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Chapter 245: Fear

 Chapter 245 - Fear

Mt Meru, Tian Yin Temple.

It was all silent in the secluded wooden house, Puhong Master and Pude Master were silent, Faxiang standing beside, his face also revealed a stunned expression but he did not speak too, Ghost Li stared fixedly at the item which was opened before him, the gentle white glow, illuminated his face in light and darkness.

The item within the black cloth, was a jade dish magical weapon, the material a mild pale color, surrounding its border were shallow recesses set at fixed interval, each recess had a thin groove extend out, starting deep and gradually turning shallow towards the center.

The white light in the centre of the dish was the most gentle and brightest, like water flowing gently in the empty air, under the light, numerous tiny jade cubes could be seen, they were thick and dense but seemed to be arranged orderly in the center, and with Ghost Li's current cultivation, he could see that each side of the cube was engraved with a primitive character but he did not understand it.

At the dish peripheral, located north south east west were engraved with mysterious primitive drawings, some were like stars in the sky or an isolated island in the deep sea, and some were too weird to tell.

However, right now Ghost Li was not too concerned about the meaning of these words and drawings, what he was taken aback was that these numerous tiny cubes spun continuously around, not one was still, like flowing water, flowing slowly but yet they were not flowing only one direction and flowing in all directions. But their movements seemed to be logical, none of the cubes once collided with each other.

Ghost Li watched for a long time, suddenly felt there seemed to be a mysterious energy on this jade dish, the innumerable jade cubes seemed to transform into a river among the mountains, pouring unceasingly; one moment an illusion of stars-studded sky, the stars moving, the firmament infinite; the next moment, the stars died out, he stood in shock among darkness, that lonely deep darkness, scenes flashed before him, previous life, also as if next life, but underneath his feet, a huge bottomless dark hole appeared, a powerful sucking force charged up, pulled his body down, descending as if forever down into the darkness...


Suddenly, a loud shout, like a shock of thunder rang out beside his ear, Ghost Li's body shook, like awakened suddenly from a dream, his forehead was full of sweat, exhausted as if he experienced a battle, panting heavily.

Puhong Master who made the lion roar, revealed a benevolence expression, gently put his palms together and said, "Patron, your life is rough, bog down by too many mortal affairs, and you have numerous painful past, the demons in your heart are too many. This Qian Kun Reincarnation Plate is one and only in the world, it has the ability to draw and seize souls and can stop life and death, predict reincarnation, decide destiny, power to reverse qian kun [translator's note: heaven and earth], it can too make one lose their minds and wills and taken over by heart demons, you must be careful."

Ghost Li quietly panted, after some time, he slowly quietened down, the dish in front was still giving out gentle white light, quietly spinning before them.

Although he was shocked by this treasure's special ability but if the treasure was really as said, his hope of saving Biyao would increased, he was instead delighted, immediately prostrated before the masters, said, "Disciple earnestly request both masters' benevolent hearts, construct seven-storey pagoda, give disciple a helping hand, temporary lend this treasure to disciple to save someone, disciple will definitely personally return it and in the future worship daily, pray for both masters to achieve enlightenment!" After speaking, he kowtowed heavily.

Pude Master slightly lifted his hand, even though his words had became smoother but his movements were still stiff, his arm only moved a little and stopped.

Thankfully, Puhong Master had already walked over, assisted Ghost Li up, gently said, "Patron don't have to be like this, let's get up and talk!"

Faxiang also walked over, Ghost Li then slowly stood up.

Puhong Master smiled, said, "Since Pude Master has already took out the treasure, it means he is willing to lend you, you don't have to worry."

Ghost Li was overjoyed, was about to prostrate and give thanks, Pude Master's voice was suddenly heard, "Patron, I have a few words to say."

Ghost Li quickly solemnly replied, "Master please speak, disciple is all ears."

Pude Master spoke slowly, "This treasure is good and also evil, its best ability is to mislead one's mind. If your mind is like a clear mirror, open and aboveboard, it will greatly assist you; but if like just now the demons in your heart are enticed, it will turn on you. I do not know patron well but I can tell patron's cultivation is unusually high and well-knowledge, trained in various skills, your potential to cultivate the truth is not a small matter, your achievements will surpass us. However patron is strong externally but weak internally, vigorous and emotional, the demons in your heart have already become a great trouble, like a sharp sword hovering above your head, does patron knows?"

Ghost Li was silent for a long while, said, "To be frank to both masters, disciple never care to master creation, cultivate immortality. As for life and death, after what so much has happened, disciple does not have much feelings about living, the world and me, is like an illusion, what's more a heart demon. Disciple today is constantly on the move around the world, just that in disciple's heart, there are still several whom disciple is unable to abandon, disciple treat it as living an ignoble existence to repay."

He slowly lifted his head up, faintly smiled and said, "As for the rest, master don't have to worry about me."

Pude Master looked at Ghost Li for a long time, sighed, closed his eyes and did not speak.

