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Chapter 58: Set out to the Sea

Chapter 4 Set out to the Sea A

The color of the night was dark with the wind hitting. The fallen leaves softly floating in the wind.

Under the light green umbrella, her dress was fluttering among the wind, several hairs were sticked on her snow white cheek.

Shaw Danon stood there, at that instant, there was a confusing idea passed by in his mind. In this weird night, a strange place, but there was a familiar rain......

He walked slowly into the rain.

Behind him, there were a pair of ghostly eyes watching him in the darkness.

As he got closer, the entire world seemed quiet down.

Her eyes were just before him.

Very gentle.

"Why didn't you go to sleep?" Shaw Danon asked slowly.

Bilu did not answer, only watching him, with a pair of watery eyes reflecting his figure.

The rain wetted his clothes, between his hair, they formed into a crystal small rain drop, fell off from his hair, and slided down on his cheek.

"What about you?" She asked back: "Why didn't you go to sleep?"

Shaw Danon silenced for a moment, then said: "Onara's snoring is too noisy. I can't sleep."

Bilu startled, then laughed out softly. The watery light surrounding her eyes seemed brightened.

In Shaw Danon's eyes, she was like a blooming lily in a raining night.

She smiled, held out her hand and pulled Shaw Danon to her. Shaw Danon couldn't help but stepped forward. In the rain, a small, green umbrella putted above his head.

Under the umbrella, it was her soft breathing.

Shaw Danon's heart jumped more rapid. He looked away, not to look at her. But soft fragrance from her body was surrounding him.

"Tomorrow, are you going to Billows Hill?" Bilu asked quietly.

Shaw Danon's heart moved, said: "Yeah!" Then he lifted his head and glanced at her: "What about you?"

Bilu smiled: "Me too!"

Shaw Danon's face changed, he frowned and said: "Don't be silly like a child, there are a lot of people from the side of Good there. My master has bad temper, you will be in danger if you go there."

Bilu did not say anything, only staring at him silently. Shaw Danon had an uneasy feeling, but could not tell what it is. But he knew it is never good to stand with her like this in the rainy night, he said: "I will return first."

Bilu did not reply. So Shaw Danon left her and went back.

But when he was half way there, behind him, in the rain, her sound suddenly issued.

"Xiao Fan!"

Shaw Danon was startled. It was the first time Bilu has ever called him in such friendly tone.

He slowly turned around. The rain lay between them. The distant seemed greater, as for Bilu's face was getting more blurry. But her voice, was still so clear.

"When I was standing lonely here, I was thinking, if we unable to escape and die in Blooddrop Cave, it is actually not bad."

Shaw Danon was shocked, then forced a smile: "Don't make joke mindlessly about it." Then he hurried walked away.

Bilu was watching his back, lowered her head, using the voice that only she could hear: "At least, I will not regret."

Shaw Danon walked on the corridor, avoided the rain. His heart was relieved. For some reason, he always have a nervous feeling when he is facing Bilu the beautiful Felkin girl. Probably the pressure from her identity!

He sighed and looked back, seeing the girl was still standing in the rain. He shook his head and headed back to his room.

Not long after he left, behind her, the darkness suddenly moved. A woman covered with black clothes and black veil came out and walked next to her.

Bilu turned around, said lightly: "Aunt Negar."

The woman in black looked at Shaw Danon's direction, with a calm and feelingless voice: "Let's go! Your father is waiting for you at Billows Hill!"

Bilu slowly nodded.

Dawn, Shaw Danon who finally could go to sleep was waken up by Onara's loud voice: "Brother Zhang, wake up."

Shaw Danon opened his eyes with great difficulty. Seeing Onara was filled with spirit and energy, clearly he was sleeping well last night!

He smiled bitterly, did not say anything. He climbed up and went to the basin to wash his face with his blurry eyes. Onara sat on his bed, smiled: "Brother Zhang, just saying, you are so young and also a cultivator, after one night you should be refleshed. Look at you, it is like you did not sleep last night!"

