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Chapter 239: Separation

 Chapter 239 - Separation

Below Qing Yun Hill, outside HeYang City, wilderness ancient path.

Zhou Yixian was as usual holding the banner in his hand, swaging down the ancient path, walking beside him was Ghost Li, and behind them were Xiao Huan and Wild Dog Taoist.

The four of them walked slowly, further and further away from the HeYang City behind them. Xiao Huan watched Ghost Li's back, her facial expression peculiar, a few times she was about to speak but stopped, finally unable to hold back, she walked up to Ghost Li and pulled his sleeve.

Xiao Hui who was sitting on his shoulder was the first to turn with a sound of [zhi zhi], it grinned at Xiao Huan, for some reason Xiao Huan turned red under the monkey's stare. Ghost Li also turned, he still looked desolate but compared to that day where they met in HeYang City, he looked much more better.

Looking at Xiao Huan, Ghost Li's face also revealed a trace of warm smile, said, "What is it?"

Xiao Huan had just mustered up her courage but before this man's faint smile, it suddenly disappeared, for a moment she stammered. Zhou Yixian watching from beside, shook his head, even Wild Dog Taoist who was standing behind, didn't look good too. [Zhi zhi. Zhi zhi zhi] At this awkward moment, Xiao Hui's laughter was the loudest, Xiao Huan blushed even more, glared at it. But Xiao Hui naturally ignored it, on the contrary, it followed suit, three eyes also glared back at Xiao Huan.

Xiao Huan with an exclamation, stepped back, as the saying goes, two fists hard to win four hands, seemed like the principal applies to eyes too, even though you are facing a money but if the money has one eye more than you, more likely you would not win.

Xiao Hui was overjoyed, jumped up and almost rolled around on Ghost Li's shoulder, at the same time, it stuck out its tongue at Xiao Huan. Xiao Huan spat at the grey monkey but as such, the awkwardness was gone, she coughed, without looking directly at Ghost Li, her eyes shifting around, softly said, "Where, where do you intend to go in the future?"

Wild Dog Taoist who was standing behind, looked even worse.

Ghost Li looked surprised, did not answer immediately, the next moment he instead turned and looked at Zhou Yixian. Zhou Yixian nodded and said, "Yes, I was about to ask you too, what are your plans?"

Ghost Li was silent for a moment, said, "Honestly, I don't know too, these few days I am indebted to senior for advising me, although I am still grieving over my shiniang's death but I have also accepted it and got over it, I only regret that I was unable to fulfil my filial duties to them earlier..."

Zhou Yixian sighed, said, "Saying these, it also mean that your heart have really not gotten over it, but humans are not the trees or the grasses, though sometimes we know the reasons but our hearts are not under our control, it's not your fault too. However the deceased have already gone, you too don't be too sad, else if your teacher and shiniang in the netherworld, also won't, better think about your future."

Ghost Li nodded, after a period of silence, a lost expression flashed past his face, with some bitterness he said, "For these ten years, I went from places to places, only because I wanted to save someone, and it was always at those few opportunities, through lack of a final effort, all failed, looking at the vast world before me, yet I am really at loss at what to do."

Zhou Yixian's countenance slightly changed, his eyes glanced at Xiao Huan, as if hesitating and then faintly said, "Your misfortune, I have also heard some, regarding that lady Biyao."

Ghost Li's body shook, he turned around quickly, said, "Senior, unless you have some solutions..." in his agitated state, his voice seemed to be trembling.

Xiao Huan, feeling bewildered, glanced at Zhou Yixian but saw him coughing softly twice and said, "I too have no solutions."

Xiao Huan couldn't help but asked Ghost Li, "Your...your that lady Biyao what happened?"

Ghost Li was silent but before he could speak, Zhou Yixian glared at Xiao Huan, sternly said, "You little child what do you know, don't interrupt.

Xiao Huan was surprised, even though Zhou Yixian did not act his age usually and often joked and quarrelled with her but with such stern and solemn expression, it was rare, for a moment was stunned.

Ghost Li heaved a long sigh, full of desolate.

A trace of complex emotion flashed past Zhou Yixian's eyes, suddenly he waved to Ghost Li said, "Come over to the side for a while, I have something to tell you."

