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Chapter 39: Meet Again

Chapter 39 Meet Again A


That was a clear and loud sound in the darkness!

Anan stood in front of Shaw Danon with her face cold, she drew out her sword.

Aeolian Firmus unsheathed!

Blue light rose, the pure and magnificent light had brighten the dark world.

The nether spirits' light was gone in front of the blue light. Even with that, the nether spirits had no sign of fear, coming in from all directions.

Anan gave a light shout. Sign of pain appeared on her pale face, but was soon replaced by the determination.

Under its owner's control, Aeolian Firmus' blue light brightened, sliced across the charging nether spirits.

At the second the nether spirits touched the blue light, immediately there was "zizi" like popping sound. The first couples of nether spirits were dispersed

That sound echoed in the darkness. It was terrifying.

Aeolian Firmus was sure extreamly strong, but it could not intimidate the remaining nether spirits. At the moment when Anan made a move, several nether spirits came from behind and attacked at the unconscious Shaw Danon.

Anan saw it with the corner of her eyes. She quickly turned and used Aeolian Firmus sweeped above Shaw Danon's body, dispersed the nether spirits.

But there was too nether spirits. There was no different between killing and not killing them. With her body already injured, Anan became exhausted after several rounds while the spirits flight around and threatened them. The blue light of Aeolian Firmus became weaker. Anan gritted her teeth, but still fell and sat next to Shaw Danon.

Complacent ghost cries faintly came from the scream of the nether spirits. The ghosty light brightened. The Yin energy thickened. Anan turned and looked at Shaw Danon.

Though this young men was still unconscious, his face shown suffering. Is he thinking of some heart hurting past?

Anan mumbled: "Can't believe I will die with you together today!"

She straightened her body. Her face was colorless, but she still not give up. Her right hand formed orchid incanation mark. Aeolian Firmus stopped in mid-air, then pierced in the ground in front of Anan. The blue light appeared rose again. With the Aeolian Firmus as center, it formed a aura around Anan and Shaw Danon.

The surrounding nether spirits saw the tasty living bodies was right before their eyes, they went to them swiftly. But after a moment, the aura swelled and blue light rose. The blue light flashed and formed an arc above the two people's head, blocked the nether spirits.

But if smart people saw this, they could see the aura was too weak. There was no strength in it. Anan was just die trying.

Seeing the tasty food kept off from them again, the nether spirits was getting very angry. The cries of the ghost became louder. Countless of nether spirits strived to crush down the aura. Each time it hitted, Anan's body shook, her face became more pale, and the Aeolian Firmus' light dimmed a little. The originally two men high aura had downed to not even one man's size.

Anan's face was pale as paper, watching the hideous smile of the illusion face of nether spirits, watching they opened their ethereal mouths. Her whole body was like fallen into icehouse.

At that moment, she suddenly heard, inside the mouth of the unconscious Shaw Danon, a murmur came out.

Anan quickly turned. There no word that can be describe her feeling. When fighting alone against the nether spirit, suddenly hear the voice of an ally. There was a happiness that she had never experienced before rose in her heart.

But before she could see Shaw Danon's face clearly, a strange thing happened. The ground below them was originally hard, but a large hole appeared at the place where Shaw Danon was laying. He fell in.

Anan was shocked. The hole was completely dark, unable to assume the depth of the hole. But deep in the darkness, there were a pair of large, horrifying red eyes flashed!

At the next moment, without any hesitation, Aeolian Firmus' aura dispelled. Among the screams of the nether spirits, Anan grabbed Aeolian Firmus and fell into the dark hole!

After that, all the nether spirits followed them into the hole.

A thud sounded in the cave. Moment later, among the scream of the nether spirits, there was suddenly a sharp roar.


It sound like a raging roar of a wounded boar. Moment later, a large figure jumped out from the cave. Behind were countless of nether spirits, flight across the cave.

Under the ghostly light, Anan held Shaw Danon out from the ground with her left hand. Blood came out from the corner of her lip. Left side of her body was stained red, it was appeared she was injured.

Shaw Danon rely on Anan in order to stand, but his eyes were already opened. The fire stick had brightened again. Though weak, but it still glowed with green light like usual.

This young man and woman, in this world of darkness, supported each other, depended on each other.

Chapter 39 Meet Again B

Anan watched the nether spirits raged but not dare to came down. An indescribable gladness rose in her heart. Although they still did not escape from danger, it was good to have a person by her side.

Then, their eyes landed on the giant figure in front of them. They could sense the extreamly strong rancid odor, then, with the ghostly light of the nether spirits, they saw the shape of that yasho.

It was a giant yasho that was about two men high; pig head and dog body; sharp fangs; body was dark black all over; the hairs were spiky like needles; the eyes were red in the darkness, sort of like Felkin Heretic Nian Boss's Red Devil Eye. (Note 1)

That yasho was laying on the ground, breathing heavily. Under the black, dirty fur, the left forelimb was cutted open, appeared to be done by Anan. Its eyes stared at the two humen who wounded it. Hatred shot out from its eyes, wanted to just swallow them right away!

