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Chapter 254: Parted by death

 Chapter 254 - Parted by death

On the platform above the blood pool, Ghost Li and Mr Ghost both looked up at the cauldron hovering in the air but both of their expressions were different, Ghost Li was shocked and stunned while Mr Ghost's eyes, was wild glee.

After losing "Qian Kun Lock', this final and also the most important shackles, the mysterious power of the cauldron seemed to have revived totally, the bright red blood energy flowed and surged madly, that devil face, also seemed to gain life, its lustre flowing, a pair of red eyes appeared alive, moving slightly.

An invisible and terrible pressure was felt, emanated endlessly from the air, almost suffocating.

Ghost Li regained his senses from the shock, turned and bellowed at Mr Ghost, "What have you done?"

Mr Ghost seemed oblivious to Ghost Li's shouts, his eyes were full of excitement and almost with a mad fervour, he walked a few steps forward, suddenly knelt before the cauldron.

Ghost Li was stunned, incredulously looked at that dark figure, before Ghost Li's shocked gaze, Mr Ghost opened his arms and shouted loudly, "Asura!"

[Rumble!] A terrible deafening sound, like a terrible monster awoken by someone from his slumber, reverberated from the cauldron, the walls inside the cave made an exploding sound at the same time, numerous huge rocks crumbled down, the huge blood pool seemed to be pulled by some strong force, in the deafening rumbles, several fluid columns rose up, a strange yet imposing scene.

On the cauldron, an indistinct red figure appeared, that figure was vague but clearly in its twisting and struggles, it was about to appear and emerge out, even from a distance, Ghost Li could clearly, truly feel that terrible power and its mad murderous intention.

He stared deeply at that red figure, the expression on his face changed rapidly, suddenly he stomp his feet, his figure flew up but it was towards the exit. Although he did not know which holy being it was that was about to emerge but the power it contained was already more than what a human could resist, if that 'Qian Kun Lock' was still there, there could still be hope but since it had already been released by the astrolabe, Ghost Li made the decision to leave immediately.

He was no longer that simple and hot-blooded youth, willing to sacrifice everything for righteousness, in his heart, maybe it was because he fear death but there was something more important than that.

The surrounding earthquakes were becoming more and more violent following the appearance of that red figure, and just a moment before, he had an uneasy feeling, this unprecedented change in the mountain, would it endangered Biyao?

Right now, his uneasiness turned stronger and had no further intention to be involved further here, decided to leave, and other than him, Mr Ghost obviously was only focusing on that red figure, oblivious to Ghost Li's departure, under the red light, his eyes seemed to turn red too.

"Asura..." He raised his arms, loudly called to the sky.

Ghost Li swept off, his ears were still ringing with Mr Ghost's strange cries, his heart feeling extremely bewildered, for these ten years Mr Ghost in Ghost King sect had always been mysterious but his skills and knowledge, even Ghost Li was also wary of him, unexpectedly he had became this strange behaviour this day. While he was pondering, his figure was about to reach the exit and leave this place.

Unexpectedly, just at this moment, a shocking, heartrending cry was heard from behind, "Ah..."

This sharp and piercing cry, the sound full of shock and fear, despair, incredulous and sorrow, and Ghost Li heard it clearly, it was Mr Ghost. This sudden change made Ghost Li shocked, stopped his flight and turned around, this look made him shocked again and inhaled a breath of cold air.

Mr Ghost's figure was still as before, kneeling before the cauldron but right now his arms were falling and weaklessly on the floor, a huge deep red tentacle, sharp as knife, stabbed down from the cauldron red figure, like a huge sickle, stabbing from Mr Ghost's back and through to the front, the force was so strong that it stabbed deeply into the sturdy floor beneath Mr Ghost, six chi radius around, all of the stones cracked.

That mysterious red figure, used the terrible sickle-like-tentacle, nailed Mr Ghost to the floor, blood poured from Mr Ghost's wound, instantly dying red the floor below.

"Er ah..." Mr Ghost panted heavily, his body trembling violently, after a moment, that huge tentacle pulled out heartlessly and withdrew, that terrible force pulled up the extremely weak Mr Ghost and he flipped in the air.

