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Chapter 49: Divination

 Chapter 5 Divination A

Finally cleaned up the dirty thing from his foot, Shaw Danon turned around and saw the little girl already went to the old man, whispered to him about something. The old man nodded and smiled.

Shaw Danon blushed, maybe they were saying things laughing at him. After a hesitation, he went to them, said: "Senior, you said I am in great danger, what does that mean?"

The old man squinted his eyes, smiled: "Young sir, although the center of your forhead is plump enough, your cheeks are a little thin, probably not in a rich family, right?"

Shaw Danon trusted him more, he nodded: "Senior is right, I born in a farm."

That old man smiled, softly hitted his robe, said normally: "I see your eyebrows are quite thick, straight and high, but at the right end there is a small mole. This place indicate parents. I am afraid your parents are probably gone already?"

Shaw Danon was surprised, he believed him even more, he nodded: "Senior you have eyes of wisdom, my parents were dead when I was young."

The old man said: "Why don't you hold your hand out and let me see it, young sir?"

Shaw Danon was already quite believe in the old man. He held out his hand. When the old man was examining it with a smile on his face. The little girl suddenly came out, grabbed Shaw Danon's hand. Shaw Danon was surprised. The little girl examined at his hand like her grandpa, then she laughed and ran away, leaving several stickly crystal sugars. It felt really bad.

Shaw Danon was stunned, but he could not yell at the little child. He could only convince himself that he was unlucky. The old man handed him a handkerchief, smiled: "My granddaughter is naughty, don't be mad on her."

Shaw Danon smiled bitterly, then used the handkerchief to clean him his hand. When he lifted his head, he saw the old man was chatting with his granddaughter again, wonder what they were talking about.

The old man noticed Shaw Danon's eyes, he smiled: "Okay, let me see young sir's palm?"

Shaw Danon held out his hand while his eyes were fixed on the little girl, feared she will fooling around again. This time the little girl was very quiet, she only giggling at Shaw Danon, wonder what she was laughing at?

After a moment, the old man's face color changed, "My god."

Shaw Danon was surprised, asked: "What it is?"

The old man did not say much, he pointed to Shaw Danon's palm, said: "Young sir, do you see your life line?"

Shaw Danon glanced at it, did not know any meaning about it, he said in confuse: "What?"

The old man said solemnly: "I see your life line is very different than normal people. At the beginning, there is already a large gap. That mean there was a terrible disaster when you was young. That was so horrible that most of your family and friends were involved in it, only slim chance of survive! It seem like your parents were unfortunately passed away during that disaster."

Shaw Danon's heart was sour, now he believed that old man completely. He said sadly: "Senior you-you are a living god. You are completely right."

That old man sighed, then said: "Originally, you can not escape from this disaster, but there is good fortune in your life. Between the gap, there is a 'new jade square', continue your life line and continue your life. It is a great fortune in the misfortune."

Puzhi's face suddenly floated in Shaw Danon's mind. Silenced for a moment, he gritted his teeth, said: "Today senior said I am in danger, please instruct me is it good or bad!"

The old man smiled, then coughed: "This, this......"

Shaw Danon asked: "What is it, senior?"

That old man smiled: "Not to hide it from young mister, when I started this business, I made a rule that I must receive payment when giving divination, so......"

Shaw Danon realized, quickly asked: "Senior, how much is it?"

That old man looked at him smiling: "Each time ten silvers."

Shaw Danon putted his hand at his waist, he paused when he heard it, said: "That expensive, but I only brought four silvers."

That old man frowned, said: "Anyway, let it be four silvers then. I see fate allow us to know each other, I will help you this time."

Shaw Danon was very pleased. The silvers was not very useful for him anyway. He could survive in the wild. So he gave the old man four silvers.

The old man putted the silvers into a safe spot, then examined Shaw Danon's face again seriously, said: "Young sir, I see your glabella is black, dark cloud over your head, your luck isn't too good. If you advance there will be a lot of dangers, why don't you return, then everything will be fine."