After speaking, he left Xiao Huan and Wild Dog Taoist, walked to the side of the path, Ghost Li looking bleak, walked slowly over. Xiao Huan by this time had regained her senses, saw them standing afar, Zhou Yixian frowning and quietly speaking to Ghost Li, and Ghost Li after listening, his expression gradually changed, first was surprised and then a hope but evidently this hope was not very big, his expression gradually turned down again, as for Zhou Yixian he was still talking, looking at the scene, it seemed like the elderly was teaching the junior in a long-winded tone.

Xiao Huan's mouth pursed up, suddenly an inexplicable fury rose in her heart, she angrily kicked the stone under her feet, the stone immediately flew up, making a curve in the air and instead hit Wild Dog Taoist's foot.

Wild Dog Taoist for some reason, was also in a reverie, did not notice the stone and immediately was startled awake, his brows frowning.

Xiao Huan looked over, felt somehow embarrassed, walked over and softly said, "Priest, are you alright?"

Wild Dog Taoist, under her glance, immediately shook his head, quietly said, "Nothing, I am alright."

Xiao Huan nodded and then again looked at Ghost Li, her eyes showed her contemplation, many of her emotions revealed on her face.

Wild Dog Taoist looking at her beside, quietly hung his head.

Suddenly Xiao Huan was heard saying, "Oh right, priest, I will like to ask you something."

Wild Dog Taoist looked up and said, "What?"

Xiao Huan frowned and said, "His, his...that Biyao lady what happened to her? Why did Ghost Li big brother looked so troubled?"

Wild Dog Taoist hesitated for a moment, to be honest he was not the core personnel of Ghost King sect and only heard some stories regarding Biyao's situation but the cause of the incident he was naturally aware of it, however it was a long story, for a moment he did not know where to start, while he was contemplating, he said, "It's a long story, heard that it was ten years ago..."

At this moment, he sensed something and stopped, Xiao Huan's reaction was identical to him, with some surprise, turned back and looked. On the ancient path behind them, suddenly from the sky a faint purple light landed, like a floating duckweed, it was actually Jin Pinger.

Xiao Huan was first shocked then delighted, with a soft cry, "Pinger sister." After speaking she ran over. Jin Pinger saw Xiao Huan, also full of smiles, pulled Xiao Huan's hand and carefully looked at her, smiled and said, "Good sister, every time I see you, I feel that you are getting more and more beautiful, it is really a new look everyday, must have mesmerized countless of guys already."

Xiao Huan didn't expect Jin Pinger to say this, although she already knew this sister was definitely not those dignified ladies following the virtues but she also turned red from hearing the words, said, "What mesmerizing guys, really, it is so hard to meet up and you only know how to tease others."

Jin Pinger's eyes were full of laughter, gently pinched on Xiao Huan's delicate face, said, "Little girl, even I am soon going to be mesmerized by you, you better speak the truth."

Xiao Huan's face turned redder but she had always been on good terms with Jin Pinger, on such a rare occasion, she really did not bear to let go and so pulled Jin Pinger's hands and asked her all sorts of questions, however at times she was still sneaking glances at Ghost Li.

Ghost Li and Zhou Yixian naturally also saw Jin Pinger, both of them didn't expect that they would meet her at this place and time. With Ghost Li's skills, obviously he had long detected Jin Pinger's traces long before the rest, he even knew Jin Pinger landed behind them in the direction of HeYang City. And further ahead towards the HeYang City, there seemed to be another spiritual energy but the distance was too far, he could not sense it clearly.

But to come with Jin Pinger, most likely it would not be someone from the proper sect, naturally it would be someone from the Evil Sect. With such thought, Ghost Li banished the idea of investigating, Jin Pinger after chatting with Xiao Huan for a while, pulled Xiao Huan over to their direction, "Gongzi how are you?"

Jin Pinger's voice seemed to contain some degrees of seduction, made one's bones turned soft on hearing, Xiao Huan secretly glanced at Ghost Li but Ghost Li looked expressionless, as if that seductive voice did not work on him at all. For some reason, Xiao Huan's lips secretly revealed a smile.

Since Jin Pinger came over to say hi, Ghost Li nodded his head and said, "It is really coincidental."

Jin Pinger smiled and said, "After we parted from southern border, it has really been a long time since we met..." halfway speaking, she noticed Xiao Hui was making funny faces at her. That day at the southern border, she was made fun of by this monkey, immediately her face turned serious, Xiao Hui however was not afraid at all, looking at her expression, it became instead happier, baring its teeth at Jin Pinger, obviously challenging her.

