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Chapter 247: Qian Kun Lock

 Chapter 247 - Qian Kun Lock

Fox Majestic Mountain, deep inside Ghost King sect cave, blood pool.

The huge cave was still enveloped by a thick stench of blood, the rising air had even dyed the rock walls blood red. In the unceasing bubbling blood pool, the four ancient spiritual beasts were seen to be exhausted, submerged in the blood pool, the dark red light beams which shone down from the mysterious cauldron hovering in the air, looked much dimmer than before. But on the contrary, the cauldron was filled with a divine light, even the inscriptions on the cauldron body were shining, and the strange devil image engraved in the centre, had totally became red, a unusual energy hovered above it.

The huge cave where the blood pool was, clearly there was no other sound other than the bubbling sounds coming up from the blood pool but being inside the cave, one would feel that there was a vortex beside, an invisible yet huge force woken up from the unseen world, little by little growing big and strong, peeking at this world.

There was no wind yet the clothes fluttered.

Mr Ghost in black right now clearly felt the cold force which reeked with blood hovering around him, his eyes which revealed other than a strange fire, did not have a single hint of fear. His gaze moved away from the cauldron in the air and slowly swept around the cave, this obviously was the source of the mysterious blood stench permeating the Ghost King sect, as that powerful force continued to swell, even the various tunnels in the cave were scarred, the rock walls in here naturally would even more hard pressed.

A glaring huge crack, from the top of the walls slashed down, from top to bottom it cracked deeply, the biggest gap width actually reached one zhang wide, the smallest was also three chi and above, the sturdy thick walls in here looked like thin papers, wilfully tore apart, as if some ancient deity with devastating powerful force, slashed the mountains and split the sea.

Today was a rare occasion that Ghost King did not visit the blood pool but Mr Ghost knew the reason for it, he had went to meet that thousand-year Nine-tailed Celestial Fox who had came unexpectedly several days ago, guessed that with her cultivation, she would not not detect the strange occurrences in the sect. However, as Mr Ghost thought about this, underneath his black veil there was only a sneer, he was not worried at all, the next moment, his gaze once again was back to the cauldron.

Red light glimmering, it seemed to have a frequency, like a strange breathing, the devil face's red eyes glinted, seemed to be looking at Mr Ghost.

"Asura..."Mr Ghost softly called out, slowly knelt down, opened both of his palms and prostrated on the ground.

The light hovering in mid-air, seemed to intensify.

And at this moment where all seemed quiet, suddenly, a movement from the cauldron's red light, it seemed to be stimulated and then without waiting for Mr Ghost to react, an abrupt shock beside his ears, an invisible wave like an angry tide crashed over, with his cultivation level he could still feel a vague pain and that mysterious vortex force suddenly solidified, strange whistling sounds gradually rang out, seemed to be angry howls.

This strange happening, even Mr Ghost did not expect this too, could not understand the reason for it, he leapt up, stared intently at the cauldron in the air and carefully observed, his eyes suddenly focused, the devil face which had completely turned red, on its forehead a weak and white gentle spot of light was seen, this spot of white light was completely incomparable to the blood energy surrounding the chamber, it was too large a difference but for some reason, not only the cauldron's mysterious force was unable to remove it, even under the howling blood light with its terrible force enveloping the chamber, that spot of weak white light, was still twinkling, not a slight weaker.

Mr Ghost was taken aback, his face pale, cried out, "Qian Kun can it be?"

And as if the shock was too great, Mr Ghost who had always appeared to be cold and composed was actually stunned and not himself. He paced anxiously on the platform beneath the cauldron and mumbled to himself, "Impossible, impossible, how could the ancient prohibition appear on the cauldron, what happened, what happened?"

Suddenly, his body froze, almost at the same time when he sensed it, the mysterious white light suddenly lit up, a gentle white light shot out, like a sharp dagger, seemed especially glaring among the midst of red light.

Looking at it from afar, that white dagger, as if stabbed onto the center of the devil face's forehead, nailed that face tightly.

