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Chapter 42: Blooddrop Cave

Chapter 42 Blooddrop Cave A

Shaw Danon did not expect Bilu would have such great reaction. He was surprised by her. He pointed to the top of the cave, said: "There are a few red stone......."

Bilu immediately walked to it and looked carefully at the top. Through the water drops, there were total of seven red stones that were about the size of half of the palm. The texture was same as other stones, just the color were difference.

Shaw Danon saw Bilu was excitedly and absorbedly looking at the stones, he himself couldn't help but curious. He rose up and walked to it. The seven red stones scratteredly located on the top, formed a weird shape like a hook.

Especially the color, even they were washed by the water for so many years, they were remain blood red. Even when those crystal drops flew pass the red stones, they turned into the color of fresh blood, then slowly dropping, like blood dropped from the top of the cave. But once the water drops was away from the red stones, they returned to its normal, clear color.

As he was watching, Bilu was murmuring: "Blooddrop Cave, Blooddrop Cave, Blooddrop......ha!" Bilu was overjoyed and smacked Shaw Danon with her right hand. The strength was not weak, Shaw Danon's face paled instantly.

Shaw Danon was flamed in anger. Just when he was about to shout back at her, he saw that she was smiling, completely not care about what she just did. She was filled with excitment, said: "You Blackheart old men, built Blooddrop Cave in such place, no wonder why we can't find it for eight hundreds years." Shaw Danon was surprised, but then after a thought, he remembered Bilu had interrogated him about "Blooddrop Cave". Now he understood, he snorted, said: "Evil's teaching!" Bilu's mood was great, she did not get mad. She smiled and said: "I am evil, so what? I still need to be greatful for your help of finding this place!" Shaw Danon was not happy about it. Especially seeing the beautiful smile of Bilu, there was a flame rose in his heart. He felt since he helped the Felkin heretic, if his master and elders know it, they are probably going to punish him.

But as he thought about that, he reminded that he couldn't even leave this place now, what's the use of thinking the future. He immediately disheartened, sat down angrily.

Bilu was so happy at that moment, she did not notice Shaw Danon's action. Felkin was the most ancient. There were many factions, rise and fall was very common.

Eight hundreds years ago, when Elder Blackheart was in Bloodforger, they were the leader of the Felkin. Their strength was unyielding, possessed with many talented people. Elder Blackheart was elder of cultivation. But as time pass, and also several conflicts with the side of Good, Bloodforger weakened and replaced by other factions.

Today, there were four main Felkin main factions. They were Lupin, Venom, Longevity, and Vim. But if compare their power, none can match the glorious Bloodforger of the past.

Within the Felkin, through out eight hundreds years, there was a rumor said that after the battle between Good and Evil, though the leaders of Bloodforger were all slain, there were many secret espers stored in "Blooddrop Cave" of Bloodforger's base "Cave of Fangs".

For eight hundreds years, Felkin secretly sent their men to Cave of Fangs many time, even the Forsaken Abyss was searched, they were all returned with empty hand.

Though Bilu was still young, she was already an important person of one of the four main Felkin faction: "Vim". This trip to the extremely dangerous "Forsaken Abyss", she was greatly trusted by the Vim Archlord. Now the place that couldn't find by the countless of ancestors for eight hundreds had appeared before her, how could she not happy. She even forgot that she was in a hopeless situation.

Bilu stared at the top of the cave, then rose up, carefully touched those red stones. They were cold and nothing different than the other stones. She softly hitted those red stones, but nothing happen. Beside excitment, there was also nervousness on her face.

Then she pulled, knocked, lifted, smacked, pushed each of those red stones. But everything stayed the same, nothing happened.

Shaw Danon watched her from below, joy passed through his heart. He couldn't help but laughed: "I think this is not Blooddrop Cave, you guessed wrong!" Bilu couldn't do anything. She sat down and glared at Shaw Danon. But she was uncertained: Did I really guessed it wrong?

For the following four hours, Shaw Danon sat on the ground, watched this green dress girl Bilu walked around, frowned and pondered, and often used new idea to hit those red stones, but none worked.

After a while of watching, Shaw Danon felt his stomach rumbled. He was hungry. He putted his hand into clothes and wanted to take out some food. But it was empty, probably lost it when he fell into the water. Now he is hungry, there are no food inside the cave, and the pond is so clear that there are not a single fish.

The hunger in his stomach was getting heavier, more and more difficult to bare. Shaw Danon couldn't do anything but drank the water from the pond. It was helplesss.

He sighed grievingly. He is probably going to starve to death in here.

Bilu showed no sign of hunger. All of her mind were into the seven red stones. She had bothered with it for entire day, but still got nothing. She sat down, but her eyes still stared on those red stones.

Shaw Danon looked at her, couldn't help but reminded her: "What is the use of looking at it. If we don't think of a way out, we would probably going to starve to death in here." Bilu's body moved a little, seem like she remembered there was still a disciple from the side of Good next to her. She turned at looked at him, suddenly asked: "You are hungry?" But Shaw Danon could not lose his face in front of her no matter what. He immediately shook his head, said: "No." But then his stomach was going against him. It rumbled after his said that.

