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Chapter 48: Small Town

 Chapter 4 Small Town A

Shaw Danon deeply looked at the middle aged scholar named "Wan Ren Wang". Bad feeling rose in his heart, but in his heart, there was an other energy, caused him to ask: "Mister please tell me."

Wan Ren Wang looked at him with deep meaning, slowly said: "The vicious enery of this staff is very dense. Its surface is black and the energy is restrained. If normal person get near, before getting within three yards, the blood of the entire body will forced to rush into the heart by the evil energy and kill the person."

Shaw Danon's heart moved, said: "Correct, when I met this thing, I felt my body was heavy, wanted to vomit, and almost fainted."

Wan Ren Wang softly sighed: "Correct, that's right." Then he frowned, sighed quietly, "You did not die, that's weird."

Shaw Danon did not hear him clearly, asked: "What?"

Wan Ren Wang smiled, did not answer him, he pointed to fire stick: "This short black stick is an extremely wild object, name "Death Wand", but it does not belong to Felkin. It was not known by the world for thousands years, only some ancient books had recorded it. Young mister Zhang is very fortunately to have the two most precious objects of the world."

"Death Wand!" Shaw Danon was stunned, mumbled.

"Correct." Wan Ren Wang returned to normal, said, "In ancient book <>, strange metal from the sky, landed in Nine Nethers, crafted with nether ghost fire and nether spirit's soul. Thousand years it was smelted into metal; thousand years it formed a shape; thousand years it absorbed the spirits of the ghost; thousand years obtained the ability to suck out soul. Such wild object is not a normal person can handle, but can not expect young mister Zhang......"

"Dong......" A clear sound. The black fire stick fell out from Shaw Danon's hand, landed on the ground. Shaw Danon's limbs were weakened. He felt his chest was tightened, and fell back several steps. He stared at the fire stick that had stayed with him for these years, he couldn't say anything.

Wan Ren Wang noticed his shocked look, a cold smile flashed across his face: "Young mister Zhang, what is up to you?"

Shaw Danon shook his head hard, even his words seem pained him, he murmured: "Why-why will this happen? I am adopted under Jadeon, why I will use such evil object?" Then he remembered when he was in Forsaken Abyss, no wonder why the nether spirits would fear his fire stick, most likely due to "Death Wand".

Wan Ren Wang saw his reaction, realized he grew up in Jadeon and never see the world before. Now he is facing such great change, he doesn't know what to do. But Wan Ren Wang had no intention to comfort him, he said: "Evil object? What is an evil object to you?"

Shaw Danon was a bit distracted, he pointed at the fire stick woodenly, said: "This-this thing had harmed many lifes, and is it still not a evil object?"

Wan Ren Wang laughed coldly: "So if it killed a lot of people, then it is evil?"

Shaw Danon answered without thinking: "Yes."

Wan Ren Wang's face was filled with disdain, the prestige between his eyebrows began to show, he look totally like a different person. But Shaw Danon's mind was in chaos, didn't notice it. Wan Ren Wang continued: "Then may I ask mister, male pigs and female pigs, black pigs and white pigs, are they all pigs?"

Shaw Danon did not expect Wan Ren Wang would say such. He was startled, then said: "Of'course."

And Wan Ren Wang said: "Then lions and goats, tigers and rabbits, killing each other, are they lifes also? Are the different between good and evil?"

Shaw Danon could feel where Wan Ren Wang is going, but he still did not understand, so he could only say: "Yes."

Wan Ren Wang snorted: "Then ask mister again, your so called Good and Evil, are they all human?"

Shaw Danon startled, he wanted to refute, but the words did not come out, he could only say again: "Yes."

Wan Ren Wang's face was solemn, looking at him deeply, until Shaw Danon felt creepy, then he slowly said: "Young mister Zhang, your Jadeon has a world famous esper that is well known for ages--Ancient Sword Regenesis. Do you know about it?"

Shaw Danon's emotion was completely controlled by this Wan Ren Wang, he nodded unwillingly: "Yes."

Wan Ren Wang's face darkened, said harshly: "Then do you know, Regenesis had killed how many livings, destroyed how many lifes during the Good and Evil and battle thousand years ago? If comparing all espers of the world, the one that actually killed the most people, had the most evil energy, will probably be your deity like Ancient Sword Regenesis!"

