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Chapter 241: Night Breeze

 Chapter 241 - Night Breeze

Majestic Fox Mountain, Ghost King sect.

Majestic Fox Mountain

Boundless moonlight, like a beauty that had not removed her makeup.

Ghost Li was standing at the mountain foot.

Regarding the matters at Qing Yun this time, exactly what it was, even he himself was unable to explain.

Was it turning back?

Leaving, the astray path?

Ten years of time, how many past had it buried? Changing, vicissitudes of life.

That was deep within his heart, a path he had never stepped out before, even under the manipulation of Soul-Devouring, the reason that he refused to sink into depravity?

Unless, nothing has changed?

What has he been adhering on? And what has he given up?

He was after all, an unorthodox that was not acceptable by others. And, merely, a pitiful person who had walked the wrong path?

The path is below the feet, where is the path?

Even with his position as Ghost King sect head, ruthless and unpredictable, with astonishing skills, at this moment, was actually at a loss.

In his hand, the dark-green light of the Soul-Devouring, glimmered faintly, emanating a rare gentleness, quietly, accompanying him, as if it understood his perplexity.

And as if, ten years ago, under the Zhu Xian Sword, his life in critical danger. That hand, gentle and slightly cold, firmly, caught hold. And again letting go, diving towards that devastating force.

Spirits of the nine nether worlds, various celestial deities and demons,

With my blood and body, offer as sacrifice.

Three lives seven generations, forever in hell,

Only for love, never regret even in death!

He chanted quietly, tenderness finally again appearing in his eyes.

That green, graceful figure, as if it was yesterday, clearly before his eyes!

She lying in the icy cold stone room, it must have been a long while right

So, he being away from the Majestic Fox Mountain, it must have been a long while too.

Today, could he see it again?

Ghost Li seemed to be back to his senses for the first time, looked up, in the distance, the place where he had stayed for ten years.

Suddenly he was stunned.

What he had always saw, Majestic Fox Mountain where Ghost King sect headquarters was located, although it was not dazzling or resplendent, multi-storeys or towering but among the rooms and halls, it was still an organized mess, when was it in such a disorder like this?

The ruins before him, cast a broken shadow in the night sky.

Furthermore, usually at this time, disciples could be seen returning from their patrols, as he became more alert, he realized that he did not see this, right now in the mountain, it was silent, no longer having the bearing of facing a big foe like in the past.

Ghost Li frowned, focused and listened carefully, the Majestic Fox Mountain under the quiet moon, there seemed to be an indistinct hubbub.

Before he could collect his thoughts, the Soul-Devouring in his hand, especially the Sinister Orb at the tip, the indistinct blood strands, as if affected by some stimulation, every one of them, lit up! The entire orb, was totally shrouded in bright red light, emitted faint sounds.

Ghost Li's mind, for the moment was in a trance. As if he could see it again, the mountains of corpses, blood forming rivers.

Sweet, fragrance of blood...

But then his cultivation was after all superb, instantly he took control over himself.

Without hesitation, the stick moved to his left hand, his right hand making a Buddhist magic gesture, suppressed the blood strands in the orb, using Great Brahman Wisdom true way, step by step, sent it in.

Immediately within the blood strands a resplendent golden light surfaced but it did not clash with the surrounding blood color, just, quietly, merged in!

The next moment, the solemn Buddhism true way, together with that sinister red light, dimmed down, following the body of the stick, once again flowed into Ghost Li's body.

Myriads of Taoism accommodating!

Or maybe, in the whole world, to be able to use this type of method to resolve the vicious blood, he could be the only one!

Just that even though it was so, this was not an easy task too, sweat could be seen at Ghost Li's forehead.

Ever since he had practised the fourth volume of the , the deep ravines in his past cultivation, were all gradually being filled, although the Soul-Devouring still flare up but it could be completely suppressed. He was also quite confident of his own skills.


Just now...

His face had turned quite solemn.

