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Chapter 57: Chang He

Chapter 3 Chang He A

After Shaw Danon, Bilu and Onara left Laguna Collective, they flew to the east, and landed on the ground after flying for a distant.

Onara asked Shaw Danon: "Brother Zhang, where are you prepare to go?"

Shaw Danon pondered for a moment, said: "Since Yanon Shijie of Incense Valley said my master went to East Sea Billow Hill, I need to head there to see them. What about you?"

Onara thought for a moment, said: "Then I should also head there! Master told me to travel around the world, practice and leave good deed. This time the remaining Felkin is about to rise another wave of chaos, I should go there and help."

"Hmph!" Suddenly, there was a cold laughter. Bilu snorted, said coldly: "Good ambition, good righteousness, but by that time don't fail to defeat the Felkin and get yourself defeated by them instead."

Onara was stunned, couldn't say anything and turned to Shaw Danon. Shaw Danon was embarrassed, turned to Bilu, he also couldn't say anything.

Bilu laughed coldly: "What are you looking me for?"

Shaw Danon and Onara exchanged a look. Shaw Danon was a bit better, he had been a while with Bilu and understood her temper. And he also knew Bilu's identity, so he didn't care about it.

But Onara is a straight forward man. He was being talked back by Bilu, but it was embarrassing to be mad at a pretty, young girl, so all he could do was helding the anger in his heart. His master had warned him before he left, it is a must to stay away from women since they are the most irrational thing in the world, especially the beautiful young girl. Today he came across this situation, he realized his master really is wise.

Shaw Danon glanced at Onara. Seeing he was dumbfounded, Shaw Danon felt a little sorry. How can he know that guy was actually admiring and praising his master's wisdom in his heart for the brilliant discussion of the women in this world, instead he thought Onara was angry at Bilu.

He turned around, looked at Bilu, seeing her face was still cold, he sighed: "Where are you planning to go?"

Bilu glanced at him, snorted: "Not your business!"

Shaw Danon was being talked back by her, he couldn't speak, but his heart wasn't mad about it. He knew he is heading to East Sea Billows Hill, that means he will become her enemy. It is normal that she is mad. Onara arrived behind Shaw Danon, his eyes were filled with passion, he patted softly on Shaw Danon's shoulders, with a "I understand how you feel" look.

Shaw Danon looked at him, opened his mouth but not a word was able to come out. The situation was embarrassing, he has reason but can not tell, this is depressing.

At the end of the day, Shaw Danon and Onara still couldn't get the answer of where she is going to go from Bilu. Actually they did not dare to ask. They just walked to the east, with Bilu walking in front of them.

On their way, her mood was still not well, kept on speaking cold words against their ears. Later, Shaw Danon and Onara were a bit scare of her. When two of them were talking cheerfully, Bilu turned and glared at them, immediately caused them to lower their voice or quiet for a while.

They walked like this for two days. The three of them walked to the east, arrived at a large city called "Chang He".

They went into the city, Onara and Shaw Danon spread up and asked the people. They found out Chang He was a city located most near the East Sea. From here, continue walking east for another four hundreds miles will be the Shore of East Sea.

The three walked into Chang He, seeing the clothing of the residents of the East Sea was not much different than the Central Plain. This place is a important of the East Sea region, many traveling merchants rest here. But these days, there are a lot of cultivators in the city. As they were talking on the street, they could see many people were wearing the clothing of different factions. Are they all heading to Billows Hill?

Shaw Danon and Onara discussed and decided they should find a small inn and rest for the night. Tomorrow morning, they will set out to Billow Hill. Both of them agreed, then they glanced at Bilu. When they were talking, they purposely raised their voice. They were thinking Bilu should able to hear them completely since she is standing next to them.

But Bilu did not seem to know anything. She stood there emotionlessly, her eyes were looking at the traveling people on the street. She did not respond to them. Frustrated, Shaw Danon walked to her and asked: "Miss Bilu, what do you think about it?"