Huge bang exploded in Shaw Danon's head. He took a step back, it was like he was punched by someone at the face. He felt, in the deep of this heart, there was something, something holy that could not violate, after a soft and clear echo, the first crack appeared.


The sunlight shining down through the thick leaves of the lare tree, broken down in to pieces of light, landed on the ground. As the leaves swinging along the wind, the pieces of sunlight on the ground jumped like naughtly children.

Sometimes the light will land on the young man.

Shaw Danon kneeled on the ground, looking at the fire stick laying on the ground quietly. In the shadow, it appeared to be more ugly than ever. What Wan Ren Wang have said was pretty much the same as what Bilu said that day at Kongsang Mountain. But coming from his mouth, it gave a very different feeling for Shaw Danon. Inside of Shaw Danon's heart, it was like there was a shadow, quietly laughing cruelly: He is right, he is right.

Wan Ren Wang was calmly sitting there, drinking the tea that had already turned cold. At far away, the tea stall keeper looked at them, then moved his eyes away, completely not knowing the raging ocean of anger in this young man's heart!

After a long while, Shaw Danon calmed himself from the worry, struggle, and pain. He slowly picked up the fire stick, stood up and facing Wan Ren Wang, coldly said: "Who are you exactly?"

Wan Ren Wang returned to his casual tone, the prestige between his eyebrows was gone. He smiled faintly: "Me? I am Wan Ren Wang, just a normal mortal person who travel around the world."

Shaw Danon glared at him, holding his fire stick tightly, said: "How can a normal mortal person know so much? Are you a heretic from Felkin?"

Wan Ren Wang did not react, only looking at him, said lightly: "Is the difference between Good and Evil mean a lot to you?"

Shaw Danon took a deep breath, said heavily: "Yes!"

Wan Ren Wang suddenly gave a cold laugh: "Then why are you still using the Felkin's evil object."

Shaw Danon's body trembled, but his face was determined, said: "This fire stick perhaps is an evil item, but I use this to destroy the evils, it is righteous, I have no guilt in my heart, just like what you said about our Ancient Sword Regenesis."

Wan Ren Wang startled, then slowly rose up, examined Shaw Danon with his eyes, it was like he met a complete new person. Smile appeared on his lips: "You can think this far, rare, rare. With just this intention, you are far better than your Jadeon, no, most people in the world!"

Shaw Danon ignored him, but glared at him said: "Who the hell are you?"

Wan Ren Wang did not answer, but said: "You headed to the north, are you returning to Mount Jadeon?"

Shaw Danon startled a little, said: "What do you mean?"

Wan Ren Wang smiled: "You don't know it yet do you? The Felkin has restored power, expanding their forces. Recently they had gathered at Billows Mountain of East Sea. Your Jadeon sent many people there and meeting with other factions. Probably there will be a huge battle soon. Why don't you go and have a look?"

Chapter 4 Small Town B

Shaw Danon was stunned, said: "Really?" But as he raised his head, saying: "This doesn't concern me, I ask you again......" He stopped before he could finish, just a second of work, Wan Ren Wang had already disappeared like a ghost. Even the tea stall keeper left no trace behind. Only thing left was a lonely and empty tea stall and Shaw Danon.

Shaw Danon looked around him blankly, although he was under the sun, he could feel wave of freezing chill.

After a while of standing, he moved his feet, left the large tree and headed to east.

A short while after Shaw Danon left, three people came out from behind the large tree. The first person was Wan Ren Wang, next was the tea stall keeper, and other person, if Shaw Danon see her, he must be surprised, was the Felkin girl--Bilu.

Wan Ren Wang looked at the east, nodded, and showed a smile: "This young man has a unbending determination, very solid mind, quite similar to me when I was young."

The tea stall keeper was not the old looking man anymore, his eyes were bright and fierce. He said: "Archlord, he has our Felkin treasure, why don't we make him stay?"

Wan Ren Wang seem very used to be called "Archlord", he said feelinglessly: "For some reason, the young man had used his own blood and bloodsmelted the Sinister Orb and the Death Wand. Now except this young man, no one can use this esper, it is useless if we just rob it from him."

