi was also giggling. Shaw Danon stood next to her, peered at his shijie. Hidi's smile was as pretty as flower, and the dimples appeared on her snow-white cheeks were as adorable as they could be. His mind was charmed, only wish this moment can be eternity.

Suddenly a whisle, Shaw Danon saw Nian Boss came out from the crowd and gave assistance. His cultivation was far higher than Cynical Dialectian, and his Red Devil Eye's power is not weak. The Skysong monk took back his smile and careful handled him.

After a few glances, Shaw Danon found a strange thing. Within the Felkin, when Cynical Dialectian was in trouble, except for Nian Boss, Liu Gao and others were having a bad look, other people were watching the scene, laughing at his misfortune. Later when Cynical Dialectian could hold out no longer, only Nian Boss helped him, others were just watching. Shaw Danon was puzzled, thinking the Felkin really couldn't be understood with common sense, are they having inter-conflict among the factions?

Shaw Danon's assumption is pretty correct. Nian Boss, Cynical and others are from the Bloodforger. This faction of'course was glorious, well known under the hand of Elder Blackheart eight hundreds years ago. But now it is weaken for long time, already being pushed out by the main factions of Felkin. Now seeing Cynical was ashamed, the high number Felkin people not only did not help him, but laughed at him like it was a joke.

Nian Boss is the leader of the faction, cultivation is not simple, he quickly stopped the advance of the Skysong monk.

Cynical Dialetian finally able to have a break, regained his breath, he cursed: "Bald head thief, you almost harmed your elder!" Then he turned and fought him two against one with Nian Boss.

People from Righteous cursed: "Felkin heretic, shameless to the extreme."

Within the shouting, Shaw Danon suddenly heard the sound of wind blew beside him and was surprised. Hidi was not willing to be bored and came out from the crowd. Phoenix Soul's amber light embraced her graceful figure, rose into the air.

"Shameless heretic, more against less, Fazhong master, I am here to help you!" Hidi shouted.

Shaw Danon now know the monk's name is Fazhong, base on the name it seemed he is in the same generation as Fazzan and Fashan, but he face looked a lot older.

When Fazhong saw Hidi jumped out, he issued a buddist word: "Thank you donor."

Fazhong's right hand pointed, the gold wooden fish in the air immediately charged at Nian Boss, brought him to the side. Hidi took Cynical Dialetian. It was easy to see that Fazhong left him the badly cultivated Cynical Dialetian to her for her young age.

Shaw Danon saw Hidi fought Cynical Dialetian, he was anxious and about to come out and help, his shoulder was pulled by someone. He turned and saw it was his Da Shixiong Xavion. Xavion whispered to him with a solemn look: "Xiao Shidi, Felkin heretics are shameless and rely on more people to gain victory, but we will never do that."

Shaw Danon immediately realized, nodded and held back. He inadvertently saw Tian Bolis couple, they were calm. Then he remembered, with master and shi niang here, what can happen to Ling'Er Shijie? He really is worry for nothing.

Shaw Danon blushed. peered around, no one seemed noticed his misbehavior. Xavion also looked at battle in mid-air like there was nothing happened. He was relieved. At this moment, he suddenly felt a gaze landed on him. But when he turned around, he only saw the shijies from Bamboo Height, Anan was also among them, but no one looked at him.

In the sky, Hidi could use the Phoenix Soul in any way she wish. Within thousands beams of amber light, Cynical Dialetian was dizzy, the silk surrounded himself in the center from all direction. He couldn't get out or break it. He would probably get wrapped into a dumpling by the silk after a while.

Tian Bolis saw his daughter showed her face out there, pride appeared on his face. The people of Righteous praised about her. Hidi was graceful, compare to Cynical Dialetian's dog like face, the distant was eighteen thousands miles. Not only the Righteous cultivators applauded, even the Felkin laughed.

Cynical was embarrassed to rage. Although his cultivation is not deep, his experience is too far for compare with that inexperienced little girl. His eyes rolled, peered at Hidi, he could see that girl is a novice, he immediately shouted: "Stinking yatou, I see that you are quite pretty, can't believe you have such improper relationship with that old monk!"

