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Chapter 43: Libruis

 Chapter 43 Libruis A

Bilu kowtowed three times seriously and sincerely, then she rose up and peered at Shaw Danon, and saw him was looking away and standing still. She frowned, but did not say much, and said lightly: "Let's go!"

When they were walking into this tunnel at beginning, Shaw Danon had positive feeling about this girl. However, as he saw these two evil statues, it reminded him of faction difference and the teaching of elders. His face colded, slightly nodded, said: "Okay."

Bilu looked at him, then walked deeper into the the tunnel. Shaw Danon followed behind her. This time didn't take long. They soon arrived in a spacious area, but it did not docorated like the stone chamber. It was a cave filled with limestones. The limestones were all strange and colorful. Before the two of them, there was a large stone tablet. Ten characters were flamboyantly carved: ,!

Each of the characters were about half a man size. The writing was ancient, with powerful strength, and flew across the tablet like a dragon, like it was raging the wind and coming out alive.

At first it was nothing, but after Shaw Danon stared at it for a moment, he suddenly felt dizzy. He couldn't help but took a step back.

He was surpsied, and quickly pulled himself together. The characters were still on the tablet, did not move, but the spirit was surprising.

While Shaw Danon was still in surprise, Bilu already walked pass the stone tablet and went deeper into the cave, so he followed. Passed the stone tablet, behind it, all kinds of limestones were everywhere. They walked among the stone forest for a while, Bilu suddenly stopped and gasped.

At the same moment, Shaw Danon discovered the fire stick, which was used to fix his arm, had glowed with strange light. Especially the orb on the fire stick, it glowed with an abnormal green light. But this time it was soft, like meeting an old friend that hadn't meet for long time, with endless of thought and nostalgia.

Shaw Danon curiously looked ahead. His eyes passed Bilu and saw what surprised Bilu: there was a smooth stone wall. On both sides of the wall, there was a tunnel leading to unknown place. Before the wall, there was a bluestone platform with skeleton peacefully sat on it.

The orb on the fire stick glowed gentle green light to that skeleton.

Bilu was in front of him. She did not notice Shaw Danon's strange expression and the change of the fire stick. After the surprise, she quickly calmed down.

She was a Felkin after all, how would she fear a skeleton. She stepped forth, looked at it careful, but did not find anything surprising. She turned and smiled at Shaw Danon: "Maybe this is the world shocking Elder Blackheart eight hundreds years ago!"

Shaw Danon naturally had no positive feeling toward Felkin people. He snorted and said: "Shouldn't we hurry and look for a way out?"

Bilu peered at him. She curled her lips, said: "Go find it yourself!"

Shaw Danon startled. He snorted, though he was a bit unwilling, but he still turned and entered the left tunnel.

After few steps, he shook his head, thinking why he ran out of patient toward this Felkin girl so easily. Just a little thing he would have such great reaction. Probably in her eyes, she was laughing at him.

But thinking was still thinking after all. Since he took that step then it was impossible to return. After several steps, he did hear anything behind him. It was appeared that Bilu did not follow. Shaw Danon was disappointed somehow, but then he scolded himself "Useless". He pulled himself together, then carefully walked deeper into the tunnel. The tunnel was no different than other ones, just darker and more ghostly. It was almost totally dark at deeper in. The road was also longer. He couldn't understand how the Bloodforger was able to begin such great project.

After walking for a while, Shaw Danon suddenly found the tunnel ahead slowly brightened. He hurried his pace. The soft light at the end of the road was particularly clear, like a gentle hand tempted the people.

Shaw Danon took a deep breath and stepped into the light.

Bilu watched Shaw Danon's figure disappeared into the tunnel. She startled. Her face darkened. Her father was a high position and influence person within the Felkin. Since young, she was like a princess, no one dare to disobey her.

But now in such hopeless situation, she met a not old, not good temper guy from the side of Righteous. No way she will not be mad.

However, when Shaw Danon was still at Mount Jadeon, he was a friendly young men. But for the reason why he always in conflict with Bilu, beside faction difference, he couldn't find any other reason.

Surely Bilu knew nothing about it, but she did see Shaw Danon against her several times. Her heart was not happy about that. But they both were in hopeless situation, it was not nice to teach this brat, so she snorted, marked this in her heart. But need Bilu to force herself to follow Shaw Danon, it was impossible.

She did not ponder, and turned, walked into the tunnel at right hand side.

Just couple of steps, Bilu could felt this road was not much different than other tunnel, but the glowing objects on sides of the wall were less in number, caused the tunnel to be darker.

Fortunately, this road wasn't long. Bilu soon reached the end, and stepped into a stone chamber.