Blood sprayed everywhere, brushing past in the air, carrying some sadness.

Who could have expected, Mr Ghost who had released the 'Qian Kun Lock', would become the first sacrificial of the red evil devil.

Ghost Li subconsciously leapt up, caught hold of Mr Ghost, the black veil still there but had been dyed a dark color by the blood he had thrown up, Ghost Li quietly glanced at his chest and then averted his eyes.

That wound was so huge, almost could chop Mr Ghost into halves, with such severe wound, he would not be able to survive no matter what. And just a moment ago, he was still standing beside him, in a blink he had became like this, Ghost Li for a moment did not know what to say.

Holding Mr Ghost's body, Ghost Li landed back to the platform near the exit, far from that terrible red figure, Mr Ghost right now was breathing heavily and losing his vitality, yet in such heavy injury, Mr Ghost started to laugh quietly.

That laughter was full of bitterness, self-mockery and helplessness, and his laughter only lasted a minute, immediately broken by violent coughing and spewing of blood out. Ghost Li gently placed him on the ground and then alertly glanced at the red figure, the red figure shrouded by numerous balls of red energies twisted ceaselessly but did not seem to be making any moves towards the exit, not knowing if it was separated by the distance.

Ghost Li looked at Mr Ghost, after remaining silent for a moment, quietly said, "Do you have anything more to say?"

Mr Ghost panted heavily, the glint in his eyes obviously started to dim, his hoarse voice, continued to laugh bitterly brokenly, "I have nothing...nothing to say, this, this is...heaven's will, will ah, retribution...retribution...ah..."

Ghost Li frowned tightly, his expression complicated, although he felt animosity more than friendliness towards Mr Ghost but right now Mr Ghost was dying, his feelings turned complicated, wanted to say something to comfort him but could not think of any appropriate words.

Just when Mr Ghost's panting were gradually getting softer, suddenly, he seemed to recall something and with strength from nowhere, he grabbed Ghost Li's hand.

Ghost Li was shocked, stared at him in shock and asked, "Why?"

"You...go...find...until..." Mr Ghost in pain, shouting himself hoarse, every word seemed to cause him great sufferings but he was still bitterly bearing it, word by word struggling to tell Ghost Li his final will.

Ghost Li even though had a tough heart but could not help but change countenance, solemnly said, "You can tell me, who do you want me to look for?"


Ghost Li was taken aback, he never expected Mr Ghost to say this before he die, with an incredulous tone, he asked, "Find Xiao Huan? Find her for?"

Mr Ghost's hand which was grabbing hold of Ghost Li was starting to become weak but he was still struggling to speak every word, ""

After speaking the word 'save', Mr Ghost seemed to have exhausted all of his strength, the glint in his eyes turned dimmer, his entire body seemed to also weakened, even his panting was becoming inaudible.

Ghost Li had quite a close relationship with Xiao Huan and also quite liked this young lady, looked upon her like a sister, right now hearing Mr Ghost's final words actually was about Xiao Huan and even when he was so in pain and still insisted to tell, evidently this was an important matter but Mr Ghost seemed like he was about to die speaking halfway, Ghost Li in his anxiety, crouched lower down and placed his ears beside Mr Ghost's lips, loudly said, "Who are you asking Xiao Huan to save, quickly say it!"

Mr Ghost's lips moved, as if hearing Ghost Li's shout, panted urgently for a few times and then used a voice that Ghost Li could barely hear, struggling to say out the last few words, "Save...Qing...Yun...rear...mountain..."

Until the end, it was gradually inaudible, at the final word, 'mountain', Mr Ghost's body violent shuddered and then loosened, his breath stopped and had left like that.

Ghost Li paused for a moment, slowly placed Mr Ghost's body on the floor, his head full of questions, Qing Yun rear mountain? What did that mean, if he did not hear it wrongly, Mr Ghost's words meant Qing Yun mountain, but Qing Yun mountain ranges stretched for thousand of miles, undulating, which rear mountain did he mean? Qing Yun sect occupied seven of the tallest mountains, each summit had its own rear mountain, but to save Qing Yun rear mountain, what was it referring to?

