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Chapter 240: Conspiracy

 Chapter 240 - Conspiracy

Majestic Fox Mountain, deep inside Ghost King sect blood pool.

Looking at the Four Divinities Blood Formation in the blood pool, it was slightly different from before, the four huge beasts seemed to have lost all their vitality totally, with their last breaths lying in the blood pool, and the dark red light that enveloped them, also became weak, if one did not look carefully, almost unable to see, a few trails of spiritual energy constantly being drawn up towards the cauldron.

And in contrast, the entire blood pool seemed to receive an invisible huge force impact, on the large fluid surface, everywhere seemed to be bubbling, fluid bubbles constantly breaking up the surface, emitting deep groans. At the same time, the largely unmoving blood pool, started to swirl, from the air beams of light shone down, onto the blood pool, where it touched, the fluid surged.

In the air, thick stench of blood permeated.

On the cauldron, the remaining area where the hideous deity face was, finally also turned the same color as the rest of ancient cauldron body. The entire cauldron now looked as if it had changed completely, no longer primitive looking, instead, after absorbing the huge volume of spiritual energy, the strange power inside this cauldron, seemed to be stimulated out now.

Hovering in the air, what the cauldron oversaw, as if everything below it was prostrating before it. And in the huge space, surrounding the cauldron, were indistinct sounds of thunder and lightning. And resonating with it, the strange light around the cauldron pulsed, as if a human was breathing, extremely odd.

An invisible force, seemed to be in this vast space, quietly incubating, and yet also like a God which had been asleep for thousands and thousands of years, about to be awaken.

That strange and turbulent force, like a wild wave raged above the blood pool, wildly slamming against the surrounding rock walls.

Watching the strange scene, Ghost King and Mr Ghost stood side by side, did not speak. But clearly from both of them, there was not a trace of fear or withdrawal.

After a long time, Ghost King laughed out deeply, said, "It is indeed amazing, the forty-nine days have not completed yet, the Four Divinities Blood Formation have not formed, and already it has such power!"

Mr Ghost did not respond immediately, after a moment, said, "Sect head, the strange quake several days ago, it was indeed caused by this Four Divinities Blood Formation, I fail to protect the formation, sect head please give me the punishment."

Ghost King waved his hand, also did not look at Mr Ghost, stepped up, his eyes still on the cauldron, said, "A small matter, don't have to mention it, this formation's might is too strong, even I too did not expect that, it was unavoidable that you made the mistake."

Mr Ghost hesitated for a moment, said, "Many thanks for sect head magnanimity, just that..."

Ghost King turned and asked, "What is it?"

Mr Ghost's eyes met the Ghost King, was shocked in his heart, felt Ghost King's eyes were unusually piercing, even with his current skills, he felt he was unable to look at him. A few thoughts flashed through his mind but fortunately he had the black veil, others were unable to tell his expression, as least from his tone, it was still calm, "As what sect head mentioned, this Four Divinities Blood Formation's power is extremely strong, and as the formation completion approaches, the spiritual power will only become stronger, although I have already laid down eighteen prohibiting spells around the pool but honestly, I too am not confident, especially on the last day, when the formation will be completed, it will definitely be earth-shaking, whether or not these prohibiting spells will work, I can't tell, only afraid if we are unprepared at that time, some of the sect disciples outside might be implicated."

Ghost King sneered, said, "So then what?"

Mr Ghost held his breath for a moment, looked at Ghost King, after a moment said, "I am only reminding sect head, if there is a need, might want to dispatch those lowly-skilled disciples out of the mountain."

Ghost King's eyes flashed with a stern glint, humphed and said, "No need."

Mr Ghost did not speak.

Ghost King coldly said, "This Heaven and Earth formation, gather the essence of the four spiritual beasts and nourish by blood, has the vicious energy of the blood, so that it can open Asura door, even if there are a few that will be sacrifice, it is not anything serious."

Mr Ghost nodded his head, said, "Yes, I understand."

Ghost King [ha ha] laughed, his demeanour arrogant, he turned over, inhaled deeply, his eyes again on the cauldron, looking at the ever-changing cauldron, his eyes started look intoxicated.

And behind him, Mr Ghost's eyes looked as if he was contemplating, but what his eyes contained was definitely not fanaticism, instead it was cold calm and clarity.

Qing Yun Hill, Long Shou Valley.

Long Shou Valley among Qing Yun seven branches, was second only to the lofty Tong Tian Peak, tall and steep, towering above. This night the sky was dark and the wind strong, at the back of Long Shou Valley at a certain secluded forest, a small winding path stretched ahead, meandering in the forest.

