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Chapter 257 - Summon

 Chapter 257 - Summon

Qing Yun Hill foot, Grassvillage Temple ruins.

The sun rose and set, day turned into night, but Lu Xueqi had already lost count of the number of days she had been here. The longing and love yearned for more than a decade, suddenly lost control and she no longer could or wished to restrain herself, every day and every night, she wanted to be beside that man, accompanying him, if there is a future, then let that be forever!

Ghost Li, no, should be Zhang Xiaofan, at least in Lu Xueqi's eyes, he had never changed, that that wan and sallow heartbroken man, being hugged by her like that, was still unmoving, looking lost.

These few days, Lu Xueqi had tried all ways to bring Xiaofan back from his nightmare but nothing worked, until the end, she too temporarily gave up, or maybe, only she would truly understand the anguish Xiaofan is feeling now.

And so, she no longer try to wake him, only quietly accompanying him, holding him. The two of them stayed like that among the ruins, quietly sitting, watching the sun rise and sun sets, watching the moon rising, watching the innumerable stars. The wind from the wilds blew, bringing the grass fragrance, lightly blowing onto their faces.

For some reason, even if her heart felt some guilt but Lu Xueqi truly felt from deep inside her reason, felt a kind of happiness. Being together with loved one, was such a simple matter and yet she had suppressed it for ten years, took on responsibility as heavy as the mountain, and at this moment, she finally broke free from the shackles, threw away all restraints, only for him.

Slight breeze blew, bringing some coolness.

Another night descended again.

The two of them leaned against the walls, quietly sitting, the wild grasses beside them moved, as if there was something but Lu Xueqi did not glance at it, and as expected the next moment, Xiao Hui scurried out, made a few jumps and jumped up the wall where they were leaning and sat down.

The bandages that Xiao Bai did were gone, most of the wounds had healed, seemed like they were removed by Xiao Hui, right now the monkey sat on the wall, pushed out its hands, again another bunch of wild fruits, and then let go, [pu tong, pu tong] many dropped down, mostly onto Lu Xueqi and Zhang Xiaofan's bodies.

Zhang Xiaofan was wooden and had no reaction, Lu Xueqi's head was also hit by a few, although not painful but it was unsightly, incompatible with her usual cold bearing. Lu Xueqi looked at the wild fruits on the ground, looked up at the monkey on the broken wall, Xiao Hui immediately jumped and stepped back, its eyes wary but its hands were still holding a few fruits, its mouth chewing.

Not knowing if it was because the monkey and Lu Xueqi couldn't get along, anyway seemed like in Xiao Hui's eyes, Zhang Xiaofan being hugged by this white-attired woman made it rather displeased but it had witnessed Lu Xueqi's skills and so although it challenged her but it was still rather afraid.

Just when Xiao Hui's three eyes were staring at Lu Xueqi, that white-attired lady which looked like a celestial being suddenly smiled at it, the smile was like spring flowers blossoming, the spring breeze warm, nowhere the usual cold demeanor towards others.

Lu Xueqi did not flare up and also did not look to be in a bad mood, looking at Xiao Hui smiling, picked up a wild fruit from the ground and gently spoke, "Did you pluck it back? Thank you."

Xiao Hui clearly was stunned by Lu Xueqi's strange reaction, after a long time its three eyes turned, grinned, with a dry laugh, awkwardly sat back on the wall and enjoyed its fruit.

Lu Xueqi smiled at the monkey, turned around, to her, how would that cold demeanour be her innate nature?

Her eyes back to Zhang Xiaofan's face, gently said, "Xiaofan, try eat something."

Zhang Xiaofan was looking somewhere, his face blank, did not speak but did not nod or shake his head, Lu Xueqi seemed to expect his non-reaction, was not frustrated, only smiled to herself, her slender fingers stretched out and carefully peeled the skin of the fruit. These few days, Zhang Xiaofan was like that, Xiao Hui frequently went out and brought back fruits, Lu Xueqi would peel the skin off and put it in his mouth, and then Zhang Xiaofan as if an auto-reaction, occasionally would eat one or two pieces.