The people were quiet, then a moment later the people of Righteous cursed at him. The Felkin laughed into mess, some obscene people even shouted: "Correct, correct, really can't see that!"

Hidi was angry and irritated, said angrily: "What did y-you say?"

Cynical pointed, with the word "righteous" written on his face, a looking of justice bringer: "Posh, if you are not in a good term with that old monk, why will you come out and help him?"

Even Fazhong was angered, he immediately mumbled "Amitabha". Hidi was angered to pale, she knew it was provoke plan of Cynical, but she is a eighteen years old girl, and suddenly receive such insult in front of the crowd, how could she not angry. She immediately shown a flaw in her esper.

Cynical saw it as a chance, he quickly escaped from the surround of the Phoenix Soul. Just when he fled, a bang, the sky full of red silk closed, if he was still in there, probably crushed into thousands pieces?

Cynical sticked out his long tongue, said: "Very ruthless yatou!"

Hidi was extremely angry, the originally snow-white skin had turned red. Without extra word, like lighting, she charged at Cynical Dialetian again.

Under the surprise, Cynical fled away. The Felkin saw him returned, they boo, then suddenly, don't know who started it, the Felkin flew away one by one, no one help him.

Just in an instant, the only Felkin left was the Bloodforgers. Nian Boss's face was clouded, and his heart was angry, but he knew this place not for him to stay. The Red Devil Eye letted out several red beams in a row, forced Fazhong back a few yards, then rose up, waved his hand to his men and fled away.

Hidi was about to chase, his father Tian Bolis called: "Ling'Er, don't chase."

Hidi forced herself to stop, her face was still flush red, turned to Tian Bolis and said: "Dad, you heard that heretic nonsense......"

Tian Bolis smiled, Surin went forth and pulled her down, smiled: "Those Felkin heretics, they can do any evil thing. It is just rude word, we can just pretend we never hear it."

The people of Righteous agreed, said: "Correct, correct."

"Lady Tian don't put it in your heart."

Hidi came down. The people of Righteous saw the Felkin heretics were gone, they also dispersed. These days they often battle with the Felkin. Fight then leave, leave then fight.

Shaw Danon was about to go forth and talk to Ling'Er Shijie, suddenly someone hit his shoulder. He turned around and stunned, then became very pleased. Baye stood behind him, with a happy look. Haven't see for long time, he was in white clothes, with Dragon Slayer sword on his back, sharp brows and bright eyes, handsome and elegant, very outstanding.

Chapter 6 Vicious Energy B

Since mentioned it, it is the first time Shaw Danon see his childhood playmate after the Seven Peaks Tournment. These days he was wandering across the world, faced many near death moment, but Baye's figure never appeared in his mind.

Baye looked at him for a while, first it was delightful, then it was agitated, suddenly he embraced Shaw Danon in his arms, tightly and not let go, and relased after a long while. Shaw Danon's emotion was also agitated, he could see the shining tears in Baye's eyes.

"Xiao Fan!" Baye opened his mouth, his voice became choked, grabbed his shoulders, almost hurted Shaw Danon.

But Shaw Danon did not mind it. After seeing Baye, it seemed like all the terror and despair he faced at the edge of death can be only understood by this brother. He can truly relax himself only in front of this brother.

Baye grabbed him tightly, said quietly: "Xiao Fan, I-I-I thought I can never see you again......" Then at here, his emotion was over agitated, unable to go on.

"M-me too." Shaw Danon also looked at him. Soon, they smiled and letted out a long breath.

"It is good to be back, we still need to eliminate the Felkin and avenge together!" Baye held Shaw Danon's shoulders, smiled.

"Right." Shaw Danon nodded heavily.

Baye's emotion slowly settled, his face was calmed, seeing Shaw Danon's face has sign of traveled, Baye's eyes darkened a little, said: "When I heard you left the mountain, I was happy for you, and also hate myself. I can't believe I disappointed the great expectation my master has toward me, my achievement is not as great as yours."

