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Chapter 250: Waiting

 Chapter 250 - Waiting

This was a cruel and terrible thing to happen, especially to the disciples who had a rare period of ten days of peace, this madness and fear which was ten times more than what they had experienced previously, their nerves stretched to the max.

Not long after the violent earthquake, finally there was deserters.

Not many deserted, only one, and not someone important, only an ordinary disciple, had joined Ghost King sect less than three years. And Ghost King sect was one of the Evil sect branches, furthermore this was the residence of the holy sect leader, the various severe punishments of the Evil sect, how would they missed that out?

The deserter was soon captured and brought back, and severely punished but the dark shadows and suffocating atmosphere shrouding every one of them, could never be erased.

Not knowing since when, they became taciturn, the large Ghost King sect was a dead silence, the disciples avoiding talking, the goal of the cultivation path, was enough to make one mesmerized in suffocation but not knowing what it exactly moved?

In such scenario, the sect head, Ghost King who had always placed the sect as his topmost priority, was still remaining silent, after causing fear among the disciples by swiftly executing the deserter, he remained reclusive and mysterious, nobody knew what this overlord who was once ingenious and a brilliant strategist was thinking, was he mad from that terrible power too, or was he scheming some big plan?

Anyway, nobody knew!

But Ghost Li clearly felt this strange energy, truthfully, as long as one was slightly clear-minded and had some intelligent, could tell it very obviously, the abnormal chaos in the sect, just that Ghost Li had unwittingly did something to it.

To him, Biyao was first.

And now the most important thing was, that mysterious force which erupted whenever it was at the most critical moment, and before coming back, he had never felt this force, such evil and terrible force, it seemed not be a force from the mortal world.

Just that, after he secretly searched the entire cave, other than the ground which was streaked with cracks and fissures, he did not find anything.

Leaving only one place, he had not searched Ghost King's residence.

But, before he could think of a plan to search that place, someone had already came to look for him.

Due to the powerful earthquake that day which caused many rocks to tumble down in the corridors, Ghost Li who stayed in the ice cold stone room when he was not secretly out investigating. Even if he went out, he would rush back in fear that another earthquake would cause the rocks to tumble down and hurt Biyao, that would be an irreparable mistake.

Right now in the Ghost King sect, it was obviously not a safe place anymore, Ghost Li thought about the dangers and went to look for Ghost King.

Pertaining to his daughter, Ghost King naturally would not dare to take chance but in this short notice, he was unable to find a suitable place to house Biyao. Biyao's body had been sleeping for ten years and could not be easily moved from the ice platform, and they still would need time to find a cold and dry place outside Ghost King sect.

Without any choice, though Ghost Li was anxious but he could only wait, Ghost King dispatched more men to search for suitable places and Ghost Li stayed guard beside Biyao day and night.

The cold room was after all different from other rooms, these few days, the cracks on the walls were repaired in the shortest possible time, even the stone door was replaced, comparing to the other places, the cold room was not as devastated.

Ghost Li back-leaned against the ice platform, sat on the floor, his eyes wandering around the room, Xiao Hui crouched beside him, looked rather obedient, its hand holding some wild fruits and busily munching it.

In the usual days, Ghost Li would not bring Xiao Hui into the room but due to the current special situation, he had to guard beside Biyao for the whole day and was unable to return to his residence. Also he was suspicious of the strange force in the mountain and so did not wish to let Xiao Hui run around by himself, therefore he brought it along with him.

The white cold air, rose gently from the platform behind him, like a mist floated in the air, Ghost Li quietly watched the translucent smoke, his eyes becoming obscure.

At this moment, the door emitted a low groan and then opened. As it was a newly replaced door, the sound was rather unfamiliar, a black figure quietly walked in, it was Mr Ghost.

Ghost Li glanced at him, did not speak.

The door closed behind Mr Ghost, cutting off the outside world.

Mr Ghost walked forward slowly but did not say anything to Ghost Li, instead glanced at Biyao for a while and then spoke, "Ms Biyao turning into this state, without realizing it it has been ten years already..."

Ghost Li's face suddenly tensed, staring sharply at Mr Ghost, Mr Ghost under his black veil, not knowing what his expression was but from his body movements, he seemed oblivious to it.

