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Chapter 253: Evil Spirit

 Chapter 253 - Evil Spirit

The ground was violently quaking, stones rolled down from all directions, the resplendent light rays which burst forth from the astrolabe, turned Ghost King room extremely bright. In the air, the blood stench hit their noses, so thick that it made one thought one was immersed in a sea of blood.

Ghost Li did not know what caused the change but after the initial shock, he abruptly realized, turned and shouted, "Xiao Hui!"

The shout reverberated far and soon the echo of his shout was heard in the stone room, followed by another shock of earthquake, in the rumbling sounds, dust flew overhead, the stones which rolled down also became bigger.

But there was no answer, the familiar [zhi zhi] cries never came, anxiety shown on his face, after a moment, his gaze came to the inner chamber. Besides, without noticiing, Mr Ghost had came over, unable to see his expression beneath the black veil but his tone, seemed calm, instead in the strange calmness, there was a hint of excitement.

"That monkey of yours, should be inside." Mr Ghost calmly spoke beside Ghost Li.

Ghost Li glanced at him, without hesitation, started to move and was already entering the chamber, following which his body startled, stood at where he was, in the empty room, that dark secret door inside the wall was like a deep dark hole, coldly watching him.

Behind him, a light suddenly moved, it was the astrolabe in Mr Ghost's hand who had also came over, when he saw the secret door, he was clearly taken aback, seemed like he didn't expect that the wall would reveal a secret door, or maybe he knew about the secret door but didn't expect it would be opened, for a moment was speechless.

Both of them were highly skilled people, standing only for a moment in the room they already sensed that the source of the blood stench came from within. Ghost Li's face turned cold, looked deeply at Mr Ghost, Mr Ghost's eyes glinted, after hesitating for a moment, indifferently said, "Don't look at me, these few days I am always within your eyesight, I also do not know what had happened."

Ghost Li snorted, although he was feeling perplexed but as the earthquakes became stronger and stronger and it was evident that the missing Xiao Hui slipped out from this hole, no matter what, this was not the time to question. He made a decision there and then, coldly said, "Let's go in."

Mr Ghost frowned, he seemed hesitant and doubtful, was about to say something but Ghost Li had already entered into the darkness, he stood at where he was for a moment, saw the flickering astrolabe in his hand, and again at the dark entrance, suddenly sighed and muttered, "Man cannot foretell Heaven's plans, it is actually a monkey which foil the big plan."

After speaking, he shook his head and made a bitter laugh, his black figure drifted too, sweeping into the secret entrance.

The tunnel inside was narrow and long, as Ghost Li swiftly traversed, the ground soon sloped down, the walls also started to appear damp, but what made one disgusted was deeper in, the foul blood smell thickened again.

Ghost Li while inside the tunnel, the surrounding sturdy walls were also shaking, if an ordinary person was walking here, would be in fear that the walls might collapse and be buried alive, but right Ghost Li's expression was not showing any of that, his figure moved faster and faster, in a short while, he had already reached the other cave of the tunnel, after descending, he looked up, in front were the flickering madly red light and a long platform shrouded in red shadow, and far from the platform, an indistinct yet familiar howlings and roars.

Ghost Li's face changed, that roar he recognized it to be Xiao Hui's when it transformed but what was it in the red shadow, or what danger it was that made Xiao Hui transformed and fought this life and death battle?

Without a moment of hesitation, his figure like lightning, shot over into the dark red light, and behind him, Mr Ghost drifted from the entrance, after standing still, he did not have any other movements, instead first glanced behind, right now from where he was standing, one was the entrance which he had just came from, the other was also a similar dark tunnel, Mr Ghost was looking at this tunnel.

He watched that tunnel for a moment before looking away, and looked at the astrolabe in his hand. After arriving here, the light emitted by the astrolabe did not weaken and instead turned more brilliant, at the same time in its radiance, golden ancient words constantly surfaced, in the white blazing light it lit up and faded, extremely mysterious, as if responding to something with all of its efforts.