Bilu shook, more like surprised. Her gaze moved away from the street.

Shaw Danon noticed she frowned and pondered, it did not seem she was purposely ignoring him, more like she saw something confusing. He was curious: "What is it?"

Bilu's gaze turned to far away again. Shaw Danon followed her eyes, but only saw the traveling people, many were wearing weird clothing, they were probably cultivators. But he can not find out what was Bilu looking at.

Bilu quiet for a moment, turned back and said: "What were you asking?"

Shaw Danon carefully told her about spending a night in a small inn, Seeing Bilu did not answer, while Onara was standing at far, Shaw Danon lowered his voice: "What are y-you planning to do? There is no way I can bring you to see my master! There are a lot of righteous cultivators in Chang He, it will be dangerous if your identity got exposed!"

Bilu looked at him, asked: "You are worrying about my personally safety, or worrying that I will be your burden?"

Shaw Danon startled. He lifted his eyes and looked at Bilu, seeing her watery bright eyes were looking at him, his heart jumped.

Bilu smiled and walked away. Onara came, glanced at Bilu, then asked Shaw Danon: "Brother Zhange, what did Miss Bilu say?"

Before Shaw Danon answered, Bilu already turned around, showed a rare smile, said: "Didn't you say we are going stay in an inn? Why not moving?"

Shaw Danon and Onara startled, looked at each other. Admiration appeared on Onara face, he gave Shaw Danon a thumb, said: "Brother Zhang, you really have the ability in you, with just a few words you are able to make our lady that happy!"

Shaw Danon was being praised by Onara for no reason. He was about to defend himself, but did not know where should he start, so he was only walking with Onara behind Bilu. But there was already a thought in his mind, is he getting too involve with this Felkin girl?

Base on Shaw Danon and Onara's idea, all they need is to find a small inn to rest for a night. But as they were walking, the two saw Bilu entered directly into a tavern name "Hai Yun Lou". This tavern is at least ten times larger than the "small inn" they had expected.

Shaw Danon and Onara exchanged a look. But since Bilu entered it, all they could do is to follow.

Shaw Danon whispered at Onara: "Brother Shi, do you have enough money? I only have four silvers......"

Then Shaw Danon suddenly stopped he remembered the remaining four silvers were scammed by Tanis Ka the fortune-teller.

Onara didn't notice Shaw Danon's expression, he said bitterly: "I am a little better than you, only few silvers more than you." He paused, then whispered: "Base on the furnishings here, this place need at least thirty or fourty silvers......"

At this moment, Bilu already arrived in front of counter of the manager. The manager lifted his head, smile piled up on his face, said: "Mistress, you need a stay?"

"Ding", a small gold ingot was tossed on the counter before the manager. It worth at least a hundred silvers. The managers eyes were rounded from the smile, he said: "Mistress please rest assured. This is an experienced tavern, it will make sure you feel like home here, satisfy when you leave......"

Bilu cut his word, said: "Give me a upper class room, need to be clean."

The manager laughed politely: "Of'course, of'course."

Bilu took a gaze at her back, said: "Then find another room for these two!"

The manager glanced at Shaw Danon and Onara, then turned to Bilu, smiled: "Are those two also......"

Bilu snorted: "A storage room is good enough for them."

The manager was muted.

Shaw Danon and Onara were also muted.

Chapter 3 Chang He B

Finished, the manager called the workers and treated Bilu like a princess. As for Shaw Danon and Onara, the manager did not actually putted them in the storage house, he putted them in a normal room.

Shaw Danon and Onara did not mind about it. They are not spoiled and they understand Bilu's spoilt temper.

After three of them left, the tavern returned to quiet. People traveled on the busy street. The clouds changed in the sky. As dusk drew closer, an old and a young entered. The old was holding a cloth banner with the writing "Immortal Guidance". The young is a little girl, eating a lollipop.

They are Tanis Ka and his granddaughter Tonni.