In the chamber, a sharp cry was heard, the red light swiftly rotated, powerful force filled the space, the rock walls started to quake and large stones tumbled down, in the blood pool, numerous large vortex also appeared, the four beasts looked up without energy, not knowing what to do. Sharp cries became shrill, like an angry roar enveloping the cauldron from all directions, the cauldron in the centre of the storm, red light flickered violently on its face, looking extremely twisted and hideous.

However, in the midst of this terrible and formidable power, the angry red glow surging like angry waves, the white light stood bright and proud, those terrible powers which looked to be able to destroy heaven and earth, could do nothing against this solitary white light. No matter how the red light attacked from all directions, in the end, under the intense blood-shot eyes of Mr Ghost, the white light dagger was still stabbed onto the devil face.

Not knowing how much time had passed, the terrible force finally weakened, the rapidly spinning red light also gradually ceased, the unusual happenings in the chamber gradually became silent, in Mr Ghost's despair eyes, the blood-red devil face which was almost completed, had only half of its face left covered in red and the entire cauldron's dark red light was much dimmer, all because of that white light which appeared gentle. "How could it be, how could it be..." his voice desolate, Mr Ghost stood lost at the platform, looking like a dead man, without any vitality. The mysterious power in the cauldron, he had exhausted his lifetime of energy to search, it was not too much to say that it was his task entrusted his life, and when he was at the door to his success, this suddenly happened! "No, no, things have not fail completely, not to panic, not to panic..." Mr Ghost was after all not an ordinary person, he inhaled deeply, forced himself to calm down, his mind started to ponder quickly, although the cauldron's power was suppressed by this ancient prohibition sudden appearance but it was all not lost yet, just that its vital point was sealed and as long as they break this Qian Kun Lock, they could still achieve success.

However although Mr Ghost was greatly knowledgeable but he was not that presumptuous to think he could break the ancient spell, the legends said that this kind of supreme ancient power, was used by ancient deities to seal the heaven and earth demons, other than a few ancient weapons, it was definitely not what a human strength could do.

But, the ancient weapon, not to mention it being in mortal world, even he himself knew almost nothing of it, the erudite scholar also never once heard about it, he only knew that there was this ancient legend that was all, this moment, where should he go to look for ancient weapon?

With such thoughts, Mr Ghost's body wavered, suddenly shouted loudly, spat out a mouthful of blood, bright red blood splattered onto the platform, looking especially glaring.

In the cold stone room, Ghost Li and Ghost King looked at each other, Ghost King was solemn, his eyes stern, Ghost Li looked indifferent.

"The jade dish that you are holding in your hand, what is it, why did you bring it to Biyao?" Ghost King coldly asked.

Ghost Li did not answer, looked back to Biyao, after a long while said, "I want to save her."

Ghost King frowned, a glint flashed in his eyes, he hurried over, said, "This can save Biyao?"

Ghost Li looked at the "Qian Kun Reincarnation Plate" in his hand, suddenly with a bitter laugh, said, "I don't know."

Ghost King was stunned, said, "What do you mean?"

Ghost Li said, "I only heard someone said this treasure has special abilities, maybe it can save Biyao and so I went to borrow it, as to how to do it, I am unsure too."

Ghost King looked at the dish, his eyes focused, clearly he was also surprised by this jade item appearance. But with his knowledge, he had not heard of this too, he frowned and said, "What is the name of this treasure?"

Ghost Li said, "This is Qian Kun Reincarnation Plate, it is said to be able to set soul, break reincarnation but as to exactly how..." Pude Master's withered image flashed past his mind, with a bitter laugh, said, "How to do it exactly, nobody knows." A flash of anger was seen on Ghost King's face, red lines appeared in his eyes, secretly containing a murderous intention but the next moment, he looked at Biyao, the slight smile on her face reflected in his eyes, as if touching upon some thoughts, his eyes eventually turned gentle.

Maybe, at this moment, only Biyao could make him at peace temporary!