But, what does it matter? Lu Xueqi contemplated, she had already waited for ten years, as long as she was with him, no matter how long it would take, she would also not be bothered.

She lowered her head and peeled, suddenly from the corner of her eyes she saw something and was surprised, slowly put down the fruit. Lu Xueqi was still sitting woodenly but these few days his hands were tightly wrapped in fists, although Lu Xueqi also noticed this but she did not mind, just now looking at it right now, she saw that there seemed to be something in his hands, revealing a corner.

She frowned, put down the fruit and pulled Zhang Xiaofan's arm, tried to open his fingers but Zhang Xiaofan although was staring in a blank, his hands were still clenching tight, Lu Xueqi unable to pry open, could only raised his fingers slightly higher and forced a look, it was a piece of torn green cloth.

Lu Xueqi looked at that cloth quietly, slowly placed his hand down, her face dejected but soon after she took in a deep breath, when she looked at Zhang Xiaofan again, her eyes were already filled with tenderness.

Gently, she stretched out her hand, Lu Xueqi hugged Zhang Xiaofan, the wind blew gently over, her hair at her fringe gently ruffled, a few onto Zhang Xiaofan's face.

"Xiaofan, it will be alright, everything would be alright..." she smiled and said, her eyes though had tears but her voice was still gentle and deep.

"Long long ago, when I was still a child, I still remembered my mother holding me, was also on such a night like this watching the stars." Lu Xueqi slowly looked up, at the night sky, the firmament like black ink, the innumerable stars twinkled, twinkling brightly in the night sky, "She told me, although everyone has to die but if they are good people, they would become stars after they are dead and live well in the sky, and every night, they would look at us from the sky."

"She is a good person, isn't it? Then maybe she is watching you from the sky, matter what, she will not want you to become like this, what do you think?"

Zhang Xiaofan in Lu Xueqi's embrace, that stiff body seemed to tremble once.

Lu Xueqi smiled, tears quietly rolled down, under the starlight, her tearful beautiful face, seemed to have a different kind of poignant beauty, just that her hands were still holding that man tightly.

Tightly, embracing him.

Just like that would be good!


Suddenly a loud shout was heard from beside, the voice extremely impatient and seething with rage. Lu Xueqi was shock, looked beside, it was a curvaceous lady, her eyes mesmerizing, it was Xiao Bai. Xiao Hui let out a shriek, extremely delighted nad jumped down from the wall, with a few jumps climbed up onto Xiao Bai, sat on her shoulder, grinning happily, clearly favouring Xiao Bai, Lu Xueqi not even comparable.

However right now, Lu Xueqi was not going to mind the monkey, she frowned, looking bewildered, asked in surprised, "What?"

Xiao Bai face was pale, clearly enraged but her expression also looked complicated, in her anger there was an indistinct anguish, she was heard coldly speaking, "People that were dead are dead, at most turning into spirits and ghosts, enter hell and reincarnate, where would they be turning into stars that kind of ghost words!"

The direct words, were really hard to hear, even thought Lu Xueqi had always been grateful to Xiao Bai for telling her the truth and Zhang Xiaofan's whereabouts in the ruins, she couldn't help but showed a dark face, just that before she could speak, Xiao Bai already walked up, without glancing at Lu Xueqi, coldly spoke to Zhang Xiaofan, "How long do you want to continue being like this, do you wish to live like a living dead for the rest of your life?"

Xiao Bai was harsh, Lu Xueqi's countenance changed, revealing her reluctance and was about to speak but forced herself to stop, her hands as if feeling heart pained, tightened around Zhang Xiaofan.

Zhang Xiaofan after being sternly questioned by Xiao Bai, his facial muscles twitched but then he closed his eyes instead, again resuming that secluded look. Xiao Bai looked at him, seemed to be even more infuriated, went up and caught hold of his clothes collar, pulled him up, Lu Xueqi cried out, "Don't, don't be like this, he, he will not be able to take it..."