Chilly wind blew over, two figures one tall and one short descended from the sky, landed on this small path, it was Taoist Cang Song and Jin Pinger.

Here was far from the mountain before them where the disciples resided in the temple building, rarely anyone came here and at this late night, there was no sound of human. Taoist Cang Song's eyes were cold, glanced at the surroundings, again looked up at the sky, suddenly snorted.

Jin Pinger looked at him with interest, said, "Why, priest, you looked like you are feeling extremely infuriated?"

Taoist Cang Song coldly replied, "The disciples are getting more and more useless, what a waste of my past efforts."

Jin Pinger looked at him curiously, said, "What is it?"

Taoist Cang Song snorted, walking along the small path, coldly said, "This is an important place where the Heaven seal is, although it look almost the same as other places but the ancestors for every generation have instructed that each branch disciples must guard it with vigilance. Looking at the time it is only 9 - 11pm, and yet there is already nobody around, it is really a bunch of good-for-nothings!"

Jin Pinger smiled and said, "Isn't it better for us to accomplish our task, you should be happy."

Taoist Cang Song again snorted but his face clearly did not show any signs of delight, instead he was in an extremely ugly mood, strided ahead.

Jin Pinger followed behind, laughed and said, "Actually you can't really blame those Qing Yun sect disciples, as what I know, in a thousand years, there aren't many times where Qing Yun sect opened the seven mountain ranges Heaven seals, and it was only recently in the demon beast catastrophe, the beast deity was really too powerful, they had no choice but to open it once. If it was any others, such a long time being unused, in addition elders like you are so tight-lipped about such stuff, ordinary disciples will only thought it is only a common restricted area, even if they be lazy for a few times, it is also expected."

Her smile alluring, said to Taoist Cang Song, "And furthermore, you have been leading the way, heard that for the past decades in Qing Yun Hill, the trivial and important matters, especially the defence are all decided by you, those patrolling disciples are unable to discover us, can't blame them too isn't it?"

Taoist Cang Song was still in a foul mood, to him, every grass and tree on Qing Yun Hill, was different from other places, not so long ago, he was the master of this valley.

The past path, was it really correct?

Taoist Cang Song suddenly shook his head, as if wanted to fling away some thoughts, strided ahead, Jin Pinger looked at his back, seemed to more or less understood his feelings, just that she obviously was not a kind or good person, her eyes revealing her gloat, her lips slightly curving up, enhancing her beautiful face, her steps seemed to be light, following behind Taoist Cang Song, walking deep into Long Shou Valley rear mountain.

This path was indeed long, winding around for a long distance, the end was still not in sight, and as the path went in deeper, the wild grasses beside the path increased, gradually covering the path, evidently no one had walked here for a long time.

As the wild grasses gradually overgrown onto the path, Taoist Cang Song's expression grew uglier, almost looked livid. Jin Pinger did not speak to him, only following behind, watching his tall back figure, she suddenly felt, this man might not just be a betrayer of the Good Faction.

But even though it was so, who would care, the Taoist Cang Song today, if he were to be discovered by his former sect, most likely it would be a battle of life and death, and only just ten years ago, he was the figure with the most authority at the world's number one sect, who would have thought of this?

The ups and downs of life, the many twists and turns, not knowing in the unseen mystical world, was it the humans that determine it, or decided by Heavens and that was why there was a saying that Heavens playing with humans?

Jin Pinger as she walked, couldn't help but thought about Xiao Huan, that young lady who had a predestined relationship with her, looking at her young age, she seemed to be entangled by love! Thinking about Xiao Huan, her expression turned relaxed, some degrees of warmth, or maybe only that lady, was the only person she could open her heart to.

Or maybe in the future if there is a chance, it would be nice to roam the world with Xiao Huan!

Jin Pinger's lips slowly revealed a faint smile but this smile quickly faded, she stopped. Because Taoist Cang Song who was before her also stopped, let out a long sigh, hearing his sigh, it seemed to be mixed with strange emotions, slowly said, "This is it, Qing Yun Hill Long Shou Valley Heaven seal location."

The path under their feet finally reached the end, Jin Pinger walked up and was stunned, her face revealed a trace of bewilderment, turned and looked at Taoist Cang Song, said, "What, this is the Heaven seal?"

Taoist Cang Song was expressionless, only indifferently nodded.

Displayed before them, was not any dazzling celestial divine weapon, it was also not a dignified majestic temple building, before coming here, Jin Pinger had thought about it many times but no matter what she could not imagine, the legendary Heaven seal, would be like this.

Before her, was an ordinary earth pit.