"This treasure is not an ordinary item!" Ghost King suddenly spoke, "I can tell, although I have never heard about this treasure but this jade is not ordinary, the glow pure and does not scatter, it is definitely not an ordinary thing, quickly try it, maybe...maybe it has special effect..." his voice suddenly turned deep, in this ten years, both he and Ghost Li faced numerous obstacles and failures, though they still hoped but both of them knew, it was only a tiny thread of hope.

Ghost Li quietly nodded, placed the dish in his hand and went near Biyao, the gentle white light rotated but there was no other movements. Ghost Li with a hopeful heart, sent his body energy into the dish but the dish was like a deep sea, his energy entered and like a clay oxen entering the sea, vanished, and the jade dish showed no reaction. Ghost Li was not surprised too, on the way back, he had tried various methods on the dish, including sending his internal energy but all failed, thinking back Tian Yin Temple Pude Master for several decades did not succeed, the various methods that Ghost Li came up with in these few days, most likely Pude Master would have already tried not less than a hundred times.

Actually how would Ghost Li not comprehend all of these but no matter what he would not give up a single hope of saving Biyao. He could only try his best and hoped that heavens would take pity, there is always a miracle, however in the end it was still fruitless.

Ghost Li stood dejectedly, disappointment also revealed on Ghost King's face but he did not rebuke and also did not take the dish to examine himself, although they were not on good terms recently but Ghost King knew how Ghost Li felt towards Biyao, as long as there was still a trace of hope, Ghost Li would definitely not abandon and naturally tried all means and ways.

He heaved a long sigh, his face looked to have aged a few more, quietly shook his head and was about to leave, suddenly his body shook, as if he had recalled something, suddenly turned and urgently said to Ghost Li, "Try putting the jade dish together with Hehuan bell?"

Ghost Li was surprised and then comprehended, a tense look flashed past his face, he went near Biyao, carefully separated Biyao's hands, touching her skin, even though it was still smooth and supple but it was icy cold. He felt a pain in his heart and did not dare to think further, carefully took out Hehuan Bell.

The golden bell gently shook, making clear crisp sounds, a faint glow passed, like a beautiful lady eyes, watching him.

Ghost Li on one hand held the jade dish, on the other Hehuan Bell, gently placed it on the dish. The tiny cubes in the dish was still rotating around, river among the mountains, stars-studded sky, all indistinctly within.

Under both Ghost King and Ghost Li watchful gazes, slowly, Hehuan Bell entered the space above the dish, just when it was one chi distance away, Ghost Li suddenly felt something, frowned and a surprised look in his eyes.

Ghost King immediately noticed it, stared at him and asked, "What is it?"

Ghost Li did not speak, only inhaled deeply and then when the bell was one chi above, suddenly let go.

Ghost King was surprised.

In the gentle glow, Hehuan Bell did not fall, like being supported by an invisible force, it floated gently in the white light, the next moment, pleasant chimes of bell was heard.

Both of their faces revealed surprise and joy!

But at this critical moment, before their joyful expressions could stay for another moment longer, the entire cold chamber, no, it was the entire mountain quaking violently, a powerful and terrible huge invisible power with a thick blood stench, erupted deep below them, like some huge beast being aggravated, angrily roaring and wishing to be free of the restrains.

Ghost Li and Ghost King looked at each other, what was different was Ghost Li was shocked and Ghost King was instead anger!

[Pa pa pa pa...]

Piercing rumbles were heard from all directions, they turned to look, on the perfect stone walls, finally in this sudden wild force eruption, started to crack, the cracks looked to be extended swiftly, at the same time, the ground beneath them quaked violently, like heaven and earth were collapsing, the end of the mortal world.

Outside the chamber, panic shouts and cries were heard, accompanied by even louder rumbles, both of them did not have to look to know, the situation outside the room was worse than here but right now, both of them did not have the mind to be concerned.

Ghost Li clenched his teeth, holding the dish, placed it near Biyao, at the same time, the bell gently tremble, clear crisp chimes among the surrounding rumbles sounded especially contrasting, although faint but to both of them, this sound was louder than the avalanche.

