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Chapter 249: Astrolabe

 Chapter 249 - Astrolabe

Ghost Li was back at Majestic Fox Mountain for a total of ten days already but his biggest and only goal, had no signs of improving.

In the last few days, the Qian Kun Reincarnation Plate and the Hehuan Bell in Biyao's hands no longer showed any reaction to each other, each time he brought hope with him to test but the end result was always ice cold. And that strange mysterious energy from beneath the earth seemed to also disappear after that day, never occurring again.

And responding to that, inside the Ghost King sect, the miserable and tragic atmosphere out of a sudden changed for the better, these ten days, there actually wasn't any incidents of disciple going mad and killing the others, and the terrifying deepening cracks in the wall also ceased.

Everything, seemed to return back to normal, all of the people started to gradually recover from the brink of berserk and smiles started to appear on their faces, even though trepidation was still in some smiles but the mood was greatly different from before.

In the cave, in the tunnels, more and more disciples wandered and traversed, the previous scene where everyone walked past each other like they were strangers was gone, gradually there were laughter and talks.

And regardless whether if this was coincidental, all these started to happen after Ghost Li returned to the mountain, and among the disciples, a rumour started going around, saying that after the vice sect head returned, although he appeared unconcerned about his disciples but in reality he had swiftly found the root of their troubles and exterminated it, returning peace to Ghost King sect.

Although the rumour was rather ridiculous and inaccurate but it could be because of the difficult and fearful days earlier, many disciples believed it and this rumour spread swiftly around, as for how Ghost Li found the root of the troubles and how he exterminated it, it was unclear and even as to what was the root of the trouble, almost nobody could say for sure. However, nobody seemed to care about these anymore, only discussing among themselves privately.

Ghost Li naturally would not know about these rumours, even if he knew he would not pay any attention to it, what he was concerned was only Biyao within the cold chamber, and this person who was extremely important to him, still showed no signs of improvement, to him, that tiny faith he once had and stubbornly held on to it, finally had reached the end today, vanished.


Again another light sound, the Hehuan bell once again landed on the jade dish, rolled slightly and stopped.

Ghost Li stared in daze at the dish and bell in his hands, in his dark eyes, the last ray of light had also disappeared.

He quietly stood for a long time, then took the bell and walked to the platform and placed it in Biyao's hands, carefully clasped her hands together at her chest, his actions extremely gently, as if afraid he might hurt her.

Following which, he looked deeply at Biyao's face, quietly said, "Biyao, I'm sorry, I fail to save you again...this Qian Kun Reincarnation Plate is a secret treasure that belongs to Tian Yin Temple, I have borrowed it for several days already, really can't hold shamelessly on to it any longer."

Speaking till here, his facial muscles twitched, his eyes closing, as if his heart was highly agitated, after a long time, he slowly calmed down and gently said, "Don't worry, as long as I am alive, no matter how, even if its to the end of the earth, I will definitely save you! Just bear it for a while more alright?"

Biyao quietly lay before him, her face was still peaceful, a faint smile on her lips, although there was no reaction but maybe she was responding to him!

Ghost Li's eyes was suddenly turned moist, he quickly turned around, looked up and inhaled deeply, until that tiny bit of moisture had receded, he then slowly walked out.

The thick stone door slowly closed up behind him, Ghost Li's heart also dropped to the lowest valley, standing for a long time, he quietly shook his head, as if trying to shake some thoughts out of his head and then was about to turn and walk off, suddenly was stunned and stopped.

Outside the room, ahead in the tunnel, a black figure Mr Ghost quietly stood there, like a spirit without any vitality, watching Ghost Li, his eyes behind the veil stared intently at Ghost Li and then on the jade dish in his hands, never leaving.

Ghost Li then discovered in his emotions, he had forgotten to keep the dish before coming out, immediately took out the black cloth and wrapped the dish back, placing it in his bosom. Mr Ghost watched his actions, did not stop him but his eyes had a glint, not knowing what he was thinking.

