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Chapter 47: Scholar

 Chapter 3 Scholar A

Shaw Danon woke up, but the sky was dark. They had probably slept for five or six hours (In China, one hour actually equal to two hours, there are total twelve hours, each hours was named after the twelve Zodiacs). Bilu was still hadn't wake up. Both of her hands grabbed his clothes tightly. She looked really like a terrified little child, who could imagine she is actually a important person within Felkin!

Shaw Danon putted his hand under his head, listening the woods danced in the wind. Suddenly, he thought of Mount Jadeon Bamboo Peak, does the bamboo forest also make this kind of sound, too?

I was missing in the Cave of Fangs these days. This news probably already bought back to Bamboo Peak. Will Ling'Er Shijie feel sad after she hear this? But, if I suddenly appear before her, surely she will be happy, and surely, she will hold my hand, very excited, laughed: Stinking brat, I know you can not die so easily!

On his face, under the dark night, a smile appeared. His eyes were so bright even in the night. But he did not notice, next to him, there was an other pair of bright eyes, watching him.


It was morning again. The pleasant song of the birds ringing among the mountains.

Shaw Danon went to the stream, then used his hands held up the water and splash on his face. The coolness feeling pass through into his heart. He took a look at his left arm, took off the bandage, the broken bone was almost recovered. He happily putted the fire stick at his waist, then exercise the left arm, there was no problem.

"Your arm recovered?" Bilu came out from behind, looked at him, then kneeled down and washed her face with the water.

"Yeah." Shaw Danon happily said, "There is no problem, it is not swell nor hurt."

Bilu used her sleeve to softly wipe away the water from her face, said: "But don't do too much, it is better to rest for longer period."

"Understood." Shaw Danon answered casually, then he turned to Bilu, hesitated for a moment, then said: "Miss Bilu, we are fortunate enough to escape from the mountain alive, you and I may-may called friend, but we are still walking on different paths, we shall part here today."

Bilu kneeled next to the water, did not rise up, but her body shook. Shaw Danon could not see her face, after a while, he heard she said in a lowered voice: "Oh, different paths?"

Shaw Danon nodded: "Yes, I am Righteous and you are Felkins. Since young, my elder taught me Good and Evil can not coexist. Next time we meet, we are probably not friend but enemy. You saved me inside the mountain, I really appreciate it. This gratitude, in future if fate allow, I will repay you."

Bilu stared at the blury reflection on the clear water, quietly murmured: "Repay me?"

Shaw Danon answered: "Yes, our favor and hatred shall be view separately. If not because you saved me, I will never survived. In future, if there is anything need me, I will help." Then he suddenly thought it was inappropriate, so he quickly added: "But you can not make me do things that betray my faction and morality."

Bilu suddenly rose up, turned to him and said: "I can see that you have talent. What about join our Holy faction. I will recommend you to father. He senior always like talented people. He will put you in high position, better than being a nameless cook at Bamboo Peak."

Shaw Danon's face dimmed, said: "Miss Bilu, don't be silly. I am from the Righteous and will never fall into Felkin even threaten by death. From what I think, being a little cook at Bamboo Peak is far better than being powerful in Felkin."

Bilu showed a cold smile, her tone had turned biting and cold: "Righteous? The sins that your Righteous people did are no less than us the Felkin. During that battle between Good and Evil, weren't your celestial ancestors killed every they saw, even the old and young!"

"Nonsense!" Anger rose in Shaw Danon, "Those deeds are what you Felkin did. Do you think I don't know. You people murdered others lawlessly, destroying lifes......"

Bilu said angily: "Did you saw that happen with your own eyes? Those are what your elders told you. For their own selfish sake, how would they tell you the truth?"

Shaw Danon laughed coldly: "And did yourself saw that with your own eyes? You are telling me Righteous are evil, Felkin are good, but isn't that also your elder's pretty words to dress for your ancestors!"