Shaw Danon mumbled in his mind: "With you here who can go to sleep?" But he just smiled bitterly and nodded.

After they finished washing, Onara took Shaw Danon to wake up Bilu. Shaw Danon was not willing to, but he did not feel right to tell Onara. Unexpectedly no one answer when they knocked on the door for long time. When they asked the manager, they found out Bilu left last night, also paid the money for their stay.

Onara was startled, feeling odd. Shaw Danon stood on the side, calculating. Base on what Manager Wang said, she left shortly after he left her.

Originally Shaw Danon was troubled about what to do if Bilu is going to come with him to Billows Hill. But how she suddenly left without notice, he was puzzled.

Chapter 4 Set Out to the Sea B

As Onara planned to discuss with Shaw Danon, Manager Wang suddenly asked: "Excuse me, is the name Onara?"

Onara startled, said: "Correct, how do you know?"

Manager Wang was glad, he took a letter out under the counter, said: "This morning a customer entrusted it to me, say to give this to a burly young man name Onara. It must be you."

Onara took the letter, found it really has his name on name, he opened it and have a look. Shaw Danon also pulled himself together and looked at Onara. As Onara read, his brows frowned closer and closer together, he cried: "Master!"

Shaw Danon was surprised: "What is it about your master?"

Onara shook his head: "Don't know, but this letter is wrote by my master, telling me to head to earth god temple at west immediately. Brother Zhang, seem like we need to separate for now."

Shaw Danon nodded: "Doesn't matter. It is fine that you go. I am also hurried to go to Billows Hill and see my master!"

Onara smiled: "When I see my master, after a talk he senior must also come to Billows Hill. We shall meet again by then."

Shaw Danon did not know him for long, but he felt very friendly toward him. He smiled: "Okay!"

Onara smiled, turned around and left.

Shaw Danon went with him until the tavern's entrance, watching his large body disappeared in the crowd. He stood there startled for a moment, then turned and headed to the east along.

When they were long gone, in the main hall of Hai Yun Luo, Tanis Ka and his granddaughter Tonni slowly came out.

Tonni said quietly: "That was close, almost run into an old enemy." Then she gave Tanis Ka a look, said: "Isn't it all because of you grandpa, no matter where, one step wrong and we will one into the people who got scammed by you. The most wronged person is this world is probably me."

Tanis Ka rolled his eyes at Tonni, then ignored her. Manager Wang saw the immortal senior came out, he came and greeted him, served tea and dishes, treated him with enthusiastic attitude. Tanis Ka was also not being polite, and sat down with Tonni pompously, chatted with Manager Wang.

Manager Wang said: "Immortal senior, do you know? Last night something serious happened outside of the wall of Chang He?"

Tanis Ka startled: "What happened?"

Manager Wang said: "I am not sure about it. I heard the righteous cultivators that gathered here had came across with the Felkin last night at the west of the city. Two sides battled fiercely. People at the west of the city said it was so intense that the city wall was shaking!"

Tanis Ka asked: "Felkin and Righteous already began to fight?"

Manager Wang shrugged, said: "The news was spread this morning, probably not going to be fake!" Then with a concern tone he said: "Immortal senior, the Righteous are cultivators, and Felkin normally won't put their anger on us the normal people. But your cultivation is deep, if someone ask you to help punish the Felkin, you must be careful!"

"Puff", Tonni couldn't help but spew out the tea.

Tanis Ka glared at Tonni. Tonni forced herself to hold the laughter. Seeing the worry look came from Manager Wang, she tried to keep her normal tone and said: "Ah! Manager Wang, I-I am fine. Just, ho ho, got choked when drinking, ho ho, got choked......"

East Sea Billows Hill (Note 1) is seven thousands miles into the sea, the farthest eastern place in the world. Beyond that it is the endless sea.