Xiao Bai sneered, said, "I want to sober him up by scolding, no, not only by scolding, I want to sober him up by bashing him!" Speaking, without waiting for Lu Xueqi's reaction, Xiao Bai abruptly raised her palm, before Lu Xueqi, slapped Zhang Xiaofan hard twice.

[Pa! Pa!]

The slap was loud and clear, Zhang Xiaofan's face immediately turned red and swell, blood also flowed out of his mouth, fell back. Lu Xueqi was shocked, disregard everything else and quickly dashed up, pushed Xiao Bai away and hugged Zhang Xiaofan, wiping his blood with her sleeve without concerning about the stain. Caressing the palm print on his face, Lu Xueqi was extremely heartpained, glared at Xiao Bai and angrily said, "Are you mad?"

But Xiao Bai seemed to ignore Lu Xueqi, staring at the trembling Zhang Xiaofan, coldly saying, "What do you mean by doing this, half dead for the whole day to pretend, or without any reason decided to use this method to mourn Biyao? I tell you, don't be an idiot, being like this is useless, Biyao is dead, she is dead!"


Suddenly, a despair cry erupted from Lu Xueqi's embrace, Zhang Xiaofan pushed her away, like an angry hurt wild beast charged towards Xiao Bai, but Xiao Bai did not avoid at all, when Zhang Xiaofan came near, she instead stepped forward and gave him another slap.


The slap was even louder, reverberated in the ruins, Zhang Xiaofan was hit backwards, his mouth spraying blood, dying his clothes red. A trace of anguish brushed past Xiao Bai's face but she clenched her teeth, her expression turning even more stern, swiftly walked to where Zhang Xiaofan was breathlessly panting on the ground, caught hold of his robes, angrily said, "Wake up, even if you remained like this until you die, Biyao would not come back. Do you think, by being like this you can show your bitter remorse? You want to use this kind of method to torture yourself so that you will feel better? I tell you, it is useless!"

Zhang Xiaofan shut his eyes tightly, his body trembling violently, gulping deep breaths, even his lips seemed to be colourless.

Crystal clear tears, quietly fell, this time it was from Xiao Bai's eyes, she bit her lips tightly, two rows of tears rolled past her face, dripping continuously, and her voice was already choked, "Do you think, what was the reason when Biyao disregarded everything to save you, was it to see you living your life like this? Biyao's death has nothing to do with you, if you continue like this Biyao's spirit will not be at rest too, do you understand it exactly?"

Xiao Bai caught hold of him, slowly kneeled beside him, as if using all of her last strength, her voice hoarse, emphasizing every word, "Live on, live well, this is then what Biyao wants to see!"

After speaking, she looked like she couldn't hold it in anymore, stood up suddenly, turned and strided out. Lu Xueqi had been standing quietly beside, when Xiao Bai strided past her, Lu Xueqi suddenly softly said, "Thank you!"

Xiao Bai's face still had tears, her body paused and looked over at Lu Xueqi, the two beautiful ladies under the moonlight, their figures reflecting each other, the next moment, they stretched out their hands and held each other.

On Xiao Bai's face, behind the tears, a faint smile revealed, nodded towards Lu Xueqi and did not speak anymore, strided out.

Until her figure disappeared into the darkness, Lu Xueqi then walked to Zhang Xiaofan, kneeled down, slowly embracing him. Zhang Xiaofan's body trembled, slowly looked up, looked at Lu Xueqi.

His eyes, in that instant seemed to return back to that time, that deep anguish and the innumerable scars unable to disperse, he like a child, his lips trembling, hot tears in his eyes.


He trembling facing Lu Xueqi, his tears finally spilled out, like a wounded child he finally cried, ten years of sorrow finally unable to hold in anymore, he clutched Lu Xueqi's shoulders, hugged her and cried loudly, his voice choking and repeating incessantly, "Biyao left...Biyao left...Biyao...left..."

