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Chapter 41: Dead End

Chapter 41 Dead End A

The wave of the Heartless Sea had gradually became calm, but the fear in everyone's heart had not lightened. Abyssal Viper's giant body sat in front of them like a demon from ancient time.

The giant object slightly swung its head, it seem like it did not expect there will be living human under Forsaken Abyss. It looked at them, did not make a move.

The calm Anan was the first putted herself together. She turned her head and saw Shaw Danon was still sharing at the Abyssal Viper. She pulled his sleeve. Shaw Danon shook, then turned his head. Anan whispered: "We step back first."

Shaw Danon immediately understood, nodded his head, supported Anan walked back. Bilu who was next to Negar, saw them moving, she cried: "Don't move-"

Shaw Danon and Anan startled. But just in the blink of the eye, the green light in Abyssal Viper's eyes glared, alarmed, and let out a heaven shocking roar. Everyone here covered their ears, but they could still feel their ears ringing.

While Shaw Danon was still in the stat of shock, Abyssal Viper's body moved and the tail that was soak in the water swept. Immediately a fourty feet high, several hundreds feet wide wall of water mightily crushed upon them. Among the water, there was a black tail of the snake striked at them.

While the water was still several yards away, the gale already hitted their faces, almost knocked them down. If really get hitted by this tide of water wall and the black tail, they will crushed into thousands pieces. Shaw Danon did not put much into consideration. His right arm carried Anan, summoned fire stick and flight back with all his strength.

But the wall of water was fast as wind, faster than any movement. Shaw Danon hadn't made ten feet, the wall of water already caught up to him. The roar of water was next to ears. Shaw Danon's body tightened. There was almost no additional thought in his brain. At this fate deciding moment, Shaw Danon shouted and flight upward. But when he was only a little more than ten feet above the ground, he felt the water surrounded him.


He unwillingly drew into the giant tide, his body was wet all over. Then he heard Anan screamed, his arm lossened, under the unstopable strong force, he and Anan were seperated.

Shaw Danon was paled with surprise. He struggled to get to Anan, but the strength of the billow was so strong, at the next moment, the two people were already several yards away from each other.

Seeing the raging tide roared wildly, Anan who was next to him a moment ago had disappeared in the darkness. Shaw Danon trembled, his brain was in chaos, his enter body was pushed forward by the giant wave.

When Shaw Danon felt every part of his body was about to be rend apart by the strong pressure, he suddenly peered and saw, among the water, where the sound came from, a black figure flashed. Abyssal Viper's giant black tail striked toward him.

Spray and rocks were everywhere when the black tail passed. The momentum was unstoppable. Shaw Danon did not think he can be alive if he get hitted by this giant tail.

At this critical moment, the strength came out of no where again from Shaw Danon. In the water, green light glowed again, surrounded Shaw Danon, escaped and flight upward to the sky at more than ten feet above the giant wave.

Just when Shaw Danon overjoyed, an unstoppable great force swept at his lower body. Instantly, his entire body shook. Though it was just the left over force, his vision turned black, almost knocked out. If not because he knew it was matter of life and death, and forced himself to remain conscious, he will probably die here.

Though it was like that, the strength of Abyssal Viper's tail was so strong. Shaw Danon's body shocked with bone crashing pain. It was like his entire body was going to split apart. And in this giant tide, he also did not have any remaining strength, he was hitted by to strong force to far away.

He was unwillingly flight to the endless darkness. When his body turned over, he saw giant tide and tail quickly swallowed Bilu and other people. The yellow clothes men escaped to all direction, but soon they were hitted down by the giant wave.

The green dress girl rose up. Both hands made a gesture. White glow lighted up, the white flower rose. Just in a moment, it turned into six flowers, circling the flower in the middle. Every flowers had beam of pure white light connected with each others, formed a white wheel.

Bilu was pale, but she wasn't in panic. Once the white wheel was formed, it began to spin rapidly. The bright white light blocked the giant wave. Just a second, the water of the wave accumulated. The force was terrifying.

With this moment of opportunity, Bilu lifted up. But just at that moment, the sound of the wave became heavier. It was the giant black tail, swept across.

