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Chapter 54: Strange Beast

 Chapter 10 Strange Beast A

Not long after Bilu and others left for the chase, the darkness place that just went through a fierce battle has returned peaceful. Then a scream from the wind sounded from the above, a white light and a green light were coming down, they paused, then a male and a female appeared from the lights. They were Li Su and Yanon from Incense.

Surprisement appeared on Li Su's handsome face. With the help of the esper's light, he looked around, told Yanon: "Shimei, can never expect in the den of the fox spirit there will be such wonder."

Yanon's face also showed amazement, nodded: "Yes, I have never see such place in the past. Many of the strange beasts here are probably never known to the world." Paused, then she said quietly: "Shixiong, this place is wicked. I am afraid the path ahead will be unusually dangerous. We need to be careful."

Li Su lightly smiled, proudly he said: "Just rest assure shimei, this fox spirit is only five hundreds years of cultivation. Have no need to worry about!"

Yanon smiled: "Shixiong, with your superior talent and cultivation, of'course you don't fear that devil. But if that 'six-tails fox demon' is with the 'three-tails fox spirit', with its thousand years of cultivation, there might be a little difficulty."

Li Su glanced at Yanon, smiled, suddenly said: "Shimei, although you said it nicely, your heart is probably worry about this shixiong going forward recklessly right?"

Yanon's lip moved, said quietly: "Shixiong, you think too much."

Li Su looked around, said lightly: "Shimei, do you feel that the temperature in this abyss is a bit strange?"

Yanon nodded, said: "Right, it is really deep now, but the temperature seem hotter."

Li Su said: "It is not just hotter. It is much more hotter than normal. On my way flying down here, I carefully looked into the black stones in this abyss, determine that this is formed by magma that bursted out from thousands yards underground at ancient time. This abyss is probably a volcano crater!"

"Ah" Yanon exclaimed. She immediately realized: "You are saying......"

Li Su continued: "Correct, it means that fox spirits intentionally pick this volcano crater as their den. Three hundreds years ago, the fox spirits were audacious, reckless, invaded our Incense forbidden place, stole our inferno item. But the guardian Shangguan Shishu immediately came after he heard about it, and showed off by capturing those fox spirits. The cunning six-tails fox demon however, had escaped."

He suddenly gave a cold laugh, then continued: "But with Shangguan Shishu's deep cultivation, and his esper 'Lunar Ice Stinger' is best of best in the world, very powerful. I have heard about this from our valley lord, although six-tails fox demon fortunately escaped, his pulse was stabbed by Shangguan Shishu's Lunar Ice Stinger, damaged its cultivation. For three hundreds years, he did not die, but must be suffered greatly, lost all its cultivation. With the ice poison damaging him day and night, it is better to be near the most Yang and hottest place to reduce the pain."

Yanon smiled: "So that means the six-tails fox demon is most likely in this abyss. Shixiong you can think so much ahead, shimei is really admire."

Slight sign of pride reappeared on Li Su's face, he said: "We are Incense disciples, indebt to our faction's kindness, we can not let our faction to lose their face. This time we only wish the heaven will bless us, return the item to its owner, return the divine artfact, and the devils receive the justice."

Yanon smiled without saying anything. Li Su glanced at her, said: "Let's go."

Yanon nodded. The two figures turned into swift lights once again, quickly went downward into the deep darkness.


Shaw Danon was holding the fire stick with his right hand while his body was caught by that giant tentacle. He could almost hear the cracking sound of his bone. There was no place on his body that does not have pain. And being brought down to deep underground by the giant tentacle in high speed, his face was pierced by the wind, stars flying before his eyes, his brain was in chaos, horrible scenes kept flashing in his mind.

The length of the tentacle was surprising. After he was pulled down by five yards (one yard in China actually equal to ten feet, pretty long), with the weak light in the chaos, Shaw Danon saw he has reached the bottom of the abyss. There was no life around, only a large cave ahead. Ten yards high, seven or eight yards wide, it was pitch-dark, unable to see what is in there.