In the white glow of the dish, the bell floated, the tremblings increased and the chimes were fast and slow at times. Indistinctly with some pain, both of their foreheads were full of sweat, even their eyes did not dare to blink, staring intently at the trembling bell.

Suddenly, the vast strange force around them vanished, the rumbles stopped too, only the reverberations in the distance carried the vestige of the abrupt change, like a whale inhaling water, the terrible force swiftly retreated.

And that moment, was when Mr Ghost was in the blood pool, looking as the ancient prohibition displaying its prowess, sealing the vital point of the cauldron.

And things also took a surprising change before Ghost Li and Ghost King.

The Hehuan Bell had a strange change while in the white glow and seemed to getting out of its predicament and the dish as usual, remained the same but just when that huge force receded, Qian Kun Reincarnation Plate seemed to sense something, an invisible force in the unseen world called out in return, the gentle light suddenly exploded.

Ghost Li and Ghost King were both greatly shocked, cried out, "What?"

The white light instantly became dazzling, almost unable to view it directly and the innumerable jade cubes spun more than ten times faster, unable to differentiate them anymore, and every cube's character also lit up.

Following the strange change in the dish, the trembling Hehuan Bell swiftly quietened down, even the chimes slowed and soon silent.

Ghost King panicked, angrily said, "What happened?"

Ghost Li was also extremely anxious, clenched his teeth and said, "I don't know too!"

Both of them watched helplessly as the dish's light became stronger and stronger, until in the end the star-studded sky and river passing through the mountains engraved at the peripheral of the dish seemed to come alive, as if the entire dish received life, whistling non-stopped, as if calling something, and again also as if in response to some calls.

And in the resplendent light, the bell seemed to receive a heavy blow, trembled slightly in the air, and as if it had lost its support, fell down and there was no further movement.

Both of them stared at the dish and bell in a daze, their faces like ash.

The earthquake had ceased for some time and the Qian Kun Reincarnation dish had also resumed its usual appearance, there was no more of the dazzling halo but illuminated by the gentle white light, the bell seemed to have lost its vitality, no matter how Ghost Li tried, it never showed any reaction.

Ghost King's face was extremely sombre but the initial anger had already disappeared, replacing it was that cold indifference, he quietly watched Ghost Li tried with that one in a thousand hope, again and again witnessed him failed. Finally, he slowly stood up, closed his eyes, stood for a while and then without a word, quietly turned and left the room.

The stone door quietly closed up, a huge crack was seen horizontally across the heavy sturdy door, like being torn apart. In the quiet stone room, Ghost Li finally slowly stopped his failed experiment, woodenly sat beside the platform, motionless.

Not knowing how much time had passed, he slowly picked up the bell and gently placed it back to Biyao's hands, and again carefully arranged her hands to where they were previously. Each and every movement was extremely delicate and gentle, as if afraid that if any further pressure would injure this sleeping lady.

He stared intently at Biyao's face, as if infatuated, after a long time, he was heard hoarsely speaking, "Sorry Biyao, I fail to save you again..."

After leaving the ice room, Ghost King's face changed greatly, the indifference instantly replaced by a cruel and fierce aura, a murderous energy emanated from his eyes, casting fear to anyone who saw it.

He coldly glanced around, saw the scars on the walls of the tunnels, obviously it was because of the quake just now, the walls which already had numerous cracks looked even more fragile, many new cracks were seen and the original cracks grew much bigger, a terrifying sight, almost felt as if the cave was about to collapse. And far inside the tunnel, many disciples were seen running around, shouts undulating, clearly they were very much shocked.

Ghost King looked even more infuriated, turned and strided, the next moment his figure disappeared deep into the tunnel, shortly he had arrived at the blood pool chamber.

In the vast chamber, thick blood stench as per usual assaulted the nose but the once terrifying red glow which filled the room had strangely weakened. Ghost King frowned and then saw Mr Ghost black figure standing alone at the platform.