Mr Ghost looked up, that dark red light was flickering madly, a strong energy rampaging, in addition the surrounding earthquakes and trembling walls, all were announcing the arrival of a great danger. Just that looking at all of these, a smile appeared in his eyes instead, he strided and walked towards the dark red light, his footsteps quickened.

When Ghost Li dashed into the dark red light, and when the red light shone on him, with his level of skills, he suddenly a slight dizziness, although he recovered almost instantly but what he saw, made him greatly shocked.

A huge blood pool, a collapsed mountain wall, the air filled with blood stench, all within his expectation. And in the mid-air, a strange human-shaped monster made up of numerous red blood energy, its height several zhang, almost filling up the entire huge cave. At the end of the platform, Xiao Hui which had transformed into a huge ape was roaring without fear but its size greatly different from the giant man, and the most important thing was, right now Xiao Hui seemed helpless, huge ball of red fires constantly threw out from the huge man's mouth and Xiao Hui could only kept avoiding.

The blazing red fires kept striking down from the air, at a quick glance, where the fire passed by even the sturdy rock seemed to melt, Xiao Hui although had an exceptional body but it too dared not touch it, could only jump here and there on the platform, escaping them by a hairline. Watching as its grey fur body was full of wounds, clearly it had gone through much hardship and now was only struggling to hang on, heavily panting.

And at this moment, Xiao Hui leapt up with all of its might, narrowly avoiding a blood fire which swept past below, even in the air it could feel the fur at its lower part of its body being burnt, couldn't help but made a roar. But though it looked like it had avoided, coming down from the air, when it had just landed, suddenly felt a sharp pain below its feet, almost penetrating into its bone, Xiao Hui looked down, saw the stone floor had already turned into burning stone water and its feet split and fur burnt.

The pain was not light, Xiao Hui's huge body wavered and almost collapsed, the blood-energy huge man in the mid-air without any signs of pity, again threw another blood fire, it looked like Xiao Hui was about to be destroyed in this blood fire, its huge head cried out to the sky, far below it, angry roars were also heard but clearly those were of no help.

As the blood fire struck down, Xiao Hui's three eyes seemed to be filled with the blood fire image, at this critical moment, a long whistle was heard behind it, like a dragon singing, a dark-green light like a long rainbow streaking the sky, making a curve, like a shock of thunder and as fast as lightning, arrived just in time, enveloping a dark-green light around Xiao Hui, within the light sharp glints flashed, a Taiji drawing emerged, glistening brightly, a rumbled sounded, blocked that red fire down.

It was Ghost Li who had arrived in the nick of time.

But although this was blocked, Ghost Li's body shook violently, darkness before his eyes, the light shield almost dispersing and his body almost fell off into the blood pool. Fortunately his cultivation was high, when his body fell he used the edge of the platform and drifted up, swept to where Xiao Hui was, his gaze quickly swept over Xiao Hui, without speaking, caught its body and with a low groan, single-handedly grabbed Xiao Hui up.

Xiao Hui with a cry of pain, its body lifted up, in the air its bones emitted [ge ge] sounds, and the next moment, its body started to shrink and in a blink, back to its original body size, that little grey fur monkey.

Right now, that huge man seemed to be infuriated that his blood fire was being blocked, his target also shifted to Ghost Li, opened its huge mouth and with a rumble, a blood flame as long as five zhang shot out, like a fire dragon descending from the sky, burning towards Ghost Li.

Ghost Li placed Xiao Hui on his shoulder, with a shout "Hold tight!" and then floated up, his body's speed in moving was much more agile than Xiao Hui, although the fire force was extremely powerful but he always managed to escape between the gaps and looked much unhurried.

Xiao Hui also did not stand by, after its body resumed, it grabbed hold of Ghost Li's clothes and sat firmly as Ghost Li flew around, its other hand also grabbed its both feet and looked, pain revealed on its face, [zhi zhi] calling non-stopped and then using its hand to fan its feet, most probably the pain on its feet was unbearably burning.