Shaw Danon was surprised: "That's it?"

The old man nodded: "Correct."

Shaw Danon hesitated: "But I have important affair to the east......"

Old man tried to convince him: "Young sir, what is it that is more important than your life, it is better to return." Then, he saluted, "We can meet here, that mean fate meant it to happen. We will see each other again in future, farewell."

Shaw Danon frowned, and nodded absently, watching the old and the young disappeared with the crowd of people. Shaw Danon was standing there, seem lost his direction.

At the corner of the street, the old man and the little girl hid and sticked out their heads, looked at Shaw Danon. That young man stood among the stream of people, he seem lost. After a while, he turned and walked away.

"Ho ho, an other four silvers." The old man's attitude suddenly changed. Took out the silvers from his waist, kept on laughing. But the little girl remained calm, peered at him, said: "Grandpa, why are you doing this again?"

That old man laughed, putted away the silvers, smiled at his grand-daughter: "Tonni, you are really useful as my grand-daughter. You can already see through the past life and yet you are not even ten years old. When the time comes, you will be a very outstanding talent in divination."

Chapter 5 Divination B

Tonni snorted: "I can't see how are those easy books to be difficult. It is clear that grandpa you did not work hard in the past, and yet you still have the face to talk about it."

The one with the actual talent was Tonni. She read a little about Shaw Danon's fortune, and secretly told her grandpa when there was a chance.

The old man was clearly very dote this grand-daughter. He did not care about what she said, he smiled: "Don't underestimate the books that grandpa gave you. 'Mingli Jiu Suan' and 'Yu Zhu Xiang Xue" are passed down by our ancestor Jadeon. That mean you are gifted at divination. If it is other people, ho ho, me for example, I can't figure out what the book is talking about for my entire life."

Tonni cursed him, turned around and saw Shaw Danon was already gone. She turned back and said: "You said that his future is filled with dangers, what is that?"

The old man giggled: "Of'course I was lying to him. But what do you see from him, is he really in disaster?"

Tonni shook her head: "I can only read 'Past Fortune', as for 'Future Fortune" I can only know a little, can't be sure about it!"

Old man nodded: "Correct, Past Fortune is fixed, can not change, of'course it is easy; Future Fortune is unknown and unfixed variable of future, it is the highest level of divination, no way it is going to be easy."

Tonni shrugged, followed her grandpa walking, said: "But from what I can see, that person's fortune is very awkward, it is the 'Chaos Life', the most difficult to predict in the divination book. This life is pretty rare."

"No need to bother with him, we get the money anyway. Come, grandpa bring you to eat......"

"Oh......right, grandpa, you mentioned about Master Jadeon. You always said our ancestor was from Jadeon, why don't you go there and tell them. With the position Jadeon hold today, and your age, aren't you going to have good food and anything you want?"

"Shush......" The old man was surprised, looked around and saw no one heard them, he relieved, whispered: "What does a little girl like you know? Jadeon is the best cultivation faction of the world, all we know is just the divination from Master Jadeon. If we go there mindlessly, they probably going to think we are scammer and jail us for several hundreds years. And beside,"

He smiled, the celestial like manner when he was talking to Shaw Danon repeared: "I Tanis Ka is not the type of person who flatters the powerful."

Tonni startled, said happily: Grandpa, can't expect you to have such moral, is it really......."


Before she could finish, Tanis Ka's eyes brightened, he stepped forth and stopped a rich looking fat woman, said solemnly: "Madam, I see your have a dark cloud over your head, your glabella is black, death on your face, something unfortunate is going to happen! What about let me to give you a divination, how it is?"

Tonni was stunned, but her grandpa kept giving her a look, so all she could do was pretending to be naive and cute, carefully examine that rich, fat woman's face.


Shaw Danon walked across the street, unwittingly he had left the small town. He got delayed while he was in the town, also with thing in his mind, Shaw Danon discovered it was dusk already.