Without thinking, he walked over and came to his side, coldly said, "What happened, it was still fine when I left, why was the cauldron's power out of control?"

Mr Ghost's body moved slightly but he did not turn or speak, Ghost King was even more infuriated, murderous aura flashed past his face, said, "I tell you, most likely just now due to this divine power losing control, it might have impaired the treatment to save my Yao'er, you have been here all along, if you do not give me a reason, don't blame me for being merciless!"

At the last part, Ghost King's tone was already harsh, Mr Ghost did not have to turn around to feel the murderous intention like a sharp knife at his back but he did not panic at all, instead using a tired voice, lightly pointed to the cauldron in the air, weakly said, "Sect head, take a look first at the cauldron?"

Ghost King looked up but did not notice anything, the cauldron was still hovering in the air, the surrounding was also still in a blanket of red, immediately said, "What did you want me to see, isn't it as usual..." halfway his voice suddenly paused, he did not continue on and his eyes, fixed onto the cauldron.

In the blanket of blood light, the cauldron's devil face, the centre of its forehead not knowing since when, had a strange white light, like a light dagger, stabbed onto its forehead, and the devil face which was already completely red previously, the redness around the light had receded, the area above the eyes was again the primitive cauldron dark blue.

Ghost King face turned pale, spun around and asked Mr Ghost, "What happened?"

Mr Ghost heaved a sigh, quietly said, "It was all good initially, the cauldron Four Divinities Blood Formation was about to be successfully completed, who knows today when the formation had reached the phase where the blood energy was completed and gathering of the asura, suddenly this prohibition appeared inside the cauldron, sealing the ancient cauldron vital point, halfway between life and death, forced the blood energy which had merged and accumulated in its body to be dispersed. The blood formation asura divine power retaliated, even I was struggling to control it too but in the end, we could do nothing against the divine prohibition and instead the asura power, with no outlet for its power, crashed all around, things then got out of control."

Ghost King inhaled a breath of cold air, turned and stared at that light which looked extremely weak, after a while, quietly said, "What prohibition is this, why did it has such powerful power and could actually seal the divine power which can destroy heaven and earth?"

Mr Ghost hesitated and said, "I am not too sure too but most likely it is a legendary ancient divine prohibition Qian Kun Lock!"

"Qian Kun Lock?" Ghost King frowned and repeated, "Why is it that it is never heard of?"

Mr Ghost shook his head and said, "This divine prohibition has never appeared in the mortal world, since ancient times it was only vaguely mentioned in the remnant manuscripts, nobody really believed that it actually existed." Mr Ghost paused for a moment and looked at Ghost King, saw him staring fixedly at that weak light and his expression extremely ugly.

Mr Ghost sighed in his heart, again continued, "It is said that this divine prohibition is especially used by the ancient gods to seal the devil, unless humans can find the other ancient weapon, then there is some hope."

Ghost King's body trembled, turned and asked, "What ancient weapon?"

Mr Ghost with a bitter laugh, said, "This even I also do not know."

Ghost King angrily said, "Then so it means what we have done so far for this formation is all in vain?"

Mr Ghost was silent for a moment, slowly said, "From what I see, the Four Divinities Blood Formation spiritual energy has not totally dispersed yet, the blood energy is still abundant, even the asura energy is still within the cauldron, but it is only temporary, the vitality of the formation is still there and we are only half a step away from success, the problem is that the Qian Kun Lock appeared suddenly today and sealed the cauldron's body channel, breaking off its linkage with the spiritual energy, the blood energy unable to enter the cauldron and asura power unable to break through, which resulted in this predicament."

Ghost King's face expressions changed rapidly, different emotions alternated but the cruel and fierce energy that was about to explode, seemed to take form, wave after wave directed at Mr Ghost.

Mr Ghost's black veil swayed without wind but his body was still standing there, quietly looking at Ghost King.

After a long time, Ghost King suddenly released a long breath, his expression gradually calmed down, even his tone was calmed, coldly said, "So what do you think should be done now?"