But Ghost Li hearing Xiao Hui's cries, at the same time from the corner of his eyes saw Xiao Hui's actions, he instead was relieved, crying out in pain and fanning itself, seemed like Xiao Hui other than superficial injuries was not hurt badly. After being assured, Ghost Li's body flew even much leisurely, the blood fires although were powerful but they were slow and to him, exceptional but not threatening, also taking advantage of this chance, he started to flew around while avoiding the fires to take a closer look at the huge man.

Far below him, like an abyss but the blood pool in the abyss had a shocking scene, especially when Ghost Li saw the four spiritual beasts in it, he was greatly shocked. Among the four beasts, other than the wilderness Zhulong, the other three had close encounters with him, he didn't expect that they would be incarcerated here.

And immediately he recalled Ghost King expending all of Ghost King sect's strength, from the earliest ten years ago Kuiniu to the gathering of the four beasts, so it was all to lay down this strange formation?

He suddenly looked up at the huge man, a blood fire struck down, the surrounding air was like on fire, Ghost Li like an apparition instantly flashed to several zhang away, avoiding it. That blood fire hit the stone wall behind, bits of rock flew, leaving a several zhang huge hole on the solid wall.

Ghost Li hovered far, saw that this man was formed out of spiritual blood red energy, red light like clouds brewing turbulently, churning unceasing. On its face two huge eyes with blazing red light, burning fiercely like fire, staring deadly at Ghost Li, another red fire erupted from its mouth, this huge man spiritual energy seemed to be infinite.

Ghost Li managed to avoid again but this time sharp glint moved in his eyes, he did not stop and instead following the direction of the blood fire, less than three chi distance from the fire flew against it, heading towards that man's body. Xiao Hui on his shoulder, saw that terrible huge man coming nearer and nearer but was not afraid, instead excitedly [zhi zhi] cried out, waving its fist hand, looking like it was intending to fight to the end with it.

The huge man did not expect Ghost Li's sudden attack, furthermore with its huge body, its reaction was slow and in a blink, he only saw Ghost Li transforming into a light, like an arrow launched shot into its blood-energy body.

Once inside it, Ghost Li immediately felt a heavy pressing pressure surrounding him, his speed was reduced and wild howlings were heard all around, like the wailings of the ghosts in hell, his blood channels also started to churn. In front of him, red haze shrouded, unable to see anything, he frowned, a flash of golden light on his face, a thought in his head and exceptional spell had started, solemn golden light surrounded him and expanded out, immediately blood energy within three chi radius receded, the uncomfortableness in his body disappearing.

Unexpectedly the blood energy started to change again, in the red haze, numerous faces started to appear around him, some were happy, sad, angry, or fierce, countless of them, like ten thousand ghosts squeezing around him.

"Save me!"

"Give me your life!"

"Don't go!"

"Go and die!"

Out of a sudden, a hubbub of noises, like a flood tide gushing over, thousands of red arms stretched out from the haze and tried to grab Ghost Li, the horrifying scene indescribable. But such ghostly conjuring spell which would most likely be successful at ordinary humans, to Ghost Li who had Buddhism calming 'Great Brahman Wisdom', it had met its arch foe.

The Buddhism supreme exceptional skill, was indeed the great foe of the Ghost Way, the numerous ghostly faces, appeared to have powerful turbulent forces but once they came near the golden light, all made shrill cries, hastened to escape and some who did not manage to, were burned by the golden light, instantly dissolving into grey powder, scattering with the wind.

With such supreme spell protecting him, Ghost Li was even more fearless, charged ahead, though there were numerous ghost faces in front but nobody could stop him and all retreated to avoid, [pu] a sound and he had already passed through the giant's body and came out.