Slowly, Ghost Li looked away, towards Biyao, saw her faint smile, his heart suddenly tightened, a dejected look passed his face.

Mr Ghost saw Ghost Li's expression, a strange glint lightly moved in his eyes, pausing and then turning to face Ghost Li, said, "Do you wish to save Ms Biyao?"

Ghost Li looked up at Mr Ghost but did not show any expression on his face, indifferently said, "If you have something to say, say it."

Mr Ghost seemed not to mind Ghost Li's cold attitude, said, "Though there was some strange happenings that day when that astrolabe displayed its powers, the situation turned chaotic but I thought carefully after that, it is still not totally hopeless using the astrolabe to save Ms Biyao."

Ghost Li's countenance moved, he stood up, Xiao Hui saw his master moved, swished its tail and leapt twice, climbed up and sat down on Ghost Li's shoulder, and then took a bite out of the fruit in its mouth and looked at Mr Ghost.

Under Ghost Li and Xiao Hui, one human and one monkey stares, Mr Ghost paused and then continued, "It seems to me, this astrolabe is an ancient divine item which has been long lost on earth but never showed up before, it is not a trivial thing."

Ghost Li was taken aback, "Ancient divine item?"

Mr Ghost nodded, said, "According to ancient legends, the various celestial deities only passed down several rare treasures in the ancient times, and had inconceivable divine powers, it was not what a mortal could control or understand, and this astrolabe magical treasure, should be one of it."

He paused, glanced at Ghost Li, saw him frowning but listening raptly, Mr Ghost's veil shifted slightly, again said, "In the legend, this astrolabe is a rare and unfathomable treasure, possess the heaven and earth truths, contain infinite mystery, able to break yin yang, set the soul, pry astronomical phenomena, some ancients even said it could comprehend creation, reverse cause, consequences and destinies, it is really an incredible rare celestial weapon."

Ghost Li's mind thought rapidly, that day at Tian Yin Temple, Puhong, Pude the two masters also said similar words, although some of the contents were different but clearly this was an exceptional item, could it be, could it be Mr Ghost really had the ability to save Biyao?

With the thought, his body trembled, stepped forward, said, "Mister please save her."

Mr Ghost shifted slightly, avoided Ghost Li's bow, indifferently said, "Ms Biyao is afterall Ghost King sect head's beloved daughter, I have received the sect head's great benevolence, if I can save her, I will not shrink from my duties. But..."

He paused, Ghost Li feeling anxious, said, "Mister if you have words please speak."

Mr Ghost was quiet for a moment and said, "I have just said, this is an ancient divine weapon, mysterious and unfathomable, the abilities and powers in it, I must be able to comprehend and then treat Ms Biyao."

This was an extremely good news, Ghost Li after hearing it, had a strange reaction instead, it was not wild joy, he shifted his gaze from Mr Ghost, turned towards the ice platform, after a moment, he slowly turned back, his expression indifferent, his eyes indistinctly had an obscure mockery and wariness look, indifferently said, "Then what Mister meant was..."

Mr Ghost was silent for a moment, spoke directly, "I need time to comprehend the profound mysteries of this astrolabe, if you trust me and also to save Ms Biyao, then please temporary lend the astrolabe to me, once I have comprehended it, I will definitely return immediately to save Ms Biyao."

Ghost Li's lips moved slightly, a cold sneer slowly revealed, his eyes also turned cold, slowly said, "Then what if I don't trust you?"

Mr Ghost was nonplussed, for moment seemed taken aback, did not know what to say.

Ghost Li coldly said, "That day at Qing Yun Hill Tongtian Peak outside the Founders Ancestral Hall, that elder clearly was well-acquainted with you, you killed him without a blink, between us, we have also fought a few times, whether we had the intention to kill, we know it clearly in our hearts. If according to you, this divine item is really that remarkable, firstly it concerns the big matter of saving Biyao, secondly this is not mine, how can I entrust this so easily to you?"

Mr Ghost sneered, said, "So it seems like Ms Biyao is not as important in your heart anymore, in front of you there is a hope to save her and you rather give up?"

Ghost Li coldly snorted, said, "Want me to hand this over to you, that is impossible."

Mr Ghost spread his hands out and said, "Oh, there is no way then."