Ghost Li although felt puzzled about Mr Ghost's behaviour but firstly Mr Ghost had always behaved erratically, secondly right now he was not in the mood to pursue trivial stuff, and couldn't care less about why Mr Ghost was standing there, after keeping the dish, he did not even bother to make his greetings to Mr Ghost, strided off, walking past Mr Ghost, he did not even turned to look at him, walked ahead instead.

Although Ghost Li did not wish to care but seemed like Mr Ghost did not think that way. After walking about ten feet away, Mr Ghost's voice was suddenly heard coldly and clearly, "Please stop."

Ghost Li frowned, turned around and asked, "What is it?"

Mr Ghost's eyes flashed with glint, slowly asked, "Is Ms Biyao still doing well?"

Ghost Li's face suddenly revealed a trace of anger, nobody in the entire sect did not know about Biyao's condition, Mr Ghost's question was clearly asking the obvious, and it wasn't a big deal if it was somebody else but Biyao had always been a taboo subject to Ghost Li and none of the disciples dared to speak like this in front of him, for so many years, Mr Ghost was the first.

Ghost Li's expression turned cold, his eyes sharp, staring at Mr Ghost, coldly said, "What are you trying to say?"

Mr Ghost seemed to ignore the cold murderous air emanating from Ghost Li, but he did not answer his question directly, instead asked another question, "I heard you have found a new treasure to treat Ms Biyao, is that right?"

Ghost Li coldly said, "That's right but what is the purpose of your question?" after speaking, he stepped one step forward to Mr Ghost, his eyes turned even sterner, an invisible murderous air had started to stir.

Mr Ghost seemed oblivious to the approaching danger, and also seemed not to notice Ghost Li was already in anger, his demeanor was totally cold, only indifferently said, "Let me look at that treasure of yours, can?"

Ghost Li's face was livid, his clothes stirring without wind, clearly he was incensed, he made another step forward and though this step looked small but his figure was already three chi before Mr Ghost, with a raise of his hand he could envelope Mr Ghost in his powers.

Just that in this turbulent atmosphere, looking as if it would soon erupt, at this crucial moment, suddenly turned composed because of one sentence from Mr Ghost.

"Maybe, I might have some solutions to this treasure."

The ice cold stone room was built especially by Ghost King for Biyao, since it was where Biyao was, including her special condition, naturally it was the most secluded place in the Ghost King sect headquarters, and Ghost King had long decreed, ordinary disciples were not allowed to come near this area.

Inside the Ghost King sect, those that could access the icy cold stone room, were not more than five, Ghost Li and the mysterious Mr Ghost were among them, right now outside the room, the corridor was empty, only the two of them staring at each other.

Ghost Li's gaze was still staring sternly at Mr Ghost but the angry murderous energy had gradually subsided, after a period, he suddenly said, "Do you know this thing?"

Mr Ghost indifferently said, "I have only taken a hasty glance just now, didn't look carefully at its treasure's appearance too, I can't tell."

Ghost Li was silent for a moment, stretched his hand in and uncovered the jade dish, was about to pass it to Mr Ghost when he hesitated, placed it in his hand but did not stretch out.

Mr Ghost's gaze lingered on the warm jade, slowly looked up at Ghost Li, did not speak and did not rush.

Ghost Li's eyes frowned, feeling somehow hesitant. This mysterious Mr Ghost, although right now he was part of Ghost King sect but clearly Ghost Li did not have any trust in him at all, and in the past because of Beast Deity battle, at Qing Yun Hill Tong Tian Peak rear mountain, Mr Ghost made a sneak attack when Ghost Li was fighting with that mysterious elderly at Founders Ancestral Hall, that made Ghost Li displeased and disgusted.

Just that though being disgusted, this mysterious person regardless of his cultivation or knowledge, was not something that Ghost Li dared to dismiss, after hesitating for a moment, in the end it was still that tiny hope buried deep inside his heart won, Ghost Li slowly handed over the jade dish.

