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Chapter 40: Abyssal Viper

Chapter 40 Abyssal Viper A

That young lady also saw Shaw Danon and the unconsious Anan. She did not expect there would be living human down here, she was surprised, too.

Then, she recongized Shaw Danon. She startled, after amazement flashed on her face, she smiled.

"It is such a small world that we meet again!" She was like the bloomed lily in the darkness, gracefully walked to them.

Shaw Danon rose and stood in front of Anan. After all, a person who come to Forsaken Abyss where the nether spirits and yashos live is not a normal human.

The young lady got closer. Shaw Danon saw a white flower between her fingers of right hand. It glowed with faint white light, lighted the ground around her. It might be some rare species.

But Shaw Danon had no spare time to care about the flower. Though he was alert to that strange girl, but however, seeing her in the lonely, dark Forsaken Abyss, he felt a little friendly.

"Hello." Shaw Danon wanted to say some greeting words, but only this word came out at the end.

The young girl looked at him, smiled: "Isn't that Jadeon's Shaw Danon Zhang adventurer? Why you come to his ghostly place? This is not the place that you guys should go."

Shaw Danon startled, said: "How do you know I am from Jadeon?"

That young girl smiled and not answer him.

Shaw Danon frowned, felt that girl was not usual. When he was pondering, that girl laughed softly: "May I ask Zhang adventurer, how long you have been here, find "Blooddrop Cave" yet?"

Shaw Danon startled, said: "What Blooddrop Cave?"

The girl snorted, the smile on her face was gone, but her tone was still remain calm: "Zhang adventurer, you are pretend to be silly. Your so-called Good people, if not because of the item inside of Blooddrop Cave, why come to this dark, dirty place?"

Shaw Danon was puzzled. But he understood that there was a Blooddrop Cave, and probably important thing was in there. But he did not hear his Master and Head Shibo mentioned it. But what he was thinking was not this, it was he understood the meaning of this girl's words, he said in low tone: "You said our Path of Righteous is hypocrit, who are you?"

The girl flicked her green dress, then drew an arc in air with her flower. The white light lasted for a while in the darkness before it slowly dissipated.

"I, aren't your most hated felkin heretic?" She smiled evilly.

Shaw Danon's heart stinked, suddenly a feeling of disappointment. But that idea was only a flash, left no track in his heart. He snorted, then on guard.

When he entered Jadeon, he was taught by all his elders of how Felkin heretics trouble people, cruel and lawless. Jadeon's rule was forbidden them to have any relationship with Felkin. They were irreconcilable enemy.

But that girl seem did not hate them, had no meaning to fight. Her eyes peered behind Shaw Danon, then suddenly smiled: "Is that elder sister waking up?"

Shaw Danon turned and saw Anan moved a little. Her lips moved and her eyes slowly opened. Shaw Danon was glad, said: "You wake up!"

But anxiousness was on Anan's face, struggled to say: "Careful--"

Shaw Danon hadn't react, he already smelled fragrance surrounded him. White light flashed, a white flower appeared in front of his eyes.

In the darkness, under Forsaken Abyss, where can you find a flower? Shaw Danon was surprised, stepped back. The flower floated in the air, like smiling and nodding to him. Just in that moment, the flower fell apart. The clean white petals glowed with ghostly green light and flight toward him.

Even did not know this girl has Felkin background, just by looking at the flower itself could sense something wrong. Shaw Danon was attacked unexpectedly. He was in a rush. He took few steps back, held up his fire stick and defend. Most petals were parried when they touched the green light of fire stick, but some flight pass through and almost wounded Shaw Danon.

Shaw Danon cursed the cunning of the Felkin heretic in his heart. The words of his Master, Shi niang, Shixiongs were right, without any mistake. But when he looked back, he saw the girl was flying toward to Anan.

Shaw Danon was surprised. After Anan was severely injured, she had no strength to fight back. And he himself the distance was farther away. He quickly waved his hand, drove the first stick, and charged at the green dress girl.

Hearing the piercing of the wind, the green dress girl smiled, waved her right hand. Like lighting, all the petals flight back and gathered at the bud. The flower glowed with faint white light went forth. The white light touched the green light of fire stick. They locked in mid-air, after a while, seem like neither side win, they flight back to their owner.

In the darkness, there was suddenly a cry out of surprise.

With this opportunity, Shaw Danon caught the fire stick and quickly went to Anan's side, stood in front of her, not going to allow the Felkin heretic to use anymore trick.

But that "cunning" heretic suddenly stopped, not advancing, and let Shaw Danon went back to Anan's side. She looked at Shaw Danon with surprise in her eyes.