The sun shining in a slanted angle, marked the night sky with bright red fire, also pulled his shadow. It was already night, every houses had went back home. There was no one outside of the town, only he was there, very lonely.

He looked at his own shadow, his heart was frustrated.

From what he heard from Wan Ren Wang, all Righteous factions were sent to East Sea, Billows. He could guess his master Tian Bolis will probably be there. He wanted to reunion with them, but today he met an "old immortal" that told him not to go there. But if he return to Jadeon and discover no one is there, what should he do?

Since the time he escaped from Forsaken Abyss of Kongsang Mountain, he wished he could see his master as soon as possible to tell them he is safe. But these days with many things in his mind, he was slowed. But today something told him to turn back, he couldn't make the decision.

When he was uncertain, suddenly foot steps came from behind him. He turned around and saw it was the large man Onara. He was leaving the small town.

When he got near, he stopped, glanced at Shaw Danon, then ignored him. He looked at the sun set at the west, murmured to himself: "Where the sun is at is the west, um, the chief said the Dark Drake Cave is ten miles to the north. It should be that way." As he found the correct direction, he began walking to that way.

Shaw Danon heard it, then yelled: "Onara......warrior, are you going to Dark Drake Cave?"

Onara startled, stopped and turned around looking at Shaw Danon said: "Correct, who are you?"

Shaw Danon's mind was racing, he thought: Since I can't go to the east, why don't go take out the devil with this man. When master ask about it, I did a good deed, it is easier when talk about it in front of his master.

After he made the decision, he smiled: "I am also a cultivator, I saw everything clearly today inside Laguna Collective. I was planned to go with you, but there was some affair that caused delay. But fortunately I got here in time, does mister willing to go with me?"

Onara examined Shaw Danon, said in a deep voice: "This is not for fun, there are many dangers. I see your age is not old, which faction are you from?"

Shaw Danon startled. Onara's age was not old either, and with his naturally honest, simple looking, Shaw Danon did not expect him to say such thing. He smiled: "I am under Jadeon Head of Bamboo Peak Tian Bolis. The level of cultivation is still basic, I will still need mister Shi's assistance."

Chapter 5 Divination C

Onara was surprised, widen his eyes, said: "What, you are a Jadeon?"

Shaw Danon nodded: "Yes."

Onara's eyes were filled with admire, said: "Ah, sorry sorry. Jadeon is the top cultivation faction today. I have already heard Jadeon's amazing arts are admire by the world. For the disrespect that just happened, please forgive me."

Shaw Danon was stunned, his mind was glad that his clan was so well known out here, he smiled and replied: "Mister Shi over praise me. Let us go in there together so we can help each other when we are trying the get rid of the devil for the people."

Onara laughed: "Good."


Dark Drake Cave located in the wood at ten miles north of Laguna Collective. On the way, Shaw Danon and Onara had got used to each other's name during the conversation. Shaw Danon was a honest person. Onara's body was large, but he was not rude, but passive, also a honest type of person. The two were soon calling other's name directly.

The sky began to darken, with the remaining sunlight weakly shining at the ground.

Shaw Danon saw the woods were getting thicker, they were probably going to arrive at the forest soon, he called out: "Brother Shi."

Onara answered: "What?"

Shaw Danon said: "Today morning I saw you summoned a golden, spiked club esper with solemn energy. And the incantation seem like belong to the Fuwa. Although I heard Fuwa does not have spiked club, but I feel that is a Fuwa item, am I right?"

Admire flashed through Onara's eyes, he said: "Xiao Fan, you are really live up to be a Jadeon disciple, you know a lot."

Shaw Danon flushed.

Onara spoke again: "We Vajra have very little number of people, normally just one heir per generation. My master Herald of Valor encountered me in a small, remote village. He said my courageous potential is just perfect for practicing his Vajra cultivation. He senior had once said that back in ancient time, Vajra has relationship with Fuwa. But the distance of time is long, no one remember anything. Generations after generations, the incantation had became very different, can not be compare to Skysong the true Fuwa cultivation."