Nether spirits dancing in the air, when they passed by the yasho, they did not attack. It seem like they alway mind their own business like water of well never come across with water of river.

Anan's body was hurt and tired, almost wanted to just fall and sleep, no longer need to think. But after few struggles, she still held out, whispered to Shaw Danon: "There are too many nether spirits and yasho here. We don't know what may come out after that. Let go away first."

Shaw Danon nodded and agreed. The two stepped back, but unfortunately, when they took a step, the nether spirits took a step, and the yasho also not let it go, it followed. Along the way of this walk, the nether spirits feared Shaw Danon's fire stick. The pid head yasho also feared the two, but not willing to give up.

Zhang and Lu were already wounded. In this dark and moist Forsaken Abyss, after several battles, they were already exhausted. If not because the nether spirits and the yasho was forcing them, the two would probably relaxed and fainted.

But at this moment they were facing the matter of life and death, unknown strength and courage came from their body, helped them to hold out to now.

This Forsaken Abyss was not known to the Path of Righteous. It was surprisingly large. They walked for long time, but it was still open ground. No shadow of wall. It was hard to imagin how they landed this far when they fell off?

There was no free time for them to think of this question. Everywhere in front of them were the hungry nether spirits and yasho. Life and death was only matter of a second. They could not do anything about it. Then suddenly, Shaw Danon felt his back hitted something hard.

They could not dare to lower their guard on the yasho and nether spirits, so they were walking backward. Shaw Danon was surprised they suddenly hitted something. He quickly turned and unexpected to find out it was a large tree, more than three men wide.

Shaw Danon was relieved, and told Anan who was behind him: "Nothing, it was just a tree--"

Before he could finish, Shaw Danon felt a rope like object had tangled around his neck, then his entire body was carried into the air by strong force.

Anan surprised, turned around and screamed: "Tree spirit!" (Note 2)

A tree grew lonely in the open ground. All the quiet tree branches moved like man's arms. The object that grabbed Shaw Danon was one of the thick tree branches. In the darkness, the moving figure of the tree spirit was like the devil of nine nethers.

Shaw Danon felt the twig on his neck was getting tighter. He couldn't breath. Anan wanted to help, but a earth shocking roar came. The yasho used this opportunity. It jumped and hitted with its giant claws that flashed with green light, perhaps they were poisonous.

Anan left with no choice but to parry. With this obstacle, she tried several times to recuse Shaw Danon but unable, and got herself into danger.

Shaw Danon was caught by the tree spirit. His throat was extreamly painful. The tree spirit issued a terrifying hiss, most likely out of pleasure. The twig pulled him backward to the tree trunk. At the same time more blanches came and tied his body, leaving only the hands were able to move, other than that, he could not offer any resistance.

Shaw Danon was extreamly anxious. He looked at Anan and found herself was also in trouble. He turned back and it shocked him even more. On the tree trunk, a large mouth opened slowly. Sharp, fishy, stink smell gushed out from the mouth. The twig was taking him to tree spirit's mouth.

Shaw Danon was trembling. He had never think of one day he would become a fertilizer for a tree. This way of dying was disgusting.

But now the arrow was on the string, he was getting closer and closer to the mouth. The stinky smell was getting heavier. The sweat on Shaw Danon's forehead was like raining.

He almost arrived at the mouth. He used his strength that came out from nowhere, and used his feet pushed against the trunk. But unfortunately the strength of the tree spirit was uncommonly strong. The twigs pulled several times, then Shaw Danon collasped and arrived next to the mouth.

The heavy smell hitted his face. Don't know how many life this tree spirit had killed. Shaw Danon at the last moment, struggling, swung his hand, using his only weapon the fire stick and stabbed at the tree spirit's mouth.

The fire stick, especially the orb, glowed with ghostly green light.

The originally dull fire stick was used by Shaw Danon and hitted the tree spirit. It pierced through tree spirit's hard trunk like a divine edge. The blanches of the tree spirit suddenly were all frozen.

Shaw Danon himself was also startled. At the same time, a fear emotion rose in his heart.

A familar, cool feeling circled throughout his body. Then a refreshing energy came from the fire stick and entered Shaw Danon's body. It was just like the moment Shaw Danon fought against Jiang Lao San in Cave of Fangs.

Shaw Danon was stunned in mid-air!

He stared blankly at what happen in front of him. After the mighty, vicious tree spirit was stabbed by the ugly fire stick, the large body withered quickly. All the blanches and leave were like having their water drained. They dried, curled, and the leave fallen. After the last roar of its life, the entire tree collapsed. Then, lost its life.

Shaw Danon landed on the ground, staring blankly. He did not need to channel his energy and he still knew the benefit of the energy came from the fire stick. It helped nourish his damaged channel.