The blood-energy huge man made a strange angry roar, looked extremely incensed, the huge body slowly turned around. Although Ghost Li managed to penetrate through but his expression was somber, this strange man was made up of blood energy, had form without substance. He had just traversed through and yet seemed not to have affect the huge man at all, as such, wouldn't it mean he could only be hit by it and unable to retaliate, and looking at this huge creature's briming energy, the cave was also surging with abundant spiritual energy, Ghost Li could clearly feel that scattered spiritual energy continuously entering into this huge man's body, as such if he continued on, he would only tire himself out.

And just when Ghost Li was thinking hard on how to defeat this giant who seemed invincible, the giant man instead had a change first, the giant's body seemed to break down, all of its energy gushing out, numerous energies shot out, forming a thick red haze in the air but it did not look like it was dispersing, instead it gathered more and more, in the end it became a ten zhang red blood energy ball, like a red sun, shooting out numerous red rays in the mid-air.

And when Ghost Li was still stunned, deep inside that red ball, a loud sound was heard, the next moment, from that ball innumerable red tentacles were formed, each tentacle as thick as the rim of a bowl, length of several zhang, above them blood energy rising, dancing unhindered.

In an instant, the entire huge cave turned into a sea of red tentacles, Ghost Li could still avoid those powerful red fires but this time facing the ubiquitous, terrible thousands of tentacles, even he couldn't help but feel his scalp tingling, his countenance changed.

From the initial fight with Xiao Hui, shooting rotting round balls, summoning skeletons and until the end transforming into blood-energy giant, and to the current strange blood ball, thousands of tentacles, the strange force of the formation in this cave, seemed to have innumerable skill abilities, in its viciousness it was eternally changing, made one inevitably feel despair and helpless against it.

[Duo duo duo!]

Sharp piercing sounds were heard, the tentacles charged from all directions, no place to avoid or retreat, Ghost Li's face was solemn, with a loud shout, golden light and dark-green light radiated out at the same time, forming a light shield enveloping him and Xiao Hui, at the same time the Soul-devouring stick for the first time appeared in his hand.

It was only a blink of an eye, in the sharp ear-gritting whistles, the tentacles pounced down, instantly enveloping Ghost Li's light, not to say it was closed up tight, even a bit of light from within was not seen, only strange red tentacles were seen tightly wrapping together, forming a strange ball in the air.

Those red tentacles squirmed, clearly all were using their strength to tighten and pressed within, from outside the ball could be seen shrinking inwards and next moment rebounded to its original size, the tentacles again squeezed and it shrank slightly inwards, the rebound energy seemed to be strong, again it rebounded back to its original size.

And like this, like a heart beating, and also like breathing, it repeated many times, suddenly rupture sound was heard from within it, and then it turned into a loud rumble, a huge stretch of tentacles seemed to be torn apart by the explosion, scattering away into red smoke. Ghost Li's figure shot out like lightning, flew out and landed on the platform but when he stopped, he almost could not stand straight.

Ghost Li's face was extremely pale, his panting could be heard indistinctly, with his current cultivation, he could be pushed to such state in such a short time by this strange enemy, one could imagine the powerfulness of this formation.

However the formation and the cauldron were not only like this, although Ghost Li escaped but those red tentacles which were exploded to that huge red ball, were nothing. In fact, those tentacles which were turned into red smoke, were again sucked in by the red ball, the spiritual energy constantly recycling, however powerful foe would only scatter at its sight.

And again, even more tentacles again created out of the red ball, innumerable hands waved around in the air, a terrifying sight, even Ghost Li felt a chill looking at it.

Watching as more red tentacles covered the air, [duo duo] sounds again howled down, Ghost Li already had the intention to retreat, facing such ghastly thing which did not seem to come from mortal world, it was obviously not what a human strength could fight. Just when he was about to avoid a bunch of tentacles which were swooping down and headed to the tunnel entrance when suddenly Xiao Hui made a sharp cry, its cry urgent and seemed to discover something, its hand pointing to that huge red ball.