Then Onara paused, he smiled: "My master said, although my cultivation is not high, also without many buddhist rules, as a cultivation, we need to do some good deeds. So if encounter any devils, we must get rid of them."

Shaw Danon was admire, said: "Ah, your master is so cultivated!"

Onara nodded: "Yeah, my master is very righteous."

Shaw Danon smiled quietly, but then strangely he remembered the conversation between him and Wan Ren Wang. He secretly thought: If Onara's master know the esper I am using is also an evil object, is he probably not going to let his disciple to travel with me?

Then again, the elders in Jadeon will also hate this evil object badly!

And then, what about himself who is using the evil object?

Am I already an evil person........

Shaw Danon turned silent. Onara assumed Shaw Danon was being vigilance since they were getting closer to Dark Drake Cave. He didn't mind it. He, too, searched through the surrounding, prepared for a battle with the devil.

The sky, finally darkened.

When the first star rose from the edge of the sky, the two arrived at the outside of the forest.

Onara took a deep breath, told Shaw Danon: "I heard the chief said: the Dark Drake Cave is inside the forest. The cave is rich with blackstones. In the past, the local residents often came here and used the blackstones to repair the road. Of'course they can't go here now. The cave is unpredictably deep, we need to be careful."

Shaw Danon nodded, thought: No matter how deep it is, it won't be deeper than the Forsaken Abyss in Kongsang Mountain's Cave of Fangs. The two prepared themselves, just when they were about to step into the dangerous place, suddenly, at ten yards away from them, there was a panic cry:


They startled and turned to the sound. Shaw Danon was very surprised. There were two people running toward to them from the right, they were the one that gave him a divination during the day. The little girl was still fine, but old man was gasping for air, where was the celestial manner?

Shaw Danon stopped in front of them, said: "What happened, you two?"

Tanis Ka was in a hurry and suddenly saw a person appeared before him. He was surprised. But then he realized it was the silly boy earilier, so he was relieved. He looked back and saw the road was quiet, no sign of anyone. He exhaled a long breath, stopped the pace, and told his grand daughter Tonni: "Tonni, stop running now, seem like that person did not follow us."

Tonni was breathing heavily, but her hand was still holding a strand of lollipop. It was appeared she really love that kind of sweet. After she heard what Tanis Ka said, she stopped running after a distant, gasping for air.

Onara arrived next to Shaw Danon, seeing the old and the young were like homeless dogs, he asked: "What it is?"

Shaw Danon also have the same question. But before he speaks, Tonni was already complaining loudly: "It is all because of you grandpa, scammed that fat woman is not enough, and still went to that young lady. I already saw that she is extremely sharp, you think we can trick her?"

Tanis Ka said angrily: "You didn't tell me this earilier, it got me, grandpa, slapped by that woman. It is still hurt right now. If not because I have ancestor's secret Art of Earth Sink, we are already....."

Before he could finish, there was a clear shouting suddenly came from the night sky: "Old scammer, let see where you can go!"

Everyone was surprised. A beam of white light striked toward Tanis Ka from the sky in the speed of lighting. Tanis Ka did not know any cultivation, and since he was unprepared, he did not have time to use any tricks. He was about to get hit by white light.

Shaw Danon couldn't ignore it, for they knew each other a little, and also the situation is dire. Although from what they said, he felt he was scammed by them, but at this moment he couldn't care much. He waved his hand, the fire stick flew out and blocked the hit for Tanis Ka.

"Bang", a loud noise. The white light was blocked. A surprised female voice came from the air. After the white light disappeared, a lady landed on the ground before them.

After that, Shaw Danon was stunned. The lady was in a watery green dress; a little golden bell hanging at her waist, making clear ring; A jade clear white flower between her fingers. At this moment, her face was smiling. She was no longer looking at the old man, but her pair of bright eyes were looking at Shaw Danon, she laughed softly: "So timely, Shaw Danon."

Who can this be if it is not the Felkin girl Bilu?