The white wheel demolished instantly, could not block just a little force of the tail. The beautiful girl was about to get hitted by the giant snake tail, suddenly within the water, the masked woman reappeared. A soft, yellow round object flashed in the air, then swifty pushed Bilu away before the giant tail could get her.

Bilu barely escaped from the deadly object, but she was still hitted by the force, then she fell into the darkness. At the next moment, the figure of the masked woman also disappeared in the mighty wave.

The strength of the Abyssal Viper's tail was unpredictable. Shaw Danon could only hear the sound of wind next to his ears while his entire body flew backward.

If he hitted on something, like hard stone wall, all of his bones were going to crushed. But knowing is still knowing. Shaw Danon had no control of his body. His life was depend on fate.

But the Forsaken Abyss was so large. Flew for a while, he still hadn't hit on anything. Shaw Danon then felt the speed slowed down, and slowly descending. Seem like the force was began to lighten.

Fell on the ground surely does not feel good, but it was still better than hitted on the wall. Just when Shaw Danon was relieved, he suddenly felt the darkness in front of him had turned into solid, and crushed upon him.

Chapter 41 Dead End B

It was like a precipice lay before him. Shaw Danon curled up and covered head, and hitted on it.


The stones scattered; the stars flying. The whole body of Shaw Danon was shocked, then mouth full of blood spew out. At that instant, he felt it was like his body was fallen apart. If not because he had both Fuwa and Dagos incanation protected him, he could be dead.

Though it protected him, it still not felt good. His entire body stopped at the wall, and fell down weakly. On the way he felt, he hitted on the hard wall several times. Among the crushing sound, shape pain all over his body. He did not know how many bones were broken, he think not a single part of his body was complete anyway.

After an other hit, Shaw Danon almost gave up all his hope, but then with the weak green light of the fire stick in front of his chest, he bluryly saw a black shadow below him, it seem like an old tree grow on cliff.

At this critical moment, although he did not imagin that there could be a tree grow on a cliff wall under place like Forsaken Abyss, he naturally held out his hand and grabbed that old tree.

The speed he fell was faster, but at this spark of instant, he managed to grabbed the old tree.

As he caught it, it did not feel cold like the wall, but a bit of warm. But the force of falling was too strong, and the old tree did not well rooted. Though Shaw Danon grabbed the tree trunk, but the tree shook severely. After several swings, the tree and Shaw Danon fell.

At the moment he fell, Shaw Danon's heart sunk. The heart was like fall into bottomless abyss. His body was still falling, but due to that pause, the speed was slowed down. After a loud bang, he fell on the ground and past out.

After long while, Shaw Danon slowly woke up. Before he could open his eyes, he felt shape pain all over his body, like fallen apart. But since he could feel pain, it appeared he's still alive. His heart wasn't feeling all bad.

He opened his eyes, what he saw startled him.

At this moment, he was at a sealed and moist place, most likely a cave. It was about two men high, but only ten feet wide, very narrow. The side was all cold and hard stones. It was almost the same as the cliff. If this is not inside of the cliff, it must be near cliff.

But the stone in the cave seem having some kind of glowing stuff. Not large but a lot of them. They letted out beams of gentle light, brighten the cave.

Shaw Danon looked closely at the cave. One end was a pile of rocks, blocked the road tightly. An other end extended farther, but then there was a turn, he couldn't see what it is leading to.

He startled on the ground, then he decided to get up. But when his body moved, his left hand pushed against the ground, all the instant his entire body was filled with severe pain. He cried: "Ah!" His body trembled, his left hand was especially painful.

"Hmph!" A cold snort suddenly came out from deeper in of the cave. Shaw Danon was surprised, he turned his head and a lady came out from the turning. Green dress and a pretty face, isn't that the young Felkin heretic?

They were in confrontation not long ago. Now Shaw Danon suddenly saw there was person from Felkin, he held up fire stick and alarmed. He forgot the pain in his body.

Bilu glared at him, but she had no intention to fight. She appeared to be loss, like she had no spirit. She impatiently said: "Okay, okay, look at your silly face, several of your bones are already broken, you still in such high spirit!"

Shaw Danon frowned, but seeing Bilu had no intention to fight, though it was awkward, but he slowly lowered his fire stick. Once he relaxed, immediately the pain came back. He couldn't help but cried out again.