Mr Ghost had passed away speaking halfway, Ghost Li after remaining quiet for a moment, sighed and then glanced at Mr Ghost's body, his eyes were still opened and so he closed up his eyes, quietly said, "If I have the chance to meet Xiao Huan, I will pass your words to her, just that your words are ambiguous, I'm afraid she might not understand too."

After speaking, he stood up, glanced into the distance, saw that about half of the red figure was about to emerge, the entire body red like blood, its head was still shrouded in a ball of red air, Ghost Li frowned, unwilling to be here any longer, turned and was about to leave, suddenly stopped.

In that instant, a thought suddenly emerged in his mind, like an unsuppressable temptation.

He turned around, looked at Mr Ghost's body again, on the dark figure, the veil was still there, Ghost Li stared at that veil, suddenly wanted to lift up that veil and see what kind of face it was beneath it.

But the next moment, he decided to give up that thought, turned and left.

When Ghost Li left that cave, Xiao Hui who was on his shoulder quietly called out, Ghost Li was silent, although reluctant to leave those beasts inside the blood pool but right now that place was really considered the most dangerous place in the whole world, even with his current skills, Ghost Li had no confidence at all in fighting that terrible power.

The walls and ground were still quaking, even though he knew that Ghost King was personally guarding Biyao and should not have any accident but he was still feeling anxious, this was a calamity they never had and clearly Ghost King was the one who laid that formation, it looked to be getting out of control, at least Mr Ghost was the best example.

No matter what, going against Ghost King, better to bring Biyao away first.

Right now the mountain was really too dangerous.

Ghost Li while contemplating, his figure started to move faster, sweeping towards the way he had came from and soon came to that bifurcation, just when he was about to enter that entrance which he came from, suddenly he stopped, deep inside the cave where it should be darkness, a red light flashed and that light was heading swiftly towards himself.

Ghost Li for some reason, subconsciously flashed into the other tunnel, concealed himself in a dark corner against the wall, held his breath, at the same time grabbed Xiao Hui into his embrace and used his hands to cover its mouth.

Xiao Hui who was already spiritually intelligent, seemed to understand and also became quiet, motionless in Ghost Li's embrace.

The tunnel descended into silence but it was not for long, the next moment, a whistle was heard, with deep breathing, sounded more like a wild animal more than a man.


A tall big figure swept out and landed, looking from the back, it was Ghost King, yet this person was completely different from the usual Ghost King, his clothes for some reason were slightly tattered, his limbs and body seemed to be bigger than usual.

A deep [pi pa] sound kept coming out from Ghost King, not knowing what it was but his body clearly emanated an extremely familiar smell.

Thick heavy blood stench!

Ghost Li in the dark corner, coldly watched this figure.

Ghost King did not stay at where he was for long, looked around and then strided to the red light at the end of the distant platform, he walked very fast and very urgent, as if something he was impatiently longing for was waiting for him, he didn't even notice the strange blood stains on the surrounding floor.

After Ghost King's figure disappeared into the cave, Ghost Li slowly walked out, he stared at that place, his eyes glinting, not knowing what he was thinking of.

Xiao Hui slowly climbed up to his shoulder, quietly called out twice.

Ghost Li was silent, was about to turn when his body shook, his countenance changed greatly, right now the mountain was quaking violently, the situation queer, danger everywhere and yet at this moment, Ghost King was alone here, an evil aura surrounding him, obviously different from usual.

But, how about Biyao?

At this time, Ghost King was going to the blood pool, and who was protecting Biyao?

Ghost Li immediately turned pale, a ringing sound in his head, like a flash of lightning he leapt up, into the tunnel and flew.

On the way, his heart unceasingly madly chanted: must not have any mishap...

The entire mountain was shaking, this was the feeling Ghost Li had while on his way, this was the first time the earthquake had sustained for such a long time and still no signs of stopping. On the contrary, the quakes seemed to be getting stronger.

