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Chapter 53: Fire Dragon

 Chapter 9 Fire Dragon A

At this moment, countless of eyes in the darkness were watching the three people in the light. Shaw Danon's heart felt the creep. He turned to Bilu and Onara, found that both of them do not look good either. Seem like none of them have been into such situation before.

But the countless of creatures around them did not make a move to attack the them. Except for some growls came out from the bad temper tigers, they basically had no movement, only quietly watching.

They continued to decend. After about four or five yards, Shaw Danon suddenly discovered the number of eyes were getting less, however, it felt like the eyes got larger.

He frowned, quietly got closer to the wall. Under the light of the fire stick, as he was expected, the number of caves on the wall were much less. However, the size of the caves were at least twice as large. Almost all caves were a man height. In correspond, the creatures that lived inside the caves are larger, much more aggressive. Sharp fangs and claws, hideous appearance, really creeped the people.

A more aggressive bear head boar roared and swung its claw when Shaw Danon was near, almost hit him.

Shaw Danon was surprised. Quickly drove his esper backward for several feet. Bilu and Onara heard the sound, both turned to him. Shaw Danon whispered: "It seem like the beasts here are more aggressive. We need to be more careful."

Bilu and Onara nodded and taken precautious.

Beside that they will be attacked by the beast if they get near the wall, the three of them did not receive any harass. Although those beasts seem aggressive, but they do not have the ability to fly, therefor they can only stay in their cave. While Shaw Danon was focusing on controlling his flying, he thought, since those beasts can not fly, on the wall, how do they get their food?

Like this, three of them decended for several yards. From the Dark Drake Cave to here, they were at least hundreds yard below the ground. But from here, at this large ghostly black hole, except for the light came out from the eyes of the strange creatures around them, it was still appeared to be bottomless.

And it was different than their past experience. In this deep abyss, they did not feel chill, but the opposite. The temperature here is much higher than the surface of Dark Drake Cave. Shaw Danon could felt he is sweating. And surround them was still darkness, without a sign of fire, very awkward.

Onara drove his esper, slowly decending, he suddenly cursed: "Ge Laozi (Note 1), that damn fox, it really can find such strange place as den."

Shaw Danon did not respond, but Bilu giggled out. The laughter was clear and pleasing. Although she had lowered her voice, but it could still be heard in this quiet place.

Shaw Danon looked at Bilu. In the soft white light of Heartending Flower, Bilu's smile was like flower, gentleness filled between her brows. She can also feel it and turned to Shaw Danon. Their eyes met. Shaw Danon's heart jumped and quickly turned his head away.

They continued decending, things began to change. The caves were still getting larger, the creatures inside there were also larger, and reached the size greater than normal man. But the three of them were surprised to find that most of the caves were empty. The fresh air had turned into a little bloody.

They looked at each other. Sign of vigilance in their eyes. However, this did not slow them down.

In the boundless darkness under their feet, something, like star, or like spark, had glowed.


Above the abyss, Tanis Ka and Tonni finally arrived at the cliff with a torch and a nervous heart. Seeing there was no more path and a unmeasurably deep abyss, Tanis Ka's tongue was tied, couldn't say anything.

Although Tonni have been wander around the world with her grandpa since young, she is young after all, being in such dark and silence Dark Drake Cave, she was a bit scared. She glanced down at the abyss then immediately shrink back, whispered to Tanis Ka: "Grandpa, do you have any idea of how to get down there?"

Tanis Ka rolled his eyes: "We don't know cultivation, and did not prepare rope, this is really bad."

Tonni was relieved, patted herself on the chest: "Good, good."

Tanis Ka glared at her: "Good for what, maybe there are mountains of gold, silver, agate, emerald waiting for us down there. This is re-re-really a great lost!" His tone was very sad.

Tonni snorted, bit on the lollipop in her right hand, said: "Mountains of gold and silver, I will say there are probably mountains of corpse and bones waiting for you! Good, now since we can't get down there, we better get out. If we run into a monster or two, you famous Master Jadeon's thirteenth generation disciple is going to make your ancestors to lose all their faces."

