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Chapter 238: Sorrow

 Chapter 238 - Sorrow

Each powerful and influential sects in the Central Plains had different politics undercurrents and intensity, southern border thousands of miles away, after this catastrophe, the commoners in each tribe wordlessly built up their homes again. Even though this place was hit the hardest but in the big wide world, almost nobody remembered it. The southern border wilderness in anyway, was not worth anything to the wealthy in Central Plains.

At Seven-Mile Cave where the Jin tribe resided, devastation caused by the demon beasts could be seen everywhere but above the ruins, there were already many new houses being built. At the rear mountain mid, that mysterious altar entrance, many offerings could be seen carrying in and out, at this period where many things needed to be done, the ancestors' blessing to the Jin tribe evidently was especially important.

The Jin tribe people worked when the sun was out, rested when the sun set, the days passed by this way, looking at the sun coming out daily and night descending when it sets, most of the Jin people returned to their own homes, relaxed their tired bodies, after having their dinner, under the sky full of stars, gradually fell asleep.

When the night was deep and quiet, a white figure appeared in this village, like a faint light in the darkness, in the quiet undulating valleys, it had already gone near that altar at the rear mountain.

At the entrance leading up the mountain, there were two Jin warriors guarding, the night breeze suddenly gust over, they only saw a white figure flashed past them like lightning, a faint fragrance like flowers blooming in the night, couldn't help but feel confused for a moment.

Behind them, a white figure like an apparition, slowly seeped out from the darkness, appeared at the platform before the altar entrance, dressed in white, extremely alluring, as if the entire sky of starlight were absorbed by her, who would it be if it's not Xiao Bai?

She glanced around and again into the inky dark cave hole, although it was all black in there but Xiao Bai eyes slowly scanned, a faint smile on her lips. And then as if sensing something, she quietly shook her head and sighed softly.

The security here was much worse than she had assumed, totally different from that day where she and Ghost Li came to see the great shaman. Not to mention those burly warriors at the mountain foot, there should be much more shamans looking after the sacrifices inside the altar, not like this almost without defense, seemed like the catastrophe had really caused heavy damages to the Jin tribe.

Actually not only the Jin tribe, in the world, because of that Beast Deity one person, not knowing how many innocent people and families were destroyed and displaced, the rights and wrong in it, it really hard to distinguish too.

Xiao Bai shook her head slightly, did not ponder on it, her body leapt up, turning into a flash of white light and headed straight in. Most of the interior of the cave were still the same, including the paths, after a certain distance, there would be a firestick on the wall, like in the past. Just that Xiao Bai realized inside the cave, there were much less people, those people's breathings were slow and steady, they should be asleep.

Xiao Bai couldn't be bothered, going by her memory she flew down the path, with her years of cultivation, not to mention these lowly-skilled shamans, even those highly-skilled martial artists from the Central Plains, might not detect her. After a while, she soon came to room where the great shaman once stayed in.

Xiao Bai stopped, her brows frowning, looking into the room, although over a distance, she could sense that there was one person in there, and this person was not like the others asleep.

In the cave, the fire was still burning fiercely, in the darkness beside the fire, the stone status of the Dog Deity appeared indistinct. Xiao Bai's eyes stared at that statue for a moment and then looked away, towards the fire.

A young figure sat before the fire, back facing the entrance, Xiao Bai couldn't see his face and could only guess he was a young man. He was seen facing the fire, drawing different mysterious patterns before him, at the same time quietly sincerely reading something.

Xiao Bai soundlessly went near that man, the firelight gradually illuminated her, and pulled out a long shadow behind. She listened to what the man was quietly chanting, the sound reverberated in the cave, as if telling something.

The quiet voice seemed never-ending, from the side, the young man face was sincere, as if he had totally immersed into that illusory world.

A trace of perplexity appeared on Xiao Bai's face and then she gently sighed. This sound immediately alerted that young man, he startled and turned around, before he could moved, a fair hand flashed past his eyes and then landed behind his head, gently patted.

The young man eyes suddenly flipped, his body trembled and lost conscious, fainted beside.

The mysterious chanting and the reverberation ceased, Xiao Bai looked at that young man's face, suddenly smiled and softly said, "Whether or not the Dog Deity exist, and whether that deity will protect your people, I don't know but with such a sincere person like you around, I guessed the great shaman would be assured."

After speaking, she shook her head slightly, avoiding the young man's body and the fire, walked straight over to that statue. All along, the Jin people worshipped the Dog Deity, believed that the deity gave them their new lives, protected and blessed their tribe survival, even the shamans in the cave, also did not dare to approach the deity without reason.

And right now, Xiao bai stood before this Dog Deity statue.

The statue was carved out of southern border's local special black stone, the black stone shone in the darkness with an indistinct silver glow. Xiao Bai knew the southern border well, naturally knew this was not the Dog Deity miracle that many Jin people believed, it was only a rare type among the black stone, and contained small silver shavings which resulted in a mysterious beautiful glow.

And her eyes right now was not on the Dog Deity, the next moment, her eyes stopped at the head, this statue was handed down ages ago, the carving work skillful, almost lifelike, showing minutest detail, without any careless spots, if it was not for the obvious texture, almost made one thought this was a black dog with its mouth slightly ajar.

And on this dog head, the most glaring spot, was within the pair of eyes, as if it was alive, quietly staring at Xiao Bai.

Xiao Bai suddenly was shocked, stepped back, immediately her body relaxed, coming back to her senses, she frowned, again glanced at the deity, snorted, "There is actually this prohibited bewitching spell." and then she pondered, after a moment, still puzzled, she softly said, "But this is the Central Plains skill, why would it appear here?"

