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Chapter 59: Broken Heart A

 Chapter 5 Broken Heart A

After snapped his face, Shaw Danon stood there, a bit out of breath. After a long while, his emotion calmed, then shook his head smiled bitterly, told himself: "Shaw Danon Shaw Danon, what rank are you, only a disciple of Jadeon, you dare to doubt the righteousness of the ancestor, really don't know your limitation. Jadeon have been like this for two thousands years, the world admire them, of'course they are right, where you can doubt about."

Having thought of that, his mind relaxed. Though it was self comforting, it was very effective. No longer thinking this question, he peacefully lied down.

Before he could make himself comfortable, suddenly a sharp whistle in air broke the originally quiet sound of wave and wind on the island.

Shaw Danon immediately jumped up, raised his head, he saw in the night sky, a beam of white light was like a meteor, shot across the sky. Behind it, several beams of light followed, red, yellow and white.

Shaw Danon realized they were cultivators battling in the sky. The person in the front was clearly escaping while the people from behind were chasing.

In this remote place, there should be no one here. Now there were people fighting, it must be a battle between the Righteous and the Felkin. Shaw Danon had been searching in the East Sea for several days. He was in hurry, now seeing one side must be from Righteous, he did not hesitate. He pointed, the fire stick rose into the air, charged into the sky.

Shaw Danon rode on the fire stick, making "zoom......" sound under the color of the night, swiftly charged into the sky. But the people in the sky appeared to be unaware there could be anyone on the island. The escaping person thought it was ambush, and the chasing people also thought it was a trap. Both sides shouted, the white light in front turned around, and the red, yellow and white light from behind also turned and striked at Shaw Danon.

Shaw Danon was surprised, and fell into a situation where he faces enemies from front and back. But the speed of those espers was fast, there was no time for him to explain. He stopped himself and dropped down like a rock.


The four people in the sky were skilled and have fast reaction, quickly realized what happened. Their espers paused, then followed downward, like a stinger on the back, not allow its prey to escape. But it seemed both sides were a bit confused as they discovered the opposite side also appeared trying to kill this unwelcome visitor.

Only the poor Shaw Danon became the wronged person. He was chased by four espers, one mistake can cause his body to turn into thousands pierces. Hearing the sound of wind from behind was getting closer, Shaw Danon gritted his teeth, he knew he could not escape. He flipped around, seeing the four beams of light arrived like lighting, he shouted, the fire stick brightened with green light, blocked this hit for him.

"Bang", a loud bang sounded above the quiet sea. The four lights were shocked back. Shaw Danon and the fire stick heavily fell into the water from the sky. "Splash", the water spattered really high.

Large ripple poppled on the surface of the water. The four people in the sky, the escape did not escape, the chase did not chase, they only stayed there, feeling there is something strange.

After a while, a person slowly floated to the surface of the water, with arms and legs spread out, appeared to be unconscious. The four people in the sky decended, at the same time aware of each other. They got closer to the surface, under the star light, they could manage to see the face of the person in water.

"Xiao Fan!"

Two screams, came from both sides.


Soaking in the freeze sea water, this feeling caused Shaw Danon to think he was still in the Heartless Sea under Kongsang Mountain Forsaken Abyss, still under the ground. Only, why the sky has bright stars?

He shook his head and regained consciousness. He found himself lying on the shore. At far on the sand beach, four people were standing there. One side was a girl in green dress. Other side were one girl and two men, base on their clothing, they were from Jadeon.

Shaw Danon looked toward the girl and two men. The two men were familiar, they were Da Shixiong Xavion and Sixth Shixiong Amandla. And the girl in red dress, her face was so familiar.

Instantly his blood was boiling, his mind was ringing, without any other thought, only stared at her, shouted: "Shijie!"

The girl in red heard the voice and turned around smiled. The lonely island, the sorrow color of night seemed brightened: "Stinky brat, I knew you will not die so easily!"

What word can describle such excitement? Shaw Danon has thousands words in his mind, endless thought, many bitterness. The thought of past days during the difficult time rushed into his brain. Seeing the sweetly smiling beautiful lady, his heart was sour, tears dropped.

Shijie, shijie, shijie! His heart had mentioned this word for countless, countless of time. Now she suddenly appeared before him, he could see nothing else.

Until, an angry shout issued: "Shaw Danon, you bastard, not even look at me?"