Bilu startled, couldn't say anything. Shaw Danon looked at her, remembered the days when they went through the difficult time together, his heart softed, lowered his voice, said softly: "Miss Bilu, no matter what they did, let's not bother with it. But our Jadeon has strict rules, forbidden disciples to contact Felkins. I am Jadeon, I can not disobay. Today we say farewell here. When fate allow us to meet again, if you can repent, discard the dark and join the justice, I Shaw Danon will use my life to ensure that you can join the Righteous......" He spoke plausibly, but then he paused, Bilu laughed coldly with disdain:

"Your trash Righteous, I will not go there even if you invite me, and tell me to discard the dark and join the justice. I gave you a bright path and you refuse, then you go be your Righteous. In future if we meet again, I will be the first to take your head."

Shaw Danon was surprised by speed of how that woman changed her attitude was faster than fliping a book. But he had no heart to argue, especially to Bilu, he always felt he owe her. He saluted, said: "Take care." Then he turned, walked away without looking back.

Bilu watching him walk away without even turning his head back once. After he disappeared in the woods, all that sudden, her heart had became empty, like she had lost something important. Her spirit was drained, and she slowly sat down. Her eyes unwittingly landed on the ashes from Shaw Danon's roast rabbit last night. She was rooted on the ground, unknowingly, tears came out.

Chapter 3 Scholar B

She was sitting there like this, staring at the ashes, until she suddenly discovered the pleasant singing of birds in the woods had became silent. It was like they felt strong hatred smell and caused them unable to make sound.

Then, she saw a shadow, slowly came out behind her and enveloped her.

Although it was still morning, the sky had turned dark.

Bilu quickly turned her head, stared at the person who was standing behind her. After a moment, she cried sadly: "Dad!......" And fall into that person's arms.

That dark figure was also startled, did not expect Bilu would have such reaction. But he was glad to see his daughter escaped from the misfortune, this happiness could not hide.


Shaw Danon finally left Kongsang Mountain after a day of walking in the woods. If he fly, he can leave much faster. But because he worried about the wound of his left arm, he was willing to walk instead. But Kongsang Mountain sparsely populated, he couldn't see anyone on his way.

After one night of sleeping in open, Shaw Danon entered the main road. The road was wide and there were more people. He asked the traveler about the direction, then began walking to north.

That day at noon was hot, Shaw Danon had traveled for the whole day, his mouth was quite thirsty. He saw there was a small tea stall located the tree's shadow. There were already five to six people sitting. He went there and brought a cup of tea, and took a rest.

The tea of the small tea stall helped him cool down and quench his thirst. Shaw Danon felt relaxed after drinking a cup of tea. It felt like the day wasn't that hot anymore. He was thinking, since the injury of his arm almost recovered, at afternoon, he should find a secluded place and begin to fly. That way will be faster, and he will see his master sooner.

While he was thinking, he surely knew he can soon see his Shijie Hidi again, his heart burned with excitment. Then, he heard a moderate voice came from the road side: "Keeper, serve me a cup of tea please."

The rare soft wind of noon flew by, swinging the tree's branches, letting the sunlight scattered on the ground. The fifty years old looking shop keeper answered and poured the tea. Shaw Danon unwittingly turned his eyes, then he couldn't move it back.

It was a middle aged scholar, with thin eyebrows and square face. His eyebrows were cultured, but his eyes were bright and his forehead was plump, there was might within the elegance. He wore a scholar robe. A light purple jade ornament on his waist, exquisitely carved, with soft auspicious energy. This ornament was not a common item.

Shaw Danon stared at him for a while, then discovered he was attracted this middle aged scholar's temperament. Once he entered the stall, including Shaw Danon himself, other customers turned into silent, and were suppressed by the might of this person.

Shaw Danon took back his eyes. His heart was amazed, and very admiring this middle aged scholar's temperament. Although this person was not handsome, the temperament coming from the inside was uncommon.

The scholar entered the tea stall and took over the tea from the keeper, then sat down, slowly began to taste the tea. The customers that were talking now turned to silent. In the tea stall, the sudden silent was a little awkward. Only that middle aged scholar was calm and collected, did not notice anything, drinking tea and resting alone.

After a while, other customers left one by one after resting enough or finished the tea. The keeper came and cleaned up. Under the tree, only Shaw Danon and the middle aged scholar remain.