Mr Ghost did not speak, took the dish, held it before himself, through his face veil, carefully observed.

On the warm jade dish, emitting warm and gentle white glow, like an invisible ripple, slowly flowing in the air, those drawings engraved on the sides of the dish, some primitive and heroic, some vivid and ingenious, some like the stars in the infirmament, some like rivers flowing through the mountains, awing one. However the most attractive thing was still the jade cubes in the centre of the dish, the innumerable cubes quietly flowing around, unceasingly, yet each had its own path, there was no collision, fascinating people, indistinctly making one feel that these innumerable cubes must contained some heaven and earth logic.

Other than that, this mysterious treasure of Tian Yin Temple, had actually a tiny difference since Ghost Li brought it out from the temple, those tiny moving cubes, each had a strange character, when Ghost Li obtained the dish, the characters were dim without light and the dish right now in Mr Ghost's hand, while the cubes were moving, some characters would suddenly lit up and then dimmed down.

These characters lit up, seemed without logic or sequence, just that after it lit up, another would lit too, much more vitality than before but also deepened its mystery.

Ghost Li naturally noticed this change, it was after the first strange earthquake when he first used the dish, Ghost Li even felt hopeful when he saw that but after ten days, no matter how he tried, it was still as before, unable to comprehend this mysterious treasure.

Mr Ghost's face, concealed behind the veil, no one knew his emotions and so unable to guess what he was feeling, only the glint in his eyes, became brighter and brighter.

Ghost Li's heart, suddenly became tensed.

Not knowing for how long, Mr Ghost flipped the dish over and looked at it several times, and finally looked up at Ghost Li.

Ghost Li suppressed his voice, as if suppressing his own feelings, quietly asked, "How is it?"

Mr Ghost closed his eyes for a moment, then slowly said, "This is an ancient treasure, named: Astrolabe!"

Ghost Li was stunned, said, "Astrolabe?"

Mr Ghost nodded his head firmly.

Ghost Li did not expect this from Mr Ghost, for a moment was taken aback, that day at Tian Yin Temple, Puhong Master and Pude Master spoke so certainty and genuinely that this was Qian Kun Reincarnation Plate, why did it come to Mr Ghost and became astrolabe?

However Ghost Li soon cast this question aside, to him, it had no difference whether this was Qian Kun Reincarnation Plate or astrolabe, most importantly was whether Mr Ghost knew the secret of this treasure and used it to save Biyao, looking at Mr Ghost's affirmative expression at this treasure, he seemed confident, Ghost Li couldn't help but became excited, urgently asked, "Then, then do you know if it, it can save Biyao?"

Mr Ghost was silent, though it was only for a short period but to Ghost Li, it was like a thousand hundred years, his heart was up in his throat, afraid that Mr Ghost would say "No".

Fortunately, though Mr Ghost was somehow hesitant but he did not say no, he was heard saying, "This is an ancient weapon, for a long time it did not appear in the mortal world, although I know one or two things about it but I am not totally sure, I still need to try it."

Ghost Li then felt relieved but couldn't help but feel depressed. However, once he thought of having another tiny hope again, though tiny but his heart was overjoyed.

He was really immersed in despair for too long, a little hope could also made him fixated.

Mr Ghost was silent for a moment, said, "This is not a suitable place, why don't we move into the icy cold room first!"

Ghost Li nodded, was about to go over, hesitated and then for the first time ever stretched out his hand to the side and made a gesture to Mr Ghost, said, "Mister first please!"

Ghost Li had always disregard others at Ghost King sect, even if its Ghost King, he rarely gave way, right now he had such attitude towards this Mr Ghost whom he never had good feeling for, it could be seen how important Biyao was to him. Mr Ghost seemed surprised too, glanced at him, nodded and walked over, Ghost Li followed behind him and the two of them once again entered the stone room.

In the stone room, Biyao was still as usual on the stone platform, quiet and beautiful, faint white wisps of cold air wafted up, lingering in the air.