She quietly thought, then lightly flung her head, throwing this nonsense thought away. Right now to her, this was not what she came for. She again looked at the deity, at last at the pair of eyes, she hestiated and gently pressed onto the eyes.

In the ancient cave, a deep muffled sound was heard, the sound was not very loud but it was as if the huge room was shaking. The ancient dog statue before Xiao Bai, in the rumblings, slowly descended, deep into the ground, until the entire statue was concealed except for the head.

Behind the deity, a smooth stone wall appeared, different from the surroundings, the surface seemed coated with a layer of faint dark air, appearing illusory. But this was nothing to Xiao Bai, a faint smile on her lips, she walked up, flung her embroidered robe, wind came from her hands, brushed past the stone wall and dispersed the black air.

The stone wall suddenly revealed a bit of golden light, the next moment, another spot, spots of golden light suddenly appeared, gushing out like a spring on this wall, forming into diagrams and words, even Xiao Bai who was standing not so far away, her face reflecting the light.

Xiao bai stared at this display, the mysterious diagrams and words filled with light, her eyes read each line. Before her, was where the last secret, passed down over numerous generations of the ancient shaman tribe, laid, her gaze jumped, at times paused, at times overjoyed, finally, she came to that roaring at the sky, proud and overbearing huge fire dragon drawing.

Xiao Bai inhaled deeply, a faint smile at her lips, then, after confirming everything again, she closed her eyes, as if imprinting all that in her mind.

And when she opened her eyes again, her eyes swept over the stone wall, muttered to herself, "Didn't expect these fellows actually still leave this, could it be they already knew the shaman tribe would be destroyed?"

Speaking, she smiled faintly, almost couldn't be bothered with the troubles of the ancient people. And when she turned, her brows suddenly frowned, her eyes froze, at the end of the drawing, under the huge fire dragon, there was still a section of black air different from the rest, still on the wall.

Xiao Bai feeling surprised, contemplated but eventually did not wish to let it go, was about to investigate when she suddenly whipped around, her eyes going cold and stared over.

In the huge cave, it was empty, other than the crackling sounds made by the fire, other than the unconscious man on the ground, there was nobody.

Xiao Bai brushed past that young man, again carefully glanced around, after confirming there was nothing unusual, she frowned slightly, slowly turned around.

Could it be that she had stayed in this different place for too long, she herself had become suspicious?

Xiao Bai shook her head, with a bitter laugh, focused herself and then lifted up her hand, a light wind blew out but it was much stronger than before, the next moment, the remaining black air was finally dispersed.

On the stone wall, there was indeed a few more rows of words.

Xiao Bai intrigued, carefully read, the next moment, a mixed surprise on her face, she exclaimed, "So, so Spirit Calling skill is here..."

As her eyes moved, the joy gradually faded, replacing it was a solemn and perplexed expression. At the end, after reading the entire para, she slowly stepped back, the small sections of black air suddenly enveloped, again concealing the mysterious words.

Xiao Bai looked down, did not speak for a while, after a long time she gently sighed and said, "So it is like this, the ancient shaman tribe was annihilated like this, this...this what should I do, should I tell her all these?"

Suddenly encountering such a difficult problem, for a moment she could not decide.

The black air slowly congregated, the golden shining words and diagram, again covered by it, Xiao Bai slowly turned around, the deep rumbling behind her again sounded, the dog deity rose up to its original position, covering that secret.

In the ancient cave, everything resumed. Xiao Bai slowly strided out, she walked very slowly, looked to be deep in thoughts but the next moment, her figure still eventually disappeared.

Silence, again descended, not knowing for how long, that ancient dog statue quietly stared at everything in the cave, her eyes shimmering.

Suddenly, that figure on the ground moved, the young man carefully got up, looked around. Everywhere was quiet, there was no movement, clearly that mysterious lady had left.

He let out an air of relief, his body relaxed, with a bitter laugh, he quietly said, "What a close shave, if it's not for my tribe soul conceal skill, destroying all six senses, I would not be able to deceive her..."

Following which, his eyes turned intense, he turned and looked at the statue.

In the Jin tribe, they had always feared the spirits, especially towards this ancient statue, they were even more reverence. This young man, from young till now, not to say touching the statue, even looking at it was rare, because the rules in the tribe, that was also disrespectful.

Right now his eyes blazed, his body also started to heat up, he stared at that statue, the statue seemed to be staring at him too.

Closely following, like a powerful invisible force manipulating him, the young man gritted his teeth, step by step walked towards the statue. The ancient deity eyes reflected the approaching figure, it seemed to also contain a trace of distress.

Finally, before the statue, the trembling hands raised, paused and paused again in the air but finally stretched over, the expression on his face was agnony, struggle and like being burned by fire, in torture!

Only that pair of hands, eventually did not retreat, onto that pair of eyes.

Instantly, the deep rumbling again started, the entire cave trembled, the deity again submerged into the ground, the mysterious stone wall appeared again.

The young man's eyes were like ablazed, unable to suppress anymore, he dashed forward, both hands waving. Immediately the black air dispersed, the golden light appearing again, illuminating his face.

The ancient wordings, appeared before him, he looked drunken, revealing uncontained delight and satisfaction, even both of his hands were trembling.

His trembling hands gently touched the words, softly reading, every word and drawing, he seemed to stare past through it, in his delight, he almost forgotten and did not notice, the lowest part, the black air different from the rest, did not disperse.

The golden words and drawings, almost totally occupied his attention, beside him, the dog deity's eyes were still that deep. Just that at this moment, under the reflection of the fire and golden words, the young man figure in his eyes, other than a trace of distress, it seemed to have a deep sorrow!