Bilu snorted: "I noticed that the stick is so weird at Forsaken Abyss that day, so it has such great background."

Wan Ren Wang turned to Bilu, his face was very gentle, he said: "Bilu, what do you think of that young man?"

Bilu's face blushed, she scolded: "Dad, today daughter bought you here is to see what you think of him!"

Wan Ren Wang laughed: "This youngster is not bad. It is just he is poisoned by Jadeon too deep from childhood. To get him into our Holy faction, with his stubborn nature, it is going to be extremely difficult."

Bilu's face darkened, let out a sigh.

Wan Ren Wang held his hand out, patted his daughter's hair softly, smiled: "But he could untie the knot in your heart that had troubled you for years, allow us to reconcile. We need to return this gratitude."

Bilu happily asked: "Dad, you have a plan?"

Wan Ren Wang looked at the sky, a wave of prestige slowly came out, showed that he was a person who hold huge power, but in his eyes, there was a little grief; he said slowly: "To change a person's nature, it is difficult, but doesn't mean it is impossible."

Bilu was very delighted. Wan Ren Wang turned around, looked at her and smiled. This was no different than a father seeing his daughter happy. Bilu smiled to her father, but the person next to them frowned, whispered to Wan Ren Wang: "Archlord, this is only a nameless brat of Jadeon, does he really worth for us to spend so much effort on him?"

Wan Ren Wang shook his head: "That young man has the most dangerous esper that the world never have seen before. He can easily control it. In future, he will not be useless. If we can have such talent, he will be a great help for my ambition, not to mention he already helped me and my daughter."

Bilu nodded: "I already told him that day, if he can enter our Holy faction, dad must be value him. He just doesn't listen."

Wan Ren Wang chuckled: "How will he listen? With his nature, and grew up in Jadeon, he hate our Holy faction deeply. However, heh heh, Sinister Orb and Death Wand are the most dangous objects, although strangely they become bloodsmelted esper, the evil energy is restained, not showing. But carrying the two evil objects, how can there be no effect? I can predict, since this young man's cultivation isn't deep and stay with the dangous item all day, as time pass, he will be taken over by the aggressive energy. His nature will change greatly and thirst for blood. At that time, the Righteous will not let him alive, and we only need to do a little trick, he will have no choice but to join our Holy faction." Then he laughed.

Bilu was startled, she couldn't tell is she was happy or worry. She couldn't say anything but to look at the east blankly. Under the bright sun of noon, on the road, the young man's figure was already gone.


Shaw Danon left the tea stall and headed to the east by himself.

It was right at noon, the sun shone on the earth. Passed the Kongsang Mountain, it was fields of fertilized ground. Wide and low popularation. There was only an old road, with many people of the past and now had stepped on, extend directly through the open plain.

Shaw Danon did not fly. He quietly walking on the road alone. The conversation between him and Wan Ren Wang had gave him a great crush. Although his tone was righteous and determine when he was facing Wan Ren Wang, at this moment, when he was alone, he asked himself: am I really right?

The black fire strick lie peacefully at his waist. Faintly, coolness came from the stick.

Walking, walking, walking......

Under the sky, above the road, a burdened heart young man suddenly stopped, looked at the sky.

The sky was clear blue, so high that could not be reached.

Shaw Danon looked at it blankly, his lips moved a little, eyebrows frowned together, watching the sky, like he was asking someone's heart softly:

"A person living in the world, what it is actually for?"


On the way, Shaw Danon endured the hardships of the travel. When he was hungry, he caught some birds or hares. When he was tired, he slept under the tree of that night. Because he kept doing the bamboo homework, his body was quite strong, so he did not feel difficult.

If he use his fire stick and fly, it will be a lot faster. But Shaw Danon had no intend to do so. His mind was annoyed, there was always something bothering in his heart. So he rather to slowly walk, wished to clear the question in his mind.

Chapter 4 Small Town C

Since mentioned it, the problem Shaw Danon has right now is how to let this young man to understand. Even if he blow up his mind, he still feel his clan's teaching is sacred. It is suppose to be like that, it will never be wrong; but as he think about Wan Ren Wang's word, it has sense and reason in it. This kept bothering him.