Lu Xueqi never thought that this steadfast man would be this fragile in front of her, but then right now she, only had tenderness in her heart. She held him tightly, struggled to use every ounce of her warmth to console that crying heart, behind the hot tears, she kept saying gently, to that man and to herself, "Will be alright, everything will be alright..."

This night, seemed especially long and sad.

After that night, Zhang Xiaofan seemed to wake up from his internal nightmare but not long after, he had a fever. With his current skills, he would never have any illness in the usual times but right now this fever, seemed to make his entire body hot, and unconscious, Lu Xueqi knew that most likely this illness was the result of his deep pain in his heart, Biyao's death was the lead but the mental shield that Zhang Xiaofan struggled to hold for these ten years, instead became the root source of the serious illness, it was what nobody could treat.

As expected, no matter what treatment Lu Xueqi tried, gave Zhang Xiaofan all kinds of elixir or amazing medicine but it was like the mud buffalo entering the sea, nothing worked, and this fever was unimaginable high, not even subsiding after ten days, if it was an ordinary person, the person would be long dead. And even though it was Zhang Xiaofan, he was already thin and pallid, almost bags and bones.

Lu Xueqi was extremely anxious, for ten days she kept vigil over Zhang Xiaofan day and night, looked obviously thinner or maybe it was because of her unrelenting love, the heavens finally opened its eyes, left mercy, on the eleventh day when Lu Xueqi was almost in despair, Zhang Xiaofan's fever finally subsided.

Though the fever subsided but he was still unconscious, even though it was so, Lu Xueqi was greatly relieved, slightly relaxed from the tension, immediately exhaustion was felt from every corner of her body, she struggled to hold on and tidied Zhang Xiaofan's clothes, then leaned beside him and fell deeply asleep.

On her beautiful face, a faint assured smile, even while sleeping, her hand was still holding onto his shoulder, when the breeze blew past the ruins, the grasses swayed, enveloping them. The sky still, only this forgotten corner, seemed to have a different peace and happiness.

This sleep, not knowing for how long, the stars changed their positions, fragrance flooded her senses, it must be still in a dream, she saw all that she had once dreamt of:

Together with her loved one, forever...

And then, she woke up.

Her lips still had the contented happiness smile, she lightly opened her eyes, that person beside her was still there, he was sleeping peacefully, his breath, was just beside.

Lu Xueqi did not move, as if this was her most favourite look, she quietly leaned against him, listening to his breathing.

Suddenly, at this moment, in the direction of the distant Qing Yun Hill, there was an explosion in the air and then a huge fireworks was seen. Lu Xueqi's countenance changed, frowning she slowly sat up and looked.

The fireworks slowly formed into a long sword, did not disperse for a long time, it was a signal rarely used by Qing Yun sect, only when something serious and in emergency, it will be released to summon all of the disciples nearby. Lu Xueqi was silent for a moment, turned back and glanced at Zhang Xiaofan, slowly stood up, hesitated and finally stretched her hand out towards Tianya leaning beside, flew out.

Wind, was still blowing, the grasses, were still swaying to the wind.

Zhang Xiaofan quietly slept among the grasses, from deep within the grasses beside, a head suddenly stuck out, it was Xiao Hui, it peered around and [zhi zhi] called out, seemed like it was rather surprised Lu Xueqi was not around and then jumped onto Zhang Xiaofan's chest, touched its head and sat down.

Zhang Xiaofan lay quietly like that, only his right hand, slightly moved.

After the time to make tea, a light sound was heard from the entrance of the ruins and then Lu Xueqi's figure once again appeared, walking towards where Zhang Xiaofan was sleeping. Xiao Hui made a funny face at her, jumped off and crouched beside.

Lu Xueqi slowly walked to Zhang Xiaofan, kneeled sat beside him but her face, was no longer having that assured and happiness expression, instead it was solemn and a trace of anguish.