Shaw Danon was surprised, shook his head: "JingYu, you can't say that. Who doesn't know your potential is far superior than mine. If I face you in the contest, I must be defeated. I am only lucky."

Baye letted out a breath, grinned: "That's right, I will practice much harder, I don't believe I can't beat you. But you can not relax either."

Shaw Danon laughed, and nodded hard.

They were talking the past here while Hidi was pouting and act spoiled to her mother. Surin smiled and comforted her.

Shaw Danon and Baye chatted for a while. He glanced at his master, then pulled Baye's hand, said: "Come, I will bring you to see my master and shixiongs."

Baye snorted, said quietly: "That short winter melon master, forget it."

Shaw Danon glared at him, said: "Don't say rubbish." Then began to pull him.

Baye's face was frustrated, all he could do is to follow him. As they walked near, Shaw Danon was about to speak, suddenly saw there is an extra person next to where Hidi and Surin were talking, Cool and handsome, it is Kevern.

Kevern gently whispered few words to Hidi. Hidi immediately smiled, there was no longer any anger on her face. She smiled like a flower, then held Kevern's hand before everyone, took him to Tian Bolis.

Shaw Danon heard a loud "hum" in his head, everything turned empty, instantly there is nothing, leaving only his shijie holding Kevern's hand. He could still faintly hear Baye's joyful words, he said quietly: "Originally your short winter melon master insisted not allow Kevern Shixiong to be together with Tian Shijie. But Qi Shixiong went to beg master, master always value Qi Shixiong, so he told this to Head of the Faction. Your master only left with the choice to allow it. Heh heh, you see they already make it public......"

Baye suddenly stopped, mouth slightly opened, watching Shaw Danon.

It was like Shaw Danon had suddenly became a different person at this moment. He could only feel the raging fire in his heart, almost burning his body.

He felt he was burning alive by the nether fire. Before him, that man, and his most beloved lady, were holding hands walking toward him.

The fire stick that has hidden in his waist raised a familiar chill, spread through his body. But it did not has effect on lowering the temperature of the raging fire, but like putting fuel into fire. A vicious energy, a blood thirsty heat, had twisted Shaw Danon's face.

Everyone at there were stunned. The originally harmony atmosphere had frozen instantly. Then everyone saw the Xiao Shidi who used to be gentle and kind suddenly letted out the vicious, evil energy that even the Felkin do not have. The people surrounded him all took a step back, watching this vicious person, agressively took a step toward Kevern, also toward Hidi.

The blue sky of Billows Hill seemed darkened.

Xavion was the first came out, stopped before Shaw Danon. He could immediately feel there was no more familiar figure in this Xiao Shidi who he watched him grew up.

Feeling someone standing before him, Shaw Danon raised his head slowly, glared at Xavion. Xavion saw his bloodshot eyes, heart was a bit terrified, he forced a smile: "Xiao Fan, what is it?"

Shaw Danon did not answer, with a lowered, hoarse voice said: "Move."

His tone extended very low and long, seemed used great amount of energy to say it, but in everyone's ears. it was terrifying.

Tian Bolis' face darkened, everyone were in astonishment.

Follow by, under the watch of everyone, Shaw Danon saw Xavion was still in front of him, the fire stick in his right hand glowed with cold green light, with a sense of killing that it never has before.

This time Xavion was really surprised. It was not because of the heavy sense of killing, and it was also not because his cultivation had advanced rapidly after Shaw Danon left the mountain for a month, it was because the Xiao Shidi who respected him, loved him, now has the intention to kill him.

He could see it, of'course Tian Bolis' eyes could also see it. He took a step with his darkened face. Although he still believe Shaw Danon is not Xavion's opponent, but this young disciple's epser is extremely awkward. That day it had showed off on the stage in Seven Peaks Tournament, Xavion probably can't deal with it easily.

And at this moment, Hidi ran to him with surprised look, stood between Shaw Danon Xavion, asked in surprise to her most favorite Xiao Shidi: "Xiao Fan, what really is it?"

