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Chapter 52: Dark Drake Cave

 Chapter 8 Dark Drake Cave A

They frowned. The bewitching lady took out a strange esper when she was surrounded, she was probably going to have a fight to the death. Everyone remained causious, except for Onara, who shouted and charged forward with his Shatterer staff.

Before Shaw Danon got a chance to tell him "careful", three-tails fox spirit's gentle eyes glanced at Onara, and slowly lifted the jade ring with both red slings, putted it in front of her.

The jade ring slightly turning, reflecting her face.

The cold moonlight shone on Inferno Mirror. The ancient fire totem was like alive once again. It was lifelike as it was actually burning.

Onara rose into the air with his Shatterer staff, shouted: "Devil, die!"

And at that moment, the center of the Inferno Mirror, where the fire totem was located, had turned instead into clear, bright, crimson red from its original dark red. Just in a blink of an eye, the fire totem had lighted up by the divine fire.

The fire totem had became a burning flame.

With the bewitching lady as the center, a invisible heat fiercely spread to all direction. Except for the ground where she was standing on, all plants within three yards turned brown. However, there was no spark or fire.

Shaw Danon and Bilu were terrified. They could have never expected three-tails fox spirit to have such powerful esper. Onara, who was at mid-air, also saw what happened. Although he was surprised by the power of the esper, but he was not fear. His right hand grabed the gold light shining Shatterer staff into his hand. He spinned, caused a whistle, and hit right toward three-tails fox spirit's head.

While the staff itself was still in the air, the dust already stirred up on the ground. Three-tails fox spirit's vulnerable body seemed like it was about to be blew away by the fierce wind. But she smiled coldly, her fingers from both hands hooked on the red slings, aimmed at Onara.

The burning Inferno Mirror reflected in her eyes like a pair of raging flame.


In the large bang, a fire dragon shot out fiercely from the totem at the center of the Inferno Mirror, shocking the sky with its truculence. The entire body was covered with flared with flame, brightened the forest like day.

Onara was surprised. The fire dragon enlarged rapidly. It was only just a flame when it came out from the Inferno, but now the dragon's head was already two men large. Especially the heat that came out, strong enough to cause one to doubt is it a forge.

Shaw Danon could see from down there that Onara, under the force of the large fire dragon, his hair from the temples had began turning yellow before they were even in combat. It was imaginable what situation Onara was facing.

But Onara was surprised but not cower. Under the enchantment of his power, the golden light of Shatterer staff became brighter, striked at the dragon's head.

The fire dragon roared in the air, the pair of large eyes shot out two raging flame. It opened its jaw, grabbed the large spike club.

The gold and crimson glow quickly spread out from the center, along with it was thunder like bang. Onara could feel the Shatterer staff in his hand was so hot that he could no longer hold it. Under the surprisement, he used all his strength and pulled out the Shatterer staff from the dragon's mouth.

The fire dragon danced in the sky, roared and opened its jaw, shot out a giant pillar of fire at Onara.

Onara roared, both of his hands held incanation mark, placed the Shatterer staff before him, raised up a wall of golden light and blocked the pillar of fire, but his body was being pushed back by the mighty force.

Shaw Danon saw Onara was in disadvantage and in danger, he quickly and quietly raised up the fire stick, shot at the fire dragon. But the fire dragon did not require to see in order to notice it. It turned its head, opened its jaw, another pillar of fire came out.

Shaw Danon was unprepared, there was no place to avoid the wave of blaze. He gritted his teeth, kept the magic channeled. The fire stick lighted up with green glow, blocked the pillar of flame.

At this moment, three-tails fox spirit letted out a long laugh. She rose into the air and dashed toward the two with the Inferno Mirror shining brightly in her hand. Shaw Danon and Onara were battling against the fire dragon, they were both surprised. Even Bilu, who was standing behind the three-tails fox spirit, was also quite surprised. Under the urgent situation, she shouted, rose into the air. Her fingers of her right hand twisted. Heartending Flower turned into countless petals, filled in the sky, and striked at three-tails fox spirit from behind.

At the place where no one could see it, Bilu's left hand quietly placed at her waist, held the little golden bell in her hand.

Three-tails fox spirit seemed knew the power of Heartending Flower. She dodged and did not face it directly. And Bilu did not give chase, she dashed to Shaw Danon, stood next to him in mid-air.

Shaw Danon raised his head, glanced at her. And Bilu's eyes were also turned to him.

Shaw Danon, for some reason, turned his head away immediately.

Fire dragon was still showing off in the sky. However, without hesitation, after Bilu had attacked her, three-tails fox spirit waved her hand, called back Inferno Mirror, then, she turned into white light and disappeared into the dark forest.

Three of them couldn't help but startled.


At far, Tanis Ka letted out a long sigh: "Good, good. It is appear that the three-tails fox spirit's cultivation isn't enough, can not unlash the power of Inferno Mirror, but only to scare those young lads. With the true power of Inferno Mirror, those people are in danger."

Tonni said unhappily: "How do you know her cultivation isn't enough? I see that she is not in disadvantage even it is one against three."

