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Chapter 242: Redeem vow

 Chapter 242 - Redeem vow

It was said in the ancient times, the creation of heaven and earth, the world only consisted of the sky and earth, and accompanying it was only Nuwa goddess.

After an indefinite period of time, the myriad of living things on earth began to take form, and a special type of living thing with intelligence, the humans, also took form.

Nuwa goddess gave the human species protection and grace, she gave all that she had to the humans, the humans under Nuwa goddess blessings started to multiply, but at this time, the God of Fire Zhurong and his seven brothers together with Ancient God Chiyou as the leader of gods, felt that what the humans had then were all bestowed by gods, gods should be the humans' master. Nuwa naturally objected to that, Zhurong and Chiyou argued with the goddess for a long and in their anger, descended to earth and wishfully thought they could rule the humans through strength of gods. They waged a war against the humans' ruler at that time, the Emperor, and how could the humans fight against the gods, in the end the human species lost greatly and was almost annihilated.

Finally Nuwa goddess led a group of deities and fought the God of Fire and Chiyou, after a fierce battle of three days and three nights, the God of Fire Zhurong and his seven brothers' primordial spirits were imprisoned by Nuwa goddess using the Eight Savage Inferno Formation activated by the fire essence magical weapon Inferno Mirror, and Chiyou's primordial spirit was also captured by Nuwa goddess using the Hidden Dragon Cauldron which was smelted from the five-coloured divine stone.

The power from which the Hidden Dragon Cauldron used to imprison Chiyou was obtained by absorbing the spiritual energies of the myriad of living things on earth, and the four great ancient divine beasts with powerful divine mysterious spiritual energy were the natural enemy of the Hidden Dragon Cauldron, Nuwa goddess once warned the Emperor that Chiyou's primordial spirit had already been imprisoned in the cauldron but if the four great divine ancient beasts were gathered and together with her prohibition-lifting spell from the , the imprisonment could be broken. One of the four beasts, the Yellow Bird, was guarding the Celestial Emperor Treasury in the west, with Heaven and Earth watching it, we could be assured, Tao's character was violent, I have already took him as my mount to discipline it properly, Zhulong I had once bestowed to you to protect this Wilderness Holy Temple, you must guard this Hidden Dragon Cauldron properly, and never allow this Devil God to be revived. Only Kui Niu would be at the East Ocean Liubo Hill but without the other three rare beasts there would be nothing to fear.

Nuwa goddess after that fierce battle, realized that the humans should also choose their own fates like the other living things, no gods should break this rule, although she led the humans previously but it was wrong, And so Nuwa led the deities and left the world, her whereabouts unknown.

Nuwa's youngest daughter Ruiying reluctant to leave the mortal world, wanted to stay, Nuwa goddess was unable to change her mind and so agreed and also left behind the ten volumes of Tian shu to her daughter which contained her lifetime knowledge of the secret methods of world's livings arcane truths, and told her daughter that the books were her research of the living things' origins, in harmony with the foundations of the heavens and earth, and maybe it would be helpful to the development of the human civilization, you stay here, maybe in the future if the humans were misled by evil, you could use the books to guide them. She also handed the Eight Savage Inferno Formation and the Inferno Mirror to her daughter.

And like that Nuwa goddess left, her youngest daughter Ruiying went to the Wilderness Holy Temple and gave the third volume of the Tian Shu to the humans' ruler at that time, the Emperor. And also placed a volume into the western marsh Celestial Emperor Treasury left side for the Yellow Bird to guard, one volume at the right side of the Celestial Emperor Treasury for the Green Bird to guard.

And later on, Ruiying went to the southern border ten thousands great mountains, and befriended a youth.

Ruiying wandered the earth and arrived at the southern side of the Divine Land, it was all mountain ridges, exuberant with vegetation.

She came to know the deep mountains southern border tribe leader, Yun Xiaotian, and fell in love with him, and so she gave him the second volume, hoping it would aid the southern border tribe to prosperity, she also gave birth to a daughter named Linglong but Yun Xiaotian after reading the Tian Shu, refused to eat or drink, he merged the 'harmonized things' in the sixth volume of Tian Shu with the southern border spells, created the Fenxiang Jade Volume and also Fenxiang Valley, he abandoned Ruiying and moved Nuwa goddess's Inferno Formation which was suppressing the Eight Savages to Fenxiang Valley's volcano to do research, hoping to take control of the Eight Savages' powers and dominate the world.

Ruiying in her despair, brought her daughter deep into the southern border ten thousands great mountains and resided with the other natives, gradually due to Ruiying's kindness and helpfulness, she became the natives' leader.

After Ruiying passed on, her daughter Linglong became the new leader. Linglong was as kind as her mother, and the locals in order to commemorate her, addressed the future leaders as Linglong goddess.

When Nuwa goddess left, there was once a sentence, 'Heaven and Earth heartless, treats all living things as dogs'.

The goddess's meaning was that humans should decide their own fate, the gods and deities of heaven and earth should not interfere.

The deities should treat the humans like other species, let them decide themselves.

That dog was referring to 'the other living things' and not the real dog.

At that time, after Nuwa goddess assisted the Emperor to defeat the God of Fire and Chiyou, the Emperor used the fifth volume of Tian Shu to become the leader of the Divine Land. This fifth volume, was really extraordinary. This was Nuwa goddess's breakthrough understanding of the initiation of the heaven and earth, at that time there was no malevolent violent spells in the book, it only taught humans how to advance together with the heavens and earth, how to surpass their own lives, how to live harmoniously with the myriad of living things on earth, and also the origins of the earth living things. When Ruiying left at that time, she once warned the Emperor 'Heaven and Earth heartless, treats all living things as dogs', humans were created from heaven and earth and among the living things, had the most spiritual intelligence, their constitutions different from the deities, their potential incomparable to any living things in the universe including the deities. It could also be said to surpass the deities in the future. The ten volumes of Tian Shu included 'Gather the heavens, comprehend earth, harmonized things, to be above, transform nothing, understand the universe, weave worlds, pry into hearts, realize meaning, return soul' ten volumes.

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