The face that had carved in his heart, that pair of bright eyes, that lady who he had missed so much, has stood before him, concernly, worriedly asking......

Shaw Danon was stunned, completely stunned, like have awakened from dream. The vicious energy inside him had receded like tide. But, but, he could feel the tearing pain, startling looking at his shijie, there is a desire of wanting to cry!

Do you kow, at the edge of death, the one that I missed the most, is you?

Do you know, dream to return to Jadeon, thousands of twisted thoughts, are only for you?

Do you know......

"Slap", a loud, clear and crisp sound. Shaw Danon's face was slapped by Tian Bolis who suddenly appeared next to him. His entire body flew backward, formed an arc in the air, then landed at far away.

Chapter 6 Vicious Energy C

Everyone was stunned.

Shaw Danon fell on the ground. Stars flying before eyes. But the he who had awoke, was feeling very ashamed. How could he wanted to fight, even kill, his Da Shixiong who had always been taking care of him. It was really an unforgivable, heinous crime!

He managed to climb up, but before he straighten his body, his legs fell again. Half of his face was swollen, fresh red blood dropped from his mouth.

However, he could not feel any pain in his body, only his heart roared at himself with the fear that he never had, what is it, what is it, what is it into you, are you crazy?

He blankly raised his head, watching the people of his house. It was like everyone had become a stranger. As for them, their eyes, it was also looking at a stranger.

All of this, what really is it?

Shaw Danon managed to stood up. No one speak. Everyone looked at him, looking at his expression, but it appeared to be puzzled more than feared, like he did not even know what happened himself.

Xavion always being protective over Shaw Danon, he turned to Tian Bolis, said: "Master, Xiao Shidi, h-he does not have any disrespectful intention, he is on-only......"

"Shut up!" Tian Bolis shouted. Xavion could not continue. The short, fat Tian Bolis was like an angry deity of heaven at this moment, walking toward to Shaw Danon step by step.

Shaw Danon's face showed a sign of terrified, he fear his master the most since young after all, he could not imagine what is he going face next?

Suddenly, a white figure, stood before Shaw Danon.

Everyone was surprised.

Baye's face was pale, brows frowned, but facing this name shocking Jadeon's Head of Bamboo Peak, he had no sign of fear just like when he was young.

With his snow-white clothes, he stood there, like nailed to the ground, did not move an inch. Even there are perils in front of him, it could not move him.

"Clang", a dragon roar, the Dragon Slayer unsheathed. The bright green aura covered him and Shaw Danon -- the two people with the same background. Completely ignoring the eyes of his Da Shixiong Kevern was giving him, he said righteously, determinedly: "If you are going to touch Xiao Fan again, you will have to kill me first!"

Kevern gasped in a cold breath. He peered at Tian Bolis. Tian Bolis's face at this moment was as bad as it can be, almost to liver red. The degree of anger in his heart can be clearly seen.

But Kevern as the senior disciple of Dragon Head Peak, there is no reason for him to avoid. And Baye always favored by Master Vasp Caelo, there is no way for him to ignore no matter what.

Kevern looked at Tian Bolis, he knew it is no use to comfort him. He swiftly ran and pulled Baye, whispered: "You are crazy, shidi, it is their Bamboo Peak inter matter, what are you meddling. Even if Master is here, thing won't go anywhere better, hurry and leave with me!"

But Baye today was very different than before, he snorted: "If I leave, Xiao Fan is going to get tortured by this person to unimaginable degree. He is an orphan like me, if I don't stand by his side, no one in this world will." Then his eyes shot straight at the Bamboo Peak, although he knew the difference in power is huge, his eyes told, for the brother behind him, he can discard his life.

Kevern couldn't say anything. Seeing Lin Shidi is being irritated, he was very anxious. Suddenly a hand putted on Baye's shoulder.

Baye was surprised and turned around. Shaw Danon stood behind him, half of the face was completely swollened. His eyes were already filled tears, his voice was choked: "Jing Yu, I understand y-your intention. I did the wrong thing, I will apologize to my master, you return with Qi Shixiong first!"

