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Chapter 45 Sadness

 Chapter 1 Sadness A

After these series of sleep talking, maybe Shaw Danon's body was strong, or maybe Bilu's comfort had effect, the continuing high fever was slowly lowered. Shaw Danon also slowly regaining consciousness. Because the sickness was not light, he was still laying and rest.

That day, Bilu got nothing to do and walked around in the cave, but at the end, she still ended up in front of Lady Jingling's writing. After reading it, she sighed. Shaw Danon sat on the side, asked: "What are you sighing for?"

Bilu snorted, said: "I am sighing for lady. With her intellect and beauty, she was betrayed by a stinky man like you, suffer for entire life. It is really not worth it."

Shaw Danon couldn't find anything to reply.

Bilu read through these writing again, then she suddenly issued a "huh?". She found a weird thing. The last character "" on the last sentence, the "" part was deeply sunk in, very diffierent than other characters. She rolled her eyes, then immediately realized and picked up the Lupin Bell from her waist to compare. The size was exactly same. She letted out a cheer.

Shaw Danon asked curiously from behind: "What it is?"

Bilu turned around and smiled: "Perhaps it may save us!"

Shaw Danon was surprised, immediately filled with energy, said happily: "Really?"

Bilu inserted the bell in. There was no reaction. She turned it left and right. After a moment, "ka ka" was sounded in the cave. The stone wall was shaking. Bilu was surprised, took out the golden bell and stepped back. After a boom, the smooth layer of stone wall fell off, showed the inter layer. There were writing like the Libruis's room.

Shaw Danon was first delightened, but then after a look at the stone wall, his face dimmed. Seem like this trap was for hiding Lady Jingling's writing. There was no exit. Now he was very disappointed.

But Bilu was staring at the writing on the wall. This was left by Lady Jingling, and secured so secertly. It must be uncommon thing. After long while, there was no happiness or sadness, but an exclaim look, said quietly: "So this is 'Inflatuation'."

Shaw Danon was impatient. He took at look at it, the first few sentences were:

Spirit of Nether, Deities of Heaven,

Use my body, as sacrifice.

For eternity, fall into Yama,

Because of love, never regret.


He immediately concluded these were the Evil's vicious curse. But Bilu was quite happy on the other hand. He snorted, said: "Are there hint for where the exit is?"

Bilu startled, said: "No."

Shaw Danon said lightly: "What's the use for you to learn it then?"

Bilu was silent, and said after a while: "Do you know that Inflatuation's incantation was passed down from our Holy faction since ancient time, but no one ever used it?"

Shaw Danon was curious, asked: "What?"

Bilu sighed, said: "That incantation was invented out of the <> by a intelligent female master, but it could only be practiced by female. It require all blood from a woman, then transfer it into a powerful spell......."

Before she finish, Shaw Danon already cutted in, his eyes were filled with disdain, said: "Then name it 'bloody jinx", call it Inflatuation is just evil way of making it sound good!"

Bilu's face changed, but then startled, and said quietly: "You are right. That is why even Lady Jingling did not use it in the end."

Shaw Danon ignored her.


The two were staying in there for several days again. Shaw Danon went to read the <> as past time while Bilu often stared at the writing of the <> on the wall.

Within <>'s first volume, there was no actual cultivation practice. They were all deep writing and call be called the summary. But Shaw Danon knew both Fuwa and Dagos cultivation, he could manage to understand those writing. But it was only understood it. For the Fuwa and Dagos combined stage of what <> stated, Shaw Danon still coudn't get what it mean. Is it saying that cast "Pure Essence" and "Fawin Wisdom" at the same time?

Even though he knew there was little chance of survive, there was still a little desire in his heart. Shaw Danon quickly follow the way of practice that <> had stated. But to channel both incantation at once, it was not easy. After a moment, his blood began to boil, so he was forced to stop. For the following days, there was no improvement.

But then, there was a more difficult question laying before them--out of food.

Though cultivators can go anywhere they want, but they are still mortal bodies. Legend said the high cultivation elders can go without eating and drinking, but no one ever saw that. After entered this cave, Shaw Danon lost all his food already. Although fortunately there was water in the cave, only Bilu had food, how is that enough? Even they had tried to save the food, they soon finished them all.

Then after a while in the cave, probably only two days, Shaw Danon and Bilu were staring blankly at the empty food bag.

"Alas!" Bilu sat on the platform, next to her it was the skeleton, but she did not seem to be uncomfortable. Seem like Felkin was really different than normal human. But now, her face was still depressed.

Shaw Danon's illness had recovered quickly. The fever was almost gone. Beside the body was a little out of strength, there was no other thing. At this moment he heard Bilu sighed, he turned and looked at that Felkin lady. In his eyes, it was a girl in watery green dress sitting on the platform. Her feet were swinging in the air. And the Lupin Bell on her waist was ringing with "ding ding dong dong". If not because he knew who she is, Shaw Danon would probably think she was a naive little girl.