Bilu couldn't hold her chuckle. Shaw Danon blushed and really wanted to hide into the ground.

Bilu laughed, but took out a bag of food and handed to Shaw Danon, said seriously: "I say you better help me think of a way to open Blooddrop Cave!" Shaw Danon snorted, he turned away, ignored the food, and said certainly: "You think one bag of food can bribe me, don't think about it!"

Chapter 42 Blooddrop Cave B

Bilu startled, rolled her eyes, then smiled: "You are wrong. I am saying we are now in a dead end, if there is no way out, we are certain to die in here. But before us, there is a Blooddrop Cave. If we can find it, there is probably an exit in there!" Shaw Danon agreed it was logical. For survive, it is not bad idea to find the Blooddrop Cave since there could be an exit, otherwise they are certainly going to die.

But his stubborn temper ignored the food Bilu handed to him. He rose up and looked at those red stones again. Bilu was not mad. She looked at his back and smiled, and then also looked at the top of the cave.

The seven red stones lined up in a shape of a hook on the wall of the top. Beside the red color, there was no difference than other stones. Shaw Danon looked at it for a while and couldn't get anything out of it. He planned to hit those stones. But then he remembered Bilu had tried everything, so he gave up.

First, the two lifted their heads and observed, but later, they were tired and sat on the ground. Finally, Shaw Danon did not care anything about manner, that's what a person who is about to die do. He lay on the ground and watched the top of the cave. After a while, without himself notice, he had drowsily fell asleep.

This sleep lasted a while. When Shaw Danon woke up and opened his eyes, he found Bilu was still staring at the seven red stones with her bright eyes.

Shaw Danon was quite admire this girl in his heart. He sat up, but unexpectedly his stomach suddenly rumbled again. Seem like very hungry, completely not care about its master's face.

The cave originally was quiet except for the sound of the water. The rumble sound issued and immediately caught by Bilu's ears. She turned at looked at him.

Shaw Danon was ashamed. A person can die, but the face can never lose. He immediately turned his head away and not looked at Bilu. But he could feel his face was burning. He laughed hollowly, then walked to the pond, wanted to drink some water to lighten the hunger.

The water from the pond was most likely the spring coming from the underground. Beside the icy coolness, it was also a little sweet. But after Shaw Danon drank it, the hunger in his stomach became stronger.

But water can not substitute food. Shaw Danon sighed and stared at the water blankly. The water droped from the top of the cave, hitted on the water and created waves of ripple. Under the water, it reflected his languish face, with a little bit red.......

A little bit red?

Shaw Danon suddenly surprised why there the water reflection had redness. He forced and saw there was several red dots on his reflection. But that was not right. He looked closely, then looked at the stone wall. It was the red stones' reflection on the water and combined with his own reflection.

Shaw Danon relieved. But at that moment, something came into his mind. He took a step back, stared at the water. He saw the reflection of the seven red stones slowly appeared on the pond among the ripple. Because they were reflection, their lining was no longer look like a weird hook, but more like a palm.

Shaw Danon stood there and couldn't say anything. At that instant, he was suddenly in a hesitation. Like he stood at the crossing, but where to go?

After that feeling passed, he turned: "Hey!" Bilu was still looking at the stone wall above her. She said unconcernedly: "I am not hey. That's what you said when we first met." Shaw Danon paused, the words that were about to come out were swallowed back. But for some reason, he had an unusual patient toward this arrogant girl. He said: "Then who are you?" Bilu turned and smiled, said: "I am Bilu."

Shaw Danon repeated it twice in his heart, then shook his head, said: "Come here and take a look!" Bilu was a little puzzled, rose up and walked to him said: "What?"

Shaw Danon pointed to the water. Bilu bended down and looked. She saw the waves of the water, but then after she focused, she could see the seven red stones' palm like reflection.

Bilu was shocked, she quickly turned, said: "This is......" Shaw Danon shook his head: "I accidentally saw it, it maybe not but maybe......."

Before he finish, Bilu already said: "No matter what, we need to try it." Then she did not say anymore useless thing and stepped into the water.

Chapter 42 Blooddrop Cave C

Shaw Danon was surprised. Just within a second, the water wet her dress, but she did not mind it, only quietly waiting.

The scattered water due to she stepped into the water was gradually settled down. Bilu quietly waited for the seven stones' reflection appeared on the water again. Shaw Danon watched her from the ground. The pearl like water drops landed on this beautiful girl's hair, shoulders, landed on her face, dress.

The clear drop slipped down from her black hair, slowly flew pass her snow white skin. It was like even her beauty was like the clear water.

Shaw Danon suddenly enchanted. The original sound of water in the cave suddenly went to far away. In his eyes, there was only a girl who stood in the water like a lotus with her soul touching beauty blew against his face.

The seven stones' reflection slowly appeared, like a hand quietly lay under water. Bilu focus at those stones' positions, then letted out her right hand, and pressed on the hand.