Ghost Li was silent for a moment, said, "I have a plan, that is to trouble you..." He glanced at Mr Ghost, frowned and hesitated for a moment, finally softened his tone and said, "that is to trouble Mister for a while, will be able to study the treasure and also relieve my worries, not sure if Mister is willing to listen?"

Mr Ghost with a "Oh" said, "is there such solution, please speak."

Ghost Li said, "Have to trouble Mister to be inconvenience, to study the astrolabe in this ice room!"

Mr Ghost was stunned, said, "What?"

Ghost Li indifferently said, "Of course while doing so, I will be beside Mister, or if Mister feels that this place is not suitable, I am also willing to allow Mister to choose other places, just that I must be beside."

Mr Ghost looked at Ghost Li, his eyes glinting, Ghost Li remained composed but his eyes firm, evidently he was unwilling to make any further concession. Mr Ghost was silent, slowly spoke, "Please let me consider this for a while, I will speak to you again!"

After speaking, he turned and glanced at Biyao, suddenly said, "But the sufferings that Miss Biyao underwent these ten years are really not small, you yourself must think over this carefully."

Ghost Li coldly humphed, a trace of anguish flashed past his eyes but his eyes were still sharp and clear, said, "Don't need you to mention, I am aware of that hundred times more than you."

Mr Ghost nodded, turned, opened the door and left.

Watching that black figure disappeared from sight, the door closed with a rumble, Ghost Li quietly turned, sat down beside the platform, looked deeply at Biyao's face, after a long while, he was heard muttering, "Biyao, don't blame me, I really have no choice but to do this..."

Mr Ghost after leaving the room, stood outside for a moment, the tunnel outside was still deserted but for some reason looking at it now, a strange air seemed to permeate it.

Mr Ghost watched the empty corridor for a while, turned and headed to the other side, his footsteps were silent, in this strange silence, there was not a sound, like an apparition.

As he headed further, the tunnel grew darker, Mr Ghost dressed in black, looked suited to the atmosphere, looking from afar, he seemed to be gradually merging into the darkness.

Just that he continued to walk on. Suddenly he stopped, looked ahead, before him, there was a corner in the tunnel that headed into another direction, that corner was not lit, appeared the darkest, and in that obscure corner, a figure seemed to be standing there.

Mr Ghost looked deeply at that figure, walked slowly over. In the darkness, that person moved, a deep voice was heard, "How is it?"

Mr Ghost silently shook his head, said, "He refused to give me that treasure."

That figure froze for a moment, seemed to be surprised and then for some reason, seemed to be infuriated, abruptly stepped forward, said, "Don't tell me he actually don't care about Biyao's survival anymore?" Mr Ghost shook his head said, "You know his character, Ms Biyao is the most important person to him, just that I see that he doesn't trust me and so refused to hand me the treasure to study it."

That shadow snorted, walked out slowly, it was Ghost King, his face cold, said, "Since he refused to hand the treasure and our blood formation is incomplete, for the moment it is not wise to fall out with him, what should we do?"

Mr Ghost indifferently said, "Ghost Li still cares about Ms Biyao and so he gave me a condition."

Ghost King was surprised, asked, "What condition?" Mr Ghost sighed lightly and said, "He can lend me the treasure to study but he must be around when I do that."

Ghost King immediately frowned, hesitated for a moment, said, "We want to take the treasure in order to release the Qian Kun Lock on the cauldron and the blood formation, if he must be in sight then how are we going to use the power?"

Mr Ghost laughed bitterly, said, "That is the hard part."

Ghost King was silent, did not speak, Mr Ghost thought for a while, said, "I suggest, maybe we can first take the treasure and examine it, the ancient weapon has infinite mysteries, maybe we really can find a way to activate the Qian Kun Lock across space, previously the Qian Kun Lock reacted to the astrolabe over a long distance too."

Ghost King nodded, said, "Think that is the only solution for now."

Mr Ghost turned and stepped forward, indifferently said, "Then I will go first to prepare."


Ghost King's voice was heard from behind suddenly, Mr Ghost paused, turned and look at Ghost King, said, "Sect head still have matters?"

Ghost King's eyes suddenly turned stern, stared at Mr Ghost for a long while and then slowly said, "There is one more thing, I want to ask you."

Mr Ghost said, "Sect head please speak."