Shaw Danon was surprised. Not only him, Hidi and others were surprised also. Shaw Danon turned and this surprise was not easy.

The moon light, the star light, coldly shined on the sand beach of this lonely island. A girl in watery green dress, with anger on her face, her bright watery eyes stared at Shaw Danon savagely. Isn't that Bilu?

Shaw Danon was nervous when facing her. His tongue was tied, mumbled: "Why are y-you here?"

Bilu glared at him, did not answer. Her eyes peered at Hidi's face, seeing that she was beautiful and charming, a fire rose in her heart.

That mid-night Bilu left with the woman in black at Chang He's Hai Yun Luo, she met her father outside of the city, then followed her father to East Sea Billows Hill and joined other people, prepare to do something important on Billows Hill. The Righteous cultivatords also arrived at the same time. Both sides had been confront each other for several days.

Calculated the days, Bilu predicted Shaw Danon should arrive already. After the near death experience together under Forsaken Abyss Blooddrop Cave, also met each others on the journey afterward, Bilu already had a strange feel toward this normal Jadeon disciple. Today, she couldn't help it anymore, she only wanted to see Shaw Danon again. So she sneaked out, found where the Jadeon live, but she did not find Shaw Danon and discovered by Hidi and others.

Actually Shaw Danon should already arrive at Billows Hill. But no one could expect Shaw Danon got lost in East Sea, delayed for several days while Bilu was several days earilier.

Tonight she found Shaw Danon expectedly on this island, Bilu was very pleased, and she felt a bit sorry after she accidentally hurted him.

Chapter 5 Broken Heart B

But when Shaw Danon woke up, before she could check if he is injure, she saw that stinking brat was enchanted by his shijie, with a look of not even know who himeself is. Bilu's anger rose, there is no longer sorry, she just wanted to grab that brat and beat him up!

Shaw Danon looked at Bilu's furious face, then turned to his shijie, finding Hidi and the two shixiongs' eyes were wide opened, they were all puzzled.

He was in the middle, he wanted to explain to his shixiongjie, but he did not know what to say. He turned to Bilu, seeing the sharp eyes of that Felkin girl, his heart was agitated, then something rose to his chest. He vomitted mouthful of blood.

"Ah!" Hidi and Bilu screamed.

Shaw Danon has nothing serious. He was hit by the combined strike of four people, although he had the protection of the incantation and the fire to block most of the power, Xavion and others' cultivation were all higher than Shaw Danon's. Even though they found something strange and held back, the great force still hit him down. Fortunately below was the sea, if it was hard ground, it really got a lot for Shaw Danon to suffer.

Shaw Danon's chest was already stuffed, now being stimulated by the embarrassing situation, his blood rose, and he vomitted a mouthful of blood. Those were only extravasted blood, although exaggerating, it was nothing serious.

But how could Hidi and others know about it. She was a close friend with this Xiao Shidi since young. Out of concern, she immediately ran to him. But once she made a move, the Felkin girl also ran to him with anxiety on her face.

Hidi is a girl so she knew what it is and paused, but Xavion and Amandla thought that Felkin heretic is trying to harm Xiao Shidi when he is injured. Xavion shouted, his "Ten Tigers" sword enlarged and striked at Bilu.

Bilu was worrying about Shaw Danon, but was obstructed by that big fellow, she was angry, however the might of that sword could not underestimate. She twisted and turned into a green figure, just in an instant she passed through the light of Ten Tigers. Before she make even distant of one yard, white light flashed before her. A strange cube shape esper flew at her.

Bilu could not see it clearly so she did not take the hit, but paused her body. Her right hand waved in the wind, a pure white flower appeared between her fingers. It was her esper "Heartending Flower".

The Heartending Flower follow Bilu's finger, rose into the air and blocked the strange object. Bilu could see clearly what that is, her feeling was mixed with anger and laughter. It was a cube with six faces, each has dots as number, it was a dice. She could not imagine there can be such deviant esper, that is rare.

The white light of Heartending Flower forced Amandla's dice a yard back. It was appeared Amandla's cultivation was not enough compare to Bilu's. Though Amandla's cultivation is not as good as Xavion, he is a lot smarter. Seeing his cultivation was not enough, he summoned another two dices to annoy her.

The three dices flew from above, from bottom, circle, left and right, although it could not invade into Heartending Flower's area, Bilu also couldn't go through, and was delayed for few moment. Xavion already rushed at her from behind.

