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Chapter 46 Escape

 Chapter 2 Escape A

The Bilu's past was a very deep wound for her. She had buried it in her heart over the years. At this crisis, she recalled the memory and her mind was overwhelm. And additionally, the food was getting less and less these days, her body was weakened, therefore she passed out.

Shaw Danon was watching the Felkin girl who is still grabbed him tightly. He smiled bitterly. Not long ago, he thought himself was a sick person who just came out from visiting the hell, unexpectedly, this time was Bilu's turn to get sick. The two collasped one after an other, it was really hard not to die in here.

After a while, Shaw Danon was getting sleepy, but he forced himself to straighten up because Bilu was still laying in him arms. Seeing her depressed and painful look, Shaw Danon could not have the heart to leave her.

But sitting like this was not easy. He sat on the platform, one leg hanging in the air while one leg on the ground. His back was slanted and remained straight, but there was nothing behind him for him to lie on. Just after a moment, his body was aching, especially at the place where Bilu grabbed him. Her fingers were powerful, even when she was sleeping, the strength remain strong. It was pain into the marrow. But Shaw Danon was persevere person and beared it. If it was someone else, they probably jumped away already.

Even with that, this suffer was not easy. Shaw Danon was complaining in his heart. But at the end, he did not left. As time passed, the tireness had caught up to him, then began to fall asleep within the numbed pain and ache.



Shaw Danon woke up and stretched, then he could feel his entire body was aching. When he sighed, he discovered himself was lying on the platform, and Bilu was gone.

Shaw Danon was surprised. He rose up and looked around, but still couldn't see Bilu. The entire cave was empty and there was no sound. Chill rose in Shaw Danon's heart. It was like he was stunned in the graveyard. He frowned, then began to search for Bilu.

He had searched the Libruis stone chamber and also the treasure room, there was no sign of Bilu. Shaw Danon thought for a moment, then went outside. After a while, he saw Bilu in the stone chamber that worship the two Felkin's evil gods.

Before the kind looking Nether Mother and the hideous looking Heaven Vidyaraja, Bilu kneeled on the ground. Her shoulders were shaking, although she was trying to hold it, but she was still letting quiet sobs.

She was crying.

Shaw Danon was stunned, he could not expect the Felkin girl who was always tough and competitive would secretly crying in front of the statues. He was rooted on the ground, could not think of what to do. But at the end he walked to her slowly, said uncertainly: "You, um, you, what is it in you......stopping crying!"

If he remained quiet it would be better, but as she heard his words, the sadness that was trying hard to bear had bursted out. Her voice raised. The sobing became very loud. Crystal like tears were also hanging on her face.

Shaw Danon was stunned. But he was still young, how could he understand girl's mind. He was immediately threw into flurry, it was like he made Bilu to cry, even his words had turned stammered: "You-you don't be like that-that........I-I, no, you, no, I mean I was saying that I......"

Bilu watched Shaw Danon fussed around with her misty eyes. She shook her head, but the sadness couldn't be beared. The tears that had held for ten years were all bursted today.

"It was me, it was me who killed mother!" The girl who fell into the painful past, said sadly with wretchedness.

Shaw Danon immediately shook his head, watching her weak and lonely figure, his heart was like seeing the lonely figure of himself many years ago: "No." He stepped forth, said quietly, gently: "You mother care about you the most. That time you was still small, didn't know anything, how will you able to harm anyone?"

Bilu choked: "But-but dad always hate me, I know he senior must want me to die, he blame me for mother's death!"

Shaw Danon said quietly: "No, don't think too much. Did he not blame you, did he came saved you, for these years, did he treated you badly?"

Bilu's body shook, her face became more pale. From where Shaw Danon looked at her, it was like pear blossom in the rain, the scenery of sadness was soul touching.

She lifted her head. Behind the tear, the eye sight of her, Shaw Danon did not have the courage to look at it directly. He moved his eyes away.

After a long while.

"You are very nice." Suddenly, she said quietly.

In the deep of Shaw Danon's heart, his heart jumped, then he forced himself to calm down. He smiled: "No, I see we are going to die in here together soon, so comfort you before death, it was nothing."

Bilu stopped crying and wiped away the tears from her eyes, sighed: "Yeah, we are going to die together." Then she thought of something, asked Shaw Danon: "You and I die in here, do your heart ever regret?"

Shaw Danon was startled. Countless of scenes flashed in his memory. It was like at this moment, he was back to Mount Jadeon, Bamboo Peak, "Of'course I regret."

He said quietly.