Ghost King's face was indifferent but his eyes seemed perplexed after stern, said, "I ask you, the ancient astrolabe, other than being able to release Qian Kun Lock, is it also save Biyao?"

Mr Ghost was silent, after a long time slowly spoke, "I am not sure, I have to examine the treasure first before I will know."

Ghost King's lips moved and then waved his hand, quietly said, "I understand, you can go!"

Mr Ghost cupped his hands to Ghost King, turned and left.

Ghost King was left alone in the tunnel, for a long time did not move, the darkness quietly permeated, gently swallowed his solitary figure into the shadows, not long after, other than a stretch of darkness, his figure was no longer seen.

Ghost Li sat quietly in the cold room, his back against the stone platform, Xiao Hui lay beside his legs, its head on his lap sound asleep.

The stone room was in silence, so quiet one could almost hear their own heartbeats, Ghost Li looked indifferent but his eyes had glints, indistinctly some anxiousness in it. It had been a day since Mr Ghost suggested to study the astrolabe but that black figure had not appeared again, Ghost Li started to feel uneasy, especially when the corner of his eyes saw Biyao lying on the platform, the anguish in his heart turned stronger.

He even had the thought to disregard all caution in order to save Biyao.

But just at that moment, almost in return for his sleepless night, the room door emitted a groan and opened, Mr Ghost's black figure appeared and slowly walked in.

The sound of the door rumbled over, deep and loud, also awoken Xiao Hui who was sleeping. Xiao Hui flipped over, crawled up from the floor, scratched its head, its eyes still half-asleep, after a while it gradually cleared its mind, bare its teeth at Mr Ghost and then climbed up Ghost Li who had already stood up, seemed like it was extremely displeased with Mr Ghost for disturbing its sleep.

But Ghost Li did not show the same displeasure, in fact he secretly let out a sigh of relief, smiled faintly, he looked at Mr Ghost, simply asked, "How?"

Mr Ghost naturally was also not a talkative person, directly answered, "Will do accordingly to what you said before."

Ghost Li nodded, saw him looking around and suddenly said, "But..."

Ghost Li was surprised, said, "But what?"

Mr Ghost said, "But I'm afraid it will be better if we change location."

Ghost Li frowned and said, "Why?"

Mr Ghost indifferently said, "This cold room is afterall where Ms Biyao rest, there have been strange happenings when the astrolabe was activated a few times, if we study it here, wouldn't it be detrimental to her?"

Ghost Li was silent for a moment, slowly nodded and said, "That is right, it is indeed that we should change to another location." He looked at Mr Ghost, said, "Could it be that Mister already had a place in mind?"

Mr Ghost smiled and said, "Since I have decided before coming here, naturally I have thought out everything. Just follow me!" speaking, he turned and headed out of the room.

Ghost Li turned and glanced at Biyao lying on the platform, softly said, "Biyao, just rest in peace, I will definitely find a way to save you."

Biyao lay quietly there, smiling in her peacefulness, Ghost Li quietly looked at her for a while then turned, inhaled deeply and strided out.

The stone door slowly closed up behind, Ghost Li looked at that black figure, said, "Miser please lead the way!"

Mr Ghost quietly laughed, that voice sounded somehow strange, Ghost Li couldn't help but frown. Although he had heard that tone of Mr Ghost's voice before in their conversations but for some reason today, he found it especially grating.

Mr Ghost made a gesture to Ghost Li, turned and headed deep into the mountain, Ghost Li followed behind, Xiao Hui on his shoulder, no longer sleepy, peering around, especially at the cracks which became deeper and thicker as they walked.

Both of them walked along in the tunnel, nobody else was seen, footsteps reverberated in the empty space. After a while, Ghost Li suddenly spoke, "Have Mister seen the surrounding cracks?"

Mr Ghost seemed to stifle for a moment but did not stop or turn, continued walking ahead, at the same time quietly spoke, "These are so obvious, I of course have seen it but not sure why vice sect head is suddenly asking about it?"

Ghost Li's steps also did not change, following Mr Ghost ahead but his gaze had glints when he looked at the cracks and then shifted to Mr Ghost's back, said, "I have been at Ghost King sect for ten years, this had never happened before, Mister is at Ghost King sect longer than me, has extensive knowledge, maybe you can enlightened me?"