If to say if there was any difference, it would be that this earth pit was bigger and deeper, a big earth pit but looking at the wild vegetation in the earth pit, soil collapsed, no matter how one looked, it was only an ordinary earth pit, how would it look like it was connected to the famous Zhu Xian sword formation?

Jin Pinger for the moment still found it hard to accept but Taoist Cang Song had already jumped down, stood at the pit and beckoned Jin Pinger, Jin Pinger sighed and also leapt down.

When Jin Pinger landed in the pit, she smelled a thick fragrance that only the earth had. She looked up and realized that although the pit was rather deep, looking from the top she did not feel anything, only when she was below, she realized that it was actually about the depth of one and a half human.

The soil in the pit was not as firm as the path, it was rather soft but fortunately there was no rain for the past few days, the soil was still dry but bumps and potholes were unavoidable.

Jin Pinger followed Taoist Cang Song, walked deep into the pit. The topology here tilted inwards, as they walked in, looking at the surrounding trees and the distant valleys, they looked towering and themselves gradually becoming insignificant.

Those strange thoughts played in Jin Pinger's mind, making her uncomfortable but although the pit was rather big, it was not limitless, soon Taoist Cang Song stopped, Jin Pinger also too.

Right now they were in the middle of the pit, a few piles of mud stacked together, forming a small mound, on top of it a three chi long one chi wide round wooden stick inserted slantedly.

Taoist Cang Song quietly looked at the weather-beaten round stick, did not speak, a strange glint in his eyes, the next moment, without speaking he was about to step forward but at this moment, Jin Pinger suddenly called out, "Priest, please wait."

Taoist Cang Song turned and looked at Jin Pinger, said, "What is it?"

Jin Pinger said, "Please let me look around."

Taoist Cang Song was surprised, did not speak, Jin Pinger instead looked up, slowly turned around. Right now this was the highest point of Long Shou Valley but the dangerous high area of Long Shou Valley was jutting out towards the sky, there were many places higher than here, not only this place.

Jin Pinger stood in the middle, saw high summits at east, west and north directions, looking from this pit, those summits looked slightly tilted, like three fingers about to close in and this spot was right in the middle. Right now the night was dark, the infirmament like ink, Jin Pinger looked for a while, had a feeling that the sky was about to drop and felt dizzy.

But she was after all not an ordinary person, she looked away and composed herself, following which her gaze swept past this pit, her body suddenly like being supported by the gently wind, drifted up and landed on that three chi round beam, and then looked around again.

Taoist Cang Song frowned but his eyes contained some admiration.

After a moment, Jin Pinger let out a sigh, clapped her hands and said, "Good thinking, good foresight, which ancestor of your Qing Yun sect found this spiritual spot, it is really a unique divine sight, the mountain summit spiritual energy are all gathered here, and with the three summits together, not spilling out; but what's even more impressive, is this thousand-year mysterious wood, it looked blunt but it is just right inserted into the weakest spot of this spiritual pit energy channel, like hitting at the fatal point of a snake, with the mysterious wood dry and heavy energy, suppressed the bountiful spiritual energy of this mountain, it is really impressive, impressive!"

She clapped and praised but it was all sincere words. Taoist Cang Song looked at her, his expression subconsciously eased, the next moment, he indifferently said, "Observing the energies of the mountain, unearthing this pit was our Qing Yun sect founder teacher Qing Yunzi, as for laying down this prohibiting mysterious wood, there was no record, some said it was founder Qing Yunzi, some also said it was founder Qing Ye who founded the Zhu Xian formation."

Jin Pinger nodded, said, "Actually I did not have any good impression of Qing Yun sect but today, I realized that your sect ancestors all were talented and outstanding people, I am far from it, looks like the renowned reputation is really substantiable."

Taoist Cang Song snorted, his face revealing a proud look, said, "Qing Yun sect for several thousand years, how can it be compared to other meagre and small sects, as for our Qing Yun generations of ancestors, that naturally will be even..."

Speaking halfway, his voice suddenly decreased and until the end, hoarse and inaudible. Jin Pinger quietly leapt down from the stick, somehow subconsciously she too felt sad, did not wish to look at Taoist Cang Song now.

This person who was so deeply proud of Qing Yun, was he the first perpetrator who betrayed Qing Yun?

A person, how could it simply be just a sentence 'Good Evil' to distinguish?

In the pit, it was all silence, Taoist Cang Song's figure looking from the back, was upright and straight, still seen as tall and broad, just that his expression, seemed to be concealed within the stillness and shadows, obscuring.

After a long time, Taoist Cang Song deep voice, slowly spoke, "We have delayed for quite long, let's start."