Bilu heard it, her face dimmed, said: "Hmph, in the Holy faction, there are many of them who wish to be able to die with me, but you are not taking a proper measure of yourself!"

Rage rose in Shaw Danon's heart, but when he looked at Bilu, the rage was disappeared. He sighed, shook his head: Maybe. If only I can be buried on Bamboo Peak, then I will have no regret when I die."

Bilu's face darkened, stared at him. After a while of silence, she suddenly spoke: "You are doing this for your Ling'Er Shijie right?"

Shaw Danon jumped, pointed at her, surprised and asked: "How do you-you know?"

Bilu turned her head away, said: "You said this while you were sleep talking at the time you fell ill."

Shaw Danon was stunned. When he was about to scold her, he remembered they are about to die here. After that, he will never able to see Shijie, even if he becomes a nether spirit after he die, he will still not able to see Bamboo Peak's sceneries!

But, will Shijie remember me?

When he thought of that, at that moment, his heart was dead. He sighed and hard to pull himself out of the grief, then turned around and left the cave. Bilu on the other hand, was staring his back blankly.

After a while, she slowly turned around, looked at the two statues, and bow to it: "Mother goddess, may you pity the world, protect him. Vidyaraja majesty, wish you use your sky piercing power, save......."

Then she voice stopped. She lie on the ground, motionless. The surrounding was silent. But in her mind, there was a raging tide of ocean, and a beam of light shining among the waves. But it could only appear faintly, she tried to catch it, remember it.

She slowly lifted her head, and carefully looked at Heaven Vidyaraja again and again. There was an idea in her heart shouted: "Not right, not right, this statue is missing something......."

She looked at it over and over again, and held her breath. Finally, her eyes landed on that empty right hand of the statue.

She jumped up, happily called: "Genesis Axe, right, where is Genesis Axe?"

In Felkin legend, Nether Mother was the spirit that watch over the life, and Heaven Vidyaraja was the hideous god that created the world and handling judgement, which was differ from Pangu legend. Heaven Vidyaraja held "Genesis Axe", so it is a must to have an axe along with the statue. But the statue before her, its right hand was empty. Bilu knew in Felkin, Heaven Vidyaraja was one of the greatest gods, no one will dare to disrespect it. The one that built this Blooddrop Cave was Bloodforger, which was also Felkin. There must be a reason for the axe to be missing.

Shaw Danon returned to the limestone cave and sat on the platform silently. When he was thinking of Bamboo Peak, Bilu rushed with happiness on her face. Seeing he was sitting there, she called: "If you wish to live, then hurry come with me."

"What?" Shaw Danon was surprised. Bilu rushed into the treasure room like wind. He hesitated for a moment, but he couldn't resist his desire to live and followed her. Then he heard Bilu cheered. Bilu was stuggled to drag out a large steel axe from the pile of trashs. She looked extremely difficult, it seem like this axe was quite heavy.

Shaw Danon ran to her and helped her to hold the large axe. That axe was really heavy. Even two of them together it was still difficult. He asked: "What are you doing?"

Bilu didn't say much. She said directly: "If you want to live, then help me bring this axe to the statues."

Shaw Danon gasped, asked with surprise: "What are you-you doing?"

Bilu did not say anything and began to drag the axe. Her body was weakened after few steps and breathing heavily. Shaw Danon shook his head, sighed, but still went to her. The two together, with tremendous effort, they finally dragged the axe to the stone chamber where the statues are. Then Shaw Danon rolled his eyes, unwillingly to hear Bilu said that they need to locate this thing into the evil god's hand.

Shaw Danon was very suspecious of it. Now he had heard that he need to do thing for the Felkin's evil god, he lost the will to do it. But Bilu was even more stubborn than him. Seeing her trying hard alone, his heart softened and thought that it was all right to grant her that wish before death. Then he stepped forth and helped.

Chapter 2 Escape B

That axe was very large, and now to actually carry it, its weight was incredibly heavy, plus they had no food for long time. At the end, they finished the impossible mission and located the axe into Heaven Vidyaraja's right hand, and then Shaw Danon sat on the ground, breathing heavily: "You, *gasp*, you, if you can't find the exit, *gasp*, originally we could live for three days, now we only get three hours left."

Bilu was also gasping for air, but the excitment in her eyes could not be hiden. After a little resting, Bilu returned to the statue, carefully observed for a while. After the large axe was added into Vidyaraja statue's hand, it looked much more mighty. Then she respectfully saluted to the Heaven Vidyaraja, she said: "Vidyaraja majesty, please forgive disciple's rude action."