Mr Ghost suddenly stopped, his figure seemed to freeze and Ghost Li also stopped at the same time, quietly watching him. The dim tunnel deserted, almost only darkness permeated over, slowly gathering around Mr Ghost, Mr Ghost was quiet for a long time before turning over and looked at Ghost Li.

Ghost Li stood behind him, did not avoid at all, looked at him directly in his eyes.

Mr Ghost behind his veil, his expression obscure but his eyes were bright, almost incompatible with the darkness around him, his deep voice, calmed and unruffled, quietly said, "Will like to ask vice sect head, why of all the people in Ghost King sect, are you asking me?" Ghost Li stared at his eyes, said, "Obviously because I know Mister's knowledge is the best in Ghost King sect and so sincerely seeking consult."

Mr Ghost was silent, looked at Ghost Li, saw his indifference face, couldn't tell what he was thinking, after a long time, said, "These cracks were previously caused by the multiple earthquakes that happened within one hundred mile of the mountain, the mountain was shook by the quake and resulted in these cracks."

Ghost Li looked deeply at Mr Ghost, his eyes glimmering, said, "So it was because of that?"

Mr Ghost suddenly asked in return, "If it was not, what vice head sect think it was?"

Ghost Li did not speak, the tunnel suddenly turned quiet and carried a trace of coldness. Mr Ghost suddenly had a false perception, around Ghost Li, not knowing since when, there were some darkness quietly gathering around that young man.

After a moment, Ghost Li indifferently said, "I am only sincerely seeking advice and did not have other intention, since Mister said it is so then it is then."

Mr Ghost looked deeply at Ghost Li, slowly turned and continued onwards, Ghost Li's footsteps were heard following behind.

The rock walls on the tunnel beside them, ugly towering huge cracks criss-crossed each other, as if grinning savagely at them, quietly howling.

The two figures, slowly continued on deeper, darkness behind them quietly besieged them swallowing the last bit of light.

Not knowing how long they have walked, Ghost Li observed the surroundings, slowly frowning.

Finally Mr Ghost stopped, stood at a secluded stone room entrance, clearly he had chosen this place. But Ghost Li's brows, were even more tightly knitted.


Just when Mr Ghost was about to open this door, Ghost Li suddenly spoke, "Isn't this Ghost King sect head's room?"

Mr Ghost slowly turned around, quietly said, "That's right, it is this place."

Ghost Li frowning, said, "You want to study the astrolabe here?"

Mr Ghost nodded and said, "That's right."

Ghost Li coldly stared at him, said, "There are a few thousand rooms in the cave, why must you choose here?"

Mr Ghost glanced at Ghost Li, a glint flashed in his eyes, said, "Why, do you feel that there is anything inappropriate with the selection of Ghost King head's residence?"

Ghost Li was silent, the truth was, he really couldn't find any inappropriateness with Ghost King's residence but because he had been investigating everywhere on that mysterious force and only Ghost King's residence had not been searched.

Staring at that stone door, Ghost Li quietly said, "Nothing but this is afterall Ghost King's residence, should he be at least notified?"

Mr Ghost quietly laughed, said, "You don't have to worry, I have already told sect head, after knowing it is for Ms Biyao, he of course approved. As for why I chose this place..."

A glint flashed in his eyes, quietly said, "Just because it is quiet."

Ghost Li looked at Mr Ghost, suddenly with a cold laugh said, "Only because it is quiet?"

Mr Ghost seemed oblivious to the unspoken meaning in Ghost Li's question, said, "Only that."

Ghost Li did not ask anymore question.

Mr Ghost nodded, opened the door, the familiar deep rumble was heard, the door slowly opened and revealed the simple interior.

Ghost Li followed Mr Ghost in, casually looked around, saw the paintings on the walls and furnishings, it was still the same as before but Ghost Li frowned, discovered for a moment he was unable to recall, when was the last time he had came to the residence to look for Ghost King?

Ghost King was not in, Mr Ghost turned around, met Ghost Li's gaze, said, "Ghost King sect head has already instructed, for us to study here in peace, he is busy with affairs and so will not be disturbing us for these few days."

Ghost Li nodded, suddenly recalled and asked, "Oh right, over at Biyao's..."

Mr Ghost waved his hand, indicating Ghost Li to be assured, said, "Don't worry, sect head has said he will look after Ms Biyao while we are here, you can at least trust Ms Biyao's father right?"