It was a medium size stone chamber. One side, there were a lot of shelves. On the other side, there was a pile of trashs. Most were weapons like blade, sword, spear and et cetera. They were all broken. There was an axe lay on the top. Rust all over. A bit large. It seem still intact. Look like the entire axe was made from steel.

Bilu had no interest in it, then walked to the shelves. After a quick look, exultation appeared on her face, but then it turned into disappointment

There were tags for each cases on the selves. Though some characters already turned blury and some were barely readable, but it was hard to resist the excitment as she read it. They were like: "Five Mountains Halberd", "Lunar Rope", "Men Piercer" and others.

Bilu grew up in Felkin, her father was a genius who had knowledge from past to now, she surely knew those espers where best of the best within Felkin. Why she not happy? But unfortunately there were only tags but no items on the selves, just left her the disappointment.

She sighed, but she still had hope and looked through the selves, but they were all empty. Perhaps the heaven would not disappoint the one who keep their hopes, she found there was still a small steel box at the last case. But there was no label on the selve, so she did not know what is in there.

Bilu was delighted, carefully picked up the box. It was quiet heavy. She shook it softly, but there was no sound came out.

Chapter 43 Liburis B

Bilu pondered for a moment, then putted the box on the ground. She took a deep breath, taken precautious, then she waved her hand. A white light appeared in the stone chamber. A jade like flower appeared in air, letted faint fragrance.

Bilu's right hand turned over. The little flower that was standing in mid-air brightened and flew to above the steel box. The white light covered the entire steel box.

After that, Bilu carefully opened the small box. As her hand touched the box's cover, she could feel the box did not locked. She flowned, the alert in her eyes got higher. She bit her teeth and opened the box with determination.

She heard a soft "ka" sound. Before she could see clearly what was in there, a black gas came out.

Like she got an electric shock, Bilu fell back. The white flower above the steel box immediately flew down. The black gas was captured by the white light. Could not get out even after several attempt. After a while, the black gas shrunk, and the jade like white flower turned black, absorbed the black gas.

Until the black gas was completely gone, Bilu walked back after a while of waiting. She looked at her little flower. Her father had putted a lot of effort in crafting this esper "Heartending Flower". Now the jade white petals had turned into dark purple, look a bit evil.

Bilu said quietly: "'Ancient Corpse Poison'! That Elder Blackheart really got a black heart to practice such a thing!"

She cursed the Felkin's Elder Blackheart as looked into the steel box.

It was simple inside. There was only one thing inside of the small steel box: A golden, well intact small bell.

Bilu startled. She did not expected the rare poison "Ancient Corpse Poison" was only protecting such small bell. She couldn't find anything strange. Pondered for a while, then she slowly picked up the small bell.

"Ding dong".

A clear ring, like ringing inside of the heart, rang in the stone chamber that had been quiet for eight hundred years.

Bilu held up that bell. It was exquisitely detailed. A thin steel line tied the bell. A slight movement, the clapper softly hitted the side, issued ringing sound again.

"Ding.....ding dong".

Bilu's girl nature was very pleased by it. The disappointment was also lightened. After an other careful examine, there was nothing strange about it. It was like a skillfully made normal bell.

But Elder Blackheart kept this so secert and careful. This bell must has some uncommon feature, should ask father about when got a chance.

Bilu's heart settled. She was more and more pleased by the little bell. She tied it to her waist. As she turned, the bell letted out series of clear rings. It was very pleasanting. Bilu was delightened and nodded.

After that, she carefully checked the stone chamber again, but there was nothing. She even checked the pile of trashs. There was nothing worth to look at, not to mention about a way out.

After finished, Bilu slowly rose up. It was the time to check on that silly boy's situation.

Before she left the stone chamber, she turned her head and looked for the last time. The stone chamber was still messy. But after the pile of trashs was searched through by her, it was in chaos. All kind of weapons lay on the ground. The large axe was also threw to the corner.

Then, she left the stone chamber.

The tunnel on the left hand side which Shaw Danon entered was much longer than the one Bilu entered on the right hand side. Bilu finally saw light after long while of walk, but still couldn't see the detail. There was no sound of movement coming out. She became a little worry. This place had a lot of strange and cruel stuff, difficult to predict. Is he.......

Bilu speed up her pace and entered the chamber. Her heart assured as she looked. Shaw Danon stood inside of the stone chamber, stared at the stone wall.

Bilu relieved, then she looked around in the chamber. This chamber was larger than the one she went, however, it was empty, nothing here. But on the stone wall, there were writing densely carved on the wall. Shaw Danon was reading it with his eye brows frowned together.