Ghost Li was stunned, he was concentrating fully to deal with the great enemy and did not have the energy to observe that red ball, in his hurry he glanced at where Xiao Hui was pointing.

This glance, made him stopped, inside the deepest part of the red ball, a faint white halo lit up, completely different from the surrounding vicious red light. And almost at the same time when this white light lit up, the invincible red ball had a strange change, the red ball which seemed to be inflated fully, as if someone had pierced it with a needle, started to deflate, the red light swiftly dimmed, the innumerable tentacles seemed to freeze, almost half dissolve into red smoke, another part shrank, the more than ten zhang red ball also started to shrink.

The red light in the air churned urgently, looking like it wanted to go mad but was helpless, even from far, Ghost Li could feel that mad and deep violent hatred.

Watching as the change unfolded in front of him, it was really dizzying and shocking, but as the red light in the air turned weak, under Ghost Li's intense stare, a ball of evil red cloud was revealed in the deepest part of the red ball. In there, the red light was the reddest, looking from far, it was so thick that it almost appeared to be dripping blood, and that white halo, was also radiating out from that deepest part, although it looked insignificant against the surrounding mad ravaging blood energy but it did not had the slightest waver, instead, around this white dagger, the red energy gradually receded and dispersed.

Ghost Li suddenly realized, the quakes also gradually ceased, only the air was still filled with the blood stench, still as thick, not knowing if it was due to the blood pool below.

The ball of blood energy was still retreating, red light with sharp piercing sounds continued to brush past beside, looked extremely unwilling but helpless, eventually, after the red cloud dispersed completely, the real self was revealed.

A primitive ancient cauldron, strange inscriptions engraved around it, in the centre a weird devil face, and on the devil's forehead, a white light column which by now looked dazzling, radiated out from it.

The Hidden Dragon Cauldron!

Ghost Li recognized it immediately, this ancient cauldron was the most mysterious and the most valued magical weapon of Ghost King.

Ghost Li slowly turned, his gaze moving away from the cauldron and to the surrounding, the cave walls which were already almost in ruins, the strange and terrible blood pool, the four beasts incarcerated, helpless and in pain, all of these, could all these really be done by Ghost King?

And that terrible power above, the formless monster, the thing which should not exist in this mortal world, don't tell him it was also summoned by Ghost King?

These acts, other than 'deranged' this word, he really had no other words to describe.

Xiao Hui right now after the intense battle, seemed to have lost its usual restlessness, quietly crouched at Ghost Li's shoulder but its three eyes, kept glancing at the cauldron, seemed to be still fearful of it.

Ghost Li stood solemely for a while and then came to the end of the platform, the ground below him after that battle, were full of potholes. He stood at the edge, like Xiao Hui previously, peered down.

Xiao Hui had also looked away from the cauldron, softly called out a few times, like pleading Ghost Li to save Taotie and the other beasts below. Ghost Li's eyes flashed, his brows frowning tightly, in the chaos just now he had felt uneasy seeing those beasts and right now looking at them carefully, he discovered that those beasts were already seriously injured, most of their spiritual energies gone.

Ghost Li had never heard of spells that could suck spiritual energies, seemed like the mysterious formation in this cave and the ancient cauldron were the cause of it.

He felt hesitant, he did not have good feeling towards those four beasts before him, and three of them in this situation were somehow connected with him and by right, he should help free the animals. However he was no longer that simple youth anymore, as he contemplated, he already considered that the formation was so powerful, it must have cost the Ghost King great efforts to complete it, if he were to meddle in it and upset Ghost King's plans, wouldn't he be obviously turning against Ghost King?

Actually if it was only falling out with Ghost King, Ghost Li did not have any fear, he had no qualms about it, but there was still Biyao lying there, a total of ten years...

