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Chapter 246: Hope

 Chapter 246 - Hope


The heavy stone door closes behind Xiao Bai with a grumble, at the same time cutting off the hubbub outside, Xiao Bai's bright eyes swept over the room and then stopped at the man sitting behind the writing desk in front of her.

The person's stature was tall and big, his expression stern and imposing, it was Ghost King.

Ghost King was also looking at Xiao Bai but he did not speak. Xiao Bai initially before entering, was full of grievances but right now she did not know where to start. With a snort, her eyes took another glance around the room and then frowned, a strange feeling arose in her heart, it seemed there was something not right but the surrounding furnishings, were exactly the same as before, even she herself could not tell what was wrong.

This moment, Ghost King slowly stood up, said, "Why did you come back suddenly?"

His voice was very deep, it sounded different from his usual voice but Xiao Bai's mind was occupied with other things and did not notice, since Ghost King asked, she sneered and said, "So you are actually aware that I am back? Anyway I am not back for you."

Ghost King indifferently said, "Oh, then what is it for?"

Xiao Bai impatiently said, "I came back to look for Ghost Li but now is not the time to talk about these, I have some questions to ask you..."

"Wait!" Ghost King's composed face suddenly changed, interrupted Xiao Bai, "You said you are looking for Ghost Li?"

Xiao Bai glanced at him, the corner of her lips twitched, said, "So what if I am?"

Ghost King's face darkened, a strange glint flashed in his eyes, stared at Xiao Bai for a while, a strange chill seemed to emanate from his eyes but Xiao Bai seemed not to feel it, her expression unchanged and instead looked straight into his eyes, as if challenging him.

Both of them stared at each other for a while, Ghost King suddenly sighed, was the first to look away, said, "Nothing."

Xiao Bai humphed, said, "Let me ask you, the chaotic scenes in Majestic Fox Mountain recently, everyday someone will turn crazy for no reason and hurt others, everyday someone died tragically, everyone is in a state of anxiety, everyone in a state of self defence, are you actually aware of it?"

Ghost King clasped his hands behind and stood, his expression like the rock, did not change, after a moment, he indifferently said, "Oh, there is actually such things?"

Xiao Bai was not just simply angry, she stepped forward, "You as the Ghost King sect head, how can you be apathetic to these serious incidents, what exactly are you thinking?"

Ghost King turned around, his eyes cold and detached, glanced at Xiao Bai, his tone turned cold and said, "You are also aware that I am Ghost King sect head but I don't know what relations Miss Xiao Bai has with Ghost King sect, to come and meddle in Ghost King sect internal affairs?"

Xiao Bai was stunned, clearly she did not expect Ghost King to say such words, the anger on her face increased, both of them staring at each other with eyes like daggers in silence.

After a period of time, Xiao Bai, word by word, said, "This organization, has my sister Xiao Chi's blood and sweat in it, I don't care what madness you are exhibiting exactly but I will not stand by and watch you destroy it!"

"Destroy it? Hahahaha..." Ghost King seemed to have heard the most ludicrous thing, laughed loudly, his face changed too, from sombre instantly to arrogant, with a long cry to the sky, said, "What do you know, it is because this organization has Xiao Chi's sweat and blood, I run it with my heart, in the future watch me unify the world, dominate all, and you will know my strategy, hahahaha..." his laughter was savage, revealed an exuberant expression, completely different from the past.

Xiao Bai was nonplussed, as Nine-tailed Celestial Fox, although she was still considered kind to others in the usual days but she did not regard human lives as that important, right now looking at Ghost King's expression, he completely disregarded the lives of Ghost King sect countless disciples, even she as a demon race being also felt it was too much. Xiao Bai felt that her trip back this time was really a mistake, everyone around her seemed to be going mad, even those not mad seemed to be almost mad, and this Ghost King before her seemed to be out of his character, it really made her infuriated and bewildered.

In her anger, Xiao Bai angrily shouted, "Are you mad, they are all your sect disciples, how can you disregard their lives?"

Ghost King, upon hearing the word, 'mad', immediately changed. The muscles on his face twisted, his laughter stopped, his eyes turned stern like swords, stared straight at Xiao Bai.

Xiao Bai saw the abrupt change in Ghost King's expression, sensed his murderous intention and was shocked, she looked up stunned at Ghost King.

In the stone chamber, in the silence, a faint smell of blood wafted, and this strange energy, as much as Xiao Bai did not wish to believe, it was clearly emanating from Ghost King.