Ghost Li paid his obeisance to Pude Master, walked forward and carefully wrapped the dish back into the black cloth and placed it in his bosom.

Puhong Master put his palms together and said, "Patron be careful in everything."

Ghost Li nodded, suddenly frowned, his hand slapped his forehead, smiled and said, "Look at my memory, I have forgotten everything in my joy, the methods to use this treasure, I have not seek consult yet!"

Pude Master slowly opened his eyes, glanced at Puhong Master, Puhong Master understood, Pude Master again let out a soft sigh and shook his head.

Puhong Master slightly frowned but did not speak, Pude Master hesitated, looked at Ghost Li.

Ghost Li bowed deeply, said, "Master please give me your guidance, disciple will be grateful."

Pude Master wordlessly shook his head, Ghost Li was surprised, did not understand, after a moment, Pude Master's hoarsely said, "I have kept this treasure with me for several decades, carefully studying it day and night, and until today I can only see that it is profound and variable, able to set soul and reincarnation but I am unable to figure out exactly how to activate this treasure."

Ghost Li felt as if a basin of cold water had just poured onto his head, a chill from his head to his feet, he stared in disbelief at Pude Master and then at Puhong Master.

Puhong Master sighed, said, "Patron, this is the reason why Pude Master and I have been hesitating, Qian Kun Reincarnation Plate indeed has the ability to reverse qian kun, cause and consequences but I guess it is also due to its power to defy heavens, common people are unable to comprehend its enigma."

Ghost Li in a daze did not speak, his heart in chaos, thousand of words floated to his head but in the end only bitter silence was left.

After a long time, suddenly with a bitter laugh, he shook his head and said, "Regardless, I will still like to ask both masters to lend this treasure to disciple, no matter what, there is still a hope."

Both masters replied at the same time, "Amitabha Buddha."

Faxiang beside felt sorry, stepped forward and quietly said, "Patron Zhang, really sorry..."

Ghost Li silently shook his head, smiled at Faxiang, but to Faxiang, that was an extremely bitter smile, he was heard saying, "Faxiang senior brother, you don't have to console me with kind words, actually it's not the first time such things happen to me, not long ago, I too had an extremely high hope right before my eyes but instead it failed through a lack of final effort..."

His voice suddenly turned quiet, an agonized expression flashed past for a moment, he did not speak anymore, facing Puhong and Pude masters, he cupped his hand into another, bowed deeply and then turned and strided out.

Looking at Ghost Li's back, Puhong Master's eyes had complicated emotions, he put his palms together chanted, "Amitabha Buddha, buddha be mercy, he is entangled with his sins, it is really a lifetime of setbacks."

Pude Master was silent and also gently chanted, "Amitabha Buddha!"

Majestic Fox Mountain, Ghost King sect headquarters.

Xiao Bai had already returned to the mountain for three days, in those three days, her brows seemed to be frowning constantly, in the three days, the tragic scene happened more than once before her, watching as those mad disciples were killed and the other disciples living in fear daily, it seemed like even those that were not mad would soon be pushed to madness, Xiao Bai could completely affirmed, in this mountain, something abnormal and terrible had happened.

However, what made her most bewildered and furious was, under such situations, she actually could not meet Ghost King.

From the disciples, she knew that Ghost King had long decreed that he was going into seclusion and would not meet guests, even the disciples could not meet him too. Xiao Bai had requested the disciples to notify him a few times but they always came back with the same messages, either the disciples were unable to meet Ghost King, or Ghost King conveyed to request Xiao Bai to wait a few more days and he would be out soon, in short he would not see her.

Xiao Bai although was highly skilled but in this unusual atmosphere in Ghost King sect, her mood no matter what would not be good and everyday she could see disciples going berserk and dying. The degree of madness was horrible, unable to describe with words. Truthfully, Xiao Bai with her cultivation, already sensed hidden behind this grand cave, was a strange bloodthirsty force, and it was increasing, especially each time she saw someone died, that blood stench turned even thicker.

Three days before, when she first arrived and witnessed a death, she accidentally discovered a mysterious figure concealed in one of the corners, exuding the strongest smell of blood but when she pursued, the figure had disappeared and never appeared again.

And right now, Xiao Bai could feel her patience was wearing thin!

In the stone chamber, Xiao Bai sat alone, the thick walls around still bore the same cracks, a frightening sight but it could still block most of the noises and allowed a cocoon of silence which seemed precious at this moment, in this chamber. Just that Xiao Bai did not look peaceful, on the contrary, the anger on her face seemed to be stronger, what had happened in these few days had completely destroyed whatever image she had of Ghost King previously, the disciples immersed in fear and the sect head completely disappeared, not even coming out to assure the people, not to mention solutions.

