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Chapter 50: Fox Spirit

 Chapter 6 Fox Spirit A

Shaw Danon startled. He could never expect to meet her again so soon. He wanted to refuse to admit it, but after all, going through life and death together in Forsaken Abyss Blooddrop Cave had left him a bit of feeling. He could only smile embarrassingly: "How come you come here?"

Onara noticed Shaw Danon was acting a little weird, he asked: "Xiao Fan, who is this person?"

Shaw Danon blurted out: "She is......." Then he realized if others know Bilu's identity, plus his relationship with Bilu, it will be great trouble. He pulled back the words from his mouth.

Onara was puzzled why Shaw Danon stopped, Bilu smiled, said: "Don't ask him, we only met for short time, only saw each other for once, he doesn't know anything about me."

Onara got it, but seeing Shaw Danon's face, he suddenly gave a weird smile, and whispered in Shaw Danon's ears: "Brother Zhang, I see your expression isn't right, do you like that lady?"

Shaw Danon was shocked, face immediately turned pale, quickly said: "You can't speak irreasonible like this, I-I have no relationship with her!"

Bilu was looking at him filled with smile, but after hearing what he said, her face darkened, snorted, laughed coldly: "Correct, why would I have any relationship with this shameless, dirty thing?"

Everyone startled. They thought of her delightful surprise look on her face when she saw Shaw Danon, and now turned back on him faster than turning a book, plus the "shameless, dirty" in her words, everyone was looking at Shaw Danon with a strange look.

Shaw Danon was very embarrassed, did not know how to explain it. But from anyone's eyes, they would probably think it is just argument between a pair of couple. Everyone smiled.

Onara looked at the sky, told Shaw Danon: "Brother Zhang, the time is getting late, we should get going."

Shaw Danon was very eager to leave this embarrassing situation. He quickly answered, but as he spoke, Bilu suddenly shouted: "Old scammer, stand still for me!"

They turned around and discovered Tanis Ka and Tonni were trying the sneak away, but they were spotted by Bilu. The Heartending Flower in Bilu's hand glowed with white light again. The chill energy rose Shaw Danon was surprised and immediately stopped walking, said: "Wait, wait. How did they offended you?"

Bilu glared at Shaw Danon, seem like she was still angry, said coldly: "None of your business!"

Shaw Danon was rejected right in his face, he became a little gloomy. But Tanis Ka had suffered from Bilu, now there was a person who is willing to stand up for him, how can he let it go. He quickly said: "Young mister, you need to save me. When I was in the small town, I gave this lady a divination due to kindness, but she ignored the truth. When it was not as same as her wish, she began to use violent on us....."

Bilu said angrily: "Lies, you old scammer, filled with mouthful of lies, scam money from people, and now you frame on me, you ask for it!"

Then she moved her hand, the white light of Heartending Flower brightened, shined the surrounding like morning. Seeing she was about to strike, Shaw Danon said in hurry: "Bilu, wait."

But it was like Bilu did not hear it, after a second, Heartending Flower left her hand, flashing in mid-air. After a soft sound, just in an instant, the bright white light had caused the moon and the stars to lose their color. The sky was filled with bright and shining petals with strong fragrance hitting against the nose.

This was a very rare scenery, but in Tanis Ka's eyes, it was like seeing a ghost. Color lose from his face, he immediately grabbed Tonni and ran while his right hand reached into his clothes, took out a small yellow paper. It looked quite similar to Taoist's talisman that used for capturing ghost.

Shaw Danon knew the power of Bilu's esper, and Tanis Ka on the other seemed like he did not know any cultivation, Shaw Danon stepped forth and stood before Tanis Ka, summoned the fire stick in front of him and helped Tanis Ka to block this round.

Bilu frowned as she saw Shaw Danon suddenly came up. A smile flashed across her face, the flowers in the sky suddenly stopped in mid-air, dancing before Shaw Danon. Her face remain stern, said coldly: "What are you doing?"

Shaw Danon glanced at her, his heart was scared a little, mumbled: "They are not cultivators, why you make it difficult for them, can you let them go?"

Bilu snorted, waved her hand. The flowers in the sky suddenly flew back and reformed into a white flower under the radiance of the moon and the stars, returned to her hand: "Why don't you ask him what happened?"

Shaw Danon was also wondering, he turned and began to ask Tanis Ka. At first Tanis Ka was still trying to cover the truth, but Bilu ketp on interupting at the important part. With that going, Shaw Danon and Onara understood what happened: after Tanis Ka sucessfully earned money off from the fat, rich woman, with his greedy heart, and noticed Bilu's clothing was expensive, he went to her without caring Tonni's eyes that were trying to signal him to stop.