Mr Ghost secretly sighed and said, "Now the most crucial thing is naturally this Qian Kun Lock, as long as it is removed, success will be in one fell swoop."

Ghost King said, "What do you intend to do?"

Mr Ghost hesitated and said, "If there is really that legendary ancient weapon, then that is naturally the best but seems like the possibility is not big. But I see that this Qian Kun Lock although amazing but is far from what the ancient legends say. The Hidden Dragon Cauldron is an extremely ancient object, it is most likely at least ten thousand years old, Qian Kun Lock though is an ancient power, matchless power but time slipping by these hundred thousand years, no matter what its power must have been worn down, as long as we investigate it carefully, we might be able to break it."

Ghost King was silent and then nodded, his expression also calmed down and then after a moment of contemplating, he seemed to recall something, his expression turned dejected, heaving a long sigh, said, "Don't tell me this is all fate?"

Mr Ghost was surprised, did not understand and asked, "What?"

Ghost King with a bitter laugh, the cruel aura gone from his face, helplessness and bitterness instead shown, shook his head and said, "Nothing, will have to trouble you once again."

After speaking, without waiting for his reply, Ghost King turned and left the blood pool. Mr Ghost looked at him from the back, saw his broad figure for some reason seemed rather tired and slightly trembling, as if on his shoulder and heart, there was always a thousand-ton burden pressing down.

And he, seemed to have it more and more difficult...

Ghost Li pushed opened the stone door, returned to his own residence, the door slowly closed up behind him, emitting a deep groaning and Ghost Li seemed to feel nothing, his eyes dazed, he did not even know how did he got here.

His stone room walls were covered by the same cracks, some thin some thick, the thick ones had tiny stones falling out from it occasionally, clearly this place did not escape the mysterious force too. But Ghost Li did not see all of these, he dove into his bed, his hands without any strength released, the round dish wrapped in black cloth, lightly fell and soundlessly landed on the bed beside his hand.

A grey figure flashed, Xiao Hui jumped over from the side, onto his body, but Ghost Li still did not move and there was no reaction. Xiao Hui feeling puzzled, stretched out its head and looked at Ghost Li's face, his eyes were shut tight, face pale, Xiao Hui's three eyes blinked and seemed to know something, [zhi zhi] called out and became quiet, did not disturb him and also jumped down, sat on the bed back facing its master, not making a sound.

In the stone room, silence descended, not knowing for how long, Ghost Li still was motionless, Xiao Hui looked at its master worriedly but seemed to hesitate and did not wish to disturb, its monkey head turned here and there, suddenly saw something wrapped in black cloth on the bed.

Xiao Hui eyes blinked, stared at it for a while and turned to look at Ghost Li, he was still lying motionless, Xiao Hui's tail swayed, scratched its head and then moved forward, its hand swiftly stretched out and took the item.

Xiao Hui flipped the wrapped dish around a few times but did not see anything, in the end instead with a slip, the wrapped cloth was also not wrapped tightly due to Ghost Li's distracted mood, the black cloth slipped and a white dish fell out, with a light sound [pa], gently fell onto the bed before Xiao Hui.

Xiao Hui was shocked, shrank back and saw that the dish was rather weird, giving out a gentle white halo and innumerable jade cubes rotating freely in the middle, unceasingly. Xiao Hui immediately was attracted, its three eyes not even blinking, kept watching the dish and then carefully stretched out, touched it by the side.

The dish slided a little silently, Xiao Hui's hands quickly retreated, seemed like it was testing out this strange dish but it did not seem dangerous, Xiao Hui looked at its hand which had touched the dish, carefully observed it was not red or itchy nor painful. Grinning, it looked at the dish again, its head turned to look around and then grabbed the dish.

The gentle light spilled out, illuminating Xiao Hui's face, Xiao Hui's eyes opened wide, looked at the Qian Kun Reincarnation Plate, the jade cubes still rotating around, like time passing, endlessly.