Ghost Li walked to Biyao, was about to take the bell when Mr Ghost suddenly said, "Don't take the bell first."

Ghost Li was surprised, turned and look at Mr Ghost, said, "Biyao's soul is locked in this bell, if we don't take it, how do we save her?"

Mr Ghost shook his head, said, "I have just said it, the astrolabe is a ancient weapon, I too only know a little about it, I am not confident too, before trying, better not alert the bell first, when we are more confident, it is still not too late then to use spells, at least we can ensure Ms Biyao's soul is safe."

Ghost Li was enlightened, quickly nodded, said, "Mr Ghost is right."

Mr Ghost holding the dish, sat cross-legged on the other side of the room, Ghost Li sat opposite him, watching him closely. Although Mr Ghost gave him a hope out of a sudden but Ghost Li was still wary of him, even though he was courteous but he was still on the guard.

Mr Ghost slowly placed the dish before himself, closed his eyes, he seemed to have some doubts in his heart, after a while, he opened his eyes and then stretched out his right first finger, slowly pointed towards the jade.

Ghost Li's face changed but suppressed it down, his face revealed tension, watching Mr Ghost but he was unable to see his expression, his eyes were staring unblinking at the dish, clearly he was also tensed too.

Mr Ghost's finger soon neared the dish, about five cun above he stopped, under his finger, the dish was still the same, gentle white light and tiny cubes rotating by itself in the centre, the undulating words, quietly lit up.

Mr Ghost paused his finger, both his eyes staring in the centre, as if looking for something, Ghost Li was perplexed but did not dare to disturb him. He saw Mr Ghost hesitated for half a tea time, suddenly with a light shout, the finger above the dish, like a lightning streaking across the horizon, pressed down.

A light muffled groan, one of the cube's character had just lit up, and when it was about to dim, Mr Ghost's hand happened to press onto this cube.

On the peaceful jade dish, brilliant resplendent light suddenly exploded out!

Ghost Li at the same time, had an illusion, the outside world seemed to slow down for that instant and the stone room seemed to be hundred, thousand times bigger, he like an ant, facing the infinite unknown world.

This strange illusion immediately passed but Ghost Li's palms were full of cold sweat, but right now he didn't have time to ponder, once his sense were back, his first reaction was to look at the jade dish. The brilliant light grew more and more resplendent, deep inside the light, light [pa pa] sounds were constantly heard, most likely it was due to Mr Ghost's finger which disrupted the cubes' trajectories, more and more cubes collided onto it.

As the sounds gradually became louder, the light became more brilliant, instantly filled the entire room, Ghost Li was unable to view Mr Ghost's figure anymore, before this strange light he was surprised and delighted.

The light continued to grow stronger, like a tiny sun setting in this room but there was no heat, instead in the thousands of beams, there was another low deep sound, like incantation, like chanting, as if the wind whistling among the mountains, like the birds in the deep and secluded valley.

Suddenly, at this tense and strange moment, Ghost Li suddenly felt his heart pounded once heavily, his entire body shook, as if his entire blood channels stopped flowing, felt dizzy and almost fainted.

Ghost Li was greatly shocked, before he could react, in that resplendent light and mysterious chanting, both his palms, feet soles yongquan meridian, stomach dantian meridian and top of his head baihui meridian, these were the most sensitive gathering points of the entire body, received shock at the same time, also the blood channels in his entire body, blood flowed backwards, the pain like knives cutting, with his tenacity, he couldn't help too but groaned, feeling full of pain.

Behind the light, Mr Ghost seemed to sense something, asked, "What is it?"

Hearing his calm voice, he seemed totally unaffected, Ghost Li was very surprised, he had not encountered such scenarios, even to say it was the Sinister Orb's evil power attacked him, it was greatly different from the past, and ever since he had learnt fourth volume, the Sinister Orb's power had already gathered together and never once attacked him, the Soul-devouring stick was also quietly laying in his bosom, unmoving.