Such remote place has no human habitat. Unexpectedly several days after Shaw Danon and others went to Kongsang Mountain, Felkin cultivators suddenly rose in every places. Just in a few days dozens of factions were eliminated by the Felkin. It shocked the world instantly. The Felkin rose again after eight hundreds years with great momentum.

Within the Righteous, the Jadeon, Skysong, Incense and other factions immediately called a meeting.

Just at that time, news sent to Incense that large number of Felkin were gathering at remote East Sea Billows Hill. What are they planning?

With righteousness above everything else, the people from the side of Good were angry. Soon, with the three major factions as the lead, they sent their elite disciples, with the lead of the highly cultivated elders, they set out to East Sea Billows Hill. On their way, many righteous cultivators joined in them, intend to clean up the heretics, create peace for the living.

Shaw Danon found out what happened from the people on his way. The blood boiled in his chest, his decision of going to East Sea became more stable.

At this farthest eastern location, the journey is also extremely long. The Felkin choose this place probably they knew the Central Plain is a rich resources place, but also the root of the three major factions, that's why they are will to come to this remote island. However, they did not expect the flourishing side of Good, with righteous above everything else, to come right away even though it is extremely far!

On his journey, Shaw Danon was in hurry, beside resting, he spent all of his time riding on his fire stick. After about two days, he was finally out at the sea. At the beginning he could still see some islands, after another ten days of traveling, he could only see the bright sea and blue clear sky.

He flew for day and night non-stop. The clear blue of the sea, if not because of the wave, it is almost like a crystal clear, beautiful gemstone. However, there was still no sign of island.

Shaw Danon was dumbfounded in mid-air, the cool wind of the sea hit his face, but his heart was anxious.

Now, he had already out in the sea for ten days. This time he has not find an island to rest for one day and two nights. He couldn't believe he got lost in this endless sea.

But for past days, beside for sleeping outdoor and eating wild things, there is nothing else. His flying ability was greatly improved. No longer as nervous as before.

At this moment, he raised his head looked at the sky, the lowered to look at the blue sea. He smiled bitterly.

When he was out of idea, Shaw Danon suddenly heard a bird cry ahead of him. He lifted his head and saw a white seagull, flying above the sea.Chapter 4 Set Out to the Sea C

Shaw Danon's mind thought, when he left the coast, he saw a lot of seagull, but when he flew far, the seagull could not reach here. Now at the deep of the sea, he could see a seagull, that means an island is nearby.

Thinking of that, Shaw Danon was excited. Without hesitation, he flew to the seagull's direction. The endless sea lies on the horizon, the color of the sky and sea are exactly the same, like poem and drawing.

Flying between heaven and earth, there is a feeling of immortal, like the body was combined with the nature into one.

He flew for another small half an hour, a small island appeared before him. Looking at it from the sky, the entirety of the island was covered with green plants. The sea water near the island was clear, like crystal blue jade.

Shaw Danon had flown for long time, his body was tired. He landed with his fire stick and rested on the island for a while. When finally set his feet on the ground, Shaw Danon looked around and found the scenery is much different and clear than when he looked from the air.

The clear water washed on the pure white sand beach wave after wave. Near the shore, there are type tree that Central Plain does not has. Tall trunk, no side branch, straight into the sky. At the tree top there are large leaves, under the leaves, there are fruits that are about size of a child's head.

Deeper into the island, beside the tall trees, the short bushes are also flourish. The woods are thick and there is no path. Seems like no one has ever walk here for thousands years.

Above the head, the seagulls crying in circle. The fresh, cool wind came from the sea. Shaw Danon took a deep breath. At this quiet place, tireness caught up to him. He looked around, seeing nothing strange, he found a clean place, lied down and fell asleep.

This sleep was quite sweet. The island was quiet, except for the tide and wind, there was no movement. And of'course no one will bother him. Shaw Danon slept until dusk, then woke up.