Bilu looked at this righteous young men's weird look, she couldn't hold her chucke. The surrounding feeling was softened, but after the laughter, she gave a long sigh with sorrow.

Shaw Danon snorted. He was laughed by a young girl and embarrassed, he said angrily: "What are you laughing at?"

Bilu looked at him, said: "I am laughing at you."

Shaw Danon noticed that she spoke so directly, like a little shameless. The anger rose inside him, he said: "What so funny, let see if you crushed on it?"

Bilu's face changed and was about to teach this ignorant brat a lesson, but then she held back, sighed: "We won't able to live for long, what is the use to argue with you?"

Shaw Danon was alarmed, but after he heard what the girl said, he startled and asked: "What did you said?"

Bilu looked at him, said: "This is a cave, can't you see?"

Shaw Danon said: "Yeah! Then what?"

Bilu snorted, the pointed to the pile of rocks: "This is the only exit, now it got buried by those rocks. Go and try break through it!"

Shaw Danon's mouth dropped. He looked at the rocks, seeing it was blocked tightly, without single gap. He knew his own strength. If it was fighting enemy, his fire stick and his cultivation could still have some use, but if digging the mountain like Yu Gong (Note 1), it was not his strength.

Startled for a moment, then he suddenly thought of an important question. He quickly turned his head and asked: "I remember I fell on the ground after I hitted on the wall of the cliff. How did I end up here in the cave?"

Bilu said lightly: "I dragged you here."

"What?" Shaw Danon was mad again.

Bilu looked at him, said: "I landed not far away from where you fainted and saw you. The Abyssal Viper was chasing after us. I raised my head and saw the place where you pulled the old tree off was a cave. There was light came out from it. The cave was not large, so I hid in there. Before I left, I felt pity for you so I took you in, dummy!"

Shaw Danon frowned: "Why the entrance was blocked?"

Bilu shrugged, with an unfortunate look on her face, said: "The Abyssal Viper could not enter. Out of anger, its tail hitted on the wall, then half of the mountain collapsed, buried this place, buried us."

Shaw Danon looked at her for a while, then doubtfully said: "Really?"

Anger rose on Bilu's face, then she picked up a large rock and threw it at him, said: "Am I lying to you? I should have let you die!"

Chapter 41 Dead End C

Shaw Danon was not fast enough to dodge it, so he used his arm to protect his head. Unexpectedly, the rocked hitted his left arm, the pain pierced into his heart. His vision blacked, almost fainted again.

Bilu saw Shaw Danon's face immediately pale and held his left arm with a painful look. Her heart jumped, then said coldly: "Don't play dead, I have seen people like you a lot of time."

Shaw Danon had no strength to argue with her about "play dead", he himself was about to pain to death. His entire arm already turned numb due to the pain.

Bilu watched for a while, seeing that he does not seem faking. She walked to Shaw Danon, did not care about Shaw Danon's look, she squeezed Shaw Danon's arm serveral times.

Shaw Danon was sweated in pain, said furiously: "What are you doing?"

Bilu did not get mad, instead she had a little apology, said: "Your arm bone is broken."

Shaw Danon snorted, but he was stubborn, said: "It was broken because of Abyssal Viper, it got nothing do with you. Go away."

Bilu looked at him again, snorted, then did not say anything, walked away and stood at the side, watched at him coldly like there will be a show.

The pain was extremely painful, but Shaw Danon did not lose face in front of the heretic no matter what. He forced himself to stand up. Looked around, the injuries were mostly scratches and outer injuries, only the left arm was broken. It was fortune in misfortune.

But the broken bone pain was still difficult to bear. After few movements, the pain caused the sweat came out again.

Shaw Danon gritted his teeth. He had learned some healing technique when he was in Bamboo Peak. He wanted to fix his arm. But he looked around, they were all strange rocks, not a single that was straight enough like a wood stick to fix his arm. He couldn't help but became anxious.

Bilu suddenly said at the side: "Your stick."

Shaw Danon startled, then he realized fire stick was a foot long, just right for he need. He looked at that young girl and wanted to thank her. But seeing her despise face, the words were swallowed back, he said: "I already thought of it, you don't need to tell me."

Bilu curled her lips: "Then what were you looking for?"