But Bilu was extremely intelligent that can not be comare to normal people, how could she get fooled so easily. At the beginning, Tonni was correct with Bilu's past. But Bilu continued asking, Tonni could not tell Tanis Ka directly, so Tanis Ka made up stuff and immediately showed the flaw. Bilu turned rage and about to teach the two scammers a lesson.

Tanis Ka realized he was in great trouble. He knew nothing about cultivation, but he still got some life saving teaching that passed down from Master Jadeon, and that include Art of Earth Sinking. He used it to escape for a moment. But his skill was not good enough, unable to control the direction, coincidentally landed near Shaw Danon and Onara.

Bilu was not expected that old man will do that, but she was Vim Archlord's only daughter after all, such little trick could not trouble her. With only one spell, she immediately found out the old man's location, then came after him in the blink of an eye.

Shaw Danon startled for a while, stared at Tanis Ka, said: "So my dangerous future you have told me this morning is fake?"

Tanis Ka rolled his eyes, before he got the chance to speak, Bilu already laughed: "So you fell into his trap!"

This laughter immediately melted her icy cold look. Shaw Danon was very embarrassed. He thought helping Tanis Ka was very not worth it, and he was ashamed in front of Bilu. He straighten his face and walked away.

Tanis Ka was surprised and his heart complained. Onara saw the embarrassing situation, he reminded Shaw Danon: "Brother Zhang, we should go in there, the affair is important."

Shaw Danon nodded, ignored other people and entered the woods with Onara. Bilu startled, asked: "This forest is filled with evil energy, what are you two doing?"

Shaw Danon answered: "We are going in there to get rid of the devil."

Then he pulled Onara, entered the forest in quick pace. Onara turned his head and looked at Bilu and the old man, then followed Shaw Danon. The scene turned quiet instantly. Bilu colded her face and turned to Tanis Ka. Tanis Ka immediately held up his hand before his chest, ready to defend himself, but can he manage to do that was another story.

Unexpectedly, Bilu did not attack. Pondered for a moment, she asked Tanis Ka: "Do you know what are they doing in there?"

Chapter 6 Fox Spirit B

Tanis Ka startled. He was also in Laguna Collective, surely he knew what it is, he said: "Of' course, there is a Dark Drake Cave inside of the forest, a three-tails fox occupy there. They are going to get rid of it for Laguna Collective. What it is?"

Bilu snorted, lowered her eyes, said quietly: "With his little bit of cultivation, he......."

Tanis Ka saw that she was lost in thought, it was a great opportunity and how could he let it go. He took Tonni's hand and walked away stealthly. When Bilu's mind returned, they were already gone far, only shadows of their back remain.

With Bilu's skill, catch up to them is piece of cake, but it seemed like she had no intention to do so. Instead, she turned and stared blinkly at the darkening forest under the color of moon.


Shaw Danon and Onara entered the forest. The woods were tall and lush, blocking the moon light, caused the forest became dark. As they walked, the surrounding was silence, in the deep of the forest, there was a veil of thin fog.

They looked at each other, Onara whispered: "Be careful."

Shaw Danon nodded. They summoned their espers, cautiously advanced.

After a while of walk, the ancient trees were towering to the skies, waves of Yin energy surrounding them. It seemed like they had arrived at the deepest part of the forest. At that moment, they suddenly heard a soft, plaintive lady voice coming out from the fog among the woods:

Small pine hill, moon as frost,

Man like wandering flower and hurt.

Few decades, three thousands years,

But wish we still remember each other even we are separated.

The female sound was mildly, softly whispering. Though they couldn't see her, they could feel the sadness coming from her. Shaw Danon and Onara looked at each other, their faces changed. It was deep mid-night, and in this desolated place, it was most likely the spirit devil. The two cautiously walking toward to the sound.

The thin veil of fog soon swallowed them.

Not long after they entered, a green figure appeared at the spot where they stood, looking at the fog in the darkness. She frowned, pondered for a moment, then entered it.

The color of the night dimly shining in the woods. Few lines of moon light passed through the gasp of the leaves, shined at the wood, softly waggling.

Around them, there was only the quiet sound of the insects.

Suddenly, Onara grabbed Shaw Danon's shoulder. Shaw Danon was surprised, said: "What?"

Onara said quietly: "Listen."

Shaw Danon paid attention. He heard a soft sigh coming from ahead.

A beam of moon light, like a beacon in the darkness. A line of cold moon, softly shining at the fog, directionlessly flowing. A white clothes lady slowly came out from the deep of darkness. She stood under the light, looking toward them lightly.

Shaw Danon and Onara held their breath.

She was a gentle and charming lady. Long and straight beautiful hair lay on her shoulders, as soft as water; on her white skin, there was a pair of graceful eyebrows, a delicate nose, a light red lip, her watery eyes looked at them as it was like they can see through their heart.