Shaw Danon didn't feel uncomfortable, but after sitting a while, he felt that he had rested enough. When he was about to pay the money and leave, suddenly he heard a voice called behind him:

"Young mister."

Shaw Danon startled. The voice was gentle and familar. He turned and saw the scholar was smiling at him kindly. Shaw Danon asked: "Sir, are you calling me?"

The scholar nodded with a smile: "Correct." Then he rose up, slowly walking to him. Shaw Danon also rose up, when he came close, he folded his hands: "What can I do for you sir?"

The middle aged scholar examined Shaw Danon, said: "Nothing, just a bit bored from the trip, and quite interested in young mister, so come by and have a chat. I hope young mister doesn't mind"

Shaw Danon quickly shook his head: "No, please sit down sir."

The scholar nodded with a smile, said: "Here, young mister please sit also."

They sat down, the scholar looked at Shaw Danon, said: "May I ask, what is young mister's honorable name?"

Shaw Danon grew up at Grasstemple Village, then was adopted by Jadeon. Beside Mount Jadeon Bamboo Peak's disciples, he nearly never talked to outsider. Of'course, the days he was traped in the Forsaken Abyss with Bilu didn't count. When he talked to the scholar, he respected him without reason. He respectfully replied: "It is Shaw Danon, what is mister's name?"

That scholar mumbled: "Shaw Danon," then nodded, smiled, "My surname is Wan, plain name Ren Wang."

"Wan Ren Wang!" Shaw Danon spoke it in his heart. This name was simple, but it had a heroic type of feeling. Shaw Danon glanced at him. Wan Ren Wang's face was gentle, but prestige between his eyebrows were like something he born with. With his name, there was a meaning of leadership (Wan Ren Wang in Chinese is Thousands people forward).

Wan Ren Wang examined Shaw Danon, then smiled: "Forgive me for asking, is mister Zhang a cultivator?"

Shaw Danon was surprised. When he, Kevern and others left the mountain, they had changed their Jadeon clothes into normal chothes. They looked no different than normal people. How did that middle aged man see through it.

When Shaw Danon wanted to ask how he know it, that middle aged man pointed to the north, smiled: "Mister Zhang, are you belong to largest righteous faction Jadeon?"

Shaw Danon was more surprised, he rose up, looked at Wan Ren Wang, asked: "Mister Wan, how do you-you know?"

Chapter 3 Scholar C

Wan Ren Wang waved his hand with a smile: "Sit sit."

After Shaw Danon slowly sat down, Wan Ren Wang smiled: "I noticed young mister Zhang is filled with spirit, having no sign of tireness. Though you may look young, but far superior than many adults. Today world, cultivation becomes popular, sir must be a highly cultivated person."

Shaw Danon thank modestly, but then asked: "As for my faction, how does mister find out?"

Wan Ren Wang smiled: "Nothing really, I see young mister has traveled a long way, keep looking at the north, eyes filled with thought, seem like in a hurry to return. And at north of here, there is a famous faction, Jadeon. It was just a wild guess, caused young mister Zhang laughed at me."

Shaw Danon quickly said: "No, no, sir has such great insight. You and I never met before, but able to see through it clearly. I admire." This came out from his true heart.

Wan Ren Wang gave a faint smile: "Jadeon is the most famous cultivation faction for ages. Their deep mytical magic admired by the world. Young mister can join such famous faction at this young age, your future is bright and beyond measure!"

When Shaw Danon heard the word "beyong measure", it reminded him of Kevern from Dragon Head Peak, and then image of Baye flashed. He shook his head: "Sir overpraised me, Jadeon has many hidden talented disciples, I am just a piece of rotten wood, useless."

Wan Ren Wang startled, then laughed: "Can not expect young mister Zhang like to tell joke."

Shaw Danon was not willing to argue with him on this topic, he said: "Mister Wan is seem like traveling to somewhere, may I ask where?"

Wan Ren Wang stood up, both hands putted behind him, looked at the sky said: "The large world is boundless, I travel around the world, mountains or ancient swamps, I go anywhere."

"Ah!" Shaw Danon exclaimed: "I see."

Wan Ren Wang turned around and glance at Shaw Danon, a strange smile appeared on his face, said: "Since young mister Zhang is Jadeon, you must be highly cultivated."

