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Chapter 36: Strange Eye

 Chapter 36 Strange Eye A

From behind, the sound of battle linger in one's ears. It was clear the three Jadeons were fighting the other heretics. But Shaw Danon here entered an awkward silent.

Shaw Danon was lost. But the owners of the yellow sword and grey fang saw this scene with their own eyes. They were shocked and not know what to do next.

"Cynical, did I see that correctly? Jiang Lao San was sucking blood, but it seem like his own blood got drained?"

Other person said in a rough voice in the darkness: "Damn, Jadeon has a person that practice 'Art of Vampire'. Can it be that he is our holy faction's disciple?"

The first person cursed, but he could not say anything for a while, then he said angrily: "No, that guy is strange. Must ask him clearly!"

Two lights brightened in front of Shaw Danon, and two figures appeared. Shaw Danon was surprised, and threw away the distracting thought, prepared for the enemies.

In the light, the yellow sword and the grey fang returned to their owners. The one on the left caught the sword. He was a tall and skiny men. A hook nose and small, aggressive, black eyes; the one standing next to was very weird looking. Shaw Danon was surprised by his look. He was also tall, but the face was extreamly weird. Loosen eyelids, pointed nose, high ears, long tongue that often sticked out. He looked really like a dog. The grey fang returned to his hand. Shaw Danon immediately thought, is that a dog tooth?

The person named Cynical saw Shaw Danon was staring at him with surprise. He was mad and shouted: "Hey! Brat! Why staring at your Cynical Dialectian?"

"Cynical Dialectian?" Shaw Danon frowned, then realized the dog looking men was wearing a black Taoist robe. He seem like belong to the same religion as Jadeon. Perhaps they may have some relationship if trace back three thousands years ago.

Cynical Dialectian saw Shaw Danon was clearly scornful, he became more angry: "Brat, the dialectian is asking you how did you killed vampire?"

Shaw Danon startled: "Vampire?"

The tall men said angrily: "The one that on your back!"

Shaw Danon remembered that there was a dead body on his back. He felt chill from his neck. He was surprised and jumped away, threw off the dead body. The mummified guy fell on the ground. Shaw Danon felt sick and turned his head away.

Cynical Dialectian and the tall men looked at the mummy, then exchanged a look with each other. They could find the surprisement in opposite's eyes. Art of Vampire is cruel and secret, although powerful, but it severely damage self. After practice, they do not look like human nor ghost. Though they were all Felkin and alway respect this magic, but they only know a little about it.

The one that was dead on the floor was the Art of Vampire's only disciple, and he had all of his own blood drained out. Base on what they knew, this was far stronger than vampire Jiang Lao San, even the legendary Vampire Elder may not have such power. But no way this Jadeon kid in front of him had Vampire's strange look.

Cynical Dialectian looked at Shaw Danon, asked: "Are you Vampire Elder's......disciple?"

Shaw Danon startled: "What Vampire Elder?"

Cynical Dialectian letted out his tongue and licked around his face. Shaw Danon recalled back the Big Yella on Jadeon's Bamboo Peak. Just when he was thinking, he heard a scream from behind. A men in the black fell out from the darkness, blood all over his face. He struggled for a moment, it seem like he could not live for long.

Shaw Danon immediately remembered his allies were fighting, but he was talking with those Felkin Heretics. It was foolish. He quickly rose and about to assist.

Cynical Dialectian and the tall men saw Shaw Danon suddenly moved. They were surprised and thought he suddenly revolted. They quickly prepared. But right after Shaw Danon's body moved, he fell, half kneeling on the ground. He gasped, sweat came out from his forhead.

Shaw Danon was in a hurry and forgot the dark red trident was still stabbed at his shoulder. His body moved, then the heart piercing pain came. The clotted wound was teared by movement and the blood came out.

Seeing such great opportunity, how can Cynical Dialectian and the tall guy let it go. Their sword and fang were brighten up again.

At that moment, a clear howl came from behind. Among different color of lights in darkness, a dazzling blue light brigthened, immediately covered other lights. Within the blue light, Aeolian Firmus unsheathed. Behind the sword, Anan stood in mid-air. Her clothes fluttered with the wind.