"Xiaofan... there is trouble." Her voice, sounded vague, as if there was no energy, faintly said, "Just now I saw our sect urgent summon and went over to check, something big has happened during the time we were here. Your former Ghost King sect, that sect head has obtained some evil weapon that can actually take over someone's will and manipulate it, what's even more terrible is, he is concealing within a large red blood light, as long as wherever the red light reaches, no matter if its commoners or cultivated martial artists, all will be turned into living dead and manipulate by him."

Lu Xueqi's face was pale, her hand gently tightened around Tianya but gaze at Zhang Xiaofan, was still warm and reluctant, "The Good Faction various sects have made several besieges at him but all failed completely, every sect is seriously hit and the most terrible thing is, most of the people...are all taken over by his red light, becoming Ghost King's lackeys and turning around to massacre the Good Faction. Now that the world Good Faction is utterly routed and recently that Ghost King has already arrived near Qing Yun Hill, greatly displaying his evil powers and causing all within hundred miles of Qing Yun foot, including HeYang City big and small towns and villages commoners are all taken over by him, including the current group of people, most likely will not be less than ten thousands, look like he will soon attack up Qing Yun Hill."

She stared blankly at Zhang Xiaofan's face, suddenly, tears rolled from her eyes, dripping down onto Zhang Xiaofan's hand.

"Initially I wanted not to care about anything and just be with you, accompanying each other forever, even if the world spurn, our sect discipline, I also do not want to care. But now that, now that..." her lips trembled, slowly looking down, "But now that Qing Yun is in peril! Ever since from young it was Qing Yun sect which raised me up, it was teacher who loved and taught me, my debts as heavy as mountain. If it was for our sake, even if they rebuke and spurn us, I am most willing but now that they are in peril, I...I can only go back and be with them."

Lu Xueqi looked deeply at Zhang Xiaofan, never looking away for even a moment, as if unwilling to give up even a glance, the breeze blew over, her clothes ruffling.

"Maybe you still don't know, there is internal chaos at Qing Yun sect, the once invincible 'Zhu Xian Sword Formation' can no longer be activated, this battle I'm afraid...I'm afraid will bode ill rather than well, I don't know if I can come back again to see you."

Lu Xueqi breathed deeply, wiped her tears and then revealing a bitter smile, looked at Zhang Xiaofan and said, "Xiaofan, not knowing if its Heaven's will, we seemed not to have the fate to be with each other. But, " she paused and then with a deep and determined voice, quietly said, "But, I have never regretted!"

After speaking, she leaned down and gently kissed Zhang Xiaofan on his lips, that warm feeling from the lips, seemed to spread through the whole body.

Faint, feeling of happiness...

She smiled, bit her lips and stood up, taking a last look at the sleeping man, she turned around but walking so slow, her body looking as if she wanted to turn around and take another glance but eventually she did not.

Or maybe, even she herself also knew, if she turned around, she might never have the courage to leave again.

White clothes fluttered, she finally left.

The wind ruffled the grasses, carrying green unripe fragrance, Xiao Hui quietly walked over, climbed onto Zhang Xiaofan's chest and sat, quietly watching that white figure in the distance. Under it, Zhang Xiaofan's fingers again moved.

The breeze kept blowing, time quietly passed, the grasstemple village again descended into a long silence, the day passed and night arrived, the stars arrived, saw through the world vicissitudes.

Xiao Hui sat on Zhang Xiaofan's chest, looked rather sleepy, yawned a few times, called out a few times and then as if suddenly sensing something, its eyes turned and looked at Zhang Xiaofan.

A low breathing sound was heard, and then, Zhang Xiaofan slowly opened his eyes.

The first thing he saw, was the endless firmament, deep darkness with innumerable stars twinkling, he did not move, quietly lying down and watching the sky.

Xiao Hui seemed uncertain, scratched its head and peered but then it soon shrank back. The night breeze blew gently, grasses swayed. That deep darkness, for ten thousands of years had always been like that, and humans' lifetimes comparing against it, like fireflies comparing against the sun and the moon, it was only an instant snap of the fingers.