Tanis Ka looked around, Tonni was also taking a look at the surrounding. Seeing the magnificent decoration, she gasped, whispered: "Grandpa, did you head to a wrong way?"

Pride rose on Tanis Ka's face, he said: "You think your grandpa really is that useless over so many years?"

Tonni was curious: "So it is not?"

Tanis Ka glared at her, said: "Just wait."

Then, he turned and found the manager was doing calculation at his counter, he quickly took Tonni to the counter.

The manager noticed there is someone coming toward him, he raised his head, and was about to greet, but he was startled and surprised.

Tanis Ka smiled, his celestial manner was very similar to the high cultivators, he said: "Manager Wang, you still remember me?"

The Manager Wang exclaimed, and ran to him from behind the counter. His face was filled with respect and delightful surprise. Tonni was stunned by his reaction. He said: "Ah! It is you the immortal senior! How come you are here? Alas! Th-th-this is thirty-years we haven't see each other! I always missed you!"

Tanis Ka smiled, with surpreme temperament he cleaned the dust off from his clothes, smiled lightly he said: "I am not a mortal. These years I traveled around the world, to many famous mountains and wonderlands, visit celestial beings, absorb the spirit of heaven and earth, when can I have time to come?"

Tonni fell on the ground.

But Manager Wang believed it without doubt, kept nodding: "Right, right, you immortal senior surely is different than mortal like me."

Then, he instructed Tanis Ka and Tonni to sit at a clean table, hurried summoned his worker to serve the best tea.

Tanis Ka looked around, said: "Seeing the appearance here, your business must be going very well for the past years!"

Manager Wang respectfully said: "Yes, it is blessed by you."

Tanis Ka coughed: "This time I come here is to visit a cultivator friend at East Sea. I recalled that I have a destined cause with you that year, so I come and have a look. Tonight I will stay in your place!"

Manager Wang nodded: "Of'course, it is an honor to have you here. I also planned to bring my family to see you!"

Tanis Ka laughed, putted his hand into his clothes, said: "So how much is one night......"

Manager Wang immediately shook his head: "I already wishing desperately for you to come here, how can I take your money?"

Tanis Ka's hand was still in his clothes, he shook his head: "Alas! Manager Wang, I know I enlightened you that year. But you are doing business, it is not good for me to break the rule......"

Manager Wang was a bit agitated, said: "Immortal senior, look at what you did for me. If not because you gave me the guidance, and allowed me to --" Then he suddenly looked around, lowered his voice, said: "If not because you allowed me to plant a tree of wealth at 'Dragon Cave of East Sea', how can I make a fortune for the past thirty-years. You come stay in this tavern, if I still take your money, I will be punished by thunder!"

Tanis Ka smiled and took his hand out, said: "If that is so, I shall not refuse it."

Manager Wang nodded and chatted for a moment. The worker came and informed them the upper class room is ready. Manager Wang rose up and lead Tanis Ka and Tonni to their room. At the rear hall, the building was weird. Three stories high, with hexagonal shape. At the center there was a large courtyard paved with bluestones.

But the trace of time left the green grass in the gaps among the stones. At the most center place, a silver birch stood lonely, withered and emaciated.

Manager Wang lead them to a quiet room at third floor. Chatted with them for a moment then left. When he left, he said tonight he must invite the immortal senior to a feast.

Of'course the "immortal senior" tried all he can to refuse, saying he cultivated for many years, already not involve in mortal affair. But Manager Wang was very sincere, at the end, the immortal senior reluctantly accepted on the behalf of his granddaughter Tonni.

After Manager Wang left, Tonni closed the door, leaving only Tanis Ka and her in the room. Tanis Ka giggled: "How it is?"

Tonni asked him back: "Were you really going to give him the money? What if he really ask you for money?"

Tanis Ka said righteously: "Then what? I Tanis Ka is a cultivated celestial being. How will I care about such useless thing?"

Tonni snorted: "Don't give me this. You think I don't know? You don't have money in your clothes!"

Tanis Ka was surprised: "What did you say?"