Jin Pinger nodded and said, "What must be done, please say it."

The mountain breeze gently blew, the surrounding dense trees swayed with the wind, the night sky hovered low, noises were heard from within the deep earth pit incessantly, after lasting for a while, it suddenly ceased and then a deep muffled groan, something was being flung out from the pit, landed heavily on the small path beside the pit.

Under the faint starlight, it was that thousand-year old mysterious wood!

And after a while, clothes rustling sounds were heard, Jin Pinger and Taoist Cang Song leapt up together, with their skills, they looked to be rather exhausted, evidently to change this spiritual pit energy channel, it was not that easy.

Jin Pinger's breathing calmed down, frowned and asked Taoist Cang Song, "Since we are here to destroy the Heaven seal, in the event that something happens in the future, Qing Yun sect will not be able to use the seven mountains spiritual energies to assist Zhu Xian sword formation, why can't we just pull out the thousand-year old mysterious wood and instead had to forcefully change the place where the energy channels converged, isn't it doing something unnecessarily?"

Taoist Cang Song shook his head, said, "This Qing Yun Hill is a propitious place on earth, bountiful spiritual energy, and it is also because of that, founder Qing Yunzi would value this place. Just pulling out the wood will only let the spiritual energy leak out but the earth spiritual energy is abundant in the first place, second there are three summits gathered here, it is even harder to let the spiritual energy leak out. Only by changing the place where the energies converge, to move it away from this Heaven-made, tight formation of three summits, we can make use of the high altitude and strong winds, to slowly disperse it. In the future if someone wield the Zhu Xian formation, although the spiritual energy of Long Shou Valley is still abundant but it will have been scattered around the mountain, no longer accumulated, he can do nothing about it."

Jin Pinger then comprehended, nodded and agreed, she then asked, "Now that Long Shou Valley Heaven seal has been destroyed, what about the other six?"

Taoist Cang Song was silent for a moment, shook his head said, "We can only at most destroy Sunset Valley, Return of the Wind Valley and Morning Sun Valley heaven seals, as for Tong Tian Peak, Big Bamboo Valley and Small Bamboo Valley, I'm afraid we can do nothing."

Jin Pinger curiously asked, "What is that so?"

Taoist Cang Song indifferently said, "Tong Tian Peak is Qing Yun main branch, not to mention the security will be the tightest, just that spiritual energy is not a trivial matter, when Zhu Xian sword formation is activated, Tong Tian Peak spiritual energy has always been the main source, assisted by the six mountains, as said pull a hair and you move the entire body, with any slight change, that senior brother of mine Daoxuan with this profound skills will know, therefore we cannot touch it."

He paused and said, "Sunset Valley, Return of the Wind Valley and Morning Sun Valley heaven seal locations I am aware, I guess it will not be too difficult but for Big Bamboo Valley and Small Bamboo Valley, I do not know where the heaven seal locations are?"

Jin Pinger asked again, "And why is that so?"

Taoist Cang Song was quiet for a moment, said, "Small Bamboo Valley has always only admit female disciples, it is heavily guarded, the branch leader Shuiyue Master is also an odd character, will not allow irrelevant personnel in, not to mention the heaven seal such an important thing; as for Big Bamboo Valley, I have always not got along with Tian Buyi and Suru, Tian Buyi is also an prideful person, doesn't have many disciples and not outstanding, yet conceal and hide it, totally not letting anyone know where it is."

Jin Pinger couldn't help but find it funny but soon frowned and said, "Then if we only destroy four, will it be too little?"

Taoist Cang Song shook his head, said, "Not so, from what I know, as long as more than half of the seven energies are affected, the heaven seal prohibiting spells will not work, because the main source Tong Tian Peak's energy is too strong, and even has malevolent intention, and requires the other six energies to come in to balance it, if it is only one or two it is still alright but if four energies were missing at the same time, most likely it will even be a problem whether they can wield the Zhu Xian sword formation."

Jin Pinger assessed Taoist Cang Song from top to bottom, suddenly laughed and said, "Priest you are really a farsighted and insightful, these matters, most likely are not just in your mind for a day or two!"

Taoist Cang Song's face turned stern, looked at Jin Pinger, but she was still smiling, not having the slightest intention to look away. After a moment Taoist Cang Song instead looked away, without speaking, turned and left this pit.

Jin Pinger looked away, saw that the mysterious wood was quietly lying beside the path, she smiled and kicked the wood into the grasses, and then followed Taoist Cang Song.

Behind her, that mysterious enigmatic earth pit, like usual, was just an ordinary-looking earth pit.