This was completely unheard of, Xiao Bai even once suspected that something might have happened to Ghost King, that some powerful figure had secretly killed Ghost King and resulted in this. If not with Ghost King a man of great talent and bold vision, how would it result in such situation? But Xiao Bai pondered and pondered, felt that Ghost King who was such a powerful figure, would never be rebelled by his disciples, Xiao Bai who eventually still cared about the fact that Ghost King was still her deceased sister Xiao Chi's husband, did not want to strain the relations and so patiently waited, who knew it was already three days and three nights.


Xiao Bai's face was sombre like water, with a slap she stood up, walked straight to the door.

It was already three days, she could no longer tolerated, determined to find Ghost King, if not she would rather leave this place, this abnormal place, she really did not want to stay another day. Just when she was about to reach the door, Xiao Bai seemed to sense something and stopped. And as expected, a movement was heard outside the door, a voice respectfully asked, "Is Miss Xiao Bai around?"

Xiao Bai walked forward and opened the stone door, a disciple was standing outside, about twenty years old, looked to be young but he had dark circles under his eyes and an unconcealed tiredness, one could guess, this person was also troubled by the recent events.

The disciple saw Xiao Bai and was more alert, Xiao Bai and sect head, vice sect head Ghost Li were close and everyone in the sect knew it, naturally he was respectful towards her.

Xiao Bai looked at him, said, "What is it?"

The young disciple said, "Disciple is following sect head's command, to invite Ms Xiao Bai to meet him."

Xiao Bai was surprised and then sneered, "Is he finally free, willing to see me."

Her tone contained her unhappiness and displeasure towards Ghost King, the disciple hearing it, his face showed fear and lowered his head even more.

Xiao Bai snorted, did not wish to make things difficult for him, said, "I was just about to go see him, since it is so, you can lead the way!"

The disciple seemed relieved, nodded and said, "Yes, Miss please follow me." After which he did not dare to take another glance at Xiao Bai and turned and walked into the tunnel.

Xiao Bai followed the disciple, and saw them heading towards where Ghost King was staying, seemed like Ghost King had came out of his so-called 'seclusion', returned to his residence. Xiao Bai's lips twitched with a cold sneer.

The both of them walked, about ten zhangs away from Ghost King's room, the disciple stopped and quietly said, "Miss Xiao Bai, sect head instructed that he wish to meet you alone so I will not enter."

Xiao Bai frowned, although Ghost King had instructed but this disciple was leaving when they were still ten zhangs away, it was still an impolite gesture. However when she turned to look at the disciple's face, she was shocked, the disciple's face looked stiff, both hands at his sides, subconsciously kept rubbing his pants where his hands were, seemed like his palms were sweating and he was in a extremely fearful and nervous state.

Xiao Bai was silent, her expression turned gentle, sighed and said, "Alright you can go!"

The young disciple looked up at Xiao Bai and immediately looked down, but it was clear he was totally relieved, as if a thousand-ton rock had been removed from his back, his lips also revealed a smile, quietly said, "Thank you Miss." and then turned and left.

Xiao Bai turned around, looked at Ghost King's residence, composed herself and strided, suddenly at this moment, a heartrending roar was heard far behind her, that cry was sharp like a knife, pierced through the stillness of this cave.

This was not the first time that Xiao Bai heard it but her heart still sank, she whipped around but the tunnel was empty, only a figure frozen like a rock stood there. Far away, the cries with the hubbub of shouting, gradually mixed together, following was a chaotic mixture of cursing and fighting sounds, faint blood stench like an invisible river flow, again surrounded Xiao Bai.

Just that right now, Xiao Bai was not concerned about that, frowning, she was staring at that young disciple. The area where Ghost King residence was was naturally quieter than the other areas, this long corridor, other than Xiao Bai and the disciple, there was nobody else, the hair-rising screams continued to travel over here, not knowing who it was that went berserk again.

Suddenly, that young disciple's body started to shake, the tremblings increased and closely following it was a despair shout, "Ah!....I can't stand it anymore...."

He pulled out his sword, as if surrounding him were evil people, slashed and waved his sword around, the sharp sword made sharp whistling sounds in the air, at times slashing onto the hard rock walls, leaving faint marks.

The far cries gradually toned down but the crowd seemed to hear something and started moving in this direction. Xiao Bai coldly snorted, suddenly her figure moved, she was already beside the disciple. The disciple seemed to have lost his mind, slashed towards Xiao Bai, Xiao Bai left hand grabbed into the air and like lightning, caught the disciple's wrist, applied a slight force and immediately a crisp sound was heard, the sword had fell from his hand and he was lying against the wall as if all strength was sapped out.

Xiao Bai looked carefully at that person's eyes, heard his heavy breathing, his eyes was dazed and slightly crazed but other than a few bloodshot veins, he did not have the blood-red colour eyes.

Xiao Bai was relieved, heard the hubbub coming closer and contemplated a moment, her right hand brushed above the disciple's head and her white sleeve flashed, that disciple's body jolted, his eyes closed and he collapsed onto the ground.

Xiao Bai's face was tense, suddenly whipped around and floated towards Ghost King's residence, and behind him, people started to appear, running over.