Ghost Li was silent, nodded and said, "If it's so I am assured, if there is no other matters then let us begin!"

Mr Ghost took two futon from the side, threw one at Ghost Li and sat on the other one, said, "Alright."

Ghost Li sat on the other one, took out the wrapped astrolabe, removed the cover, looked at the item for a moment and slowly passed to Mr Ghost.

Xiao Hui's gaze followed that astrolabe, its expression also seemed to turn somehow strange.

Mr Ghost took the astrolabe, felt the warmth, faint white light radiated out and revolved before him, reflecting in his eyes. He quietly looked at the astrolabe, gazing every inch, as if looking to see through it.

In the room, a silence descended, even the sound of breathing, seemed to vanish.

On the other side of the cave, after Ghost Li left with Mr Ghost, the cold room which was tranquil as usual, the white mist, carrying with it some loneliness, drifted in the air.

The room was empty, the green figure was still quietly lying there, unmoving, the peaceful expression with a smile on her lips, as if everything was like ten years ago, time seemed not to leave any trace on her face.

She was still as beautiful, but not knowing in her heart, was there ever a faint sorrow, or maybe little regret?

The cold white air like smoke drifted, looking gradually hazy, as if dreaming for too long, an indistinct figure in the dream.

[Ding!] suddenly a clear crisp sound, rang out clearly in the room. The invisible sound wave passed through, like a gentle breeze, the cold haze in the room trembled for a moment.


Again another light bell, this time it was even clearer, that sound was coming from Biyao's hands, the tiny bell.

In the room, the air seemed to swirl faster, and the pleasant reverberations of the bell from the walls, continued one after another, forming a quiet song, somehow joyful, somehow sorrowful, somehow passionate, somehow sighing.


The third chime, suddenly pitched higher, the white mist instantly drifted backwards, like the waves among clouds, a clear whistle rang out, faint golden light shone out from Biyao's hands.

In the room, an indistinct sound of wind and thunder, just that the next moment, as if out of energy, unable to continue, the clear chime slowly toned down, and the golden light, gradually dimmed.

The bells slowly disappeared from the room, the mist regained its usualness, gently drifting, as if nothing had happened, without leaving any signs.

Silence, again returned to the room.

Not knowing for how long, a rumble was heard in the room, the door opening slowly, Ghost King's figure appeared, walked in slowly.

He came to the platform, looked at his daughter, after a long time, quietly said, "Yaoer, father is here to see you."

Biyao's expression did not change, like that moment ten years ago.

Ghost King clearly was already used to it, his gaze full of love, not a single bit of viciousness, he sat beside the platform, looked up, saw the mist in the air.

" has been ten years already, without realizing it, you have slept for ten years already." He suddenly laughed, his lips carrying some bitterness, said, "If you wake up now, will you still recognize father?"

He paused for a moment, shook his head slightly again, with a bitter laugh, as if laughing at himself, muttered, "How could that be, you will of course recognize me, just that you will definitely say: Dad, why you do have so many grey hairs?"

Ghost King's hand, brushed lightly over his hair, and his expression, also seemed distant. Between his fingers, were all grey hairs.

He sank into silence, as if reminiscing something, not knowing if he was sighing over him growing old with age or the time spent between the father and daughter.

After a long while, he was heard softly speaking, "Yaoer, don't worry, as long as father is alive, I will definitely save you. Ghost Li has already gone with Mr Ghost to study the astrolabe and heavens willing, able to comprehend a way to save you..."

He stopped, his expression gradually turning cold, quietly continuing, "But if really heaven is unwilling, you don't have to be afraid too, as long as the astrolabe is able to release the Qian Kun Lock, the blood formation is completed, father will be invincible by then, not only dominating the world, even saving you will be easy!"

The white mist, suddenly receded by one chi, in that instant, Ghost King seemed agitated, an invisible energy seemed to explode out into the surroundings, after a while, the white mist again drifted back, gathering in the centre.

"Don't be scare, don't be anxious," Ghost King's gaze was still staring at the mist but he was still gently speaking, "Father will definitely save you."

"The room where father stay, of all the places in the mountain, is the nearest to the blood formation."

"Now, what we must do, is to patiently wait..."