Jin Pinger was stunned for a moment then realized and scolded herself for a moment, how could she lost her control over a monkey. After giving a hateful glare at Xiao Hui, she turned and ignored it, a smile again returned to her face, facing Ghost Li she said, "Speaking of which, that day gongzi abandoned me this helpless woman and disappeared, you were really heartless."

Ghost Li indifferently said, "If I did not abandon you, I'm afraid even I myself would not be able to walk out of that ten thousand great mountains."

Jing Pinger [ah] with an exclaim, covered her mouth and laughed, clearly disregarding Ghost Li's hidden meaning in his words, said, "Gongzi really knows how to joke."

Ghost Li stared deeply at her, said, "But you were able to come out from that Subdue Devil Cave, it is really unexpected."

A glint flashed in Jin Pinger's eyes, she smiled and said, "Why, gongzi doesn't wish for me to come out?"

Ghost Li smiled faintly, did not nod or shake his head, only turned and spoke to Zhou Yixian, "Senior, we are considered fated, the world so wide, yet these ten years we have met a few times. As for what you have said to me just now, whether or not there is a possibility, I will still try it, it is better than without hope."

Zhou Yixian nodded and said, "It's good that you know this point, the solution is not orthodox and nobody has tried it before, it's just that I heard it when I was roaming the world, you'll be on your own then."

Ghost Li bowed to Zhou Yixian, said, "Since it is so, junior will leave now, let's meet again if fated."

After speaking, he looked as if about to leave, suddenly a cried was heard, "Wait wait, you wait!"

Ghost Li was startled, turned and looked at Xiao Huan, she was standing beside Jin Pinger, looking hesitant, about to speak but stopped. Zhou Yixian saw it, shook his head suddenly, sighed, turned and walked away. "What is it Xiao Huan?" Ghost Li sensed something, his expression also turned warm, gently asked.

Xiao Huan's lips moved, as if wanted to say something but eventually did not speak.

Jin Pinger was standing beside holding her hand, at this moment she was frowning, the fair hand she was holding was trembling slightly. She turned and glanced at Xiao Huan, saw that after a while, the atmosphere turned slightly awkward but she was still not speaking.

Jin Pinger sighed softly, pulled Xiao Huan behind her, smiled and said to Ghost Li, "Gongzi where are you going?"

Ghost Li was silent for a moment, his gaze glanced at the slender figure which was blocked by Jin Pinger, his eyes seemed to carry warmth but his voice was cold, indifferently said, "The four seas are my home, where would I have a fixed place!"

Jin Pinger again said, "What a good four seas as your home, it is really a man's aspiration but would like to ask gongzi, do you have any worries in your heart?"

Xiao Huan's body suddenly froze but she did not move, still hiding behind Jin Pinger, just that Jin Pinger felt the tension. Ghost Li's voice was heard coldly saying, "No."

After speaking, he looked deeply at that frozen figure, his lips moved but the next moment, he concealed that strange expression, turned and walked, but he paused for a moment as if hesitating but eventually did not turn back, the next moment his body evolved into a grey light, charged up the sky.

The west wind along the ancient path, lonely wilderness.

The atmosphere for the moment was bleak, Xiao Huan did not speak at all and also did not emerge from behind Jin Pinger but the hand that was still holding onto Jin Pinger, seemed to embed deep into the flesh.

Wild Dog Taoist's expression was ugly, he stepped up and was wanted to speak but did not. Finally it was Zhou Yixian who coughed, walked up and laughed dryly, "Xiao Huan, this...this...this destiny is decided by Heavens, we should accept..."

Before he could finish, Jin Pinger suddenly raised her brows, stared at Zhou Yixian and Wild Dog Taoist, both of them felt as if their eyes were burned by fire, involuntarily stepped back. Jin Pinger snorted, with a cold face said, "Both of you are not any good yourselves, quickly go away."

Zhou Yixian and Wild Dog Taoist looked at each other.

Jin Pinger turned and hugged Xiao Huan, Xiao Huan finally could not take it, [wa] cried out, Jin Pinger gently patted her back, softly said, "Silly child, what is there to cry, I tell you, none of the men are good things..."

Xiao Huan while sobbing said, "No...he is not, he is a good person."