While Cynical Dialectian and the tall guy were shocked, Aeolian Firmus's blue light turned into a giant blue sword, and striked at the darkness. Many lights were trying to resist, but they were vanished when they touched the blue light. Then several screams, five or six men fell out from the darkness. The blue light hitted the stone wall. The gravels flight wildly. Many people were wounded. At the same time, Kevern's Frozen Ice sword brightened, charged from the side and turned the Felkin followers into ice stick. Then Issa followed and crushed them with his sword.

Cynical Dialectian and the tall guy looked at each other. They gave up Shaw Danon and drove their yellow sword and grey fang to hold Kevern and Issa's attack.

It appeared two of them were stronger among the Felkin Heretics. They quickly stopped Kevern and others, but they suffered also.

Last night they saw the scene when Kevern and others were attacked by bats. So they putted up trap in the deep of the ancient cave, and suddenly destoried the invulnerable like "Union Mirror"'s protection aura, then isolated the four Jadeon disciples. This plan was successful, but the Jadeon disciples' cultivation was higher than they had expected, difficult to face.

This ambush was lead by Cynical Dialectian, the tall men, and Vampire Jiang Lao San. They could see Shaw Danon was the weakest among the four, so they agreed to finish Shaw Danon together fast, then take out other three. But the event went weird, Shaw Danon was wounded, but Vampire Jiang Lao San was mysteriously got his blood drained and died.

Chapter 36 Strange Eye B

They had held Kevern and Issa temporary, but there was still a blue sword beauiful lady. The brat behind them was injured, but he was extreamly weird. If both of them attack at once, the situation will not be good. After two rounds, Anan injured several other Felkin followers, just when she turned her attention to them, Cynical Dialectian shouted: "Run!"

The tall guy was thinking the same thing, and retrieved back the esper. Then, they turned into two light and escaped deeper into the cave. The Felkin followers saw this, they screamed and ran away in all direction.

Kevern decided quickly, shouted: "Chase that two people." Then he flight with his sword and chased after them. Issa immediately followed. Anan's blue light brighted, just when about to chase, she remembered something and turned back and saw Shaw Danon flight with his green light fire stick. Blood all over his shoulder, but the dark red trident was already pulled out.

Shaw Danon flight forward. Anan watched his figure, startled for a moment, then she followed.

The chase in the cave was a little similar to that day when Shaw Danon and Hidi chased after Ashh at Bamboo Peak's back hill. The road twisted around. Suddenly turned left, suddenly turned right, and suddenly rose, suddenly down. Then it was an other fork, but the four Jadeons did not worry about much. They were only chasing the yellow and grey light.

The cave's stones were extreamly sharp. He followed closely to his allies and focus on controlling the fire stick. Some places were so narrow that they only allow only one person to pass at one time. Shaw Danon did not got the time to worry. He passed it within a second. Six lights were racing in the darkness. The speed was surprising fast. Shaw Danon felt the the darkness and the fierce wind were tangling together.

This chase lasted for half hour. Cynical Dialectian and his friend gained advantage, for they were familar with the landscape. Though they could not get the four annoying guys off, but they at least did not let them get too close.

Suddenly, a beam of light appeared before them. Cynical Dialectian and the tall guy immediately used full power to fly toward to the light. Kevern and others were still chasing. Shaw Danon followed behind them. He could felt the pain on his shoulder slowly went away. He bared the pain and kept up with them, even himself was surprised. His shoulder was hurt, but there was endless energy within his channels inside of his body. When he recalled that scene, and remembered the word "vampire" Cynical Dialectian had said, his heart was colded, and frozen to the marrows.

The light was ahead. Getting closer and closer, brighter and brighter. The six people were like shooting arrows, rushed into the brightness.


The brightness was like the evil flower blossomed in the darkness, lightened their eyes. Shaw Danon follow others jumped into the light. What was in front of them surprised them.

The last place they were in was a wide and straight tunnel. At the outside of the tunnel, it was an amazingly large area. The top of the cave was about a thousand feet above their head while the ground was a hundred feet below their feet. Not far away on the ground ahead, there was large stone shined with strong light, brightened the entire place.

But the most surprising thing was not that stone, it was behind the stone. It was a huge abyss. The stone had brightened the top of the cave, but it could not light up the abyss for a little. Seeing it from mid-air, it was covered by darkness. Even the other side of the abyss could not be seen, only a dreadful, evil darkness.