Or maybe, this was indeed what the ancient people comprehended, and so assiduously sought immortality!

Just that, if it was only an empty shell, even if it was immortality so what?

His expression serene, a peaceful never seen before, there was no longer any sorrow nor any agitation, he was only quietly looking at the sky.

The firmament limitless, the stars changed positions, the sky silent, only the night breeze, quietly blew.

Unknowingly, the sky turned light.

But as the morning arrived and the last darkness disappeared, Zhang Xiaofan closed his eyes. He lay like that quietly for a very long time, until the sun rose and shone warmly on him, he then once again opened his eyes, this time, he stood up.

Standing at where he was, he looked around, the ruins among the wild grasses looked desolate but familiar, there were many places that were long etched into his heart and could never be erased, and many places were where he had once ran and played when he was young, leaving simple pure happiness.

He leisurely walked, his feet stepping onto the grasses, silently. Xiao Hui scurried over, grabbed his clothes and climbed up to his shoulder and sat down.


The wind blew from behind him, seemed to be stronger, making light whistlings, the grasses beside swayed, like waves. The ruins, seemed like silent and warm people, watching him. He came to the north of the village, there was another area of ruins, even more broken, looking from afar, the outline appeared to be that dilapidated small temple.

This time, Ghost Li stood for a very long time, he looked deeply at that small temple ruins, after a long time, on his lips, a faint warm smile revealed.

That smile was warm, did not have any trace of grievances or regret anymore.

And then, he turned, walking away like that, never turning back to take another look.

"Let's go Xiao Hui."

[Zhi zhi, zhi zhi?] Xiao Hui softly called out, scratched its head.

"Where to is it?" He smiled faintly, facing the incoming wind, smiled and said, "To where we should go."

His gaze shifted, looked afar, that lofty Qing Yun Hill, piercing through the clouds.

Qing Yun Hill TongTian Peak, everywhere was disorderly, instead near the rear mountain, it seemed especially deserted, not even a single person was seen, seemed like due to the formidable enemy approaching, Reverend Daoxuan missing for no reason, and so nobody paid attention to that.

And when afternoon arrived, the sunlight spilling into the quiet forest at the rear mountain, Zhang Xiaofan was already in the forest. This was not the first time he was here, he had been here several times and was already familiar with the topology, just that his expression, did not have the slightest anxiety, his face still had that serene smile when he woke up, slowly walking on.

The rugged mountain path, lined with ancient trees, birds cries heard frequently from the forest, Zhang Xiaofan's gaze looked from the forest to the ground and again ahead, the meandering ancient path stretched, not knowing how many past events had happened here.

The forest tranquil, the wind blew gently, seemed not to be tainted with any mortal air.

In his memory that familiar trifurcated path, slowly appeared before him, Zhang Xiaofan stopped, his eyes swept to the right, behind those layers of forests, between the lush leaves, the majestic Founders Ancestral Hall's eaves indistinctly revealed. He smiled, turned and stepped onto that small path.

The path was not far from the hall, soon that grand buidling appeared but Zhang Xiaofan did not walk till the empty ground, only quietly stood behind a huge tree beside the path, gazing towards that direction.

The temple was still dim, the stairs and the empty ground before it, was still the same, full of fallen leaves. After a while, a white figure came out of the hall, his face dashing and a peaceful smile, his hands did not have any sharp weapon, instead was a broom made of bamboo.

He looked at the ground full of leaves, a faint smile and stretched his waist, inhaled a deep breath of the mountain air, and then started sweeping.

The broom swept, the leaves one by one were swept aside, some as if like stubborn children blew up by the wind and insistently wanted to return to its original positions, were also swept up once again by him smiling.

The wind moved past the mountain forest, the trees swayed in waves.

Far away, behind the big tree, Zhang Xiaofan quietly looked at that familiar figure, revealing a knowing and peaceful smile.