That large tentacle was from the monster inside that cave. Now it felt like the monster was even larger, before seeing what creature is that.

Shaw Danon was swung by the giant tentacle in air then watching himself being pulled into the cave. But at this moment, ghostly light flashed at the cave entrance, the long disappeared three-tails fox spirit reappeared with the Inferno Mirror.

She raised her head, seeing Shaw Danon was caught tightly by the giant tentacle, without power to resist. Killing sense flashed pass her gentle face and was about to turn to the cave and speak. But then she thought of something, suddenly paused, turned around looked at Shaw Danon who was struggling but effectless. She sighed, said quietly: "Seeing your reaction when you looked into Lunar Well, you are also a person with love. Just let you live."

Then, she raised the Inferno Mirror in her hand, shined at the cave, and at the same time, she gave a strange howl like a wild fox.

After a moment, seemed like it received order, the large tentacle swiftly shrunk into the cave. Shaw Danon was pulled into the darkness. He could no longer see any light. He suddenly felt the smell of blood surrounded him. The surface of the tentacle that caught him was slippy, but it just captured him so tight that he couldn't move.

At the same time, three-tails fox spirit heard the wind whistled. She lifted her head and saw two beams of light, gold and white, were shooting down. She laughed coldly, then returned into the cave, shined the cave with Inferno Mirror again, and gave a similar howl.

The two beams of light were Onara and Bilu. They were glad that they caught up to the three-tails fox spirit. But seeing there is no sight of Shaw Danon, Bilu worried. Before they could steady themselves, as three-tails fox spirit made a move, fierce wind roared in the giant cave. It was another giant tentacle, striked upon them.


Shaw Danon was trapped in the darkness. He was pulled deeper by the tentacle. On his way, he kept hitting against the stone wall, plus some turning. Although he did not crushed his head, covered with dirt is unavoidable. But in such dark place, no one can see it anyway.

This continued for some while. The smell of blood in the air was getting heavier. But the surrounding was pitch black, without single beam of light, there was no way he could see the surrounding. But fortunately, although the giant tentacle still captured him tightly, three-tails fox spirit seemed gave the order not to harm Shaw Danon. The tentacle did not get tighter, allowed Shaw Danon to catch his breath.

Finally, the large tentacle stopped in a pitch dark place. No longer moving, but still holding Shaw Danon tightly.

Shaw Danon was taking heavy breath. He was still shocked.

The darkness before him seemed endless.

Shaw Danon suddenly felt there was a unbelievably large monster occupied the darkness before him. Thought of that, chill filled his entire body.

In this ancient cave, like there was never light enter here since ancient time, it was dark as lnk. But this unknown world, have brought human their most ancient, deepest fear.

Chapter 10 Strange Beast B

The tentacle that tied around his body reminded him all the time that before him, there will be an unpredictable monster.

The time, seemed frozen.

There was sound of combat coming from far away, faintly but familiar.

Suddenly, in the darkness, something uneasily throbbed. Some movement suddenly came from the darkness. Although Shaw Danon could not see it, ideas pass through his mind, he thought perhaps the monster's body was here, and it just letted out another arm to fight Bilu and Onara outside of the cave.

This thought did not last long, for Shaw Danon suddenly discovered the tentacle around him that no longer inputting additional strength, appeared it received some surprise, or maybe other reason, it began to tighten up again. Although the speed wasn't very fast, the pressure was like raging mountains and seas.

Shaw Danon's eyes blacked out. His entire body was in great pain. He shouted, desperately used all his cultivation of Pure Essence to hold out. But the tentacle's strength was unstoppable like demon, he could not hold out.