Then, she grabbed the large axe and shook it. Nothing happened. That large axe was putted into the hand by her, if there is something, it should already happened. Shaw Danon sat on the ground, shook his head as he watched Bilu's strange action.

Bilu frowned, murmured: "Why is that, it should be here........"

She was in hurry and putted more power into her arm, so as she moved the large axe, Heaven Vidyaraja's right hand was also moved. Suddenly, there was a heavy noise sounded in the cave.

Shaw Danon hopped up, Bilu was beamed with joy. They looked at each other. Shaw Danon ran to Bilu and help raised the giant axe. Heaven Vidyaraja's lowered right hand was raised to mid-air. After a moment, a large ear deafing boom roared in the cave.

They were surprised, it was like thunder roaring next to their ears. They quickly covered their ears. After a while, their ears were still ringing, but behind the statues, the giant, hard stone wall slided to the sides, showed a path. There was a stone stair went upward into the unknown darkness.

Then, the stone chamber was fiercely shaking. The rocks were falling from the above. They did not say anything and ran into the stone stair at the same time, entered the darkness.

Actually at eight hundreds years ago, when the Felkin Bloodforger built this Blooddrop Cave, they had considered if they are weakened and was attacked by enemy, therefore they built a path secretly inside the mountain. If enemy attack, they will use this route to escape, after a moment the entire Blooddrop Cave will be collapsed, bury the enemy and countless secrets of Bloodforger together.

Shaw Danon and Bilu ran as fast as they could. The loud noise kept on coming from behind, stones scattered in the air. If they run a little slow, they will probably die. They needed to bring out their last bit of strength and ran forward. There was only darkness in front of them. In this narrow and dark secret passage, they couldn't count how many times they had fell on the ground, hitted on the wall. They could only hear the loud noising roaring and the stones scattering. It was like the entire Kongsang mountain was in rage. But finally with the desire to survive, they saw the light appeared in front of them.

The secret passage's entrance located under a cliff west of the mountain. This place was heavily wooded and very well hidden, no wonder no one ever find it for eight hundreds years. Probably even the Bloodforger today did not even know about this place.

Shaw Danon and Bilu stumblingly rushed out and almost at the moment when they landed on the ground, after a loud "boom" noise, thousands pounds of stones fell, stirred up a cloud of dust and blocked the entrance tightly. From now on, no one will ever able to see the secret inside the mountain.


Lying on the ground, Shaw Danon was breathing heavily. His hand clutched the wetting green grass. This experience of running from the edge of death was really losing one's breath. After a while, his mind slowly relaxed. He lifted his head , looked to the side and saw Bilu was next to her. Her white face had thin layer of dust, like she had felt Shaw Danon's eyes, she turned and looked at him.

The happiness after escape from the misfortune slowly appeared on their faces. Bilu's lips moved, there was water flowing in her eyes, misty but like crystal. She cheered with sob. A feeling of escaped from infinitely large amount of pressure and not think of other things. Only feel that the sky is very blue, mountain is very high. Waves of soft wind, green covered mountain, green figure whirling, the trees spring, everywhere of this world was filled with soul touching beautiful sceneries.

"We-we lived!" She cheered to the green mountain and blue sky.

Shaw Danon laughed loudly next to her, watching her opened her arms and shined the most beautiful smile of the world.

Within the flicking sound, fire swallowed the firewood, raised wave of soft smoke. Bilu sat next to the fire, watching Shaw Danon cleaned a hare that he just caught, and roasted it above the fire with a thick tree branch sticked through. As the fire grilling, the hare gradually turned to golden yellow. The grease formed into drops and fell off.

In the woods, such delicious smell spreaded far and wide in the air. Since Bilu was already hungry due to the cave, she couldn't hold her slobbering. But Shaw Danon was not in a hurry. He took a look, then putted his hand on his waist as usual, he suddenly startled, then beamed with joy.

Bilu asked: "What?"

Shaw Danon happily took out a small bag at his waist, smiled: "Can not imagine that the foods are lost, but this thing is still here. I did not notice it on the past few days."

Bilu looked toward at the small bag. Shaw Danon carefully opened the bag. There were several little bottles. She was curious and took them out, smelled them. She was stunned, then looked at Shaw Danon, almost couldn't say anything: "These-these are salt and condiment......"

Shaw Danon was filled with smile, said: 'Yeah, I bought those with me when I left the mountain, fear if we need to camp at outside, I can make something good. I can not expect they really become useful today."

Chapter 2 Escape C

Bilu looked at Shaw Danon from top to bottom, she couldn't say anything, but watching him carefully shed some of the spice or salt on the rabbit, then slowly turned the rabbit with stick. The delicious smell in the air was getting heavier. She had never seen a Righteous cultivator would keep condiment with them. He looked more like a cook rather than a famous faction's disciple.