Just that as this thought flashed past his mind, the pain in his body seemed to increase even more, his entire body blood channels shook even more, almost convulsing, and his four limbs gradually turned numb, the shock that was at his palms, stomach etc swiftly shifted, from his entire body to now his forehead.

This change was extremely fast, not one could imagine, Ghost Li's entire body shook violently, thankfully the bright light concealed him, Mr Ghost did not know what exactly happened but with his skills, he could sense a great change happening in Ghost Li, in the vague, flicking light, Mr Ghost seemed to have stood up.

Ghost Li felt his body was being cut up by knives, yet did not know the reason, and at this painful moment, the trembling feeling around the various points on his body all gathering in the centre of his forehead, in that instant, he could almost hear his own head emitted an explosive sound, like an explosion, blew his eyebrows area off.

And a piercing light, like a sharp dagger, stabbed into his forehead, through his head!

In that instant, Ghost Li felt the world was spinning, almost losing his consciousness but he had always been stoic and determined, and for so many years he had developed a unyielding toughness, withstood all that and where the pain was, he sensed that his forehead was fine, not like what he had imagined but that illusion just now, was so real and terrifying!

And at this moment, Mr Ghost was heard saying, "What happened to you?"

Following his words, Ghost Li suddenly felt his body relaxed the strange pressure receded like tide, the brilliant light swiftly dimmed, he inhaled deeply, focused and looked ahead, Mr Ghost had stood up and looking at Ghost Li, and his finger, was naturally away from the dish.

Losing the pressure, the cubes again resumed their orbit and the dish resumed its appearance. Ghost Li under Mr Ghost's eyes, was silent for a moment and then slowly resumed his normal expression, said, "Nothing, the light was too bright just now, I stretched out my hand to block it."

Mr Ghost was surprised, frowned, Ghost Li's skills was not below him, he naturally would not believe Ghost Li would be afraid of the bright light but Ghost Li did not look like he would tell him, Mr Ghost quietly pondered and sat back down.

Ghost Li glanced at him, said, "How is it, what is your understanding of this Qian Kun...this astrolabe, can it make spells?"

Mr Ghost nodded but his expression was strange, was about to speak when both of their countenances changed, sensed something.

The entire room seemed to shake, following closely a strange yet thick blood stench assaulted their noses, permeated everywhere, on the rock walls, [pa pa pa pa] cracking sounds were heard, the cracks enlarged again, numerous big and small stones rolled down.

The earthquake became more and more violent, maybe it was because of the cracks enlarging, the soundproofing effects were not as before, they could faintly hear despair and angry roaring sounds from outside, in the nauseous stench, their countenances changed again.

The mysterious force which had been silent for ten days, at this moment, again awakened, the walls and ground quaked harder, this time, the strange force seemed to be especially fierce, had no intention of stopping. Ghost Li brushed forward to the platform, guarded Biyao, and Mr Ghost surveyed the surroundings, frowning and did not speak, as if thinking about something, his face vaguely showed his suspicion.

The shouts and howls continued outside, seemed like they had once again descended into the previous fear and madness, the cracks continued to widen, stones kept falling down, the scene appeared especially scary.


Suddenly a loud sound came from the entrance, a large stone was exploded into pieces, as the rocks flew, a figure swiftly swept in, his face anxious, it was Ghost King.

Ghost King immediately looked at the platform when he came in, saw Ghost Li was already protecting Biyao, although the earthquake was strong and stones kept rolling down from above but when Ghost Li raised his hands, all of the stones around the platform rebounded off.

Ghost King let out a sigh of relief, though his heart was slightly calmed down but his expression was not, looking around he saw Mr Ghost who was also on the other side of the room, involuntarily frowned and said, "What are you doing here, still not going...?"

Halfway speaking, Ghost King suddenly stopped, Mr Ghost seemed to understand and nodded, his figure moved, but he suddenly thought of something, looking at the ground, that astrolabe or Qian Kun Reincarnation Plate, quietly lying there. Mr Ghost took a step towards it, suddenly felt a sharp gaze from behind, extremely cold, he slowly turned around, saw Ghost Li who while deflecting a large stone, stared at him.