Jin Pinger feeling exasperated and funny at the same time, said, "Yes yes yes, he is a good person, look at you, only a while and your eyes are all red." while speaking she gently wiped the tears from Xiao Huan's eyes.

Zhou Yixian shook his head and mumbled to himself, "Good fellow, I raised her for several decades, in the end someone said I am not a good thing yet nobody spoke for me, yet said other person is a good person, it is really..."

After speaking, Jin Pinger stared over with a killer glance, Zhou Yixian immediately swallowed the rest of the words.

In the night, as Xiao Huan was not in a good mood, the rest of them did not travel far. Initially Jin Pinger was only passing through and coincidentally discovered Xiao Huan and the rest, at first only intended to say her greetings and continued on but right now as she was worried about Xiao Huan and so delayed her departure.

However in the night, after Jin Pinger consoled and teased her, Xiao Huan finally smiled again. Jin Pinger again secretly whispered to her, not knowing what was said but to Zhou Yixian and Wild Dog Taoist, that seductive Jin Pinger was able to make Xiao Huan's face turned red and pale, most likely it was not anything good.

After a while, Jin Pinger stood up, stretched and said, "Alright, I should leave too."

As if already expecting her to leave, Xiao Huan did not look surprise but was still evidently reluctant, pulling Jin Pinger's hand, she quietly said, "Sister, when will we meet again?"

Jin Pinger smiled and said, "Don't worry, in the vast Heaven and earth, we two sisters will be destined to meet again."

Xiao Huan acknowledged, nodded and said, "Then let me send you off."

Jin Pinger said, "Alright." pulling her hand, they walked towards the outer part, Zhou Yixian and Wild Dog Taoist couldn't wait for this woman to leave and so did not obstruct.

After a distance, the two ladies again was chatting, Jin Pinger smiled and said, "Alright, just send me until here, if not your grandfather will scold me again."

Xiao Huan nodded, then suddenly as if recalling something, hesitated and said, "Sister, I remember you seemed to with...him as the same sect right?"

Jin Pinger was surprised, said, "Yes, what is it?"

Xiao Huan quietly said, "That...that Biyao lady what happened to her, can you tell me?"

Jin Pinger sighed and said, "Sister, not that I wish to tell you off, that man although is different from the rest, even I also look at him differently but I still must persuade you, forget it, his life is full of obstacles, if you stick yourself in, you will only suffer."

Xiao Huan shook her head, said, "I, I never thought of wanting anything, I only want to know more about him."

Jin Pinger shook her head slightly, sighed, after a moment, told Xiao Huan about his past in simple terms. Xiao Huan listened, her expression gradually turned ugly, especially towards the end, where Biyao's spirit was trapped in HeHuan Bell, Ghost Li wandering around the world just to find the solution to release the spirit, her face was almost black.

Jin Pinger naturally also noticed the change but treated it as the feeling of a young girl, softly said, "Alright, it is roughly like this, sister, listen to older sister, don't be concerned about these things, you still have a long way to go." But Xiao Huan seemed occupied, her expression ugly, she nodded to Jin Pinger and said, "I know."

After speaking, she walked back with quick steps. Jin Pinger was surprised and soon, an altercation was heard from afar, it seemed Xiao Huan was quarrelling again with Zhou Yixian.

Jin Pinger could not help but laugh, since she could quarrel, she guessed that that lass's mood should be better already, after all she was still young. She shook her head slightly, almost felt herself getting old, but soon, that damn thought was kicked out from her head.

Evolving into a purple light, she leapt up and flew, after an hour, she landed above the quiet HeYang City. There was another person standing there, his stature tall and big, clasping his hands behind, wearing a priest robe, it was Cangsong Taoist.

Jin Pinger smiled coquettishly at him, "Priest, sorry to make you wait long."

Cangsong Taoist slowly turned and indifferently said, "You are really delayed for a long while."

Jin Pinger's expression did not change, smiled and said, "Anyway sect head also instructed us to be careful, not to rush to finish it, right?" Her smile alluring, a subtle unclear meaning behind it, she gently smiled, "Also, at the Qing Yun Hill before priest, do you have an impatient heart to go back to your old place again?" Cangsong Taoist humphed, did not speak, only turned and gazed ahead, Jin Pinger smiled, walked to where he was and also gazed out.

Far ahead, that towering lofty Qing Yun Hill, appearing indistinctly among the lingering clouds.