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Chapter 51: Inferno Mirror

Chapter 7 Inferno Mirror A

At far away, in the darkness of the woods, Tanis Ka and Tonni stealthly hid behind a large tree, watching the people in the scene.

Tonni frowned and whispered: "Grandpa, you do not escape, instead, why you come back to this dangerous place and see the show?"

Tanis Ka's eyes were still looking at the scene, whispered: "I have already heard there are most likely treasure in devil's cave. But I can't do anything about it in the past, now since so many people help open the path for us, why don't come here and have a look, maybe we can get something good."

Tonni's pink face said unpatiently: "What if we can't get something good but run into a monster?"

Tanis Ka turned around chuckled: "Does matter, your grandpa has the founder, Master Jadeon's secret art of Earth Sinking, Water Sinking, Mile Shrink matchless mystic art, definitely not going to have a problem......"

Tonni said quietly: "Boo, they are clearly use for escaping if the scamming fail, you call those matchless mystic art!"

Tanis Ka did not notice what his grand daughter said, he was still speaking proudly: "Didn't you read grandpa's fortunate before? You said grandpa's plump forhead, money mark between the eyebrows, thick wealth line, they are symbol of great fortunate. Ho ho, tonight it will becomes true. Tonni, grandpa is very confident with your divination skill!"

Tonni: "......."

"Eh?" Tanis Ka was surprised as he turned and looked at the scene. At this moment, Shaw Danon was charging at the gentle lady with his fire stick glowing with black light.

"Pure Essence! This boy is a Jadeon."

"What?" Tonni immediately felt interested and also looked at the scene. Both sides battle restlessly with the loud sound of demons screaming. She asked Tanis Ka: "So he had the same ancestor as us, is he strong?"

Tanis Ka was watching concentratedly, the greedy smile was gone. His face was calm, eyebrows were frowned, he said: "This boy's age is not old, but his power seem already reach 'Yu Qing Realm''s level five, that's odd?"

Tonni glanced at Tanis Ka. Though other people may not know, she knew Tanis Ka is greedy for money, but with his experience, his knowledge is unmatchable. She said: "Didn't notice he is such talent."

Tanis Ka silent for a moment then shook his head, said: "I think this boy's potential isn't bad, but at most above average, definitely not a genius like Master Jade Leaf. From basic reason, with his potential, he shouldn't able to advance that fast in cultivation!"

Tonni was stunned, couldn't say anything but to continue watching the scene.

Onara was shouting angrily on the ground with gold light shining, scaring off the monsters. Shaw Danon rose in the air, charged at the lovely lady with his fire stick glowing green and black light.

The lady looked at him with her watery eyes. She shoot out her white sleeve and blocked the fire stick. They were charging at each other, just an instant, they became very close.

Shaw Danon was surprised. That lady's extremely lovely face was only a foot away from him. Faint fragrance came to him. And the soul touching eyes in the night were as beautiful as agate emerald, reflecting his figure. His heart couldn't help but moved.

"What, did you see, in the well?" Even at this crucial moment, that lady's voice was still gentle and lovely, softly entered his ears.

Shaw Danon's mind was almost taken, but suddenly a gold light flashed on his face and calmed him.

Three-tails fox spirit frowned. Shaw Danon shouted and flew several yards backward, landed next to Onara on the ground.

Onara glanced at him, said with a bit of worry: "This devil's hexing curse is quite strong, be careful."

Shaw Danon's heart was still beating rapidly. He nodded. They looked at the sky, seeing the three-tails fox spirit was still standing in mid-air, her dress fluttered among the wind like a matchless beauty from a painting.

At far, Tanis Ka frowned, surprised said: "This boy's mental stablility is very strong! He can maintain his consciousness under three-tails fox spirit's five hundreds years practice of hexing curse!"

Tonni curled her lips: "So what, don't you see that big guy also the same?"

Tanis Ka said: "What do you know. That big guy's cultivation is related to Fuwa, and Fuwa is all about nirvana, they naturally have resistance to those enchanting hex curse.

"But Jadeon is Dagos, they are much weaker in this field. With this boy's cultivation, he can have such stability, really rare!"

"Really?" Tonni thought for a moment, then turned back to the scene.

Three-tails fox spirit slowly landed from the air. Though her face was still smiling, her eyes were getting heavier. From the fierce battle she just had with them, she could see that they were not old, but their cultivation was also not low. And that big guy was from seemed came from a Fuwa branch, it was quite a pain.

Another young man's mind was unexpectedly stable. Even her most useful hexing curse was not having much use here.

Chapter 7 Inferno Mirror B

Bilu was standing at the side, about to make a move. But seeing Shaw Danon had recovered, she stopped and watched them coldly.

The cold moonlight passed through the leaves and fell on that gentle lady's lonely figure.

With a bit of sorrow.