Mr Ghost was silent for a moment, did not move forward again and swept out of the room, his black figure flashed out like an apparition, and was not seen again.

Leaving only Ghost King and Ghost Li in the room, Ghost King glanced at the dish on the ground, looked at Ghost Li, was silent for a moment, wanted to speak but only sighed. He did not discuss the reason for Mr Ghost presence here but Ghost Li brought this dish to this icy cold room, naturally would be hoping to save Biyao, and looking at this scene, without asking he also knew that it failed.

Ghost King quietly walked to the other side of the platform, happened that a rock was falling down due to the strong quake, Ghost King lightly waved, that rock as if receiving a heavy blow, flew obliquely out, with a rumble collided upon the wall and smashed into pieces.

Ghost Li glanced at Ghost King, did not speak, the two men quietly stood beside the sleeping lady, patiently protected her. Biyao's face was still carrying that slight smile, maybe in her heart, she was feeling some happiness too!

Again a period of time passed but this strange quake still did not subside, on the contrary, the mysterious force with the thick stench of blood rampantly raged below, Ghost King and Ghost Li had high skills, clearly felt this force was not an ordinary earthquake, it had spiritual intelligence, like it was a trapped huge beast, angrily howling and struggling to break free of its restraints and chains, even if that destroyed the heaven and earth, it did not care.

Outside the room, as the door was destroyed by Ghost King, the wailings and mad howlings outside which were getting sharper and denser, also sounded louder, Ghost King's face gradually revealed his irritation, his anger also slowly surfaced, Ghost Li stood beside and could feel his mood changing, took at glance at him and was shocked.

Ghost King's facial muscles were slightly twisting, appearing rather savage, completely different from his usual demeanour, and in his eyes, a dark red colour strangely also surfaced, like faint red light glimmering in his eyes.

Ghost Li was secretly shocked, Ghost King happened to look over, both of their eyes met, Ghost King coldly sneered, his voice cold, said, "What are you looking at!"

Ghost Li met his gaze, did not show any signs of retreating, with the same tone said, "Nothing."

Ghost King's gaze froze, icy cold energy shot out from his eyes, stared at Ghost Li, the atmosphere between them which had turned slight warm, for some reason turned tensed, but at this moment, after a strong quake, both of them felt the force below them suddenly receding.

And as expected, the next moment, the walls and ground stopped quaking, the falling small stones also finally stopped, the strange smell in the air also dispersed. Ghost Li let out a breath of air lightly, looked at the platform, saw Biyao lying there safely, sleeping with a smile.

Following which Ghost Li looked at Ghost King, saw him also watching Biyao, the anger and the indistinct murderous intention, all quietly disappeared, in this world, maybe only when he was watching his only beloved daughter, he was able to wake up from his anger and calmed down.

Ghost King watched Biyao for a while, his eyes full of love and then slowly looked away, said, "Take good care of her."

Ghost Li nodded and said, "I will."

Ghost King turned and strided out, soon disappeared from sight, Ghost Li stood for a while, his eyes sweeping across the floor, saw the dish was still lying there, strangely none of the falling rocks hit this dish.

Ghost Li walked over, picked up the dish, carefully checked it and wrapped back it into the black cloth. Outside the room, the cries also gradually ceased, but even though the calamity was over, the hubbub was still heard, evidently many were still immersed in their fear.

Ghost Li frowned, his eyes taking in the surrounding devastated ruins, after this destruction, the walls suffered even more wounds, and what was different from before, not only the walls were damaged, even the ground also started to show cracks, some even had potholes.

The ice room suffered such heavy damage, the corridors outside and where the disciples resided, one could guessed the terrible scenes, moanings were heard incessantly, seemed like this was the best annotation.