Once he thought about Biyao, the light in his eyes dimmed, he gently sighed, slowly stood up, facing Xiao Hui on his shoulder, he quietly shook his head. Xiao Hui immediately became anxious, scratched its ears and cheeks, both hands gesturing, its face imploring, clearly wanted Ghost Li to save those beasts, Ghost Li frowning tightly, his expression showing conflict, his heart also undecided.

And at this moment, a clear crisp sound was heard behind them, both of them shocked and turned around, Mr Ghost, not knowing since when, had came to the platform, and that ancient astrolabe, was radiating resplendently, its light like the sea waves turbulently rolled, forming a light column around the astrolabe, charging up towards the sky, it was responding to that strange light on the cauldron.

And in the dazzling astrolabe, numerous white light petals were seen, each connected to each other, like the Buddhism Buddha's lotus seat, glittering and translucent, like a crystal, protecting the astrolabe in it; above the astrolabe, in the layers of bright rays and precious energy, an ancient golden word appeared, dazzling, floating in the light, but this time, the lit word did not fade, instead it became brighter.

And following the character's brightness, like in response, in the mid-air, that light dagger also lit up.

Ghost Li's heart suddenly tightened, stepped forward, sternly asked, "What are you doing?"

But Mr Ghost seemed not to have heard Ghost Li, his black figure was now totally enveloped in the resplendent light of the astrolabe, a pair of eyes staring intently at the suspended astrolabe in front of him, for some reason, he looked more dignified than his usual ghostly aura.

Under the astrolabe radiance, Mr Ghost stretched out his hand, like plucking the flowers, leisurely picking, at the centre where the light was the brightest he gently touched, almost following his touch, another golden word leapt out, shining brilliantly, gently floated above the astrolabe; And Mr Ghost never hesitated for a moment, his eyes staring tightly at the centre of the light, as if searching for something, the next moment, he lightly touched four times in the centre.

Four golden words, floated in order of precedence, the entire astrolabe in full resplendency, the light column had expanded more than twice its size, and in response, the 'Qian Kun Lock' embedded in the cauldron, also expanded several times, emitting [ka ka] light sounds, wavering ceaselessly, as if trying to break free.

Ghost Li was greatly shocked, the dumbest person after experiencing the battle just now would also know, the mysterious light on the devil's face was the only thing that could restrain that invincible power, and if this 'Qian Kun Lock' was removed, one could imagine the consequences. Right now he could not be bothered to be considerate of anyone's feelings, in his anxiousness, his body swept towards Mr Ghost, shouting, "Stop!"

Unexpectedly although his body was as quick as lightning but when he was five chi away from Mr Ghost, he was deflected by a gentle yet abundant force, and just when he was being obstructed, Mr Ghost again touched the astrolabe.

This time, he seemed to do it very slowly, his finger seemed to be trembling, not knowing if it was because he was nervous or because he was focusing too much of his energy on this, when his trembling finger entered into the astrolabe radiance, there was an instant where he paused, and then a light crisp sound, the seventh golden word, slowly rose up.

This seventh word, seemed bigger than the other words, its color was also darker, after it rose up, it did not float like the other words, instead it rose and stayed fixed in the air. As the word rose, the other six words also surrounded over and formed a circle around it, instantly the seventh word radiated in golden light, forming a golden light column about only a finger thick, charged up towards the 'Qian Kun Lock'.

In the huge cave, not long ago a storm was ravaging in it, right now it suddenly descended into a strange silence, everything was quiet, not even the sound of breathing, all of the eyes, Ghost Li, Mr Ghost, Xiao Hui, the beasts in the pool, even the unseen, all held their breaths and watched, what was about to happen.


A very very light crisp sound.

The 'Qian Kun Lock' light column swiftly dimmed and disappeared, leaving a finger-sized hole on the devil's forehead, and the golden light column shone right into this small hole. And then a small pearl rolled out from the hole, its color deep blue, landed within the golden light.