The rib bones on his chest were making cracking noise. Shaw Danon could not care much longer, and channeled other half of his cultivation, "Fawin Wisdom" that divine monk Puzhi of Skysong have taught him. hoping it can help him last longer. It was fine before he channeled it, but now the Fuwa's supreme incantation and Jadeon's amazing art immediately exclude each other inside his body due the way to cultivate and channel is greatly different. His pulses were very painful like stabbed by needles.

And at the same moment, under the pressure from the giant tentacle at the outside. His bones were about to break. Shaw Danon was helpless in the darkness. As the pressure grew stronger, his consciousness also became blurry.

At this critical moment, lines of passage strangely appeared in his mind.

"......heaven has no judgement, principle has no name. So if achieve selfless, no perference, no desire, no karma, then it is righteous. Holding righteousness, inside is self nature, world is the center....."

These words sounded from the depth of his heart, echo in his mind. This is one of the passage from the summary of "Liburis". The passage that have once caused him to be confused of how to combine the totally opposite arts of Fuwa and Dagos into one.

But at this moment, in this hopeless situation, his body was about to be tear apart, very painful; some part of his mind became clear. Ignoring the piercing pain in his body, only echoing the passages in his mind:


So everything are within the world, watch by the world.

So there is no good or bad.

So world is always here, can not be created.

So matter can not last, then it can not fulfill the desire!


The dimmed fire stick that was held in his hand all the time, slowly lighted up again.

The ghostly green light rose faintly.

The freezing chill feeling traveled in his body.

Shaw Danon could not see anything in the darkness, but his eyes wide opened, his entire brain only echoing one sentence: "So matter can not last, then it can not fulfill the desire!......So matter can not last, then it can not fulfill the desire!......So matter can not last, then it can not fulfill the desire!......"


He lifted his head, to the sky, screaming, his voice was already hoarsed.

"So matter can not last, then it can not fulfill the desire!"

The two energies of Pure Essence and Fawin Wisdom that were in conflict suddenly surged out from his right arm like raging tide after a crush, and forced into the black fire stick.

After a moment, the fire shined brightly. Under the mystic green glow, the stick seemed stimulated by something. Every details became very clear. Even those veins were throbbing like receive fresh blood, flowing with dark red, wicked blood.

"Ge, ge, ge, ge, ge......"

Following the strange event of the fire stick, there were strange sounds coming out from Shaw Danon's body, but they were not the sound of cracking bones, rather the sound of rapid heart beats, like boiling blood about to come out through the skin while his body has no abnormal sign!

Unwittingly, Shaw Danon regained his consciousness. He did not find out what happened to his body but found out he was still being captured by the giant tentacle. But the difference is, at the instant of enlightenment he has forced the art of Fuwa and Dagos into the fire stick. The fire stick now glowed a little different. Within the mystic green light, there was also faint beams of golden light, and also the hideous, horrifying, clear red light from the veins.

This aura reluctantly opened a small space from the tentacle, but then Shaw Danon realized the strength of the giant tentacle was too powerful. After it found out Shaw Danon's resistance became stronger, it putted in more strength to suppress him with at least hundred times stronger. Just a moment of work, the aura raised by the fire stick was about to fall and can't last long.

Shaw Danon is not dumb. He knew if this continue the end is death. He was determined, willing to take the risk, then he gritted his teeth, with all his power, the fire stick instantly brightened. Taking the last chance, Shaw Danon shouted, swiftly striked at the tentacle with his fire stick.

After a "puff" sound, the entire fire stick stabbed into the tentacle like godly blade.

In the darkness, since the only light that came from the fire stick has went into that giant tentacle, the surrounding immediately dimmed, without a single beam of light. Feeling the life of darkness, feeling the dead slient of the surrounding, Shaw Danon held his breath at that instant.


A beam of light suddenly created a large hole on the tentacle and shot out with the strange light of the fire stick.


Another sound, and on the other size of the tentacle, another beam came out.

Followed by series of "tu, tu, tu!" sound. Shaw Danon's mouth opened slightly, watching the large tentacle that was trapping him being pierced through like thin paper. More and more light shot out from, shined on the ground and shined on himself.