Then, as if he had finally discovered, in the entire process, what he had assumed the constant flow of blood energy was emanating from the Soul-Devouring, after it was suppressed, it was still surging, without the slightest reduced.

That energy, was actually from the mountain.


Ghost Li quietly hovered, his expression complicated.

This feeling, he once had it. As if there was somebody, with formidable strength, emptied the mountain and filled it with blood.

This, was it related to that four spiritual beasts?

Inside the Majestic Fox Mountain, what had exactly change?

The Soul-Devouring lit up, at the instant when his body leapt up with impatience, Ghost Li was taken aback.

He heard a sigh.

That familiar sigh, just like in his dream the day before!

He turned around out of habit, towards the source of that sound.

In the forest, there seemed to be a green figure flashed past.

Qing Yun Hill.

Return of the Wind Valley.

Among the seven branches of Qing Yun, Return of the Wind was naturally not as towering as TongTian Peak, as lofty as Long Shou Valley, as sombre as Small Bamboo Valley. But being classified among the seven branches, it was not without merit. In the forest, there was almost no human traces, the small path in the forest, either wide or narrow, indistinct and distinct, it was as if it had merged with the mountains and rivers.

The lonely moon, the stars desolate.

The light penetrating through the sparse leaves, leaving mottled spots on the ground. Occasionally wind passed by, the spots on the ground shifted.

The small path behind the mountain.

Taoist Cangsong with Jin Pinger, were already before the forest.

Both of them were about to step in, Jin Pinger suddenly said, "Priest, wait a moment."

Taoist Cangsong with a solemn face turned around and asked, "What."

Jin Pinger smiled, said, "Pinger is dull-witted, there are some things that I don't understand, will like to consult Priest."

Her eyes, as if it could speak volumes, lit up. In a night like this, an intoxicated fragrance permeated.

Taoist Cangsong yet ignored it, indifferently said, "Jin fairy please speak."

Jin Pinger stepped forward, said, "Just now at Long Shou Valley, disciple did not observe ancestor instructions, Priest's complexion also did not look good, this is correct right."

Taoist Cangsong coldly snorted but did not counter.

Jin Pinger lightly walked into the forest, slowly said, "Long Shou Valley...Sunset Valley...Morning Sun, we only left this heaven seal right."

Taoist Cangsong nodded, his expression solemn, did not speak.

Jin Pinger turned over, smiled sweetly, "Just now at Sunset Valley, Morning Sun Valley, although there wasn't any sentry guards and we could proceed, Priest's expression instead eased up, right?"

Taoist Cangsong coldly said, "What are you trying to say?"

Jin Pinger paused for a while, said, "Pinger just wanted to know, now that there are nobody here, Priest's expression, why did it turn sombre again?"

Taoist Cangsong frowned, didn't expect her to be so observant, coldly said, "What Jin fairy wanted to know, only need to step into the forest."

The forest seemed to have a mist, the small path indistinct, the surrounding harmonious.

Jin Pinger was silent, slowly withdrew her right hand into her sleeve. Facing sideways towards Taoist Cangsong, walked step by step into the forest.

The mountain breeze blew through the forest, there seemed be a faint distinct sound of sigh.

Jin Pinger carefully walked in the forest but did not discover anything unusual. Slightly relieved, she turned, smiled and said, "Priest, can you say now?"

Before she could finish her smile, it was frozen on her face.

Where she had turned to look, was where she had just stood, but for some reason, it had became obscure, as if shrouded by a thin fog.

Slightly forbidding, she knew something was not right, stretched her hand out and tried to push the fog away from her eyes.

Where she had touched, were empty, there was nothing unusual.

But then, that fog still lingered quietly, it looked so real but at the same time, it seemed not to be there, instead it seemed to be in her eyes, in her heart!

Carefully, step by step, she walked back where she had came from.

The exit was already before her, she slowly stepped out.

There was nothing unusual.

Jin Pinger calmed down, indistinctly felt somehow disappointed.

After all, this was only a fog!

Turning around, with some bewilderment, asked, "Priest?"

Taoist Cangsong instead was solemn, did not speak.