Sounds of collapse could be far from far, made one tremble with fear, when Ghost Li came out of the tunnel and into Ghost King's residence, that tunnel before him in Ghost King's room, was already destroyed beyond look.

Rocks were rolling down everywhere, the once connected tunnels were now riddled with rocks and potholes, and even more bigger rocks continued to fall. Rumbling sounds were heard from deep within the mountain, together with the earthquakes, made the people felt even clearly the unknown terror.

Ghost Li soon discovered in the tunnels, the Ghost King disciples, like mad and fearful ants, rushed towards the cave exit without any regards, the usual sect strict rules, at this critical juncture had lost all of its effect, nobody bothered anymore.

The humans gathered like rivers, Ghost Li's urgent steps were soon blocked by the crowd, at this moment, everyone was running for their lives, nobody regarded him as the vice sect head and nobody made way for him.

Other than people, there were more people.

Ghost Li who was in a panic strided, squeezed ahead, but in front of the person, was still another person, and soon, behind Ghost Li, another large group of disciples who were fleeing for their lives gathered.

He was like an infuriated small fish in the ocean school of fishes, trying his best to struggle, pushing and trying to dash out but as much as he tried, even above the people's head that few chi area, he could also see human bodies at times.


Beneath his feet, another violent earthquake, this time it was so powerful that almost everyone fell, everywhere was fearful shoutings and bellowings, and crying of pain from all directions, in that mad crowd, not knowing who fell, crushed by the human stampede.

Ghost Li's eyes were bloodshot, his mouth dry, he even felt dizzy, ahead, ahead what waited him, what exactly it was?

Biyao...his heart shouting with all his might.

Finally, as the human flow squeezed past this tunnel, Ghost Li slipped out at a bifurcation, it was a distance from the Ghost King's residence and the ice room, right now only need to go along this tunnel to go back, go right to the end would do. But then, Ghost Li had just managed to turn around when he looked ahead, stopped, despair filled his face.

This tunnel was also filled with numerous disciples, struggling to run to the exit, although in that previous tunnel it was slow-moving but it was moving in the right direction, right now he had to go against the flow and looking at the people's faces filled with fear and madness, his heart sank.

The earth and mountain shook, different noises unceasing, people in the madness and despair continued to flee, and behind them, in that solitary stone room, how was that person, could she be hurt by the rocks?

Did she perhaps see, a man cursing loudly in the squeezing crowd, with a similar madness like the surrounding people trying to flee, trying his might to push against the crowd flow, towards her cold room, inch by inch approaching...


A deafening sound exploded behind the people, in the violent quaking, a huge crack on the wall, like a cracked watermelon skin, crumbled into pieces, a piece of it which almost had all of the big and small rocks in the tunnel smashed down, right into the crowd.

In that instant, blood sprayed, several people died just like that, not knowing how many more were injured, and in their shock, the remaining people were even more terrified and pushed ahead with their might, and those trapped behind the rock which blocked their way out, shouted desperately.

Beneath the huge rock, blood flowed, dying a huge patches and patches of ground.

The despair atmosphere permeated among the people, everyone pushed and struggled with their might, hitting that huge rock but that sturdy and solid huge rock was not what their strengths could move, still coldly unmoving.

The earthquakes around them and the distant loud rumbles, carrying the message of death, seemed to come nearer and nearer.

And at this moment, those nearest to the rock suddenly felt a cold air assaulted from ahead, the next moment, the rock trembled and closely following it, that trembling became more intense and the rock emitted several exploding sounds successively.

[Rumble!] a loud sound, the rock actually exploded into pieces, big pieces of it fell among the dust but the people were overjoyed, who would bothered much, lifted their feets and dashed ahead.

[Cough cough, cough cough...] a light coughing as heard from the dust, a figure who appeared to stagger, slowly walked over, the dust settled on his face, shoulder, he did not brush it off, on his pale face, flushed with redness resembling overexertion.

Ghost Li.