She was originally thinking that the "Heartending" Flower in her hand was enough to stop Shaw Danon. But unexpectedly, when "Heartending Flower" against the fire stick in mid-air, originally it could use the fire stick as a route to palazye Shaw Danon with its fragrance, but the fragrance was blocked, and backfire a little on her, caused her to surprise.

Chapter 40 Abyss Viper B

Shaw Danon stood in front of Anan, helped her to rise up, he asked quietly: "You alright! Lu Shijie?"

Anan shook her head. Shaw Danon was relieved, he turned his head and said angrily: "Shameless heretic, only know how to sneak up on people!"

The surprise in that girl immediately gone and was replaced by anger. She snorted, said: "Fine, then I will let you see the power of the heretic!"

While she was speaking, she was preparing to make a move. Shaw Danon quickly be on guard. But Anan was leaning on him weakly, clearly she was heavily injured, most likely because of the poison. The Felkin heretic in front of him was unpredictable, if they fight, he will be hard to help Lu Shijie.

Unfortunately the events of this world can not alway occur like what people desire. When Shaw Danon's mind was racing, he suddenly discovered thing was getting worse.

In the darkness, an other light appeared. But this light was different than the green dress girl's. Even though it is bright, the color was dark. Almost cause people to think it is a black light. Within the light, a ghostly figure walked toward them, stopped next to the green dress girl. She was a tall woman, dressed in black clothes, masked with soft veil. She was the one who travel together with that girl in Shanhai Yuan that day.

After that, in the surprised eyes of Shaw Danon, several lights brightened in the darkness. Five people in yellow clothes appeared. They were the attendents of that young girl in Shanhai Yuan. Now they were all here.

Shaw Danon felt his throat was dried. Under the eyes of so many people, his body could not help but shivered. At that moment, he suddenly heard the soft and weak voice of Anan: "You hurry get out of here. These people's cultivation is not below you and I, can not fight them!"

Shaw Danon turned his head and found that pale but beautiful face next to him had no sign of worry and fear, only speaking the most common sense. Shaw Danon startled, shook his head and bitted his lip, then turned his head back and faced the mysterious Felkin followers.

"Bilu, be careful." The masked woman looked at the two, then her eyes landed on the fire stick in Shaw Danon's hand, whispered: "This black stick is a little weird."

Bilu, also the green dress girl, said: "Aunt Negar, what did you find out?"

The masked woman, who is called Aunt Negar, did not show any expression through the mask, but there was puzzle in her words: "It seem like--it is so similar to that evil energy. But how a person from Path of Righteous has such object. They don't know how to control the orb. And that, that short stick, what is it?"

Bilu snorted, said: "I want to see how powerful that thing is!" Then she took a step forward. The men in yellow behind her also stepped forth. Shaw Danon saw it was not right. Though he wanted to fight, but he knew the gap of the strength was too wide. So he could only helped Anan walked backward.

The masked woman was filled with heavily ghostly energy. Her body floated forward in the darkness, followed Bilu like a spirit. She spoke in the voice that only they could hear: "That boy's short stick has extreamly heavy evil power, do you feel it?"

Bilu looked at the nervous Shaw Danon, nodded.

The masked woman paused, then said: "Though it is like that, but I feel that the evil power of the short stick has not completely release, seem to be seal by something. From what I think, this short stick might has some relationship to our Holy Faction. This boy's identity is suspicious. You must think twice before you act."

Bilu frowned, said: "Aunt Negar, what do you want to do?"

The masked woman's tone returned to normal, said: "Capture them and bring them to your father. Archlord know everything of this world, he must know what that is!"

Bilu thought for a moment, then said: "That's fine."

While they were talking, they kept on walking forward. Without their instruction, the yellow clothing people next to them would not attack. They walked for quite a distance as they talk.

Shaw Danon supported Anan, his heart was getting more and more nervous. Then the sound of water next to his ears. It appeared they returned to the shore of where they started.

Bilu startled, then turned to the masked woman, said: "Aunt Negar, is this 'Heartless Sea'?"

The masked woman pondered for a moment, then suddenly sighed, said: "Infatuation is only for heartless pain! Yes, this is the most mysterious 'Heartless Sea' of the five seas."

"Ah!" Perhaps she was still young, Bilu did not notice the masked woman's sorrow in her words. She was excited, said: "Since young, I heard father said, in the bottom of the Heartless Sea, it is the Sea of Nine Nethers. He said Blooddrop Cave is located near Heartless Sea under Forsaken Abyss. Seem like we finally find it after these three days.

But the masked woman entered silent, did not reply to her.

Bilu was a little puzzled, but did not mind it. She turned her head and said: "Well, I will capture you first, then search for Blooddrop Cave."

She waved her hand. The five yellow clothing men stepped forth and ready to fight. Behind Shaw Danon was the dark and endless Heartless Sea. Before him was surrounded by the Felkin followers. There way no way forward and backward. He was in a dead end.