There were three men standing in front of the large stone. One was a bearded huge men. Other one was a little beauiful young woman. The last one was a pale young men in white clothes. Cynical Dialectian and the tall guy landed beside them, stood before the large stone. Kevern saw everyone of their faces were weird. He did not dare to be careless. He instructed the disciples to land fifty feet away from the large stone.

Shaw Danon stood there and saw three large characters that were craved fancily on the large stone:

Forsaken Abyss!

The four Jadeons landed. The people in front of the large stone did not make a move. Only the breaded huge men frowned and said: "Cyncal, Liu Gao, you two are too suck. Faced some Jadeon children, and you two became embarrassing like this, and lead them to here!"

Cynical Dialectian flushed, was about to argue, the middle age woman who was standing behind the huge men looked at them, then screamed: "Where is Jiang Lao San?"

Cynical looked toward the Jadeon, said: "Died under their hands."

"What?" The people were moved, seem like they did not expect the Jadeon people's cultivation can be strong enough to kill Jiang Lao San. The woman startled, shook her head, said: "We won't able to give him a good answer if Vampire Elder ask us about it!"

The bearded men pondered for a moment, then looked at the Jadeon, his mouth mumbled: "Then we capture those young Jadeon, and give them to Vampire Elder. That should work."

The others nodded. Kevern saw that they were so confident, he needed to be more careful. He whispered to the other three behind him: "It seem like those people are the bosses of Felkin. I am fear their cultivation are higher than the two we just fought. Everyone need to be careful."

Shaw Danon answered, then he turned and suddenly found that Anan's eyes had sweeped across the wound on his shoulder. He startled a little. Anan turned her eyes away.

The large men stepped forth, said to the Jadeons: "I recommand all of you surrender now and avoid the bone crushing pain you are going to suffer when we fight."

Kevern snorted, before he said anything, Anan said coldly: "Felkin cowards, dare to be so savage, today is the date for you to die."

Kevern and Issa clapped their hands, said: "Nice one Lu Shimei, exactly!"

The large men face turned cold, said: "You ask for it!"

Then he glared at the four people. Shaw Danon was getting ready, and suddenly saw the right eye of the large men had enlarged, turned into red. The huge eye was horrifing and funny.

Just when he was curious, the large eyes of the men shot out a red beam. The Jadeons saw his weird look, they were already prepared. Kevern immediately summoned Frozen Ice and formed two layers of ice wall.

But the evil energy of the red beam hitted the ice wall and melted a hole and passed through just in a second. It dashed to them silently.

Kevern was surprised, he immediately held up Frozen Ice and blocked in front of everyone. The red beam hitted on the Frozen Ice sword and disappeared within the white light of the sword. But Kevern's body was shivered. He peered at his Frozen Ice sword. The originally snowy white sword had a small dot of dark red.

The Frozen Ice sword was trembling, it seem like invaded by evil object. Kevern's heart was sad. As a cultivator, the esper was very important. But it did not allow Kevern to think too much. Just when the red beam was gone, the giant red eye shot out an other red beam. When hitted on the ice wall, it melted a hole, passed through silently and attacked the four people.

Kevern frowned. Frozen Ice sword blocked it again. The red beam disappeared but Frozen Ice sword had one more red mark.

The large men did not say anything. His giant red eye kept on shooting red beams like arrows in very fast speed. Kevern blocked them all, but the dark red mark was getting heavier. The white light of Frozen Ice also dimmed.

The other three noticed it was not going good. Issa was the first rushed out, and summoned his esper "Xuanyuan" and wanted to attack from the side. But the men just slightly turned his head and shot out a red beam at him with the giant red eye. Issa did not dodge fast enough. He used Xuanyuan sword to block the strange red beam.

In mid-air, Xuanyuan sword glowed with soft purple light. The red beam immediately disappeared. But on the sword, there was a red mark. Xuanyuan sword immediately trembled.

Issa could feel the evil energy that was coming from the sword and trying to invade his body. But fortunately he was standing far away, the power was not too strong. The righteous energy of Xuanyuan sword rose and covered the evil energy.

But he could no longer get farther. The large men was standing there, relaxed and only need to turn his head to let his giant red eye to send out red beam to keep Issa and Kevern at their original place. And as there were red marks more red marks, the two people could feel the evil energy was getting heavier. It used the swords as medium and slowly invaded their bodies.