If it was other people, his sixth Shixiong Amandla for example, he will probably just laughed and throw that idea away. He is belong to Jadeon, of'course trust Jadeon. If it is his Da Shixiong Xavion, with his serious nature, he will never trust the word coming from the Evil's mouth. He won't even think about it.

But Shaw Danon with his stubborn temper, he felt it was a challenge for his belief. He wanted to think, to find out an answer.

Just like that, he had pondered and walked for three days, but still couldn't think of an answer.

That day, Shaw Danon suddenly felt there were more travelers on the road. He looked and found there was a small town ahead. It was not large, but there were many people on the road.

Excitement passed through Shaw Danon's heart, and forgot his concern temporary. For the pass three days, there were not many people. Now he saw a small town, it raised his spirit.

As he walked near, next to the entrance, there was a stone carved with the words "Laguna Collective". This was probably the town's name.

Shaw Danon entered quickly. The sound of people was getting louder. The road passed straight through the town. On the sides of the road, some were residences, some were shops, but the most were peddlers showing their goods directly on the floor next to the road. Sound of peddle hitting against his ears. It was just like a drawing of the world.

Shaw Danon walked into the crowd, smiled showed on his lips. When he was still young living in Grasstemple Village, he could remember it was something like that. The mortal world is a different experience than the cultivation on Mount Jadeon.

"Dong dong dong dong dong dong dong......"

When Shaw Danon was still in his past memories, suddenly a sky shocking gong sound came from the road ahead. It surprised him. Then the residents next to him increased their pace toward the sound. There were several of people talking along their way: "Hurry, the chief is having a gathering speech."

"I think it is about that thing."

"Yeah, I heard the chief, marshal Li and scholar Fan had discussed about it for the entire last night. I wonder have they think of a plan yet?"

"Wish they have a plan, otherwise I don't know how I am going to live on with this!"


As Shaw Danon heard the conversation, his curiosity was hooked, he followed the crowd. Just a minute, several hundreds of people had gathered around a stone platform in the center of the town.

Shaw Danon stood within the crowd of people, looking at the center. The stone platform was half-man high. It seem quite smooth. Three people were standing on it. Two were old and one was young. They were probably the chief, marshal Li, and scholar Fan.

When everyone was gathered, the oldest man stepped forth, waved his hand toward the residents. The residents became quiet.

When it was completely quiet, the old man looked around. With a heavy tone, he said: "Folks, about today this gathering, I believe everyone already know why. Three months ago, that devil came and began to live inside the 'Dark Drake Cave' ten miles away. Since then, it kept troubling this town. And recently at this months, it was getting worse. Each night it came and robbed countless of livestock. And then, three days ago, the Wang family resisted for their last ox, they were......unfortunately killed in the hand of that devil."

Sigh of sadness rose among the residents, some people even cursed. Shaw Danon understood the picture, but he still did not know what kind of thing is the devil.

The chief continued: "Old fellow as a chief, but can not give the town peace, it is very shameful. After a discussion with marshal Li and scholar Fan last night, we believe the devil is not like the normal one, not normal people like us can resist. So we are going to make a notice to ask for some cultivators to come and capture the devil. As for the cost, we need the support from everyone."

After he was finished, discussion rose among the crowd: "The chief is right, we really need to hire cultivators to capture the devil."

"If this continue, we probably going to get eaten up by the devil, why we need to care about money?"

"Right, right......"

The three men who stand on the stone platform saw most of the residents had agreed, the chief was relieved, said: "Alright, last night I also asked scholar Fan to write a notice. Put the notice up." Then he nodded to the scholar looking young man. The scholar replied, and took out a piece of paper. There was writing on it. He walked down from the stone platform and putted up the notice on a brick wall.

The residents immediately gathered around it. Shaw Danon also went there and have a look. The paper said:

There is a three-tails fox spirit living in Dark Drake Cave ten miles away from town, often trouble the town and steal livestocks at night, and even harm people. But the devil magic is too powerful, we specially asking for powerful cultivators to help the people and remove the devil. Laguna Collective is willing to pay five hundreds silver for the work.