Bilu frowned, went forth and took a look at it. Delight appeared on her face. On the beginning of the stone carved writing, there were two large characters.


"Libruis, this is Libruis!" Bilu couldn't help but cheered.

Shaw Danon shocked, then realized Bilu had arrived next to him, but his focus was only only her word: "Libruis? You know what Libruis is?"

Bilu glared at him, said: "How would I don't know, this 'Libruis' is the holy script of our Holy faction. From past to now, all Holy faction disciples' divine incanations were all understood from this Libruis."

Shaw Danon shocked again. He was puzzled, then stared at the carved writing on the wall. After a while, he said quietly: "No way, impossible!"

Bilu's face darkened, said: "This Holy faction's holy script. It is our secret. Didn't you say we are evil heretic? Why look at it?"

It was like Shaw Danon did not hear it. There were only the writing of the wall in his eyes.

"Libruis - Volume One"

The changes of the world begin with mixed together, no difference between good and bad. Sun and moon shine together. World in between. Shape begin to form, good and bad begin to form.

Reason why the world can last for long time because they did not created themselves. So they can never die. But the things of the world have their own shape. Men are blinded by illusion, so they created selfishness, perference, desire, karma. Because of those, it created three poisons, three fear, three terror. Can not last long.

Heaven has no judgement, principle has no name. So if achieve selfless, no perference, no desire, no karma, then it is righteous. Holding righteousness, inside is self nature, world is the center.

So everything are within the world, watch by the world.

So there is no good or bad.

So world is always here, can not be created.

So matter can not last, then it can not fulfill the desire!

...... (Note 1)

Bilu snorted. She wanted to rage, but after a thought, she did not say anything, then looked at the wall. After reading a few sentences, she felt her brain became dizzy. She couldn't help but admired how Shaw Danon able to read those boring writings.

When she looked at Shaw Danon, she was surprised to find his face was filled with pain and perplex. He was trembling with an undescibable strange feeling.

No one on this world could match Shaw Danon's excitment right now. The Felkin's holy script "Liburis"'s summary, each words of it pierced into Shaw Danon's heart deeply like a knife. The shock it gave him was hundred times greater than the moment he discovered Jadeon's Dagos cultivating incanation and Pozhi's Fuwa "Fawin Wisdom" incanation were totally opposite.

From these writing, he discovered the different Dagos and Fuwa incanations had common. This surprise was still acceptable. But as he read on, his face was getting more pale, because he had discovered a large secret from this Felkin holy script "Liburis".

Felkin's magic was cruel and awkward. But it was from "Liburis". Dagos require harness nature, Fuwa focus on understanding the self. And in Liburis, there was Dagos' idea and also Fuwa's incanation.

Other people like Bilu wouldn't have much thought about it. They will think this is just the divine art left by their ancestor. But to Shaw Danon who knew Dagos and Fuwa incanation, this discovery was terrifying.

A thought was harassing him.

Which one is right?

He read on. His face was pale. His mind was excited, with strange and burning curiosity and desire. He could feel there was an important secret before him, but he couldn't touch it, couldn't see it. But it was telling him to run to that destination.

But in his heart, there was also fear. Should he do that?

Bilu looked at Shaw Danon for a while. He was staring at the wall, face weird, seem like completely forgot she was standing next to him. Fire rage from her heart for no reason. She snorted. But Shaw Danon ignored it, did not do anything.

Bilu curled her lips. She was very angry, but did not know why, she just doesn't want to teach this person a lesson. She turned around and left while stamping the ground loudly with her feet. Sadly that silly boy still had no reaction.

Bilu left the stone chamber angrily and returned to limestones cave, sulk at the skeleton. It used to be nothing, but that brat was just annoying. The more she thought the more angry she felt. Then she looked at her "Heartending Flower" which used to be beautiful but now black all over, she immediately putted all her anger at the blackheart old men.

She pointed at the skeleton, said: "You damn old men, died for eight hundreds years and still harm me. Caused my jade flower become.....become......"

She couldn't continue, the fire in Bilu became larger. Without saying much, she waved. "Heartending Flower" circled the skeleton then returned. After a second, sharp bones breaking sound issued. With the "ka ka" sound, the skeleton had fallen apart.

After this, Bilu's anger was settled. She also felt regret, did not know where she had such anger. But when she turned, she was surprised. There were few lines of writing on the wall where the skeleton covered. She quickly went there and looked. There were four lines written on the wall.

Bell cries, flower dies,

figure turn thin white like frost.

Deep love pain, life is pain,

infatuation only for heartless pain.

Note one: They are from "Book of Way and Virtue", "Diamond Sutra", "Altar Sutra", "Book of Jin", and "Book of Changes".