On the empty ground, Lin Jingyu seemed to sense something, his hands paused, turned and looked towards that path heading out, but the path was empty, other than the ancient trees, where would there be others?

He looked dazedly for a moment and then shook his head smiling, maybe he heard it wrongly, thinking like that, he took up the broom and started to sweep again.

Behind the forest, Zhang Xiaofan continued slowly, leaving the building further and further away, soon, he came to that split road again. This time, he chose the direction of the Illusory Moon Cave, without any hesitation, he strided towards that sacred ground.

He could clearly sensed, deep within the cave, there seemed to be a mysterious power summoning him, making him walk towards that place.

This feeling, when he was still at the Grasstemple Village ruins, was already especially strong.

Standing before the cave, Zhang Xiaofan stopped, watched the mysterious place before him.

The cave looked no different from other caves in the world, rough stones and solid ground, the only slight difference was the ground before the cave which had been worn smooth by people, revealing the past heydays.

And from that tiny stone door, Qing Yun sect proud talented Qing Ye Taoist once walked out, also countless once all-powerful figures had left their marks here, this Illusory Moon Cave, was testimony to Qing Yun sect two-thousand years rise and fall.

And now, before Zhang Xiaofan, was only an ordinary cave.

He smiled, walked in, like returning home, without any hesitation.

The sunlight was blocked by the stone walls, the inner cave was extremely cool, the simple scene was still the same as the first time he was here, even that Taiji drawing on the wall was still the same.

Zhang Xiaofan walked over, his hands on the drawing, faint clear light lit, that was Qing Yun sect true skill, in the resplendency, the drawing responded and lit up, and as expected, the wall beside moved, revealing that strange white misty door like water ripples.

Zhang Xiaofan watched that rotating water ripples, the last time when he entered, he was bewitched by the mysterious power, almost lost forever, and this time facing it, deep within the water ripples, there seemed to be a sucking power, giving a false impression to one who fall within it.

He breathed deeply, without hesitation, strided and walked in.

A clear refreshing feeling rushed over him, as if he had stepped into a water world, but after a moment, Zhang Xiaofan discovered once again, the surroundings was an empty world.

Darkness, boundless, without any light, without any end.

Xiao Hui seemed uneasy, moved and called out quietly, Zhang Xiaofan patted it gently, assuring it and Xiao Hui settled down again.

Following which, Zhang Xiaofan stared ahead, but there was nothing there, he looked for a long time, did not move and until the end, a smile revealed on his lips suddenly, he closed his eyes and walked.

After walking a few steps, the deadly silence was broken, a rumbling, a blazing hot air assulated him, Zhang Xiaofan even could clearly feel himself walking in a sea of fire, his skin felt like burning from the sudden flames, pain seared every part of his body, as if he would soon perished in this sea of fire.

But he still closed his eyes tightly, even when his facial muscles twisted from the intense pain, his lips still had that smile, step by step he walked on.

On his shoulder, Xiao Hui made startled cries, sounded in a panic but Zhang Xiaofan stretched his hands and hugged it into his embrace, burying its head inside so that it could not see, as if its master's palm and the beating of his heart calmed it down, it was soon quiet.

The sounds of the fire burning became louder, as if the air around him, soon permeated a horrible smell of burning, the pain in his body increased, every step seemed to bring ten thousands times of pain.

Just that, he still continued on, determinedly walked on.

Not knowing since when, that sea of fire slowly died, his surroundings, once again empty and silent, the pain in his body also disappeared.

In the stillness, suddenly, a clear sound of water droplets falling was heard, ice cold water beads from emptiness dropped down, onto Zhang Xiaofan's face.

Penetrating cold.

And then without any sign, rumbling loud sounds were heard ahead, covering the sky, Zhang Xiaofan's mind could clearly see the terrible scene, huge waves like dragon, ten thousands zhang high, crashing down, anything before it was as small an ant, even the loftly Qing Yun Hill was destroyed and swallowed by it, piercing cold wind instantly tore at his body, pain even more intense than the fire earlier once again started in his body.