"What, did, you, say?"

Ghost King stood there, stared at Xiao Bai, his voice again became deep, spat out every word from his clenched teeth.

Xiao Bai did not answer, she only looked at Ghost King and then her expression from the initial shock, calmed down and turned expressionless, until the end her eyes still contained a sense of mockery, she looked up and said, "I was quick-tempered just now, said the wrong words, don't mind."

This was not what Ghost King expected, a surprised look flitted across his face but regardless, Xiao Bai's words made the tense atmosphere inside the stone chamber eased down, the strange blood stench also faded.

Xiao Bai stared deeply at Ghost King, said, "I said it just now, I am here to look for Ghost Li, since he is not around then I can't be bothered to stay on, I will go now."

Ghost King looked hesitant, his brows slightly frowning, seemed like he was still puzzling over Xiao Bai's sudden change of attitude, even he was also hesitating to speak.

Xiao Bai did not allow Ghost King time to ponder, said, "If you don't have other matters, then I will leave now." After speaking, she turned and headed to the stone door.

Although Ghost King's residence was spacious but it was built inside the cave mountain and had limited space. Xiao Bai was only less than ten steps away from the door, watching as her slender figure headed for the door, Ghost King's expression suddenly changed, different complicated expressions mixed together, at times full of murderous air, at times undecided.

Just that Xiao Bai's pace did not slow, ten steps away, though her speed was not fast but she wa soon at the door. The heavy stone door slowly opened before her, emitting deep rumbling sounds, she did not look back.

The white robes covering her slender and voluptuous figure, gently drifted past.

But where did the wind come from in this mountain-deep cave? Behind her, silently the door closed up once again, separating her from the stone chamber. Xiao Bai stood indifferently, inhaled deeply and followed along the empty corridor out, while walking, she slowly relaxed her tense body.

Her eyes seemed to still contain a sneer but not knowing what she was thinking about, when her eyes swept past the spacious corridor, suddenly her eyes saw the deep cracks on the rock walls, a sneer again flashed past her lips.

She already knew what she had sensed wrong when she first entered the room, the caves all had these cracks on the rock walls, just that inside the stone chamber, it was different.

It was totally undamaged!

Ghost Li landed from the sky, the monkey Xiao Hui was still on his shoulder, peering around, to the active Xiao Hui, it did not seem to ever have a quiet moment, and to its body, it never knew the word tired.

However the monkey would not be tired but its master's expression seemed gloomy, Ghost Li landed, in the distance was the lofty towering Majestic Fox Mountain but for some reason, he did not as usual landed at the entrance. Instead he landed at the mountain foot and slowly made his way up.

It was obvious Ghost Li's was in a heavy mood, his brows tightly knitted together, or even he himself also forgotten how long it was that he had really laughed.

A slight heavy feeling in his chest, Ghost Li did not have to use his hand to feel it, he knew what it was - the mysterious magical weapon Qian Kun Reincarnation Plate!

Ghost Li had never knew that there was actually such enigmatic weapon in the world, and never ever expected that the wanderer fortune-teller Zhou Yixian would know about this extremely confidential secret of Tian Yin Temple, but after he had this tiny hope, there was an even bigger worry, anxiousness and confusion. Until now, he was still unable to figure out this treasure, but it was also expected, Pude Master as Tian Yin Temple four great holy monks for ten years did not figure it out after ten years, in these few days, how could he break this puzzle?

But what about Biyao?

Ghost Li stopped, took a deep breath, he looked as if he was suffocating under a thousand-tons of rock, after a long time, he suddenly laughed bitterly, again strided up.

Many said that life was like a dream but did not know in the world, no matter what dream it was, still have to face it!

Without realizing, he had already reached the entrance.

The disciples who were patrolling the entrance saw him, first were surprised then seemed to recall something, their faces revealed joy and all ran over.

"Vice head, you are finally back."

"You are just a minute late, Miss Xiao Bai was here to look for you and just left!"

"If you still are not back, we, we really don't know if we will still be alive to see you..."

A flurry of voices surrounded him, Ghost Li was shocked, asked, "What are you all talking about?"

The disciples for the past periods were really living as if they were in extreme danger, suffered untold misery, and yet in such conditions, the people in-charge were all not around, the four holy envoys usually had authority but there was no news of Qinglong after he went to southern border.