She was a type of girl that could cause people to feel sad for her. She timidly standing under the moon light, staring at them.

The time, seem stopped at that moment.

"You, are coming to kill me?" She asked ghostly.

Shaw Danon and Onara were surprised. Onara bit his lip, stabled his mind, shouted: "Are you the devil called Three-tails fox spirit?"

Her watery eyes swept across Onara, then Shaw Danon's face. Shaw Danon could felt it was like his face was touched by a gentle hand.

He was surprised. He could not imagine there can be such bewitched woman, she was totally not a human.

She did not answer, only frowning her eyebrows. It was like a line of sadness carved between her eyebrows.

She looked at the moon again. The bright moon was flawless, hanging in the sky.

"It is me." She said ghostly.


The night was dark, it seemed like there was something hiding in the darkness behind her.

Onara darkened his face. The large golden spiked club "Shatterer" glowing with gold light in his hand, turning the nearby woods into gold. Shaw Danon stood next to him, taking deep breath.

Chapter 6 Fox Spirit C

The lady didn't react. She glanced at them, then walked away softly to the side. Her snow white sleeve softly waved. The bushes moved away, showed a well. Looking at it from far away, they could see moss on the stone of the well. It appeared the well was very old.

She walked next to the well, looking down, she softly combing her hair with her hand.

They did not dare to move from seeing the strange action she was doing.

The lady's voice drifted within the forest: "This is a three thousands years old well. Legend said when you look into the well with a sincere wish during the full moon, your wish must be realize." In her voice, there was sadness, "but, since I arrived here, I have looked into it three times, why, his illness still isn't getting better?"

Shaw Danon and Onara were stunned. From her tone, it was clearly a sad lady who was trapped by love. But Onara's mind was more solid than Shaw Danon's. He frowned, stepped forth. The sound of the wind rose in the forest. He said angrily: "Shameless devil, you dare to bewitch the people, hurry come here and receive your death!"

That lady turned around, her watery eyes glanced at them, ignored Onara, but looked at Shaw Danon. She suddenly said softly: "In your heart, is there a girl you deeply missed? Come and have a look."

Wind went pass the forest, the chill got heavier.

The treetop was rustling.

Shaw Danon was blank, unwittingly he took a step.

Onara was surprised. Without saying, he rose up in the air, the Shatterer's golden light glared, whistled in the air, and crushed toward that lady's head. With such strength, not to mention a weak woman, even a tough man will still get crushed into sauce.

That lady's body was like fallen leaf, blew off by the strong wind of Shatterer and float backward, dodged earth shattering strike. After that, she floated in the air, opened her arms. After a moment, the devil energy became very strong. The sound of the devil howling. At the same moment, in the darkness behind her, countless of large eyes opened.

When Onara was unaware, with countless of wild calls, many dark black, vicious shadows came out from the darkness, passed the lady's white figure and rushed at Onara with their claws and fangs. And that lady was not looking at Onara, her gentle eyes were looking at Shaw Danon who was walking to the ancient well step by step.

The moon light shined on him, like frost, like snow.

In the deep of his heart, is there a person he missed deeply?

He was out of his mind.

"Xiao Fan!" A cry came from behind. Bilu appeared, quickly flew to him, said in a hurry: "Do not look!"

At that instant, Shaw Danon startled. The gentle lady in the mid air who was watching him, her face changed a little.

But then, he still looked into it.

So, deeply looked into it.

The sound of the wind stopped, everyone held their breath.

What did he see?"

Onara roared and shocked away the monters. His large body grabbed the esper Shatterer. Red glow flashed on his face, it was like blood was about to come out. He charged up into the air, then sudden fell down like a loosen arrow. "Puff", Shatterer inserted into the earth deeply, his mouth gave a heaven shocking roar at the same time:


It was like the entire stopped at this instant.

The earth within two yards diameter suddenly sunk in along with the trees. It was like a giant invisibile hand pulled everything to undergound. Only the earth near the well where Shaw Danon was standing did not get affected.

The Shatterer that was insert into the ground absorbed something, the entire staff was shining brightly. As Onara shouted the word "Shatter", countless beam of light came out. As swift as lighting, they striked on the black shadow monsters in the air. At that moment, the pitful scream lingered at their ears. Some black shadow monsters fell on the ground, some just disappeared into thin air.

The gentle lady's face changed, her face became pale, said: "Absorb earth and tree's spirit into devil destroying energy, 'Shatterer Staff'!"

Onara finished deal with the monsters, his first action was to look at Shaw Danon. Bilu also stopped, looking at him.

Shaw Danon raised his head. His face was nothing unusal, just a little confuse. But he soon became sober. He stood next to Onara, facing the gentle lady floating in mid-air.

That lady looked deeply at him, suddenly said: "What did you see?"