Tanis Ka said angrily: "Nonsense, how will I Tanis Ka lose my ancestors......."

Before his words are done, suddenly wind screamed in the quiet cave in the darkness. Two beams of light flashed, in a blink of an eye, they arrived in front of them.

Chapter 9 Fire Dragon B

Tanis Ka screamed, his right hand pulled Tonni to him while his left hand held a yellow talisman, was about to escape. But two figures appeared from the light, they were fast as shadow, before Tanis Ka could start casting, an item already placed next to Tanis Ka's neck. He was terrified but couldn't complain.

A moment later he realized that his life was not taken, however the item at his neck did not removed. He raised up his courage and looked at the two people. They were one male and one female. The male was handsome and the female was beautiful.

They were one yard away from Tanis Ka, but that man already sent a pure, warm, jade ruler next to Tanis Ka's neck. The beautiful woman also controlling a green sword stopping Tonni. Poor Tonni was terrified. Her face was pale. Her right hand was holding the lollipop, her mouth was crying loudly: "Monster brother, monster sister, don't eat me. I am small and don't have much flesh, not delicious. If you want you can eat my grandpa."

Tanis Ka almost fell on the ground, said fiercely: "Stupid yatou, I really raised you up for nothing. From normal days I can't see it, now at this critical moment, you are betraying your grandpa?"

Tonni said tearfully: "Grandpa, don't blame me. At least after you die, you still have me to bring you some lollipop......"

Tanis Ka said angrily: "Rubbish, I hate those sweet sticky thing for my entire life. Things like beggar's chicken, or steamed mei fish will be better....."

Tonni nodded: "Grandpa, I get it, you can rest assure."

Tanis Ka relieved: "Now that's better, I can be relieved when I leave......wait, wait!" Then he suddenly realized, eyebrows raised: "Stupid yatou, why I need to relieve, go where? Conscienceless, I......."

Listening to Tanis Ka's annoying, continuous scold on Tonni, and seeing his endless speech, the celestial like male and female both frowned, looked at each other, then retrieved back their esper.

The female said: "Shixiong, I see they don't have devil's energy, they don't look like devil."

The male said: "Right." Then he turned to Tanis Ka, shouted (if not doing so he couldn't stop Tanis Ka's long speech): "Who are you?"

Tanis Ka startled, immediately returned to a calm expression, said: "Ho ho, old man and his granddaughter know there is devil rampaging here, so we come here to capture the devil for the sake of the people."

Tonni was stunned, she stared at her grandpa, Tanis Ka was calm and normal.

But that man took a look at them, smiled coldly: "I see your cultivation is just basic, probably not even an opponent for small devils. You really got the gut to come to here dangerous place, perhaps you should return while it is still early."

Tanis Ka's old face blushed, said: "Yes, yes." Then took Tonni to outside.

After the old and the young were disappeared in the darkness, the man looked at the cliff ahead, said: "Shimei, seem like we need to go down there."

The beautiful woman said: "Yes, this time really is the heaven blessing us, letting us know the remaining fox spirit hidding in Dark Drake Cave. If we can get rid of the fox spirit, track back the Inferno Mirror, our lord will be very pleased."

The man smiled light heartedly: "This affair better not get delay, we should go now."

Then, light brightened, the man and woman went into the bottomless abyss like lighting.

But on the cliff, in the darkness, Tanis Ka and Tonni slowly came out. They did not went far.

Tanis Ka's brows frowned tightly, pondered for a moment, he told Tonni: "Those two youngsters has very good potential, highly cultivated. I noticed their sleeves were sewed with a picture of fire. They are probably Incense disciples."

Tonni was surprised: "Incense?"

Tanis Ka nodded: "Incense Valley is very powerful. They stand along side with Jadeon and Skysong as the three leaders of Good. They have many strong people. I have heard they got two outstanding disciples recently, they are a male and a female. The male is Li Su, the female is Yanon. Base on their espers, probably it is them."

Tonni looked down at the cliff, said worriedly: "The three people who just went there....."