She lowered her head, her long eyelashes were like covering her vulnerable heart, but also like they were listening to the sound of the forest of dark night. She said softly: "I did nothing to you, why you want to kill me?"

Onara stepped forth like a fierce tiger, shouted: "Devil, you harmed the people, causing unrest for Laguna Collective, aren't you suppose to die?"

She raised up her eyes, looked at them. Wind, softly came by, blew the edge of her clothes.

"You kill me, because I am a devil?" She looked at Shaw Danon, deeply: "What about you! What is your reason?"

Shaw Danon said without thinking: "You did many evil deeds. I am in the path of good, I shall get rid of harm from the people without hesitation!"

Three-tails fox spirit silent for a while, then she suddenly smiled lightly: "Young man, how old are you?"

Shaw Danon startled, frowned: "Why do you ask?"

She held up her hand, combing the black hair on her temples with her finger.

"Those words, are told by your righteous master! The devils like us are often harmful to the people, we must be removed, right?"

Shaw Danon frowned, that was exactly what his master's teaching is about. Three-tails fox spirit continued: "But what if I say, those words are wrong. What will you think?"

Shaw Danon snorted, was about to make a move. But at that instant, the coversation between him and Wan Ren Wang flashed in his mind. He was like shocked by lighting.

Is it the thing I know must be right?

What is the true law, what is the true justice?

"Careful!" Suddenly, Onara shouted. The sound of evil wind rose suddenly.

Three-tails fox spirit suddenly dashed at Shaw Danon when he was lost in thought. Her hand formed into claws. Onara roared, was about to make a move, but at that important moment, countless of demon's eyes sparkled in the darkness. The monsters attacked him, he couldn't spare anytime to worry about Shaw Danon.

Three-tails fox spirit realized Shaw Danon was the weakest among them, she decided to use the monsters to hold Onara while herself use her full strength to finish the other one.

The sharp claws was about to arrive at that boy, even from far away, they could hear a cry. But Shaw Danon raised his head, his eyes met with three-tails fox spirit's. Before she could think of anything, a black stick shining with green light appeared between Shaw Danon and herself.

At the next moment, her sharp claws hit on that stick.

No one was able to describe such feeling. There was no earth shocking bang like they had expected. At that seemly frozen moment, that woman floated in mid-air, her claw like fingers grabbed that black fire stick.

Her snow white skin suddenly lost all its color, so pale that it was even transparent.

Before her, it was like a bottemless swirl of demon, circling under the color of the night, about to swallow her with a hideous smile.

She screamed mournfully to the sky, then charged up into the air, turned into a white figure and finally escaped from the demon like green glow. She landed at far.

Then, she quickly turned around with a surprise, fierce look, glared at that young man, and the fire stick that was circling in mid-air.

From a distant, Tonni gasped in. whispered: "Very powerful esper, what is this! Grandpa?"

She asked twice, realized Tanis Ka did not answer. She turned to him, seeing Tanis Ka's eyebrows were frowned tightly, also surprised.

Tonni was surprised, pulled Tanis Ka, said: "Grandpa, what is up to you?"

Tanis Ka shivered, woke up from what just happened, his face was still shocked. He murmured: "Who is this boy, how come Jadeon will have such weird disciple?"

Tonni glanced at him, said: "What?"

Tanis Ka looked at the scene, said: "That boy's esper is very strange. When he summoned it, the evil energy is stronger than three-tails fox spirit's devil energy. Such evil item, how......"

Tonni's mouth dropped, turned to the scene, suddenly she caught something with the corner of her eye. She whispered to Tanis Ka: "Grandpa, look at that woman."

Tanis Ka startled, follow where Tonni was pointing at, he saw the watery green dress woman Bilu, silently standing at the side. Onara was in a heated battle with the monsters, but Bilu did not bother to look at him, her eyes were fixed on Shaw Danon.

Especially when Shaw Danon summoned the fire stick, her look was awkward, it was like glad, and also like worry, and seem like there is hesitation, too. It was hard to tell is it good or bad.

Tanis Ka said after few glance: "That woman like that fire stick, what are you yatou (Note 1) looking at!"

Tonni was curious: "What fire stick?"

Tanis Ka said: "That boy."

Tonni was not convinced: "Weird, why she like that boy, and I can't look at it?"

Tanis Ka glared at her, was about to teach this disobedient, premature granddaughter a lesson. But then he heard something happened, he quickly turned back to the scene and ignored Tonni.

In the scene, Shaw Danon saw the fox spirit flinched, such opportunality can not let go. He advanced with his fire stick. Three-tails fox spirit frowned, her face was getting more pale.

Seeing Shaw Danon charging to her, the color of the night got heavier, the wind got faster, and on that lady's gentle face, the two light eyebrows locked together. She shouted softly, her white jade like fingers formed like a knife, slice down in air.


The sudden scream was like needle pierce into everyone's eardrum.