After a while, Shaw Danon leaned forth and took a sniff, then happily said: "Okay, you can eat now."

Bilu was already getting impatient from the waiting. The delicious smell was like entered into every pores of her body. After a sniff, her body was like floating and became very light. As for her mouth, there was not much need to describle it. If not because she was carefulling hiding it, probably even the rumbling of her stomach could be hear by that kid.

When she heard Shaw Danon finally gave mercy and said it was done, with the golden, delicious rabbit in front of her, her saliva almost fell out. She stretched out her hand, but she was uncareful. When she touched it, she scream "Ah!", then took her hand back. She was burned.

Shaw Danon smelled: "Don't rush!" Then he moved away the fire with the tree stick, then waited for the grease to fall off. When the rabbit got cooler, he carefully teared off a rabbit leg, handed to Bilu, smiled: "Here."

Bilu immediately held out her hand and took the rabbit. Just when she opened her mouth, she saw Shaw Danon's kind smile, The sunlight shined through the leave and landed on his face, it was hearty.

Her face suddenly blushed, turned away with her back facing Shaw Danon, then she began to eat. Shaw Danon startled, but did not mind it. He was also starving, so he teared off an other rabbit leg and munched on it.

When he was eating, he suddenly saw Bilu already turned back and looked at him. He asked: "What is it, right, is it delicious?"

There was a faint redness on Bilu's face. The soft wind from the woods gently fluttered her soft hair, touched her white face.

"Very delicious, er......"

Shaw Danon: "What is it?"

Bilu: ".......I finished."

Her face had a little bit of gentle, a little bit of embarrassment. Shaw Danon's mouth opened, he was enchanted.

Bilu lowered her head. There was a sudden silent between them. After a while, Shaw Danon suddenly woke up: "Ah!"

His forehead was sweating, his tongue was tied, unable to make a sentence: "I-I didn't see, no, you see I......ah, no, ah, here."

Then he closed his eyes and handed his rabbit leg to her, but he did not have the courage to open his eyes.

But after a long while, Bilu still made no movement. Shaw Danon summoned his courage, slowly opened his eyes. Bilu was looking at him, her face was like smiling, her eyes were gentle. With a gentle and lovely expressions, she said quietly, with a little bit of smile: "Are you giving me this to eat?"

Shaw Danon was confused and looked toward to his hand. His face immediately turned all red, and there was no place for him to hide his face. His right hand had handed Bilu his half eaten rabbit leg. The rest of the rabbit was in his left hand next to him.

"No-no-no......" Shaw Danon was very embarrassed. He swiftly took back his rabbit leg, then embarrassingly handed her the rest of the rabbit, his mouth was murmuring: "I was-was....."

"I know." Bilu took the rabbit, then teared off part of the flesh, putted into her mouth, softly chewing, "Very delicious, the most delicious thing I have ever eaten in my life is this rabbit you roasted."

Shaw Danon's heart jumped. Bilu's pretty and graceful face said with smile and solemn. His heart swung, then not look at her anymore and putted all his attention on eating the remaining rabbit leg.

That rabbit was soon eliminated completely by the two hungry people. Eating the first meal since the day of the cave was really a great thing. Bilu found a stream. The two took a wash, then they began to get tire. Their minds were very depressed in the cave and now they had got away from the edge of the death, they could finally relaxed, and the tirenes also caught up to them.

Bilu was first to collaspe and slept on a small green lawn next to the stream. Shaw Danon also felt exhausted and lay next to her. The sunlight gently landed on them. Shaw Danon turned and looked at Bilu. After washing, although Bilu's hair was still a little messy, but her face had returned back to thin snowy white. She was closing her eyes, quietly lying there. Soft wind came and fluttered her hair. Under the sunlight, it beamed with gentle glow.

Suddenly, when Bilu was dreaming, it was like she noticed something. She raised her eyebrows, and her right hand grabbed Shaw Danon and lay on his side like it was her habit. On her lips, there was a soft smile. Then she slept peacefully.

Shaw Danon startled, but looking at Bilu's languish but still beautiful face, he did not have the courage to remove her hand, so he lay still there. Slowly, the sleepiness caught up to him. He closed his eyes and forgot about it like it was very normal, then he fell asleep.

The wind of the woods was still softly whistling, whistled pass the branches, whistled pass the leave, whistled pass the quietly flowing stream and raised small ripple, finally blew across the two young people.

Just a side note....don't make any comment about they are eating rabbit please....