Jin Pinger frowning slightly, still bewildered, and suspiciously looked around.

Return of the Wind Valley, before the dense forest.

All of the scenery, reflected in her eyes.

This stretch of sky and earth, was also too, like in the forest, hazy, looking surreal.

While she was still in shock, her body felt a chill, a breeze had blew from somewhere, brushing past her.

That gust of wind, lightly flowed past, without carrying any dust.

Then, circling around, it blew back again.

Jin Pinger's countenance changed.

That small gust of wind, just then, clearly brushed past Taoist Cangsong. His robes yet did not flutter.

Not the slightest.

At that time, that small gust, suddenly, without any sign, turned bigger. Howling, about to blow this frail lady off.

But still there was no dust.

The surrounding sky and earth, as usual, obscured, in that unparalleled wind, did not sway.

The raging wind, once again returned.

It was Return of the Wind!

Jin Pinger although shock but her skills was after all not trivial, leapt up, avoided the raging wind by a hair breath.

The wind howled, fiercely charged into the forest.

The leaves and branches, not one moved.

Jin Pinger heaved a sigh of relief, turned to look at Taoist Cangsong.

He was still quietly standing there, his expression solemn.


The raging wind again turned back.

Jin Pinger knew she was in peril, without hesitation, her slender waist twisted, she actually headed straight to that wind!

The wind was still raging!

That light yellow figure, suddenly evolved into a beam of light, such rapid speed, almost invisible.

Her hair flying up!

The raging wind approached, within the light yellow light, a burst of magnificence abruptly seen.

The brilliant purple color, like a resplendent sunset glow!

The Purple Light Sword finally appeared.

That burst of invisible wind, in this motionless world, fiercely greeted that lady.

Without any sound.

Not even a bit.

Like receiving a heavy blow, Jin Pinger flew back out, landed on the ground, her blood channels in a turmoil, almost spilling out.

But then she still stood firmly.

The light dance before her, dispersed!

It was again a clear and bright day, reflecting in her eyes.

She stood before the dense forest, in the forest, it was still that hazy.

What happened just now, was like a dream!

A human lifetime, was it real or illusionary, how could it be separated clearly!

From behind, Taoist Cangsong's voice, mixed with approval, was heard.

"Jin fairy do you understand it now?"

Below Majestic Fox Mountain.

Ghost Li's figure flying, headed urgently sideways.

That figure, that sigh!

Even his life might be forfeited, he also wanted to grab hold of a lifetime!

Ten years of hardship, ten years of hurt, ten years of misery.

For what?

So much of heart talk, evolving into his pursuing footsteps.

Only afraid that, it was only a dream!

Not knowing what he was mumbling, his footsteps never stopped.

Traversing through the forest but Ghost Li's figure could not be seen how, entering from one direction and coming from another, it was only an instant.

In the forest, empty, the remaining leaves swayed.

He was still, unable, to catch it?

Or maybe, all of these and everything, was only, his misperception like in the stone room at that time?


That sigh, was so real, almost beside him.

Under the thin moonlight, this figure who was already not a young man, appeared so dismal.

Is there God in the heavens? But why did it, persistently make one a fool!

He heaved a long sigh, like an old man suffering.

"Then this is it. Since you can look past life and death, yet in your heart there is something more important than life and death, rather than you trying to ask me in every possible ways, why don't you think about these things which are more important to you?"

Zhou Yixian's advice, for some reason, surfaced in his mind.

"And even more important..."

Under the moonlight, this man, laughing bitterly, mumbled to himself.

"Senior, you are wrong after all, even though I could think but what abilities do I have to grab hold of it..."

His words, suddenly paused.

Again another sigh, behind him.


His throat choked up, he turned around.

Was it heaven's grace!

He couldn't control his emotions, the person behind him, was already in front of him.


It was not!

That instant, his blood turned cold.

Youji stood before him.

"You finally came back?"

She slowly said, without emotion.

"The Majestic Fox Mountain is already beyond recognition."