Bilu had fought against Xavion, she knew that person's cultivation is quite deep. If need to fight him by herself, she may not be able to defeat him. Plus the furtive guy before him, and the "Ling'Er Shijie" that Shaw Danon mentioned about, she knew tonight she couldn't gain any advantage. She gazed at Shaw Danon, cursed in her heart: "Stinking brat!"

Xavion was rushing toward her, the heretic who was fighting against Amandla suddenly flew backward. The flower in her hand turned into thousand flowers, covering the sky. He was surprised and immediately turned his focus on defense. But it was only Bilu's trick, within the thousand flowers, Bilu's green figure rose into the sky and flew away.

Xavion was about to chase, Amandla and Hidi called: "Da Shixiong, no need to chase."

Xavion realized, retrieved his sword, and together with others, they ran to Shaw Danon.


East Sea Billows Hill, the mountains on the island was magnificent and dangerous, taking large area. In compare of size, it is the number one among the islands of East Sea. But this place is very far away, no sign of human habitat, so in reputation, it is no match for other two famous mountains of East Sea -- "Mount Penglai" and "Island of Yama".

But this time at Billows Hill, it was the most crowded. For several days, the Felkin seemed searching for something among the mountains. Although the mountains range is large, but cultivators' flying speed is extremely fast, often ran into each others. Both sides has "strong hatred" at each other, always use their espers to crush each others once they recongize who is it, creating sky shocking bangs. Then their allies will come assist, and turn it into "ganging". Countless of dazzling or vicious espers flew in the sky of Billows Hill.

For several days, both sides have many casualties. Countless of the small mountains and hills were destroyed.

That night after he reunited with Hidi and others, under their lead, Shaw Danon finally found the Billows Hill, and also saw his master Tian Bolis and shi niang Surin.

This time the Felkin rose in power in fierce momentum. Not only the hidden old evils had reappeared, but also many new faces, and their cultivation were not low. It can clearly be seen that the Felkin had planned this throughly over the past years.

The enemies were quite strong, and the Righteous did not delay. After the Head of Jadeon Master Doyal Shen discussed with Skysong and Incense, they sent out Dragon Head Peak, Sun Rise Peak, Bamboo Peak, and Bamboo Height's elite disciples, with Dragon Head Peak's Master Vasp Cealo and Bamboo Peak's Tian Bolis, and the assisstance of several elders, they lead dozens of Jadeon disciples to join the force of Skysong and Incense, plus other Righteous cultivators, together they arrived at Billows Hill.

When Tian Bolis saw Shaw Danon, he first was startled, although he was happy, he held it. But his shi niang Surin did not care much about it, smiled filled her face, she pulled Shaw Danon to her side and asked him many questions.

Shaw Danon forced himself to hold the tear when he saw his shi niang, and summarized what happened. But he was still concerned about Bilu's identity, so he did not mention about Bilu and the Blooddrop Cave, only say he was trapped inside the mountain for several days, then fortunately he found a secret passage to escape.

Everyone exclamed as they heard the story of how he escaped from the death. Among the Bamboo Peak disciples, Xavion, He Dazhi, Amandla and Hidi came to Billows. According to them, Shaw Danon found out the eight people in the Cave of Fangs, Fazzan and Fashan of Skysong, and Li Su and Yanon of Incense were fine. Kevern and Issa were also out of danger.

The one in the most risk was Anan who fell into Forsaken Abyss with Shaw Danon. She was poisoned by the red eyes yasho, and was wounded by the nether spirits and tree spirit, then got washed away by the great wave caused by the ancient demon Abyssal Viper. She fell unconscious under the Forsaken Abyss. But with the protective aura of Aeolian Firmus, Kevern and others were able to find Anan who was surrounded by countless of nether spirits under Forsaken Abyss, and saved her from the hall of Yama.

At that time Anan woke up and told them Shaw Danon was still alive under the Forsaken Abyss. But they had searched for several days and still found no clue. Anan still had poison in her body, wound had not recover, but she still insisted to find Shaw Danon. After a few days, her body could not go on anymore. They gave up searching despite her strong objection, and brought Anan back to Mount Jadeon.

This time the Jadeon came to the east, all of the people Shaw Danon knew, beside Issa, had come.

Hidi giggled: "If Anan Lu Shijie knows you are alive, she must be really happy. Do you know, when she couldn't find you that day under Forsaken Abyss, how anxious her face is!"