Zhang Xiaofan never knew, one's body could feel such torture and intense pain, even his unwavering spirit seemed to almost collapse before such pain. Thousands of hands tore at him, he couldn't even continue breathing, as if immersing into the deep sea, limitless pressure almost crushing him into powder, evolving into water of nirvana.

Even if it was death, the eyes would also be opened to take a look at the surroundings before dying.

Like a lamp, this thought suddenly appeared in his heart, kept flickering, like seduction.

Zhang Xiaofan breathed deeply, slowly continued, keeping his eyes closed.

The surrounding cold waves seemed to be enraged, immediately exploded in rage, thundering loud sounds deafening, like thousands of knives hacking at him, Zhang Xiaofan's forehead was already full of cold sweat, his pale extremely pale, but he still maintained that sobriety before a breakdown, still slowly walking on.

A step and another, never once stopping, as if life continued slowly ahead, never able to turn back.

The tide slowly receded, the deafening rumblings soon disappeared, the stillness once again returned, in the emptiness, only his footsteps reverberated.

One person solitary walking.


Suddenly, a voice called out softly behind him, in that instant Zhang Xiaofan like being hit by lightning, his body trembled violently, an incredulous expression on his face, for the first time he stopped.

His eyes were still closed but his lips trembled, almost choking, almost his heart being cut by knives, almost in despair, softly said, "Biyao..."

That familiar voice seemed to be just behind him, extremely tender, with the warmth he had yearned so much and engraved in his bones and mind, softly speaking, "Xiaofan, are you not speaking to me anymore? Turn around and look at me."

Zhang Xiaofan's body started to shake, his body seemed to descend into an intense fight, a few times almost wanted to turn but bitterly bore it. Even though there was no pain but right now, his clothes soaked in sweat, his face twisted, it was even more painful that that terrible blazing fire and deep sea cold.

Calls low yet clearly, drifted behind him, as if never ending, this lifetime of obstacles, wasn't it for that voice? Why, still not turning back?


He suddenly cried out, his body trembling, his teeth clenching tight, his entire body bones gritting, it was as if he was finally at his breaking point.

Then, all of these seemed never-ending, other than Biyao's voice, slowly he could hear others, not one was not engraved deep inside his heart.

Father, mother!

Puzhi Master!

Tian Buyi, Suru!


Endlessly, those voices, came waves after waves, calling behind him, shouting, the past memories like mist, scene by scene flashed past.

The trials of a long and arduous journey, one person trudging; Snow covering the undulating thousands of mountains, only a shadow walking alone.

He did not want loneliness, did not want immortality, what he wanted was, only to be with his loved ones...

He hugged his head and cried, like a little child, with nowhere to hide.

Tears dripped, onto his palms, there was faint warmth. The surrounding endless calls, were still at his ears, lingering and seducing him to open his eyes, turned back and go.

Just that, that faint warmth, made his trembling body calmed down, this familiar yet warm feeling, not long ago, he had once felt it. There was once somebody, when he was on the brink of collapse, stayed by him, on numerous nights, hugging him tightly, using body warmth to warm him.

Also once, in that empty dimness, in his delirious state, warm tears landed on his face. In that terrible cold world, telling him, he was not alone.

This lifetime, that long and arduous journey, snow-covering undulating thousands of mountains, he was not alone!

The voices started to be urgent, as if receiving some stimulation, harshly calling him but Zhang Xiaofan slowly stood up, the painful twists on his face started to be replaced by calmness.

And then, he smiled, with a heavy heart and with heart-etched yearnings, faintly smiling.

And then he turned and walked, casting all of the voices behind, no matter how desolate the voices sounded, and finally the voices disappeared.

Silence, again returned.

A light coughing was heard before him, it was a haggard voice, sounding frail and surprised, "So it is actually you..."

Zhang Xiaofan stood where he was, breathing deeply and slowly exhaling, slowly opening his eyes.