Shaw Danon knew the money was payed by the Laguna Collective's residents, and the residents were all agreed. He hesitated for a moment. He wanted to help, but as the think of what the residents and the chief said, this devil must be very powerful. His skill was weak. Unable to defeat the monster is nothing, but if he dies and ashamed his master, this is not something he can burden with.

Chapter 4 Small Town D

When he was in hesitation, there was suddenly a disturbance within the crowd. He quickly raise his head, surprised to see a large man walking in. He passed through the crowd by softly push the people to the side easily like they were water.

When the large man got near, Shaw Danon could see him clearly. This person's age was not old, around twenty. A pair of thick eyebrows and large eyes, square face and wide ears, very fit for this surprisingly large body. Wave of prestige came out from him.

Among the people, the tallest could only reach this man's shoulders. With this, he was like crane standing among the chicken.

He walked to the wall, read through the notice, then, without saying anything, he ripped it off.

The crowd exclaimed. The large man turned around, his eyes sweeped across the people around him. The residents became quiet. The large man said in a deep voice: "I am 'Vajra' master 'Herald of Valor' only disciple Onara. Under master's order to come out practice. Today here, I will help everyone to do a righteous work."

Shaw Danon startled. Searched through his mind, he couldn't find a cultivation faction called "Vajra".

Everyone was staring at him. The chief and others also arrived in front of Onara. The chief carefully said: "This......brave man, that devil is very powerful, not, ahem, not just pure strength is require to defeat it. It can be very dangerous, are you sure?"

That large man nodded, glanced at the chief, then said in his deep voice: "You don't believe me?"

The chief was stared by the large eyes, his heart was a little afraid, but he forced himself said: "No-no, I am only reminding you."

The large man looked around, after a moment, his eyes landed on the brick wall that used for putting up the notice.

"Do you need this wall?"

The chief startled, asked in confuse: "Normally it is no use. Today we just use it for the notice."

Onara laughed, then shouted: "Move out of the way."

The sound was loud as thunder, Shaw Danon felt his ears were ringing, not to mention about the residents. Everyone's face lost their color. Just a second, they stepped back and created a large opening, only the large man was standing there.

He frowned and putted his hand flat, then stamped heavily on the ground with his right foot. He formed a mark with one hand. His mouth was quickly mumbling incantation, then shouted:


Waves of fierce wind came out from the large man. They could hear the wind screaming against their ears. It almost knocked them over. Their feet fell backward. Gold light rose, the large man summoned a large golden spiked club. It lay horizontally across the air, glowing with gold light, with the word "Shatterer" carved on it, added a bit solemn.

Everyone immediately cheered. Shaw Danon stood within the crowd and frowned. When Puzhi taught him the incantation of "Fawin Wisdom", although there was no guided him, he understood a little about Fuwa's art from his continue secret practice. The spiked club Onara summoned glowed with solemn gold light and his casting posture were similar to Puzhi, probably has some relationship to Fuwa's cultivation.

The glowing golden staff was very large, even larger than its owner. It was controlled by Onara in the air. Onara's eyes widen, pointed his finger, then in the whistle of wind, the spiked club crushed on the wall from the above.

Everyone exclaimed!

"Boom", within the loud bang, cloud of dust stirred. A good wall had turned into dust in the matter of second under Onara's power.

"Wow......." Every residents were stunned, then everyone turned into smile. With Onara's strong magic, to get rid of the three-tails fox spirit is very easy. The chief stepped forth, laughing: "Warrior Onara has great talent, this affair is all rely on you."

Onara nodded.

The chief paused, hesitated then said: "But there is one thing wish warrior Onara can understand."

Perhaps Onara's voice was born to be deep, his voice remain the same: "Senior please say it."

The chief said: "As for the payment, it is our residents' hard-earned money, so wish after warrior get rid of the devil first, then......"

But unexpectedly, Onara waved his hand: "No worry. Before I departed, master had reminded me, we Righteous must step up without hesitation if there is devil, just see it as an opportunity to practice. As for money, no need to mention it. All you need to do is feed me a meal so I will have the strength to fight the devil."

The chief was very pleased, such cheep thing was surely the best. He quickly replied: "Of'course, of'course. Come with me, I will make sure you satisfy."