Countless of ghostly light came out from the dark black forest. Behind the woman, tides of wave of countless monster with hideous look rushed at Shaw Danon, screaming.

In a blink of an eye, Shaw Danon was almost overwhelmed by those monsters.

Chapter 7 Inferno Mirror C

Everyone were terrified, but at the next moment, Shaw Danon broke through the black crowd of monsters with his fire stick. When the fire stick's green light passed by, none of the monsters were willing to go forth with the exception of the larger size, stronger one still may resistance.

With this, everyone was more surprised. Shaw Danon was casting with his full strength, his heart said bitterly: this "Death Wand" was forged with burning spirit and soul, base on the reaction the monsters has, what Wan Ren Wang said is mostly right.

Three-tails fox spirit saw countless of monsters couldn't stop Shaw Danon, her face became more pale. At this moment, Onara roared in the solemn golden light shined. Like a demon taming vajra, his eyes wide open, he rose into the air, and stabbed the ground again with his Shatterer staff.

"Bang", golden light shot at all direction. This time the ground corrupt range was wider, reach almost three yards, the demon destroying gold light that shot out was brighter, like lighting and thunder.

In the whine of the monsters, many that were surrounding Onara had vanished, the most of the remaining were scared away.

Onara landed on the ground. Once his large body landed, he was taking heavy breath, clearly using such power art consume a lot of his energy. His body was strong after all, he soon recovered. Though he was still a bit out of breath, he immediately dashed to Shaw Danon's direction after a glance.

Three-tails fox spirit caught Onara was charging at her with her eyes, while Shaw Danon was not far away, she stamped on the ground, wanted to withdraw into the darkness behind her.

Expectedly, white light flashed in the darkness, suddenly a white wave of flying flowers flew out, fiercely pierce through the air. Three-tails fox spirit was surprised and held her step.

It was the young woman in watery green dress who was standing on the side, now she had interupted the withdraw route. The snow like flying flower gradually contract, circling around her. Under the cool color of the moon, it formed into a pretty little flower, held between her fingers.

Footstep came from behind. Three-tails fox spirit turned around and found Shaw Danon and Onara had arrived. They formed a triangle, surrounded her in the center.

The little monsters were gone, leaving her alone. With loneliness, she silently stood and surrounded by the human beings.

She slightly opened her mouth, with a little regret, but she did not say anything. Even now, the gentle beauty on her lovely face had never faded

She looked at Bilu, then at Onara, and finally, her eyes, as gentle as water, landed on Shaw Danon's face.

Shaw Danon prepared.

She did not make a move, instead, she softly asked again: "Young man, what you just saw in the well, can you tell me?"

Everybody startled. They had no idea why that devil was so interested at what Shaw Danon saw in the well. Shaw Danon hadn't speak, Onara already shouted: "Brother Zhang, don't fall into her trap!"

Shaw Danon nodded and agreed, remain silent. He raised his hand, ready to charge.

Three-tails fox spirit looked at him, sighed softly.

Shaw Danon was suddenly puzzled.

Water like moonlight softly shone.

That lady lowered her head. Her thin eyelashes covered her lovely eyes.

The water like glance waved.

Then, she lifted her head, putted her hand into her clothes, slowly took an item out.

Everyone stared at it.

It was an item with half a palm size. Round shape. Outside was surrounded by clear, green jade ring, it was not a common item. The the center of the jade ring, it was a small mirror like, red thin slice thing, carved with strange fire totem at the center.

The jade ring took most of the space of that item. At both sides of the jade ring, each had a red sling tied to the ring.

Tanis Ka was stunned, truly stunned. Tonni could feel it. Her grandpa had never been like this before, stood there like a wood.

She was a little feared and pulled Tanis Ka's sleeve, said: "Grandpa, what happened to you?"

"How can this be, how can this be?" Tanis Ka watched the scene blankly, stared at the strange esper that was in three-tails fox spirit's hand, his voice was like moan: "This is clearly 'Incense Valley''s most important treasure -- 'Inferno Mirror'! The most Yang and righteous item of the world, and the divine weapon that Incense Valley used to battle against the devils for thousands years. How, how can this be in the hand of that fox spirit?"

Tonni startled, couldn't help but took at glance at the Inferno Mirrior, said: "This that esper really that powerful?"

Tanis Ka letted out a long sigh, mumbled: "The world really changed. A righteous disciple using an eser with extremely strong evil energy; it is a divine tool in the hand of the devil!"

"Boo, I thought you were exclaimed for something interesting!" Tonni said with contempt.

Tanis Ka said angily: "What did you say?"

Tonni said: "Such outdated words, you still able to say it out without blush. What era is it now, still care about good and evil different!"

Tanis Ka's tongue was tied, couldn't say anything.

Note 1: Yatou - A disrespectful word to call a girl in some situation. Mostly used by old people to call young girl. It can also stand for female servent or slave.

Just a note, what Tonni said at the end is forshadowing something....