What greeted him was, pairs and pairs of delighted eyes, but nobody thanked him, before the thanks, the people's minds were totally consumed with fleeing, the crowd moved, the first few ahead were already running over, looked like the scene of crowd squeezing to flee was about to reenact.


A loud bellow was suddenly heard from Ghost Li, the people ahead abruptly stopped, at this moment, Ghost Li's status as vice sect head was no longer an authority to them, what could make them fear was only the threat of death.

The man whose eyes were red, Soul-devouring stick in his hand, Sinister Orb glimmering with lines of blood light, it was stimulated to the max, the cold murderous intention, like a flood of tide gushed over, the same cold words, were coming from him.

"Who dares to block my path again, will suffer the same fate at the stone!"

The people were shocked, the dust which was still swirling around made everyone believed Ghost Li's threat, and the crazed red light in his eyes made sure nobody ignored his threat, silently, the people made a narrow path for him, even though it was small for even one person to walk through but it was the limit.

Ghost Li did not say anything more, he strided, squeezed past the people and headed to the cold room.

Ahead, the end of the crowd, there was still someone, waiting for him...

No matter what, he had to go over!

He clenched his teeth, not knowing since when his lips already had thin blood flowing out, looked rather horrible, nobody dared to look into his eyes, everyone avoided him like an evil spirit.

But Ghost Li did not care, he was only running ahead with his might, pushing anyone who was in front of him, following that narrow gap which might be swallowed by the crowd anytime, ran with huge steps, against the flow.

This world, those that are really worth caring about, how many are there?

Suddenly deep beneath the ground, rumbling thunder-like crashes were heard again, the next moment, again another wave of violent earthquake, the walls shook violently, large rocks fell, heartlessly smashing onto the crowd, cries and howls were heard, in a blink, the earthquake had made them unable to stand, people were falling all over the place.

Not knowing who it was that abruptly shouted loudly, dashed ahead disregarding everything, the next moment, everyone did the same thing, totally forgetting the other dangers.

The perilous gap, immediately vanished, innumerable people squeezed ahead, turning into a stampede and enclosing Ghost Li within it, rushing with their might in another direction. Ghost Li almost cracked in anger, with a loud bellow, murderous aura surged, left hand stretched out, like grabbing a chick he immediately grabbed an escaping disciple and pulled before himself, his right hand stick raising up high, about to strike down, killing to warn the others.

In the faint red glow, the orb flickering with strange evil light, illuminating that terrified young disciple's face.

He was only a teen, his face pale, his body unable to stop trembling due to the fear, his teeth chattering, only his eyes, still with a glint, that tiny weak glint.

That was the innate instinct hope for survival!

In that instant, things seemed frozen, the cold murderous intention and the madness in his heart, the faint glow from the Soul-devouring, in the crowd, the end of the crowd, who was gazing in the distant from the unseen world?

The red glow, quietly receded from Ghost Li's eyes, replacing it was indistinct tears, he released his hands, let go of that young man and then suddenly with a loud roar, the stick like wind swiftly struck out, broke through the rock and stabbed into a solid wall beside.

Ghost Li grabbed the stick tightly, pressed close against the wall, burying his head deeply into the shadows.

The human crowd like a gushing tide flood, rushed past beside him, innumerable bodies squeezed past him, pressing him, knocked onto him but he did not move and bear it on, as if transforming into a stone with no life, quietly waiting.

That young man was swept up by the crowd, involuntarily moving ahead, but he in the crowd, kept turning around, a strange look in his eyes. In between the gaps in the human flood, he struggled to find that solitary yet preserving figure, just that, that figure soon disappeared among the people, never to be seen again.

Not knowing for how long, in the chaos, that terrible human flood finally passed. In the scattered dust, a figure slowly propped himself up, was about to walk when suddenly his legs weakened and almost fell.

Ghost Li inhaled deeply, clenched his teeth tight and eventually stood up, his clothes, especially the ones on his back, were already in tatters, like numerous beasts had trampled past on his back, even with his cultivation, his face was also extremely pale.

But he did not look like he would take a rest, on the contrary, the anxiety on his face increased, there was already no human flood ahead of him, he strided and slightly staggering, ran towards the end of the tunnel.