He looked at the fire stick in his hand, the green light circling, like it a person who finish eating, the fire stick letted out a satisfied light. Especially on the fire stick, the blood vessels had brightened with red like it just fed on blood.

"Dang" The horrifying fire stick sliped off from Shaw Danon's hand and landed on the gound. Bounced twice then it stopped.

Chapter 39 Meet Again C

After it left Shaw Danon's palm, the black stick lost its parasitifer, all the light immediately disappeared, returned back to the normal and ugly black stick.

Shaw Danon breathed heavily, there was only one voice echo in his mind: What is this, what is this?

At this moment, Anan scream came. Shaw Danon was waken. He turned and said Anan was attacked by countless of nether spirits and the pig head yasho. She fell backward under the heavy hit, her clothes was stained red. This injury appeared to be severe.

Shaw Danon threw away the thoughts in his mind, picked up the fire stick and flight to Anan.

In mid-air, the fire stick seem smiling in his hand. The green light brighten up again, brigthen his face.

At the path where Shaw Danon passed, countless of nether spirits fled. In the blink of the eye, Shaw Danon had caught up to Anan. But the pid head yasho did not fear the fire stick, it roared and attacked.

Under the pressure, Shaw Danon was worried about Anan. He did not stepped back, and also roared. Channeled the art that Surin had taught him before he left. Fire stick left his hand and like a shooting arrow, it charged at the pig head yasho.

The pig head yasho saw it was a small black stick. Its large claw swung, wanted to push away this trouble thing and feasted on the two hateful but tasty humen.

But then as its palm swung, it felt something passed through its palm, then after a second, something passed its chest. The pig head yasho startled and looked down, saw there was a hole on its palm, and at the chest, there was a hole also. Its entire body was pierced through by the fire stick.


The pig head yasho gave a heart piercing wild roar, the body swayed, then like a falling pillar, it landed heavily on the ground, stirred up a cloud of dust. It struggled a few times on the ground, black blood came out from its mouth, and finally it stopped moving.

Shaw Danon caught Anan and found her entire body was cold and already fainted. The fire stick had killed an other life, flashed with green light and returned back to Shaw Danon's hand.

Shaw Danon felt the spirit in his body had refilled, most of the injuries were already recovered. He checked Anan's breathing and found it was getting more rapid. He lowered his head and saw the skin on her left shoulder had turned black, clearly was poisoned.

Shaw Danon was anxious, even the two monsters were dead, there were still countless of nether spirits. But as he turned, he discovered those nether spirits were already gone and returned to the darkness. Shaw Danon was surpised, but this was a good thing. He did not think much about it, he quickly turned back and taken care of Anan.

But Shaw Danon actually did not know it was all thank to the "Sinister Orb" on his fire stick. Eight hundred years ago, Elder Blackheart expanded Felkin's "Bloodforger" blanch, shocked the world, and setted up a base for Bloodforger in Cave of Fangs' underground maze.

Elder Blackheart was a cruel person. When he crafted this Sinister Orb he killed countless of life. Many of those spirits were gathered in Forsaken Abyss, unable to reincarnate.

They were all murdered by Sinister Orb. Even today, Sinister Orb had combined with a nameless stick, the shape was changed, the vicious energy had covered. But when Shaw Danon channeled magic, the vicious energy of Sinister Orb was shown. The nether spirits were scared away and thought Elder Blackheart had revived.

Shaw Danon slowly putted Anan back to the ground. Hesitated for a moment, looked at the wound that already turned back, he sighed.

It seem like the eternal darkness had became quiet, returned to the dead silence.

Shaw Danon felt a little dizzy, but looked at bound wound no long having black gas over Anan's face, he relieved.

He quietly sitting, protecting the unconscious girl.

The ghostly green light of the fire stick covered them.

Everywhere was quiet!


There was not even sound of the insects. In Forsaken Abyss, beside nether spirits and yasho, there were no living creatures.

But, at that moment, Shaw Danon suddenly heard foot step coming.

The foot step in the darkness was soft and harmonious, but to Shaw Danon, it was like spring thunder. He stood up and turned to the direction where the foot step came from, and held his fire stick tight.

In the darkness, there was a light moving. Then, a girl appeared in the light. She wore green dress; pair of thin eyebrows and pretty eyes; jade white skin that was whiter than snow and frost. With the spirit like gorgeousness of the darkness, she had a soul touching, awkward beauty.

Shaw Danon opened his mouth wide, startled and could not say anything. That girl was the green dress young lady he met in Sunstream City's Shanhai Yuan.

Note 1: "Shenmo Ziyi-Yasho" Red Eyes Pig Devil - pig head dog body, large size, black fur, hard spikes, red eyes, able to see in the dark. Perfer to eat rotten food, perfer live in dark moist place.

Note 2: "Shenmo Ziyi-Spirit" Tree Spirit - Thousands years old tree, legend said it absorbed spirit from heaven and earth, and the strength of spirit from nether, so it became a spirit. Large tree shape, eat living creatures, rumor said they could walk freely.