Baye frowned, was about to speak, Kevern said hurriedly: "Lin Shidi, if you stay here, it will only get Tian Shishu even more mad, this will harm Zhang Shidi instead. Leave, hurry!"

Then he forcibly pulled Baye away. Baye struggled, but seeing Shaw Danon's eyes with a bit of plea, he hesitated for long while, then finally took away by Kevern. When he left, he looked back at Shaw Danon for every steps he took.

Tian Bolis's look was extremely bad. The people of Bamboo Peak looked at each others. No one dare to say anything.

Shaw Danon silently walked to him, kneeled down, putted his head on the ground, not moving.

Tian Bolis laughed coldly: "Ah! I am not worthly for it. Who is this! So high cultivation, so much sense of killing, do your eyes still have me as your master?"

Shaw Danon's body shook, kowtowed heavily three times. His head was still on the ground.

Xavion and others always love that Xiao Shidi, seeing his situation, they forgot what Shaw Danon looked like bfore, they all said to Tian Bolis: "Master, Xiao Shidi he......"

Tian Bolis waved his hand, everyone's words were choked in their throats. Tian Bolis took a look at Shaw Danon, then snorted angrily, said coldly: "Can't imagine that for all these years, I have raised up a traitor!"

Then without looking back, he walked away and ignored Shaw Danon.

Surin sighed and followed. Everyone could not help but followed, leaving Shaw Danon kneeled on the ground lonely.

His head, still did not raise.


The sky grew dark, the Righteous cultivators returned to the mountain waist of Billows Hill at south. There were dozens natural caves, very convenient. That day when they arrived at the mountain, it was immediately choosen by the Righteous cultivators.

Jadeon with four houses, has occupied four caves. Bamboo Peak has the least people, they located at the most western cave, next to the thick forest. Follow by are Dragon Head Peak, Sun Rise Peak, and Bamboo Height. Then they are resided by Skysong, Incense and other Righteous cultivators.

This time Shaw Danon returned, Fazzan and Fashan of Skysong had came met him. Kevern also came greeted him. Anan stood among the Bamboo Height and did not come. He only did not see Li Su and Yanon of Incense.

But he did not have the mind to think about that at this moment. He followed everyone return, but did not enter the cave, instead he kneeled on the rock outside of the cave. From afternoon to dark, he had kneeled for more than four hours. Tian Bolis still showed no sign of heart softened.

Many of the Jadeon disciples from the other houses, Skysong, and Incense disciples saw it. They gathered, pointing from afar, their sneer could be heard.

Shaw Danon was ashamed. But he still did not get up. But kneeling for such a long time, his knees was sour.

Suddenly in a neighboring cave, where the Dragon Head Peak's disciples live, loud noise came out. Shaw Danon did not lift his head, but still could hear Baye was angrily speaking. Seemed like he couldn't restrain himself anymore and about to come out, but grabbed by Kevern and other disciples.

When there were shoutings, suddenly a dense, powerful voice issued from the neighboring cave: "Jing Yu, come here, I have thing to talk to you."

Shaw Danon knew this is the voice of the Head of Dragon Head Peak, Vasp Caelo Shishu. The Dragon Head Peak disciples immediately quiet down. Soon, Baye did not dare to disobey his master's order and walked in, then never came out again.

The darkness had returned quiet. the crowd that was watching the show had left. Leaving only Shaw Danon kneeling at the entrance of the cave.

And at this moment, voice of Xavion, He Dazhi, Amandla begging Tian Bolis came out from the Bamboo Peak's cave. After after Tian Bolis angrily scolded them, everyone stopped.

But the silence did not continue for a moment, Hidi's agitated voice issued: "Dad, what are you doing? Xiao Fan has been kneeled outside for almost five hours, what did he do wrong? Did he hurt Da Shixiong or kill him? He already apologized, you still not let him come in....."

"Bang", stones blasted into the air. Tian Bolis's anger could not settled, his hit on a hard rock, crushed it to dust. Hidi still had things to say, but shi niang Surin whispered to her and took her away. Then there was no more sound.