Slowly, like being fascinated, its three eyes going nearer and nearer to the dish, staring at the numerous jade cubes, every one reflecting in its three eyes, indistinctly turning into numerous stars in the firmament.

Suddenly, Xiao Hui's body tilted, for some reason it had left Ghost Li's body and was at the fringe of the bed, its feet stepped into empty space and immediately fell down from the bed, landed on the ground. [Zhi!] Xiao Hui made a low shout and then jumped up, luckily it had held the dish tightly and the dish did not fall onto the ground. Xiao Hui looked right and left, its three eyes rolled up together and then one hand holding the dish beside its body and the other scratched its head, clearly it was perplexed, it was just sitting beside its master and suddenly why it did fall off the bed?

Xiao Hui tilted its head and thought for a while but eventually could not figure out why, turned dejected but it was inherently lively and so was not dejected for long. It looked up at the bed, saw Ghost Li was still motionless and so sat down on the bed and placed the dish before it.

In the white light, the cubes were still moving around. But this time, Xiao Hui was not absorbed into it like before, its eyes made a round, suddenly grinned, lifted up one of its hand, stretched out a finger towards those tiny cubes.

Xiao Hui's finger slowly went in, suddenly, it touched onto one of the cubes faces but these cubes seemed to have power, was not affected by its touch and still continued moving forward without any pause.

Xiao Hui was surprised, it was not angry and instead became excited, it seemed to have find a thing to play and used its hand to push another cube again, as expected the cube too did not stop. It became delighted, [zhi zhi] made a few sounds and then continued to play happily with the cubes.

In the faint white light illumination, Xiao Hui looked to be so happy...

Just that after a while, Xiao Hui soon got bored and then abruptly using its finger, forcefully pressed down onto a cube. The force was not like before, it was rather strong, Xiao Hui was by nature a different species and following Ghost Li for so many years, its cultivation was not like before. With this press, immediately the situation changed. The cube being pressed down, looking at it it seemed to be struggling to be released but Xiao Hui being excited, pressed down even harder, after a few struggles, the cube finally stopped.


A deep groan immediately was heard from the dish, it instead gave Xiao Hui a fright and looking at it, the cube was not moving but the other cubes did not stop, the next moment another cube rolled over and knocked onto this cube.

The two cubes collided and appeared fine but in the next instant, things changed, the dish gentle light brightened and at the same time, [pu pu pu pu] sounds unceasing, one after another the cubes all collided and more and more stopped rotating, the white light also became brighter and brighter until in the end, it was ten times brighter than what Ghost Li experienced in the ice chamber, unable to view it at all, as if the sun had descended into this tiny room.

Xiao Hui stared in shock, looking at the dish in its hand, even if it was a gifted species but right now it too could not stand the brightness, stepped back, its hands loosened and the dish with a sound [pa] landed on the ground.

The strange situation did not disappear with the drop of the dish, the dish continued to release piercing light and in its resplendence, mysterious drawings scene by scene appeared.

Xiao Hui, as if being burned by fire, jumped out and hid into one of the corner but it could not resist its curiosity, kept peering out and on the bed, Ghost Li did not sense the strange happenings, was still lying motionless.

And the unexpected thing was, it did not happen in this stone room, in the basement beneath the stone room, in the blood pool chamber, Mr Ghost who was sitting cross-legged on the platform, closing his eyes and pondering. Above his head, the cauldron was still hovering, the light dagger was still tightly stabbed into the devil's forehead, although weak but it did not disperse.

And at this moment, even Mr Ghost did not notice, the white light on the cauldron, started to change.

It slowly became brighter, following its brilliance, the blood red energy below the rest of the devil face, was forced to recede, until the nose bridge. The blood energy on the devil face moved, looking from afar, the face seemed to be twisted, appearing even more hideous and angry.

As time passed, the light seemed to be awaken, turning brighter and brighter, as if in response to something.

On the platform, Mr Ghost's body moved, he seemed to sense something but was not sure, after a moment of hesitation, he slowly opened his eyes and looked up at the cauldron.