When Shaw Danon heard Onara's word, he felt ashamed. In the past his master and shi niang often taught the disciples like that, but now the opportunity was in front of him, he felt scared. He really shamed his master.

His blood was boiling. He felt he is from a famous faction, how can he ignore this affair. Then he was about to announce his identity and go with Onara.

But when he was about to do so, he suddenly heard a worry, anxious voice next to his ear: "Ah, this young sir, you have a dark cloud over your head, your glabella is black, death on your face, something unfortunate is going to happen!"

Shaw Danon was very confident, the words were at his throat and about to do a righteous thing, but unexpected to hear such word. He was surprised and took back the words. Carelessly, he stepped on a wrong spot. He stepped on a piece of dog poop.

This anger was not easy. Shaw Danon jumped up, but still felt his foot stink. Even with the shoe, he could feel the chill, he shivered. He turned around angrily to see who the hell was that person?

There was an old man. His beard and hair were all white with a plain, clean face. He looked like a celestial, highly cultivated person. The first impression was respected. Next to the old man, there was an eight or nine years old girl with two plaits. She look playful and cute. She was enjoying the lollipop in her hand.

Shaw Danon was paused by the old man's appearance. He could not curse on him but to think what to say. That old man looked at his foot, there was no apology, but more anxiety: "Look, look, isn't that an omen?"

Shaw Danon was surprised, asked: "What?"

The old man glanced at him, said in a meaningful tone: "You never heard of the saying: Step on dog poop, bad luck comes to you; nine die out of ten, misery fills the sky?"

Shaw Danon startled, said: "No, but I heard my shixiong said, when someone meet a good fortune, people will say he is on dog poop luck......"

The old man was stunned, then shook his head: "Fool, fool, such nonsense."

Shaw Danon said: "How?"

The old man said: "Put it is this way, do you step on dog poop on purpose all the time?"

Shaw Danon was surprised. On Bamboo Peak, because he was the youngest, he sometimes need to do the dirty work. As for Tian Bolis' dog Big Yella was......

He immediately shook his head.

The old man nodded: "Then have you seen a person step on dog poop on purpose?"

Shaw Danon shook his head: "How can there be such thing!"

"Correct!" The old man clapped his hand: "If there is such thing as dog poop luck, why people avoid it; also, dog poop is a very dirty thing, so stink that everyone hates it. When you step on it, how can it not be bad luck but good luck?"

Shaw Danon felt it was quite correct. It seem like heself was wrong. Then as he remembered what the old man said, it was really scary. He couldn't help but let out cold sweat, said: "About what senior have said about me....."

The old man frowned tightly, examined Shaw Danon, until Shaw Danon was very uncertain, he said: "Well, you seem to be in a great disaster. Why don't you come this way, I will give you a palmistry examine."

"Palmistry?" Shaw Danon startled, then noticed the old man was holding a bamboo pole, with a white cloth tied on it, writen: Immortal's Guidance.

So that old man is a fortune-teller. But Shaw Danon did not look down on him. The reason is because the founder of Jadeon, Master Jadeon was also a fortune-teller. Though no one in Jadeon practice this now, but Jadeon always very friendly toward the fortune-tellers, or else is it that disrepect the founder?

Shaw Danon hesitated, but he knew when he was talking to the old man, the residents already surounded Onara to far away already. He thought it won't be bad to let this old man to have a look at him. The chief already said that large man will fight the devil after the meal, so Shaw Danon still have time.

Then he turned and said to the old man: "That's fine, I will need to trouble senior to help me have a look."

That old man laughed, then pointed to a tree on the road side: "Let us talk over there." After that, he turned away.

When Shaw Danon was about to follow, suddenly a clear voice said: "Big brother."

Shaw Danon was stunned. It was the little girl who was standing next to the old man eating a lollipop. He did not know why she called him. Shaw Danon looked at her rosy cheeks, she was very cute. He bended down and smiled: "What it is, little girl?"

The little girl chewed, the spitted out several nuts, looking at Shaw Danon, half smiling: "There is still dog poop under your foot, very stink!"

"Ah!" Shaw Danon immediately blushed, jumped up and kept shaking his foot, trying to get rid of the dirty thing.

The little girl looked at his embarrassed situation, she laughed, the skipped to the old man under the tree.