Tanis Ka shrugged, pulled Tonni to the outside of the cave, murmured: "We can't help them. Tonight is overcrowded, we can't get anything good. Alas, such a pity."

Tonni laughed softly, did not speak and followed Tanis Ka.

The cliff was pitch black, the figures of Li Su and Yanon were already gone.


Shaw Danon was in the darkness, except for the high temperature, and the staring of the strange beasts, he felt he have returned to Forsaken Abyss.

The caves around them were getting bigger. The caves were almost to two men in height. The beasts inside were also more aggressive, the size were larger. However, the number of empty caves was also more, and the bloody smell in the air was getting heavier.

Even more was that as he was decending, he could hear a soft chewing sound, like an unknown large beast swallowing its food, very creepy.

When everyone's mucles were tightened, almost could hear their own heartbeat, suddenly, Shaw Danon felt a wave of fiercely wind blew past under his feet in the darkness.

It was like an action out of instinct, fire stick followed his will and swiftly moved three feet to the side when the wind touched him.


A loud slap, reflecting little bit of light, an incomparably large tentacle came out of the darkness, heavily hit on the wall next to Shaw Danon in the pitch dark darkness like a whip.

The wall was shocked; dust were raised; rocks were falling down. Moment later, a mournful cry came from the wall. Shaw Danon and others were surprised. They turned and found a demon like large tentacle went into one of the large caves in the wall, after several twitchs, it came out.

Shaw Danon gasped in cold breath. After a wave of wind filled with bloody smell past, a large five eyes saber tooth tiger was caught by the enormous tentacle, dragged out of the cave. Even though the five eyes saber tooth tiger tried to resist, compare to the unbelievably enormous tentacle, it was small like a baby.

After the tentacle caught the tiger, it immediately shrink back into the darkness of the bottom, vanished in the blink of an eye, leaving only the mournful hopeless cry of the tiger behind.

Chapter 9 Fire Dragon C

All three of them were shocked, they turned pale, especially Bilu.

In the heavy, bottomless darkness, there can be many more horrifying things hiding.

After a moment, Onara coughed, was about to speak, but Bilu's sharp eyes spotted something, quickly shouted: "Down there, careful!"

Shaw Danon and Onara were surprised again, quickly looked down. In the darkness below them, fire flashed, just in a second the temperature of the surrounding space rose abruptly. The fire was getting larger, following the fierce wind and tide of heat, as it got closer, they could clearly see what that is. They were torrified. It was a fire dragon, screaming to the sky, charging up into the air with rage from the underground abyss.

The appearance of the fire dragon was very much like the fire dragon that was summoned with Inferno Mirror by three-tails fox spirit. But the fire dragon at this moment was much superior than the previous fire dragon on the ground in term of size and power.

Although they have this question, this moment is not the time to ask. The hideous dragon and the heat wave was about to arrive in front of them, unstoppable. They hurriedly separated with their espers, and evaded the strike.

The espers' light glared, protect its owner. But the dragon was too powerful, it immediately suppressed the esper's aura. Shaw Danon and others were being pushed back by the giant wave of heat. A moment later, they hit on the wall.

The powerful caused by the dragon as it raised into the air was surprising. Shaw Danon's back hit on the solid wall, so painful that his eyes got blackened for a moment. But he was quite fortunate, after he regain his consciousness, he saw Onara's large body fell right into a cave. And very unfortunately, roar of the beast soon came out from the cave.

Shaw Danon was surprised, and was about to rush forward to help. But Onara shouted, then several bangs in the cave, gold light flashed, then a large body was tossed out. It was another strange looking beast. From the look of it, it appeared even if it is still alive, it won't last long.

Shaw Danon was relieved. His mind thought that the name Onara is right, he is really harder than a rock! (Onara, being too sensitive...., means rock in Chinese)

And at this moment, the rising dragon turned in a circle, then charged down like fierce storm.

This charge from high to low was even more powerful. Shaw Danon gritted his teeth, held the incantation. He quickly moved one yard to the side and evaded the hideous dragon. His right hand pointed, the fire stick shot at the dragon's neck.