Soon, Shaw Danon felt the tentacle slipped off from him powerlessly. At this moment, the fire stick came out from the inside of the tentacle, flew back into his hand. With the light came out from the fire stick, Shaw Danon could see the giant tentacle lie on the ground with wounds and dryness all over, very different than the strong, slippy appearance just a moment ago.

He just escaped from the gate of death, he was still in shock. The monster before him was also weird. It received such severe injury, but it showed no sign of pain.

When Shaw Danon's breath just became stable, and he planned to find a way out, giant wind screamed before him in the darkness. With the help of the dim light, Shaw Danon's jaw dropped as he saw giant tentacles came out from the darkness, with the shadows dancing, there were many of them.

Chapter 10 Strange Beast C

One tentacle almost took his life, the consequence of facing this situation is clear. Without thinking, Shaw Danon turned and immediately flew away with his fire stick. But after only one yard, "bang", he and his stick were crushed on a solid stone wall.

The pain penetrated into his marrow. This crush was severe. He felt there was sticky stuff on his face, he is probably bleeding, but there is no time to care about this.

He was trapped in this pitch dark cave, like a blind man. And because he was very confused when he was grabbed by the tentacle into here, he could not remember the way in. He was like a headless fly, completely relied on his instinct and the sound of wind. Bumping around in the cave, often crushed on the wall if not careful, but a moment that he can evade from the tentacles is a moment.

The tentacles in the darkness is not only large, but also very agile. Shaw Danon tried to escape with his life, but the scream of the wind was close to his back. His heart was very terrified. He closed his eyes, shouted, recklessly charged forward with his fire stick, only wishing to get as far from the tentacles as possible.

However, under the pressure of wanting to escape, the speed of the fire stick raised greatly, but the wall on the other hand is not so nice. After three yards, "boom", he hitted on the wall again.

But this time was a bit different. The wall seemed a little weak. Under the crush, he crushed through the wall. Some light came out, with heating wave rolling on him.

Shaw Danon was surprised. Before he could pull himself back together (Actually he can not pull himself back together, even if his head is harder, the protection of the esper is stronger, this crush is still going to make him dizzy all over), he landed on a narrow tunnel, and rolled downward.

This rolling lasted for period of time. On his way, under the obscure, Shaw Danon felt he was surrounded by bright red light, at the same time he could also feel the burning hot wave. Everywhere on the ground where he can touch is burning. He hitted his wound several times, so painful that stars were dancing before his eyes.

But in truth, Shaw Danon can hold out until now, he is probably more like a stone compare to Onara who is still fighting at the outside of the cave.

Finally, his rolling body stopped. His lip was bleeding, his face was covered with wounds, almost about to fall apart. He moaned and slowly lifted his head.

And then, he was stunned.

Before his eyes, it was a giant underground grotto. But the difference is, everywhere is heated bright red lava, formed a boiling lake, filled entire bottom of the cave. On the surface of the lake, heated bubble often rose, then pop. At the more fierce spot, the hot magma shot into mid-air like tide. The blazing flame of the lava has shone the large cave into a bright red world.

As for Shaw Danon himself, he is on a platform above the lava lake. Behind him is the path where he rolled from. Before him, at the end of the platform where it is so hot that can not be bear, there is an oval shape nest with a white fox quietly lying there.

A white, large fox!

Its eyes were closed, like sleeping peacefully. Its body curled quietly.

Very, beautiful!

Shaw Danon slowly stood up, held his breath and slowly walking toward it.

Slowly, step by step, walking toward it.

The heat wave became hotter, burned Shaw Danon's face bright red. But he did not feel it. In his large, wide opened eyes, there is only the pretty, beautiful, gentle, quiet, fox, and the place behind it.

There, within the beautiful fur, its tails quietly curled.

Small and beautiful fur, at the place where it branched out but also harmony, there are total of six tails.

-End of Part 5