Shaw Danon quickly shook his head: "No, no, I am just an useless person in Jadeon, no where near highly cultivated."

Wan Ren Wang smiled a little: "Young mister Zhang is too polite. I have a presumptuous request, wish young mister Zhang can help."

Shaw Danon startled, said: "Mister Wan, please say it."

Wan Ren Wang said: "I admire cultivators since young, but unfortunately fate does not allow me to join. I often dream to see the cultivators using esper to fly up above the nine skies. For decades, I wished to see a cultivator's esper. Young mister Zhang is a famous faction's diciple, may you help me to realize my wish?" Then, he bend over and gave a bow.

Shaw Danon was stunned. Seeing Wan Ren Wang bowed to him, he was more flustered. He quickly held him. It was very difficult for him, he hesitated for a moment and still saw Wan Ren Wang expectantly looking at him. He sighed: "Mister Wan please don't laugh at me, it is not that I don't want to show it to mister Wan, it is just-just the esper itself looks bad. I am afraid......."

Wan Ren Wang immediately said: "There is no such thing a cultivator's esper looks bad."

Shaw Danon's face blushed a little, he still couldn't put away the embarrassment. He took out the fire stick from his waist, then handed to him. Seeing what he handed to him, there was surprise flashed in Wan Ren Wang's eyes, then it disappeared, he solemnly took the fire stick.

Shaw Danon noticed his surprisement, he smiled bitterly: "I am not just saying you, even people from my faction often laugh at me for that." But then Shaw Danon was surprised that himself was a little weird today. He seem like willing to tell anything to a stranger that he never met.

Wan Ren Wang did not noticed Shaw Danon. His eyes were on the fire stick, at first, his face was solemn but his eyes were casual. Then, he saw something, not only his face darkened, his eyes were staring at the ugly black stick.

Shaw Danon felt Wan Ren Wang had deep curiousity. He carefully examined the fire stick, his right hand held it while his left hand softly stroking and hitting the stick with five of his long fingers, very careful. Shaw Danon couldn't help but asked: "Mister Wan, may I ask what's wrong?"

Wan Ren Wang seem awaken from dream. Hesitated for a moment, he handed the fire stick back to Shaw Danon, said: "Young mister Zhang, because I admire cultivation, I had read some books about it. There is something that need to ask young mister Zhang."

Shaw Danon said: "Please ask."

Wan Ren Wang glanced at the fire stick, said: "Young mister Zhang, on this esper, does it contain your blood?"

Shaw Danon was surprised, the terrible scene at the Bamboo Peak's ancient valley flashed in his mind. He immediately rose up, pointed at Wan Ren Wang: "What did you-you said?"

Wan Ren Wang looked at Shaw Danon, slowly said: "Young mister Zhang, is this esper a combination of two objects?"

One of the deepest secrets of Shaw Danon's heart was pointed out by this person. This surprise was not easy. He could only felt his brain was ringing, couldn't say anything.

Wan Ren Wang noticed Shaw Danon's stunned expression, he knew his guess was correct. He lowered his head, seem like remembered something, he sighed: "You do not know this right. The orb on this stick was once a holy object of Felkin."

Shaw Danon became more terrified, his breath almost stopped. But there was a voice in his heart, laughed coldly: "You knew this already, you knew this already. The evil surge of energy from this stick, of'course it is evil object of Felkin."

"What did you-you said?" Shaw Danon was taking heavy breath, staring at him.

"This orb was the relict of Felkin founder Elder Blackheart eight hundreds years ago." Wan Ren Wang's words was like nail, each were nailed on Shaw Danon's heart deeply, "It is called 'Sinister Orb'."

Shaw Danon was stunned. He held his breath. Although there were thousands of ideas raging in his mind, but there was one image that remain there still. The skeleton in the cave inside Kongsang Mountain!

Wan Ren Wang looked at his shocked face, paused for a moment, then lightly said: "Young mister Zhang, you now know where this orb came from. Would you also like to learn the history of this black stick?"

Shaw Danon was shocked, couldn't said anything but to stare at Wan Ren Wang.