Ghost Li's gaze gradually turned sharper, walked to one of the cracks and carefully observed, following which, while frowning, he touched the crack with a finger, fine stone gravel fell, landed on the ground and rebounded a few times, rolled into a corner. Ghost Li slowly took back his hand, made another strange action, his palm placed before his nose, lightly snifting, as if trying to smell something.

His eyes turned even brighter and sharper.

This strange force had appeared twice after his return, and each time coincided when he used the jade dish to treat Biyao, it would be hard to say it was just coincidental, since it involved him saving Biyao which was his most important priority, then he could no longer stand by and watch.

Deep inside the cave, blood pool.

The raging Four Divinities Blood Formation's power had already calmed down, although the air was still filled with blood but the waves from the light emitted from the cauldron had already ceased.

Mr Ghost stood alone on the platform, looked up at the cauldron, in the flickering red light, his eyes were still staring intently at the white beam on the devil's face.

The white light like a sharp dagger, was much brighter than the last time he had saw it, and had also grown thicker. Under that circumstances, the devil's face was even more twisted, the red glow which had receded half down the face, right now even the redness also dimmed, seemed like it could not be sustained long.

Mr Ghost looked at bad situation, but his eyes no longer had the anxiety and urgency, instead had more delight, after a long time he was heard laughing, quietly muttering, "As expected, as expected it is due to that astrolabe..."

His figure moved, moving ahead, stopping only at the end of the platform, he peered out at the pool below, saw the four beasts submerged in the blood fluid, lifeless and exhausted, clearly these ancient beasts' vitalities were already sucked completely by this formation.

And the cauldron, filled with spiritual energy, evolving into beams of red light, shrouding the cauldron, the cauldron was glimmering incessantly, as if responding to these energies. Just that at the most critical moment, the light dagger blocked the energy channel, preventing these energies from entering, the formation unable to complete.

Mr Ghost looked at the various scenes, both eyes half-closed, seemed to be contemplating, his fingers interlocked with each other, subconsciously knocking gently, evidently deep in thought.

And at this moment, behind the platform a sound of clothes flapping was heard, Mr Ghost immediately felt it, turned over, saw Ghost King's sombre face, walking over.

Ghost King did not bother with courtesy, directly asked Mr Ghost, "What happened, why did the blood formation spiritual energy lost control to this extent?"

Mr Ghost slowly glanced up at the light dagger on the cauldron, indifferently said, "This unusual earthquake, was from the formation's asura divine power, naturally had a spiritual energy, desired to break free of its celestial Qian Kun lock, struggled with its might, and in the meantime triggered the vicious blood energy here as well as the beasts' spiritual energies accumulated by the formation, the three powers in force and therefore creating this earth-shattering might."

Ghost King snorted, also looked up, said, "Well said, how is it that it could move the mountains and yet could do nothing against this tiny light beam."

Mr Ghost indifferently said, "If the ancient divine prohibition can be so easily remove, then it will not be an ancient divine power."

Ghost King's face showed a flash of anger, coldly said, "I don't wish to hear all these, do you have any means or not to remove this dog fart Qian Kun lock?"

Mr Ghost was silent for a moment, suddenly with a quiet laugh, said, "Initially I was helpless but now, "he slowly looked at Ghost King, said, "I have an idea."

Ghost King was instead surprised, asked, "What, you have found a solution already?"

Mr Ghost slowly nodded but did not say what the idea was, instead turned around, looked at the cauldron in the air. After a long period, gently said, "Bear with it a while more, the time of your birth, will not be far now...."

In the air, the cauldron glimmered incessantly, as if it had a spirit and quietly watching the humans below.

In the cave, everywhere was in a mess, the earthquake this time was much stronger than before, and the mysterious force seemed even much enraged than before, more than ten Ghost King sect disciples went berserk at the same time, although they were killed off one by one by the remaining clear-minded disciples but the casualties were more than ten. And the most important thing was, the casualties who were either dead by madness or in battle, were their comrades, many before the last moment were still facing a common foe or chatting, and the next moment, turned into arch enemy.