Tanis Ka glared at her, said: "What do you know. Inferno Mirror is an item of ancient deity, very powerful. Legend said at its most powerful stage, it can summon Wasteland Dragon, burn down everything of the world. It is going to turn those arrogent young people into nothingness, not even ashes."

Tonni snorted, ignored him, turned her head back to the scene. She suddenly frowned, said: "Grandpa, it's look like they are going to give chase."

Tanis Ka was surprised, he quickly turned around and found Shaw Danon and others went deeper into the forest, where three-tails fox spirit disappeared, after they had a discussion. Onara went first. Shaw Danon took a few steps and discovered Bilu did not move. He turned around facing Bilu, was about to say something, but he stopped. His face was a little red.

Bilu smiled, quietly scolded him, then moved. Shaw Danon startled, then shook his head and followed.

Tanis Ka was stunned, stamped his foot, said: "Those young lads, really don't know about death. That three-tails fox spirit has Inferno Mirror in her hand, and yet they still have the courage to chase."

Tonni bit on her lollipop (she has never threw it away), said calmly: "Didn't you senior just say something about three-tails fox spirit's cultivation isn't enough to unlash the full power of Inferno Mirror. If so, it is just like she does not have Inferno Mirror. What will those young lads fear?"

Tanis Ka was muted, like choked and couldn't say anything. After a while, he recalled something, quickly said: "Hurry, we need to go, too!"

This time it was Tonni who was surprised: "Go? Where?"

Tanis Ka walked in quick pace, said: "Of' course it is to slay the devil."

Tonni followed him with a cold smile on her face, said: "In the past, you ran into so many large devils, small devils, not large and not small devils, why I could only see you run, never saw you actually slay them?"

Tanis Ka blushed, said: "We wanderers' most important thing is the knowing our own"

His words was not finished when he stopped walking. His attention was drawn but something else. Follow his direction, Tonni found Tanis Ka was looking at a peaceful, motionless thing -- the ancient well.

Chapter 8 Dark Drake Cave B

At this moment, Shaw Danon and others were already disappeared into the darkness. The countless number of monsters were also gone. There were only Tanis Ka and Tonni left in the forest. The cold moonlight shone on the ancient well, shining the moss and scars, with sadness and loneliness.

Tanis Ka took a deep breath, walked to it. Tonni followed behind him. She was a little nervous, said: "Grandpa, what do you want to do?"

Tanis Ka frowned, said: "I have to see what is special about the well. Why three-tails fox spirit always asking that boy about what did he see?"

Tonni stopped at about three steps away from the well. Her heart was a little scared. The surrounding was dead silent, but she could feel there was wind in the darkness and countless of eyes that were watching her from the dark.

Tanis Ka arrived next to the well. He raised his head, looked around and found nothing strange, he was about to look down into the well. Tonni suddenly nervously said: "Grandpa, careful!"

Tanis Ka glanced at her, smiled: "There won't be anything happen." Then, he looked down, looked into the well.

Tonni stared at his face. A surprised expression shown on Tanis Ka's nervous and solemn face, then turned into happiness, but then transformed into puzzle. He lifted his head, pondering.

Tonni stepped forth, whispered: "Grandpa, what did you see?"

Tanis Ka frowned: "I saw enormous piles of gold."

Tonni: "......."

Tanis Ka talked to himself: "The reflection of the well's water is not a human's figure, weird......."

"Ah!" Suddenly, Tonni screamed. Tanis Ka was surprised, quickly turned to her. Tonni was also looking down at the well. She lifted her head.

Tanis Ka was stunned for a moment, then asked: "What did you see?"

Tonni shrugged, said: "Enormous piles of lollipop."

Tanis Ka fell on the ground.

After a while, as they were walking deeper into the forest, Tanis Ka whispered to Tonni: "I kept thinking. This well is probably the legendary 'Lunar Well". At full moon, if someone look down there, they will see their most beloved person or thing. But I still can't understand why three-tails fox spirit kept asking that boy about what he saw in the well? But now, I really want to know what did he saw......"


The forest did not seem to be large from the outside, but when Shaw Danon and others were in there, under the vast color of the night, there was an illusion of endlessness. The three summoned their own espers, traveled in the darkness, closely chasing the white light before them. It was the trace of three-tails fox spirit's escape.

But expectedly the white light suddenly vanished into thin air. With their esper, Shaw Danon and others arrived at where the white light vanished. The woods were heavy, at the opening of the forest, there was a small hill. At the side of the hill, there was a cave entrance. The rocks around the cave were all black.

It was the Dark Drake Cave no doubt.

The three stood before the entrance. They looked at each others then turned to the cave. The entrance was not large, and it was completely black inside, giving them a feeling of endlessness. Burst of chill wind blew out from the cave, hit on their bodies with piercing bite.

Bilu frowned, said: "This cave contains unpredictable danger, and the esper in that fox spirit's hand is extremely powerful. Maybe we should not take the risk."