Chapter 40 Abyssal Viper C

Anan could feel the chill wind came from the Heartless Sea behind her. Herself was powerless, also a little dizzy and disgust feeling, probably cause by poison.

No need to consider much, she knew if Shaw Danon stay here can take care of her, both of them will die.

She turned for head, looked at Shaw Danon. That young man was nervous, the muscle was tigthened, and the arm that use for supporting Anan was having too much force due to nervousness. Even in his eyes, there was a desire for live, and fear for death.

But, there was no sign of drawing back.

"Zhang Shidi." She softly called. Shaw Danon heard it, his shoulder also moved, like he was about to turned his head. But for some reason, he did not look at her.

"Lu Shijie, on the platform, even not long ago, you had saved me. I-I-am not leaving." Shaw Danon wanted to say some powerful words, but they were all gone when he spoke, and ended up with the "not leaving".

Anan did not say anything.

Shaw Danon suddenly felt a little uneasy: did my words offended her? But for some reason, since the first time he saw Anan, he was fear of his icy lady.

The freezing wind of the Heartless Sea blew the silence lady's hairs, softly swept across his face.

The water of Heartless Sea suddenly became violent.

The darkness, was like a sigh of someone. The wind, was like the hideous smile of Heartless Sea, laughing at the world.

Bilu smiled, leading the five yellow clothes men surrounded them.

Shaw Danon took a step back, then he felt his foot stepped into the bone freezing water.

At that instant, the Heartless Sea slowly increase in violent, suddenly, a huge wave hitted. The sound of the wave was ear shocking. It was about a thirty feet high. No one on the land did not surprised, they barely able to stand.

The masked woman who was standing in behind called quickly: "Bilu, retreat!"

Bilu was surprised. She knew Aunt Negar was experienced and knowledgeable, even her father respect her. She did not doubt and quickly went back.

Once she moved, the five yellow clothes men also followed her went back. Only Shaw Danon and Anan, who were standing closest to the sea, was unprepared and hitted by the large wave. Their bodies were wet and the bone freezing coldness was hard to bear.

After that, everyone looked at the changing Heartless Sea. Above the dark sea, two lanterns glowed with green light slowly brightened. But those lanterns were weird. They were not normal circle, but vertical and thin. Between them were two dark and thin opening, letting out the cold, vicious intention.

"It is this thing." The masked woman shook, said: "That animal still haven't die!"

Bilu surprised, asked: "Animal? Aunt Negar, what is this thing?"

The masked woman looked at the two lights that was getting closer and closer to them above the raging Heartless Sea, there was fear in her voice: "It is 'Abyssal Viper'."

Bilu was shocked, almost unable to believe, asked: "Didn't that demon already slained by the holy beast Golden Bird of the west great swamp thousands years ago?"

The masked woman said in a hurry: "The rumor is like that, but today it appear here. I don't know, Bilu. That Abyssal Viper is ancient demon. Very deadly. Other than its natural enemy Gold Bird, nothing can kill it. We need to run."

Bilu went back several steps, then suddenly turned around said: "But that boy--"

The masked woman shook her head, said: "Can't worry about that much right now, hurry."

Bilu was still in hesitation. But Shaw Danon and Anan, who were still standing next to the sea, after the blink of the eye, they held their breath.

They could see it clearly. The two lanterns that were almost two men high was a pair of large eyes. Since he entered Cave of Fangs, Shaw Danon kept seeing large and strange eyes. From Nian Boss's Red Devil Eye to the pig head yasho's eyes, but they couldn't compare to this pair of eyes in front of them. It was like a seed compare to the universe.

The wind of the sea was not salty, but an air covering smell of blood.

The large black snake slowly appeared before them. Its lower body was soak in the sea water. No one here was anywhere near half of this snake's body thickness. The upper body and the head was already more than thirty feet away from the ground. The snake eyes were glowed with green light. At this moment, it was looking at the humen that were like ants to it. (note 1)

Shaw Danon never knew there could be such large creature in this world. He thought the Jadeon Peak of Widows' Master Spirit Water Kirin was already the largest in the world. But now compare to the Abyss Viper, Water Kirin's size was no different than a little puppy.

Not only him, also Anan, and the Felkin's Bilu and others had never see such giant beast. They were all shocked on the ground, unable to speak.

Note 1: <>: South of Black Water, has ancient snake, feed on deers. At Wu mountain, west has Golden Bird. Emperor's Elixir, eight fasts. Golden Bird at Wu mountain, enemy of this ancient snake.

<> Abyss Snake: Giant snake. Black body, white stomach, green eyes, fourty feet wide, thousand feet long. Ate immortal pill and gain longevity. Ten thousands years old. Live at western great swamp, rumor said it also live in the sea.