Shaw Danon stood up and stretched, quickly walked to the sand beach. Gazing afar seeing the scenery of dusk, it was very different than morning. The sunset was red as blood, at the west of horizon, shined the clouds and sea red. The clouds were burning in different shape and appearance. The wind blew from the sea, Shaw Danon opened his arms, took a deep breath.

A relax feeling filled his body. At a place that is like a paradise, his entire body was relaxed.

At this moment, he couldn't help but think, if he could stay with Ling'Er Shijie in such peaceful place everyday, watching the beautiful sunset, his life will have no regret.

Thinking of Hidi, Shaw Danon's heart was excited. Since the time he left the mountain, it had already been a month. Since the time he entered Jadeon, he had never separated from shijie for such a long time. Now on this quiet island, thinking that his shijie can be on a island near here, excitement rose in Shaw Danon's heart and couldn't get settled.

Standing there for a long time, his fluctuating feeling finally calmed. He heard a growling from his stomach. Shaw Danon smiled bitterly. Since the period he was trapped in the Kongsang Mountain Blooddrop Cave, he seemed getting hungry very easily. But it is fine, he still got enough food, only the water does not have much left.

Shaw Danon looked around, then his eyes landed on the fruits on the tall trees. He rose up and picked off several of them.

He did not expect the fruit shell is extremely hard, Shaw Danon finally crushed the shell after many hits on the rock, white juice came out. Shaw Danon quickly drank all. Though it was a bit bitter, but it taste sweet. It was a fine good.

With this natural delicacy, Shaw Danon had a satisfing meal. Seeing the sky darkened, he planned to continue the journey tomorrow.

The sky was getting darker. The wind from the sea blew on him was also getting colder. Shaw Danon frowned, walked toward to the woods, but hesitated for a moment, he did not went in. He found a place near him to avoid the wind and lied down and rested.

Had been slept for the entire afternoon, Shaw Danon couldn't go to sleep. He rolled around, his mind couldn't help but recalled words of Wan Ren Wang that day at the tea stall.

He picked up the fire stick from his waist. Reflecting the light from the stars, on the black fire stick, ghostly green light glowed. Especially the blood like red veins, they seemed came to life, they seemed having fresh blood flowing inside it.

Are those, like Wan Ren Wang said, my blood?

Shaw Danon murmured it in his heart, different feeling mixed together. He could remember clearly that day in ancient valley, when the Sinister Orb sucked out large amount of blood from his palm......

Shaw Danon shivered, shook his head hard, not willing to remember the past.

Only, that esper still clearly in front of him, even that unique chill was still familiarly flowing in his body, like it is a part of his body.

That day, although he dignifiedly said those words to Wan Ren Wang, but when it comes to him, it still does not feel good.

Afterall, need a disciple who grew up in a famous faction like him to accept his esper is a Felkin evil artifact, it is not easy to do.

Thinking of that, he looked at the fire stick again, seeing the clear veins, he heart couldn't help but think: this esper, how many souls did it took?

In these blood, probably many wraith is hiding in it!

He shudded.

But, he suddenly recalled, if what Wan Ren Wang said is true, then the "Ancient Sword Regenesis" in Mount Jadeon Peak of Widows's Moontop Hollow, what is it then?

The world's righteousness, evilness, is it just like what his master and shixiongs taught him, always is there, never change?

Suddenly, a thought appeared in his mind, a thought he never had before rose: Who said that we Righteous must be righteous?

Thinking of that, Shaw Danon abruptly jumped up, closed his eyes and "snap"!

He snapped his face heavily, shouted: "Bastard, damn, how can you have such betrayal idea!"

Note 1: <> East Sea has Billows Hill, seven thousands miles into the sea. There is a beast, ox shape, dark body with no horn, one leg, when it appear there must be a storm, bright as morning, loud as thunder, name Mindrot Menace. Yellow emperor used its skin for drum, hit with the bone of thunder beast, spread to five hundreds miles away, shocking the world.

P.S Wow....Shaw Danon went to Hawaii?