Shaw Danon glanced at her, before he said anything, Onara already spoke loudly: "Brother Zhang, we need to finish this. If we give up that easily here today, that fox spirit will return later, causing more disaster."

Shaw Danon immediately nodded: "Brother Shi is right, let us go in."

Bilu was angered, but Shaw Danon turned around, whispered heartily: "It is really dangerous inside there. Brother Shi and I are the side of Good, it is our duty. You-you-" He paused, then turned away, but the voice still came out: "Your safety is important, don't put yourself at risk."

Although Bilu could not see Shaw Danon's face, she could hear the care came out from his true heart. A sweet feeling came to her heart, but she still said coldly: "I can go in if I want to, what can you do about it?"

Shaw Danon startled, couldn't say anything.

Onara saw the two's weird expression, he shook his head, said: "Brother Zhang, let us go in."

Shaw Danon answered, couldn't help but peered at Bilu again. Bilu snorted, then moved before them and entered the Dark Drake Cave. Shaw Danon was surprised, and quickly followed her. The wind screamed next to his ears. Onara must be following him.

In the darkness, the Heartending Flower in Bilu's hand slowly brightened up. The soft white light covered the place five feet around her. The wall was filled with weird stones that were dark as ink, hard as steel, very cold.

The Dark Drake Cave was very much like the Cave of Fangs in Kongsang Mountain. The path lead straight down to the underground, and the slope was steeper than Cave of Fangs. Maybe it is because the villager's digging, or it is naturally like that.

The three of them walked for a while and they were already deep under the ground, but there was no sound, not a sign of living, unlike in the Cave of Fangs where countless of terrifing vampire live. As Shaw Danon was walking, his heart went back to the memories when he was in the Cave of Fang, and remembered the days when he and Bilu were trapped inside Blooddrop Cave under Forsaken Abyss.

Then at this moment, Bilu suddenly stopped, letted out a soft cry. Shaw Danon thought it was something dangerous ahead. He quickly rushed to Bilu's side. Bilu startled, turned her eyes to him.

There was no more path.

A cliff laid before them. The cliff was pitch black. But looking at it from far, it appeared there were several ghost fire like objects sparkled in the deep darkness. Shaw Danon was shocked, and at that instant he thought he went back to Forsaken Abyss.

But this place was far from Forsaken Abyss. Just the size alone it was much smaller than Forsaken Abyss. Shaw Danon frowned, turned his head to Onara. Onara walked to the edge, took a glance, pondered for a moment then said: "Brother Zhang, seem like we need to go down there."

Shaw Danon nodded: "Brother Shi, you need to be careful."

Onara's face was solemn, said: "You too." Then he pointed his finger. The golden Shatterer staff rose in front of him. He jumped on it, took a deep breath, then slowly decend.

Shaw Danon turned around, looked at Bilu, but this time he didn't say anything (Probably it will be end up like last time if he speak). He summoned fire stick and followed Onara.

Bilu stood behind him, suddenly smile; the smile was filled with joy.

The gold, green and white light slowly decend from the cliff. Around them was still the black rocks. There was no sound still. The only thing unusal is that the further they decend, the temperature seem rising.

Just like that, they decend for some distant. With the light from the three espers, Shaw Danon could begin to see their surrounding. There was no path at the other side of the cliff but strange dead wall. From the place where they were standing, it seemed like it was an ancient well that got enlarged thousands times. It kept decending.

Suddenly, Onara said in hurry: "Careful."

Shaw Danon and Bilu were surprised, immediately on guard. There was a small hole on the wall. A pair of glowing eyes were watching them from the hole.

Onara gave them a sign, then slowly got closer to it. Shaw Danon and Bilu held their breath.

As they got closer, at the dark place where it had not been brightened for a long time; when Onara's Shatterer staff's golden light shined on the hole, they saw a little mouse with a size of a palm, with this hole as its home, it opened its eyes watching the unwelcome visitors.

Onara shook his head and returned. Shaw Danon and Bilu looked at each other. The three smiled bitterly, then continue decending.

And then, the following situation was something they could have never imagine.

One, two, three.....the bright or dim ghostly lights had slowly rose from their side and around them. In the darkness, there was also countless of panting and roaring.

Even at the lifeless place in Dark Drake Cave, at below the cliff, so dark that it could never see the sun, there were countless of life unbelievably, unexpectedly living here.

In the darkness had took away its ancient veil, with a strange heart beat, starting from that little rat hole, as they continued decend, the caves in all different sizes appeared. For every few feet there was another cave. And in the cave, there were all kinds of animals resting in there. From rats, bats, to gibbon, leopard. Why did they hunt their daily food?

Those are just the animals they knew. But as they decend even farther, they were stunned to see a water living crab with four claws living in the cave, then a cute raccoon with six legs, a pig like beast with tiger fur and two horns. The species were countless.

Countless of eyes formed a ghostly ocean, watching the three people in the light.

Shaw Danon became more surprised, he couldn't help but imagined if his old friend in Jadeon Issa is here, with his strange animals collecting personality, his mouth will probably got ripped due to laughter.