Tonni said: "Your money separated into three groups. One hide in your belt, one hide in your boot, another one hide inside of your 'Immortal Guidance' banner. You think I don't know? You don't have any silver in your clothes."

Tanis Ka startled, flushed, said: "Brat, how do you know about this?"

Tonni glared at him, said: "What did you lie to him thirty-years ago?"

Tanis Ka said angrily: "Nonsense, when did I lie to him?"

Tonni snorted: "Don't give me this again. Dragon Cave of East Sea is the origin of ocean, a spiritual realm. It must be under deep ocean. How can it exist in mortal world? Your words can only lie to honest people like Manager Wang."

Tanis Ka smiled embarrassly, but then sighed, with a sorrow feeling.

Tonni frowned: "What is it?"

Tanis Ka quieted for a moment, said: "Actually, this got to do with your dad."

Tonni was surprised: "My dad? Didn't he die twenty years ago?"

Tanis Ka nodded: "Thirty years ago, when your dad was still young, he and I went to Chang He together. Although his age is young, he displayed incredible talent in divination like you. At that time Manager Wang was still a worker in a normal inn, but your dad said his face is quite good. Wide and flat, no pointed edge, large eyes with no hooked brows, destined to be peaceful, can make a fortune. So I......" He smiled: "So I found a time and secretly guided him, told him he need to plant a silver birch at the Dragon Cave of East Sea, put up a "Fa" character, then he must make a fortune. So......"

Tonni continued for him: "So he did what you told him and really made a fortune, started this large tavern, successful business, it is all rely on your guidance, right?"

Tanis Ka laughed.

Tonni glanced at him, said: "But I am really curious where is the Dragon Cave of East Sea you told him?"

Tanis Ka lifted his eyebrows, smiled: "Come." Then he pulled her to the window, pointed down, said: "That is it."

Tonni was surprised. What he is pointing at is the half-dead silver birch. She asked: "Right there? Why that tree look half-dead?"

Tanis Ka said: "Rubbish. If your tree got planted on a bluestone floor, can it live well?"

Tonni couldn't say anything.

Tanis Ka looked at the sky, said: "The sky looks so dark today, it is probably going to rain tonight!"

The night began to get dark. The rain started at dusk, but until mid-night, it still has no sign of resting.

Bilu was at the upper class room at third floor. Shaw Danon and Onara were at the bottom floor. After it rain, the air became a little moist.

Shaw Danon rolled around, couldn't sleep, but the reason was obvious.

Onara was asleep, but his loud and thick snoring sound fitted his body body perfectly. If this is not heaven shocking, this is at least bed shaking.

Shaw Danon sighed, sat up and putted on his clothes. He sat in the darkness for a while, then opened the door and went outside.

In the dark night, the courtyard seemed to be bottomless.

But a weak light came from unknown place has allowed him to see the figure of the silver birch in the deep of the courtyard.

He lifted his head, to the sky.

Took a deep breath.

A cool and moist chill air entered his chest. Although he was standing at the corridor, the wind from outside caused the thin rain drop to hit on his face.

He turned around and closed the door. Following the ring shape corridor, he walked slowly.

The night was dark, the wind was howling, the rain was falling.

The rain dropped from the sky, hitted on the bluestone floor in the courtyard, created a spray.

On the roof above the corridor, the rain water gathered together, falling down like a thin water fall. Walking here, it was like walking in a water cave in a quiet mountain.

And it was like, when it is, in this young man's memory, there has also been such a --


In an unknown place of the darkness, there was a low sigh!

The wind blew by, whistled, the rain of the sky slanted.

Part of Shaw Danon's lapel was wet, but he did not notice it, he only stared forward.

In the rain, a person was holding an umbrella, quietly standing under the tree in the rain.

The watery eyes seemed caught something, seemed heard something, seemed felt something. That lady turned around.

The sky was quiet, the rain was quiet.

He and that lady quietly stared at each other.

The wind, was still blowing, the rain, was still falling......