Bilu look much more depressed than when Shaw Danon first met her. Because she is a girl, everyday she would go to the little water fall and have a wash, so her look was neat without any dirt. But through these days, she was clearly got skinny. Thought about that, it reminded Shaw Danon that his master and shixiongs had taught him all Felkins were selfish and cruel. But now in this cave and hopeless situation, why, that Felkin girl would give him the remaining half of the food?

Shaw Danon was in his own world thinking about that, did not noticed Bilu had looked at him. Seeing Shaw Danon was staring at herself blankly, she blushed, scolded him: "What are you looking at?"

Shaw Danon was surprised, then quickly turned his head away, said: "Not, nothing."

Bilu stood behind him, did not scolded him fiercely like he had imagined. After long time, it was a sigh, said: "We are stuck in this cave, not far away from death, you don't need to care about so much."

Shaw Danon startled, slowly turned around, looked at Bilu. On her thin but still beautiful face, there was a helpless smile. He couldn't help but said: "When I was sick, you don't need to give me most of the food, then you can live for few days longer, maybe you can......."

"Maybe what?" Bilu suddenly stopped him.

Shaw Danon startled, then shook his head, said quietly: "Maybe you can be saved."

Bilu shook her head, showed a smile, said: "I don't want to die, but I am more not willing to die in a lonely cave, facing a skeleton and a decaying corpse and wait for death. If it is like that, I probably going to go mad before people rescue me."

Chapter 1 Sadness B

Shaw Danon couldn't help but shivered when he heard how Bilu discrible it. It was really not a place for living.

Bilu looked at him, said lightly: "What, you scare too?"

Shaw Danon immediately straightened his back, said loudly: "No way!"

Bilu showed a small smile, a little of gentle in her eyes. She said softly: "Promise me one thing, okay?"

Shaw Danon frowned, asked: "What?"

Bilu smiled faintly, said: "We had finished all of our food. Except for water, there is nothing to eat. Within seven days, we are going to starve to death."

Shaw Danon was silent.

Bilu was calm, but the next thing she said would turned Shaw Danon pale like he met a ghost: "After few days, if you see me unable to keep on, then kill me first."

Shaw Danon's mouth wide opened, pointed his finger at her and couldn't say anything. But he did not expect Bilu would said such awkward, surprising words so calmly: "After I die, my body will still here. If you want to survive, then eat my flesh, probably able to live for period of time."

Shaw Danon almost fell on the floor.

After long while, he pulled himself back together from this great shock, he told himself: "The Felkins are really animals, they can do such thing!" But looking at Bilu's eyes, they were all calm. His heart was chilled, and stepped back, his hand was shaking, pointing at Bilu, said: "What did you-you said?"

Bilu looked at him, the gentleness in her eyes was getting heavier. But in Shaw Danon's eyes, it was more deadly than all poisons in this world.

"Don't you want to go back to Mount Jadeon Bamboo Peak to see your Ling'Er Shijie, there are still several of your allies in this Cave of Fangs, they must be searching for you, if you can live longer, their chance of finding you is greater isn't it?" Bilu lowered her head, but her voice was still calm.

But at this moment, how would Shaw Danon care about Bilu's tone, he did not even noticed how Bilu knew about Hidi. He only pointed at Bilu, said angrily: "You-you tell me to Felkin heretics are so insane! Shameless, disgusting,"

He was getting more angry but his tongue did not work properly. He said "I I I" and "You you you" for long time, but still couldn't say anything. His reaction was within Bilu's prediction, so she was not angry or ridicule. She only watched him, waited until Shaw Danon regain his breath, she slowly said: "Eat me or not, it is your choice, but you must kill me first!"

"Again." The fire in Shaw Danon burned again: "Do you think I will make evil deal with the you Felkin. You gave me the food, I can repay you with my body. If you want to get me into this, never!"

Bilu slowly shook her head, said: "No, I am scared."

Shaw Danon continued his normal answer: "Lie, I will not fall into your, what did you say?"

It was like at this life and death moment, Bilu's heart had some unusual change. It was like she had fallen into some kind of memory. There was terror appeared on her face that Shaw Danon never saw before. Then, she shook her head, like she wanted to shake away some thought.

"Do you know how it is feel to wait for death alone?" She said quietly.

Shaw Danon startled. He noticed she seem hiding some secret. He was curious and asked: "What?"

The mucles next to Bilu's eyes twitched. At this dire time, facing the only young man who was next to her before death, she could not control her feeling, even her voice was blury and hollow: "When I was six, mom bought me to 'Fox Hill Six Foxes Cave' to visit my grandma. But your Righteous attacked us, and the monk Pufan of 'Skysong' used 'Pagoda Alms Bowl' (Note 1) destroyed the entire Six Foxes Cave, buried me, mother, and grandma alive."