Shaw Danon said angrily: "Can't I looking for an exit? Am I going to stuck in here forever if I can't find the exit?" Then, he suddenly thought of something and shocked. He turned and asked Bilu: "Right, did you saw my Shijie?"

Bilu was startled by his sudden anxiety, then she shook her head: "That time was the matter between life and death, who have the time to care about other people?"

Shaw Danon was quiet while his heart was very worry. Anan was poisoned, now facing this disaster, her life is in danger. He sighed and lowered his head.

Bilu's face softened, watching this young men lowered his head and fixed his arm on the ugly fire stick, she asked: "Are you in good relationship with your Shijie?"

Shaw Danon startled, shook his head: "No, but she is still my-- why I need to tell you!" Snorted, then Shaw Danon ignored her. He tore of piece of his clothes, used his mouth and right hand to tie up his left arm. Then he looked at the large pile of rocks again, at the end he sighed, and turned, walked into the cave.

Seeing Shaw Danon walking further into the cave, Bilu asked: "Where are you going?"

Shaw Danon said while walking: "I am buried in here alive, at least need to see what it is in there!"

Bilu snorted. But still in this lifeless cave, she still followed him. Seem like there would be no fear if two people walk together.

After the turn, a long corridor appeared before Shaw Danon. It was similar to where he was, but a little wider. The stones from both sides were also glowing, brightened this place. But the dust on the ground was very thick, leaving clear footprints.

There were footprints on the road, they seem to be left by Bilu when she first arrived here.

After a while, they reached the end of the long corridor. There was an other turning, at the same time there was faint sound of water.

Bilu suddenly said behind him: "Shaw Danon."

"What?" Shaw Danon answered, but immediately turned, said: "How do you know my name?"

Bilu chuckled: "You told me in Sunstream City!"

Shaw Danon recalled it. He turned his head away embarrassingly, and said: "Why there is water sound?"

Bilu said impatiently: "This is the end of the tunnel. There is a screen of water, other than that there is no exit. Alas! Can't believe that I will die in this place."

Shaw Danon ignore her and continue walking. After a while, the sound of water was getting louder gradually. Soon, he saw at the end of the tunnel, there was a screen of water hanging from the top of the cave. The water splash was crystal clear and beautiful. The water landed on a small pond. If not because they were in a dead end, it was a good scenery.

But at this moment, no one would have the motive to appreciate such scenery. Shaw Danon went in front of the waterfall, he closely examined it for a moment, then his heart was frozen.

Behind the waterfall was a hard stone wall, not difference than the stones on the side. The small pond's bottom could clearly saw. There was no exit for the water, probably sink into the earth. And for the above, there were stones with water dropping. Where can be a exit?

Shaw Danon turned his head, met Bilu's eyes. They looked at each other for a moment and remain silence.

This cave became dead quiet.

Shaw Danon's thought was distraught. Facing this situation, also worry about Anan who went missing, and additionally the injury of his left arm. The pain coming from there was hard to bear.

Bilu looked at him, her heart couldn't bear it, she said quietly: "Sit down and rest for a while! We will patiently work our way out of this place."

In this dead end, Shaw Danon's hostility toward her was lightened. If they were in outside, he naturally irreconcilable with this Felkin heretic. But now they were going to die in here soon, how would they care about factions difference?

Shaw Danon quietly sat down, looked at the surrounding blankly. Then he stared at the stone wall near the water, his mind thought: Can't believe the first time leave the mountain I have to so many obstacle, now I am in a dead end. If master find out, he will probably scold this dishonor disciple! If Ling'Er Shijie find out, don't know if she will-- Bilu looked at him, saw Shaw Danon was a little strange, she asked: "What are you thinking?"

Shaw Danon woke up, his face blushed, but how he would willing to tell the truth. His eyes peered and changed the topic: "There are so many strange things in Forsaken Abyss, look at the few red places on the stone wall. When water flow pass it, they look just like blood--"

Bilu suddenly jumped up, eyes widened, her face was nervous, quickly asked: "What did you say?"

Note 1: There was a legend in China about an old men name Yu Gong (Foolish Old men). He one day decided to remove all earth from the two mountains so his children don't need to travel across the mountain everytime they need to go to the city. His action drew the Jade Emperor's attention (Lord of Heaven). Jade Emperor then sent two of his men and removed the mountains in one night and helped Yu Gong.