For some reason, the road ahead seemed dark.

He panted, running in the tunnel, the damage to the surrounding walls had became much more serious, everywhere were collapsed stones, and as those reflected in Ghost Li's eyes, he became more anxious.

Finally, he could see the entrance to the cold far from a distance but immediately was stunned, his face pale even more, looking from afar, he clearly remembered a new stone door had just been fixed up but now only stone pieces on the ground, could it be...

Ghost Li did not dare to continue the thought, he only used all of his strength to rush forward.

Suddenly, just when he was moving, without any warning, the rumblings and violent earthquakes below, stopped.

It was still crazy hubbub a moment ago and the next moment it was a strange silence, the contrast was so great, made one almost unable to accept.

Ghost Li paused and still ran ahead, this sudden silence, in the long corridor, there was only a solitary figure left, flying deep into the mountain.

And behind him, deep darkness slowly gushed, rolling over, without any sound.

He dashed to the entrance, grabbed the door frame, his joints turned white due to the effort, looked in.

The world was silent, any sounds nor scenes did not exist, in his eyes, there was only the cold room, that empty stone platform,

Without anything on it, the stone platform!


As if his body energy had been sucked out suddenly, his body slackened down, heaven and earth spinned, his entire world seemed to be spinning and trembling, that only shout, reverberated in his head.


Ghost Li stood up in a daze, slowly walked into the room, due to countless earthquakes, the interior of the room was already a scene of devastation, broken stone pieces were everywhere, walls filled with cracks, numerous big and small, even the usual clean floor had a layer of thick dust.

Even around the ice stone platform, had several big and small stones, a few had also crashed directly onto the platform. The devastating scenes seemed to turn into sharp knives, viciously stabbed into Ghost Li's heart. He walked staggeringly, breathing heavily with his mouth, his body wavering.

Suddenly, the corner of his eyes brushed past a part of the room, froze and next moment, started to shake, in that corner where the room's damage was the heaviest, the stones piling up to half a human's height, and below the stones pile, underneath a huge rock, a corner of a green cloth was seen.

Green, a corner of a clothes...

Suddenly, like a mad man he dashed over, rushed to that stone, pushed away the stones, grabbing, digging, the sharp corners of the stones cut and bled his hands but he did not seem to feel all of these.

Finally, he moved the last and the biggest stone, and then he was stunned.

Slowly he crouched down...

Before him, was a corner of a green cloth.

But, it was only a corner.

His eyes slowly shifted, looked at the surrounding, on the ground full of dust, there were many footsteps, big and small but Ghost Li clearly knew, these by right should not appear here.

The cold stone room, only he and Ghost King could come in, and the others that could come in like Mr Ghost, were with him or not in the mountain.

And yet in such chaos where everyone was trying to flee, why would there be some people sneaking in here?

The next moment, Ghost Li's countenance turned pale, almost subconsciously he had already thought of an answer:

Hehuan Bell.

In the Evil sect, everyone knew Hehuan Bell was then the exceptional rare Evil sect treasure, it was even comparable to the Black Heart Elder's Sinister Orb, in their greed, could it be...

Ghost Li did not continue his thought, his mind instantly in a blank.

Deep inside his heart, something quietly broke, crumbled, and that final support which held his heart, thin like gossamer, yet shouldering a thousand jin heavy burden.

There was nothing anymore...

Finally nothing anymore...

Like in a dream, that green figure appeared in his mind suddenly, that faint smile still that beautiful and gentle, the air around him became colder and colder, assaulting from all directions, only that figure was warm, that smile the last warmth in his heart, just that, slowly, the figure turned faint, gradually faded, even the remnant warmth also gradually disappearing...

The silent cold like death, like a ice cold tide from his memory somewhere, gushed over, swallowing him.


His heart lastly was calling out this name.

The next moment, he fainted, entire self fell heavily down onto the floor, stirring up the dust.

The entire Ghost King sect cave, not a human was seen, in the strange silence, suddenly, deep below the mountain, a shocking deafening sound exploded.