The dragon moaned, its fire thowing eyes turned, and its large left forelimb raised, stopped the green light of the fire stick. Shaw Danon's face turned pale. He could feel waves of burning heat coming to him, but he could do now is struggling to hold out.

A soft shout issued. In the abyss under the flaring light of the dragon, a watery green figure flashed. Bilu was floating in her watery green dress. Her Heartending Flower was glaring with white light. The rain of flowers filled the sky, landing on the head of the dragon.

"Roar......"In the raging flame, the dragon issued another moan. Its right claw swung, immediately the rain of white flowers was pushed back three feet. But Shaw Danon and Bilu combined their strength, quickly pushed down the fire dragon by one yard, and met Onara who just rushed out from the cave.

Onara saw Shaw Danon and Bilu were in a fierce fight with the enormous dragon. They were surrounded by flame, although they have the protection of their esper, their faces were flushed red.

Onara's eyes wide opened, jumped into the air and crossed his legs mid-air. Both of his hands held up Shatterer staff. Gold light brightened, the entire spiked club was almost transparent with the gold light. Onara himself was solemn, like a Buddhist monk.

Onara's eyes suddenly opened, like a powerful, righteous vajra, he turned into swift gold light, pierced through the air. In a loud bang, the entire Shatterer staff inserted into the hard wall. Instantly, the originally steel hard rock corrupted in, the area was almost four yards.

Vein raised on Onara's face, almost to the degree of terrifying. Thin stain of blood came out from his mouth, but the Shatterer staff was shining with dazzling gold light. He shouted, the gold light contracted, formed into a large gold light, shot at the dragon's head.

The power of this strike was not small, it was the combine of all power in Onara's body. Even though the dragon was very fierce, but being hit on the head, and plus the combined attack of Shaw Danon and Bilu, the dragon letted out a long, earth shocking scream. At the end, it couldn't hold out and quickly fell into the darkness below.

After this successful hit, Onara's body swayed. His face flushed, almost fell off. Luckily Shaw Danon noticed Onara's unusual look, he immediately rushed to his side and grabbed him, Onara then was able to steady his body.

Before they got a chance to catch their breath, Bilu screamed from the above. She rushed downward. Shaw Danon was horrified as he saw the demon like enormous tentacle has returned. This time it hit two of them from above their head.

The wind pierce against their face. Onara's breath haven't regain yet, Shaw Danon was unprepared, when they were about to die under that enormous tentacle, Bilu's figure appeared before Shaw Danon. The Heartending Flower in her hand turned into six flowers, circling the flower that located in the center. Each flowers were connect with pure white light, with the appearance of a white wheel. Shaw Danon recalled that Bilu used it when she defend herself against Abyssal Viper under Forsaken Abyss.

It was clear that the unknown creature in the darkness was fill with extraordinary might like Abyssal Viper. Although it was not as strong as the Abyssal Viper, the strike did not immediately destroyed the white wheel like Abyssal Viper that day, Bilu's body was shocked heavily, she was pushed down and was about to be swallowed by the endless darkness.

Buzz rang in Shaw Danon's brain, fire rose in his eyes. With the strength coming from unknown place, without thinking, he letted go of Onara, quickly flew downward. The green light of the fire stick brightened, quickly he caught up with the hideous large tentacle and Bilu.

Bilu was struggling, the pressure was as heavy as mountain. When she was about to lost control, she suddenly found Shaw Danon appeared next to her, she screamed with surprise: "Go away......"

Before she could finish, Shaw Danon already charged forward with his fire stick, heavily hit on the large tentacle located abose Bilu. At the area where the fire stick hit the tentacle, it atrophy. The smooth skin turned dry instantly.

The tentacle immediately retreated due to pain. The pressure was gone from Bilu. She saw Shaw Danon came save her recklessly, she was glad, but also worry. However, before she could speak, her face turned pale again.

The large tentacle reappeared in the darkness. This time it silently went under Shaw Danon. Shaw Danon was unaware, he was caught by the giant tentacle, pulled into the darkness.

Bilu and Onara were terrified. Without speaking, they gave chase.