After missing for a period of time, Scarlet Bird also left Majestic Fox Mountain. And Ghost King who had always placed emphasis on Ghost King sect, unexpectedly became unconcerned, Ghost King sect was really in a mess and if it wasn't for the fact that due to the stern rules of the sect, everyone was afraid of the punishments and therefore did not dare to desert, otherwise this Majestic Fox Mountain might just turned into a empty mountain.

Ghost Li had high status in the sect, although he was usually cold but to the common disciples, there was never an incident of bullying and the disciples were all secretly revered this taciturn vice head. Right now with danger in the horizon, Ghost Li suddenly returning, like sending coals in the snow, a straw of hope, how could they not be delighted.

Hearing the disciples rushing to relate the situation, Ghost Li quietly lowered his head, felt his chest gently, the dish through the clothes, emitted a faint warmth.

"Enough!" Suddenly, he coldly spoke.

The disciples were stunned.

Ghost Li quietly pushed the disciples away and walked in.

Someone shouted from behind, "Vice, vice head, don't tell me even you, even you are abandoning us?"

Ghost Li paused, his deep and suppressed voice was heard speaking slowly, "Ten years already, I tried all my best and still can't save Biyao, I look down even on myself, what ability do I have to save others..."

He continued forward, his figure looked desolate from the back, the youthful and arrogance what he should have right now were totally missing. The disciples looked at each other, each one was ashen, despair like tide washed over them, drowning them.

Ghost Li walked into the corridor, just two steps, Xiao Hui suddenly shook, [zhi!] a cry, it stood up, its three eyes at the same time glowed with golden light, as if facing a great foe.

Ghost Li frowned, carried Xiao Hui down, quietly asked, "Xiao Hui, what is it?"

Xiao Hui [zhi zhi, zhi zhi] cried out a few times, appeared tense, at the same time, both arms waving to the side, Ghost Li's eyes focused, following Xiao Hui's finger, his expression slowly turning cold.

Where Xiao Hui was pointed, on the hard rock walls, deep strange cracks were seen.

Ghost Li slowly placed Xiao Hui on his shoulder again, strides forward and slowly walked ahead. Xiao Hui crouched on his shoulder, three eyes wide opened, a look of alert and carefully observing the surroundings. This tunnel which used to be busy with people, right now only had Ghost Li and Xiao Hui, the Ghost King sect disciples were all not seen.

The empty tunnels, one after another splitting into different paths, as Ghost Li walked further in, the cracks on the walls became thicker and dense. A strange smell started to permeate the tunnels, as if some beast had opened its eyes in the darkness and watching them.

The faint blood stench, wafted in the empty tunnels.

Ghost Li's footsteps became slower, his eyes looked at one crack to another, here, something indeed had happened!

He stopped, seemed to recall something, his face paled instantly, this strange unknown force was surrounding the mountain and Biyao, was still lying in the stone room...

Instantly, Ghost Li like a flash of lightning sped off, a sharp piercing sound was heard in the tunnel, the next moment he had disappeared.


The heavy stone door opened, Ghost Li anxiously stood at the entrance, the moment the door allowed enough space for a person to go through, he was already in.

The white air faint and gently like in a dream, came from the ice cold stone platform, drifting in the air, a green figure, carrying a faint smile on her lips, was still quietly lying there.

Ghost Li quietly stood there, after a long time, he let out a long breath, his tense face also relaxed.

He watched Biyao for a long while, slowly walked up to the side of the platform, looked at this beautiful girl who was still as beautiful as that time, quietly said, "I am back, Biyao."

There was no answer, only cold silence, Ghost Li's lips moved slightly, a trace of sadness flashed past his eyes.

He sat down beside the platform, looked around, discovered that this room for some reason, was different from the tunnels, the rock walls were undamaged, not a single crack.

Ghost Li frowned slightly, his eyes showing incomprehension but right now he did not have the mood to ponder, soon, he turned back to Biyao. He stretched out his hand and took an item covered with black cloth, slowly he opened it, revealed a dish glowing in gentle white light and warmth, brushing Biyao's pale face.

"Biyao..." Ghost Li gently called.

But before he could continue, from behind him outside the room entrance, a cold and stern voice was heard.

"Hold on!"

Ghost Li frowned and turned.

Ghost King standing with his hands behind his back, his eyes as sharp as knives, stared at the thing in Ghost Li's hand, coldly said, "The thing you are holding, what is it?"