In that instant, the entire mountain started to shake, a strong force from deep below madly galloping and roaring, all of the stone walls were shaking, grounds started to crack open, and this time, in those cracks, a terrible red glow revealed out.

Blood stench, permeated every corner.

More and more grounds looked to be soon swallowed up by the terrible force, slowly collapsing down, red light getting stronger, bigger, until the end, even large pieces of stone walls, collapsed, into that red light.

The terrible roar and mad laughter, like a devil resurrected from the abyss, reverberated deep within the red light.

Gradually, a huge hole was formed, blood-red light shot out, and at the perimeter of the hole, the floor and stones continued to fall in, continuously expanding this terrible deep hole.

And in the cold room located far off, the ground and walls were also shaking badly, rocks kept falling down, a few heavily smashed onto Ghost Li's body who was on the ground but his body was motionless, without any reaction. Outside the room, the terrible force in the distance, seemed to be approaching this direction.

And at this moment, suddenly, a white figure appeared at the cold room's entrance, it was Xiao Bai. Frowning tightly and her face somber, she glanced into the room, when she saw the empty stone platform, her face also turned pale and then she saw Ghost Li unconscious on the other side of the room.

Without any hesitation, Xiao Bai dashed over, flipped him over, appearing before her was a pale face which looked to have given up all hope, his body cold, she almost thought she was holding a dead body.

She clenched her teeth tightly, her gaze moving around, suddenly saw Ghost Li holding something tightly, it was a piece of green cloth, her thoughts spinned, comprehended about seventy or eighty percent, her eyes turning red.

[Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!...]

However, the world was cruel enough not to allow her to grieve, deafening explosions again were felt from deep below, after another wave of earthquakes, Xiao Bai could sense that the shaking ground below her was gradually collapsing, red light poured out from the huge gaps below her feet, mixed with extreme high heat.

Flowing below, seemed to be the searing lava.

Xiao Bai was alarmed, with a light shout, she carried Ghost Li's body, both feet touched a fallen rock and flew out of the cold room, she was just out when the entire room collapsed, into that terrible red light.

But after leaving, Xiao Bai again turned pale, the situation outside was even worse than the room, the enormous hole was swiftly expanding, right now it was not only the ground, even the walls and the rocks above were all collapsing down, Xiao Bai leapt and flew among the remnant rocks, occasionally looked down, saw endless red light, blazing heat, as expected great volume of lava turbulently surging among the red light.

There were lesser and lesser areas for her to land, even the remaining bits were swiftly collapsing, Xiao Bai clenched her teeth, sped along while carrying Ghost Li. At this life and death juncture, suddenly Xiao Bai felt a weak light from above, she quickly looked up, saw among the thick mountain rock, after the waves of earthquakes, the huge rocks raining down like armageddon, narrow gaps appeared and revealed the sky.

Could it be that the entire mountain was about to collapse, a skyhole revealed from above?

A determined look appeared on Xiao Bai's face, pushing heavily with her feet, leapt up from the last rock supporting her, flew upwards, below that rock also finally collapsed into the red light, there was no longer any retreat routes.

Blazing hot lava, like an angry giant started to bellow, slowly surging upwards, below the lava, there seemed to be a powerful force supporting it, the next moment, hot lava exploded, evolving into a huge tide, charged up.

Xiao Bai's figure in the chaotic scene, below the lava flood was surging up, above huge rocks and stones raining down, Xiao Bai like a white bird, spread her wings and flew, in the wild storm traversed, with all her might flew towards the sky.

Heaven and earth changed countenance, dark clouds rolled.

Majestic Fox Mountain was once the tallest mountain in the region, right now, in a deafening sound and smoke covering the sky, slowly collapsing.

The earth quaking violently, as if that power, even the heaven and earth was in fear of it.

In the deafening sound, the dust and smoke which reached several hundreds zhang into the sky, the blazing lava shot up from the earth, into the firmament, and under this terrible impressive sight of the heaven and earth power, beside that huge lava tide, a white tiny figure narrowly at the last minute, finally flew out of that hell-like mountain, heading into the distance.