Chapter 5 Broken Heart C

Shaw Danon startled, Anan's face appeared in his mind. He remembered she had tried to save him many times under Forsaken Abyss, he was grateful: "Lu Shijie does it for same faction relationship, of'course I......" Then he paused, thought of something, he asked Hidi: "Shijie, you were not there, how do you know Lu Shijie was anxious?"

Hidi sticked out her tongue, made a face, smiled: "I heard that from Kevern Shixiong."

Shaw Danon startled, seeing Ling'Er Shijie's beautiful smile, his burning heart that started when he saw her, had cool down.


The next day, conflict rose again between the Good and the Evil.

At the conflict, the monks of Skysong sighed as they saw the trees and wild lifes being ruined, they recited the After Life Sutra. After it finished, they mumbled "Amitabha", then waved their fingers, the espers lauched a sky shocking strike, the Felkin escaped from it, then a huge bang, after that, another small hill wiped out, more lifes were ruined, they recited the After Life Sutra again.

"Bald head thief, stupid bald head, I dare you to shut up and come fight. Mumbling all those stupid incantation all day, I will be bothered to death if I do not get cursed to death!"

"Amitabha, donor Cynical, you're burden with heavy sin, if you don't turn back now, you will be fall into Avici!"

"Posh posh posh! Bald head thief, you are still a monk? Cursed at me directly!"


Shaw Danon felt this voice was familiar. He took a look and saw it was the strange looking Cynical Dialectian he met that day in Kongsang Mountain Cave of Fangs. At this moment he was standing at the front of the Felkin, cursing at a Skysong monk angrily. Nian Boss, Lin Feng, Liu Gao, and that young woman was also standing among the Felkin.

Shaw Danon was amazed that they were here, then suddenly some mumbled the word of Buddha behind him: "Amitabha, greeting Zhang Shidi!"

Shaw Danon turned around, it was Fazzan and Fashan of Skysong Temple. Among the eight people in Cave of Fangs, the two monks from Skysong were always friendly to him. Especially Fazzan, seemed treated him differently. From Hidi, Shaw Danon found out, although Fazzan made the decision of leaving Forsaken Abyss despite Anan's objection, the sadness on Fazzan's face could never be fake.

Shaw Danon was grateful when he heard that. Now he saw Fazzan and Fashan, he immediately saluted: "Greeting two shixiongs."

Fazzan took a careful look at him, let out a long breath, smiled: "Ancient people said: 'Good people will be blessed by heaven'. Now I believe it. Zhang Shidi can survive such disaster, worth congratuate, destined to be fortunate."

The huge Fashan stood behind his shixiong Fazzan, who is shorter than him, he said in his muffled voice: "Zhang Shidi is blessed!"

Shaw Danon was grateful: "Thank for the thought from two shixiongs."

Fazzan smiled and nodded, looked at the scene, Cynical Dialectian already began the battle with a Skysong monk, he patted his shoulder, said: "Let us chat later when we have time."

Shaw Danon quickly replied: "Yes."

Fazzan took two steps, then turned around smiled to Shaw Danon: "Zhang Shidi, you should go see Anan donor Lu of your faction, she is very worry about you!" With a mysterious look, he smiled at Fashan, then walked away.

Shaw Danon startled, then turned at looked at the Jadeon Bamboo Height. This time Head of Bamboo Height Master Shui Yue did not come. The female disciples, with their Da Shijie Baako as their lead, listen to Master Vasp Caelo and Tian Bolis' order. Anan was standing among them.

Haven't see for a month, Anan seemed got thinner, perhaps brought by the injuries. But still, Shaw Danon could feel the natural gorgeousness, the peerless beauty of that lady. Even when she got thin, she was like a cold dew on a blooming lily, lonely and aloof, with elegant.

The female disciples of Bamboo Height were mostly beautiful ladies, attracted many eyes. Except for the old monks of Skysong Temple, the male disciples of Jadeon and Incense often peered at them and Anan attracted most of the eyes. But that time Anan had returned to her original coldness, when her eyes sweeped across and landed on Shaw Danon, she paused for a moment, then looked away emotionlessly.

Shaw Danon felt a little disappointment in his heart, but then he felt a bit happy. He was already has some fear toward this icy beauty, now she ignored him, he felt relax. Not a while later, all his attention was attracted by Hidi's giggling, and no longer able to take it away.