Her hand passed through the gentle water. The red stones' reflection fluttered. The lighted reflected on this beautiful girl's face, caused her face shined softly.

The pond was very shallow. Soon, Bilu's hand reached the bottom. There was thin layer of sand lay on the bottom. She could feel there was there were five places that were slightly pointed up right under her fingers. She was delighted. She softly brushed the bottom. Under the sand, there were five small stones embed on the ground, glowed with red light.

Bilu didn't hesitate, she pressed them with five fingers, then she raised her head.

No single movement.

The happiness on Bilu's face froze. Her eyes met with Shaw Danon's, then she turned away again.

Shaw Danon was about to say something to comfort her, suddenly Bilu thought of something. She searched carefully at the position of the reflection of the two remaining red stones, then she found two more stones. This time she seem more nervous. She carefully putted her left hand on it, then pressed the seven stones all at once.

At that instant, Shaw Danon and Bilu thought they fail again. The cave was quiet, there was no sound other than the water.

And then, after the long moment they had waited, a sharp but heavy "tica" sounded in the cave.

Bilu and Shaw Danon looked at it. Behind the screen of water, the stone wall that was once flawless, hard, had sank in. Although slow, it finally showed a new cave entrance.

Shaw Danon stared at the secret open. His heart was excited, scared, but in deep of his heart, like he was not willing to admit, he was curious.

The important place of Felkin for eight hundreds years, what is in there?

Bilu slowly walked back to the ground and stood next to him. Her eyes were filled with smile. Shaw Danon peered at her. Seeing her elegant beauty, and with the water drop softly silpped off from her face and fell down, almost like hitted into his heart.

His body shock, turned away and not look at her. He said quietly: "Congrats."

Bilu seem startled a little, but the smile stayed in her eyes, her voice was also gentle, said: "It is thank to your carefulness." But Shaw Danon, for some reason, his mouth was dry, his face was heated. He took a step away, and subconsciously get away from this girl, said: "Why don't you go in then?" Bilu looked at him, suddenly smiled: "You seem like fear me?"

Shaw Danon immediately shook his head hard, said: "No, no......."

Bilu looked at him for a while, then nodded, smile was still on her face, she said: "Let us go in together!"

Shaw Danon was surprised, hesitated, then said: "No, don't. This is your Felkin place, you can go in yourself....." Bilu snorted, said: "If there is an exit in there, are you still not going in?"

Shaw Danon startled, scratched his head, said: "That's right, let, let us go then!"

Bilu smiled and nodded. She stepped into the water again, walked pass the water screen and entered the cave. Shaw Danon hesitated for a moment, then followed.

It was a ghostly tunnel. The glowing objects on the wall were much less in number than outside. Although they could still manage to see, it was very dark.

Shaw Danon and Bilu were very caustious as they walked. This was the first time anyone been here for the past eight hundred years. Who knows did those old monster of Bloodforger left some powerful seal.

But the way was peaceful. There was no accident. The path was winding, dark and long, and also slowly going upward. Shaw Danon roughly calculated, he and Bilu were probably at the center of the mountain.

While he was thinking, Bilu who was walking in front of him, suddenly stopped, said quietly: "We are there."

Shaw Danon's heart jumped. He went forth and saw at the end of the tunnel, there was bright beam of light shined in. He could see it was a large stone chamber. They looked at each other. Bilu began to walk toward there.

As they got closer, they could clearly see the detail of the stone chamber. The stone chamber was in circle form. In the other side of the chamber, there was a tunnel, it appeared this is not the end.

At the left side of the stone chamber, there was two large stone statues. One was kind, and smiling. Its dress was like fluttered by the wind. Kind of like Buddhist's Avalokitesvara.

Other was totally different. Aggressive appearance. Black face and horn. Eight hands and four heads. There was blood next to his mouth. Cause anyone who looked at it to shiver.

In front of the two statues, there was a stone table with a censer on it. Couple bags of incense lay next to it. They were all covered with dust. Probably it never had incense for eight hundreds years.

On the other end of the stone chamber, there were several futon lay on the floor randomly. Other than that, there was nothing.

Shaw Danon was puzzled by what he saw. But Bilu's face was serious. She took a futon. After she cleaned up the dust, she putted it in front of the statues. Then she picked up the incense from the table, and used the flint she carried and lighted it up, putted it in the censer. After that, she returned to the futon, and kneel down.

In the stone chamber, there was only light smoke rose and her kneel on the ground.

Shaw Danon stood behind her, listened to her voice echo in the stone chamber.

"Nether mother, Heaven vidyaraja, Holy faction's fourty-third disciple Bilu sincery praying. Holy faction faced tragedy and had weakened for long time. Many followers had sacrificed one after an other for rebuild the Holy faction. Wish mother and vidyaraja can pity the world, grant my wish, rebuild the Holy faction, save the people, together we shall reach the realm of longevity, immortal, bliss, and happiness!"

Shaw Danon realized those two statues probably were the evil gods that the Felkin worships. He couldn't help but laughed coldly, he turned away and not look at it anymore.