The golden light swiftly receded and descended, and this blue pearl also came along with it, when the pearl was near enough to be seen clearly, its color was like the vast sea, limitless and faint smoke was trapped in it, flowing slowly like the tide, day and night travelling the sky, never ceasing since the ancient times.

The golden column gradually turned dim, the seven golden words also dispersed and disappeared, and that deep blue pearl, floated half a chi above the astrolabe and started to spin. The resplendent light around the astrolabe started to recede swiftly back to it, and soon, it resumed it usual look, emitting soft light and those tiny cubes were still orbiting, what was different was, it had an additional beautiful pearl, the astrolabe looked like the firmament, all of the stars orbiting around that beautiful deep blue planet.

The heavens and earth logic, hundreds of millions of years, seemed to be in this instant, indistinctly revealing in this tiny astrolabe.

In the cave, there was only silence, almost everything was in awe of this magnificent mysterious sight, just that, this silence only sustained for only a moment.


Indescribable deafening rumble, bringing with it since thousands and ten thousands years of wild joy, infinite blood light rays appear abruptly in this huge cave, every place seethed with thick foul smell of blood, every corner had screaming red shadows, blood stench so thick it could not be diffuse charged up to the sky, the hovering cauldron, innumerable blood energies gushed madly to it.

On the primitive ancient cauldron, the pale inscriptions started to lit up one by one, accompanied by a strange tempo, evolving into blood red inscriptions, a mysterious and demonic sound was heard in the air, like an aged lonely distant evil spirit, chanting aloud a forgotten verse.

Red, blood red color, like sea tide covering the entire cauldron, turning it into a red glittering monster, and finally, all of the blood energies gathered at that devil face, from the jaw, bit by bit it invaded up, turning the lips red, swallowing the nose and then the eyes.

Finally, as if all of the blood energies howling, the entire cauldron shook, all of the mad blood red light shadows howled together in this cave, sharp cries ringing unceasingly, the blood pool also started to churn, the earth moved and mountains shook, stones started to fall like rain...

Blood energy, surging like tsunami, covered past that hole where the tiny blue pearl once resided, dying the entire face red.


Majestic Fox Mountain summit, the weather changed, celestial thunder descended from the sky, loud thunder sounds exploded over the mountain summit horizon.

Wild winds blew, blew all of the huge rocks and dust, whistling in the heaven and earth, a stern harsh scenery.

The cold room inside Majestic Fox Mountain, the walls were all violently shaking, stones rolled down but Ghost King disregarded it all, right now, his eyes were already completely red, extremely weird.

In the quaking room and rolling stones, he slowly raised his right hand, in his right palm, a red inscription clearly was seen in the flesh, its shape like the ancient cauldron, bold and vigorous.

Ghost King stared intently at his palm, then started to laugh, his laughter was cruel, mixed with madness, and even hysterical.

"It has succeeded, it has succeeded...finally succeeded! Ah..." He deeply gasped for breath, his voice already turning hoarse, his face twisted, colour as red as blood, extremely strange.

Suddenly, his right hand clenched into a fist, a strong force exploded out from his body, almost could see his veins twitching, the surrounding walls as if receiving a huge force, a big part of it collapsing suddenly, dust and stones flew.

"Ha ha...ha ha..."

Mad laughter, arrogance and insanity in it, Ghost King headed to the exit, just that he suddenly paused there, on his cruel and mad face, suddenly there was hesitation, his body moving slightly, almost wanted to turn and look at something.

Behind him, was Biyao lying quietly there.

Then, after an instant of hesitation, Ghost King still did not turn around, the huge stone door before him, suddenly exploded into pieces, in the raining stones, with mad determination, he strided out.

[Rumble!] Violent earthquakes continued to rage, bigger and bigger stones fell, almost crushing this place. And that frail green figure, quietly lay on the stone platform, silent and alone, with some melancholy.

[Ding...ding...] clear crisp bells, quietly rang in this stone room, just that they were drowned by the rumbles from even larger rocks crashing down.