Shaw Danon suddenly shivered. He had a bad feeling about this. There was a chill coming from his heart and spread through his body.

Bilu had completely entered the painful memory. Her eyes stared forward hollowly, just like her voice was calm and hollow, with the deepest pain: "That time, I cried loudly from the terror. I was very scared. This was a small cave, because there was serveral large stones to support it, we lived. But grandma's injury was too serious, soon she died. Mother and I cried hard in the darkness, then buried grandma.

"We were buried very deep in the earth, beside the few water dropped from the rocks, it was all hard, cold rocks. I was really scared, but mother kept telling me: Lil Yao, don't be afraid, dad will save us."

Shaw Danon held his breath, listened carefully, with undiscribable awkwardness and fear. He could feel there is something about to happen.

"But, it was always darkness. Dad did not come. I was very scared in the dark cave. And I was hungry, kept on crying. I can still remember my mother sighed sadly next to me. She cuddled me tightly, kept telling me: Lil Yao don't be afraid, Lil Yao don't be afraid, mother will not let anything happen to you. Your dad will come save us!"

Bilu became more and more pale, but she still continued: "But dad still did not come and I was already starving, kept on crying to mother for food. Mother search through the cave over and over again, but still couldn't find anything. At the end, I was so hungry that I did not have the strength to cry, only laying at my mother. Suddenly one day, mother found a piece of flesh!....."

Shaw Danon could see Bilu shivered as she said this.

"I was too hungry, did not care about much, so I ate it, then slept comfortably. It seem like at that moment, mother smiled in the darkness. So mother gave me a piece of flesh every once in a while. That is how I lived. But mother's voice was getting weaker and weaker. Until one day, when I called her, she did not answer. After that, I was in the darkness, waiting for death alone."

Bilu slowly turned, looked at Shaw Danon. Shaw Danon was caught by her eyes, he could feel the chill, "Do you know how it feel when waiting for death alone? Do you know the smell of the decaying corpse of mother? Do you know how is the fear of forever living in the place that you can never see in the darkness?"

Each time she asked, Shaw Danon shivered.

Bilu was silent. Shaw Danon did not dare to take a breath. Finally, he was like awaken from a dream, but it was not totally awaken. She continued: "Finally one day, the cave entrance was becoming larger. I heard dad calling me and mother's names. Then, I saw dad jumped down in front of me.

"He did not see me at first, but my mother. I only looked at above and forgot to look at mother when there was finally light. When I recalled it, dad already blocked my sight. I could not see mother's corpse. But I could clearly see dad was shocked. It was like he had turned to stone. Then, uncle Meri Koon, uncle White Tiger, and uncle Sinwu, they were all stunned and rooted on the ground.

"I suddenly felt scared, even more than when I was waiting for death in the darkness. I quietly called: Dad. The three uncles lined up behind him, covered mother's dead body. I still couldn't see mother. I whispered: Dad, how is mother?"

Shaw Danon could see it clearly. Each word Bilu said had made him shivered. It was like that little girl was actually before them.

"Dad did not say anything. But his look was terrorifying. Although I was still young, I knew, I knew, that at that time, he was really wanted to kill me, wanted to kill his own daughter! But at the end, he did not. He saved me. Carried me away from this dark cave. Before I left, I peered from dad's shoulder and saw mother's dead body was already buried by the three uncles. Only an arm showed up, but for some reason that arm-that arm-that arm......."

Bilu suddenly became quiet. Shaw Danon was surprised and looked at her. Bilu was completely pale. Her eyes were closed. Then she fell, seem like passed out. Shaw Danon immediately caught her. She was very cold, almost does not seem like a living person.

His illness was just recovered. His body was weak, so he spent a lot of effort to lay Bilu down on the platform. Watching her pale face, Shaw Danon discovered he was already sweating all over his body.

That night (Actually did not know is it night or morning, Shaw Danon's instinct thought it was night), Bilu was unconscious, but she kept crying "Mother" "Dad" and things like that. Their position had changed, this time was Shaw Danon's turn to take care of Bilu.

But it seem like there was a extremely painful past in deep of Bilu's heart. When she was unconcsious, she kept screaming. Shaw Danon could not do anything about it. At the end, Bilu swung her arm and accidentally grabbed Shaw Danon's shoulder and cuddled on him, like she got something to rely on. Then she calmed down and quietly slept. But her hands grabbed tightly on Shaw Danon's clothes. Her nails digged deeply into Shaw Danon's skin, cause Shaw Danon's face twisted in pain. But as he watched Bilus's pale face, he could not leave her, so he beared it, letted her to cuddled on him, sleep peacefully.

Note 1: Esper Anan's secret